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The automated system told me that a technician would be at our home between 8:00 a.m. and 10:15 a.m. At 2:45 p.m., after waiting all day, I still hadn't seen anyone. After several phone calls, I was told there was a problem with the automated system and that I wasn't on the list or the day. I was livid. The representative I was talking to was overseas. I asked to speak with a supervisor. She said she would refer me to the concentrator division to make an appointment. I told I'm making another appointment. I was going to have my PCP find another copy and use them. I was no longer going to use Apria. I will be returning their equipment.

I agree that this is one of the worst, if not the worst, companies in existence. If there had been less than one star, I would have chosen it. My brother passed away, and I needed Apria to pick up their equipment. Since I do not live in the same state as my brother, I specifically notified the representative that my brother had passed away, services were to be discontinued, and that I would be available at my brother's apartment only on a specific date and for only that day. An appointment was confirmed and a pick up window of 11:00 am to 4:00 pm was established, and I was told that I would receive a call as to a more precise time. I never received a call.

On the morning of the supposed pick up, I called Apria and was told someone would be there before 2:00 p.m. I was at the apartment from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. No pick up occurred, and no call or message was delivered to me. By 4:00 p. m the apartment was cleared, except for the Apria oxygen equipment, the keys were returned to the building management, and I no longer had access to the apartment or the building.

That evening, a message was received at 9:00 pm that Apria's local carrier was ready for a pickup; I returned a message explaining I no longer had access to the apartment and that I had told building management of the situation and that they should contact the building management. I then attempted to call Apria directly five times, only to be told each time that a representative would be on "shortly." Each time I waiting 15 to 20 minutes without any representative's response.

The following day, after funeral services, the supposed deliverer called again saying that I would have to contact the building management. After this, there were more difficulties in contacting Apria and resolving the problem, but need I go on any longer to demonstrate the total ineptitude of this company. In a healthcare situation, such inefficiency is difficult to bear, but during a time of bereavement it is ever more so. I found Apria not only inefficient but also offensive.

This is a despicable company. Their products are horrible and are bacteria collectors! They also charged money to my account without my consent. The billing is really screwy and so confusing too. Even Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts had dropped this company. You have my sympathy for using them!

It appears that Apria has billed Anthem repeatedly for the purchase of my c/pap machine and was denied payment due to their not getting sleep study results from my Dr. I have called billing in an attempt to resolve and was given a very elusive answer that resulted in my purchase being turned into a $55.00 a month rental. I was never given an explanation of why the purchase did not take place.

For almost a year I've been forced to use Apria for my CPAP machine and supplies. I find their service and communication hideous. Each time I have tried to reach the local office by phone I've ended up speaking to a person in the Philippines or lord knows where else. I've been told that there is no way to reach the local offices. You would think there must be a law regarding this. Once in their phone system I am transferred up to 5 times and asked the same lengthy i.d. questions over and over. Usually I cannot hear the person with whom I'm speaking due to poor reception and a time delay on the call. Yesterday's hour long call was due to my CPAP machine not functioning properly.

In the end I was told I would have to make an appointment to drive to my local office. The outsourced offices make your appointments. I was told that there wouldn't be any openings for at least 2plus weeks. I am dependent on this machine every night! I asked for a supervisor. The anxiety and stress levels were high when I told this woman that all of this was just not okay. Strangely enough, she found me a open appointment two days later. Is this what I have to do to get service? Hmmm! I am with a Medicare advantage insurance program and I'm forced to use Apria, which says to me that Apria is doing this to thousands if not millions of seniors, raking in money hand over fist.

I have asked for another supplier and been told "no" I won't get any insurance coverage. I don't have the time to go into the financial issues/problems the company creates. So much of this hinges on the fact that there is no way to communicate with the company. Very poor choice for the corporate offices to outsource to the point of cutting off its customers... If a class action suit is in the offing, I'd like to be part of it! I've had my fill of being forced to use this inefficiently run company, that, I'm fairly sure is engaging in legally questionable business practices with total disregard for its customers. I blame the corporate offices for taking the easy way out, not so much the people who answer the phones. One employee I spoke with yesterday shared with me that she is very aware of the problems due to all the complaints she has responded to on the phone. What does this say about this company?

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Back in May 2016, I requested in writing asking them to remove my credit card on file, as there were several charges on my credit card. They sent me a response stating it had been removed. Initially, they said I would only be getting charged a monthly fee (my co-pay) of $5.20. I spoke with a representative in June 2016 after see all of these charges and she indicated that they hadn't received payment from Blue Cross and they were charging that on my card. We went through each charge and she said I was going to be refunded roughly $850 or possibly more but she had to do a little more research. She said she'd call me back and to this day she hasn't called. I've tried several times to reach her but was always unavailable.

I received a call yesterday from them and they told me I had a balance of $373.87 and an outstanding balance of $224.54. I said "I don't understand why." I asked her to email me the breakdown of these charges as I haven't ordered any supplies recently. There was no mention that they had already charged my card. I need to check with Blue Cross tomorrow to see what's going on their end. Just last week I received a refund check from them.

When logging on to my credit card company, lo and behold, there was a charge on my card that posted on Oct 4. I called the Fraud dept at Chase and told them to cancel my card and explained my situation. She suggested I file a Police Report especially since I email confirmation that they had removed my card. Based on a lot of these reviews, I think we should join forces and file a class action lawsuit. If no one joins me, I plan to file a Civil Suit. Please feel free to email me at ** if you're interested. Hope to hear from you.

Do not ever do business with this company! The product is good but the company is a nightmare to deal with. My husband paid cash for a cpap machine several years and every year Apria not only tries to bill the insurance company but us too. They turn us over to a collection agency and it takes a couple of months to get that cleared. This is just plain abuse and we are fed up with this company. My advise to anyone needing any product Apria has is to say NO and find another supplier.

I have never done this to any company ever!!! But my experience with Apria has been less than pleasant. For starters the first time I was sent to my local Apria store the staff was not very knowledgeable on the product they told me I HAD to have. For starters sleeping with a mask on your face is bad enough but when you are not given any option to change the type of mask or try any other styles is BULL!!!

The last time I ordered supplies it took forever to get them and when they came everything I ordered was not there. I was missing the water chamber. When I called to see why they didn't send one the man said one was never ordered. I believe this was done to get another deductible payment out of me... So I have been using the same one for a year and a half. Which brings me to today!

I got an email from Apria saying it's time to order new supplies so I clicked on the blue button and ordered the supplies I wanted, right away I got an email confirming my order. That was on 9/22/16. I called Apria this morning 10/12/16 to see where my supplies are and was transferred five times, each time the new person was unable to hear me. I had to call them back sit on hold, not long thank god... for just another person tell me they can not help and would have to transfer me again. The 5TH transfer I had to call back I want through the prompt and was disconnected... I am done with Apria. I will be getting my supplies on Amazon from now on. They will be here next day and I can exchange if I do not like what I got... THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT START TO MY MORNING APRIA!!!

I have used Apria for my CPAP supplies for several years. October 2015 I called for new tubing & a mask. The operator said I needed many more supplies. I know my insurance covers all necessary supplies, so I said "Fine, send everything I need." Well, I received 6 masks along with tubing, sponges and filters. I called them & they said this is the number of masks that I should get with each order. Fine. The next week I received a $244 bill. I conferenced a rep from Apria and a rep from my insurance agency. They both agreed that I should not owe any of this bill because it will all be covered by insurance. Fast forward to August 2016. I received a bill for $244 from Apria. I call them and they say my account has a zero balance.

October 2016 I get a call from BC Collection Services looking for payment for a bill for $244 that is over 240 days past due. I call Apria and again, I'm told I have a zero balance. I said that's impossible because I'm getting collection calls for $244. She pokes around the account & says "Oh yes, we changed the status on the October 2015 bill to patient responsibility since the insurance didn't pay." Once again, I conference Apria & my insurance company. Apria claims they submitted the required medical paperwork to the insurance and the insurance said they never received the paperwork. This all took place in 2015, so the bill has just been sitting out there aging.

The insurance agency is willing to look at the bill again if Apria can resubmit the letter of necessity and prove that they submitted this to the insurance company in a timely manner. Apria says they do not have proof except for their internal messaging system. The insurance agency is willing to accept copies of their messages as proof. Suddenly Apria cannot work with us and said we need to work with the collection agency. REALLY??? I called BC Collection Services, explained the situation and they will go back to Apria for the information to submit to the insurance agency. They are willing to work with all parties to get this resolved. Apria is useless!

I had multiple PEs in March and needed oxygen when I went home. They wouldn't release me from the "care Center" until the Concentrator was available so instead of 2-3 days, it was 3 freaking weeks. Finally delivered it and had to pay the 'setup fee' in cash. The 'setup' consisted of him plugging it into the wall socket and handing me tubing. It was supposed to include the water but he said "it wasn't ordered". It said plainly on the order it was. It was also supposed to be a portable unit; it wasn't. I had to be off oxygen to go for checkups or shopping.

Finally got to the point of being able to breathe deeply enough to keep my stats up above 88%, and doctor ordered discontinuation. That was 2.5 months ago. It still hasn't been picked up and I'm being billed the full charge as Medicare won't pay after the doctor cancels the therapy. They are only "in my area" on Tuesdays, per the local office, and they told me to just "leave it outside" for them to get. I bring it back in after dark and put it out again and again.

I get automated messages that "service is scheduled for Tuesday", then "the pickup is scheduled for Thursday" (not in my area on Thursday), every day. Their call centers are in India or the Philippines. I asked. The local offices are 35mi away and informed me I could NOT bring it in and drop it off as the offices are "automated" and the actual warehouse is elsewhere. Never again will I use their services. If I ever need oxygen or other equipment from them, I'll have my son, who works in the health equipment repair field, to find one I can buy rather than rent.

I have jumped through every, single hoop that Apria Healthcare has given me for almost two months in order to get a much-needed breast pump. I was told that I would hear back within 48 hours and that was almost two months ago. I have hyperlactation (I produce 16 oz of milk every two hours) and exclusively pump. I desperately need this breast pump but I am being totally and completely blown off! I have called close to ten times and am condescended and dismissed by their customer service reps. They are absolutely horrible. I've asked to speak with supervisors, and they either hang up on me, put me on hold for an hour and then hang up on me, or they tell me someone will get back to me within the hour and no one ever has.

I have no idea what to do. My son is three months old, I have a toddler, and I'm spending tons of time and energy trying to chase this breast pump down! This piece of equipment, which is my legal right to order, is going to give me huge quality of life. I can't believe the way this company treats young mothers and people needing help! There is zero accountability or transparency, and when we're being mistreated and abused, there's no one we can turn to.

I wish I knew what to do. As I write this I'm trying to feed my infant and entertain my two-year-old. I can't be spending so much time on this! SHAME ON APRIA HEALTHCARE! YOU GUYS ARE DESPICABLE! I'm going to report them to the attorney general. Apria health care won't even tell me the status of my breast pump. All they say is, "The request is being processed." FOR TWO MONTHS THIS ORDER IS BEING PROCESSED? Can't anyone help me?? I beg and plead for more information, and they say, "That's all I can give you. You'll be contacted shortly." Two months this has been going on! I know they record their phone calls - listen to them! Listen to how I've been talked to and treated! All I want is my breast pump!

I can't believe the way this company mistreats and abuses young mothers! This company is totally blowing me off!!! Please help!!! I'm on the phone with them RIGHT NOW and they're telling me they can't even find an order number!!! I'm bursting into tears. I am literally crying right now as I type this and I'm on the phone with them. Can anyone please, please help me with Apria Healthcare????

I have been with Apria for a few years to get my CPAP stuff. All of a sudden they started to send me more products during the month than what insurance will cover. They then send me a 200.00 bill. I call customer service. I get transferred to every department they have, I talked to numerous "supervisors", I get transferred to supervisor voicemails with no call back, and I get lied to. Apria says it is an insurance issue, I called my insurance. They said Apria has not had any communication with them, and would have never authorized all these products coming to my house. Now I am stuck with a $200.00 bill. This company is a fraud!!!

I just don't know where to begin so I will start from the beginning. I moved to arizona in June of 2016. Prior to leaving my hometown my oxygen provider had apparently contacted Apria so that I may continue service of oxygen so I anticipated this would occur. Was I ever wrong contacting apria. They were so rude and unprofessional. The person on the phone informed me that they had not received any order and when I pressed the issue stating that's impossible since I had spoke with them in addition to my prior provider I heard laughing in the background.

I spoke with my insurance provider as well as my past oxygen provider who work diligently on obtaining my oxygen need. I was told that apria was grossly neglectful and I should go to hospital if they had not delivered my oxygen by the end of day of the second week. I did just that and ended up in the hospital for three days. The hospital set me up with a great oxygen provider and surprisingly who shows up when I got released from the hospital - an apria representative who now had my oxygen equipment. However my insurance changed and I now have to deal with apria again and they have not changed a bit. They are constantly losing my prescriptions submitted to them by my physician.

I'm just lucky I can keep my current oxygen provider until they get it right. I did speak with an employee named Raven from apria and she is the only one that appears to work hard at providing excellent customer service for apria over the phone. I hope her hardwork doesn't go unnoticed. I do believe this company should be reported to the better business bureau and insurance provider should remove them as an option for customers which I plan to do. My hope is also some caring administrator is reading these reviews and demand change.

They rip off disabled people. I've rented a CPAP machine from these people and changed insurance companies recently. They billed me 180.00 to buy the machine + two months of rent. A surprise for, but I was going to use it. The lady on the phone said they would replace the needed equipment for the life of the machine for free... That was a bold face lie to get me to buy the machine... I tried to place an order for the needed hoses and necessary filters to safely operate this device and the BILL...?!!! Came to 250.00. I placed two orders for this equipment with the original insurance and never received it. I'm almost homeless because of medical bills and can barely eat. This took all my money and I can't even use the machine now. I'll never be able to afford to use this. These people are thieves.

First I went and got my autopap machine they needed payment ok no problem. Told them repeatedly not to just take money off my card. Well they didn't follow those directions and every time they attempt to pull money that isn't there it costs me money. Then I got a bill paid it promptly and 2 days later they pull the same monies off my account. Refuse that it happened. Then order supplies filters hose and nasal pillows receive part of the order. Upon calling about it they say "You didn't order all of that." Terrible company starting to look for another supplier to get my stuff from. I do not recommend this company. If your insurance company recommends Apria I suggest you ask for a different company.

My experience was terrible with Apria Healthcare. They did even take the time to show you how to use the CPAP machine properly. The CPAP machine was vastly inferior and did not help me with my sleep apnea problems. Good luck contacting customer service. I never got any help from them and they seemed completely clueless. Their billing practices were deceitful and deceptive! They randomly charged my account without my knowledge and I got billed for a lot more and never even got reimbursed for it. I just hope anyone having to use a CPAP machine doesn't have to use this company.

Purchased a walker on May 20th. Paid $10. Insurance company paid their part. They then drafted $105.00 from my daughter's checking account without any notification. Have been working with insurance company since June to try get the money returned. Today talked with a lady who hung up on me. Very rude. This is a company working with older people on fixed income. They should be more understanding. Person told me the money didn't matter. Do not use this company!!!

I have been a longtime customer of Apria. I reordered some CPAP supplies but they were supposed to call me if the amount was over $50 dollars. I received the supplies in the mail. I had not received a bill or phone call so I assumed everything must have been under $50. I checked my bank account and they had charged my credit card for over $300 dollars. I have contacted them several times and am returning the supplies. I have not received any money yet. They keep giving me the runaround and when I asked to speak to the manager they were too busy to speak. I think that is a lot of bull. In letting you know this I urge anyone to seek a different company unless you want to lose money!

In the 7 years I have been in healthcare I have yet to speak with someone at Apria who actually cares about people. In the last month I have had more patients go without equipment be that walkers, w/c's or OXYGEN due to sheer incompetence. Between having to call and fax more than 4x to ensure that required documentation is received they still fail to provide people with what they need and in a timely manner. More than that, they accidentally picked up my line and I heard the customer service staff laughing in the background. Nice to know that a company dedicated to providing quality service to people, that those charged with dealing with customer service can laugh it up while people go without oxygen. THEY SHOULD LOSE THEIR MEDICARE CONTRACT!

I will dedicate all the time I have spent calling and faxing them to calling and writing letters to Medicare to let them know how TERRIBLE this company is. If you are taking the time to read this or to write your own review about this company then take the time to write the letter to Medicare or call your representative. Sick people deserve better.

I was a long term customer of Apria Healthcare. They provided two CPAP machines to me over the course of 9 years. Another provision was an oxygen concentrator. I had a rental oxygen concentrator from Apria Healthcare. I received this machine in 2013 from the Apria field office in Columbus, Ga. In April 2014 when I moved to Florida, I called Apria to find out how to switch my account to Florida. They took my address and told me to move the concentrator with us and they'd change the billing from that office to the new field office in Panama City, Florida. Before moving to Florida I was on my husband's health insurance plan and Medicare was my secondary plan so the bill was paid in full each month.

I was on a Medicare Advantage Plan last year. (IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE: Medicare Advantage Plans are advantageous for the insurance companies, not the beneficiary.) ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT! Each month they charged AARP's United Healthcare for the concentrator. Each month we paid the balance of $12 and some change. After the new year when I went back to traditional medicare, they moved me to self-pay and started charging me $186.78/month for the rental. I called to find out why they weren't filing the claim with medicare, They told me they didn't have the proper paperwork Medicare requires for them to file it with Medicare. So now, after 3 or 4 years of renting the same concentrator from the same company, they could no longer file the claim and my condition was the same on Jan. 1, 2016 as it was on Dec 31, 2015. Hmmmm.

Next thing I know, they started taking money right out of my checking account. By now I'm beside myself. I mean, who can afford a $186.78 hit to the budget on a fixed income? I was trying to jump through the hoops they said were required but here's where this thing gets even crazier. They claimed they needed additional information that medicare required under new guidelines in order for them to bill Medicare part B. So, I inquired as to what they needed that they didn't have. They said my initial sleep study which they had 1 from 2007 and another from 2013. I was certain they had them because THEY are the company who provided my CPAP machine(s) in 2007 and again in 2013 when CPAP was changed to APAP.

Then they said they needed recent pulse oximetry results (which they had to have, again, because Apria (THEY THEMSELVES) performed the overnight oximetry in 2015 with the results showing that I still required oxygen. By now I'm angry, I'm reasonably upset and having extreme anxiety. No, not just extreme, but SERIOUSLY EXTREME anxiety. I'm trying to figure what was going on. I'm a pretty smart girl and I have a good head, even when I'm upset. Then they said they needed a physician encounter statement that I was compliant and benefited from the oxygen with my APAP. At my request, my pulmonologist's office sent it to them. When I inquired if they received it they said they hadn't. Again, I had my Pulmonologist's office resend the proper note of compliance. They still maintain they didn't ever receive it.

These pulmonologist's office staff know what's required and send the paperwork needed all the time. They deal with these companies and the hoops we have to jump through each and every day. Next, they stated they needed a readout from my APAP machine showing I was compliant and the treatment was beneficial. I said they should have had this because there's a little modem on the back of my APAP machine which transmits data about my machine usage and compliance to their servers somewhere in the universe because they said they didn't have a record. WHAT? There was a place on Apria.com to report your PAP compliance. I didn't always remember to do it each month but the card has nearly 3 years of information on it about my 100% compliance with my APAP and O2 use and compliance.

And so it went on. Me, trying to jump through the hoops to get them to bill Medicare. But it's frustrating because they seemed totally incompetent because they couldn't piece together health information related to my account with their company. Meanwhile, they took $186.78 from my checking account in Feb and again real soon in March. I called and demanded they file the Medicare claim. They kept telling me they didn't have the required documentation (as I said above). I called Wells Fargo to stop them from allowing my account to be debited. I was so upset and my anxiety was through the roof that I canceled my ATM card (which Apria had on file to charge when I was sent new CPAP masks and other required equipment). I received a new debit card with a new number from Wells Fargo. I thought, "Well they can't hit my checking account again, right?"

By now I'm so upset because my budget is totally in shambles and our grocery money was practically zero. Maybe I could stand to lose a few pounds but not by having my account and budget robbed by a medical device company. They presented the debit to Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo honored another $186.78 payment in April, on the old debit card number they had on file. I was furious. By now my anxiety was off the chain. I was sick. My stomach was sick and I was having worse breathing issues and chest pains from the increased anxiety. I filed a claim with Wells Fargo for them to reverse the charge. They gave me a provisional credit of $186.78 and then they said I needed to show the bill was satisfied or they'd take back the provisional credit, which they did because I couldn't get Arpia to file the claim with Medicare.

I fought round and round with them and medicare to no avail so I packed up my rented concentrator and took it back to Apria in Panama City, Fl along with the hard data card from my APAP machine to upload the information to satisfy that part of their paperwork they said they didn't have. They uploaded the card and gave me a copy of that report along with the card that I put back in my APAP machine. I did some research to purchase a new oxygen concentrator. After all, now I don't have the oxygen that's required for my illness. After much research, I was very fortunate that I found one reasonably priced. It was $509 with free shipping. My family chipped in and helped me purchase the oxygen concentrator I needed. It is the same exact concentrator I was renting and being charged $186.78/mo for!

We closed our long standing Wells Fargo account after they refused to reverse the charges to my account after I changed my debit card. I still have not been able to get Apria to file the claim with Medicare. Medicare says that Apria has 12 months to file a claim. They won't take any action to find the problem with the DME and oxygen company. This has exerted an extreme source of stress, physically, mentally and financially. I know this is long but I just wanted to show the atrocity of what can happen if a company has your debit card on file. They can take up to $2500 per month from your account for any outstanding bill. I see there are 663 complaints made recently about Apria on this site. Now there is 664. Isn't there any way to get the government and Medicare to look into these situations?

One more thing. After I turned in the concentrator, I received a letter in the mail that they wanted to furnish a new APAP mask and equipment since it was time for a new one. I told them I was no longer a customer. I am still upset and my anxiety is through the roof as I type this. As I've been thinking of all of this - my issues with them and other people who have so many similar issues with Apria, I can only come to one conclusion. Apria has found a loophole to rip off their customers. Think about it. If they say they don't have something they require to file a claim, they get to charge me $186.78/month and hold me accountable for it by labeling us as a "Self Pay" status, Hereby taking the money out of many of our personal checking account.

I don't know what the amount would be if they'd file it with traditional Medicare but I do know they take reduced amounts based on what Medicare has agreed to pay them and what they're willing to accept from Medicare. Hitting up their patients up for the full billing amount puts a lot more cash in their pockets and the company doesn't have to take the lesser payout that Medicare has agreed to pay for that particular service. Something seriously needs to be done about this ripoff company. It seems the system is designed to be exploited by DME companies to the detriment of their patients. I have been considering filing a lawsuit against them. But I just don't know how and where to begin. Thank you for your patience reading this. I know it's long and drawn out. I'm so angry, it helps to put it into words "on paper."

This company is an administrative nightmare and basically a scam operation. I needed a traction machine and they sent me some other piece of equipment instead. They even asked me what I needed before shipping it to me. I then spent a long time on the phone with them saying they sent the wrong equipment. Then they started billing me monthly. I eventually returned the item directly to their offices - where they refused to give me a receipt for it unless I signed more paperwork with them, which I refused. They call me and are asking me to deal with bills for this piece of equipment I did not request. This is the worst customer service ever yet then their phone people thank me for being their customer. It is ridiculous. This company is horrible and their staff are paid to do horrible work.

Absolutely no regard for my health whatsoever. I asked to check the main filter on rear of O2 concentrator. It was filthy black when I'd gotten it unbeknownst to me. The tech came, saw the filter was pure dirty black, pointed out that the filter sides were still white and refused to replace the filter. I am upset also at how many departments I have to pay copays to. Let's see cpap dept...oxygen supply dept and also any supplies aka face mask cushions and seal parts and all related to cpaps. Then there's the pharmacy copays for ** vials for breathing treatments... cost like 26 dollars my copay. However my insurance medicare part d I'm supposed to pay 2.65 per generic rxs... By time I'm done renting the o2 concentrator, bipap supplies, ** vials.

I'm paying 3 departments at Apria and yes they've robbed my checking acct. They took my last 60 dollars I had to my name - was for food for the remaining 2 weeks of the month. Of course poor to no communication via telephone. I always get some California phone hub that transfers calls over to what seems like Indonesia or wherever and try to understand non-English speaking people every time! They said I'd previously agreed to have payments taken directly out of my acct when that wasn't the case at all. Do not use your prime debut card to purchase supplies from them. They will in turn use your numbers to charge your billing at their leisure. Sorry they're a very heartless and money-mongering company.

Next year I'm put and will go with LINCARE. They've always treated me well. But then Humana said I had to change at one point to Apria to my regrets. Now I owe them 2300.00 dollars arrears - no one to explain these charges. It's a mess. I will not pay unless I understand what I'm being charged for that's common sense. I'm no fool. Please if you thought of dealing with Apria I urge you to find another health care supplier. God bless.

With the interest of keeping my comments below the 50,000 characters allowed, believe me I think I could use all of them, I will limit my response. This company is the worst, absolute worst company I have ever had to deal with. I was incorrectly charged twice, one of the charges in excess of $1,500. Apria continually sent requests for payment to the wrong entity of my insurance company. They were given the correct information day one. Despite repeated attempts from my insurance company to Apria to correct their error, they did nothing and just charged my debit card. Imagine an unexpected charge of over $1,500 withdrawn from your account. Not one call informing me of the impending charge (considering the amount). Not a single call informing me that they were having problems with my insurance. Had they given a courtesy call in regards to this issue, it could have been easily handled.

Keep in mind, this was their fault. They had been given the correct information on day one. Not to mention, Apria had been contacted by my insurance company as well as myself providing the correct information multiple times. I was told over and over by a billing representative that the insurance information had been corrected. That is until the next time I would call (seeking to get my refund) I would find out the information had not been changed. As I am writing this, I am still battling Apria for my refund. My insurance released a payment to Apria, but no one seems to know when I will get my refund. The battles continues.

I could go on and on about my experiences with ordering supplies, billing and so forth. But that's not necessary. I think the point about how bad Apria is, is best described by this. Apria is a Tier 1 supplier for my insurance and no other medical supplier in my area is covered at a Tier 1 rate, only Tier 2. That means I will pay more out of pocket to get my medical supplies going with a different company. Apria is seriously that bad. So bad that I am willing to pay more, (25% of the bill, including double my deductible), to go with a different company than do business with Apria.

If you can't do business with another company and have to go with Apria, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT allow them to electronically withdraw funds from your account/credit card, etc. If you have, or have to when joining, you can revoke their access at any time by emailing their billing dept requesting to revoke their access to electrically withdraw funds. Make them send you a bill. That way they can't take your money. Because if they do (in error), you won't get it back anytime soon.

I originally ordered my CPAP machine and mask from Apria over a year ago. At that time, Tampa Apria refused to bring my equipment to my home and insisted I must come to their office which is approximately 25 miles from my home. I had to make this trip twice 50 miles RT as the mask was not the correct mask on the first visit. After trying to communicate with the Tampa office several times and was told there was no direct communication allowed with Tampa that I must go through the outrageous Customer Service at one of their central answering locations, I decided I would never do business with them again.

However, my husband is now requiring sleep apnea equipment and oxygen. The Tampa Rep for Apria who is excellent does business with the Sleep Center where he had his tests. After reviewing my husband records, he suggested that he would be better off with the Trilogy Ventilator rather than a BIPAP which was the original order which I was going to fill with another company. But because the rep took the time and effort to make a visit to the Physician who ordered this equipment and the doctor agreed that the Trilogy would be better for my husband, the rep called me and told me of his visit without MD. I explained I DID NOT WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH APRIA as I will not put up with the terrible customer service involved in calling Apria AND TRYING TO GET SOMEONE IN TAMPA TO RETURN MY CALL. He promised me that he himself would be the liaison between the company and us.

I agreed and a Respiratory Therapist did make several home visits to set up and help in the transition to a ventilator and oxygen. However, I am now running into the SAME problem as I called Apria and explained I wanted to speak to someone in the Tampa Office. I was put on hold for approximately mins until the phone clicked, I was disconnected. Again, I called and this rep said she was going to transfer to Tampa and again in about 5 mins, I was disconnected.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. No way to speak to anyone directly locally and only given the runaround over and over about them not having the information needed for the portable oxygen which was sent to them directly by the rep over a week ago, and still only get repeated calls they are waiting for all the information needed to process. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! No one locally is allowed to give you cell phone numbers or direct contact.

My old CPAP had quit working and I was very anxious to receive a new one that my pulmonary doctor prescribed for me. After about a week with no update from Apria, I called and after going through at least 3 different menus I was finally able to talk to someone who informed me that they had received the prescription but they were waiting on my insurance. Called them back about a week later and was told they were still waiting on my insurance and that perhaps I should get a hold of Medicaid. I thought that was strange but I did call Medicaid and they informed me that Medicare handled my insurance needs. After informing them that they were trying to bill the wrong insurance I then waited another week. Called them again and someone told me I was trying to work with the wrong department; I was connected to another department and she told me she would send the information to her supervisor.

Again I waited about 10 days to hear back and had to call them again. Remember, you have to get through about 3 menus to talk to a human. This time the man did some checking; then he put be on hold. He came back on and said they canceled the order because it was not a regular CPAP (It was a regular CPAP). I ask him why someone didn't call me after about this problem. The very least they could do would be to call the doctor, and all he could do was apologize. Had my prescription sent to a local company and 5 days later I have my CPAP. Would never recommend Apria. Worst customer service ever!

I contacted Apria numerous times to try to resolve issues. 1) Machine stopped functioning properly lack of oxygen. Called two different numbers on the machine and the outcome was the same. (We can't find any information on you. You must own the machine). Made an appointment with the Dr. When the appointment arrived they told me I was in distress and wouldn't let me leave without oxygen. They got me hooked up with a competitor of Apria and I was on my way.

2) Apria still charging for faulty machine use even after their services were no longer wanted. (They suddenly found out that I do indeed have a account and will continue to charge me until they get equipment back). Basically you get bounced all over the country maybe even out of the country to handle your calls. People on the other line have always seemed uninterested and lack sympathy for my issues. I don't know if it will be over when I give them their equipment back. At this point I don't expect anything but a hard time. Save yourself a lot of grief and aggravation and go with one of their competitors. Do your due diligence and look at reviews. I wish I had.

CPAP telling me I am overdue for a new mask. I have been trying to get a new face mask since a visit to my sleep study doctor on July 14, 2016. I have made several calls and my doctor has faxed all the information they have but customer service insist they need a "face-to-face evaluation". My doctor is faxing them all the information, several pages, that they have. Very frustrating and time-consuming and still no new face mask.

Rx for CPAP Dream Station sent by my doctor to Apria. No choice given. Several days later I was set up with a local Apria agent to pick up device. Got a brief run-through on how to use it (not very detailed). The NEXT morning (early) he left a message to see how things went. Tried to call him back, but even the local number gets switched to the overseas matrix. I just had a simple question that could have been answered in 30 seconds... but NOOO, I had to go through the matrix for 1/2 hr & got no answer. She said, "You should contact the distributor". Well after explaining that his number gets YOU, I got nowhere.

Next I order supplies. Next part of the order for filters is wrong. Another 1/2 hr in the matrix on a phone line that sounds as though they are underwater. I even gave the part numbers of the items. Now I wait and see what's next. I will be looking for a new supplier for future supplies & hope insurance covers me. Also, from what I am reading here, I will carefully check to see how they billed insurance. Very bad company.

Sleep machine is 3 months old. The water doesn't work. Was told Albany will call me. Never called. I have had trouble getting this machine. Still get letters saying "pay because Medicare won't." They have many times called and got information from Doctor and still not happy. This is worst company to do business with. I had Apria Healthcare in North Carolina and never had any problems. Why does Albany hire people not trained right?

Totally understaffed. For crying out loud. I don't believe there is anyone in their office. First you listen to 3 or more minutes of recording. Next you listen to "visit our website while you wait." Now 15 minutes later, "all our reps are serving other customers." Serve us right or don't serve us at all.

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