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I swim at LA fitness in Greensburg PA. My triathlon team trains there 3Xweek. I was swimming 2 weeks ago and my skin start burning while in the pool. I swam for 30 minutes not knowing why I felt bad. I found out they closed the pool right after I got out due to massive amounts of chlorine in the water. My skin was irritated all day, my lips swelled and my black and pink swim suit is now white and gray. I did call customer service and explained what happened. They said they would call me that day. That was 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard a word from them. The women at the front desk have been rude when I swim now and ask if the chemicals are balanced because I don't want any more skin irritation. Any help?

They have a very sneaky way to charge from the customer after the customer have cancelled the membership. When you sign up for the membership you can do it from the gym but if you cancel it we can't do it from the guy. We have to send a printed cancellation form to California. I submitted my cancellation form on April but still was charged $42 'til October. When you call them they have the worst customer service. The people are rude, when you ask for the manager they say that they are the manager. Worst worst worst experience.

Customer service does not respond to e-mail. I was wondering why? Spent time to find their phone number. It is 949-255-7200. Talked to one of their managers named Kevin. Now I understand why they do not respond to e-mails. Because they do not care. Kevin was my worst ever experience talking to. Will cancel mine and all my friends membership with LA Fitness.

Horrible company. One star is too many. This company will do everything it can to steal your money. Once you've noticed they're stealing it and you try to contact them, you'll find that their telephone customer service is the rudest, least caring, absolute worst you'll ever encounter. I am currently pursuing a class action lawsuit, please feel free to join.

This location only has one trainer that works mornings. When I signed up I said I wanted Tuesday morning at 10:00 am and was told no problem. The trainer changed his schedule a few months later leaving very few morning appointments and none on Tuesday. He put those appointments back but now either doesn't show or shows up late. Training to cancel contract now and getting a lot of pushback from the company.

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When I become a member they never said I had to pay extra 15 dollars a month if I wanted day care service. For weeks I have taken my daughter 2 or 3 times a week to wait in their child center for an hour until day when the manager on duty prompted me to pay 5 dollars today for the service of an hour or 15 per month. When I was telling her that I wasn't aware of those extra charges, that I thought it was included she insisted that I had to pay or leave. I gave her a 5 20 dollars bill and she went to her purse yes her personal purse but she had no change so she never offered to pay with a card or anything. She wanted me out of there asking me to wait aside while she was checking in other customers so they won't have to wait but it was ok for me to get her awful service.

Needless to say I asked the number to call corporate and that was even worst since the person I spoke named Kim or Micky or god knows refused to give me her last name. She covered the manager saying how nice of her go to her purse for change since they don't keep change in their store, and telling me with 0 empathy there was nothing she could do to help in the end offering me to go back and go get my 11 years old who was waiting in the car to have her in the day care for today but next time I would have to pay.

My daughter refused to go back in so she waited for me in the car for the 40 minutes of class or less since I spent all this time on the phone. Anyway in the middle of the class they sent a guy to tell me several customers were complaining of my 11 years old waiting in the car and That I had to leave. I asked my daughter. Nobody ever spoke to her. She was just reading her book, had no clue. Basically they wanted me out of the gym and they got it! Looking forward to find me another place. :)

Signed up with a friend and when I had to move and couldn't continue with the training membership head trainer promised that if my friend signed up for a separate membership he would assure I had to pay no buyout and didn't even check further into my moving address. Just had my friend pay for new membership; then later said he couldn't fulfill his promise to me. When I complained he said it was too bad, that his word meant nothing and that I shouldn't of thought about it better myself, was loud in front of people on the front of the gym, and said that I could call corporate and they would not do much either.

I called corporate and they only offered to cancel my friend's new membership and even though their employees deceived us, was rude and unprofessional there was nothing they could do. I paid over $1k for the buyout and had the worst experience during my trainings and after I discussed cancellation. This company Does Not care about their customers whatsoever. Employees can do whatever they need to sell. They can treat you like crap after and nothing is done cause they got your money under contract.

Do not take PERSONAL TRAINING at LA FITNESS, it SUCKS... save your money. Also the mobile app lets you cancel sessions 12 hours in advance and the contract says 24 hours. I canceled a session from my mobile app and the trainer still charged me for it - FIX YOUR GOD DAMN APP and stop charging people for their money. Is it really that tough for you guys to hire a decent programmer for your IT department?

On August 1, I went into LA fitness in Warwick RI interested in hiring a personal trainer. I told the sales person that I was very concerned about finances. The young girl's name was Jesslyn. I believe she was a new hire, because she pulled her sales manager in to assist her. Chris ** began giving me this huge sales pitch and went on the computer locating great deals. I repeatedly told him that I was very concerned about finances and what I could swing financially. I stated "what can you do for me?" I asked repeatedly about the cancellation and was told that I can cancel at any time, preferably 10 days prior to the monthly draft being taken out. He gave me a quote of $200 a month, which was good for 1 year and could be canceled it anytime, so he claimed. I figured I could swing that for a few months.

I asked if I could take home the contract and look it over. I was told no that it was not a contract, but rather an agreement and once again I could cancel at any time. I was told that the deal only good until the end of the month in order to lock me into that price. I stated clearly that I wanted a female trainer and was verbally guaranteed the SAME female trainer. I stated I wanted a female trainer, because I wanted the opportunity to build a relationship with a trainer who knew my goals, needs and desires personally.

Once again I was verbally guaranteed the same female personal trainer. I was asked to sign on an electronic pin pad to seal the supposed agreement. Again I stated is this a binding contract or agreement. I was told that it was an agreement and that I could cancel at any time. I was also asked to initial what was explained to me as minuscule stipulations in the agreement, and was assured that I could have the same female trainer and there would be no penalties. In good faith I signed.

Needless to say within the 1st 3 weeks, I went through 3 different female personal trainers. Disgusted and pissed off, I went into the LA Fitness to discuss my dissatisfaction with the GM John **. I explained to John my dissatisfaction. That this is horrible for 200 bucks a month, not the quality I was guaranteed. John stated "I understand it is like paying a CAR PAYMENT!!" His exact words. That I can have you work with so and so. I flat out refused and stated that I wanted it canceled. John informed me that I needed to speak with Alan ** the head of the PT Department. Sensing I was going to get the run around I went home and did some extensive research (which I should have done prior to even joining LA FITNESS). What I discovered was horrendous business practices and individuals who had the same nightmares and complaints as I am experiencing now.

The following day I went into LA Fitness with my husband and spoke to Alan ** personally. Knowing the nightmare that others have experienced with this company, and what we may be up against, my husband and I explained to Alan that we currently are faced with financial hardship (which we are recent cutbacks at work environment to avoid layoffs) and cannot afford the $200 a month. "What can be done for us? What can you do to help us out?" Alan ** then stated, "Don't sweat it or lose sleep over it. You need to call Corporate Office personally and send out a certified letter explaining financial situation." As a consumer the mere fact that I have got to jump through hoops to cancel at my dissatisfaction is completely LUDICROUS. Alan ** then stated that once he receives a call from the Corporate Office following the reception of my certified letter and a request he put in for cancelation of my training he would ok it.

Well it has been a back and forth tirade with this company. I received a call from a Diane ** from Corporate. She claims that in order for me to cancel the "CONTRACT" which was explained to me as an agreement when I signed up, that I would need to come up with the remaining 50% as a buyout. THIS was NEVER EXPLAINED to me when I signed the agreement or contract. Whatever the hell it may be. When I explained to her what Alan stated to me regarding canceling the contract she asked. "Who?" At the time I did not have Alan's last name.

On the website he is listed as Alan **. I explained this to her and she then responded that this was never told to her. It has been an absolute nightmare. I am literally losing sleep over this situation. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would I RECOMMEND this company to anyone. The CUSTOMER SERVICE is DEPLORABLE. Their practices need to be stopped in order to protect the consumer.

I have tried to cancel my membership over and over again for over 4months after speaking to numerous reps, faxes, mailed cancelation requests, NOTHING!!! I finally have had to cancel my bank account to stop the payments. In the meantime they have taken over 5 payments of $75.00 each over a period of 5 months. Still never heard back from them. "DO NOT JOIN" unless you know it will be a lifetime commitment or are willing to pay eternally.

Men's changing room smelled and was dirty (hand towels on the ground); happened on multiple occasions. Asked for the manager on duty (Sat night) no manager on duty; was told that they do not have anyone to clean the men's room and wait for after the place closes to clean. If you enjoy a clean club; I wouldn't join.

I have asked multiple times to cancel my two month contractual window for the $25 guest fee and am always told that ONLY the managers can help me. The managers are unavailable and very rude when they are available and refuse to help me. Today in the Levittown, NY club, they refused to remove the charge saying that the computer was frozen and that corporate was unavailable to help me or call me and that it was my problem to remove the charge. When I stated my legal rights as a consumer, she still would not help me.

When I left the LA Fitness Club, a large built man from the club followed me to my car and threatened me to roll down my window. I refused and he said he was going to "take care of me," and he took down my license plate number. I filed a complaint with the police and am getting a lawyer. Consumers should not have to feel threatened because they make a decision to modify an agreement that they have a right to modify. Their behavior has been downright illegal.

Worst cancellation experience I've ever had. I try canceling my membership a couple times. First time I walked in and they said they couldn't cancel it because the manager wasn't there. I called in the following day and they said the manager was there but he would not be able to cancel over the phone that I had to walk in. I was at work so during my lunch break I drove there and spoke to the staff that I had talk to over the phone and she said I was good to go that my membership had been cancelled that all they needed me was to walk in and that I was going to see another charge on my account but that it was going to be refunded. I received no email or receipt and surely a month after another charge. I gave them another call and they said I needed to come in and speak to the manager because they had no records of me canceling.

I walked in and I received the same story and that the best thing he could do was cancel it at the moment and refund me the one month I had been charged a couple days before. I was so angry I told them just to cancel it, that I didn’t need a refund out of courtesy. Why is it that I signed up online and I can't cancel online or over the phone and when I tried to do it in person I didn't get a good experience out of it. There is no contract so it shouldn't be hard to cancel online or over the phone. The managers are usually there Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm which is the time most people are at work. I will never again be a member of LA Fitness until they fix this issue and they stop screwing people over. We leave in the internet era and it's unbelievable that to cancel they give you the runaround. Hopefully we as a group could make a difference and drive this company to fix this issues.

Horrible, disgusting company as a whole, from a man named Stacy to his "boss" Brian, all the way to multiple corporate representatives. Bait and switch, good cop bad cop, the whole nine yards. Don't waste your money supporting such a horribly run establishment which clearly has no business ethics knowledge whatsoever and even less integrity and character to back it up. Disgusting uncleaned locker rooms, spots that haven't been cleaned for weeks. Don't walk in there without sandals if you don't want an infection!

Quote you a low price then charge you more and I have been trying to cancel for 4 months now. And they keep charging my card. Only the gym manager can help with that except he is never there. Oh they say he works 9 to 5 Mon, Thu, Fri, when everyone else is at work, but take time from your job and go by "he just stepped out", "he is sick today". Write the corporate office they tell you the same ** story. When I threatened to take it to social media he laughed and said "I guess you should have looked there before you signed up". Now that I have I can see all the horrible reviews for this exact problem. Let's get an attorney and file a class action suit. STAY AWAY. THE ONLY THING THEY MAKE FIT IS YOUR MONEY IN THEIR WALLET!!!

After joining LA Fitness, I purchased 3 ONE TIME ONLY training sessions with a personal trainer. I had to fight off harassments from multiple employees trying to convince me to sign up for a year's worth of them. Finally, one employee helped me and told me I could sign up for more when I had the money. For months now I have been under financial stress and have had to borrow a lot of money to make rent and utilities.

I recently switched to a international bank with online banking so I could keep track of my money better and discovered that I've been charged $135 a month since February for PT sessions I didn't sign up for or use. The company, who had my signature from my membership agreement form either photocopied it, forged it, or tricked me into signing something hidden that I never read, because they have my signature on the forms for the PT sessions and won't refund my $1,080 or stop the withdrawals until the end of the year cycle. I am hundreds of dollars in debt and face untold hardships.

May 26, 2016 between 3-4 pm I went to Broadview, IL LA fitness and asked to cancel my membership. Lady on the front desk was very friendly, she told me that she could do it for me and she said that she cancelled my membership by that time. So I still had month June deposit and I use it couple times until of June 21. In the end of August I checked my online account and I found that LA FITNESS been charging me for three months after I cancelled my membership, so called Broadview, IL LA FITNESS and I was told that my membership account still active..... SO, LA fitness people made me foolish. If anybody want to cancel membership do not trust LA fitness verbally cancellation coz your membership account will be active like mine and another thing you have to cancel your credit card. Thanks for reading.

There's an expression "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results." Well, I tried LA Fitness in 2012 for two months, "learned my lesson," and quit. Tried LA Fitness again in 2013 for two months, "learned my lesson," and quit again. Tried LA Fitness again in 2016, "learned my lesson," and quit again. And by "learned my lesson," I mean I am apparently insane. By good cop bad cop, I mean this: the LA Fitness sales guy on the phone gives you one sweet deal. You arrive to fulfill said deal only to learn the bad cop has arrived to invalidate the never existing deal so he upsell you. Then you walk out in frustration while they sip their energy drink.

I called in to cancel my membership, after I was billed for $29.00 without warning as they automatically drafted it out of my PayPal account without my permission. It happened before where I was billed for $29.00 and billed 2 weeks later for an additional $29.00. After the last auto pay was done, I called in to cancel my services but they do not allow cancellations online or through the phone so I had to physically stamp and mail in a form (even though you can get the form through the cancellation option online which isn't actually a cancellation option but you have to print it out and mail it in physically).

So I did mail it in and received a cancellation e-mail. However, I was billed again another $29.99 as they attempted to withdraw from my debit card on file. I called in to ask why was I still being billed when I already cancelled - they said because I still need to be billed for the month of August. I stated that I already paid for the first and last month's billing and why do I still have gym privileges till October. The manager I spoke to said my last month falls on Sept, so my gym usage doesn't cancel until October. I got upset because I said "That doesn't make sense. Why couldn't you apply the last month to be the August that I cancelled?" He said it doesn't go by usage and wouldn't refund me the $29.99 even though I haven't been using the services and have been billed every month since then.

I'm very disappointing in the greediness of their business. As an U.S. Army veteran I moved to the VA Gym which was more convenient for me. Their customer service was awful and they will still continue to bill me for the $29.99 which is more important to them than the hundreds of dollars I already paid. I have received my second harassing e-mail for $29.99 payment and would receive phone calls prior to cancellation for payment.

CHARGED ME 99 INITIAL FEE AND 70 MONTHLY FEE which should be 35 a month. Pushed me to get their personal trainer, using pushy words and judging on my appearance, made me feel very uncomfortable. I am currently working on cancelling the membership, or make the worst choice: cancel my linked credit card in case they still charge from it. ** LA fitness, they care nothing about the health but the money in your pocket.

New LA fitness opened in my neighborhood in Chandler (Arizona vs Ocotillo zipcode 85249). I did stopped by one time (around May 2016) to ask for price and took a look around the gym. They have indoor pool that I have interest in but didn't sign up because I had bad experience with them before regarding cancel membership. LA fitness model of business is sale!!! I felt pressure of sale by the way they make sure you sign up the same day. I walked out to think about it. I came back yesterday 08/26/2016 and wanted to use a guest pass to make sure I like the gym and give the LA fitness another chance to have me as member for a long long time but the Asian young man at first gave me the guest pass (he is still pressure me about sign up) and then 1/2 hour later approach me and then said "The pass is invalid because you have been here before and asked about membership."

He implied that I lied about never been here before and either sign up or pay $15 to use the gym. I said I did stopped by to ask but never use the guest pass and would like to try out the gym. He said: "It doesn't matter. You said you never been here before but you did." He is so rude as a young man with starter job like him. As customer service salesman I don't think he will get any further in life. I am a pharmacist manager in retail pharmacy that dealing with lots of customers and has been working with a lot of young people and I always encourage my staff be kind and helpful in order to grow personally and the business grow will follow with your kind wisdom. LA fitness will lose me forever. I will never set my foot in their gym. LA fitness need to look around their competitors. They should walk in Life Time Fitness or Tumbleweed Recreational Center to see how Nice and Kind customer service at those place.

I started at LA fitness with Regular multi-state access membership $200 initiation, $24.99 first month and $24.99 last month (pro-rated). But I had to move to Tampa, FL for onsite job for 5 months. There was only signature club where I live. I called corporate office and they upgrade me to signature and increased my monthly payments to $44.99 from $24.99. They charged me $67 out of which $44.99 is this month and $20 is last month (pro-rated) since I only paid $24.99 as last month (pro-rated).

I moved back to my town and I called to put me into the regular fitness club where they used charge me $24.99, also requested for $20 refund as my last month (pro-rated) would come down to $24.99. They say that's not possible. When they are able to charge me extra $20 when I'm upgrading, why it isn't possible for them to refund $20 if I'm downgrading? This company would collapse very soon. I see no one is satisfied. They don't have long-term customers. Everyone is dissatisfied. PLEASE DON'T JOIN AND DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. If you are committed, you can get in shape and stay fit going to other fitness clubs at the same time save lot of money.

Charged me more months after I canceled. Biggest rip-off ever. Cancelled 3 times. Couldn't get it in writing. It's been 3 months. Cannot get them to stop. Called corporate. When I asked for manager they hung up. Don't use these people. You will be sorry. Worst employees and worst company!

Very difficult to cancel and not helpful customer service. They are aware that you will never come back so they try to squeezed as much as they can in membership billing fees from you. Good luck to anyone that uses auto billing with this company.

I worked as a Personal Training Counselor at an Illinois location for less than a week (the reason as to why is coming). I took this position because I am interested in fitness and with a degree in Kinesiology, a gym would be a perfect fit. I get to talk to people about fitness and health all day and with some individuals I get to talk to about training and see if they're interested in purchasing a package to help them.

I am an honest person, and if I don't think training is the right fit for you, or I think your money could be spent in a more beneficial way, I am going to come out and say it. Also, just because you don't buy training, doesn't mean I'm not going to still help, I can still talk to you about fitness and explain what you could do to help you more or maybe help debunk a myth or two at the very least. I am NOT a pressure sales person, working out should be fun and not forced, it should be knowledgeable and rewarding, not to mention honest... this place is the complete opposite!

Let me start by saying this, they will screw you out of money any way they can, especially with lying to you! Their fitness assessment is scripted, not sure if this is every location but it was with mine. They will change it up slightly with every person to make it sound personal and tailored to each person... It's not at all tailored. Now not only is it scripted, it's mostly lies. I'm not kidding, I was shocked at how much of it was crap. Coming from a 4 year degree in Kinesiology and being certified in training twice, it was difficult to lie about something I spent a long time studying about. They make it sound like you HAVE to train with them in order to gain benefits, they make it sound like you NEED them. Not EVERY single person needs training, not ALL individuals benefit from it.

Apart from the lying at the beginning of the assessment, now comes the workout, which isn't a huge problem but their philosophy is basically beat up the potential client for 20 minutes so they think holy crap I'm going to be hurting after 30 minutes if this is how I feel after 20. One thing about fitness is that not every client needs to be beat up, some like that difficult workout, but some clients have injuries or other medical problems that need to be accounted for. I have background in this area so I can do anything from beating the hell out of someone to rehabilitating an injury or altering workouts for other health complications and not caring if the client even breaks a sweat. Personal Training Counselor's are not required to have ANY fitness background, all they need to know is how to beat someone up.

Lastly about the fitness assessment, they will try their hardest to talk you into signing up, including throwing in free training, dropping the price, everything they possibly can. Don't sign up, go to a different gym where they don't pressure you. They don't care about health, all they want is your money. Your knowledge isn't what get's you to rise up in the business, it's strictly how much money you can make them... literally.

Now, let's go back to the top where I mentioned how I worked there for less than a week and my reason would come. My reason was stated above. It took me less than a week to figure all this out. One day was basically training (I didn't pay attention to what I was memorizing at first). The company is so screwed up and twisted, structure is a mess, no one works together. Fitness assessments are lies and scripted. Security isn't even accounted for, aka there is no form of any security at all. The whole company is based on how much money can we make, not who can we help and how can we change lives for the better.

Tried to cancel our membership 3 months ago. They told In order for them to cancel our membership I should go to the gym and cancel which is what I did. I thought they won't gonna charge my card since then, pissed me off they keep charging my card without me knowing and they telling me I didn't cancel the membership. L.A. FITNESS Only wants your money seriously and add to that, their gym is so filthy.

If corporations run contest on who is the worst, LA Fitness will definitely win the first place. They are the worst. They have no mercy. They rip people off.

The personal training manager at the Flagler location in Miami was extremely rude to me when I came in to discuss hiring a personal trainer. She acted if she was not interested in selling me personal training hours at first and then when I told her I was a doctor her eyes lit up and she was then very interested once she knew she could make a good commission from me. She then began to make me offers for more training hours than I was asking for and saying that she could get me discounts that I verified were not available. I do not recommend visiting this location and I will be filing a complaint with the personal training manager's boss.

So after the complimentary personal training, I decided to sign it up to try it for a month. However, the sale representative never ever told or mentioned the term "year" or "twelve months" in the whole conversation. Also, he kept mentioning that I would be able to cancel the contract whenever I wanted it. Therefore, I fell for the trap, and signed the "1 YEAR" contract without noticing it. What's even shameful was that he never showed me the actual contract which he should've turned the PC screen, and showed it to his customers, so there's no way to get reminded in the entire signing process.

After all those exhausted training and signing process, I went back and opened my email. I found that it was actually a 1 YEAR CONTRACT. I went back to gym on the next day in the morning, and after talking to the employees at front desk, one of the helpful front desk lady decided to cancel the contract for me. However, one of the sales representative found out, and tried to "delay" the process by saying he would handle it. He took me to the side and asked me to wait the sales representative that "helped" me sign the contract.

After the long 40 minutes wait, the guy finally showed up and kept asking me why I wanted to cancel the contract. He kept using some words like achievement, goals to persuade me to keep the damn 1 year contract. Nonetheless, I was too sick of this and wanted it to just cancel the contract. The guy eventually said "even after 30 days, you can cancel the 1 year contract by changing the billing information, and put something like a prepaid debit card on it. That way LA Fitness would not be able to charge me because there would be no money in that card." It is hard to believe this is coming from a sales representative.

At the end, I told him I really just wanted to cancel the contract, and he gave me one of the most ridiculous excuses. He said, "I could not cancel the contract. Only the manager could cancel it, and he won't be here this week, so you can come back on Monday." This excuse would be great if this contract was signed a month ago because there are only 30 days to cancel a 2500 dollars worth contract. However, the contract was just signed yesterday, so there was literally no reason that he could not cancel it. Anyway, I wasted 2 hours waiting and talking with this guy, so I decided to go home first.

On the next day in the morning, I just went back to that helpful front desk lady, and she literally only spent like 5 minutes to cancel it for me. Avoid free complimentary personal training session that they give you when you become a member. If you are going to cancel the contract, try avoiding all the sales representative including the guy who was doing the signing process for you because most likely he would give you excuses and won't cancel it for you. If you want to cancel the contract, try asking the front desk employees who are using computers to assist you, not the guy who is scanning the bar code.

It was the worst experience I ever had!!! I let my son at their kids club while and he was injured twice. He fell on the wet floor and after that he fell from a tree from their playing area. He wasn't able to walk for 2 days and when they announced me the lady who was babysitting was smiling at me. I was pissed and I called to cancel my membership and I asked for my initiation fees back and of course I asked to be reimbursed for the month that I already paid.

First the manager agreed over the phone but when I went there they denied telling me that they will try (not for sure) to reimburse me. I was frustrated because of their attitude and they filed an injury report without my knowledge. When I asked to see the report they refused of course. It was my fault because I shouldn't leave my son in their hands. They have uncertified personal. They don't care about their customers at all. I know it's all about money but if you wanna make business you need to respect your customers. For your kid’s safety, stay away and pay as much as it needs for their safety. I am happy my son is better now and I am thinking it could be worst.

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