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I purchased one of these not sure maybe 3 or 4 years ago and it works very well. However last night I plugged it to use and it went on fire. I called the company and they said it is passed two years and as I have no receipt they would do nothing for me nor did they want me to send it back so they could see what happened. This equipment is to be used next to the skin and I was lucky I turned it on before placing it on my back. I think the company should of stood behind this product but I guess they are only interest in selling not taking care of those that made a purchase. Thought someone should know.

I used the pad 5 or 6 times a day placing it under the lumbar area, not using the heat feature and after 7 days was completely free of the excruciating osteoarthritis pain and my left ankle was no longer swollen. I had broken both bones in the ankle many years before. I use the heat on other parts of my body but Chiropractor says not to use heat on lumbar area.

Thought I'd try "White Light" therapy for ongoing toe pains. After ordering one unit which was quickly pushed up by a very clever sales agent to two units and then other extras, I went ahead with giving them my CreditCard #. After the order I looked at other people's experiences with this company and decided to cancel the order. Was told that the customer service # was different. I called that # and received the message that c.s. only opens at 10:00 in the morning. First thing Mon. morning I called and was told in no uncertain terms that "Once an order had been placed, you can not cancel it". OK, except when I checked my credit card that morning I found that my card had been charged $275!

Fortunately, thanks to CitiCard, the payment was blocked. I was told to return the package unopened and get a receipt, which I will do as soon as it stops snowing enough to get to the UPS office. After further research I learned that their version of "White" light is just another version of infrared or heat. Heat helps, as anyone with this kind of ongoing pain knows. However, if you want to try this version of "heat". Caution when dealing with this company. They are about as unethical as any I have ever dealt with.

I purchased a light relief, only used it a few times. I tried to use it two days ago and it does nothing. How can this company rip people off like this.

I bought a Light Relief and liked it so much I bought another to use 2 at the same time. They both burned out. I don't know if the pad is burned out or the inner electronics. They're expensive and will not be replaced. CONSUMER BEWARE that the product will not last very long.

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I returned Light Relief with a return authorization # during the trial period, but not according to them. Since then they call me everyday, have sent my account to a collections agency, and threatened to take legal action that I have committed THEFT. I told them to go ahead and do that, but do not call again because I have nothing more to way about the issue...AND shouldn't I be charging them with THEFT for my down payment that was promised back should I return the merchandise??? THEY SUCK - they steal hope and money from people that are desperately searching for pain relief-people who would trust the DEVIL because they suffer from so much pain day in and day out - SHAME ON THEM!

I refused and returned a Light Relief product 2 weeks ago and to date when I call, they say they have not received it and when it is received, I will be credited for it. I am so surprised that an acclaimed actor such as Robert Wagner when after reading reviews of dissatisfied customers, he would endorse it. My argument with them is knowing the postal system can be slow at times, surely after 2 weeks they have to have received my package. I believe they are a sham and should be out of business.

Have been receiving letters from them threatening to start collection. They claim they have not received my payment. Tried calling customer service - no one answers. Called another number and talked to someone with very poor English, "Not to Worry". They told me to check my bank - why? Not sure what they are going to do next but am sure I have not heard the last from them. They are impossible to deal with. Why are they still in business? P.S. Also received something with the order that I did not order - not pills tho.

Handheld Owned & used for several+ years. Results: found lessened stiffness, pain in hand. This from 'carpal tunnel' type keyboard causes. Flexible wrap around unit - electric cord from AC converter broke. Not 'industrial strength' equipment.

I am old and disabled, and when I saw an ad on TV, I thought it might help my problems, so ordered it. After it arrived I tried it out. At first I thought the problems were I had it too high, so I tried at lower powers. Then I noticed I had developed strange brown spots on my arms and legs. I was not sure if it was the culprit, but stopped using it. During this period the spots remained, but did not increase.

After some time I tried it again, using the pad, but not using it higher than medium, without heat. Lo and behold!, the spots increased and I also have red welts, everywhere I applied it, but no where else. I believe this is positive indication that it is the result of Light Relief. I plan to return product, and will watch my recovery, to see if I need to take more steps.

I have sent light relief an email in regards to their poor design of product, and the shorting out of cord going to large pad. I am waiting on a response so don't have much to add as of yet. However, after only owning it for a few months and having it break, I am frustrated with the idea of having to try to get a replacement and paying additional charges every few months. I don't like the smell of electrical burning, much less the fact that it could possibly burn a couch, bed or my bare skin that they suggest it be against.

I've been using a Light Relief unit for almost 3 years now. It does almost overnight recoveries of joint problems, greatly helping with my arthritic wrists. I believe IR vibrating light Heals, and the pain going away is just a side effect. If you're not selling drugs, you can't make any claims using I have used my unit on people and several animals with encouraging results. If you place the pad on a cat that is laying down, the cat will go into a deep sleep. I have fallen asleep many of the times I used my unit in bed.

The technology behind it's design is "Cutting Edge" frequency light therapy. The people in California who engineered this product are brilliant. That is why I ordered two new units a while ago. The people who claim that they tried them and weren't impressed are missing the point, don't understand, and reacting with a biased attitude. Light therapy is going to make many pills obsolete, and that will be an improvement of the health and happiness of society. Star Trek Medicine, in my opinion.

Too bad they have such a poorly configured sales arrangement with very crumby web page interaction. The customer service doesn't respond intelligently to emailed questions, and the verification of order is missing! No invoice! I called customer service and spoke with a guy who's English was OK. I told him that the lack of feedback and verification as far as the figures go, like USD's, with important card numbers inputted, was unacceptable. He said that appreciated the feedback and improvements on the order page were in progress. Nice response. Let's see what happens. I'm still awaiting delivery. More later.

I placed an order on a Sunday - all the while frustrated because they took my debit card information immediately and then had no way to get out of the system without being afraid of what they might charge to my account. But they took my card information. I mean the automated system! Not once did you have the option to talk to someone!!

This is what I thought I ordered - 1 handheld unit for the $80 and 1 extra one for $40. Declined twice the joint formula stuff. I then ordered 1 large pad in order to get off the phone and because by now I am really irritated with the whole process.

Tuesday, 2 days later, they have deducted $258 from my checking account!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen - $258 plus change. So, if I thought I was irritated before now I am really pissed. I waited until Tuesday of the following week and still no product delivered. So I called to complain and immediately was offered a discount, which I adamantly said no to and told the person I wanted it to be returned no questions asked - that is when I got it. She said to just write "return to sender" on it and return it. By now I am beyond pissed off and did not trust the company so when I got the package, which happened to be at home Tuesday night when I got home from work, I took it immediately to the post office on Wednesday and sent it back, but with a signature required!! I might not be the brightest bulb on the tree but I can see SCAM when it's right in front of me. That was today.

Lord only knows how long it will take me to get my credit and how many phone calls, but by God I will get everything out of them or I will contact the Better Business Bureau. Oh by the way, they charged me $60.00 to ship the d_ _ _ thing and it only cost me $16.90. That's with proof of signature - to return it.

I simply love my light relief therapy, handheld and back pad. When it first came out, my chiropractor was using infrared and I thought why am I paying him for light relief when I can have my own. It works wonderfully for me and I have had 9 spinal surgeries. It works far better than any pain med I ever tried and I will continue to use this as long as I can. It is amazing for pain relief, back, neck, knee, and I love the fact they gave me both back pad and handheld in one order... IT DOES WORK... maybe the govt does not want you to know it works so you pay them and the drug companies for meds you really do not need to take if you find non addictive alternatives that really do work and LIGHT RELIEF DOES!!

My elderly mom got this and it was a total waste of money. I tried it and found it was totally worthless. This group should be ashamed of stealing these people's money. Like all of this stuff it reoccurs every few years. In the old days they were "snake oil salesmen." Shame on Robert Wagner for lying to innocent people.

I ordered the Light Relief and it did nothing to relieve pain. So I tried to call to find out about returning my order. First, I got a man that I could not understand... and he wanted me to return part of it and keep a part that I can't use even if I wanted to, and only get part of my money back. So I'm not happy at all.

I ordered the light relief system and while the product works great, their joint support formula is a scheme. I have called and cancelled the JSF 4 times and am still being billed. If you do order, decline the JSF to avoid the same problem I have.

Light Relief offered another large pad, just like the other 3 that burned out but would not offer any break on shipping cost nearly $10. Pad is made in China for a couple of bucks and Light Relief is making money on handling. In my opinion, they don't care if they produce a quality product.

On 2/13/13, my mother, who suffers from severe dementia, ordered a Light Relief and recharger (I assume from an infomercial). As soon as I saw the $134.94 charge on her bank account, I called the company to inquire about returning the product. Their phone representative told me to just return it to the sender, and I would receive a credit (less shipping, naturally). It arrived at her assisted living facility on 2/26/13, and I marked the package "return to sender", and immediately returned it without even opening the box. On 3/18/13, I sent an email to Light Relief, and they are refusing to provide any refund, claiming they never received it. This sounds like a recurring story with this company. Please help. Thank you.

I refused the package and I called to find out when I would be receiving my refund. I was told 2 weeks from the day they received it. I paid $93.99 and was told I would get back $64.99. They are charging me almost $30.00 and I never even opened it. I don't know what's going to happen, because I have to wait until they say they have received it. I'll keep you posted. Don't have anything to do with Light Relief. I wish I would have read the complaints first. I never would have had anything to do with them. I guess you live and learn. Thanks.

Cancellation of account - I contacted Light Relief last month to cancel my account. They would not send me anything in writing to confirm. I checked my bank today and they charged me again. I have called with no answer and emailed with no answer.

One year ago, I ordered the product, then decided to cancel, which was done after they had to send the 1-month shipment, which they did refund. After several months, they started shipping the product again, and again I had to re-cancel. I’m really disappointed with their business practices.

My 90-year-old grandmother ordered this $39 product by watching an infomercial on TV. Her bank account was charged $300 (basically cleaning her out for the rest of the month). Somehow, her order went from one product to three products with rush shipping. When my mother contacted Light Relief to cancel the order the next day, they said it could not be stopped, but that she could refuse the order once it was received and receive a refund in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, my grandmother has no money. When I called the next day, they said it had shipped the previous day (when my mother had called to cancel the order). By the way, their phone center is in India and the company is based in California. They are criminals.

Deceptive Phone Practice - The computer phone system used required you to punch in your credit card information for an electronic signature. I did not wish to do that as they already had my credit card information. They did not allow you to refuse not only to do so, but shipped the merchandise anyway. I will return the item and dishonor the charge with my credit card company, as I do not trust them to credit the return. I question the honesty of this company not to continue to ship additional items to me.

I suffer from occasional plantar fasciitis and the pain is horrible. I thought I'd try Light Relief to see if it works. The machine did take away the pain (I still can't believe it) but I got the pills. I didn't want then got billed for more which I had canceled before the time limit was up. Calling to get this settled was a nightmare, the Indian people at the customer service phone couldn't (or wouldn’t) understand me so I asked for a supervisor, etc. I got it taken care of and the extra fee removed. I took my time and a lot of patience to get it done, numbers to refuse and send the extra meds back etc.

The machine did work, if they could only get their customer service in order, I'm sure they'll have a lot more business and fewer headaches. To Light Relief, don't "force offer" more stuff we don't need/want, give options for cancelling, give us customer service people that speak and understand our language and you may be surprised at how we like and order your machine. It did take away that horrible heel pain but the frustration of dealing with your company was a good reason not to recommend you in the future I'd tell friends to go to eBay or Amazon.

The customer rep called me to sell me their product for $39. I agreed. My credit card was charged $280. They want me to pay for return shipping, after they committed a federal offense.

I saw the infomercial for Light Relief on TV on Saturday evening and decided to order one unit. However, I became suspicious of their business practices while on the phone in the process of ordering a Light Relief system. I indicated I wanted the order rescinded and cancelled, with no charges applied to my credit card. I was not able to speak with a rep, but kept in the electronic response system.

I immediately sent two emails to Light Relief Company, stating I wanted the order cancelled, nothing shipped and nothing charged. I called their business line, but found out business was closed at this time and on Sunday. On Monday 6 a.m., I contacted the same number. A rep in India stated that my order had already been processed and he was able to cancel. Just further proof of unethical business and scam.

Well, here's another blog about the scrupulous business tactics. My 84-year old mother ordered this product, which upon opening discovered it was too complicated for her to use. I returned the product immediately. As of now, two and a half months later, no refund and she keeps getting the bottles of Joint Formula. I have returned one bottle with a letter demanding not to ship anymore. Now the second bottle has arrived. My mother is no incapacitated due to a fall in which she broke her leg in three places. I am now taking care of all her bills and upon opening her Mastercard statement, I discovered over $180 in charges from this company. Hopefully, I can get this resolved through her credit card company and get these charges refunded. I have spoken to one customer service rep when the Light Relief was returned. I attempted to call again and got nowhere through their service number.

This is a note I just posted on the "customer support" part of the Light Relief website: You have the worst customer service of any company I work with. Just in the last month, I have had to talk to your company many more times than I care to, both via chat and on the phone. I have to say you have the most incompetent, unprofessional and incapable people I have ever interacted with. Every interaction is difficult, with your systems crashing and your staff not understanding. I was trying to get a replacement unit for a unit under warranty.

I bought it for my mother last Christmas from Bed Bath and Beyond. Your staff didn't even know what that was. It took me two calls to just get the fax number for the proof of purchase. In the meantime, I ordered another unit, via Amazon, as they were quoting the same price as you were. Subsequently, I ordered the large pad and was quoted a sale price of $39.95.

I've had to call back twice on the fax and finally today, you acknowledged that the fax that I sent on the 28th had arrived. And now you want to charge me another $14.95 for shipping and handling. If my elderly mother didn't have some belief that this was helping her, I would send the whole pile of junk back to you. I feel ripped off, badly treated and just plain angry at even having to deal with you. I've wasted hours and hours on this. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I ordered a light relief pain machine on 11/24/2011. When I called back two days later to ask a question, they put an order in for 2 more machines. Two days later, when my wife found out about the order, she tried to cancel the order and they said it was too late. They told her when the package arrives write on it “refused,” which she did. Customer service continued to charge me for these light reliefs which they have in their warehouse since 12/13/11. They say I will see my money sometime in January.

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