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After 3 months that I bought the sofa it broke, right in the middle the wood broke. I called them and the technician came and obviously he couldn't fix it. The technician said, this happen all the time, more than one time. I had to pay $70.00 for them to pick up the sofa and bring the new one. A few days ago, I had to call them again because the new sofa when you sit you can feel like a hole right in the middle of the sofa, the same place where the first sofa broke.

They called me and told me that the warranty was expired because had been passed like 5 days after the year. It didn't matter that this was the 2nd time with the same problem. If you want to buy with them you need to buy the extended warranty because you are going to need it. I didn't buy it because I didn't expected that a new sofa was going to break as soon as the 1st 3 months. Or, don't buy anything with them.

On Sunday September 23 or 24, me and my husband went to City Furniture. We was in there for almost 1 hour looking around and so we decided on a dining room and living room set. We got with a salesperson. He rang us up and asked for a good delivery date and time. We paid and left. Tuesday night someone calls to confirm Wednesday delivery. He says everything will be delivered Wednesday. The drivers come out with a scratched up table and chairs. But no living room set. Which means I have to take another day off.

So I let customer service know I was not happy with the condition of the items. I asked about the living room set. They said it's on back order and I am number 5. So I call them on Thursday to find out when is it going to be delivered. Now they tell me it's discontinued. So now I am stuck with a table and no furniture. I paid for this as a set. I fulfilled my end, they did not. At what point did they know this item was no more. They have a NO return policy. A rip off. It's funny how you call and there is never a manager on site. Do not buy from them. Read the reviews.

I purchased furniture from City Furniture about 2 months ago 2 queen bed sets, a sectional, and a chaise chair. Now my son box spring and frame fell apart and the other set starting to come apart and sectional and chaise chair both arm rests you can feel the wood coming out of chair. Had one of their people come out they said normal wear. That's so much **. Poor quality very cheaply made. Nobody wants to help and warranty department don't help at all. This company is terrible. I wouldn't tell anybody to this place. I spent $3500 dollars on junk. So unhappy. Wish I never went there. Beware.

I bought a recliner couch, chair, and four dining room chairs last week. Delivery was scheduled and delivered on time. The delivery men were professional and made sure everything was perfect before they left. The cleaned up after themselves - we also received a call to make sure everything went well. The furniture arrived in perfect condition and we are very happy with the service, delivery, and furniture.

Purchased a dining set and a bunch of other furniture from City Furniture for a condo that I'm fixing up and renting out. When the furniture was delivered I was a scratch on the top of the table and asked the delivery person if he had something to fix it and he did. This piece had a leaf for the table and he put it in for us. Like I said we don't spend a lot of time in this apartment just fixing it up. When we were there we decided to take out the leaf and close the table.

I was a very large separation when the table was closed so I called them. They were so nice about this situation. They let me know that I should of let them know after the first 72 hours. Also on the second day of owning this set my husband sat down on one of the chairs and he hit the floor. This set is a very distressed set and there was a knot in one of the chairs that made it very weak. Thank God he didn't hurt himself - the chair cracked in half. We called them of because they were very concerned about us suing them but we only wanted a new chair which they sent because they were afraid we were going to sue them. When I called them about the separation they really weren't interested in us and I put in a complain and it's been a few day and haven't heard a word. Very terrible customer service.

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Sofa came with the back very out of plumb ie: crooked. They finally sent a second piece...also crooked. Waiting on the 3rd attempt. Well the 3rd one arrived ...exactly the same. What a pain. Sofa sectional was not cheap. They offered $50.00 store credit, what a joke. Did not think I was buying junk at the price I paid. STAY AWAY!!

We purchased a leather accent chair from BOCA RATON CITY FURNITURE Store last week. We were going to buy it Thursday, but sales associate told us that "Tomorrow is a tax-free day. Why don't you come tomorrow and save money?" which sounds great at that moment but then when we come tomorrow to buy the chair they told us "If you buy stuff more than $500 then it will be tax-free." SO TRICKYYY!!! We said ok, not a big deal and still buying it.

We want to pick it up from their warehouse. Guess what? Somebody from Boca Raton store did the paperwork wrong and paper shows that we already picked up from the warehouse. OMGGG!!! And they make you to call the store to change the paperwork and it was such a bad experience. And when we got our chair, there were lots of scratches and the corners were worn. I mean what kind of business is this!!! We are still dealing with the customer service to change this scratched chair.

I pay 1,815.00 dollar for 3 pieces of sectional recliner, leather, color gray, made in China. Different tone gray from one piece to the other pieces. The headboard one is bent. Different height, 2" from one to the other 2 pieces. In the back of furniture is more open that the other piece is totally different in sectional with the other.

At that time was delivery I notice product was defective and I call immediately to City Furniture reporting the defect. They take 10 days to send me a subcontract person to inspect the furniture, and City Furniture want to pay me only 250.00 to compensate me the defective product. I don't agree because for the money that I pay almost $1,815.00 is totally unfair and very unprofessional customer service. They don't accept the furniture back and reimburse my money. City Furniture they are nice until product is sold but they try to clients without ethical. After sale is done you have to deal with your furniture.

I browsed online for the perfect bar stools for my new kitchen and finally found them on the City Furniture website. It said that they could be ordered and shipped to the store for pickup. I called and spoke to a sales associate who told me she would take my order on Thursday and the truck would be in on Friday. We went round and round for a couple of minutes about the fact that I couldn't pick them up until Saturday and they do not allow pick ups on the weekends. Apparently, you have to take time off of work to go during the week. We completed the order and disconnected. I later get a phone call telling me that the truck came in Thursday and the next truck wasn't until the following Tuesday.

They would call me when my chairs were there. At 5:30 when I still had not received a phone call I called them. I was told that my order got bumped off of the truck because they filled it with larger orders. "Your chairs will be here Friday" she said. I asked if she could guarantee that and she said no. There was a possibility that my order would get bumped again. But, I had the option to pay more money and get them delivered to my house. Again, time off from work. So, basically, since I was only spending $300 and not $3,000 I was not important enough to have my items brought in. Unreal! An order is an order is an order. I was dumbfounded that this happened and will never give them my business again. Needless to say, I cancelled the order and went to Bed Bath and Beyond where I was able to take home 3 nice bar stools. Should have done that from the beginning and not wasted my time and energy.

I purchased a Reclining Sofa and picked it up. The unit was a two part unit and one of them was defective. They exchanged 3 times and I still have a defective unit. The Sofa will open but not close. I spent 3 hours waiting for customer service to pick up the phone. Meanwhile I started a chat online. I requested a refund and they refused it. They offered an exchange for 8 days later!! I called my sales rep and she told me she could not help me and she transferred me to customer service which made me really mad. I called back and asked to speak to a manager and they put me on hold. After 30 minutes they just hung up. Stay away from City Furniture!!!

On March 12, 2016 I purchased a complete set of queen size mattress. I never opened or place the mattress since my home was being remodeled. On May 12 I proceed to open the mattress and place it in the guest room. Well to my surprise the mattress was sunken in on the left side, where there's a huge crater. I have called and spoke to several associates for City Furniture only to be told it was a clearance item and no returns will be made. I paid almost $800 for this set. How can anyone think they have a right to rob me of my hard earn money??? The mattress is now part of my furniture lying on the side of the wall. I will not rest until my money is return!!! I cannot find the receipt for the mattress but the same time I purchased it was the same day I got head and foot board the complete set. Thank you.

We purchased a mattress in the Tamarac location on 7/13/16 and were told it would be delivered today, 7/15/16. I called customer service this morning and was told that we are not in their delivery schedule. I took off of work and the very rude customer service woman told me it would not be delivered today. I asked for a manager and was told they only have an escalation team and she was part of that team. She would not help. We were assured by our sales person, Matt ** and his manager that it would be delivered today. This is the 2nd delivery problem we have had with City and will be my last. City Furniture does not communicate within their departments and takes no responsibility for their mistakes. I am furious!

We purchase a light wood dining table from City Furniture. We visited their website and also the store in Palm Beach Lakes. The display at the website and the store was nice. However, when our dining room was delivered, it was the biggest disappointment. The dining table had so many deep "visible" distressed marks throughout the table that it appears to have been damaged. We contacted customer service the next day and send them pictures to show our concerns. We even went back to the store to take picture of the floor model.

To our surprise, customer service claims the distressed marks are part of the design and that there is absolutely nothing they can do. They refuse to make any accommodation to resolve our issue. The customer service representative was rude and unprofessional. When I requested to speak to a customer care Manager, I was told that there isn't one that can address our issue. City Furniture is deceptive. They have no concern for customer satisfaction. Buyers be aware. This was my first purchase from City Furniture and will be my last. We also made purchase with Rooms-to-go and their customer satisfaction and warranty is superb. City Furniture's delivery service is also a joke.

My date of purchase was on Jan. 2013 within this time this furniture has been repaired at least 3 times. Keeps breaking on the same spot. Last time the whole platform of the chaise was replaced. Well guess what it breaks again on same spot. Now of course the 3 year warranty I paid for is over. I feel that this piece of furniture is not well made and of course I also believe a piece of furniture should last more than 3 years specially when it is not used everyday. At one time I wanted to exchange for a different style but no way City Furniture did not agree and continued to repair over and over again this defective piece. I'm just very upset. I paid full price for a piece of furniture that I could have just gotten in a garage sale for a lot less.

We purchased over $9,000.00 worth of furniture & opted for the "premium delivery". City Furniture's literature & website states that customers will be 100% satisfied as the delivery team assembles/places & cleans up while the customer relaxes. The delivery team assembled all the furniture & placed it where it belonged, however, they did not remove all the trash they generated. Yes, they p/u the big stuff, but the mess they left in my driveway is stunning! Literature about my Tempur-Pedic bed, Allen wrenches & bolts, long screws, wood screws, plastic bags, mesh bags, metal hinges, small pieces of plastic, Styrofoam, etc.!!

I called Corporate & after 26 min. it took four separate calls before some answered their extension. The first rep. who answered did so without realizing & was having a personal conversation with another co-worker! After 3 min. of listening to their conversation, while yelling "hello" into the phone over & over, I hung up & called back. All this time, my husband was on hold with the 800 #, for 35 min., never got to speak to a representative (Too many personal conversations over customer service!), eventually entering his number in queue for a callback (which now 2 hrs. later still has not happened).

All they could offer me was a $100 credit or a $200 gift card! Not what I wanted! After spending 30 minutes cleaning up after the delivery crew inside my house (done mostly while on phone with corp.) I now get to go outside in the blazing Florida sun & spend probably another 30 minutes cleaning up the garbage they left! Pictures below show only some of the garbage, it's all over my driveway! I quickly made a pile of some of it for the picture proof, it will take me a while to clean it all up! So much for 100% satisfaction!! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! There are too many other companies to buy furniture from to settle for this type of service. BTW, did I mention before the crew left they asked me for bottled water, which I happily gave not realizing the mess they left.

We are repeat customers and we recently made another purchase close to $2,000 at the Dadeland location. The sales lady was nice and accommodating during the sale, but was later unable to help us when the problems began. From the first delivery date of 6/24/16, an item was missing. I contacted the store and the delivery guys also contacted customer service. After speaking to both the store and customer service, they still did not enter the correct information in their system. We were missing a chair and not a mattress. At that point it was no big deal, mistakes can happen with so many deliveries and we didn't mind.

On Sunday 6/26, the sales lady Millie and Kelly both called me as a follow-up and assured me they would advise customer service to make sure their system showed that it was my chair was missing, and not the mattress, and that delivery would then be Wednesday 6/29. On June 29 we took time again off work and at 3 pm we had no calls about the delivery. Called customer service and they had nothing in their system about a delivery for me, and it still showed the missing item was the mattress. The customer service gentleman then updated the system and advised me that for certain we would get a call for delivery.

We take time off work again and we did get a call before 9 am as promised that the delivery would take place before noon. But within a half hour, another call came in stating the chair was on back order and the new delivery date would now be 7/7/16. The gentleman offers me a $25 coupon that would be mailed to us within 4 to 6 weeks. I ask to just credit the account, but he stated he could not.

I contact the store but Millie was out, and I speak with Kelly and advised of what has been happening and additionally advise her that our bed does not the bunky boards and I would like to coordinate for the delivery scheduled on 7/7 to bring me the chair, to have the same guys take the bunky boards back, or can I just bring them back to the store. Kelly stated she would speak to the store manager and get back to me. I also told her I am not asking for a refund, we will come in and buy something in place of it.

I never heard back and I called customer service who tells me to call the store at 10 and that she would be sending the store an email about my bunky board request. Not once did customer service advise me about a three-day policy. Then I called the store on 7/5/16 at 10:30 am. Kelly is on vacation so I spoke to Millie about the request to send back the bunky boards. Millie tells us there is nothing she can do because bunky boards have to be returned within three days. I let her know I did not know that and accept that I missed the mark, but as a customer who has had to miss work three times for their error, is there anything they can do to make an exception, considering that Kelly never told me this when she had the opportunity to do so? Millie stated she understood, and promised to call us back before 6 pm or have the manager call us.

At 6:06 pm, we called the store and asked for the general manager but was told her was out. Then Millie called us back and told us she could put another manager named Felipe on the phone. Felipe proceeds to read to me all the details in the back and forth emails b/w his store and customer service. I advised him I am the customer and can also verbatim tell him how this has all been handled and how the two are not connecting b/w his store and customer service. That we understand how things can get complicated but everyone is blaming everyone else and no one is accepting responsibility and we are the only ones being jerked around... at least how it felt that way. I advise Felipe of the same and how we are not asking for a refund, but rather a credit and that we will buy other items with a credit. We even took out a credit card with a high limit the day we made the purchase. Felipe told us he would call us the next day.

On 7/6, Felipe called me and advise there was nothing he could do. I then asked him to please cancel the chair that was on back order and credit us the full amount. I had 30 days for that one to be done right. It felt as though this was handled in a very incompetent way with people who are supposed to be professionals. The lack of follow-through or concentrated effort was evident on both parts. A total disconnect making us do all the work. Even when the bunky board was my oversight, and admitted such, there was not customer courtesy afforded. But we were sure considerate and understanding when we were stood up twice for the chair that never came that was always considered to be a missing mattress.

We did understand and accepted the situation but we could not be reciprocated. Therefore we do not need the City furniture credit card and we will close it, pay off what we owe and never shop there again. And if this is store policy and there is no flexibility, and no concern for losing even one customer, then it is not a place I will recommend either to anyone. Sorry it did not work out.

I paid for a $3200 bedroom set May 21... The salesperson told me the rails for the bed were in back order and it'll take 2 weeks for them to arrive and he'll keep me posted on its arrival. I said "Ok. That gives me time to prepare my bedroom for delivery." After 2 weeks of waiting and no call I decide to call the salesperson and get no response. I call customer service and they tell me on June 29th they are expecting the shipment to come in and that I will be receiving the it on July 1... Waiting all day on July 1 for delivery. No delivery made.

I receive a phone call from City Furniture's automated system confirming delivery July 3 for which I was asked to press 1 for confirmation which I complied. Yesterday was July 3rd... No call. No delivery. Today is July 4th. I call customer service. They ask for my account. I comply. They tell me the item is on backorder AGAIN and I may POSSIBLY receiving the item August 14th. To say the least I will never do business with City Furniture Ever Ever AGAIN.

Purchased a sectional from City Furniture in Wellington. My husband had to take the day off to wait for the delivery as the only time frame that is given these days is "between 9am and 6pm" which is already an issue for working people. The delivery arrived and lo and behold part of the sectional was "mislabeled" and had to be taken back. The only thing customer care was worried about was that we were satisfied with our furniture. Well no, we are not satisfied as we do not have a complete sectional. Customer service was dismal at best. We were offered a $50 gift certificate to City Furniture. Since I don't plan on shopping there again that has no value to me. For anyone looking to purchase furniture I would strongly suggest utilizing one of the other furniture companies who truly care about their customers.

Went to City Furniture on 3 occasions looking for dining chairs. The salesperson kept telling us about their quality. I put 3 24" chairs next to each other, and all were different heights by over 1"! Did make the horrible mistake of ordering one set. Bottom line, they looked much darker in our home (I will probably take one back to the store just to hold it up to the one there). Regardless, I knew they would charge a 15% restocking fee. What they DID NOT say was you must pay the fee and take a store credit that must be used in 5 days!!! This is not custom furniture. They were delivered in boxes marked "made in China" all over them.

Bottom line - you can take something back to stores. I wouldn't have even minded the 15% if I got the rest of my money back. You can even order a chair from World Market and return it to a store (Wish I had). Went back and the salesperson was rude and didn't even get a manager to speak with. Instead told us all about her own sofa being too large and her being stuck with it too. Now, I have been on hold for customer service for over 20 minutes, as one of the chairs is damage. Horrible company!! Beware!!

I purchased a leather sectional from City Furniture about 14 months ago and a section of the sectional sinks down. This sectional is pretty much new because I'm never home, I have no kids or pets. I never in my living room or home because I travel a lot for work. I called the warranty department because I purchased the 3 years warranty plan. The tech came out today and said yes it's defective and it's nothing he could do. So the rep from City Furniture called me and said they can't replace it. My only option is a gift certificate for $150 and keep my sectional as is or a $75 credit back to the way I purchased my sofa.

Please people do not purchase furniture from this place. They sell you bull and say, "Yes with the 3 year warranty if anything happened we will fix it or replace it". Once they get your money they do not care about you, like most companies. Just be mindful when purchasing furniture. I never write reviews but I'm very disappointed with City Furniture and their customer service. I will never purchase anything else from them or their sister stores.

Purchased a bonded leather sofa that 2.5 yrs later is garbage... no good. Please be aware I work and very little use. I am a professional and take care of everything. I live alone, no pets, and no guests and the "leather came out" peeling. Also purchased a dining set: table + 4 chairs and the chairs screws came out!!!

Poor quality products, poor quality service. No warranty. 0 stars! They do not care! I called them, they requested all kind of information and after going back and forward several times they did nothing. I just noticed that other people had the same experience and complained but City Furniture did nothing. My advice do not buy anything at City Furniture.

Looking for a new dining set and bedroom set at City Furniture Stuart location. Sat down with a salesperson who checked to see if both sets were in stock. Table and chairs were in stock and only 4 of the 5 pieces were in stock for the bedroom. The 5th piece was on back order and was expected in June 24th. I was in no rush for the furniture and expressed I would like to wait until the entire set was available and then have it delivered. The salesperson said it would be in my best interest to take a partial delivery now and a second delivery with no cost to me when the final piece was in.

My concern was if for some reason the piece was discontinued I would not want the set. She then told me company policy was not to hold anything for more than 7 days. I left the store without ordering either set. I called customer service and spoke to Jan ** who is with the company 20 years and she could not believe my experience.

She suggested I go back to the store and speak to the store mgr. Jan then emailed her to let her know I'd be in around 1 PM. She also asked me to give her a call with a follow-up. I went to the store and told the greeting salespersons I would like to talk to the store mgr. I explained Jan ** spoke to her earlier and she is expecting me. The call went back to her and she sent out an assistant of hers as if she could care less. I left the store, called Jan to follow up. Three hours later finally spoke to Jan. She confirmed the store mgr was in and answered her email about my experience.

Jan then gave me an excuse maybe she was busy with other customers. Believe me 6 salespeople standing around waiting to pounce on anyone who approaches the store. No customers inside. She just couldn't be bothered. Last year I purchased 3 rooms of furniture. I'm currently looking to purchase 2 additional rooms. A few years back I bought 7 rooms of furniture for my PA home, from either Ashley and or City Furniture who are partners here in Florida. They lost a good customer. Never again.

I purchased a bonded leather sectional in 2014. It has now started to shred across the seat cushion. I live alone and I am out of the house every day (including weekends) and most evenings so the furniture has been subject to absolute minimal usage. On contacting City Furniture both at the store in Boca Raton and the head office I was (curtly) informed there was nothing they would do. Their 'customer service', it seems, ends at the sale. I wondered why they would risk their reputation and refuse to even have anyone look at what is obviously a defective product. I should have looked at the many negative reviews first - they just don't care. If it were possible to use zero stars I would do so.

I purchased Bernhardt Furniture about 2 months ago and the paint has started to chip on the tops of the night stands. I have called the City Furniture where I purchased the goods but no one wants to take responsibility. Bernhardt has only one person to contact and it goes directly to voicemail. I am requesting a refund for the furniture since I have paid over $3,000. It so funny how this company is so customer service oriented when you are buying furniture but when there are issues, it's like pulling teeth.

This company is the worst!! They sold me a leather sectional 2 years ago for top dollars and convinced me to purchase 3 years warranty that will cover everything. The quality of the product was horrible. The 3 electric recliners stopped working 5 times, other parts broke down as well and each time I called they sent an unprofessional technician that came without the parts or ordered the wrong parts + they refused to fix other things and basically the product was a lemon and the warranty is even a bigger lemon!!!

Last year we bought a white couch leather. It started to turn black. I called to see what we could do and there is nothing. It's poor quality furniture, just junk. Throw it out in a year!! As for my bedroom furniture, the knobs are falling off and breaking also. When you use polish on the wood, it looks sticky and big areas of blotched polish. Just gross. Throw it out also. So a ripoff about $10,000 worth.

I have had the worst experience with City Furniture ever! I was mislead to believe if I had any issues with the furniture it would be handled if it was within the first 24 hours. Well I guess configuration issues did not fall under that part so I had to then pay a restocking and delivery fee after repeated trips to the store and endless hours of phone conversations. After then paying the fees and delivery charges yet again they delivered the wrong furniture again which caused me to have to take off work another day to have it sent again. I got a refund on my in store policy or service warranty because I have no plans of dealing with them for three year concerning any issues because they don't deal well with customer who spend their hard earned dollars! Poor performance City Furniture.

Bought a leather sofa and love seat for $3,000.00 seven month ago in September 2015. The sofa seat sinks in, and the leather is dry and rough, peeling in the sides of both furnitures. The back of the love seat is uneven. City Furniture sent two techs to check the furniture. They are paid by them and both said the same thing. Warranty won't cover normal wear and tear. This is Unacceptable.

I had been looking at a sofa at City Furniture and after several visits went back into the store in Wellington Mall and made the purchase. I was told the items were in stock and due to living in a condo, I had to wait to set up delivery. I called the next day and made the delivery date as of March 31, 2016. I was told that they would contact me 24 hours in advance to ensure everything was good for the delivery and provide an exact time. They never called. I called the store and the SR I spoke with stated that she checked and the delivery was all set up for March 31, 2016 as requested. At 7am I received a call from the delivery company and they stated they only had 2 pieces of the 3-piece sofa that was ordered and wanted to know if I still wanted it delivered. What good would 2 pieces be without the third.

I called customer service and she stated that the third piece was on backorder and wouldn't arrive until April 27 and I could have all 3 pieces delivered on April 28. I asked why I was told it was in stock when I purchased and she didn't have an answer. I asked what compensation they would provide for me not having the sofa that I ordered and she said they offer nothing.

I could cancel if I wanted to and if I wanted to report to anyone concerning the issue to go ahead. I had the cell phone number of my SR and called her. She stated she was sorry for the inconvenience and wasn't working today but would ask. I told her I was going in to speak with a manager this evening as I don't feel it was fair to tell me something was in stock, I reserve, then I end up with half of what I paid for at the store. I wish I had read the comments before going to City Furniture then I would have shopped somewhere else to not have the headache. CAUTION upfront as I may be the lucky one that didn't end up with bad furniture since mine isn't able to be delivered as promised.

We purchased leather recliner set at City Furniture and 11 months later we noticed that the leather is peeling. After 2 unsuccessful attempts to have City Furniture fix the problem, I have decided to take them to small claims court and attempt to inform folks that everyone needs to be attentive when purchasing insurance/extended warranty. We are led to believe that everything will be fixed by the extended warranty, but sadly this is not the case. The sad thing is that in my interpretation of the extended warranty, this is something that should be covered. I am really hoping for 2 things: to have them contact me and reconsider their decision and repair the piece and to spread this message to as many people as possible.

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