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We purchased a split King Stearns and Foster 2 months ago, I plainly asked if the mattress would move and leave a gap between mattresses, they said no, they do move and a gap of 4-6 inches between everyday. I am very upset as we paid $7000.00 for this.

We purchased a king size mattress on clearance made by Stearns & Fosters from Slumberland. The "top of line" mattress still costed us $1.470,00 but we thought it was a good deal considering its quality appearance and brand. We have had that for less than three months and the mattress sides have sagged and as you get in bed you sink into a hole as the mattress has degraded. We have been experiencing back pain and going to bed has become very unpleasant. This mattress must have a design issue on its springs as they collapse with light weight losing support. We were told by Slumberland that this product cannot be returned because it was on clearance, so now we have no destination to this trash.

My son and I both bought Stearns and Foster mattresses and box springs - which were quite expensive. The company we bought them from went out of business. Stearns and Foster told me I had to replace my bed frame before they would replace it. I did that, and so far nothing but a big runaround. My son's complaint still has not been addressed. I will never ever buy a Stearns and Foster Mattress set again. I originally had a Beauty Rest which lasted over 25 years... the Stearns and Foster are approximately three years old and problems from the get go. We submitted photos and measurements for both mattresses sets.

Mattress was breaking down after one year 1" slope/valley, edges breaking down, valley on each side, mountain in the middle. I actually can feel the coils individually, and I roll back into the valley. So, when you turn the mattress you're turning it back to the other valley. I talk to Art Van. They sent out another mattress tech two years into the sale same thing. I explain I paid a little more than 2,000.00 on sale at Art Van two years ago. These are the worse mattresses I've ever own. No one wants to honor the warranty. The memory foam goes back to its original shape except for the 1", but the rest of the mattress does not!

Bought a Walnut Grove Luxury Cushion Firm Mattress made by Stearns & Foster in Sears 2 years ago, and it is killing us (back and hips pain to both my husband and me). We spent $1509,99 in a mattress that is supposed to have a 10 year warranty, and is already sunk in the middle. When asked Sears about the issue, they said we have to show a distortion of 1.5 inches if we want the mattress to be consider for warranty. The problem is that it has a 2 inches pillow top (foam and quilt) that cover the distortion caused for the bad quality coils of the mattress. Long story short: STAY AWAY FROM.

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Our mattress is about a year old and is breaking down. We have a hump down the middle and soft spots on both sides of the bed, possibly a collapsed coil spring. The first 3 months the mattress was very nice and now it rates only a 1 star. The store where we bought it has been out 3 times to look at it. The last time they said that the body impressions are only at 1" and their standard is 1 1/2". They said that the only thing that they can do is for us to keep sleeping on it and call them back out in a couple of months. Neither myself or my husband can get a good night's sleep on this mattress and we don't have the funds to just go and buy a new one since they are expensive. We thought that this one was supposed to be a quality mattress, but there is no way that it should be breaking down this quickly.

We purchased the Stearns and Foster Whitegate Firm full size Mattress from Havertys in May 2011. It was great for two years and then the center began to sag a bit. By five years, the sag is 3/4 of an inch, noticeable and causes the sleepers to fall to the middle. The edge is still high with the metal rim that is under the edge. Needless to say, having an expensive mattress for 5 years and then having to buy another mattress is not acceptable. The 10 year warranty states that the sag must be 1 and half inches to make a claim. This mattress was turned every 3 months and we are not heavy people. I decided that I would search for a two-sided mattress so that I would not have to deal with issues with one-sided mattresses that cannot be flipped. Found ones online that are manufactured for hotels. Really disappointed in Stearns and Foster for the lack of quality of their mattresses.

My wife and I purchasing a Stearns and Foster from El Dorado 4 years ago and the inside support got bad (according to the inspector). We filed the claim with the manufacturer and this is why they are declining the process. "We have received the inspection results on your Stearns and Foster sleep set. The pictures that were sent in by the inspector indicates that there are no manufacturing defects present in your sleep set at this time. Unfortunately the body impressions in your mattress are less than 1.5 inches in depth, the mattress would not be considered to be defective." Do yourself a favor and move to another manufacturer. My recommendation is not to buy Stearns and Foster.

Approximately one year ago, we bought the Stearns & Foster brand thinking it was a reputable name. I'm seriously disappointed in the quality of this bed. Not more than a month after our purchase I noticed it was sagging. I flipped the mattress around & again it began to sag. I never had back pain, I now wake with pain and have difficulty moving. I would encourage everyone to read these reviews prior to purchasing. The location where we bought this from went out of business. Unhappy in PA. :(

We purchased a Stearns and Foster bed 8 years ago. It was the top of the line bed in the store. A few months and the body impressions became so significant. We both wake up with back pain in the morning. We called the warranty department and they advised the impressions had to be a certain depth before they would replace the mattress, we had to wait several years before they finally agreed to replace it. When getting the replacement mattress they assured us the technology was better and we would not have the same experience. Within a few months of receiving the replacement - same issue. Huge body impressions and back pain! Customer service advised the process is the same as before. We are stuck with craters in our mattress for several years until the divots meet their standards. Save yourself the time and pain, don't buy a Stearns and Foster!!!

My wife and I looked and tried many different mattress before purchasing a Stearns and Foster from Sears. Within two weeks we felt the mattress was way softer than the sample tried in the store. We talked to Sears who said if it sinks below 2 inches it might be covered. The mattress looks fine until you get in bed where you sink into a hole which is hard to roll out of. Back and neck and hip pains are the result of sleeping on a Stearns and Foster mattress which price tag exceeded $2500 dollars. Do yourself a favor and move to another manufacturer. My recommendation is not to buy Stearns and Foster.

We purchased our Stearns & Foster set in 2005. We have been so happy with it that we know it's time for a new set. We have no complaints other than the middle is starting to break down, but after this many years, I would say we definitely got our money worth. Hoping our next set will be as good as the first.

I bought the Hannah Grace mattress at JC Penney at the Mothers' Day Sale May 2016. Once it was delivered, the latex had a super strong odor lasting for a few weeks, had to open the windows. By the 2nd week a huge sagging depression appeared. I slept alone on the mattress for 35 days before reporting, I am 5'3" and petite. I turned the mattress thinking the memory foam would rejuvenate. Wrong. Another sagging depression developed.

I submitted the warranty claim. JC Penney sent out the inspector and he measures over a 1.5 inch indentation. JC Penney is replacing the entire mattress and box spring per manufacturer defect. If it happens again with replacement, I will have to exchange for a different brand, especially reading ConsumerAffairs reviews. I am concerned that the display mattresses are a much higher quality and not the same product prepared for the customers. I am sorely disappointed in the Stearns and Fosters product. It has been a nuisance to go through the warranty process. I feel the display misrepresented the actual product. We'll see how long the new mattress lasts? I will be careful to report defects with immediacy!

We purchased a Stearns & Foster mattress at Ashley because it was billed as "top of the line." After just 3 months, going to bed has been an ordeal. The bed traps you like quicksand. There is a huge depression that sucks you into the center. My husband and I have been experiencing neck and back pains ever since. We have filed a claim with Ashley against the warranty and have been told that a "mattress specialist" will be coming out to assess the situation. If it is found to have a manufacturer's defect it will be replaced otherwise, we're out of luck!

In 1955 I was working at Stearns & Foster in Lockland, Ohio. I was interest in a new mattress so the boss let me make my own. I put extra padding in it so it would be good and firm. It turn out that my mattress was with me for and I will admit longer than most people stay married, probably about 20 years. Then after that we purchase a Select comfort and sleep on air which we been using for 39 years, and by the way we been married for 59 years. So my point is yes, S&F are good mattress. No order, just responding to all the negative reports.

Susie King Mattress - We purchased this mattress 4 years ago and for the last 2 years it has been sagging on both sides. I am an average sized female, 138 lbs. A complaint along with numerous photos to the Stearns & Foster rep, Tim **, was rejected because the two indentations are not at least 1 1/2 inches! We will be following this claim but wanted to get the word out, DO NOT BUY STEARNS AND FOSTER!!

Terrible mattress! I've had it less than two months and there is a ridge down the middle of the mattress, and I am sleeping in a bit of a depressed hole. Horrible. I can't imagine what this will be like in two years! Sending it back to Macy's. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Bought a king size Stearns & Foster sleep set. This is the worst mattress I've ever purchased $1,400 paid. From night 1 my lower back began hurting. Would never again select a Stearns & Foster mattress for my personal sleep set.

We were told when we purchased our mattress 3 yrs ago that it was GUARANTEED for 10 yrs and if we did not like it or defective in any way, it would be replace. When I went to look for our paperwork on it, I discovered there was not any written guarantee and that it says SERTA, not Stearns & Foster. So we paid all that extra money for a Stearns & Foster when in fact it is made by SERTA? Anyway, like many of the reviews I just read, it started sagging last year and no support for my back at all. Is there any such thing as the 10 yr guarantee as we were told? I am doubtful, but guess we were another vulnerable customer. Very disappointed with the mattress for the money spent. Thanks.

Bought Baroque queen bed from Macy's. The bed began to sag in about 3 months. After 6 months my husband was sleeping in a pit - really bad sagging. Glad we bought from Macy's - so far working on a return and they have been cooperating. Read other reviews and this is a very common problem. Was thinking of replacing this with a Beautyrest Black series, but reviews are similar in premature sagging. Anyone find a good bed??

When I bought a Stearns & Foster mattress in 2009, it was supposed to be a custom, pillowtop mattress (Plush on 1 side, firm on the other). Unfortunately for me, the salesman who sold it to me thought I would never know the difference (At first I didn't). It was nicer than the one I previously had until I started having back pains. When I called the salesman asking to reselect under my comfort guarantee I was told too much time had gone by, it was mine.

Years later I started working for the company I bought my mattress from. When talking to the bedding manager, I told him I had a custom bed but wasn't impressed. He looked it up to see which 1 I had, to find out I DIDN'T have a custom mattress at all. All I could say is my parents taught me to never trust a salesman.

While I was at training, a rep from Stearns and Foster asked "Who here has a Stearns and Foster sleep system?" I was the only one who raised my hand. He said "Great! How do you sleep?" I said, "I don't. But if you ask my husband he says 'it's a cloud', I say it's a brick." He said, "I knew I was opening a can of worms, but it's ok, we'll talk after class."

I explained how I had been fooled, my disappointment finding out, and now how angry I was after spending the amount of money on basically a brick. He then asked me if there was anything he could do to fix it. I told him I wasn't sure? He then offered if he could take back my mattress and exchange it for the right mattress, if it would make things right for me. I said that sounds good, but I need a custom mattress. My husband needs support and I need comfort. He said he would see what he could do to take my mattress back and depending on my selection I would have to pay the difference (I found that more than generous, seeing that he didn't have to take it back at all, it wasn't defective or broken down in any way).

Between then and now, my back couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't find the right mattress from Stearns and Foster so I bought a custom mattress from Kingsdown that I absolutely LOVE, have gotten sleep and felt great! But I still felt cheated about my Stearns and Foster. I have always heard how great it was, but unfortunately for me, I had the wrong mattress.

Well, I'm happy to say, today, I am the proud and rested owner of a Stearns and Foster Reserve mattress. I didn't want to review it right away to see how I felt on it for a while (It was expensive but worth it!). I strongly believe they had my husband and I in mind when they created this masterpiece! It is supportive enough for my husband, that's 6'4" 350lbs yet soft enough for me at 5'3" 130lbs. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH A.J. and Eric from Stearns and Foster for the teamwork in making this a reality for me. I am finally so happy about my purchase. I want the world to know how well I sleep! And I would recommend it to anyone who has back aches, discomfort, my mother, friends and family! It was worth every penny! THANK YOU.

My wife and I purchased the S&F Tuscan Summer Villa 4 yrs ago. About a year after the purchase we noticed that the comfort was not the same as when new and was getting worse. I was having low back issues and pain and got to the point where I cannot sleep on it anymore. We paid good money for this mattress and I can't use. I called Olinde's where we bought and they sent out the tech. There was not sagging and that wasn't the reason we called but that the comfort of the mattress was gone. The tech agreed that it was collapsing and was going to make a note of it hurting my back also.

We got a call from Olinde's the next day saying that the factory was denying the claim because there was not greater than 1 1/2 inches in sagging. I explained to her that wasn't the issue and that their tech knows this. No help from them. So I called Sealy the manufacturer and told same story and basically was told it not their problem and I should have done my research. What kind of retailer and factory takes care of their customers like this, sure not these. So do yourself a favor and NEVER buy a Sealy product again. Now I am out over 42000.00 and gained back pain. What a rip off.

I bought the Levis Firm king size mattress set at Haverty's a year ago, thinking I was getting a quality bed for the $1800 (on sale) price tag. After the first 4 months, I noticed my hips would hurt and I turned over and over at night, not getting good sleep. I started rotating the mattress every month and the problem has just gotten worse. I'm a normal size person - just a few pounds overweight. I can't get a good night's sleep anymore because of the hip pain this mattress is causing. I've never had this problem before and when I sleep in a hotel or spend the night at my sister's house, I don't have this issue. I wish I hadn't been fooled by the S&F brand name. Next time I can afford to buy a new mattress, I'll certainly not buy this brand.

I never have written a negative review but I was compelled this time as I feel I have been wronged :) by a corporation fooling consumers by "10 year Warranty" scam. We purchased a king S&F's firm mattress with European plush top about 6 years ago from mattress warehouse without reading reviews (first mistake). Side note, both my husband and I are light weights (slim, really). So about a year after we got the mattress, we noticed the mattress sagging on each side, quite early we thought. So, first thought was keep rotating and rotating. Husband started complaining about his back and shoulder and I, too was waking up with ache and pains. I unfortunately lived with this nuisance and kept talking about getting a new mattress.

Long story short after period of procrastination I filed a warranty complaint and after several hiccups and getting complaints dismissed I finally got an inspector. This third party inspector immediately admitted the visible sagging and stated this is not normal wear and tear and this type of sagging is usually because product is a lemon. After waiting for weeks and several follow ups and no response I get the letter from the retailer that per the report there were no warrantable defects, and list of BS points like normal body impressions not covered. Apparently our report didn't show the "warrantable 1.5" sag". Of course I never saw the report to be able to dispute it, but I know for sure as I have had several mattresses in my lifetime and this sagging is not "NORMAL".

I am so angry and so upset that I feel I have been taken advantage of by this company hiding behind their so-called "warranty guideline" language trying to do anything but satisfy their customers. A mattress purchase is not a small purchase and something you'd expect to do every few years, it is an investment. I will be telling all my friends and family about my experience on Twitter and Facebook and in person about Sealy and their lack of customer service as much as I can as if this is against my principal to allow a corporation cheat their customers this boldly. NEVER EVER AGAIN.

We bought our mattress in February 2015. In less than 60 days we couldn't believe how uncomfortable it is. We contacted Macy's and they wanted a restocking fee. We'll stick it in a guest room and buy a different brand. Even though it was on sale, we would not buy from Macy's again. It was a very expensive spontaneous purchase!

The problem started to occur in about six months, where once you laid down even after several minutes and wanted to change position it felt like you had to roll over a wall. Once you got up from bed within 5-10 minutes that mattress popped back up. And what started out to be a comfortable mattress after many uncomfortable nights and with no satisfaction from our local dealer and after reading all the negative reviews we have decided to look for another mattresses. I just wish I would have looked here before we purchased. So if you are reading this, please stay away from this company and read the reviews first on what you intend to buy.

Bought this S&F mattress a couple of years ago. Within a short period of time my wife and I noticed indentions where we slept at night. At the same time we noticed our backs and hips were starting to hurt. So we rotated the mattress and same thing happened with indentions and a hump in the middle of the bed. The is a very poorly made mattress and must contain cheap products for the supporting areas. After reading the other reviews it seems we are out of luck on this one. So I think I'm going to put the mattress out by the busy street with a big sign that says 'Don't BUY STEARNS & FOSTER MATTRESS'. I'm going to measure the indention and see how deep they are to see if we qualify for a warranty but really I don't want this brand. I hate to think of doing this whole process again in a couple of years. Seems these mattress are just a very expensive mistake. DON'T BUY ANY STEARNS & FOSTER MATTRESS EVER.

I am not accustomed to writing a negative review, especially after reading so many reviews that are positive; but please beware because you too could experience the same circumstances that we are currently experiencing. Unfortunately our experience with the Dartford Ultra Firm Mattress Set is not so positive; perhaps it is possible that we received a “substandard set”. At any rate, my husband and I saved and planned for this very expensive purchase for our retirement comfort and because we wanted a very high quality mattress. Additionally, before we made the decision we read numerous reviews, and we were convinced that this Stearns & Foster mattress would be the best for us. Well we’ve had our set for a little over one year and we have rotated it approximately twelve times just to keep it balanced, and still it has sags and there is a very conspicuous ridge in the middle of it.

We were informed that Macys has a very strong Customer Service satisfaction rate, so we contacted Macy’s regarding our experience and they advised us that an inspector would evaluate our concern and provide feedback to them. As we assumed it would be, the evaluation was not to our advantage. So it appears that the purchase that we thought would be very satisfactory especially given the reputation of Macys and Stearns & Foster, did not provide us with the value, quality and comfort that we expected Macys to stand behind. I would advise everyone to think twice about purchasing a mattress at this price point from Macys.

Purchased adjustable mattress from Sleepy's. I paid almost $4,000 for this mattress. A hole appeared in the mattress after two years. It is getting bigger. Stearns and Foster refuses to either repair this mattress or replace it. I am still paying off this mattress.

I have to give Bedding 0 stars. I have the bedding for less than 5 years. My husband and I are senior citizens (72 and 75 years of age). We took the proper steps, according to the Warranty Claim. Which is a process consisting of taking numerous photos of the king size bedding: remove mattress, box spring take photos, measure sinkhole with a string etc. That being said - this was not an easy job. The photos did not show the sinkhole correctly due to our inexperience of performing this task. Our claim was denied. I wanted a representative to come to my home and take professional photos - that is not their policy. They would like us to retake the photos - they do not care that it would be basically a hardship for us to go through that procedure again. Do not buy Stearns and Foster Bedding. What good is the warranty.

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Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., known as The Sleep Doctor, is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and is a regular contributor on the show. He is also the author of several books, including The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Lose Weight Through Better Sleep (Rodale Books; 2011) and Good Night: The Sleep Doctor’s 4-Week Program to Better Sleep and Better Health (Dutton/Penguin; 2006). Dr. Breus has been featured on several national media outlets, including The Today Show, The CBS Early Show and Psychology Today.    More about Michael J.→

Stearns & Foster specializes in luxury beds made by certified craftsmen with the highest-quality materials. The mattresses can be more expensive than other brands but are very well crafted.

  • High quality: Stearns & Foster is known for its very high-quality mattresses and the excellent materials used to make them.
  • Retail stores: Customers can visit one of the many retail stores around the country to test the mattresses before purchasing.
  • Support: It has customer support available during the weekdays and excellent in-person support at the retail stores.
  • Preferences: Customers can choose from a wide range of models, including memory foam, innerspring and hybrid mattresses of varying firmness.
  • Warranty: It offers a high-level warranty ensuring the mattress will last for years to come. The company will replace it if it proves defective in any way.
  • Best for Sterns & Foster mattresses are best for professionals.

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