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Bought 55" Sanyo TV June 2015, cost $498.00. Sept the picture went out. In October sent to Sanyo, black serial label from back of tv, copy of pop. My printer was broken so I hand wrote a release of liability. Mailed this to sanyo... They lost my black label. Long story short, one year later too many phone calls, emails, still no refund check. Please read these reviews before you buy that nice/Big tv this holiday... All Sanyo has done is apologize for any inconvenience. Still to this date still no refund or big TV.

We had no complaints about the television until recently. We bought the TV in Fort Mill, SC on 01/02/15 from Walmart. Luckily we kept the receipt though it seems like it will be little help. On 10/01/16 the right side of the screen became grayed out. The image is still visible but very hard to see. In less than 2 years we're experiencing problems with a $532.86. When we attempted to call the help number on the flyer that came with the TV we couldn't reach anyone. Incredibly disappointing!

Bought a 55 inch led sanyo model fw55d25f in january of 2016. It is now june of 2016 and the tv has stopped working. Just wont come on. Of course I purchased the warranty when I bought it. So I gave them a call. They said a service tech would contact me in 2 to 5 days. I asked if they could make a note that I cant have phone calls until 630pm because that's when I get off work. They said "sure. No problem!!"

When I got off work on the 5 the day I had 3 missed calls within 3 hours of each other starting at noon. So I gave them a call to see if they would have called from a restricted number. Sure enough it was the service techs. They proceed to tell me my order has been cancelled by Sanyo!!! I then call sanyo, spoke to a supervisor, explained what had happened. He said "no problem. Sorry about that!" He says "I'll set it up again." So I call the service tech back and he tells me it has been cancelled again! I called sanyo again. They wont let me speak to another supervisor! $500 down the drain! I and my family will never purchase sanyo again!

Sanyo tv makes a large volume sound - picture goes black - then returns to normal tv. Sometimes it just cut off and make work later. The noise is very loud and the tv defective. What now?

After three yrs I noticed two vertical lines on screen. One is very obvious and I think it's getting wider, the other barely noticeable. And then it developed a shadow behind the screen. Time is coming soon to replace it. Won't be a Sanyo.

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Got this good deal at Walmart and now I see why. One year later it blinks out and the sound goes out. Will never buy another one. Watch out -- good deal anywhere.

Sanyo DP65E34. This is the worst TV I have ever purchased. Within 3 months pink spots started forming over white surfaces. I called Sanyo and they told me a tech would be reaching out to me to set up a repair. Several months later I sent them an e-mail again about this issue. They came back with "Good morning, We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused." If the unit has the same kind of problem even when trying to use different devices such as a DVD, Blu-ray player, game console, cable or satellite system, etc, the unit will need to be examined by a service center technician in order to determine the cause of the problem.

Below is a list with contact information of different service centers close to your area that can help you with an out of warranty examination. This TV was still under a year old and not out of warranty. Will never be buying a Sanyo again and recommend you stay away from their products. Will be throwing this one away and buying a Samsung or LG. Much better customer support and products.

I, like many other consumers, purchased my 5" Sanyo Plasma TV from Wal-Mart. Now when I turn on the TV, I get neither sound nor picture. Today, I read the complaints of many other consumers who have purchased Sanyo TV's from Wal-Mart and all are frustrated about the junk that Sanyo and Wal-Mart are selling. There should be a recall on this product and Wal-Mart needs to take all of its Sanyo TVs off of it shelves because of the many similar complaint customers are experiencing.

I have purchased many TVs in the past and none of them have just stop working! Like all of the other consumers, when I called customer support, I was advised to call a TV repair shop in my area. People too work hard for their money to continuously be ripped-off by businesses like this. I will never buy another Sanyo product and will let everyone I know not to either. It just makes me think - should I get an attorney, maybe sue Sanyo? Or they can at least replace my TV.

We bought it because our old one died. It is a 50-inch Sanyo. We like it a lot. It has a great picture.

The reliability of the Sanyo TVs I have had over many years has been great - better than Sony, which once was the benchmark in quality and reliability.

I'm not sure about the model/make of it, unfortunately, because the TV is terrible and it seems to be up and down on the quality of it. The volume goes up/down when it wants to and the screen doesn't stay lit.

Never a problem. Very easy to use. Nice big remote. The picture is very clear. Easy to hook up PC to TV. Stream movies to TV. Hook your iPhone up to the TV. Awesome features, so many to list.

I purchased my televisions in 2007 and 2008 and both are still functioning well even though they get lots of use. Neither one is a smart TV and do not have the features of the newer ones.

I still have my television, I went to a larger size, but my Sanyo has served me for many years, it is used in a bedroom now, I don't know the model, off hand, but I love its picture, performance and quality. I recommend the brand highly and would buy any product made by Sanyo.

Lost sound right after we got it. Sanyo wanted me to drive two hours each way to get it fixed. Hooked up a surround sound box to cable. No more black Friday deals!!

Sometimes a workhorse TV is better than all the bells and whistles. The Sanyo appears to last quite a longtime. Quality: the picture is much brighter.

Our TVs are durable and put out a great picture and sound. The whole unit is sturdy and have held up even the one for our grandchildren. When we purchased the Vision TVs we were leery because we had never heard about this brand. They have performed better than we ever expected. They have the high quality as other well named brands.

Sanyo makes a good product. Have been very satisfied with TV. We have a 55 inch and it provides a large and very clear picture and we have had it 4 years with no problems. I'd recommend a Sanyo to any consumer based on our experience with this TV.

We use our in our flea market trailer hooked to a generator. It works great, has great sound and good picture. It is a small flat screen TV. I would not trade it for anything.

The TV is a 42" Sanyo bought on sale at WalMart. My wife chose that size for her living room which is not very big, and is quite satisfied with it. It is one of 3 TVs we have.

I bought a small 21" Sanyo for my living room (13 X 14). I sit 6 feet from it and CANNOT HEAR THE SPEAKERS ON THE TV. I had to buy a 95 db. sound bar to even use the TV but it has a nice clear picture and would give it an overall "A" if they put a decent speaker on it. TV was 120.00, sound bar was $99.00 more!

Bought 50 inch and have switched service providers twice. Always get clean, clear picture and clear sound. It is a Sanyo Dp50843. I have really enjoyed this purchase which was way less than I expected to pay. This unit is also energy efficient model.

Nothing fancy, just a good, trouble-free, HD flat screen, 27" TV. It has several inputs for different functions, most of which we never use. It has a good picture without HD broadcast (which we don't have) & has given no problems in the many years we've had it. The price was right, too.

We have 40" Sanyo 1080. It is a great tv except I cannot make the picture fill the screen. This is a little disappointing to me. Otherwise a great tv.

Look for HDTV resolution quality and program features. Sanyo, Sony, Hitachi & JVC are good choices for quality television. As far as prices, check bargains at different stores but extended warranty is not necessary since merchandise covered for one full year. Any issue you might experience, consult or return TV to store for solution.

I had the SANYO tv for a long time before it died. Was the best I have had. Got a Sceptre right now. It's alright but it's not like my SANYO. Haven't had it as long as the SANYO and it's already making a buzzing noise. The only reason I didn't get a Sanyo I was on hard times and couldn't afford it.

We needed a replacement for a 10 year old Westinghouse TV that went on the blink. After some research we decided that the Sanyo offered a good "bang for the buck". It was in our budget and the size was good for our small living room. Set up was very simple as we were watching TV again after about 15 minutes out of the box. I would sure recommend this one if you are looking for a good picture for a good value.

Very clear picture, excellent sound and color and 1080p HD broadcasting ability, allowing me the features of Laptop to TV which makes viewing much easier and a higher level of concentration on the applied items selected.

Sanyo 63", I have no idea of model. Came with a bunch of downloadable apps, which the thrill wore off after a few weeks, now 100% useless given the changes of technology. I use a Roku + AT&T Uverse and I'm happy. It's an LED TV.

I bought a new TV and put it up in my closet for one year cause I was PCS. I decided to stay here in Columbus so I took the TV out the box and it doesn't work. So now I paying 200 dollars to get it fix at a TV Repair shop. I will never buy a Sanyo TV or shop at Walmart again.

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Founded in 1949, Sanyo is a Japanese company that has manufactured and provided America with quality TVs since 1963. Today, Sanyo's TVs are sold in most major retailers.

  • HDMI ports: Three HDMI ports means more devices can be plugged in at once.
  • Less motion blur: Motion-sync technology allows high-speed scenes to retain their crisp details.
  • Stylish design: A narrow bezel design allows the TV to seamlessly blend into the living room.
  • Full HD 1080p: Get twice the picture quality than with standard definition TV. Picture quality is sharper and more vibrant with HDTV.
  • USB photo ready: Turn your TV into a digital photo album with easy USB input access. It's perfect for social events and family gatherings when you want to share favorite family pictures or travel memories.
  • Best for Bargain shoppers and researchers.

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