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This tv has a great picture. The sound is lacking. Since I bought the tv in 2009 I have replaced 6 bulbs. When I contacted Mitsubishi for bulbs, they were helpful and quick to deliver them. They are expensive so I started buying aftermarket bulbs. I also had hundreds of black and white spots on the picture and had to replace the dlp chip. Then the ballast quit working and it was almost impossible to find a replacement at a decent price. As for maintenance, this is the most expensive tv I have ever owned. The good part, so far I am able to replace the parts myself. I rate Mitsubishi's parts department employees very good for their eagerness to help and ability to ship parts quickly. As for the WD73736 TV, I rate it very poor or worse.

My Mitsubishi WD-65733 65 inch TV was purchased brand new around 2009 and about a year or so later, white and black dots starting showing up and multiplying making it unviewable over the course of time. My old parents decided not to do anything because they couldn't afford any repair costs along with the dissatisfaction they have received from purchasing a TV only to break down a couple years down the road. Very dissatisfied with the Mitsubishi quality.

Deciding to take the matters on hand, I called Mitsubishi's customer care. Coming into the call, I had researched and found out that many had the same problem with the Mitsubishi TVs. Reading numerous forums, most of them were able to get it fixed for 200 plus tax for the labor cost only with Mitsubishi covering the broken part (DLP chip). However, the representative claimed that they will NOT cover the most expensive part to break from their POS model of TVs because it is a 7 year old TV. This goes to show that they won't stand behind their products, KNOWING that this is the one problem experienced by many and there is no issue of any recall. So all I say is BUYER BEWARE, from all Mitsubishi products and save yourself a headache and lots of money from this POS company.

73" Rear Projection TV Model WD 73735 - We paid around $3000 for our Mitsubishi 73" tv several years ago. We were definitely robbed! Our tv only lasted about 4 yrs before we lost it due to the "white death", as it's being called. We first had one white dot on our screen but the dots quickly multiplied! So much so that we had to eventually turn it off because we couldn't see the picture.

I called Mitsubishi & was, at first, thrilled to hear that it was a known problem with the DLP Chip & that they would replace at no charge. Great! Or so I thought! Nothings ever for free, right??! The only 'catch' was that we had to pay one of their certified technicians to come out & actually do the labor. I then found out that was to the tune of $200-$300! Well, had I not fallen ill in the year after we bought the thing & lost my job, that might would have been doable. As it stood, there was no way to spend that extra cash on the tv. We were told to call back when we could. Well, that was a few years ago.

In the meantime, we have a pitiful looking 32" sitting in front of our once 'pride & joy'! After looking at it today & giving it more thought, I became furious!!! Why should we not be able to enjoy our 73" tv??? We bought & paid for it. I even asked Mitsubishi to just send the chip. They refused. Now, I saw on another website that our TV Model may be one that they no longer cover???

After reading pages & pages of complaints about this same complaint today, I'm in disbelief that no attorney has jumped on a class action lawsuit against Mitsubishi! I'm going to send out an email to as many attorneys that I can find today & ask for someone to take my case! You've got to stand for something! I encourage every owner of this hunk of junk TV to do the same. We were all robbed!! The only satisfaction that I've been able to get from my big screen still sitting behind the little TV is that it has given me the opportunity to tell everyone who enters our home exactly who the manufacturer is & what they've done to us. NEVER, EVER BUY FROM MITSUBISHI OR ANYONE THAT THEY ARE AFFILIATED WITH!!! I'd like to add that it speaks volumes that this company doesn't participate with Consumer Affairs or the Better Business Bureau! They couldn't handle the amount of complaints!

I contacted Mitsubishi about the white dots on my TV (73" DLP Tv). They are replacing the chip for free. But I pay the tech $200.00 to come out and replace it. The TV is a 2009. I have just replaced the bulb in it. So for a 7-yr old TV, I have put $254.00 into it in 7 yrs. That is GREAT!!! I love the picture quality of the TV. Can't wait for football season!!!

This company is terrible. They make substandard televisions that require numerous repairs. Avoid even if it is free. I will NEVER purchase another Mitsubishi in this lifetime.

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I have a 65 inch Mitsubishi TV. Love the TV, but out of nowhere it just stopped working. Multiple suggestions to fix issue. None worked. Wanting to know if there is A RECALL.

I bought my television in 2008 and it's a 60" wd-60735. I'm glad the replacement bulbs have come down to a reasonable price and aren't too difficult to do myself. That DLP chip that goes bad and causes all the white dots is still pricey and not the easiest thing to install. So if you watch the video, take pictures, and write down notes, it can be done but you have to have faith that the one you bought is good and that you don't damage it during the installation. Since this very small part costs almost $200 for a 60 inch tv that's old and may have other things ready to go bad, that doesn't seem wise. I have already bought two much cheaper televisions, a Hisense and a Sceptre that are both 55" and have much better pictures. The Sceptre is a 4k HD that I bought on Black Friday and the Hisense is a HD smart tv. I purchased them both for about $400 at Walmart with a 3 year extended warranty.

Texas Instrument needs to lower the price for that DLP chip if they intend to keep selling them. The Mitsubishi TVs are just about beyond any shelf life, they take up too much room, and they are very heavy compared to modern thin screens selling today. Mine is in the garage now but will probably be heading to a recycle dump unless this part gets priced below $100 in the next three or four months.

I own a 60" Rear projection TV made by Mitsubishi. It has started to get the white death (white dots on screen from failing DLP chip). Internet search located info of free replacement of chip. This is a 10 minute repair at best if you have any computer skills. In contacting Mitsubishi (a 2 day process) it was determined that it was a free replacement but only if you use their Certified Warranty Repair Center for Labor. This is a $200++ charge for them to come out. I discussed just picking up the chip from the Warranty Center and they informed me that even though the chip was free, and the TV was out of warranty, and it WAS an easy fix, they would lose their certification if they did not install it according to Mitsubishi.

Obviously the free part replacement is a scam on Mitsubishi's part to pay for part. They were vague when questioned but admitted that Mitsubishi was charging the Service Center for the part and mandating that they are the only ones to replace it so that they can make up the cost and make a profit on a manufacturer's defect repair at the cost to the consumer. BEWARE!! I had previously owned their diamond vision TV which was wonderful and never had any problems with it, which is why I purchased their product when I upgraded. NEVER AGAIN! BUYERS BEWARE!!

After finding my DLP 73 inch TV needed a replacement part. I called to give information as they needed. They say they will quote (send part to the customer for free). Total lie. They now want $300.00 dollars for fixing. I contacted one of their so called big wigs and explained my situation to him. He stated "No we won't send it to customer because I might go and sell it on eBay." After he said that I realized the TV and company was a absolute joke. That's why you don't see their TVs out for sale anymore. Never will I buy any product from them again. Accuse me of selling a part that was supposed to be free, instead of installing it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

I bought a 65" TV only to have the stop working 4 months later. It took the company I purchased it from 2 years to so call fix it. They replaced the bulb. I paid it off. 2 days later the bulb blew out again. I saw a white dot but thought it was something on the TV. I didn't pay it much attention. In the meantime, I had to replace the bulb 4 more times. The last time I notice about 10 more dots. Now there is over 100. Mitsubishi claims there is nothing they can do about it. I will never buy from them again. I did not spend over $4000 for this trash.

I own 2 of the Mitsubishi 72" TVs and both had black and white dots showing and then eventually went through the entire screen. The company paid for both to be fixed and replaced approximately 2 years ago. Now I am having the same issue with the one TV again. Mitsubishi is now telling me they no longer can help me. I believe this is BULL and also I have replaced the light bulbs in both 4 times since I have owned them. Rather an expensive maintenance for a $3,000 dollar TV.

I do not know the model but the make is above. It's a wide screen TV but a very old one but has continued to work just fine. My brother had it for 8 years and I have had it for going on 9 years and neither one of us have had a single problem with it. The color is great, etc. Just keeps on ticking!!!

An Older Mitsu. 734 series WD-73734 year 2007, A DLP. Original lamp still holding strong, great blacks, knows what inputs are active. Should buy a lamp before these are not made anymore.

We purchased our Mitsubishi about 9 years ago - it is a 68" screen DLP. Mitsubishi replaced the bulb after 2 years (cost of bulb and technician fully covered - Mitsubishi indicated the original bulb may have been defective). We replaced the bulb once again 2 years ago - cost about $70. We have had no other problems in all these years.

This television needed constant repairs of costs over $750 for each repair... It did not have much life and would never buy this brand again. The extended warranty expired in three years and that's when the Mitsubishi Projection television floor model 55 inch screen started to have trouble once a year. Repairs were made to the power supply unit and other source. After having several repairs done I decided to give up on this television that when originally bought it had many features and a great picture but it did not last.

We have several TVs and are very happy with all of them. The 60 inch Mitsubishi is about 12 years old and still works great. The 3 flat screens are newer and are from 20 inch to 60 inch and are great.

Purchased from specialty dealership store. Set was a bit pricey but features were top notch and this has been reliable for eight years. Every place projection three times, which seems par for the course.

I have had this TV for 7 years. It is 73" projection DLP and has been a great TV. I would buy this brand again and am very happy with this purchase. It has great clarity and the sound is awesome.

Mitsubishi knows that a key component of ALL their big screen TVs is defective, but kept using it for many years. They argue that it's not their error, and expect consumers to trash their sets after a few years or pay them for the repair. After spending several thousand dollars on a TV set, I expect it to last longer than the warranty period. If you doubt this, search the internet and you will quickly see thousands of complaints and a class action lawsuit against Mitsubishi.

Bought this pre-owned Mitsubishi 65" projection tv model WD-65731 for $80.00 plus $22.00 for a new light and it works superbly. Has 10 times more features than I need or even know what to do with so all is fine in TV land.

I hooked up an Apple iMac via HDMI cable and now have a 55" iMac Mitsubishi. Great sound, resolution and reliability. I used to sell TVs in the 70s and Mitsubishi (MGA) and SONY were the Rolls Royce and Bentley then and still are.

DLP chip defect was recalled. I have a WD-73C10 Mitsubishi TV that was not used for a few years but a couple of times because it was in the spare room. We moved in April and began using it more but in August we noticed strange white dots. By researching I have found there was a recall but Mitsubishi will not help the consumer. I must replace this part myself for $250.

Hello. I got my 60" Mitsubishi TV as a gift. I've had it 5 yrs & it's It has white spots ALL OVER screen!! Volume don't work anymore either. I called Mitsubishi they said it was a lamp issue so I purchased one. NO! It's NOT. I DON'T know what's wrong with this TV. Very poor quality of a big expensive product! Can they be made to replace my TV? It was a gift.

I bought a 73" Mitsubishi tv and have had nothing but issues with it. Have had to replace the bulb numerous times and had to pay for it ourselves and now there are white spots popping up everywhere all over the screen. Mitsubishi is saying you have to pay someone $200.00 to come out and replace the DLP Chip . EVERYWHERE I READ EVERYONE IS REPLACING THEIR'S IN EVERY TV THEY HAVE BOUGHT FROM THEM. Why is there not a recall on them and the company not paying all of it to fix these tv's? This is bull. We paid a lot of money for these tv's to get ripped off and have them break every few months. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

This is a 2006 MITSUBISHI WD-65731 65" rear projection I bought used for $80.00. Needed a new projection bulb which cost $20.00 and it's superb. Excellent picture with better than average sound.

We first received the infamous "blinking green light of death" and the TV would not start. After a huge hassle, Mitsubishi finally let us replace the chassis. Now we get a buzzing and the TV never turns on. I have had it. I send $3800 for a mess of wires and lousy engineering. Never again. These companies that think they can manufacture 27 products and made them all work well. Sheesh! What a pile of junk.

Since we have gotten this 73 inch Mitsubishi, we have had to replace the lamp 3 times. Which are not very cheap and have to be ordered online. Now we have to replace the chip inside because there are white and black dots all over the screen. That's a $300 part and a very tricky job.

I purchased a 70 inch Mitsubishi TV in November 2009. The TV started getting these black and white spots. The white, they start to blink in. Next thing you know, you have a million white spots. Now I don't think that is fair, that I have to pay $200 or more to have someone come out and repair this TV. Mitsubishi should be totally responsible for repairing my TV at no cost to me. The TV is just 6 years. I will never recommend anyone to purchase a TV from Mitsubishi. I used to think that Mitsubishi was one of the top brand televisions, but not anymore. I am so disappointed in Mitsubishi. They need to be sued. Put me on the list. Let's sue them.

I bought my tv from Aarons in 2009 and took a lot of hard earned money to pay it off. I was sitting in my living room watching tv and I heard a very loud pop and I lost the picture. I shut it off and when I turned it on, it no longer had picture. However, had sound that would go out and the tv would just shut off by itself. This happens every time I try to turn it on. The company is no longer in business and I was on the internet trying to find out how to fix it and came across this site. If there is a law suit, I would be happy to be involved.

As many of the other customer experiencing the white and black dots on my 65 in. Mitsubishi television I also contacted customer service to hear the same story everybody else has been writing about. Their staff has been well trained to say "no" to their consumers. When I asked for a manager I was told "they don't speak to customers." WOW! What are they hired for? Oh yeah to train their agents to say "no we can't help you."

I have been on the phone two days trying to deal with this issue. I'm willing to pay the $200 for the service fee, but I was told they only do this for some customers, apparently I wasn't one of the chosen ones. I'm appalled that such a big corporation has such poor customer service and doesn't care at all about their customers. I work at a company with over 500 people and trust me I will make sure everybody knows not to buy a Mitsubishi TV, and I will make sure everybody I come in contact with also know about my experience with this company. I haven't given up and I will send a letter to the CEO. Even if he doesn't read it, I will feel better.

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