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New store opened so the Dominos I had been using for years directed me to the Apollo Beach store. I was told I was not in their delivery area so I asked to speak with the manager. Store manager was quick to tell me they didn't deliver to my area and the other store "does not know the perimeters of their delivery area". When I asked his name (Steve) I responded by saying that I recognize his name from online reviews. He immediately became defensive and told me he was not being rude to me and did not care what the reviews said... I called my old Dominos and they apologized for his behavior and said they would continue delivering to me, along with many other homes in my area. The manager even went as far to say, "They are rude to us when we call and tell them we have a delivery for them." Cannot imagine this douche staying in business long. It's a small community and people talk.

Normally the Domino's in my area (1011 Edwen Way Ste B store number 4212 Chesapeake USA 23320) is my go-to place for ordering pizza. The pizza was great as usual however, the management was horrible. I placed an over the phone order in which I planned to pay for in store (part cash part card). I sent my boyfriend in to cover the payment with $25.55 cash and my card that I should've been charged only $19 making a total of $44.54. When we get home that evening I discover on my online bank account that my card had been charged the full amount of $44.54 and of course I did not have the cash either so I wound up paying $70.09. I gave the store a call that same night speaking to the manager **, mind you & he was the one who took the payment. He insisted that my boyfriend never handed him the cash and also pointed out that their card machines were down.

He said to me that there was nothing he could do for me except call me back the next day if he discovered that their registers were over. He also said he would have to watch the video footage. All of this took place on Saturday October 8th and it is now Wednesday October 12th and I still didn't hear from him whether he was wrong or right. Now they were closed Sunday October 13th due to the hurricane Matthew that came through so Sunday he couldn't have called me. **, one of the managers, never made it point to contact me to show any form of compassion for my inconvenience. I attempted to call him today at his scheduled time being 5 but he was late & it was almost an hour past 5 when I called through the store. His service made me feel horrible and hopeless as if there was nothing that could be done.

Currently stuck in Tucson AZ - where everything is way below par to what I'm used to - having lived on the San Francisco peninsula for all of my life i.e over 60 yrs. Domino's Pizza & the delivery rocks out here as far as I'm concerned! Maybe they just try harder because while the economy is bad assumes it's even worse here. My pizzas are correctly made/cooked properly & delivered while still too hot to touch. Probably the one thing here I've got no problem with.

My daughter was having a friend over and she promised her that Domino's hot wings would be dinner. My suggestion was the fantastic Tyson Any'tizers Honey Bourbon Glazed chicken... superb! But, she was set on the Domino's wings. After the wings were delivered, I was furious! For $20 all we got were small cut wings which looked like cut drummettes. Only 16 for $20! Never again.

This is not only based on my own complaint. This is a location we feel the managers have the wrong impression of the people that try to support this business but we deserve respect and the manager is rude and appear prejudice and was proven. The drivers don't speak English and don't know where to deliver and we subjected to get cold pizza because of this wrong and not fair. We all need to treat people kind especially handling food.

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This should be renamed buffalo BREAD. There may have been 6 chicken pieces on the sandwich. I'm talking 6, 1-2 inch pieces. When I opened the box, I thought I got the wrong order. It looked like bread sliced in half. I was very disappointed and annoyed as this bread cost $7.99. What a ripoff.

I very much enjoy Domino's pizza and have no problems with their food. I have been a regular customer for years but have always been a bit annoyed with their delivery. It always takes longer than they tell you when your order on the phone or on the online tracker. Yesterday, was one of my worst experiences ordering food. Take note I ordered my one box of bread sticks and a lava cake (which I find was a simple and quick order). I ordered this at 8 pm and they told me my driver left with my order at 8:50 on the online tracker so I was surprised because it is usually not that fast.

As time started to go by... I noticed it was 9:30 and called in to ask if the order was on its way and they put me on hold for 8 minutes so I hang up and call again and the lady who answered said "we are very behind and it will probably be there in a bit. Do you still want it?" As hungry as I was I decided not to cancel and wait a couple more minutes. Or hours. At 10:40 I decided to call back again (already giving up) to cancel my order and as soon as I'm on hold for another 6 minutes, they ring my doorbell where the driver not only did not apologize but made us pay when it should have been free at this point. When we got the food it was cold so that was a plus.

On 9/24, 9/26 and 9/30, I came within inches of getting hit by Domino's delivery people riding against traffic. I live in Manhattan and I'm sure that there are people that have been hit and suffered needlessly. I contacted the 3 Domino's stores in my area after the first near miss and today I personally went into the store to complain to the store manager. The store manager at the 116th Street Domino's in Manhattan seemed unconcerned and was rather dismissive of my complaint. I also filed a complaint on the corporate website about these incidents.

I am literally very very dissatisfied and pissed off with you guys. Last Sunday (18th Sept), I ordered pizza and the delivery guy took about 1hr to reach my home (NOTE: the distance between my home and the nearest Domino's store is not even 10 mins by bike). They promised me to refund Rs300 for the late delivery. (I paid through net-banking). The lady on the phone told me that it will be refunded within 7 working days. I called after 7 days and they totally denied to pay my money back. The ** reason they gave me was: 7 working days of the order is over, we cannot refund the money. @not at all dear Dominos: People really work hard for money and they do not have all time in the world. Stop being robbers in the first place and have some courtesy of not eating out other's time and money.

This pizza was extremely bland and certainly not tasty in any way. I have not ordered from Domino's in quite some time and this just solidified why I will never order from them again. Disgusting!

We placed an order here (walk-in) tonight and they weren't only rude, but got our order wrong on top of overcharging us. We fortunately caught the overcharge and that was fixed, but our order was wrong. We noticed when we already arrived home (20 minutes away). We ordered 2 pizzas which weren't even cut & boneless chicken with toppings & they gave us just plain ones. I then called to complain and she told me that I was lying. She said that I had to drive all the way back for them to see. Absolutely ridiculous! No apology or any kind gesture AT ALL! We have been loyal customers for years, but after this issue I don't think we will be back there again. Totally disappointed! Worst $39.19 I've ever spent!

I ordered a pan pizza and paid 16 dollars for delivery. The pizza was ordered at 630 pm. The pizza was delivered at 700 pm. It was raw. The dough was uncooked. There was no sauce added and there were clumps of undercooked cheese. I called the store (617-323-0525) immediately because the product could not be eaten. They said they would deliver another pizza and 2 hours and 10 minutes after my original order and they still have not delivered. I called 3 times. On one of those occasions I was able to speak with someone who said if I want my money back I have to come into the store.

I am still waiting for my delivery. I sent an email to customer service. The service is deplorable. They could care less about the customer. DO NOT PAY BY CREDIT CARD AND IF YOU PAY CASH, inspect the product in Detail first. That is my advice for anyone ordering from Domino's pizza. The better decision if you want a pizza is to call another company and AVOID DOMINO'S ALL TOGETHER!!! Horrible service, rude, unreliable, terrible product and careless staff.

HORRIBLE! I only went to Domino's by request from our guests and NEVER AGAIN! I used online ordering process which was easy enough except that you have to pay $12.99 for a cheese pizza and get $7.99 only if you have THREE toppings. Not the point. When I got there I waited for about 20 minutes and electricity on the block went out - not their fault - I waited another 20 and asked if they were still cooking from hot oven. Evidently their conveyor belt system does not allow them a way to get the pizzas out once they go in (sounds like a fire hazard to me) - so no pizza.

The guys there assured me when lights went back on they would cancel the order which would mean no charge to my credit card. WRONG. The next day was Sunday - charge was there but no refund yet so I called on Monday thinking manager would be there. WRONG. First person was a driver - next person was someone who had to be pretending she was a manager because she did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but piss me off. Since the first guy cold transferred me to her I had to repeat the issue - her first response was "you didn't call yesterday?"

The conversation went from bad to worse and finally her idea of helping me was to tell ME to call back later in the afternoon when the manager was there and explain what happened. Uhm ME? I told her the correct response for a customer service resolution would be to have the MANAGER call me KNOWING all the information. She told me "I AM helpin' you but you need to call the manager when he is at the store and tell 'em what happen. I am a good manager." Yep - that is what she said. So needless to say I paid $50 online to drive over, wait 40 minutes for nothing and now have to spend all this time finding someone to credit me for pizzas I never received. I can't WAIT to see what happens this afternoon.

I decided to go to Domino's Pizza to get a pizza because I didn't want to cook dinner. I didn't look at it until I got home. I seen that it was very oily and I didn't want to go all the way back. I ate one piece and my stomach started hurting. There was so much oil. I am so dissatisfied with the oily Pizza I bought that I literally regret not cooking.

On Saturday I ordered a pizza, wings, and a salad after working in the yard all day. When the delivery driver delivered my boyfriend answered the door because I was showering. Fast forward today I realized they forgot the salad. I called in and spoke with a nice young man who was willing to correct it. I didn't want them to drive all the way here for a salad so I ordered wings and a Coke as well. Then after about 2 mins a rude female who identified herself as the manager called back and proceeded to chastise me for not calling yesterday??? She was so rude I told her she could refund my money for both which she refused to do. She stated she would only refund my money for the money I spent today.

I gave her an 2 options: 1) refund my money, or 2) I would call corporate and the BBB tomorrow and we could handle it that way. So she refused to refund and hung up in my face. Wow! Anyone who knows me knows I'm super patient and kind. So I drove to the store furious at the exchange and her lack of professional. When I asked for her she was now the assistant and the "manager" was at the register. I proceeded to tell him I wanted a refund and that as a person in customer service you don't speak to people like that because that will "get your ass beat!"

Now all of a sudden he was like "don't threaten me!" Point of the story is if you don't like people disrespecting you don't do it to them. I have spent countless dollars with them personally as well as for my business. But guess what - will never ever happen again. DOMINO'S you have lost $1000s of dollars from me as well as my associates due to a $5.99 pizza refund. The point was not about the refund it was about the female manager's lack of courtesy and professionalism. Good luck with that because I'm sure she has done it before and will do it again.

The website was quite complicated... So they delivery me a two topping pizza large for 22 dollars? So I get the pizza and I walk the half mile to the pizza place on Jerome Avenue and 181st in the Bronx. So the manager was helpful but again she got the order wrong again... twice? She gave me two medium pizza with the thick crust which I didn't ask for even on the second time. I think the website needs a new designer to design something much easier. It kept offering me the 22 dollar pizza plus my order. The website should be click, click, click and so easy to figure out. When you look at the total it is not at the bottom of the page but you have to scroll up to the top again to get the total??? What???

I have ordered online as a guest MANY times - but last night was refused the right to order online unless I filled out a ** pizza profile... NOT GOING TO DO IT. I got to order over the phone, but the order got here wrong. Have tried to complain online but there was always some damned thing I had not filled out - and sick and damned tired of trying to figure out what you wanted. Once upon a time Dominos knew they sucked and worked to make it right. Time to do it again. Meanwhile, you suck and I won't be ordering from you again. Just not worth the hassle.

I am frequent customer with Domino's, GN Chetty Road Branch, T.Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I made the payment through online & the amount has been debited from my account, but this time due to some technical support the order could not be placed in the shop. I called center office (6888 6888) to send me the order so that I would repay them once the money has been refunded, Since I don't have money to order again. They said they will talk and connect to GN Chetty Road Branch and I spoke to the shop owner, he repeated the same again and again, let Mr. ** to speak and dragged such that my mobile balance went low. They are not okay to feed the hungry me with the meal for tonight and get the money once I get it after 7 days, and hung up phone call.

So do not go for Domino's. They'll rotate your money & don't trust you as you should go with their rules and regulations, they won't do the same, not even a level of humanity - my family is sleeping hungry today (having few biscuits), all because of their 7 day refund and all banks do refund within 2 days but they are doing some illegal with their illogical terms & conditions. I don't have money to buy elsewhere. It is not because I am poor, the transaction should not happen unless the order has been placed, if so, the amount should be refunded within 2 days. Not like this! I won't buy anything from Dominos & if you are okay with taking risk of online payment go-on. My suggestion is go with Cash-On-Delivery always. But avoid such scumbags, because they don't believe their frequent customers. Then what's the point of doing business without customer satisfaction? Beware!

Worst pizza ever, missing ingredients, soggy and doughy. $15.00 for 6 slices. Give me a break. Never again. Had it years ago from same location. Not close to

the same. Side salad prepackaged in a box, with dirty lettuce, 2 grape tomatoes and the wrong dressing that was ordered. 7.50 for that another joke, get real guys. Get your business together. Also was on hold for 20 minutes. Never again and will tell everyone I know!!!

Domino's Pizza, Fair Oaks Ranch & I10, Manager, San Antonio, TX - Alexis **. I placed an order for 2 pizzas and a specialty bake chicken at 5:30 pm on 8/16 for delivery and received confirmation to be delivered within 20-30 minutes... At 6:30, still no pizza, I called the store and was on hold for 40 minutes before I hung up. At 7:15 I decide to go to the store with my son. 7:25 - The employee at the register could not locate my order. 2 other employees continued to assemble boxes and put labels on for new orders, and completely ignored the ringing phone.

Alexis comes over... "We don't have your order". I showed my email confirmation. "We don't have it". I had already paid for it. "Oh, I found it, pizzas are still here". She could not find them. "The driver has already left with them". So I called home, still not delivered. I wait 10 minutes and call again - still nothing. Alexis offered to make new pizzas et al. Her husband Steven (non-employee of Domino's) walks over from the gas station side, tells me to leave the store or he would call the police. So I tell him to back off since both of us are being recorded on camera, and the police can easily see the footage. He backs off to the other side of the store and keeps staring at us.

Alexis starts making the pizzas, she is not wearing any polythene gloves used in food processing. She put the cheese and meat, and then shockingly reached into the waste and scrap (dump) pit under the table, grabbed pepperoni and sausage pieces and put them on my pizza. (This pit/dump is a collection bin for all the scrap and waste that gets cleaned off the prep table to be discarded.) When I questioned her she completely denied it and handed me the boxes and walked into the back of the store. I hope there is a CCTV camera in the prep & cooking area to see this scenario unfold. Needless to say, I walked out and left the full boxes on the trash bin outside the store.

Domino's will never get my business again. This is a prime example of a store that is run so very badly, defying all norms of food safety and operating procedures. If a manager can do this, what about the other employees? Rest I leave to everybody's imagination. I have called Domino's corporate and filed a complaint. Their Customer Care folks have called me to get all facts. Waiting to hear further.

I decided to order a pizza tonight as a treat. I always order from this location and have never had a problem until tonight. I ordered a large 4 topping pizza when I arrived. I waited for the pizza to finish. When I got home I took the pizza out and the box broke, it opened at the end and the pizza fell out. I called immediately when I got upstairs and the girl that placed the order said "oh no. Come back we'll make you a new one." I brought the pizza back and told him this hasn't happened before.

I took the pizza out of the car and the box broke so all the pizza fell on the ground. One of the workers was telling another worker what happened and was laughing. I told him this that isn't nice that he's laughing. I would make a bull crap excuse about the box breaking. He came over to me and said he wasn't laughing he was smiling while he was explaining to the other guy what happened. The pizza was done and I went back to the counter. Their driver Kenny which has delivered for me before called me an idiot while walking out the door and said "next time don't drop the box." I said "pardon? What did you say?" He came back in and said "you heard me. Next time don't be a ** idiot and drop the box."

I had my 6 year old nephew with me. I got upset at this comment. I told him I come here all the time and this has never happened. I'm not coming back for a free pizza, I paid for this and on top of that ordered another cheese pizza for my nephew. Kenny gave me the finger and was lunging at me. The Manager came between us and told Kenny to leave numerous times but Kenny kept coming back. I feared for my safety and for my nephew's. This guy was going crazy on me for no reason. He was yelling at me from outside and fingering me. I told him if he doesn't stop harassing me I'm going to call the police. He told me to go ahead. The Manager was telling him to go home. I told the Manager I want his full name. The Manager said he doesn't work there anymore????? I told the Manager I'm filing a complaint. I told Kenny and the Manager I'm calling the police and ended up calling 911.

I gave the 911 operator the plate and location of the domino's. The operator asked if the police need to attend. I said he's left however if I see him again I'll press charges. I told the Manager the same thing, if this ever happens again I will lay charges against him for harassment. The Manager said it's not a big deal and that's why he made the pizza for free. I appreciated what the Manager did. But honestly scared to order again from this place.

Order pizza in the store 15203 Knoll Trail Dr Ste 115, Dallas, TX. This is the second time in this store that I ordered pizza and they make mistake. First time they made mistake in my toppings and after 30 minutes when I told them this is not my order, they changed it and refund my money. Second time I said I want thin and crust dough with this toppings one regular size and one small and again they gave me 2 pizza with THICK dough and regular one had my favorite toppings and small one just cheese without topping and when you say "why?" they just say "sorry". I really really won't recommend this store at all. Nobody cares about customer.

I ordered an extra large pizza 16" so we would have enough pizza for lunch and supper for 2 days. I saw the sizes on the side of our Domino's that delivers to us. The size did not say anything about it being a thin crust Brooklyn pizza. I called. And talked to the manager of the store and that's when I found out that the 16" was called a Brooklyn and was told next time order a large with light sauce. This pizza was nothing but sauce and I ordered an extravaganza with extra banana peppers. It was awful! Then I called Headquarters office and they gotta get in touch with a lot of people and it may take a while. Well guess what? I will never order another pizza from them. I had nothing ready to eat for lunch!!! This Domino's is in Statham Ga. So beware if you order the 16" and not get what you want!

Updated on 08/12/2016: The Domino store that I complained about called me back and we did not get anything done. The false advertisement on the 16" is corporate's doing not the store. But when you look up the store near you you click on their website. I am disabled and this has seriously stressed me out! I wish I could hire a lawyer!!!

I'm submitting this review as I just found this site and these Domino's reviews. I am amazed by all these negative reviews which leads me to believe that only those with bad experiences comment here. I order from Domino's often and have not had any problems with them other than forgetting a sauce once. Every time I receive my order it was fairly quick, hot and fresh including the order I placed and received tonight. Amazing pizza, chicken and dessert.

My sister and I were babysitting and decided to order food. At 3pm we browsed for chinese food. 6 uncooperative chinese food joints and 2 hours later we decided on pizza. We ordered online for Domino's but once they got her they refused to accept our $50 bill. They ended up hopping into the car and driving away with our dinner. Worst part was telling the kid we were babysitting which is 5. At 6:30pm that dinner is delayed. ):

We have ordered Domino's Pizza amounting to Rs. 844 on today the 30th day of July 2016 at 01:27 PM and after 40 minutes we have contacted to nearest Domino's Pizza outlet and they have replied that the condition is not applicable today however the same is not mentioned anywhere. Being an active consumer we would like to bring it in your kind notice that the company is playing with its consumers with these type of fake and attractive conditions. You are hereby requested to take an appropriate action against the company to safeguard the interest of the consumers.

I ordered 2 pizzas and 2 sandwiches and spent more than 20 dollars. I ordered online for delivery and put in my address. After I placed my order and I looked at the tracker 20 minutes later and it said someone picked it up already. So I immediately called and asked to talk to the manager and she told me that they don't delivery to my house so the internet changed it to carry out without my knowledge. So the point of this review is to tell everyone to be careful.

I placed an order by phone, I often do on Fridays for the kids. This time the total amount was a bit more so I immediately called. Spoke to Amanda (not sure). She told me not worry. "Only this time I will charge you 5.99 for each pizza." I showed up at store and ask for pizza, she told me she can't give it to me for that price. I then said, "I called immediately after so can you at least give me what I usually order, the special for 5.99 each?" She said, "No, why don't you just leave?" I asked to speak to a manager.

He said, "I am not willing to lose money because of you people do this all the time, leave." I asked his name. Said his name was John. I could not believe my ears as I walked to my car, what am I going to tell the kids? This is our Friday night tradition, I order for our book club in the summer. Tears in my eyes I drove to PaPa Joe but this is not where we order. Return home and had to tell kids what happened. That night I cried. 12 years ordering here, what did I do?

I ordered pizza. 2.5 hours later I called and the manager said "we are busy." The original quoted time said 33 minutes I told her. She said that's a computer. So asked HER how much longer, she said I would have to come pick it up... Seriously.

19th Jun 2016, I have faced the worse experience with Domino's twice. Both the times. Same situation. First order took one and half hour to deliver, got the cold food. Same thing happened in evening. No one attends call, especially manager called me in afternoon when I raised concern and mentioned to call that number next time. They have also mentioned my number is put in priority list and will not be repeated this again. But same day most worse experience. Don't believe Domino's while ordering online... Goodbye domino's online order. Ufff.

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