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Last updated: Jan. 15, 2018

590 Starbucks Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 15, 2018

Double Charged - No Refund - No Accountability. Last Friday, January 12th, 2018, around 630 AM (PST) I bought my wife a Starbucks E-Giftcard. The amount was for $15.00. I have done this a few times prior and every purchase was without fault. Had my wife not called me and told me thanks for the gift card(s) I would have been none the wiser. I checked my emails and sure enough she was right. For some reason it duplicated my order. That means it charged me twice. I checked my bank account and it confirmed a double charge. I get it, mistakes happen. Obviously a system error. I called the phone # on the email and went through their horrible automated system that takes like 5 minutes to navigate. After locating the right department I was on hold for about 5 minutes just to hear the representative say I reached the wrong department.

In her defense, she did attempt to transfer me over to the correct department but the department was either too busy or unable to take my call at that time and she advised me to call them back. At that time I was getting annoyed. I advised her I will not call back since this was their error and that I would like to speak to a supervisor. I was then placed on hold for about 15 minutes then spoke with a supervisor who then told me again that they couldn't help me and that she will attempt to transfer me to the correct party. Her 'attempt' was a failed one as all she did was blind transfer me to their automated queue only to go through another automated process of verifying who I am then I was on hold for about 40 minutes.

Finally spoke with a guy who advised they technically were not a part of Starbucks but a 3rd party that Starbucks uses to handle their egift purchases. He verified that both of the purchases and cancelled one and that I will be getting a refund immediately and should receive an email within 5 to 10 minutes. 3 DAYS LATER... Still no word from anyone. No confirmation. No email. No refund. I've sent numerous emails only to have some automated response that they are sorry and will attempt to call me (last Friday). No phone calls either. This is by far the worst experience I've ever had with Starbucks. They took my money, although it's a small amount it's still mine and I did NOT authorize a charge. Obviously it's a duplicate because the ecard and message are the exact same and ordered at the exact time 635am. I didn't order 2. Just the 1. So now I have to chase them down over $15 bucks. This is a waste of my time.

Am I going to order from Starbucks in the future? Probably because my wife loves them. She said to let it go and she will just keep the duplicate. She can't now because the guy said it's been cancelled. But maybe it isn't. Maybe it is. I have nothing to go off of except their word which doesn't mean anything at this point. Just another big corporation that doesn't care about the consumers. They got so big they forgot how to make good coffee which is why I never drink theirs. I prefer Peet's Coffee or Coffee Bean anyways. So Starbucks if you're reading this, just know you lost your vision. Maybe you need to reread your mission statement again.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 14, 2018

Starbucks, 19127 Biscayne Blvd (Aventura), Florida - This place is located in the one of the beautiful locations at Aventura Florida but it is so dirty and nasty. The are never empty the trash outside during the day or clean the place. Complained many times, send to Starbucks letters with pictures attached, asking for action. Nothing been done.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 5, 2018

The Texas City Starbucks has the best people working. They are always friendly and helpful. But the morning staff goes above and beyond even at their busiest times! Food is excellent.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 5, 2018

Service and quality of foods were good in Starbucks. Clean place to eat and drink. We didn't have to wait too long to get helped. Many items were available.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2018

The staff was very helpful in my selection of the ice coffee, never order one prior to this visit. Great experience. Very friendly and professional plus the drink was great.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 3, 2018

Great coffee selections, the food could use some improvement based on what I have tried. I believe that is premade and stored in a refrigerator and then taken out and warmed up later.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2018

Fantastic, outrageous and love it. The most delicious thing I have tasted out of all coffees. This is the best one. Thank you for making it nice to enjoy.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 1, 2018

The staff is incredibly friendly & helpful, making an effort to know everybody & how they like their purchases. They are fast especially with the mobile orders.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2017

It was a good introduction to the world of coffee beyond Folgers; now I brew my own from gourmet coffees obtained online and elsewhere. I sometimes stop at a local kiosk; I've pretty much stopped going to Starbucks.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 30, 2017

The coffee drinks are the best in this area, the food is ok! The muffins and yogurt are awesome, the drinks great. I did not like the smoothie (strawberry)!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2017

I like Starbucks. Their restaurants are clean, quiet and the selection of coffee, tea, and food items is good. They are a bit pricey so I don't make going there a daily habit, but when I do go I enjoy it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 28, 2017

Expensive but good drink, I like the food but not a big variety. There are plenty of locations near me. There's always a new drink coming out, I use gift cards or I would not go at all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 27, 2017

I feel that they have more breakfast items than nice good lunch items. A few years back they use to have a good selection on salads and sandwiches. Please bring back the salad with grilled shrimp and the turkey sandwich.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2017

I used to visit Starbucks regularly on my way to work and purchase coffee and sometimes the oatmeal raisin cookie via the drive-through, but I noticed a difference in coffee taste, and discovered that Starbucks was no longer providing 18% cream with the coffee. This made a huge difference for me. I contacted their head office, but did not receive an adequate reply, so now I buy my coffee elsewhere through another chain which has an outlet across the road.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 25, 2017

I am a long time Starbucks customer and have really enjoyed the tea options this year. I like the many different sandwiches and snacks as well as the ones for breakfast. I like the frappuccinos but mainly the caramel one. I wish they had more flavors without chocolate or mocha as that does not agree with my digestion. I have been to many cafes and have not found them all as friendly as the ones in my hometown or as clean. I also find it disappointing that the Barnes and Noble Starbucks does not take the card so you miss out on points.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 24, 2017

The customer service is also great. Will make the coffee as you wish. Even willing to help you decide what you want or try come close. The food is okay. Pastries are Great...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 23, 2017

I like coffee with just a bit of cream. Not all this flavorings with high fructose corn syrup. When you receive an iced drink you receive a full cup of ice with little drink in it. Coffee is too expensive. Rather go to a cafe and always receive free refills. Won't happen there.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 22, 2017

Good choices but need not to run out all schedules not the same. My breakfast hours are later than business folks or school children who frequent the area restaurant.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 21, 2017

Starbucks is not taking responsibility for stopping franchisees from blocking access to updates for operating system security from Microsoft and others. This makes the store a haven for thieves and hackers that victimize customers. A boo and hiss is in order, go to McDonald's instead.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 15, 2017

In my area I am having consistent problems across all stores. The coffee never seems to taste right. I call the 800 number. They apologize and give me a nominal credit. It's ridiculous. I must have called their corp office at least 50 times. What does it take to get your stores trained to make a cup of coffee properly? You are a coffee company after all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2017

Dear Starbucks Team, received poor service in the O'Hare Oasis on Thursday, Nov 30, 2017. Not only was I sold a bag of goods; the attendant told me that with over $20 I would receive $5 back, so I dutifully ordered another $4,50 item to reach the amount, to which she said, "Sorry the cash register didn't work. I can't make good on the offer!" What??!! Seriously??! Are we in the US? Then I could get a receipt (for my expenses) because the same attendant threw out the receipt without asking and wasn't willing to get it or print another one? Seriously??!!! To make things worse my venti caramel macchiato which I needed after 20 hours of flight time, didn't get made. Sorry?!!! "That 's what y'all call "service"?!! I'm never upset and rarely served poorly in your stores but this one is an exception that drove me to write you. Hope you fix your problems. I'm done with y'all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 3, 2017

Absolutely adore Starbucks coffee, whether bagged, brewed or K-cups. I sometimes have to wait five minutes for a 'pour over' since I often order decaf or 1/2 caf. That I don't understand, especially since it's late afternoon or early evening, when decaf would be needed. However, the coffee is wonderful, service done with a smile and the store atmosphere is welcoming.

I have two distinctly bad reviews about products I wanted to share. The first is the Mocha coffee K-cup I found in a discount bin at my grocery store. It was SO awful, I took two sips, threw out the rest of the cup and returned the rest to the store. It had a metallic, artificial taste that was unlike anything I've ever tasted and was undrinkable.

The second is the new Christmas mug called the "wink mug." It is adorably cute and the texture is smooth and almost soft to the touch. Yellow handle and one winking eye, plus it's microwavable, which my gray/gold "Scales" anniversary mug from Starbucks is not. What could possibly be wrong with it? Well, for one, you can't hold it with one hand. It is very wide and requires two hands. The second is the lip of the mug hit my teeth each time I took a sip, and I don't have especially long teeth. Jarring! It's going back as well. Seriously, those are the only two products of Starbucks I've ever hated. I don't like the blonde roast, but that's just because of the lemon flavor in the roast.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

I Go to the Starbucks in Newnan Georgia (#8569) Just about every day. I want thank Dilland (assistant manager) for always taking good care OF me. He even knows me by name. This is why I come here so much. Thanks.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2017

It seems as though Starbucks are forgetting that customer service and respect is the basis of any business. The locations are now making bad cups of coffee, being disrespectful to customers, and if you complain they have a nerve to want to argue with you. The managers are just as unprofessional as the baristas. The management only want numbers for their store not good customer service. I have been a loyal customer of Starbucks for years but I am done with this type of treatment. Taking my business to Panera Bread. At least I am treated respectfully and they correct errors.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2017

I received my bank statement and noticed two back to back unauthorized charges for 50 dollars each. I have called Starbucks over ten times to get this resolved. Three times they hung up on me. The rest were a mix of random options, none of which has seen my money returned. I don't drink coffee nor have I ever had a Starbucks card. They have said that my bank has to do a recharge for the amount, when asked why they could not do it, they responded by saying they do not have my credit card info. I attempted to provide it they said no. I asked them how did they take my money and not have my info.

Worse of all I am disabled and on a fixed income, this unauthorized charge is gonna cause my electricity to be shut off for lack of funds which will possibly have me lose my housing support because one of the rules to get help is to not have electricity shut off. I have told them this and they still don't seem to care. This started on Oct 4th and they still have my money and will not help me. For being such a community conscious company. They are horrible at the way they treat you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

Starbucks is getting more and more pricey for a bad cup of whatever you drink. Everyone is sucked into this need to spend half your paycheck for a bad cup of Joe. Just because it's trendy. The quality of service and product has drop over the years but the price keeps going up, up, up. I am coming from a place where I see my wife spend hundreds a month on her favorite a Chai tea. The thing that gets me is they never ever get it right when she orders. Ever. 99 percent of the time they forget to put the whip cream on even when she says "Don't forget the whip cream." Or it will come warm not hot. Think about it. A drink that cost $4.80 you think you could at least make it right. Just so done with paying their prices for a sub par at best drink.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

Well, I have had a lot of issues using my Starbucks card. I called customer service to get a new card over a year ago and never received my card. I didn't have time to call and get a new card so I just didn't use it. Also, your customer service is God awful and I am upset that I go to Starbucks every week to get a coffee, as well as, my wife and I am never able to get the point. Next, I was never able to use my card on my birthday because it would not register that I have a free birthday drink. Thanks for that. It's just disappointing that this company can give two ** about the customer. Thanks for the ** service over the years. Lastly, try to get employees that have a better outlook on life. They all seem to be depressed. Thanks or should I say, "No thanks."

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

I called customer service to ask them to add my receipt from the store so I can have a stars added to my account. I explain to the representative that I left my phone at home that's why I have to pay cash. And his response was rude, well it's a one-time thing and it's my fault that I left my phone home. Seriously!!! This is how you treat a customer who spends thousands of dollars a year for coffee and food at their place! Never going back to Starbucks again, I don't want to deal with people like that when I need help! and it's not like I was asking for free stars or rewards, I pay my money and I want my stars to be added to my account!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2017

Starbucks stores are freezing!! Especially on days where the temperature is between 60-80 degrees. I've complained on at least 3 occasions, but their temperature controls for AC are in Seattle. Unbelievable. Furthermore, coffee is bitter (most of my friends agree) and the app is full of glitches. Another example of how corporate offices can be out of touch with customers.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

Bought the Milk Frother at the official Starbucks website. Had been a client for years. Paid twice as much as similar product on stores because I thought that a company like Starbucks would check the quality and consequently back up their providers, all to find out that the product is of a very poor quality. Used it for not more than 20 times, paid $59.95 + Tax for a product that didn't last at all. When calling Starbucks customer service, they need all sort of information, to corroborate that it is actually one of their products.

There is a metal sticker at the bottom of the appliance, with a model number, and STARBUCKS in big black letters. Also there is an imprint of the brand in the carafe, that seems not to be enough, they need a receipt. Unbelievable. They sell you some cheap appliance that you can get for a third of the price at any grocery store and won't take responsibility when it brakes. After a while, the CS representative, became repetitive, completely useless, and I said I was disappointed and won't be a customer anymore of a company that do not stand by their customers, she hung up on me. Great!! I kind of regret being so nice and civil because I felt utterly insulted by the company, their lack of commitment and rude response from their employee. Terrible company.

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