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Bought Emerson TV 6 months ago from Walmart. One day turn it on and there were lines all in it. I bought the insurance with it. I called them and they told me my tv damage and it don't take care of that. Excuse me, what. Are you kidding me. I told her she full of it and I ask to speak to a manager. Well the next person I spoke to gave me a number to called for them to come out to check it out. Well they better fix it or I will put an Ad in the paper not to buy Emerson TV and don't buy the insurance also that sell surrounding city. I think there so many complaint on Emerson TV that they don't want to fix it. Don't buy Emerson TV. I wish I read the reviews.

Purchased an Emerson 50" Flat screen TV on Black Friday 2014, beautiful picture, worked fine until the other day when it blanked out. Talked to Customer Service and followed their suggestions without any results. Will not buy another TV from Walmart and will not buy an Emerson from anyone.

Had it for 2 years. Like everyone purchased from Walmart. Turned on one day. It shut right back off. Called Emerson. They gave me a repair guy who wanted 65 dollars for estimate. Brought to another guy who was free estimate. Changed 2 boards. Still don't work. Worst experience I have ever had. They need a class action suit brought against them.

I bought an Emerson 32" Flat screen from Walmart just 5 months ago, I was really amazed at the picture quality. But then one day I had a problem with my volume control staying up, I could raise it up as high as it could go if I wanted, but it would not stay there. It would go right back down to 0. Then one day it started working again, lasted a few weeks. Now, it's back to no volume control. It is so frustrating, because I'm on a fixed income and I just can't afford to go out and buy another one any time I want.

My daughter and I (against my better judgement) bought flat screens at Walmart Black Friday 2014. Two weeks ago her television went blank, absolutely nothing, not even showing any power. A week later my television did the same thing. What rinky dink crap! We didn't expect them to last years, but you would think with today's technology they would last a few years. I recently got rid of a 25 year old RCA that probably had at least another 15 years left in it. I will never knowingly own nor purchase another Emerson product even if I was forced to. II'll stick to paying higher prices with a company that stands behind their products. Too bad none of this technology, as far as I know, is made in America! Talk about "Planned Obsolescence!". For now, my household is going without a television, we had already gotten rid of cable... Maybe we'll just live off the grid and not have to fret about world politics, or ** crappy foreign made televisions!

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Bought this TV from ChinaMart two years ago, used it for approximately one month, then it went into storage in a closet in the house. Plugged it in today, heard a pop inside the tv, now it won't power on or anything. Cheap junk sold by Walmart who does not care they are selling junk. We have three LG flat screens and have had no issues but will not buy another Emerson or a TV from Wal-Mart.

I bought the 55" LED Emerson tv around November 2015 - less than a year old. I didn't use the TV as much as a normal person would maybe Fridays and Saturdays when I was home from work but last week I turned it on and all the sudden it started flashing like as if it was taking a screen shot. Called the Emerson company to see what they could do but the guy I spoke with said that he couldn't find my serial number for the TV. I explained to him it shows on the back that the TV was manufactured in October 2015 so it was a brand new TV. All he could tell me was to take it to get repaired. What a waste of money for the TV. I feel I'll never get another one again from Emerson.

We purchased an Emerson 32 inch TV on sale around Christmas time to use in a room we were remodeling. It remained in our closet in unopened box until recently. When we opened it up (note) - the box and contents were all still intact with plastic and Styrofoam. When we plugged it in, there appeared to be an 'internal' crack. Nothing on the outside was damaged, but inside looked like it was broken. Called customer service hoping to get it replaced. Was told that Emerson was not responsible for non-electronic damage. They weren't responsible for breaks or cracks. I tried to convince them that there were no 'cracks or breaks'; all damage appeared to be internal. The Styrofoam corners were still on the TV. TOO BAD. NOT THEIR PROBLEM. Will never purchase Emerson again.

Purchased in December 2013 and now turns on only briefly and then switches itself off. Is it now another piece of junk for the landfill? Model # LF320EM4.

I have tried everything and nothing seems to be working. I have looked at your list of repair shops and there is one within 100 miles of me. There is no support or anything for your TV's? This is a bunch of crap. I have read a lot of the reviews for your TV's and all I keep reading is you have problems with TV's and show no support or help. People buy these TV's because they are cheaper and with the way the US is right now we are looking to make our money last and get the best deals we can. A lot of us live paycheck to paycheck and when we get a good deal on a tv we hope it last for us as we are not going to be able to afford another one anytime soon. So we sure don't expect the tv that we purchased that has been used very few hours in a year and a half or so to break and the company to tell everyone "tough luck".

If you can't build a quality product that can last for several years then you should stop production and look at the hardship you are putting on people with limited amount of money that is trying to support you. I will probably throw my tv in the trash and then sell the tv stand that I had to purchase to put it on as I could not hang it on the wall. I was so happy to get a smaller tv to take up less room and clearer picture to only actually use 3 months. But I brought back my 15 year old rear projection Sony that just keeps working with no issues. I know you will never do anything to help me out but maybe you will start reading your reviews and see that you are making everyone upset with the crap you are putting out and you will lose a lot of customers and eventually you will lose everything. Consumers are where your money comes from and if you don't support and take care of them they are not going to support and take care of you.

Purchased a 50" Emerson TV. Took it out of the box to set it up and the picture was all distorted. Called Emerson immediately and was told to send pictures of the TV both on and off. I have sent numerous pics but Emerson keeps saying they can't open them. They need to jpg. Well, they have been sent as jpgs and other people were sent the same email and they had no problem opening them. What a scam! Emerson needs to be put out of business for the product they are putting out there. They don't stand behind their product! It is a rip off and a class action suit should be started against this company!!!

No manual was given when purchased. I was not informed of needed accessories by Walmart. It is only 2 years old - unplugged for several days may or may not turn on. I don't have order number - model LF391AMA. WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF I CAN GET INFO ON IT.

Brought a TV less than 2 years ago & lost volume. Bought another & it just went black. Last time I'll buy another one!!!

Bought this TV for my daughter less than 2 years ago. It just stopped working - high-pitched noise, no picture. I'll never buy another Emerson product!

I'm a single mom. Got us a 50 inch flat screen. A year later it’s just went blank. All I get is a chirping sound. I wouldn’t recommend Emerson to a damn dog.

I purchased an Emerson TV on Black Friday 2014. My other tv, a Vizio, which I loved, was getting old so I bought this to set aside. Recently (May 2016) my Vizio finally needed replaced. We took the 59" Emerson out of the box, mounted it on the wall, and Wah lah! Or in Emerson's case, "Ha ha" because it doesn't come on at all. Customer service sucked and stated the tv had internal issues and required a certified repairman! And yes, you guessed it.... Even though the tv had never been out of the box. I will never buy Emerson again. Lesson learned... If you pay junk price, you get junk! Emerson really pulled a fast one on the public! Emerson, SHAME ON YOU!!! I'm sure you are having a great laugh at our expense! How do you sleep at night? My tv model # is LF501EM5F. You knew exactly which tv I was referring to when I called. You're pathetic!

My wife and I are going to help foster kids. So in December 2016 we bought a 44" flat screen TV from Wal-mart, so we could have it when we got done with the room and it is a good price at that time. We opened it 2 weeks ago to put it in the room and when we took it out of the box it looked like the screen was broken, we took it back to Wal-mart but was told that it was two days past its 90 days so we would have to do the warranty with Emerson. No problem it has a 1-year warranty but when I called and sent photos they said it was not covered because it was damaged. So if you buy from Emerson through Wal-mart you need to open immediately and don't even think about the Emerson warranty, it sucks and you will be stuck with a broken TV that you could not watch.

I bought this tv December 2014. No problems until yesterday when we were watching a show. The picture started jumping and then went out. Turned it off and left it off for a few minutes. Turned it back on and nothing. I would not recommend this tv to anyone. Customer service is crappy to say the least.

Purchased the 50" Emerson flat screen tv last year on Black Friday. Took it out of the box about 3 months ago. Turned it off earlier and when we got back home it was dead. No lights, nothing, just making a chirping noise. So frustrating that Emerson would make such a crappy tv and won't stand behind their own product.

I bought my Emerson TV November of 2014. Just yesterday it completely turned off and started making a faint chirping noise. I talked to customer service and they were extremely unhelpful. Like others have mentioned, they referred me to a repair shop but the prices were unbelievable. Please save yourself a few hundred dollars and do not buy their products.

Bought my Emerson 50 inch from Walmart. Only used it for three months. Now it's not working. No refund no service. Nothing. Was a waste of money. Would never buy this brand again.

Just like the majority of the negative reviews I purchased the Emerson 50" Black Friday November 2014 and the TV just stopped working with no warning. At first the red light was coming on then that no longer lights up. We did the changing the cable box, power surge protector and trying different outlets. I decided to see if the problem would be listed online and came across the reviews. I call it the disposable TV. Someone said it all... They made a bunch of cheap TV, sold several thousands during Black Friday and they will do it again year after year but they won't get me again - Emerson or Walmart. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

I thought I had a good T.V. until after a month the T.V. was turned off but when I turned it back on the screen appears to be cracked and tv will not come on...

Bought a 32" Emerson TV in February of 2015, we had owned an old Emerson TV for 25 years until it gave out so we thought it would be a great brand to buy again. Boy were we wrong. One year and one month later the TV will not turn on and stay on. Called Emerson customer service and of course got connected to someone who, let's just say, English is not their first language. After giving the customer service rep my model number and SN number and doing all their useless little reset actions of course the TV still does not work, and guess what? My warranty ran out last month. Figures. I will never buy another Emerson TV again! I will check into getting it fixed, but I have already ordered another brand of TV like the small one I bought for my husband 3 years ago and still works. You have to expect a newish TV to last longer than one year for the amount of money that you pay for them these days. Sheesh.

I purchased an Emerson 40" LC401EM2F on November 24, 2011 from Wal-mart. November of 2015, the TV will not stay turned. I called customer service and received no help since there is no warranty for the TV or parts. I was given a repair shop but the prices to repair the TV is more than I even paid. I am livid!

I also purchased the 50" Emerson TV. It stopped working 90 days after purchase. I called customer support because I could no longer return it to the store being it was already 90 days. The customer service was so noisy I couldn't hear what the person was saying and also they did not speak very good English. I think with all these complaints we should all get a class action lawsuit going to get our money back for the pieces of crap Emerson is putting out. Also people should report to the BBB about the bad product they are still selling to the public.

Bought a 50" Emerson TV @ Walmart Black Friday 2014. Watched it only about 15 times over 2015. Died January 2016. Like so many others the red light just flashes. Emerson told me to pound sand. Based upon the bazillion shotty reviews for this garbage, I'll be keeping an eye out for the class action suit. What a joke. Worst piece of junk I've ever gotten hosed on.

Bought the 32-inch flat screen, 4 months later, remote doesn't work, volume controls lower by themselves, and no picture. Took it to Wal-Mart, they told me 90-day return had already been up, seriously? $200+ dollars spent, plus warranty and not a least 6 months return policy? Bought the warranty with the TV, called Emerson 3 times and they said they would send me an email with a shipping order and for me to tape it to the original box, call FedEx, they would pick it up. Have not even received the shipping order yet!! Sorry excuse for a company. Hope they go bankrupt and fold!

I own the 32" flat screen led Emerson for over 5 years now, good quality and great price. I would like to upgrade now to same brand but bigger. I have never had a problem with the TV. Would recommend to other shoppers.

When selecting a new TV for our bedroom, I knew I was going to go for overall price and quality. I came across an Emerson, 39", LC391EM3. It had everything I needed. HD, Dolby etc. It has clear picture, more options that even after 3 years I still don't know them all. I've never had a problem with this TV and I would definitely recommend an Emerson to anyone looking for a good quality TV at an awesome price.

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