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U55 4K HD - I purchased form Walmart. First one tuner did not work, returned. 2nd one power supply would not fire up tv correctly. 3rd tv had 2 inch spot dead pixel and 1.375 inch spot of dead pixels. 4th TV YES I RETURNED 3 times. The 4th TV had intermittent power supply problems, background inverted? Red SCEPTRE emblem was almost turquoise. 2.5 months months later will not turn on at all!! Returned for refund... It had great picture. 3 of the four tuned in channels great. I have a 42 inch Sceptre that is 12+ years old. Been a great TV and It is back up at this time... Too bad Sceptre has went to DO DO. I live in California. Was proud to get TV from California... Shame on you Sceptre... I now have tell my friends what a bad mistake I made :(

You get what you pay for! TV bought almost two years ago and is no longer working. Stopped working after a year, it was fixed by their comp under warranty and again no picture. It took forever for them to reply to our request the first time. Buy a quality brand.

I purchased a Sceptre tv on 6/23/2016. I went through all the motions with customer service to return my tv. To this date I have had no satisfaction whatsoever. I have been dealing with this for a little over 2 months, you would think that at this point something would have been done. I paid 248.00 dollars for this 4k tv and it is still not fixed. Dealing with Sceptre is a joke. I just sent an email to their corporate office, Let's see if I will get any satisfaction this time... My recommendation is not to purchase a product from Sceptre electronics. You will not be a happy customer.

Bought this TV Nov 2012 for Christmas. Worked about a year then the power button would not turn on. TV sent to Walmart. Plans maintenance for repairs. After about a month it came back ok. About 2 months later the same problem happened. So went there--plans deal again for a month. They sent it back and it did not work yet. So I sent it back through the plans deal. A month later received it back. Worked about 8 months and a black line appeared in the center of the TV. And today the TV turns on. Goes to the Sceptre deal for about a second and then turns black. That is it for me and Sceptre. Purchased from Walmart.Com. Purchase date: November 29, 2012. Purchase price: $189.00. Model number: x32. Serial number: c49x322bct2500 Store return period: 0 days.

I bought a 49" 4K Ultra HD Sceptre TV online, through Newegg, a West Coast electronics company I have done business with for many years. Sceptre is apparently a "Marketplace" 3rd party supplier to Newegg. The first TV came with a damaged LCD screen. After contacting both Newegg and Sceptre, they said they would file a claim against FedEx, for shipping damage (even though the carton was in perfect condition). I shipped it back for a replacement. The second TV arrived with a defect at the bottom of the screen surround molding, which resulted in a major light leak. The screen also displayed a thin blue line from top to bottom at the center of the screen. So, a second defective one. I contacted them again, and again they claimed shipping damage and said they would file another claim. At this point I was becoming angry at their cavalier attitude and apparent disdain for true customer service.

In any case, I agreed to try again, and shipped it back for another replacement. The third arrived with a picture that was OK, but the sound was terrible - it actually sounded like the walkie-talkies we used to make when we were kids, using two tin cans and a string. When I contacted them about this, they said that the speakers on an LCD TV don't sound that good because of narrow packaging space. At this point, I went from what was a slow burn, to a very, very irate customer. The audio was clearly defective, and it had nothing to do with speaker design or packaging. What are the odds against receiving 3 defective TVs in a row? It's like winning (in my case, like losing) the lottery.

I returned the third one and insisted on a refund. Mind you, I live in Florida and these TVs came from California, so it took awhile for FedEx Ground to deliver and return them - about a week each time. So they told me that "well, your 30 day free return period has expired now." You can imagine how irate I became with that, and they said, "well, OK. We'll make an exception in this case". What kind of customer service is that? Was it my fault that they delivered to me three defective TVs? On top of all that, they would not refund the purchase on my credit card until the third defective TV had been received at their facility and scanned. I kept track of the FedEx shipping progress each time, and I actually had to inform Sceptre that the third TV had arrived at their facility in City of Industry, CA, that morning at 8:17 AM. They didn't know it until I told them!

Believe it or not, I am actually shortening this story a bit. If I told the complete story, including all the time I spent telling Newegg and Sceptre how disappointed and angry I really was, it would require a lot more space. After all, I had to repackage each defective TV exactly the way it was received, then wait for FedEx to show up (they don't always come when you expect them to) and the "window" of arrival is always in hours, not minutes. However, the only party not "guilty" in this case is, indeed, FedEx.

In all 3 instances, the TVs arrived in good condition, as far as the packaging. I am convinced - and I told both Newegg and Sceptre - that the TVs were not damaged in shipment, but had to be defective before they were shipped. The only reason I gave this review even one star, is there is no option for zero stars. What is really ironic about this whole experience is that last year I purchased a Sceptre 40" LCD TV through Wal-Mart Online. It has had outstanding picture and audio quality since I received it. Go figure.

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Horrible picture and sound! 50" went out in one yr. after watching the junk 0-10 hrs. per week! Horrible bootleg customer service! You want quality electronics spend your $ accordingly! Also do research.

I bought this TV on December 15th 2014. A year and a half and it's already not working. The manufacturer warranty it is for one year. You can hear it but no picture. Do not buy this TV. It is worthless. When you buy a new TV you expect for it to last more than a year and a half. Maybe five years. Only buy this TV if you want to throw away money. My Emerson TV lasted 10 years.

Sceptre E555BVF 55 1080p 60Hz Class LED HDTV purchased online through Walmart and received TV 12/17/16. Wasn't overly impressed with quality but not worth the hassle to return. Fast forward 6 or 8 weeks and the picture has a yellow halo on the right center. Looks like many of the actors are recovering from a black eye. Tried to return to Walmart for an exchange or store credit 12 days after the allowance time and they refused first because of the time lapse and then refused because I ordered it online. I have limited mobility and had to wait for my son to come home for Easter to return TV. Couldn't believe they wouldn't accept it, especially since I had all original packaging and had even sent him with all of medical visits and costs associated with me being bedridden 90% of the time.

I had really thought a human could understand another human's woes. Not in this case. Sceptre is impossible to get in touch with - TV supposedly under a 1 yr warranty which is just BS. My advice to anyone is to never purchase a Sceptre product and go hungry if it means buying a product from a reputable company. The reviews is what drew me to this TV and yet I get a lemon while WalMart and Sceptre drink lemonade.

I read reviews on about the tv failing too soon. I purchased mine July 2015, and this is Jan 18 2016 - about an hour and a half ago, I was turning down the sound, in order to switch inputs. all of a sudden, the tv (which was, at the time, displaying HDMI input from my desktop PC) began to cycle through about 10 or so, vivid, full screen colors. It would not register any input from the remote, also. I then unplugged it and waited a few seconds... When I plugged it up again, it powered on with the Sceptre logo, on its own, I did not power it on... Then it began to cycle the same colors, but there was audio coming through the speakers from my coaxial antenna connection.

I contacted Walmart through live chat, and the representative was about to issue a refund... She then told me that it had been too long to give a refund and gave me a toll free number and website of Sceptre. When I called Sceptre there is no customer support available... The machine prompted me to leave a message. Sceptre's live chat only sent an email to Sceptre. I will try and contact Sceptre again in order to get fair compensation, but I advise anyone considering purchasing a tv from Walmart to buy the protection plan. I wish that I had done that 6 months ago.

I got our current main family room TV at a charity auction. It's a 42 inch Sceptre, a brand I never heard of before, but it works great! Good picture, fair sound, lots of inputs for cable, Chrome adaptor, external audio etc. We've had it over two years and have had no problems. Our other TVs are by SONY, Vizio, Element, Westinghouse etc. We had a SONY Trinitron that lasted over 30 years, a large screen Samsung that lost audio after a few years and a very expensive Panasonic big screen that was a total lemon. The Sceptre compares well to all the TVs we've had.

Wish I could take it back, should have checked with Consumers Report first, the sound cracks and the color is horrible. I'll never buy this brand again, very poor customer service.

50 inch Spectre. Only complaint is the sound is a little too low. I added a sound bar and it's perfect. I do not have lots of money so it was perfect for me.

The picture went out after a month. It a terrible brand. I would never buy one again. I couldn't get the company to fix it even though it was under warranty.

Acceptable but now getting faint black streak in middle of screen. Would buy another brand when the time comes. Ports should all be on back. Unsightly side ports for connection to DVR.

This tv plays a beautiful picture. But after watching it for two years the screen started fading with a black line across it. The name of the tv is Sceptre. I think Sony makes it.

Just bought this TV from Walmart so I don't have lots to add. It's a 40" flat screen LED which cost less than $200.00. It has 3 HDMI, 1 VGA and 1 component. Easy set up and assembly (stand). Works fine, fair to good picture and benefits from add-on speakers (a decent set of computer speakers work fine). Also took 4 year warranty for $40.00 through Walmart. I'm satisfied!

Sceptre model #X40BV. I am very happy with TV. It has a very good picture & sound. It also has a lot of features that a lot of high end models put at a lower price.

We bought a Sceptre X505BV-FMQR 50" 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV on July 11, 2014 from We bought it due to the manufacturer's warranty that was clearly advertised on Walmart's website. We received our TV and it worked great up until about May 22, 2015 when the sound went out completely on the TV. We checked our electrical outlets, tried troubleshooting the remote thinking it was on mute, etc. No luck. Next day, the picture goes out. Tried troubleshooting again, and finally called the Sceptre customer service that day. They informed us that a box would be sent to us to package the TV, and to mail it back for repair/replacement as the TV is STILL UNDER WARRANTY (good until July 11, 2015). We received the box, packaged it with Styrofoam and all materials provided by Sceptre, and mailed it back. (Paid for it ourselves, by the way... The company can't spring for prepaid mailing labels?!)

When it was confirmed it arrived, we heard nothing for a few days. When we called to check in on the TV status, we were informed by the customer service manager that the TV screen was completely shattered and that they would not be fixing nor returning it to us. Seriously. I get it's an inexpensive TV but when you have a warranty, it needs to be honored. Period. After weeks of back and forth with the customer service (the most disrespectful, rude people I have ever encountered - they cussed out my boyfriend), we finally filed a dispute with UPS for the cost of the TV. UPS honored the insurance and sent the check to Sceptre, which they then CASHED. The check had our names on it, not Sceptre, and they signed and cashed our check. After threatening lawsuit, Sceptre sent us a new TV. The next time it breaks, we'll just throw it out like the piece of junk it is and get a TV from a reputable, honest company.

It's a very nice TV although it's an "off brand." I was given this TV from the original owner of this house, so it seems that eventually after having it a good while it will obviously start dying. When you try to turn it on sometimes, the screen might not power on, although the power light is on. You'll have to unplug it, and try again. The ONLY way to avoid this is buy a new TV, OR don't turn your TV off, which is what I'm currently doing. All in all, it's a very nice TV, and I won't condemn it because it's dying. That's just what Electronics do, they die at the end of their life span. I recommend this TV brand.

I purchased the Sceptre X505BV-FHDU8HJ1L01 a few years back at Walmart based on the low price point and positive customer reviews. My decision has held up over the years. I remain pleased with this television - Clear picture, solid construction, no problems. I occasionally use a connected sound bar for fuller sound when watching movies.

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Founded in 1984, Sceptre TV has been an industry leader in the field of display research. Its technology unveiled an LCD screen as early as 1993 with HD screens to follow.

  • Ultra HD: Sceptre TV has sizes of 4K UHD TVs available for sale. Screens start at 43" and go up to 55" for consumer use.
  • Audiophiles listen up: Another area where Sceptre TV excels is in audio. The range of SoundBar options include a sub woofer and SRS Wow technology for cleaner, crisper audio from the TV.
  • Headphone headquarters: While Sceptre TV may not be as well known for its earphones, the company does create high-quality products. The zipper design on some cord models and the soft silicone tips make them comfortable and convenient when on the go.
  • Voice-over and karaoke: Add audio effects to any show, or hold a concert at home with the Sceptre SoundMixer that supports several microphones and blends them seamlessly.
  • Easy online troubleshooting: For any TV issue, consumers can check the FAQ as it provides solutions to dozens of common problems. They can also go to the warranty service tab, fill out the form and get the set repaired.
  • Best for Sceptre TV is best for early adopters, audiophiles, video gamers and movie lovers, since it provides a range of entertainment-focused products.

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