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Guillermo of Van Nuys, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

First of all I'm happy with the club in general, they are always respectful, not too dirty, they open almost all the year, etc. I have been working out in this club about 5 years and everything was correct. All the issues starts a few months ago when I change my membership to a supersport member, the NoHo 24 Hour Fitness staff make me a new account with the price of $39.99 per month with a 12 months commitment. All of that was Ok! But they never told me about any annual fee and all the years that passed with my old membership I never paid for something like that. That is why I didn't imagine that such hidden fee exist. The fee was charged 3 months after the first monthly payment without notice of any kind.

I trust NoHo 24 Hour Fitness representative and sign electronically what they was saying because I always had been a very good experiences with this company, but I never got notice that was hiding the truth from me or just saying half of the truth for sell me this new membership with a hidden annual fee. I try to fix this with customer service phone 866.308.8179 but they treat me bad making me feel impotent vs a company that just saw the chance to steal from me and took this chance. Instead of explain to avoid this kind of bad experiences, the company representative said, "They are a corporation and they don't care about just one alone customer concern because they have millions of clients", but looking at internet I saw several people with this same issue and a bad customer service experience that decide to cancel the membership.

I decide the same and sorry for the 24 Hour Fitness Corp but if all of us decide cancel our membership, the 24 Hour Fitness Corp is going to closed because we are the ones who pay them and if they don't care about me I never going to come back again. Sorry for the company that they were a few years ago but today I decide to never come back again and economically is a lot better because 24 Hour Fitness is expensive.

Cassi of Orlando, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I went to this gym with my cousin who is a member. I signed up to do the receive the free pass because I live in the area and wants to try it out. They asked for my ID and they told me my military ID was not a real ID. I gave them my license that says New York because I go to school in Florida. They told me that couldn't accept it and asked me to leave the property. I was appalled they told me my MILITARY ID wasn't real and that I was even allow to go tell me cousin (who was already in the gym) that I wasn't allowed to workout in the gym. I will never be returning to this gym and I will be making sure none of my friends or family will become members.

Ann of Parker, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a member of this gym for over 10 years. When I first started going, it was clean, the equipment was well maintained and the gym was a pleasure to use. Lately, as in the past year or so, it is dirty as in the sauna smells like manure, had clods of dirt on the floor and up the tile walls to even where you sit. So much so that people have been taking the kickboards from the swimmers' stash to sit on so they don't have to sit on the tiles (bad huh?). The pool doesn't get cleaned daily so band aides are on the bottom along with rocks, sand, and other things.

Don't you have to vacuum a pool once a night? I did when we had one growing up and my family was the only people using it. The management is lazy, unaffected by customer complaints. I've complained at least 6 times in the last year to the front desk staff... I always get the same answer, "I'll tell the manager." Do they? I assume they do. So, I put it on the Operations Manager directly. Why?

Gary of Austin, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

24 Hour Fitness facility in south Austin on William Cannon Drive has consistently dirty locker room and shower areas. Showers even have live bugs on walls and ceilings. Despite numerous complaints, the problems persist, especially later in the day. Jacuzzi is also suspicious since usually has deep foam bubbles, unlike any other fitness club I have ever visited (including other 24 hour facilities). They should disclose this filthy condition when signing up members.

Julissa of La Puente, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

My husband & I signed up with 24 Hour Fitness about 2 months ago. While signing up we were told we just had to pay our first month and last month, no other fees. Today that I check my account, I'm being charged for an annual fee of $50!! + my monthly payment too!! Upon checking my husband's account, he was charged also the $50!! During the sign up there was no mention of an annual fee! They are signing up people with false advertisement, and later bringing up fees we were NEVER told about!

Also to mention, upon signing up the guy had said the daycare was include was my membership, and when I tried to use the daycare I was being told I had to pay per day, or there was also a monthly membership. The was no mention about a fee for the daycare either. The guy had said it was include with the membership! These people just want everyone's money, and are signing up people with false information, and hidden fees! I usually NEVER leave reviews but this has been one of the WORST experiences in my life! I'm switching back to LA Fitness, I've NEVER had a problem with them.

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Victory of Oakland Ca, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

April 7th between between the hours of 1:30 and 2:50am the employee working at the desk of the gym located on North Capital tried to steal my jump rope along with the keys to my car and money clip. As he literally watched me walk to the wall where my phone was charging, he proceeded to take the opportunity to try and steal my stuff by nonchalantly sweeping it into a broom basket as if I wouldn't notice his action. When I demanded him to give me my stuff, which he tried to say asked me if it was mine which was a lie because he never approached me and asked me anything of the sort and furthermore he had his headphones on so even if he asked from afar he may not have heard me.

Anyhow when I demanded that he give me my stuff and instead of him being cordial and saying "excuse me I didn't know" or "my bad" he just wouldn't drop my stuff that he was trying to steal so therefore I proceeded to snatch my belongings out of his possession. He then said that I had to leave as if I did something wrong and then also threatened my membership and so I questioned him, "how dare you." He proceeded to provoke further by saying to me "aye ** there's a tree you can leave now" and grabbing me and shoving me when I told him I needed to get back in I forgot my phone and my boots. Grabbing me as in order to provoke me to swing or wrestle with him because he already had called the police. After I broke free from his crap his grasp he told me "**there's a tree. Go use that tree **." He kept repeating to me a racial slur that really traumatized me along with the actions of him trying to steal my stuff.

Furthermore he tried to get me into a scuff because he knowing the police were on their way and they would side with him because he's an employee and I am viewed as a so called ** man or second class citizen which I am not. Anyhow he stopped getting physical with me once he seen the police and when they arrived on the scene of course he denied everything and the police proceeded to question me and also mistreat me as if I was trespassing. I feel the attempted theft of my property by your employee along with a racial slur and trying to bait me into a fight so the police can arrest me all three should be grounds for his termination as a 24 Hour Fitness employee.

Troy of Las Vegas, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

Ok, this is the most terrible place in the whole 24 Hour Fitness. It's on Rainbow and Alta in Las Vegas. The guy working the front desk has been there like 20 years. He stares at you as you enter your security code even though you come in here every day. Him or another person also gives out memberships to homeless people. I have confronted them several times as homeless people are in the bathroom or wandering around and not working out. His answer is "Are they passed out?" There's nothing I can do. This place sucks and should be shut down.

Vinay of San Francisco, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

To understand what you are getting into, zero customer service and full of sales (discounts and offers). This is what you should expect when you join in. Please do not fall for their sales spree. Manager: "there is a offer going on and we can waive off/reduce your membership fee... This offer is valid for coming 3 days..." You: [DO NOT FALL FOR IT.]

I do not want to name the manager 'Mr. **' & 'Mr. **' with whom I had a bad experience with because they were just doing their job and gave me a good understanding poor 24 Hour Fitness culture and ethics. I am not sure how it is worth for the company to charge "annual hidden fee" and compromise for bad customer experience. My advice to folks who are planning to join the membership, please pay the extra dollar and join a gym with better reputation and transparent expectation. If you enroll for 24 Hour membership you will pay them back by hidden fees, poor customer service, poor facility maintenance etc. To Brand Manager at 24 Hour: Please take this review as a critical feedback. It is a no-brainier that something is going on wrong at the field to have multiple negative feedback from your company's stakeholders (customers). Hope this is helpful to bring a positive change. Cheers!

Changjian of Fresh Meadows, NY on
Satisfaction Rating

When I registered my personal training class in 24 Hour Fitness located in Kew Garden, Queens, NY, and one of their staff promised me I can get me 6 sessions, but that mean trainer said only 5. And that trainer is very self-conceited and discriminated. Anyway, if you want to find a trainer in 24 Hour Fitness, be careful!!!

[update] Actually I have prepared to continue my personal training courses (2 months/1200 dollars?+) if that trainer achieved their promise - one more class to me. By the way, two of my five personal training classes should be discussed, my trainer still killed my 50-minute session time a lot. One class that trainer (her name is A...) only taught me 35 minutes and another is 40 minutes although I texted her I will be late few minutes because of traffic issues. The first time little late, and I helped one elderly pull up her luggage which led me missed my train. The second time little late. Now, no anyone gave me any explanation! You know no fight, no right to get explanations! Sad of 24 Hour Fitness! I will end to go there the end of this month.

Huong of Houston, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I got membership with them since 2006. They increased my fee twice. I called in and asked them why, they said they increase price of people whose contracts were written with a clause that they have the right to increase price, for people whose contracts were not written with that clause, they cannot do anything so their fee remained unchanged. Unlucky, we are in the first group of people they picked to increase their price since 2015. The guy I spoke to, just did not know how to listen, always jump into my mouth and say anything he wants to say, never let me finish my sentences. He also said "if you want to leave the club, it's up to you". How could this company do that and hire unprofessional people to do customer service.

Robin of Willamina, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

I've been a long term member of 24-Hour Fitness to facilitate self maintained physical therapy. This was an all clubs membership allowing me to go to any club in the US. My annual dues were $24 per year after the initial investment, which is fantastic. I've been paying my dues every year for several decades. This year I send off my annual dues like normal. After that there was no contact so I assumed everything was normal. It had been several months since I had been able to attend the gym during the winter because of a harsh winter and being snowed in.

When I went to the gym early this year I was told my account had been closed and I was no longer a member. They went further to say that the reason was nonpayment. I said I'd made my payment months ago, but their records show no payment. I checked my records and traced the check number and it had indeed not been cashed. That piece of mail seems to have disappeared altogether as it was never returned to my address.

I complained that my lifetime membership being canceled without any notice that there was anything wrong with the account. The club manager told me there was nothing she could do and that I'd have to contact corporate, which I did. Corporate told me to contact the manager of the 24-Hour club and submit my payment record, because it was up to her. So I make the rather long journey back to town again and submit my records of payment and check number. I also told them that the specific check had not been processed through my bank. The manager still says "It's not up to her, it's up to corporate."

While calling corporate the gentleman politely offered to sell me another lifetime membership. I asked him if he had any idea how insulting it was to offer to sell me another membership at this time. I submitted my record of payment to the gym manager who said she had nothing to do with it and that was corporate's responsibility. I eventually explained to her that corporate said I was supposed to submit my record of payment to her, the manager, who was supposed to update my account record and possibly corporate would consider it and might reinstate my account. Finally she agreed and apparently made a copy of my payment record. When I left the manager told me she'd contact me and let me know what corporate decided. It's been over a month and there has been no contact whatsoever.

This type of membership cancellation seems to be common, particularly for long term older members. It's my opinion that 24-Hour Fitness took my $24 annual payment and put it in the "round file" so they could use nonpayment as an excuse to cancel the membership of a no longer profitable account that has an all clubs membership. Corporate and the club managers both deny responsibility. I claim breach of contract and unfair billing procedures.

B E of North Las Vegas, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

The gym located on Craig in North Las Vegas Nevada does NOT address member concerns. As an example on the 24 Hour Fitness channel they play hispanic music and videos in a non-Hispanic location. When issues are brought the management, corporate and regional manager nothing is done.

Kar of Buena Park, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Company has increased monthly access fee for my $29.99 lifetime membership without my authorization. For 3 consecutive years has avoided sending bills or even notifications to my email and mail addresses. They cancelled my account once and converted it to a month to month plan with the excuse that I did not pay my bill on time. I had to go in person to fix this but instead Rep switched me to the month to month plan. Called several times to customer care to get this fixed but now they have increased my monthly access fee. 24 hour customer service says is a $50 maintenance fee.

I asked to send copies of bills by email or mail but they refused saying they are unable to do that due to their system generating the notification only once. This company has became so awful. Their customer services is filled by liars and misleading reps. Even supervisors they don't have answers why they are not sending bills. All they give are excuses and more lies. This all started 4 years ago since I froze my account due to an injury.

Alison of Portland, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

After signing up for additional trainer sessions, I immediately regretted spending the money since I knew I'd be traveling for weddings this summer. Following the terms of the contract, I mailed a letter within the 3 day window to the Carlsbad address with all of the required information per the contract terms and assumed my money would be reimbursed. After realizing it wasn't, I talked to the club manager in person to seek a refund. He told me to call a main customer number. The main number told me the gym was authorized to provide a refund. I called the gym again to relay this. The manager is now avoiding my calls after telling me last week he would talk to his general manager and touch base yesterday. Yesterday he was "on his break" and then "in a meeting" and he never called me back. As I said to him, I followed the terms of the contract. This is a breach on the gym's part and very poor customer service.

One of Fremont, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I called them with a simple request: We are moving out of US. Please cancel our membership. Faiza at 24 Hour Fitness (Fremont, CA) said they could not do this over the phone because their policy requires members to physically visit them for membership cancellations. I checked their website. Their policy includes this text: "Upon your request to cancel, future monthly payments will be stopped and your last month's prepaid dues will be applied. Notice must be provided in writing, over the phone, or in person at a Club." That makes one feel that they were not only violating their own policy by rejecting my request for cancellation of membership over the phone, they were making it needlessly harder for me.

I called their corporate services and the cancellation was done in 5 minutes. I asked why their local representative (Faiza) was unable to achieve this cancellation. I was told, "She certainly could have, no reason that prevented her from doing so. We will look into the matter. Could you describe your experience as accurately as possible?" So I answered their follow-up questions. Then I called Faiza again to inform that the cancellation was done and that this could have been a lot more easier for the both of us. This was a disappointing experience.

Harcharn of Union City, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I live in Union City/Fremont CA area. The super sport at Auto mall and Hayward are not clean and most of their machine are out of calibration. I hardly seen any on working on the floor. I talk to the facility manager and he have only one excuses (short man power). I tried City sport club in last week, very nice and clean and the machine are working perfectly. I am planning to cancel my membership with 24 Hour Fitness and switch to City Sports. We are group of 7-10 people and we are in process of cancel the membership. Most worse place.

Dennis of Phoenix, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

We are currently retired from the work force and decided that getting healthy was a priority so knowing we have a 24 Hour membership account for my wife and I we thought "wow after all these years of just paying for the membership and not getting our full use was ridiculous let's start using it and be healthy in our retirement years." WELL we just found out that 24 Hour Fitness sold out to LA Fitness in the state of Arizona and the only way I found this out is driving by the old 24 Hour location on Bell Road and seeing the LA Fitness sign on the building. So I stopped by and asked the gentlemen at the counter "when did 24 Hour convert to LA Fitness?" Response..."a couple of months ago". I asked "weren't the current members allowed to transfer over to LA Fitness?" He said "yes but we can't take anymore transfers and you will need to contact 24 Hour Fitness to see what they can do for you."

Contacted 24 Hour Fitness Corporate Office and was told "you're too late to transfer over to LA Fitness. We sent notices to all our members that there was a time frame to transfer over." I said "I never received notification via email or post office mail." He said "there's nothing we can do for you." I said "I have been a loyal customer since July 1984 = 32 years. Never missed our annual payments for my wife and I of $98.00 a year and there nothing you can do for loyalty? What kind of business makes this kind of decisions...CORPORATE GREED is all it is. Thanks for looking out for the LOYAL senior citizens of the world and making a HEALTHY business decision."

Jennifer of Clackamas, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

If I could give it a zero star, I would. I signed up for the free trial online and showed up the next day (3/9/17) to the gym. The manager had me sitting down, he didn't give me a tour of the place, he did not list any benefits. He just kept cornering me to join the membership temporary. He was telling me how they have a special deal going on without initiation fee and that I would only have to pay a monthly fee until I change my mind. Per manager, he told me that I had until Tuesday (3/14/17) to get my money back (I paid $40).

On Tuesday, I have decided to join a different gym where my friend frequent, so I actually called them up and told them I wanted to cancel, a different person got on the phone and told me that I had to cancel within 3 days. I told them that one of the manager told me otherwise, he didn't care what I said. He said I would have access to the gym until 5/9/17 but my membership will be cancelled, which basically means that they will be charging me again in April for another month. This place is garbage...

jessica of Tustin, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I originally got grandfathered into this club. I bought a upgrade membership which was suppose to be 29.99 for life. Then I was able to get it back to same price with some magic I did while ago. Not sure how I did it though. Anyways now I tried to pay 6 months advance. For some financial reason, they gave me ** for trying to pay in advance which they should have per Supervisor response is make exception this one time but no more.

Since I had to call customer service and tried to pay advance that brought my Membership to their attention and so now I see that they want to raise it on me. No idea how I was able to get it lowered first time back to 29.99 which always suppose to stay at. Not raise to 31.49 which No idea why they tried to raise it again on me which I am giving them crap and ** about. Because in my original agreement I was suppose to stay at that price not have it raised at all which 24 hour fitness if Freakin Liars. Don't ever Believe what they say even if it's in writing. I am sure they're totally way overdue for a lawsuit at some point if anyone decides to sue them which I hope they do. Do not even recommend them since all they ever try to do is screw people over in the pricing. EVEN A MANAGER TRIED TO SCREW ME LONG TIME AGO TOO.

Enoch of Irvine, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Much like everyone else here, I too had been told by sales agents that if I added on a "super sport" package, it would be considered a separate monthly fee and would not impact my yearly fee. I was told I could remove the monthly fee at any time and return down to my regular sport membership at any time and it would not affect my fees. Little did I know they would do something so sneaky (it doesn't surprise me...) as to raise prices the yearly fee. My fee went from $50/year to $100/year. 24 Hour is super shady and their Super Sports aren't even that nice. Their equipment gets old Super fast (pun intended). LA Fitness is cleaner, looks nicer, and better maintained. Save your money, go to LA Fitness. 24 Hour Fitness sucks 24 Hours a day.

George of Parker, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a lifetime membership for 13 years at 24 Hour Fitness in Dallas area. I had to pay a bundle up front to get it. Even though it was a "lifetime" membership they expected $29/yr in dues. I did not go very often because I moved several times and it was out of range. Today I moved into a position where I could start going again. They said my lifetime membership was terminated 2014 due to lack of payment of dues. I did not receive any phone call regarding this matter at that time or since. I called them and offered to pay any back unpaid dues. They said there was nothing they could do for a loyal customer of more than 10 years.

I find this really disgusting that they could do "nothing". I have worked for many companies and they can always do "something" for loyal customers. At the very least, they could offer some kind of discount especially when I offered to pay for 10 more years. They are very dishonorable and I will make sure that anyone who asks me about 24 hour fitness will hear the terrible story I went through. Lifetime does not mean Lifetime at 24 hour fitness.

Rich of Yucaipa, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I am a loyal member since 1990, paying my membership on time every month using a direct withdraw from my bank account. This is because I had locked in a good deal back in 1997. My dues were $12 a month when I joined. Great deal. They did not have all the fancy clubs. Mine was small however I was able to use other without any increase. Now one of the clubs I used to go to I can no longer go due to it being upgraded. However, they now keep building bigger clubs and renaming them then expect you to increase your dues to keep going to the new clubs. Their excuse was it is to cover the additional costs and they have pools, racquetball and basketball which I did not use nor can no use at all due to hip replacements and spinal surgery.

I explained that I feel the new member should be paying the increased costs. They said they were but I too should pay the additional costs. I asked how is it my fault as a consumer to pay for additional costs every time they build a new club or change the name that I did not ask for or my opinion on. They said it is their policy and there are no exceptions. I informed them I also belong to Fitness 19 and travel across the US from Ca to PA and was able to use their club at no additional costs. They could care less about how they treat their loyal members. It’s all about the money to them. I travel and like to work out from time to time. I was in San Diego and wanted to use their club and they told me it would cost $25 for a one day pass. I feel they need to readdress their policies and grandfather long term members in as they are not getting any younger and let the new member offset the additional costs.

I did not ask for them to build bigger clubs so I could pay more. This is just unfair and I believe and would recommend all consumers to look at all your club options before joining here. They also told me I would need to increase my due again if I want to go to an all sports or super sports club. It is all about the money not customer satisfaction. You are just a number not a member. 24 Hour Fitness has "NO" customer loyalty. Just take your money and keep on going. I have spoken to them and written to them with no response to my written appeal. I will end by saying the club in Redlands CA maintains their equipment well and the staff is friendly and professional.

Masood of Lake Forest, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Mismanagement in 24 Hour Fitness is not something new, managers do not have any idea what is going on around their club. They hardly give themselves a tour around the club to evaluate the club cleanliness and overall maintenance. The music is played so loud. About a year ago, 24 hour created a tv channel for their advertisement, they play this channel so loud and the point is that they put the voice control switch in the manager's office. It means when the manager is not available all members have to deal with the loud music.

DeeAnna of Malibu, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Criminal Assault & Aiding & Abetting & stealing from me. The police made clear that wasn't the case since this was criminal and included an assault as I made clear after Eric allowed the assailant to flee while I stopped into Trader Joe's (letting the front desk man know I'd be back within 5 minutes and I'd keep an eye out). So Eric has her flee the scene as I've already reported Robert, your other manager that he was enabling the assault and kept claiming it was accident; shouting it at me after she clearly admitted to doing it and not being an accident as she is clearly entitled to sit on me to get to her one jet and how I was using the entire 12 person capacity empty jacuzzi and responded to Robert that what she was saying was psychotic as to justify it and what he was doing was clearly enabling criminal behavior by excusing it saying it was an accident where I clearly called him out.

And then he told me I had to leave and said I had to make a police report and that he was aiding and abetting an assailant which Eric also did while I went to Trader Joe's. And looking back on it should have and had the right to place her under private person's arrest as well as Robert and Eric. So the officer made clear to him as I made clear that I'm in my legal right to knock a person's teeth out if they are to target approach and assault and that Eric wanted me to come for 30 days. And I made clear what he was doing and Robert was enabling criminal behavior and that they in fact are in violation of the contract by enabling criminal assault and according to the police, battery and made clear they don't provide a safe nor adequate environment where I can simply heal.

You're in violation of your contract. I was refused to even go back in and get my Trader Joe's food, $12 out the window. Thank you for that and you now have a libel suit coming at your butt in waves. And let Eric and Robert know about California penal code C 135 (et al.) spoliation of evidence as to not get rid of the tapes that clearly taped all this unequivocally going on. And now you want to hold my money hostage after I'm injured and assaulted again in your jacuzzi as I brought it up a couple of other times. And now you want to what, steal from me after not accepting any responsibility.

I got my bet on 14 jurors that say otherwise as well as your obvious criminal and pattern of gross neglect misconduct and aiding and abetting criminals. I also followed up and have the call recorded with Robert as to say "no you can no longer come in the club; your account is not active." I made sure of that. I also told both officers I advised of ca PC 135 both Eric mgr and Robert ** asst mgr (or however your hierarchy works). Oh and where is my check; why a check as capital one 360 acct was set up and I paid in cash? R/d.

Tim of San Diego, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

We were out of the country having some fun as we are now retired. Never received a bill in the mail, no email, no phone call. When I called the corporate office they asked me to verify my phone number and email to verify my account!!! I was now several months late. Never late in 34 years. Final answer after 1 hour on the phone was that I lost my membership. After another half hour I was told that if I brought in my passport to any gym and showed it to a manager they would reinstate my membership. Lie, lie, lie, the manager I spoke with after going to 3 gyms whose managers refused to even speak with me told me that this is their way of getting rid of old members who pay little fees for LIFETIME memberships.

Chloe of Denver, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

I signed up with 24 Hour Fitness at the beginning of January. The salesperson who I worked with told me that I had ten days to cancel if I changed my mind. I specified to him that I was going to this particular gym because of the childcare available, and he told me the hours they would be available. It turns out he was completely wrong about the childcare hours, and I was unable to use the membership. When I went to cancel, I was told that the ten days to cancel was actually THREE DAYS, and the store manager said, "oh well, too bad you didn't read the contract we emailed you." Thank goodness I only got month to month, due to previous bad experience with them, but I'm still out $160 dollars. Please don't be like me and trust that the salesperson knows what they're doing - it's an expensive mistake on my part.

Steven of Torrance, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I was a loyal member since 1997, paying my membership on time every year. One year (in 03/14), a billing was either missed by me or never sent by 24 Hour. Instead of contacting me or re-sending a bill, 24 Hour simply unilaterally terminated our agreement. This is because I had locked in a good deal back in 1997. This is how they treat their loyal members. I tried unsuccessfully to reinstate because they want to sell their more expensive memberships.

M of Houston, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Don't become a member of this horrible gym company! I only went to experience the facilities thru my Goodlife membership and it was a nightmare. They did not know how to sign me up, few bottles to clean equipment and no one does anyways, filthy locker room, some places do not give towels, lockers got robbed, and lastly I have asked them twice and reported the fact that they continue to send me unsolicited emails. This company is capitalistic greed at its best! Stay away!

j of Houston, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

When I told them I was cancelling, the crs suggested that I not cancel and that she would freeze the account with no payments for 3 months. She said try it for 3 months for free. That call was in November. In December I received a call stating that I had not made a payment. After 3 phone calls within an hour they continued to lie. Word of warning. Expect to be lied to... Cheated.

Rukshana of Davie, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been a member of this gym since 2008. Every time I buy the membership through Costco. It's the plantation gym and suddenly they decide to renovate and put notice that the gym will reopen in 30 days, while this gym is 2 minutes away from my house. Now it's 3 months already. The gym is still under repair and I called their corporate office and the guy Jamaal first of all didn't get our phone numbers right. I wonder why they put him in that position as he didn't even know what he was talking. He said costco is supposed to reimburse/refund the money, not 24 Hour Fitness. I said "if I buy a gift card of J.C. Penney from Publix and if jcpenney sold me fraudulent item why is publix supposed to pay.

Well he didn't know his job. I told him for supervisor. He didnt transfer me. I gave him the phone numbers of each of my family member going to 24 Hour and we all have gained weight as we can utilize the services we paid for. Jamaal told me he couldn't find any of the membership and I have nothing I can do about it. I'm so frustrated.

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  • GX24 classes: 24 Hour Fitness offers group exercise classes in four categories: Burn, Intensity, Strength and Bliss. Each class is taught by a trained instructor and offers motivation and community to help you meet your fitness goals.
  • Fit:Perks Rewards: Members can sign up for the free Fit:Perks Rewards program, which allows you to earn points for working out and participating in 24 Hour Fitness’s social media channels. Points are redeemable for sweepstakes entries, giveaways, discounts and promotions.
  • My24 app: 24 Hour Fitness helps you stay organized to reach your fitness goals with its My24 app. The app allows you to view updated class schedules, join challenges, set and conquer goals, link other fitness apps and wearable devices and more.
  • Training Club 24: For clients who enjoy competition, 24 Hour Fitness’s Training Club 24 lets you compete in team workouts that build in intensity every week. Coaches help teams set and meet goals.
  • Kids’ Club: Children up to age 12 can attend the Kids’ Club, which features CPR- and First Aid-certified attendants, a fast and secure check-in process and active play. Members can purchase single Kids’ Club visits or add monthly payments to their membership plans.
  • Best for fitness novices, athletes, fitness buffs and parents.

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