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Purchased a 70 inch Sharp LED in May 2014. 2 1/2 years later the TV is useless... black lines. No one wants to help. Buyers beware... $1700 paperweight. Went to the store with my problem and was told to spend more money on a new tv that would probably place me in the same situation two years from now. 100% dissatisfied. I will never as long as I live buy another product marked "Sharp". Beware of future products from Foxconn parent Hon Hai Precision

So I bought this tv from Best Buy and it looks great and all but it started to malfunction in 6 months but it still work and on the 10 month it just kept turning on and off but unfortunately I did not buy a warranty for Best Buy. So I call Sharp customer support and they get me setup and tell me to sent them proof of purchase which I did and never got back to me and I call a week later and they tell to sent proof of purchase again.

So here I am 10 days later they tell me that a technician will call within 48 hours and nothing. 3 days later the technician calls and tells me that the part which was to arrive to him hasn't arrived. He will no longer wait so Sharp customer service calls me to tell me that by next week a new technician will be available and will call me to make an appointment. Overall they suck in customer service. Their tv break easy. I don't know why Best Buy sells their things. Don't buy their tv. So here I am waiting to see when my tv will finally be fix and if it does it probably will be breaking soon since from time to time the images went all blurry. Now it just keeps turning on and off.

I have brought 32LE341M - LED TV as on 18-08-15. On 3rd September '16 it gone faulty. When I lodged a complaint one technician came to my location and declared SMPS card gone faulty and the cost to replace with new card will be 5500 Rs. He gave me an exchange offer to exchange my faulty card (which he declared faulty) with new card and give 3000 more bucks, and when I asked him to replace the card he take a old SMPS card (1-Jan, 2016 written on card) without any company packing and also clearly showing a used product.

I have chosen Sharp product from all leading products in market like Sony, Samsung etc, but the experience I gone through was really very much disappointing. I feel like cheated as first of all product gone faulty in 1 year and then extremely worst and unreliable service support. I am expecting once again for positive response and genuine solution to my problem from Sharp management to support me so that my faith on product remains the same as on the first day I brought my product.

Thanks to all who validated my experience with my 50 in Sharp flat screen. It is 2 months past 1 yr warranty & did not purchase ext warranty. Good news is it came as bonus with furniture purchase. Screen completely black. Called Best Buy where it came from & told too bad, should have bought warranty, and just buy another TV. Daughter called Sharp; after 1 hr of haggling, told might be backlight. So, found local co for $30 to diagnose & awaiting news. Have bad feeling about this, & will never purchase a Sharp TV. Unfortunately, believe this is just sign of the times, poor workmanship & customer service.

I purchased a Sharp Aquos 4K Ultra HD television set July 16, 2016 from Best Buy. Two months after this purchase, the tv developed lines and a double image. I called the manufacturer (Sharp) and not only were they not helpful but they were completely incompetent. They offered to send someone to fix the television at their convenience and requested that I absorb the costs of dismounting and re mounting the television set. I wish I had read the reviews on Sharp products before making this purchase; it seems like all of the reviews I read cited the same issues after only a few months following purchase. I will count my losses and buy from a reliable brand. Buyer beware.

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The sound on this TV was NEVER good. But the picture was sharp; had no problems with that. My dissatisfaction is that this TV didn't even last 2 years! Lasted only 18 months. The screen went black, you could hear it, but could not see it. The other TV in the house (Samsung, we have had for 7 years). How does that happen from a well known and respected company? I've had TV that I've had to donated, just to be able to upgrade. Is it because "it was made in China"? Whatever the reason, and I have now read so many similar review on this same brand of TV: SHARP you are not only losing your great reputation for good TV's, but you are also losing loyal customer. I am now one of them! Stop producing poor quality item!

Sharp Model LC-48LE653U. Sound goes out intermittently. They ran me through a reset for the TV. Sound came back but went out after a few hours. TV is 13 months old. Yes, I know, out of 1 year warranty. I will NEVER buy another Sharp product of any kind. They offered to charge me to have the TV repaired. I spent $428 or the POS and know this is an inherent defect but they would not help. PLEASE do yourself a favor and never buy their products. Won't ever make this mistake again. BTW, they kept me on hold and passed me to three different people to ultimately tell me they would do nothing for me. Customer service is an F. Customer satisfaction is an F!

I purchased a Sharp 70 in flat screen LC70c6600u April of 2015 from Sam's Club. The picture went completely black within 30 days. I called Sharp customer service and after 3 attempts finally got someone that spoke English and I could understand them. After one hour on the phone they said that it should be returned to Sam's Club. I thought that it was unusual that the TV was bad and decided to trade it for a new model. Now the Sharp TV I have has a huge black line about 10in up from the bottom of the screen.

It is out of warranty and Sharp is telling me the screen is bad. Everyone I have talked to is saying it is cheaper to start over. Replacing the screen is $1200 if I can find someone to do it... Sharp's customer help line is NO Help! Buyer Beware!!!! Run to anybody but Sharp. By all the similar posts it is clear they have a factory defective product issue. I may build a blog website "Why Sharp TV's Suck"! I bought it not once but Twice. Boy am I stupid.

About 15 months ago I was on this very site reading reviews on Sharp TVs, and I was that person that thought, "Maybe these folks just got a bad apple in the bunch". Well, I was WRONG! I purchased a Sharp Aquos 65" TV from Best Buy, and 2 nights ago it just stopped working. I called to speak with tech support and got the runaround and was told that I needed to call an outside repair person. I if I just needed a software update off their website, they brushed over it. My TV actually turns on and has a back-light but I cannot enter a factor reset code inside the menu screen as the remote is not being recognized by the TV itself. I was hung up on 2 times, and told the final time, "Look sir, the TV is not working, you need to call someone other than us to see if you can fix it".

Well I spoke to a repair company here, and they REFUSE to work on Sharp products as they are charge a "restocking" fee to send out parts to the repair shop, and they grossly overprice those prices and restocking fees. The repair shop told me it was would probably be better to just get a new unit. PLEASE, if you are reading this and are in the market to purchase a TV, listen to what we are all saying here and DO NOT PURCHASE A SHARP PRODUCT! I was you less than 2 years ago, and now here I am out 1300 dollars and needing to replace my TV. Do yourself a favor and save the headache!!!

This TV offers Bluetooth to connect a keyboard, mouse, or other devices. This does not work. Sharp support tells me they don't guarantee it will work nor know of any keyboard that does work. I've tried many Bluetooth keyboards, with and without a dongle. Sharp has looked at the TV but they can't confirm or deny that the Bluetooth works. (This is after dealing with Sharp support who thought the Bluetooth was just for separate speakers!) This TV also offers the ability to connect another IP device to use as a remote, like your cell phone. I've tried downloading various Sharp remote Apps to my iPhone but none can connect to my TV even after setting the TV to enable a separate remote and using the correct port. Nothing works. Sharp support still can't help.

Bought LC-70TQ15U ~$2000 Nov-2014 and it went bad in Jul-2015, horizontal lines across the TV, out of warranty so Sharp will do nothing. Called a couple of repair shops and they said the panel is bad and it's probably cheaper to just buy a new TV. Will not buy Sharp again.

I bought this tv on 3/21/15 and on the 8/10/16 I noticed a horizontal line 10 inches from the bottom of the screen. I contacted the Sharp company and was told that there is nothing they can do because the warranty was only valid for one year and I should take it to the repair shop. The next day the tv is dead, it will not come on just a white light at the bottom of the screen comes on-- the tv was bought from the FT HAMILTON ARMY BASE.

DO NOT BUY A SHARP TV! After only 18 month I needed a new LCD panel (which they don't make as it costs as much as the TV!) Out of warranty and their service vendor offered to recycle after speaking with their tech dept. Now they will not do anything for me since I don't have the unit to return!!! AGAIN, AFTER THEIR TECH DEPARTMENT STATED THAT IT WAS NOT FIXABLE!!!

Purchased a Sharp 65" LED in Feb 2015. In July 2016 the TV stopped working. All we could see was a washed-out image, barely able to make out anything. Sears repairman said LCD screen was bad and unlikely to be able to repair due to Sharp not producing this part anymore. So called Sharp to report this dx and ask if they would offer recompense, since TV was only 5 months past one-year warranty period. Customer Service was very polite and seemed to want to work with me.

They asked for several pieces of documentation, including proof of purchase, pictures of screen with TV on, picture of model # and serial #. So went to all the trouble to get and send this info, only to have Sharp do nothing more than contact another repair shop, which offered to do another $100.00 diagnostic before recommending repairs. Keeping in mind that Sharp never agreed to pay anything as compensation, I declined and wrote TV off as a total loss/bust. Have since bought a Consumer Reports-recommended LG 65", with a two-year warranty. Better TV, better picture, roughly the same price. Understand Sharp may be going out of business. None too soon.

As a retailer, I take pride in providing good products at equitable pricing. We sell many brands, including LG, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, etc. The TV that is in question is an 80" model- LC80LE844U. It failed in less than 4 years of in-home use, and there is no factory or distributor inventory of parts to repair it. The initial retail price of $5,124.50 is wasted. Sharp thus far has refused to assist in finding a part or offering a re-furbished or discounted replacement. Other brands in similar situations have offered some solace in terms of vouchers, discounts, or other means of keeping a customer satisfied.

I understand the product is out of warranty (free service, or parts), but refusal to assist is poor consumer relations. I hope the new owners of Sharp electronics don't follow this precedent (Hisense). We take all of this into consideration when selecting the brands we sell. I will be glad to report an update if there is some resolution by Sharp's review group. Thus far, nothing.

I have had 4 Sharp TV's that have been bad. The first one had a picture that had lines across it. They replaced it. The second, third and now the fourth one all the audio is acting up. I have asked for my money back several times. They act like it's unheard of. They keep giving me the runaround. I am so sick of this company. I bought the first tv through Dell. After a month Dell can't do anything about it. They know they are defective. Dell is giving them away if a consumer buys a big tv. It has been over a year and I'm still getting the runaround. I will never again buy anything Sharp.

Sharp LC-60LE660U - After just 1.5 years a horizontal line appeared going from right to left tapering off. 3 days later another came from left to right. In the morning it wouldn't turn on, dead. Called Sharp, rebooted per their instructions, dead. No warranty. Never buying Sharp or go to Best Buy again.

Bought a Sharp LC-60EQ10U TV in October of 2014 for over $1200.00. Thick shaded horizontal lines appeared on the screen and started to flicker. Geek Squad tech told me the TV was finished and couldn't be repaired. What a load of garbage Sharp TVs are. Will never buy from them again!

WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Have been dealing with Sharp for almost a year for a non-functioning TV. Will never buy a TV from Sharp again!

We bought our Sharp Aquos 4K Smart TV on June 20th 2016. The TV came with no manual, just a quick start guide. I was told I would have to print the manual, about 70 pages. I figured out how to set up Netflix and other apps with the help of a friend. Netflix worked up until 5 days ago. It's connected to my internet. I've talked to so many level 1 techs at Sharp. I was told a senior tech would call in 24 to 48 hrs. So after 48 hrs I called back then was told no senior techs work on the weekends, but that one will call me on Mon.

I waited around all day on Mon and got no call, so I called Sharp again and was told someone tried to call at 3:30 and got no answer and I said maybe because no one called me. And no such call shows up on my caller ID. Then he says it will be 24 to 48 hrs for another call. I'm taking this TV back to Walmart tomorrow and not get another Sharp product or Hisense which is the same co. I feel I'm lucky compared to a lot of the other nightmare stories about Sharp.

Sharp LC-60LE847U 60-Inch - After 4 years of use a thin Green vertical line appeared approximately 1/4 of the way from the left edge of the tv. This seems to be a very common problem and Sharp does not seem to back their products, therefore my new house will not have any Sharp products. I hope people take the time to warn others. They have lost my families loyalty for life.

I bought a 70 inch Sharp tv two years ago and bought the Best Buy 5 year extended warranty. I was watching tv and all of a sudden the screen went black in the middle and the two sides were working. Called Best Buy and they came out and said there was a crack in the screen and that was not covered by the insurance. How could this happen. It was not hit, it is sitting on my wall. We were watching it when it happened. They are trying to say that someone cracked it. We have no children and no cleaning service which they suggested could of done it. How could this happen while we were watching tv and they try blaming us that we cracked the screen. Will never go to Best Buy or buy a Sharp product again.

Had this TV for a year, it died one week after warranty. Sharp people will not help you. Paid $900 for it. I will not buy a Sharp product ever again. Was on the phone with them all day and they do not have any repair shops near me. I will have to get throw this TV out. DO NOT BUY SHARP PRODUCTS.

After 18 months and $1500 our Sharp Aquos television started getting two black lines across the bottom of the screen for about a week... then the picture would shake as if it were have seizures. After two days of that our screen fell into the black screen of death. We had a Best Buy Geek Squad come out to investigate the issue. He told us it was the backlight and Sharp does not make repair parts for their products. Our television was dead and we need to trash it. We aren't even done paying for it. Still making payments. Very aggravating. Worse purchase we have EVER made!!!

On 9/2/15 my wife and I bought a Sharp TV with a 5-year warranty. Within 7 months while watching a program, the TV screen would suddenly turn green and turn itself off. This continued night after night. We telephoned US corporate office in Mahwah, NJ on June 27, 2016. We spoke with a woman named "Jess" in the Complaint Dept. "Jess" said she would refer the matter to AMTRAN Dept. She said we should hear from AMTRAN Dept within 3 or 4 days. No telephone call was returned to us. We bought the TV from Paul's TV and Appliance Store in Reading, MA. However, this store filed bankruptcy.

Just experienced my first purchase/ownership experience with Sharp and it will be my last. In short, as a consumer, I have been taken complete advantage of and left with no recourse to make things right. I purchased a 60" Sharp Aquos Smart TV - LC60EQ10U through Sears. I paid nearly $400 for the 3 year extended warranty through Sears (MPA - Master Protection Agreement). The TV sat on a stand and wasn't overly used or had gaming devices connected. Just DirecTV. 10 months later the screen began to flicker and eventually went out a few days later. After notifying all parties connected to the warranty/MPA they scheduled a technician to determine the issue. 7 days later the technician confirmed my initial suspicion that it was a defective unit and said Sharp would contact me within 7-10 business days with a resolution.

8 days later I receive a call from Sharp and their solution to my issue was to send me a refurbished unit that (in their words) can have aesthetic imperfections but should work as new. I declined and requested a new unit, as I purchased mine new. Sharp referred me to the Sears MPA department. Sears declined to assist as it was within the 1 year manufacturer's warranty and referred me back to Sharp. During my discussion with Sharp it was disclosed that by accepting their offer of a refurbished unit, I would be accepting only a 90 day warranty from them. Obviously, at this point I'm disgusted by their unwillingness to make things right. They declined my request for a 1 year manufacturer's warranty and will not move any higher than 90 days. I contacted Sears MPA department and was informed my extended warranty could not be transferred to the refurbished unit because it's not considered new. Nothing they can do about it.

I requested a refund on my useless MPA and will only receive a portion of it returned. I have been without a television going on a month now and have been forced to accept a defective television that was returned to them, that they repaired and cleaned and oh by the way - they will only guarantee will work for 90 days. Sharp suggested I purchase an extended warranty through them if I was concerned about it failing after the 90 days. Are you kidding? Pay more money for a warranty on a used product that is replacing a new product that I purchased and wasted money on the initial extended warranty through Sears?

This, my fellow consumers, is how large corporations feel about the people that keep them in business by buying their products. I can assure you that not only will I never visit a Sears outlet, store or website nor purchase a Sharp or Hisense product, but I will share this story with anyone seeking to purchase a TV, audio or any other electronic device. Beware of the fine print.

I bought a Sharp LC-60LE65OU on 07/19/14 and on 05/2016 a green line begins to appear on my TV. Called Sharp and they said, "Let's reset it," which I did but nothing changed. Sharp said, "We can do nothing. Your 1-year manufacturer warranty is over." Call service department and they told me that I have to bring the TV, pay $75 just to check the problem, then after that "We will tell you how much it will cost you." Called again Sharp and they ask me to send them a copy of purchase receipt, a video on my TV and different pictures of the TV on different settings to analyse the problem.

6 weeks into this, Sharp came back to me and said, "We can take back your TV and send you a refurbished one with a warranty of 90 days only" but I have to pay $325. How can I be sure that this TV does not have this problem or any other problem since it is a refurbished one? It is useless to call Sharp customer service, they are horrible. Very bad experience. Will never buy a Sharp brand.

Bought a big, beautiful Sharp LED TV and really regret it. The TV is a bit over a year old and it has suddenly gone dark - no picture. I submitted a request for support on the Sharp website, but have not received a response. I thought I was buying a quality product and I am very disappointed.

We bought a LC 70LE755U 70" flat screen and it lasted 2 years before developing lines on the screen before eventually failing completely. We called and did all the reset mumbo jumbo but nothing worked. After reading all the problems with SHARP tv's apparently this is a common issue and expensive to fix. We paid $2600 for this TV so that's over $100/month. A total waste of money and I will NEVER buy another SHARP product.

Sharp Aquos 80" LC80LE650U - Purchased from Costco 1+ years ago... Screen goes blank. Many factory resets required. Has many other problems. It cost me $2400 for this. I would not purchase any product from Sharp... Ever. Do... Not... Nuy...

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Sharp is a pioneer in the LCD TV technology and continues to lead the field by making large LCD panels and the AQUOS series.

  • Vibrant color detail: Sharp's Quattron technology incorporates 33 percent more sub-pixels than a standard HDTV for a total of eight million sub-pixels; plus, its Aquomotion 480 ensures crystal-clear images even during high-motion scenes.
  • Lots of content: Sharp's Smart TVs are loaded with apps, so you're never far away from your favorite content.
  • Multiple ports: With multiple HDMI inputs, plus a USB connection and an optical audio output, connecting devices is a snap on many of Sharp's models.
  • Wallpaper mode: Even when the TV is turned off, it's beautiful. Turn the TV into a photo frame or a work of art when it is switched off.
  • Built-in audio: Two built-in speakers on the bottom of the sets deliver 20W of simulated surround-sound audio, plus the models are compatible with Sharp's sound bar.
  • Best for Bargain shoppers, home-theater enthusiasts, researchers and movie and TV connoisseurs.

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