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They will call you 10 times a day when your bill is due until you pay it. Even if it is not late They make you feel like it is. They are relentless. You can't send them a check (they will not allow you to do this) so you add them to your online banking bill payer. I have set up an online account with RAC and I can't get in regardless how many times I reset my password. I can't understand how they are allowed to do this.

We love the Rent-A-Center store 5166 we go to - good people who worked with us on any problem. The manager there is great. If we had any problems she took care of them asap. Not all stores are the same. One of the other ones we dealt with the people were idiots.

I had an issue with a Rent A Center employee coming to my home and tampering with/moving my surveillance camera by the door to hide his person. My teenage daughters were home alone and scared by this employee's behavior which included ringing the doorbell for 6 minutes straight and sitting in his vehicle outside my home for 20 minutes. We recorded the whole incident from the surveillance system hard drive. I spoke to the manager of the location, Ruben, and he admitted fault, and stated he asked the employee to sit outside "to wait for you". I recorded this conversation. Ruben refused to give me the employees name to make a police report. I spoke to Gary **, the District Manager on September the 20th.

I recorded the call. In the conversation Gary refused to see the video, claiming he "believed" me but again refused to give me the employee's name and refused to offer a resolution. He again admitted Rent A Center was in the wrong. I contacted the Better Business Bureau to get a resolution to this issue. The response Rent A Center gave, through their paralegal, stated I admitted in a call that the employee never touched the camera (although I have video and audio recording proving otherwise), that my account was severely past due (though I have audio recording stating otherwise), and that they never spoke to me that week, although my call logs clearly show otherwise. I have paid off 7 items with Rent A Center through the years, but I will no longer EVER shop with their company again.

I have been a long time customer since 2002 but starting this year 2016, hell has no fury on how this people treat their customers. No loyalty whatsoever. I have purchases two things from them mid December 2015 and early January 2016. I felt short starting last couple months. I had paid more that I should have paid by now. These people are going over my parents property and my property vandalizing and cursing at people. Threatening with the police is about to arrest right now if you don't pay or return the merchandise. So I have to contact a lawyer to further assist me with these issues. They don't believe that people have rights. Being defaulted does not make you a criminal. It says that we are humans and have other problems than RENT A CENTER to deal with...

They have degenerates running their businesses and forger management or Regional Managers that tell you, "No lawyer can do anything for you"... WOW... I swear to God, I have never in my life to see a business run out business as soon as this second that I am typing this. I promise, anytime someone said RENT A CENTER, I will advise them to take their business somewhere else and where they can keep their dignity and respect. They arrest my parents, constantly calling the police at their doors. OMG, their corporate office won't do anything about that... Shame that someone is depleting your cash reserved on used merchandise and can't control their level of disgraceful behaviors. From Corporate Office to low degenerate employees...

Me and my fiance went to Rent-A-Center to rent two phones. We had to start out with loaner phones. But when we actually got our phones his worked and mine don't work right. All they say they can do is send it to service and put back into a cheap loaner which isn't what I am paying for and it's their fault the phone isn't working right. They are rip offs. Stay away from them. They are a waste of time and money.

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Please do not go to Rent-A-Center, horrible customer service. You can pay your account and still be called constantly. The stress isn't worth it. If I wasn't almost through paying I would give property back. Go to Conns or pay cash, everything is cheap now. Save yourself a headache. Their old tactics will one day close their doors. Like getting something from a loan shark. Save your money up and buy items. They will make you lose your sanity, insane tactics. So not worth it!!!

I have never had Roaches in my home till I started renting from Rent-A-Center in Danville Illinois Gilbert st. I have complained to them and they do nothing about it. They tell me they have it under control. Well they're wrong. They don't. They also tell me they spray their items and they don't. I have had a fridge from them and got a washer and dryer from them and now I have been battling roaches. They since have came to get the fridge and I started having them kind of cleared up but I then had to get a loaner on my dryer because mine wasn't drying anymore and they brought me a different one and I asked them again "did you spray it" and they said it was new and there shouldn't be a problem. Well it wasn't new and now I have them bad again. I'm so mad right now. I really want to throw their roach infested stuff out into the front yard and tell them to come, get it.

Rent-A-Center in East Stroudsburg PA. are not professional. I had an account at one of their other stores. Well that store closed up and my account got transferred to East Stroudsburg store. As a customer it's not my fault that their store closed up. This store has been nothing but problems with my contract. I pay every 2 weeks as the contract states. These people call all my references within a week telling them I have an appliance that's not being paid for. That is confidential plus my contract is for two-week payments. The workers are nasty and rude. My references are not to be called about payments. They lie to you about the payments and say everything is good just so you purchase anything from them.

Don't fall for their game. You will regret it. They are nice at first but they will start harassing and bullying you and your references. There's no communication between the workers. They all think they’re the boss. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians. STAY AWAY FROM RENT-A-CENTER. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND RENT!!! Trust me. It's not worth the harassing from them. Payments sound cheap but what the price on the ticket is not what you will actually pay. They have fees, insurance taxes and other hidden fees that they add on to your payment.

I have been a customer for 6 years at the Granite City, IL location. Our whole house is furnished with rent a center and at first the workers were really nice, got my furniture on time and in good condition. They now have rotate new workers, new management, and the deliveries are not on time. I have had 3 separate appointment times that were for the 4-6 pm time frame, and not one single call or notification they were not coming or were going to be late.

When the workers come to pick up an item we trade, they are playing the Pokemon Go game, always on the phone with friends or family, slack at getting items or missing an item. They are unprofessional and rude. I had an appointment for Saturday pick up and they never called to say "Hey we are running behind, we are all booked for the day" instead I called 30 minutes before the deadline pick up and say, "Why are you not here? I have the furniture ready, it's blocking my walkway to and from other rooms in my house, it's a safety hazard." They did not care and never rescheduled me.

I get a call today and say, "Hey we have Thursday is the latest we can be out there." Well I've gone 3 days trying to get through my house with their furniture in the way. They should have had me on the 1st of the list as my appointment was Saturday and I was not. I now still have the furniture, am pissed off since I had to reschedule all my potential clients to not come over for a showing, I have lost all my sales this weekend that I could have made and the furniture is still here blocking all exits out of my house if a fire would happen. I have kids, this is not a healthy way to have them live, and this place doesn't care about their loyal customers. I am now going to be going elsewhere, I have never missed a payment and I'm always on the call list for new items as I have paid sooo much money into this place for the past 6 years to be treated this way.

This is my first time dealing with a 'rent to own' company. Let me just say, I am not impressed. When I walked into the store, things were great. The manager 'Rachel' in the Louisburg NC (North Carolina) store, was nice and friendly. SOME employees were nice as well, but some were very rude. I decided to get a laptop and TV. Well, Rachel tells me, the only laptops they have in the WHOLE store, are the ones on display. So, I was forced to get the store laptop. After getting it home my brother and I were looking at it. (By the way he works on computers and has his A+ certification.) It turns out that on their website it shows the same laptop but better spec. False Advertising, much?! So, not only did I get the display computer, but got robbed in the process.

That's not the worst of it all. I was looking to get a 30" to 40" Tv. Nothing TOO BIG! But, I wanted a smart TV. As I am looking, one of the employees walks up and says..."You want a smart tv? Well we only make them in 15" and 50"." I myself am not familiar with smart TV. So I got the 50", later I found out they make smart tvs in all sizes. So, they tell me after 3 hours of paper work, that they would deliver the tv. I sorta figured they would since it was a 50" and all. So, sometimes between 5-6 (they close at 6) they delivered the tv. Mind you I am at work when they do this.

This is where ** gets real. First they leave my TV on my bed. Do not think about setting it up or anything. Then when I get home, at 2 in the morning I have to set up, plug it up, all that. As soon as I turn the tv on and start watching a movie, I notice these black lines running along the middle and side of the screen. At first I thought it was dirt. But after cleaning the screen I found out it was not dirt. So, the next I called the store and talked to Rachel. I told her what was going on with the tv, and she told me to 'text her pictures of the the screen'. And I did. She was nice about it. She said they would send out a loaner until mine was fixed. Come to find out, they told me that the black lines came from where the delivery guy put the cord over the side and the power brick rubbed across the screen.

Okay, no problem this past Monday they delivered the loaner. Right after they left the tv, I had to leave for work. So, I had no time to go and look at the tv. When I got home I went and started plugging up the cable and all that (because the second delivery guy told me he didn't plug it up.) When I turned it on, the screen was cracked. I called my uncle in to look at the screen and he agreed that the screen was cracked and broken. The next morning I called them AGAIN, and this time I was talking to a guy. This guy was VERY rude. I told him that they delivered my tv and when I got home and turned it on the screen was cracked. He went on and very rudely said he was my delivery guy, and he would be out there that day or the next to see the tv. THAT THEY WERE SHORT STAFFED RIGHT NOW! He made that VERY clear.

I waited four days and nothing... no call, or anything. So, Friday evening I called and Rachel picked up the phone. I told her the same that I told the guy. And she became very rude to me. Her personality did a 360 from the first two times I had talked to her and then she asked had they sent a loaner out. I told her yes, that that's would I was calling about that the loaner was messed up. And, that the guy I spoke to was very rude. I could hear the guy in the background yelling about me and what I told him.

She went on to say 'the guy that delivered the tv turned it on before they left and it was not cracked.' I know for a fact that they were not telling the truth, the guys never turned it on. She went on to tell me they would not send another tv out. I would have to wait until my tv came back from the shop. So, I still have to pay for something I am getting no pleasure out of. That's my story. I just hope it helps those in the Franklin County NC area, to decide if they should rent from them.

I am a day late on a $14.88 payment on a portable washer. The sales associate at the Levittown PA branch walked into my place of business and began belittling me in front of customers and my Boss... screaming that they will not put up with this and will be out tomorrow to pick up the washer... if no one is home she will come back. I am afraid to lose my job if the woman returns to my place of employment again in the future for a late payment.

Rent - A - Center on 1027 Beach 20th, Far-Rock-away, N.Y. 11691. This store has nothing good going for all the workers including managers are very rude and unprofessional. They all need to work in the basement away from customer are people that are alive. The delivery guys are no better. They are always late and do not know how to put up the items you rent or buy and there were always missing pieces which we had to call to get. My bunk bed fall, taken my son to the bottom of it. Thank God my grandson was not on it or my son was not hurt. Come to find out there were screws missing that held it up so it will not fall. I remember once the bank made a mistake on one of my payments and they came to take the bed. Mind you I have not missing a payment before and I only had two more to go before it was mine's. Hey after that I just pay them off.

I call back about the missing screws, we would have put them in for we did not trust their unskilled delivery men anymore (where do they find these workers on the street for they know nothing about their products or what they are doing) and was told after being put on hold for about thirty (30) minutes they were unable to do anything for me for my account was too old and it was only six (6) months later, that's after they found out no one was hurt because of their negligent. Thank God again this did not happen so be aware of this for next time someone could get kill. I will never buy or rent from Rent-A-Center again. Very poor service and rude workers. The company is just going to lose money for their workers are not even decent or courteous to its customers. Frustrated Buyer.

I went in yesterday to make my payment. After giving a payment and tending to my toddler I accidentally gave the manager Shawn an extra 40$ that has now mysteriously disappeared. I called and the acting area manager stated the same thing and both verified it took three minutes for both of them to count the drawer. I am so angry at the dishonesty of their employees. This is not my first problem with Shawn yet they continue to let them work here. Now my family and I are out the money and no help.

This is my second review for the lake Elsinore store. It's horrible. It's like to get a job there. One of the qualifications is you have to be rude to customers. My first review got me a call back from the district manager and he was really nice and respectful and I thought the problem was going to get fixed. He said that he would get our washer fixed for us for free which was really cool but they never came and picked it up and now he won't answer his calls anyway so she calls us back and yells at us at customer for going higher above her.

They are rude at that store. They don't care about their customers at all so now we went in there and paid our washer off. We don't have to deal with them anymore. Thank God. I just want to let everyone know how that store works when we went in there. I asked about her calling and yelling at us and yeah I was rude. I'm tired of this place but she just Sat in her office with a big smile on her face just thought people should see how rent a center is and how they treat people. It's not okay.

Their employees are the rudest people I have ever met. I don't know who I talked to on the phone at the Midland, MI store, right next to Kmart and Save-a-lot. But he was a ** and very very rude. He wouldn't tell me how much I owed them. And then wanted to schedule a pick up of my stuff. I would have paid it if they would have told me how much I owed them. But since the guy I talked to refused to. I hung up. THEN they called my work, which was very unprofessional. And then they went to a house where I don't even live: and harassed the people that do live there. (I do know who the people are). Regardless, My laptop ran slow, even with high speed internet. Seriously the RUDEST PEOPLE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTER IN A PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS. I will NEVER recommend you guys to ANYBODY! EVER.

I have been through rent a center for a couple years now. Me and my husband just moved in february and decided to get a bed through them. Well we pay our bill every month and this past month we got behind a payment. Well now we're behind two payments and if I talked to a manager would they work with us because I don't see why I should put my account on a freeze and have them come take my bed if I am able to pay my overdue balance and my soon to be new balance in two weeks so they would take the bed back for two weeks and then have to bring it back to me in two weeks. Why can't they just make a deal and we will pay our overall balance on the 24th and then be caught up. Please if anybody knows anything that could help me that'd be nice cause they wanna come get my bed tomorrow and we're only two payments behind and I got a bad back and have nothing else to sleep on.

The most worsening experience people I have ever dealt with here in Longview Tx the loop 281 store. Change due dates from Saturday to Wednesday and then say, "You owe late fees." Just sad. Pay off everything ever gotten from rent a center but this store well the people in the store here is the worst I ever seen. Paid off washer and it breaks down. Call them, they come pick it up to fix it - never seen it again. Ask for my washer and NO one know what I'm talking about because everyone is new in the store. Now they ask me to work with them because they're new. Ok put my due date back on Saturday. Give me back the washer I paid for and I'm good. My payment went from $160 to $130 to $94.60 but now that they change my due date it's 110.94 because they say it's late charges but it's not due until Saturday. I just wish that someone could help me out and find out what's going on.

I have rented a bed and a TV off of Rent-A-Center. The bed is paid off and the TV is close to being paid off. I have to say that my experience has been amazing. TV broke one on me and was replaced no questions asked. The next day with a new one with no added cost. I would highly recommend them over other places. Manager has been extremely helpful and has worked on me on several occasions. People complain when they come to repo them because they don't make their payments. Make your payments on time and you will be fine.

Tried to buy a bed they had on sale for Black Friday 2015. I waited 6 months to get the bed. When they delivered it was the wrong bedroom set. I also bought a mattress that had bed bugs and they didn't want to come pick the bed up. They didn't want to do anything. They've done nothing but harass me and I still do not have the bed because when they picked up my mattress they took the whole bedroom set. When they brought it back to me they brought it back all damaged and they still want their weekly payments and I still don't have a bed. This company is horrible.

Went last week to make a payment of 100.00. He wanted more and would not take it. So called today to make 200.00. They would not take it telling me they need to 50.00 extra. I'm only behind 2 payments which comes out to 165.00 but paying 200.00. I left message at corporate. Called store back requesting balance on my account. He would not give me my balance telling me that when you're behind they can't give you your balance. Never heard of that so I told him there is a way he could give it to me then he hung the phone up in my face. I called back and he hung up the phone again in my face. I don't understand how this company harass you and when you try to make a payment they don't want to pay it then they rude to the customers. His name is Aron at the one here in Jacksonville and very very very very rude.

The previous 2 store manager they had before was not rude and very polite and worked with their customers. When you get your receipts they don't give you the balance on your account which is stupid but I never worried about it because I never had a problem with getting my balance when I asked for it. After I pay my account off I will not go back. Never been treated like this. It is ridiculous.

I have already purchased two different items with Rent-A-Center the one located in Sw 67th in Miami. With that store I can honestly it was great. Staff was nice, NEVER disrespectful or too rude. However, I moved homes and now live in NW Miami and I decided to get new couches, which may I add are the most uncomfortable couches I have ever sat on. Apart from that being said I am a single mother with 3 children and work six days a week. My schedule is very hectic, I cannot answer my phone at work, due to cameras all over our office. The issue is that I fell behind 2 weeks on my payment and they were always calling, leaving threatening messages about filing charges against me for theft. Do they think no one has a life or would really risk catching a theft charge over a piece of ** couch.

Being a customer already who has already purchased two items from them that they were paid off which I mentioned that to the manager when he called me and I was able to return his call and his response was "we are different offices so I cannot see if you have or have not purchased anything with us." However that is not what upsets me the most. What does is their disgusting attitude when talking to you and their slick remarks. I apologize that you hate your job and you are miserable for working for the company you work for but your customers shouldn't have to pay for that. I have actually never left a review anywhere. I am not that type of person. However they decided to send someone to my house, obviously no one was home because I was working. So happens to be that my neighbor was outside at that moment and who they sent decides to tell him "Tell Priscilla that next I am calling the police on her for theft."

When my neighbor told me that I froze in shock that now my neighbors would think of me as a thief. I work in a medical office and I am well aware of patient privacy. Do these people not have some sort of customer privacy or at least some sort of respect. I mean Jesus, he could have just wrote it on a paper and slid it under my door. For the record this is in the store located on 79th NW and 27th avenue.

Harassment because being late on payment - I lost one of my pension checks (lost 1400.00 a month) and got behind on payments. In March I had 2 surgeries in 10 days. I was unable to drive and I had to ask about doing payment over the phone. I owe less than 400.00 on my chairs, but now struggling because I now have to pay 95.00 a month for medicine to help my liver to heal. And they are calling my landlord and friends and family harassing them. I have bought furniture from this company before but never again. They are worse than loan sharks.

Ok wanted to trade out a tv that was not working good. They wouldn't do it coz I had been late. It's rental place come on now. They are going to lose me as a customer after 20 + years. Jerry and Laura biggest piece of ** there are. Laura is 2 days of man position went to brain that don't have. I wouldn't send any business to them again. Go elsewhere people where they care. This is shelbyville indiana 46176 jerry ** name.

My refrigerator stopped and went to get a new one in Lawrenceburg Kentucky. They had a refrigerator on the floor and said it was new BUT it was packed full of employee drinks and food. How can it be a NEW refrigerator if the employees use it for their own personal use? I told them it was now used since they were using it for their personal use but they said no that wasn't the policy which that policy sucks. I encourage NO ONE TO BUY FROM RENT-A-CENTER EVER!!! I give them NO stars!!

It's been six months dealing with RAC and my house still has bed bugs. I've had my house sprayed and I still have them. I rented a bed frame with drawers... and the drawers came with bugs. I've contacted the district manager several times and no one ever calls me back. I'm wondering if he is real... I now have three mattresses that are infested with bed bugs and RAC won't take my calls or return my messages. Stay away from RAC on Butler Street in Pittsburgh, PA. I am taking steps with the Attorney Generals Office and their Consumer Complaint Department. The next step is a lawyer. Please be careful when renting furniture from RAC... I've had this nightmare for 6 months... My children and I covered with bug bites. My mattress is so disgusting I wouldn't let my worst enemy sleep on it. The seams are covered in black spots and it is disgusting. So... Be VERY Careful or STAY AWAY from RAC.

I rented a few things from Rent-A-Center. My home caught fire. It was a total loss. I am in New York state. Rent-A-Center keeps telling me I am going to jail if I don't return the things. I told them the place burned down. They even went out and saw that. I did not have homeowner's insurance. My question is can I go to jail? They have called everyone on my list and told them the same thing. I had a stroke less than a month ago. I had my cell phone with me. I told them what happened. They told me to leave the hospital and come pay them. Please help. They just won't leave me alone. Can I go to jail?

My experience with the San Diego Store located off of Euclid and Federal, has been a complete disaster. I rented a TV from this store over a year ago and in the process the whole store was replaced with a brand new staff, which was when all of my problems started. I called a few months back and asked for my payoff balance. I was told the payoff was $398. I then made a $300 payment and confirmed that the new payoff balance was $98. I called back 3 weeks later and everyone was new. I spoke with Robert and request to make my regular $46 payment which should have left me with a $52 balance. Robert advised me that my balance was $326. I told him that was completely impossible and tried explaining to him that I had just made a $300 payment. He insisted that the $326 was my balance so I asked to speak to the Store Manager and he advised he was gone.

I called back a few minutes later and the Store Manager Oscar answered the phone. I stated to him I was told he was not there and Oscar replied stating ("well I do get a break you know"). After dealing with that rude comment I wanted to know what was going on with my balance. He stated to me the balance was $114, due to me being late, Which I was fine with, and advised me that his employees are new and doesn't know how to work the system so it's not their fault that they didn't give me the correct amount. To make an even longer story short, I contact the store to make my next payment two weeks later, and again, was told the incorrect amount, so I decided to request to always speak with Oscar since he was the only one who somewhat knew the system. He was always rude so I asked if I could make the payments at another store and he advised I could not.

After I made my payment I was told my new balance was $23 as long as I made the payment by 05/23/16. I called Friday 05/27/16 and of course was told I owe $205. I request to speak to Oscar who was not there, called back Saturday and Adrian, who also advised me my balance was $205, stated Oscar was not there. I was forced to wait until Tuesday 05/31/2016, and Robert told me Oscar was on another call, and he would have him call me back. When Oscar finally called me back, instead of saying hello and introducing himself, he said "who is this?" I told him and asked him to just give me my balance owed so I could be done with the unprofessionalism. He told me my balance was $64. I was completed upset by this point because he would not explain to me how my balance went from $23 to $64. I knew there would be a slight late fee but come on this is ridiculous.

He kept telling me he would hang up in my face. He was talking over me being so rude and unprofessional and again told me his staff was new. The same excuse he has been giving me for 3 months now. At this point I am waiting for the Director Jason to contact me in hopes that he can help my nightmare come to an end. I will never ever in life rent from this company again thanks to Oscar, and plan to take this situation up as high as possible.

Rent a Center is a complete ripoff! The employees as well as management is very nasty on Capital in Raleigh, NC. We were one week behind & we called to make two weeks payment. We were told we had to pay for a full month. Who & where charges you double for a 1 week late payment. It's sad enough they are charging 3xs the amount for the merchandise. We kindly told them to come get their **! I wouldn't recommend a dead animal to this sorry location!! If you can't get from another company DO WITHOUT UNTIL YOU CAN FIND BETTER AT ANOTHER STORE, MOST DEFINITELY NOT RENT A CENTER!!!

Each time I go into the Westbank store in Westwego an individual, named Noel, raises the price on the merchandise. I went into the store to make a weekly payment (I wanted to make bi-weekly payments, but was refused) and was charged a higher fee than before. I explained how coming to this establishment was like "pulling teeth." Upon receiving my receipt I was told not to come into the store unless I had full payment for the item. The manager and the subordinate were very impolite, belching, slurping, and making obscene gestures. The manager (I am using lower case on purpose) was asked for the Regional Manager's number, but would not produce it.

They are rip offs! They make you pay two even three times for an item. They will sneak in a double payment and you will never see it! I hope they go out of business forever! Go into their store and you are on a Pirate ship. You'll come out with "No Teeth!"

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