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Last updated: Dec. 6, 2017

96 T.G.I. Friday's Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Dec. 6, 2017

TGI Fridays at #2473 is very unprofessional. I tried ordering my food by phone however I was unable to describe the drink to the person taking my order. So I came inside. Once inside I was not greeted and treated very poorly. I ordered my food and my drink. The drink did not taste the same at all. I listened to the manager and she explained that possibly it may have been a different drink. I described the drink to her and she told the bartender to make it. I made sure that I told them to add boba to the drink. She didn't and when I request that she do so she got upset. Stormed into the kitchen to find the manager. That took about 10 minutes then she handed me a sloppy cup of drink.

The manager bust through the doors and said, "We don't add boba to the drink." I then had to explain again everything that I had in the drink once again. She rolled her eyes and asked another employee to charge me for the bobas. The employee came out and basically threw them in my hands. One container fell on the floor. The employee Ariel turned her back and didn't say anything to me. The manager walked past and didn't say anything to me. I was still waiting patiently to pay .49 for Boba. So after waiting for the long period of time. Ariel followed me out to the parking lot. She then told me I had to pay for the boba.

I told her that I decided that I wanted to return the food. The manager came over with a hostile attitude. She didn't apologize, try to rectify the situation or anything. She simply printed out a receipt and said that I'd receive a refund in three business days. This was very inconvenient and embarrassing. I was treated unfairly and poorly. I think that TGI Friday's should definitely look into this situation. I've only had the pleasure of dining with them twice and this will definitely be my last time. I'm not only giving TGI Friday's a bad review on google but I will also be posting this to my social media networks.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 18, 2017

I have been a member of Friday's Rewards club for over 7 years, and have only recently encountered any problems. During the past 3 or 4 months, I haven't been able to redeem my rewards points because the website does not recognize my email as being linked to my points; but here's the thing. Friday's sends messages to my email address, I'm able to sign into my account using that address, and my visits/points histories are linked to that email. I have tried to work this out with their tech people repeatedly, but it is still happening. They've suggested that there is a problem with my email address, but can't tell me what that might be, and can't explain why my points history is linked to that email. Quite frustrating. Fridays' doesn't really seem interested in fixing the problem.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

They say big ribs are bigger. NOT. I’m glad they didn't say juicier because they were dry and tasted like jerky. They use to be real good. TGIFridays need to get it together on the food and not just focus on their bar drinks.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

So I ordered my food from the Friday's in Western Hills in Cincinnati, Ohio. My first order was messed up. I order a Jack Daniels steak with shrimp. They gave me no Jack Daniels sauce so I called the manager. She said she's going to remake my order. My son drove back up there the second time to get my order. This time they gave me my Jack Daniels steak but did not give me the shrimp I paid for so my son had to drive back up there third time and all the manager could tell me is, "If you want me to make the shrimp and you just eat the steak then you could do that." Like I told her gas is not free. This is our third time making his trip up here. The right thing to do was will be to reimburse me half of my money back but she refused and said she will give me all my money back so now I'm going to have to go somewhere else to eat every time I order from them. I have to make 3 trips up there just to get my food right. This is not good.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2017

So we went for lunch at the TGI Friday’s in the Orleans Casino. Everything was fine, the waitress was by our table a few times, brought our food, drinks, bill. I decided to pay for us using my Amex card. She was too busy to come back so we walked up the pmt. She rang it up, tried to cover the register with her body while ringing. So we talked, she asked me to sign. I read and signed. I did not authorize any additional tip, I left one in the booklet with the card. I left her copy on the counter I took mine. Upon getting home, received a text about my new balance. 00000. I had just enough for lunch and left me some till payday. I live on a tight budget, so eating out is a treat. Anyways, on the bottom of the bill you can add a tip, which the waitress helped herself and took another tip. It's not only that she got a cash tip, guess it wasn't up to her standards, so she added one. And it's not that it was only another $7, it's the principle, it's theft.

I gave her what I had, and she wanted more. What right do they have to take more? A tip is a gift, not an entitlement. Should be grateful she has a job, but to steal others’ hard earned money is disgraceful. And when going back to speak with manager, she said she can't help me, that the night manager may be able to. Then why is she a manager and why get the title and pay if you can't do the job? I spoke with Amex, they saw the double hit for pmt and will be returning my money. They were sorry, but they shouldn't be sorry, TGI Friday’s needs to be sorry and tell their staff to stop stealing. So anyone that never disputed the bill, they keep the additional tips. It's theft. It's up to the consumer, customer if they will give a tip, not for the staff to just take one because they feel like it. Theft is theft.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

I went to Fridays on 541 in Burlington, New Jersey with my brother and his girlfriend. When I arrived, the hostess guided us to a table that was extremely dirty. I wouldn't let my dog eat on that table let alone a person. So my brother asked for a booth. The booth they choose to give us was still dirty and my brother and his girlfriend stood awhile so somebody can clean the table. After we got settled at the table and got our food, the person serving my food put my plate upside down. I took it as a sign of disrespect. I guess they didn't want my business there. Not once during the time we ate our food did the waitress ask if everything was OK or if we needed anything else. I was disgusted that I didn't eat all my food. This was the worst experience that I ever had in a restaurant. I guess we were the wrong ** or they just didn't like the way I looked.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

I was visiting Orlando Florida for my birthday weekend and we went to Friday's. It was awesome. The customer service there is great. I wouldn't change a thing. The food was excellent. If I had to rate this restaurant it would get a hundred percent. Love y'all. Tallahassee Florida is a great Friday's too.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

This review is for the TGI Fridays in the Clarion Hotel on Fowler, Tampa, FL. My daughter and I went to grab a bite because the restaurant is close to the hospital where my husband is. I ordered a french dip and my daughter ordered ribs. The meat was rancid - we could only take a few bites. The "au jus" for the french dip smelled and tasted like sewer water. When we went to the restroom, water pipes were gurgling and feces was coming up on the floor. The smell was deplorable! Both my daughter and I got very sick. Sick to the point that I thought I needed to go downstairs to the ER where my husband is. I am so dehydrated due to the vomiting and diarrhea. I had to throw away my shoes due to the feces on them from the restroom. Don't do this to yourselves. The entire staff appeared oblivious to any of these conditions.

The Health Dept will be notified. Feces on the floor of a restaurant caused by THEIR pipes is unacceptable. At this point, my hospitalized husband is not the only one who needs to have their lives saved! Why do I know it is food poisoning? I have been poisoned before. We were fine before eating there. I haven't had a stomach virus in over 20 years! Please! Take me seriously. This is dangerous. Not to mention the risk of hepatitis which lives 28 days after being exposed to oxygen!! Oh, and other illnesses which thrive in feces. On the floor. In a restaurant. The last I heard, we aren't in a 3rd world country with flies and maggots in food. Plus, a 3rd world restaurant wouldn't charge $50 for the privilege of getting violently ill. STAY AWAY!! You'll be glad that you took my advice!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

We ordered online and we picked it up. When we opened up the dinner, consisted of a cold food. The little dab of Mac and cheese was cold and was about 5 spoons full. The coleslaw did not have any dressing. The ribs were not barbequed. They were not smoked, they were either cooked in an oven or boiled. And as for barbeque sauce, there was such a little bit I had to put more of my own on them. Their ad on TV is very misleading.

Original review: July 28, 2017

Today my husband, my children & I came for lunch & were appalled by the terrible service we encountered. Firstly we ordered our appetizers, drinks & the kids’ meals. When the appetizers came out we ordered our meals. The 1st mistake we ordered traditional wings & we received boneless. That was understandable given we were under the impression that we wouldn't have such horrific service later on. The wings were replaced. The children's meals came out as well as our drinks. We waited for more than thirty minutes then our server came to us with our bill. We have been to plenty of restaurants with great stature as well as chain restaurants including Fridays & we have never experienced receiving a bill before our main course has reached the table.

I found it rather offensive because we wanted dessert but felt it wasn't necessary because we were already given a bill as if we were ready to exit without being asked by our server if we were ready for it. When we did look at the bill we saw that we were charged for an Endless App however we didn't ask for that & were also charged for buffalo wings. Our food came about forty five minutes after we ordered & it was disgusting. My salad was soggy as if it had stayed out for a while & my add on steak was charred although I requested for it to be medium well.

At this point my family & I were already annoyed at the server bringing the bill & decided not to send it back but to ask for to go containers so we could leave. The server handed us 2 small Styrofoam boxes. When I finally got her attention I asked for a larger container. She told me that the restaurant was out of clear top containers. At this point furious because I saw another server handing out the same container I asked for. I went to look for the manager. Neil was no help. He made an excuse for ** before he heard me out fully or consulted with the server about my overcharge on my bill. I will never return to this location & I will also Inform my colleagues & friends to no longer visit this location either.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: July 14, 2017

All I wanted was to have some great Onion Soup for lunch. Ordered through Seamless app. Couldn't wait for it to be delivered. When I got it... it was a very small portion and it tasted awful! It tasted like water and no cheese!!! Just a few pieces of soggy bread and watered down soup. My coworker specifically asked for no onions or pickles on her burger... of course they put loads on. It's sad because I really enjoyed their food. It just seemed they didn't care at all.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 10, 2017

Bill was less than $9. I tipped $2 (more than 20 percent), but appears waitress altered tip amount, as when my credit card bill came in the mail --TGI Friday receipt did not match actual credit card charge. In fact, $18 was added to my bill (appears tip was changed from $2 to $20--). Very dishonest and disappointing! Food was fine, but what an unbelievably dishonest experience.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 5, 2017

I went with my Fiancee to store #1875 for dinner last night and was totally embarrassed, when this Be Our Guest Certificate # ** did not work. I talk to the manager on duty and the waitress (#14 Katie) who both stated that there was no money on it and it would not go through, I have not and had not attempted to use any of the Be Our Guest Certificates sent to me. Which I am sure you can see that I just received them and have not used them. Where is the customer service at TGI Friday's.

So embarrassed. It’s bad enough that we experienced a horrible night at store #1541, the waitress stole my entire gift card amount and I had to speak with the store management and customer service 10 to 12 times about the situation and what they offered to do to correct it, only to have the Be Our Guest Certificate # ** from corporate/customer service not even work. Do you even care at all about your customers or customer service?

I think I need to post my experience on every site and all social media available. This is unheard of treatment. Will the other Be Our Guest Certificates even work. Are they good??? No one seems to care at any point from start to now. And I can't believe they are charging $7.00 for the skimpy tiny portions of brownie and ice cream on their dessert, it use to be a large brownie and large scoop of ice cream. Now it’s a rip off!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 30, 2017

Slow service. Rude waiter. We asked for things. Never got them. He wasn't knowledgeable about anything on the menu. Food took forever and it was terrible. Asked for 3 glasses of water. Took forever and when he comes back his hands were all over the top where I drink. Not drinking that. Then we had to listen to the rude obnoxious bartenders you had working. I'm done. Don't have to worry about me ever eating or drinking at Fridays!!! And this wasn't my first bad experience. But it was my last!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 20, 2017

Ordered the onion soup described and pictured as containing caramelized onions. Came as a canned broth with a hunk of bread and with melted goop. Worst ever had and overpriced. We won't be going back when the menu describes one thing and they serve you something else.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2017

I arrived at TGIF at 12:15 pm, it took about 10 minutes to be served. Service did not improve. The waiter consistently brought one item at a time. He seemed to be unable to remember more than one thing at a time. Additionally we told him we wanted separate checks which he totally messed up. He put the whole bill on my card then asked my friend if she could pay her part to me in cash. We told him no that he needed to split the bill. He messed it up again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2017

Went to TGIFriday's at Union Deposit Harrisburg PA, at 2 PM on Sunday June 11. It was definitely a slow period as the restaurant was not crowded at all. Were greeted and seated promptly, server was quick and attentive with drinks. We were asked to cut into our steaks to determine doneness, which we did, but it turned out the steaks were the warmest item on the plate, with the rest lukewarm at best. Should have stopped and sent it back right then, but we were hungry and had started on the steaks. Were given a place to comment on review on the receipt and did so immediately when we got home.

Late on Wednesday had received no response, so contacted TGIF again on their website. Finally received a generic boiler plate response from Reynald ** at Guest Relations Support "we are sorry... expect better next visit etc." No answer to my where do I turn in my gift card and stripes points for cash as I have no desire or intention to dine at TGIFridays again... EVER! So strike one lukewarm meal, Strike out, no definitive response by TGIF when given a chance to step up and make amends. Finished and done with TGIFridays. TGIF. In my opinion what TGIF really stands for: That Gastrointestinal Impotent Fiasco. If you are in Harrisburg PA near Union Deposit, there are dozens of choices nearby. Texas Roadhouse, Outback Steak House are right across the street! and O'Reilly's Tap Room & Kitchen around the corner are much better options!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 1, 2017

I went to T.G.I. Friday's with some friends the other day. I was excited, and I wanted to get some drinks because I was stressed. Well, as usual I gave my order and the waitress asked for my ID. When I gave it to her she told me that she could not accept it because it was VERTICAL. Mind you, my ID is not expired and she could have gone by my birth date. No. It was "company policy." It's a ridiculous policy and she gave me some cock and bull story to go along with her disrespect. I'm never coming back again to any of the restaurants.

Verified Buyer
Original review: May 23, 2017

Went to get a Table at T.G.I. Friday's in Altoona PA around 8 pm on a Sat evening. When arrived asked the manager for a table for 15 since family was going to meet me. Fridays was a little busy but I could see lot of tables open. However, the manager told me he could not take a party that big since it would overwork the cook, and they could not help me. Went down the road and Applebee's move some tables and took care of us. So I will never go to T.G.I. Friday's ever again in Altoona PA and I feel the manager needs to understand without customers they will have no Job.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2017

Great waitress, very sweet. Sitting in the bar watching the game. Party of 2 both ordered $10 unlimited appetizers ($20). I ordered an iced tea $2.50. My husband ordered a drink that was $6.50. Drinks = $9.00. To go order $14.50. Total was over $78.00. WAIT WHAT!!! Each time we go here and eat in the bar we are overcharged. I went through the receipt line by line for the manager to show which items were taken off and which items I was charged twice $9 something for or $6 something for. I told him exactly what our bill should be prior to taxes and I was 100% accurate. My point is I think they do this intentionally in the bar area as some people just hand over their card or are too tipsy to look line by line. But it's wrong. CHECK YOUR RECEIPT!

Verified Buyer
Original review: March 20, 2017

I placed an order online for the first time with TGIF. I was given a 6:18 pickup time. I got there at about 6:30. When I arrived I waited at the "to go" area for 5 mins before someone recognized I was there. When they did, I told them I ordered online, however they were not expecting me nor were they given any receipt for me to sign. A second person showed and asked me what I ordered. He came back aft 5 mins with a bag. In the meantime I know my food is now getting cold. 10 mins my fault, another 10 on the staff. Then we look in the bag. One sandwich is missing. So now I ask for a manager. While I am waiting on the manager the guy comes back out with the sandwich. Now... I wait at least 15 more minutes for the manager. My food must be cold by now. AND the server comes out with the Au Jus that they also forgot when he brought the missing sandwich.

The manager finally comes out, no name tag. Burly Hispanic young man with a beard. I tell him why I am unhappy with the customer service and it is not the actual staff who spoke with me but the online pickup disorganization. Missing food, no receipt ready for me to sign, etc. So he goes to the computer in the back to print out a receipt. When he comes back a young lady comes with him. He shows me the paper to sign so while I sign she is talking to him asking "how does this online service work?" He starts talking to her and I have long finished signing, took 10 seconds. After some more time passes I have to ask him "Sir are you done with me now?" He says "oh yes..." But I get no remorseful apology for my inconvenience.

I have to bring to his attention, that the norm would be a heartfelt apology for my wait, my lack of good service so MAYBE I could consider going back there, even to sit down for a meal. He says he did apologize but if he did it was unforgettable at the first contact. I don't remember it at all. Don"t remember his name since he had no name tag. So I will not be going back there and will certainly not recommend if anyone asks. The location was Town East store number 2603 6:30 pm March 19, 2017. Maybe a regional manager can find out who this Manager is and train him on bettering the CS there. Oh just remembered. I ordered coleslaw with my sandwich, was given fries instead, shows clearly on the receipt. Shame on me for not checking ALL the boxes thoroughly.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2017

Worst service. Went to TGI Fridays in Langhorne, PA on a Thursday night. It took an hour to get a table and then the drinks alone took a half hour. The food was burnt when it finally came out and not even the kids were happy about the wait. Not returning.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2016

We went to the Milford, Ma TGIF on 12/30/2016 ordered burgers. It took over a 1/2 an to get our food. The place was not busy. The food was cold. While sitting there a table beside us got served. The server got called from the back. She yelled across the dining room - unprofessional. The place was dirty tables not cleared. We will not go back to TGIF because this happened to us at the TGIFs in Manchester, NH. Poor management from the CEO done they do not take care of problems. We won't be back ever. I'll tell my friends what happen and tell them not to waste their time going to TGIF.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 28, 2016

On Veterans day, we (my sister, grandfather, and myself) decided to go to TGI Fridays in Mondawmin Mall in Baltimore since I would get a military discount where we were given the worst service on the planet. The bar was packed but the guests seated were really not high in volume. I believe about 3 other tables but that's it. The waiter who was taking our order seemed very unaware of what he was doing and his clothes were not clean. He told us he was a bus boy and just filling in for someone. He assured us he can also wait tables as well and not to worry. Well we never got silverware, our drinks were late. The silverware when it finally appeared to us, was very dirty. I asked for more silverware which took about 15 minutes. Our food took over an hour to be delivered to our table. It was just really bad.

The table beside us which held only one guest, was pretty disappointed since she had been there before us and still hadn't received her food. I asked for the manager but he was uninterested to talk to me. So I called corporate who listened and was in complete utter shock regarding what and how things were being handled. They gave me a $25 come back gift for the troubles. By the time the GM Sabreen ** came to my table, it was too late. I was already ending the call with corporate and our to go boxes were already coming out to us because two hours of wasted time, we had no chance to eat-in as planned.

Just to make things clear, I am pregnant and disabled so I have to keep things calm and peaceful for MY wellbeing. My sister is a nurse who was on her lunch break and was extremely late getting back to work. My grandfather was no longer hungry and needed his diaper changed. Well yesterday, 12/27/2016, we went back to TGI Fridays to use our come back $25 gift to spend some time together and eat, at this time, I am 22 weeks pregnant and very hungry for the steak they serve (they as TGIF as a whole, not just this location).

So upon arrival, me, my sister, and grandfather, we were told to wait a second so they can clean a table from this young lady host with a pony tail and glasses, ** young girl. But we instantly realized the server for that section was the Bus boy from the last experience at that location and instantly asked her in a very respectful and professional matter if we could sit in another servers section due to our last experience.

She seemed agitated but said sure but we would have to wait. Well that was no problem for us since we saw there weren't that many guests anyway and the section we wanted was quite a bit of available tables for us. So it had gone on 15 minutes and we are still waiting to be seated. We had been standing there and talking to a NEW EMPLOYEE of TGI Fridays who was on break and on his first day. He pointed out across the room that the host was telling the Bus boy waiter that we didn't want to be served by him. And we looked and saw the two of them pointing towards our way and laughing. I instantly thought that was odd. I had on the same Buddha sweater I wore on Veterans Day but it didn't seem funny to me so the new guy suggested that she was only telling him what we requested.

I was in disbelief and a little shocked so I decided that I would call corporate regarding this unfairness treatment. I called corporate and 5 more minutes had passed. I'm on the telephone giving corporate information regarding the wait time we had been given only to be seated in a different section and of course describing what was going on in front of my eyes. Next thing I know, the manager on duty (Chavis or Shavis **) comes walking out with a smile on his face stating we are now banned and were not welcomed to eat at his location anymore. I was on the phone with corporate and got this information from my sister who was at the time, talking with Chavis/Shavis **. I was shocked and instantly told corporate that the manager just banned us from the location for no apparent reason.

The gentlemen I was on the phone with seemed shocked and asked for that manager's name so I asked the guy his name. He gave me his name after I mentioned corporate wants it and he said he did not care and that they couldn't do anything to him for banning US. I asked the guy on the other line if he is hearing all of this and he stated he did. Now I am still on the line with him and he's apologizing for the experience and I let him know, We would not be coming back to this location but asked where we could use the comeback gift at and he told me, we can use it at any location. I said okay great.

He then asked me if we were told why we were being banned. I told him no so he told me to ask so he can document it. I asked my sister who was still talking to this smiling Chavis/Shavis ** in a peaceful manner if he told her why we were being banned and she said the Bus boy got offended because we wanted to be seated in another section and no longer feels comfortable with us in the building.

The guy from corporate apologized for that in shock and I knew at that time I needed to leave before the stress of the situation caused a seizure and the standing caused something to go wrong with my unborn. I was finishing the call with corporate when Sabreen ** came out from the back. My sister proceeded to talk with her. I was telling my sister not to worry about it. We don't want to eat anywhere we are not wanted due to something hazardous happening to our food. Something, healthwise, me or my grandfather could not afford. I told her corporate will handle this matter and we can use the coupon somewhere else. So we left to the location in Towson Center, MD. 7 miles away.

So today, 12/28/2016 at 11:14am I got a call from operations John at TGI Fridays who apologized for the inconvenience and wanted more information. I gave the info just as its written here. He then stated he needed to call back the GM Sabreen ** to get her details. He called me back instantly and told me that he got the reason why we were banned was because we cursed out the hostess and called her out of her name. I was a little bothered by that since It never happened. I told him that was not true and he stated well that's what he was told. But the ban has been lifted just as long as we could conduct ourselves as respectable customers. I said I have always been respectful no matter the situation or where I am at. And asked him to repeat what was said.

He then stated she and two others witnessed this "cursing the host moment" out. See what I do not like is being lied on and my character being attacked like this. I told him he should pull the cameras to see how peaceful it was where we stood the entire time. I also asked why they would lie like that. I even brought up the retaliation for telling on them on Veterans day. I then stated the best thing that could have happened was an apology. John immediately got upset and said "I already apologized." I then stated "not from you but from the manager. Not only are they lying about why they discriminated against us but they honestly believe we would come back because the ban is lifted as if that would be comfortable to eat there, a place where they don't like us."

John also stated that the manager Sabreen ** said we looked like we wanted to get hostile. I then asked him why were we judged based on how we looked? A pregnant woman, a Nurse, and an 89 year old man looked like we wanted to get hostile and fight? That makes no logical sense. I then stated that I would just be taking this a step further and getting it handled legally. The phone call from him only made things worse. My pride will not allow these people to do this to anyone else ever again. I intend on having this baby, finishing the current lawsuit I am involved in right now which is almost done and filing one against that location for the treatment to 2 disabled persons. My advice to them would be to get a great lawyer and keep the hostile behavior tapes...

An apology would have been free. But to lie and devalue my character is nothing I want to happen to anyone else. Now this will be on my mind for the rest of the day. I even have to be careful to not over stress or I will have a stress related seizure due to this drama they created. My sister called this John person and left a voicemail for him so he can hear what they were saying to her. I told her not to go to the location anymore. The treatment is clearly personal and I don't understand how those people can even be managers. I set a reminder to get this case taken care of. My due date is April 25th, 2016. The current federal lawsuit I am winning is almost over. Thank goodness. I never like to be judged or mishandled in anyway. I will take care of this the legal way. All three of us...

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 11, 2016

*For fear of retaliation, denial of service I'm posting this "Complaint" on Consumer Affairs.* So I eat at this particular Friday's everyday except Sundays. I noticed over a period of time that the manager Brooke is very rude and obnoxious... Yesterday while behind the bar attending to the cash register I politely asked Brooke why she doesn't speak to me she doesn't say hello or anything when I sit at this bar daily! A few people told me that work there she's a racist, I have no other choice but to believe this... Because she said to me and I quote: "No I don't speak to your kind", wtf!? Is that supposed to mean??? When you find out inbox me and let me know thank you... I'll be keeping and making a record of all of this so that for future reference she can't deny any service, this will lay the foundation to prove and establish the validity of everything that I'm complaining about. Thank you.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2016

Around 1130 pm we celebrated my husband birthday with our niece and friend at Fridays #5332, 50 Bayonne Crossing Way, Bayonne NJ 07002 with Telephone number 201.339.5904. We situated ourselves in the bar and our friend forgot his identification. **, the bar manager told us that our friend will not be allowed in the bar and if we want to stay we can dine in the dining room. I clarified with our server if we can still dine with the happy hour menu %50 discount for appetizer and she said that should not be a problem and she will informed the dining room server that we came from the bar. We ate for about an hour, the bill came to all regular prices. ** Our new server in the dining room was very professional and very approachable. We spoke to our server and said that there has been a mistake in our bill.

After a minute, ** came and said that the prices in bar doesn't apply in the dining room. I explained to him that we were promised by the server in the bar that we would be honour for the %50 discount. He disagreed and was very argumentative stating to me that the no one has the authority to make that decision. I asked if we can talk to someone else, owner perhaps. He said that TGIF is owned by TGIF. He also had the audacity to tell me that he doesn't appreciate my attitude. He never apologized and he said he was going to remove "2" items on regular prices from our bill but because of my attitude he will not do that.

I explained to him that I will never come back to TGIF. The way he handle the situation was unacceptable. I told him I don't have a problem paying the bill if I was notified in the very beginning. He was very rude, very argumentative, and doesn't have any managerial customer service skills. He was very racist and doesn't care about our customer satisfaction. Please investigate and have the appropriate corrective action.

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Original review: Aug. 7, 2016

It's been multiple trips to T.G.I. Friday's in Milford MA when I have been sick to my stomach for hours afterwards. In this occasion my wife had the same symptoms. We didn't order anything unusual, just some appetizers and Jack Daniel's dishes. We're not going back.

Original review: July 8, 2016

First impression matters. Hostess sucked. She was rude and unprofessional. Her whole demeanor was as if we were bothering her. When our table was ready she addressed us as "You two let's go." The menus were too big and the food was pricey for the selections. My wife has a seafood allergy and we alerted the waitress with our order of chicken bruschetta pasta (no fish). The waitress came back and let us know that she alerted the cook of my wife's allergy and she assured that he was gonna make it fresh. She came back 10 minutes later stating that the manager was concerned and didn't want to chance it being that the pasta was made in the same pan the fish was in. So we order burgers. After 10 more minutes the chicken bruschetta shows up with the waitress explaining that they washed the pan good and "see no fish on it." Hmm... I was fitting to send it back and get the burger but we already waited 20 minutes to eat.

As we waited for whichever food came, my wife went to use the bathroom and returned very unhappy. The bathroom was filthy with blood on the toilets, the floor was sticky and it reeked of urine. With the original order the waitress asked if we wanted bread with our meals. No bread came however it showed up on the bill. We complained about being charged for something we never got despite giving us something the manager didn't want to chance. $42 for something we didn't order. Service was terrible and food matched. Maybe because it was a Thursday night, but I guess Friday's is only good on Fridays because we could never get in. Won't be back, ever.

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Original review: June 17, 2016

On Saturday, June 11, 2015 I went to TGI Friday's in Charleston, SC. I was drinking my beverage, when I realize that something hard was hurting my mouth. I spit the contents out of my mouth into my hand, only to discover it was glass. I asked for the manager to come over so I could tell him what was going on. I told the manager and gave him the pieces of glass that was in my drink. The manager offered me another drink, like everything was ok and I told him no, so he went along his merry way. The waiter came along, and I explained the same thing to him, and he too offered me another drink. I am very displease with the service and staff. There was chunks of glass in my drink, and they still served drinks to other patrons. Talk about the lack of safety for their patrons. Clearly, this establishment has no regards for safety and its patrons.

Original review: April 23, 2016

The music was so loud you could not even speak across the table. We told the waitress and she cut it down and then somebody would go cut it back up. The so called little hostess (boy) was dancing to the music. I spoke with the manager and all she said was she was sorry. I will not be back to this restaurant.

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