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Jocelyn of Round Rock, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I began my membership in February, added my husband the following month along with child care. In 4 months so far I have paid them $540 dollars. Imagine what that will be once I hit the 1 year mark. Please read what you are signing up for. To cancel, $288 for me. The sales guys leave out A LOT of details. They make you pay first and last month's member fee. There is a "privilege initial fee", annual fee, and membership initial fee. What the hell are all these fees for?? This is ridiculous and a major rip-off.

Michelle of Richmond, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a member of 24 Hour for 4 years. Recently I decided to change to another gym (Dec. 2016, closer to my house, I can walk to the new gym). I have not missed a payment or yearly fee since I joined 24 Hour. When I tried to cancel my membership (not under any contract just month to month) I had to speak to a manager. This doesn't seem too bad, but the manager seemed to never be available. So a month later (paying the monthly fee) I finally was able to speak to someone. They reassured me that it would be canceled and I would not be charged again. That was in February (2017.) Today (June 2017) I finally had to contact my bank to stop payment on recurring payment.

Ryan of Friendswood, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I like that 24 Hour Fitness gym has a basketball court where I can play basketball with friends and meet a lot of new people. I wouldn't normally get to meet outside of my comfort zone and I like that it is indoors and has AC. I also like this gym because my whole family and friends go. But I don't like how sometimes there is a lot of people on the machines and I have to wait a very long time to get one. They should add more machines to the gym facility to make it more time sensitive for others. Other than that, I love 24 Hour Fitness. It is a awesome place and I would choose it over any gym any day.

Kat of Gilbert, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

The 24 Hour Fitness gym's hours availability are amazing, though at this point most gyms are open twenty four hours. I also enjoy the cleanliness and most importantly, the size. There are always plenty of machines available and without needing to be right next to someone. However, a different pay system would be nice. When I went there, I paid about a thousand dollars to sign up and monthly fees but I didn't really use it as much as I should have for the cost. But I chose it for location purposes because I lived right next to it. Also at the time, there weren't as many other options as there are now, so the price wasn't as shocking. But now there's no way I would sign up with them.

Shad of Lincoln, NE on
Satisfaction Rating

I like the swimming pool, the hot tub and the fact they are open 24 hours. When I was going there I needed the ability to come during late night hours. 24 Hour Fitness fit that profile perfectly. I also liked the flexibility of them having several locations that I could use which made things much more convenient. I also liked the basketball court and the fact that they are staffed around the clock which makes it much more safe and secure. But the only thing I disliked was the billing which they did correct for me. Everything else seemed pretty good and I liked how clean they kept the gym and the equipment, etc.

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Andrea of Los Angeles, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Group classes and private stretching rooms is the main reason I chose 24 Hour Fitness gym. I like that personal trainers are also available. It also offered group classes that I wanted to participate in. Plus, it's conveniently located and has hours that work for me. I feel welcome there. However, it needs more cardio machines. They could add more options too for group classes like different types of yoga, etc. I also think the gym could use work on cleanliness or have free wipes to clean equipment before/after use and more female staff. Nevertheless, the gym met my overall expectations and I am satisfied with my choice.

Angela of Arlington, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I love the size of the gym and variety of equipment. I get the workout I want on my time and it makes me happy and feel great. I choose to go at times when there aren't so many people there so, it feels more private for my workout. Staff is great and the gym is so clean! It's also a very convenient location and the price is affordable for my budget. I can't see me going to any other gym. Overall my favorite gym to frequent for many years.

Danelle of Belleville, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

The features that I like about 24 Hour Fitness gyms are the convenience of them. I have one very close to my home and it is open 24 hours a day so I can work out whenever I want. The features I do not like about 24 Hour Fitness is that the size of the buildings are a bit small. The machines are closed in which makes for a packed gym.

Megan of Concord, NH on
Satisfaction Rating

It is near my house and easy to get to. It has pretty colored signs and colors inside. It can be bleak sometimes when several machines are broken though. Also, the guys on the weights can be jerks. And I wish it had more up-to-date machines and that they cleaned the machines better. The locker room is also kind of depressing. But the price is right and my friends workout there as well. It's also open 24 hours and I like being able to work out late at night. I feel safe there and they also don't push the perfect body agenda. Other gyms are not.

Sophie of Sanford, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

24 Hour Fitness had plenty of different machines and the variety of equipment was good, too. The gym is open all hours and I have a extremely busy schedule so I can go when I want. Their cost was reasonable and easy to make payments, as well. I also like that the gym does not pressure me to do anything crazy like CrossFit, and that doesn't have pizza nights or give me Tootsie Rolls. However, they could add tanning and hydrobeds, and newer bathroom facilities, too. I would appreciate being able to shower before or after work.

Sean of Phoenix, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

Getting admission into this gym was a quick and easy process. It is a great place to workout every part of your body. I chose this gym out of convenience, and have loved it since. I've had nothing but stellar experiences with this place. 24 Hour Fitness always has plenty of fitness machines available to use. If you're looking for a place with plenty of room and tools to help you stay in shape, I highly recommend this place. It's a friendly and outgoing facility.

Cheyanne of Antelope, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I chose 24 Hour Fitness because it's close to my work and it is very easy to squeeze a workout in before or after work. I love that it is open 24/7 as my schedule changes frequently. I don't have to worry about when I'm going to find time to work out, it is fantastic. The gym may be small but it has everything I need and all of the equipment is state of the art and well maintained. Also, I greatly appreciate the full amenities at my 24 Hour Fitness because it allows me to get a good work out in and take a shower before work which is definite plus. Having a staff member onsite at all hours is something that needs to be addressed. I often work out alone so my safety is a big concern. If there was a staff member I would feel much more comfortable pushing my workouts to the next level.

Jason of Anaheim, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

All my friends go to 24 Hour Fitness and they never have any complaints. Except for me because I only pretty much like to swim or punch. But they rarely have a punching bag and understandably, not every gym can carry a pool. But a man's gotta punch and I don't wanna buy no 150 pound bag and carry it to my car and carry it home just so I can use it once a week and forget about. But the gym pretty much have all the weights and machines you need. Also, there's usually a machine open for exercise at any given time on any given Sunday.

Curtis of Jacksonville, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I like the ability to exercise whenever I want, I think it's very important for people to get the ability to work out later in the day instead of earlier. However, at my current gym that I have gone to, there is not enough parking, also there are windows that show you as you exercise. They also make you pay a ridiculous amount to bring someone else which I find stupid. But I love how there is a variety of equipment and plenty of cardio machines that I can use to attempt to make my life much better and lose as much weight as I can.

John of Churubusco, IN on
Satisfaction Rating

I really like 24 Hour Fitness. They have staff that helps when I have questions and the staff is knowledgeable about the equipment, as well. I also like the equipment, especially the ellipticals and the brands they have. They are well maintained and have a wide variety. Opened 24 hours is a must for my lifestyle and 24 Hour Fitness allows me to exercise when I want to. It is very close to my house, so it is convenient. I can also usually find one when I am traveling, too. This gym has met almost all of my expectations. However, there are always things that any gym can do better and 24 Hour Fitness is no exception. Sometimes it is not as clean as I would like it to be. Also, if there is a piece of equipment down it might take a little while for it to be repaired. This does not happen very often but it happens occasionally. Also, with it being 24 hours there is not always staff there which is not a huge deal.

Michelle of Pleasant Hill, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I chose this gym due to its location convenience. I'm not picky about which gym to go to, and I was with family when we enrolled, and it just happened to be very close to where we lived. So the travel to there and back home was about perfect for my specific lifestyle. I liked the size of the 24 Hour Fitness gym. It give the gym more room for workout machines and different fitness classes. I also like how the staff and the people who work out there were so friendly. The bathrooms are also very nice and big. It's very stylish and modern looking. However, there should be more towels or cleaning wipes that are available to find or use because sometimes when I'm on the elliptical, I wanted to wipe down the handles, and I couldn't always find the wipes/towels.

Kristin of North Richland Hills, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

24 Hour Fitness definitely met all of my expectations. I was very pleased. It is a very clean gym, had new equipment and a professional staff who was knowledgeable in the equipment. The staff was able to help me find what works best for me too. I also love that they are opened 24 hours. It is very convenient for me to be able to go when I get off of work. I am a single mother and don’t have the same availability as some might.

Damien of Saint Louis, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

24 Hour Fitness is a nice clean place to work out and the hours are perfect for any and everyone. I feel very comfortable with the workers there. I have never seen anyone that they made feel uncomfortable from everyone. I really like how the trainers answer all questions no matter what it is or how small it maybe and if they don't know the answer they will go find someone who can answer my questions. They always show you how to operate all the equipment and how to safely work it. No pressure from the workers and nobody is making fun of you while you're trying to get better. The classes are also great. The trainers work with everyone, they don't make you feel as if you're not on the same level as others in class. I like how they do force you to buy their products even if you have a private trainer. The trainer also is very easy to talk to. They don't judge you as just a fat person. They see to it they are your partners in doing the struggles of life and weight loss.

However, the center needs a great big pool plus a sauna that has upper and lower level, a heated pool and a couple of hot tubs, a massage therapist on duty, a mud spa and also a nail technician that can give you a ped. But I feel so comfortable and safe with the location. I also see my family and friends which make working out even better, and I can catch up with my neighbors for events coming up. Plus, the equipment is always clean up and in working order.

Brian of Little Ferry, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I chose this gym because it was conveniently located. For the most part it was walking distance. It also offers a lot of things and features a lot of varieties of equipment. It also offers a basketball court, a sauna, a steam room, jacuzzi and a pool. The gym is also well-maintained. The only concern I have with this gym is the amount of people that come in. It's usually always crowded, and you sometimes need to wait to use the equipment.

Karen of Draper, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

I love the wide variety of equipment and services of 24 Hour Fitness to help meet my exercise needs. The hours of operation are also excellent for anyone's needs. I work extremely late hours and their hours fit my lifestyle perfectly. The staff is helpful, friendly and professional, as well. They have knowledge of fitness and equipment. This gym had met my expectations.

Janice of Mcdonough, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

My husband has been going to 24 Hour Fitness gym for almost 4 years now. He recommended me the gym because of the friendliness of the staff and the gym's cleanliness, as well the parking is not that hard. Also, it's very close to our place. The equipment is always clean, the ambiance is cozy, friendly staff and towels are always available and clean. The music is just about right and the parking is always available. However, I would love for them to put the air conditioning low a little bit because you are there to sweat, and not to get cold. Also lower the light and put some free water.

Jennifer of Reno, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

I've always gone to this gym and it's the only one I've ever been to. It's been my gym for over 20 years now. I like it, the up to date gym equipment and the convenience of the showers and healthy snacks. The staff is always very friendly and helpful as well.

Pam of Brooklyn, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

This gym is close to where I live and it has somewhat met my expectations. I believe if I would travel further to another facility, it would probably meet all my expectations. But I like that they have a variety of equipment to choose from. All of the exercise equipment are modern and up to date and there is always someone to help. However, the two gyms that I usually go to are not big enough. They need to expand and have larger facilities. At times people are bumping into each other and it can get a bit frustrating.

Caitlin of Dayton, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

24 Hour Fitness was reasonably priced. My parents had been members previously and they were able to add me to their account. This arrangement made it cheaper than if I was to get my own account, there or elsewhere. Also, the hours of the gym are the most convenient part for me. I could go after work and without it being open 24 hours, I wouldn't have been able to exercise much at all. I also liked the different types of equipment and that they give instructions on how to use them. However the gym I went to was little small and felt cramped at times. There seemed to either be several people there or virtually none. Also, because we were supposed to have cleaned the equipment ourselves after we used them, I started to wonder if the equipment was actually being cleaned. I remember times where I had forgotten to do that sometimes, and I've even seen a few people do the same thing.

Luz of San Jose, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

24 Hour Fitness is close to my job, and I can go right after work. I work 50 hours a week and I like going to the gym very late at night. I love that I can go anytime at 24 Hour Fitness and I regularly go at 12 am after work. A lot of my coworkers go to 24 Hour Fitness, as well. I like that the gym I go to has a pool. I love swimming and it is the best workout for me since I need to lose weight. However, I wish they had friendlier staff and the gym had more machines and a bigger sauna, too. The one that they do have seems to be small for my personal taste.

Kathy of Las Vegas, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

I like that it's open all the time so it fits the schedule that I am on, and the hours of operation fits my hectic lifestyle. It is close to my residence, as well. I also like the amount of equipment in the gyms I've been in. I like the staff, too. But I'd like the gym to be bigger with access to pool, sauna, etc. Also, more programs like yoga in more time slots. I don't like the price, too. The price for personal trainers and extra gym features are outrageous. However, the gym is ok but I don't pay extra to go to one of their sports facilities that are available.

Sydney of Summerfield, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I chose 24 Hour Fitness because of the availability and the option to choose when you want to workout. The gym is always open and staffed and this is great for those that work unconventional hours. Child care is a big plus and family workout activities help keep the entire family fit. Also, the atmosphere is positive and upbeat. I wish they'd hire more knowledgeable staff, incorporate more machines into the workout circuits and open up more classes at more times, and a variety of levels of workout classes.

Jessica of Pittsburgh, PA on
Satisfaction Rating

I love that it is open 24 hours and you can go in and out as you please. It makes things very convenient for people that work full time. And it has worked out very well for me. It is also a very clean place and is never too crowded. Also, it is up to date with equipment and newer machines. I would recommend it to anyone. However, they could get more equipment and machines. I like more of a variety when I go to a gym and I am sure other customers agree. They could also make bigger locker rooms. It's nice to have a big space to be able to change and get ready to do your workout.

Christina of Baltimore, MD on
Satisfaction Rating

The training 24 seven keeps track of your progress and wants you to succeed no matter what obstacles comes your way. The coaches push you beyond your limits which also pushes you out your comfort zone which enables more weight loss because it opens you up to more workouts so you can burn more calories. The features I like most above other gyms that 24 hour fitness has is the 24 hour fitness app. With the app you can keep track of all your classes and you can join challenges, conquer goals. You get to enjoy torching cardio, martial arts and outstanding yoga for each member.

I enjoy most of the features with the gym, and the gym stands out from other gyms because the gym mentality revolves around its members benefits in the long run than their own feelings or concerns for the most part. Plus you can get assigned your own fitness trainer which makes it easier for your to work out and keep track of that food you take in. Which helps you achieve your goals in a faster time.

Desiree of Knoxville, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

24 Hour Fitness is widely known, the fees are reasonable, it is never closed, and it has a childcare service that is free for up to two hours a day. I would not need to pay for daycare while I worked out. And for all the reasons I chose the gym, it has lived up to my expectations. But there were some issues with maintenance. Anytime I went in there it seemed as if at least a quarter of the machines were either not running or being repaired, which made it hard to find an operating machine when it was busy.

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24 Hour Fitness offers over 400 gym locations in 13 states, including California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Virginia.

  • GX24 classes: 24 Hour Fitness offers group exercise classes in four categories: Burn, Intensity, Strength and Bliss. Each class is taught by a trained instructor and offers motivation and community to help you meet your fitness goals.
  • Fit:Perks Rewards: Members can sign up for the free Fit:Perks Rewards program, which allows you to earn points for working out and participating in 24 Hour Fitness’s social media channels. Points are redeemable for sweepstakes entries, giveaways, discounts and promotions.
  • My24 app: 24 Hour Fitness helps you stay organized to reach your fitness goals with its My24 app. The app allows you to view updated class schedules, join challenges, set and conquer goals, link other fitness apps and wearable devices and more.
  • Training Club 24: For clients who enjoy competition, 24 Hour Fitness’s Training Club 24 lets you compete in team workouts that build in intensity every week. Coaches help teams set and meet goals.
  • Kids’ Club: Children up to age 12 can attend the Kids’ Club, which features CPR- and First Aid-certified attendants, a fast and secure check-in process and active play. Members can purchase single Kids’ Club visits or add monthly payments to their membership plans.
  • Best for fitness novices, athletes, fitness buffs and parents.

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