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Percelita of San Leandro, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I am very dissatisfied with the leadership corporate has offered their employees & the level of disregard for their clients out of pocket expenses. Membership annual fee of $111.76 as well as maintenance fees of $49.99 each month. I was misled to believe if I canceled before the 30 day trial is over the Membership annual fee of $111.76 would not be cashed (it was cashed) and I would not have to pay monthly fees (I was charged for two months). The Newark location did not have working copying equipment and I was reassured it would be canceled the next day. In which corporate was not informed of cancellation and I was charged for membership annual fee and monthly fees for two months 49.99 x 2 = 99.98. Total amount is $211.74. I would like a refund because 24 Hour Fitness was not authorized to charge is $211.74. I did not think it would happen to me and it did due to poor training from corporate.

Quanah of Richmond, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The Most Unprofessional & Rude Staff I've ever had to Deal with. Their Gym is Unsanitary & They have Overdrawn my Bank Account By Taking out My membership fee even after I prepaid them in cash. They're Shady. Don't waste your time. There are other quality gyms out there for you to join.

Michelle of Denver, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I called to cancel my membership with the gym. After waiting on hold for 20 minutes, the gym finally agreed to cancel the membership. However, they would not refund the $49 annual membership fee that they charged my account yesterday. So, they took $49 of my money even though I won't be using the gym for one single day in the next year.

Rosa of San Ysidro, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Around two weeks ago, I wrote you a letter regarding my concerns about the intensity of the music at the Third Street Chula Vista, CA club. The music was again to a bearable standard. It only lasted for a while. Last Friday when I arrived, the music was again very loud. I told the employee to please lower it, and he responded that they did not have any way to regulate the intensity of the music, because the controls were at the Manager’s office. The noise is unbearable in the locker room and showers, since the ceilings are lower. It is very uncomfortable. I tried to send another letter to their site. The site does not work. I called, the wait is 20 minutes! I have been a member of 24 HOUR FITNESS since 2002. This is the first club where I have experienced so many problems, from hygiene, noise and respect to members from the management.

Nicole of Spring, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I chose this gym because it was close to where I was working at the time. I also believe they were running a great sign up special for new customers. Also, I liked the hours that the facility was open. It gave me the option to go before work. I like how large the space was. They had a large variety of machines enough that you never had the wait to use something. The place also always seemed very clean. But the thing I most disliked about this gym was how pushy they were about their personal training. They try to get you to sign up for a free session when you join and they won't take no for an answer.

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Anne of Austin, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

The people are really nice and don't treat me like a huge fatty noob. In other gyms, I tend to get some stares for my beautiful skin and large size and the last gym I went to made me buy two memberships and this gym didn't so I really liked that. Also, I really like 24 Hour Fitness because it's close to my house and it’s open twenty four hours. No Bowflex but I'm in talks with management about loaning them my personal machine. I'd like it also if they had a better sauna and whirlpool and regular pool as well as more private showers. I was showering one time and this lady grabbed my shampoo and used it and I was like, “WTF. Why did you do that?” She said she thought it was communal shampoo that the gym provided even though she reached her snaky arm into my shower to get it. Like hello, I have it on tape.

Lauren of Cheshire, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

The extended hours are a huge benefit due to my inconsistent work schedule. Also the location was in my home town and provided an option for a gym other than a YMCA. Being a franchise gym there were more options and better quality of equipment as well. The franchise I went to was smaller than what I like and didn't have enough classes I liked. For example, as a former dancer I enjoy the classes based on barre exercises and would like those classes to be available as well. But there was enough of a variety of equipment and ways to work out that I found appealing. It had also offered a free trial period that was nice as I got to test and see if this gym was there right fit for me.

Todd of Vineland, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

To begin it is open twenty-four hours a day for your convenience to workout when it fits into your schedule the best, they have updated equipment and services available along with knowledgeable staff to help you if needed. The modern up to date equipment and services are top notch, is fairly priced, clean and maintained well. But they should try to space out the equipment more and not try to cram so much stuff into such limited space and give the customer a little more sense of space and privacy.

Bob of Bellevue, NE on
Satisfaction Rating

Great workout equipment and staff. Love that they have always a empty machine. Love going in the morning, more quiet, multiple workout rooms and helpful staff willing to work with you. Some of the staff at night is rude that's why I like to go early morning. Not much people around to walk around. Also, bathrooms could be more spacious, room for woman when they workout and the machines are a little close together for my taste. But it's closer to my home. Don't feel like driving any further when it's convenient. It's that or workout at home then I would have to buy workout equipment and that expensive so that's why I stick with the gym easy. It's done ok so far.

Matt of Omaha, NE on
Satisfaction Rating

The equipment was new and very well kept. There was also equipment there that I did not find at other gyms and I was able to get a complete workout. But I would change the membership fees. They were outrageously expensive. I know some people grandfathered in at a very low price and would make it that same price for everyone. It did meet my expectations though. They said it would be open 24/7 and sure enough it was never closed. But yet they did a great job of getting it cleaned and staying out of the way of the people that were working out.

Jamie of Chino, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I chose this gym because I've heard good things. It's nice that they have so many amenities. The people are really nice too. I like all of the classes and machines they have available for everyone to use. But, they are so busy and crowded. I have to wait for machines or weights. Every time I went to one of their gyms I always felt uncomfortable with how many people there were.

Ryan of Brookhaven, MS on
Satisfaction Rating

I like how the gym is open 24 hours a day and allows me to bring my friends with me. And also, I like how the gym is neat and clean and has a lot equipment to use. I can get in there and do my normal work routine and leave without a problem. I choose the gym because its close to my home and my friends also work out there. It has a nice monthly rate and the staff members are nice. Plus I like the snacks they offer.

Serena of Shippenville, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

The equipment is relatively average and the same you would find at competing gyms, mainstream and local. I would add racket ball and swimming pools. Plus would upgrade the showers, sauna and the provided toiletries to a higher level of excellence. Less truck stop cheap feel more high end hotel feel. But the hours are what sells this for me. I work odd hours being a parent and I appreciate the hours the most. They give me full range to come in whenever it is specifically convenient for me. I love that.

Vanessa of Salt Lake City, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

The fact that the gym is always open is the biggest benefit. I like being able to workout at any time of day. The cost makes it a good value as well. I especially like that most locations near me have a pool. 24 Hour Fitness has multiple locations near my house including some which are on my way home from work. Being able to get a workout in. I’ve had a couple of billing issues which were resolved but were inconvenient. I've found a couple of times that there weren't enough towels and cleaner to wipe down the machines. Also the racquetball courts are a really nice benefit but are always full. There are really convenient locations near me and in locations that I frequent. There is also one near my work which makes it especially convenient when I may not be really motivated. Based on these things alone the gym meets my expectations.

Jordan of Apopka, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I love that I can go there any day of the week or weekends nearly any time of day and work out exactly what muscle groups I want to hit that given day with my trainer. I can even go in the middle of the night. I also liked that it was so astronomically much cheaper. I love the cool top 40 radio station music and songs they play and that they have every single machine that I enjoy using on a daily basis. They didn't have a group class room though.

Kimberly of Montclair, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I'm a bartender so I work crazy hours and this gym is perfect for my work schedule. Sometimes I get out at three or four in the morning and I'm just not tired enough to go home and go right to sleep so I'll go for a workout and then by the time I get home and shower I'm all ready to get right in bed. With this gym, I can choose to go when it's convenient for me! Also, because the gym is always opened, it's not constantly crowded because people don't have the pressure of going at crammed in scheduled times. There's also no pressure for a rushed workout which is huge!! I can work at my own pace without racing against the clock!!!

Tanning booths are extremely important to me and I don't like having to wait forever because there's only one available for the entire gym! I feel like a gym opened 24 hours should have multiple tanning booths so it's not an inconvenience for the customers. Sometimes I'd have to just not go tanning as much as I wanted to because I wasn't coming back again just to use the tanning booth after my workout time was completed. If I'm paying for this service, It shouldn't have to become a habit for me to either wait to start working out, wait after my workout, or just have to leave and not tan because I can't wait for the list of people signed up before me considering there's only one booth available.

Jasmine of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

A friend of mine like it and works out there and invited me to join her. Working out with friends makes it more fun but I probably would not work out there without her. They have terrible parking which can be discouraging when finding motivation to go. They also have expensive trainer costs compared to other similar gyms, making it feel like that service is unobtainable. But I like the selection of fitness equipment. Also, it is located in a central place, and is a big size. The gym had a pool and an outdoor workout area. Outdoor portion had heavy equipment and TRX. I liked the size of their cardio area as well.

Angela of Traverse City, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

For the most part I really like this gym. I feel they do a good job on just about every front. They offer a great start up promotions and I feel that I am able to get into shape with no judgment. They just need to enforce the wipe down policy. It seems people use equipment and never wipe it down after. That is gross and not okay. But the staff is wonderful, friendly and oh so helpful. They offer good suggestions and other advice on ways to get into shape.

Carrie of College Station, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

24 Hour Fitness was close to my home and I was given a membership. The gym meet my expectations. I was expecting to use equipment and theirs was always in great condition. I was expecting to take YOGA classes and there were many times to choose from. The YOGA instructor was nice. I love that I have access anytime, day or night, and the classes and times scheduled for classes easily fit into my lifestyle. They are clean and their equipment is always in good repair. Staff are friendly and helpful. However, I need a month to month option that does not break the bank. A monthly fee of $10-20 would fit my family's budget better. Also, location is a main factor that would have to change so I could rejoin the 24 Hour Gyms. I have also moved towns and there are no 24 Hour Gyms where I live now.

Dianne of Wareham, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

I chose this gym because it was inexpensive. I like that they are open 24 hours, convenient, and they were close to my house. I also like that they had a lot of cardio equipment. However, they did not have many classes. I like yoga and Zumba but they did not have that. Also, the decor was boring and it did not seem very personal. They did not have helpful staff either. Overall, they did not meet my expectations because it was so plain, uninspiring and not creative.

Jon of Newtonville, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

24 Hour Fitness has met my expectations in price, quality, and availability. It was convenient to home and work and had lots of parking close to the facility. It has quality facility with great personnel. The equipment is well maintained and for the most part available all the time. I like that the gym is very large and has a basketball court, racquet courts, and a pool. I also like that it is spread out and not congested on the gym floor. Locker rooms are large with several showers and steam room. However, the bathrooms and locker room are crowded and there are not enough lockers during peak time. Also, the sauna was not working for weeks. I would prefer a steam room. The dedicated personal training area is too large but I understand that is where the real money is made.

Nicole of Wolcott, CT on
Satisfaction Rating

I chose 24 Hour Fitness because that is my favorite out of all the gyms. I really enjoy this gym because of the 24 hours and it has definitely met my expectations. Every time I go, there is hardly anyone in there. I hate going to a gym that is crowded with people and I don't like working out when a bunch of people are looking at me. I wish they offered classes and training though. That's the unfortunate thing about 24 hour gyms, there isn't always someone there to assist you. Otherwise, it is great!

Kathleen of Yukon, OK on
Satisfaction Rating

Me and my husband came to this gym because we were meeting a friend who lived in the area to work out with them. The gym was clean and all of the machines were awesome. There were lots of free weights, everyone was super friendly and the location was perfect. Would definitely go there again.

Cyn of Provo, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

I like the variety of machines to suit every individual own needs. Personal trainer are there to help you if you would like them to help you out. They aren't judgmental and are willing to work with me on my weaknesses. Their loyalty program is rewarding and they don't pressure you into signing up for things you don't need. They are very professional and take your business very seriously. The staff are very helpful and the facility offers more amenities than others. Also have indoor heated pool and a basketball court area. They also have machines that I am more comfortable working with.

But I don't like that they don't really offer discount regularly and wish some places were consistent in what they offer. In some places they offer certain things but in other places they don't so I have to drive to the one that has what I want. Also, they could maybe offer a discount for younger kids that want to join the gym. My kids want to go too but because there's nothing to offer kids they won't go.

Ginny of Quincy, IL on
Satisfaction Rating

The gym is extremely clean and that they offer so many options and plans. Also, the employees there really care about your health and well-being and are very helpful. The equipment seems up-to-date and well-managed too. I would choose this gym over any other because it is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. But have employees be there twenty four hours day. There were times I needed help and no one was there, or add more employees.

Steve of Oceanside, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Cancellation Nightmare! Stay Away! I joined 24 Hour Fitness in Temecula a little over a year ago. My commute was 1+ hours each way and this was the only big gym in Temecula. I chose a month to month plan since places like these are so difficult to cancel. Starting late last year, I was able to work from home and didn't need to use 24 Hour as much. In January I asked the people at the club to cancel my membership and was told everything was good to go. In June I got a call saying I was past due $45-$50 on the account and had to pay. I called back in and spoke with someone and explained I cancelled in person. They said they called the club and "had no records" of this happening. I asked to cancel the membership, but had to pay a past due amount and a penalty fee, the latter which was waived.

Fast forward to today, I receive a call saying I owe them $110! I call back in, and after 30+ minutes on hold was told that "the rep wasn't legally able to finish the cancellation since the call disconnected." I said this was a lie, they collected $34.99 from me to cancel, and to pull the call. After escalating to management, they finally pulled the call. "After reviewing the call and verifying the cancellation was complete, you ended the call, so they weren't able to finish it." So... the cancellation was verified but they did not submit it. They wanted to charge me for June and July dues, plus the July annual fee! They were so very, very nice in offering to waive $30 in fees, so they ended up defrauding me of another $75. I will never, ever again work with such a shady business that offers zero way to cancel online, offers zero way to cancel in person, makes it exceedingly difficult to even contact a human, then lie about the cancellations.

Eric of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

The gym is Closest to my house than any other gym and is Open 24 hours so I can go any time of day. The gym also has great customer service and is always clean. The gym also has lots of Convenient locations around the city so I can go near work or near home. The equipment is also very clean and not too crowded. The gyms are all different qualities so some locations have better equipment than others. The pool is also unclean sometimes and the gym staff can be rude sometimes during busy rush hours. But other gyms are very very very expensive and this place always has good deals.

Jerry of Renton, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

The location to home and hours open were the determinants for choosing this gym. Plus there are some hot men who work out there and I hope to take on home soon for a private workout. The hours of operation make getting to the gym on my schedule easier than using the gym at work between 7 and 6 and I don't have to get my work gear nasty. Cleaner facilities would be nice though. More frequent cleaning makes people feel better about working up a sweat on the machines 100 other people already used before they got there.

Krista of Chico, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I like the amenities. Hot tub, sauna, 24-hour access, the facilities it offers. I like the classes they offer like yoga, boxing, spin cycling and also the exercise machines they have. Customer service is good. It meets my expectations. But I wish they offered better packages and discounts for long term members.

Suzanne of Anaheim, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I really like the fact that they are open 24 hours which gives me opportunities to go anytime. I also like the fact that it is good size with so much variety for my workout. Also personal trainers are available if I need some one on one. The cost to own a membership is a bit pricey. Also there are certain times it can get crowded and may have to wait for some machines. Last but not least, to hire a personal trainer is too expensive thru them. But I chose this gym due to its location and it's very convenient for me cause it is near my home and pretty close to my work. I would also like to mention their hours are amazing, anytime. Also, they usually have plenty of parking which is nice.

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24 Hour Fitness offers over 400 gym locations in 13 states, including California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Virginia.

  • GX24 classes: 24 Hour Fitness offers group exercise classes in four categories: Burn, Intensity, Strength and Bliss. Each class is taught by a trained instructor and offers motivation and community to help you meet your fitness goals.
  • Fit:Perks Rewards: Members can sign up for the free Fit:Perks Rewards program, which allows you to earn points for working out and participating in 24 Hour Fitness’s social media channels. Points are redeemable for sweepstakes entries, giveaways, discounts and promotions.
  • My24 app: 24 Hour Fitness helps you stay organized to reach your fitness goals with its My24 app. The app allows you to view updated class schedules, join challenges, set and conquer goals, link other fitness apps and wearable devices and more.
  • Training Club 24: For clients who enjoy competition, 24 Hour Fitness’s Training Club 24 lets you compete in team workouts that build in intensity every week. Coaches help teams set and meet goals.
  • Kids’ Club: Children up to age 12 can attend the Kids’ Club, which features CPR- and First Aid-certified attendants, a fast and secure check-in process and active play. Members can purchase single Kids’ Club visits or add monthly payments to their membership plans.
  • Best for fitness novices, athletes, fitness buffs and parents.

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