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    Last updated: Jan. 5, 2018

    113 Wells Fargo Auto Loans Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 5, 2018

    PLEASE AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH WELLS FARGO. Background. Starting in 2011, Wells Fargo Bank employees fraudulently opened more than 3 million bank accounts (Wells Fargo uncovers more fake accounts in drawn-out scandal, Reuters, August 31, 2017) in customers names, without authorization. The busy bankers also created 528,000 potentially unauthorized (read: Fraudulent) online bill-pay program enrollments while they were at it. Its also been recently disclosed that Wells Fargo Dealer Services (WFDS: Auto Loans) may have pushed thousands of car buyers into loan defaults and repossessions by bundling unwanted, unnecessary and unauthorized (read: Fraudulent) auto insurance coverage into their financing agreements (Wells Fargo May Have Charged 500,000 Clients for Unwanted Insurance, Bloomberg, July 28, 2017).

    WFDS has also repossessed more than 860 cars belonging to members of the US military (read: Illegal). (Wells Fargo illegally repossessed another 450 service members' cars, CNN, November 14, 2017). A substantial level of fraudulent activity, ongoing without detection for relatively extended periods of time, across multiple lines of business in the same company, certainly provides a host of reasons to avoid doing business with Wells Fargo.

    My Experience. I may have other reasons, especially if you are elderly and/or cannot absolutely guarantee your financial status for the life of a WFDS car loan: They may be operating a phantom Hardship Loan Refinance Program and they more or less hate their customers. Wells Fargo Dealer Services financed my purchase of a 2011 Buick several years ago. In 2015, at the age of 64, I was RIFd by my company. As you can imagine, that led to a dramatic decline in monthly income and I eventually began missing payments on a variety of things, including my auto loan. One of their Customer Service Representatives (CSR) eventually - months later - suggested that I apply to their Hardship Loan Refinance program.

    At $377 a month, my car loan was the largest bill I had remaining. Taking the balance and spreading it out over a three or four-year period would have reduced my monthly exposure and ensured that the loan was repaid to WFDS. That should have been a win-win. I happily filled out the paperwork and waited. After a few weeks, I received a notice telling me that my participation in the hardship loan refinance program had been declined. Due to my low credit score! credit was near perfect prior to my being laid off. I had never missed nor been as much as one day late in paying my WFDS auto loan. There was no question that my financial problems were all a result of being RIFd. My friends in the finance industry were mystified: the low credit score (along with my history) should have been evidence that I was a viable candidate for a Hardship Loan refinance. Not that my application should be rejected.

    When I called them back and asked if there was an appeal..the answer was no. When I asked what the approval rate for the program was, I was told that was (admittedly) none of my business. They told me I needed to sell the car immediately or get it refinanced somewhere else. I told them that I would try that (I did, with no success) but also continue to default on payments until they had to give me the statutorily required notice to repossess—about three months in arrears - at which point I would pay the balance and start the clock again. After I did this twice, they invoked the acceleration clause in the agreement, demanded that I pay the entire $7,000 immediately or face repossession.

    Now...if I was having trouble paying $400 a month... Where the hell did they think I was going to get $7,000. Given the history of Wells Fargo staff manipulating customer accounts, it seems clear to me that a case can be made that an awful lot of bad people work for Wells Fargo. People who will willingly commit fraud; people who have no problem damaging the financial life of their customers; people who see the law as an unnecessary inconvenience and an impediment to making more money.

    What astounded me though, as I went through all this with WFDS, is that they are also bad just really bad businesspeople. There were a number of times when they had a choice to make, one in which they could increase the probability of recovering their investment from me or stick a corporate finger in my eye and increase the probability of their recovering nothing. The business case choice would have been the one that maximized the probability of getting what I owed them. Without fail, every single time, they chose to stick their finger in my eye.

    I'm counting their so-called Hardship Loan Refinance program as the first example. Why even say you have such a program for people with financial problems if you use the evidence of those problems to reject the application for assistance? Why wait for months to tell me that the program existed to begin with? Given my perfect payment record prior to the layoff, would it have hurt WFDS to try? It's not like they were increasing the amount of risk they were carrying. Agreeing to refinance would have actually lowered that risk. What did they get in rejecting me...except for the satisfaction of sticking their finger in my eye?

    As already noted, I had begun to pay the account every three months--when I would get the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandated notice from them that I had to pay $**.00 or they would begin the repossession process. I didn't mind paying this gave me time to stage my payments, robbing Peter from time to time to pay Paul. They apparently had a problem with it though, because I did it twice and they called the loan, accelerated the payment and demanded it all in a lump sum. They knew the story. They knew my income had mostly vanished. They knew about my prior spotless payment history. Their choice was to continue to accept late, but ultimately complete payment (including late fees!) or demand everything now and push me closer to Chapter which they would get nothing but the satisfaction of sticking their finger in my eye.

    After more discussions, I was told that WFDS would accept a payment of $5,000 in a settlement, instead of the $7,000 they had been demanding. (It would have been really helpful to have known that earlier.) The settlement could be paid in four monthly payments of about $1,200. I figured out that, with a little borrowed money, not paying some other bills, taking into account the timing of my Social Security check and driving for Uber (not advised...I have a spinal condition that limits the amount of sitting I can do at any given time). I could come up with the $1,200...but in two monthly payments of $600 each. I called the CSR back...and was told that this was impossible. It had to be in a lump sum.

    No other option was possible; no further discussion was allowed. Why? What difference does it make if they get one check for $1,200 every month or two checks for $600 every month? Again, I don't get the business sense here. All I get is some driving corporate need to be complete ** and there's that finger in my eye again. In the last conversation I had with WFDS, I agreed to voluntarily return the car. I was hoping to avoid a formal repossession notice on my already damaged credit report. The CSR I spoke with, Ms. Kenya**, accepted that and told me that they would be in touch with a time and date for the turnover. She seemed sincere...even somewhat ruefully understanding of the situation.

    A few days later, around 11 PM, I get a phone call from my neighbor wanting to know if I was aware that someone was towing my car. I was given no notice; no chance to get my personal property out of the car; no paperwork telling me who had it or where it was going; no information about how to get it back; no details on how to recover my personal property. All they left me was an empty space on the street in front of my house. The last I saw of the car was my handicapped sticker on the windshield disappearing down the street. I'm not even sure what I had in the trunk or back seat, although I do remember an LTC One cell phone in the console between the seats, sets of charger cables and a 20000mAh power pack charger for my cell.

    WFDS had agreed to let me voluntarily turn my car in and I relied on that--or these things would never have been there. I'm certain I will never see any of them again...but this was WFDS' doing. Evil. Evil to the very end. So now I have a formal notice that WFDS has sold the car...and that I still owe them $3,000. Its called a deficiency balance. I will be filing for Chapter 7, so they will never see a dime of this and I have been telling them that from day 1 so that they would have a context for their decision making. They basically had several opportunities to avoid recover their investment...and they decided, every single time, that the better decision was to stick their corporate finger in my eye rather than to be decent businesspeople.

    The primary impact of this is that I am now effectively homebound. With my neurological disorder, I cant walk in snow and icy conditions which, in Massachusetts, can be more or less all the time in winter. Regardless of snow and ice, I can walk more than 100 or so feet anyway without falling over. I could at least get past this if I had another car...but it was hard enough trying to get financing for one of those even before WFDS had REPOSSESSED stamped on my credit report. Can't wait to get back to looking at that after the holidays.

    All in all, Wells Fargo’s primary interest in its customers seems to be less focused on providing banking services to them and more on determining how to best exploit or damage them. If you have read this, I'm sure you can reach your own conclusion. Mine is simply this: If you want to avoid the possibility of being financially exploited or forced to do things that are no way in your best interests—even though there are win-win alternatives available—then there is no question in my mind that you should avoid doing business with Wells Fargo. At. All. Costs.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 2, 2018

    Recently became unemployed with 4 children and 1 on the way. I fell behind my payments by 74 days and Wells Fargo notified me of a potential repo. I told them the situatuion and I would just do a voluntary surrender as to avoid the hassle of a repo and maybe salvage my credit too. The dealer services rep told me to take the vehicle to a local Carmax and get a cash offer, then call Wells Fargo back with the offer and they would roll the existing amount of my pay off into a personal loan, therefore saving my credit.

    After I spent 2 days and about 200 miles of driving to a CarMax dealer and back, I called Wells Fargo and notified them of my intent. I spoke with a very rude and unsympathetic rep who told me that I was wrong and that they did not offer those services. She stated that I would have to pay the remainder of the loan difference (Which was $5,000) before I could sell the vehicle to Carmax and they wouldn't consider rolling the amount by into another loan. If I could afford to pay the $5,000, then why in the hell would I not just pay the amount of the late payments?!

    So I told her I would just surrender the vehicle then and she very arrogantly stated it didn't work like that and I had to just wait for the repo agents to take the vehicle and either way it would show up as a repo on my credit and a voluntary surrender would not help me. Once I asked her for her name and employee number so I could speak with a credit attorney and see what they advise and also if what they are telling me is accurate.

    At that point her entire tone changed and she told me that Wells Fargo is not in the business to take vehicles and that she is willing to try to help me any way she can. She then told me that they could do a hardship refinance for me and it would take a few days to review and approve it first. I asked her about the letter they sent me about the possible repo and that it would expire while they were reviewing the refinance and whether the vehicle would be repossessed in the meantime. That was when she told me to wait while she pulled up my account to look at it first!

    I was in awe that I had been talking about this with them and they hadn't even looked at my account first! She then asked if I put be put on hold while they look into the account and review it to see if a hardship refinance would even be a possibility, she said the wait will be about 40 minutes! I told her I didnt have 40 minutes at this time and she told me that maybe I could call back when it was more convenient and important for me in a very snotty attitude! Horrible bank for options for a family that falls under temporary hard times. Very rude and unprofessional customer service.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 19, 2017

    I bought a used truck from a Chevrolet dealer and was told the only loan they could do was with Wells Fargo. I wish I would have done research. First, my title never comes. They said my VIN was wrong so they could not send it. Huh? This makes no sense at all. I ask them for the VIN they have and compared to my truck and nothing was wrong with the VIN.

    Next, I find out that they bought auto insurance on my behalf because they were lacking proof of insurance according to them. I faxed this to them at least 5 times. My insurance company was the same one as when I bought the truck. The insurance was 3 times the cost of my insurance which I have the highest level of coverage on my own auto policies. I kept calling and faxing and could never remove this insurance. When I sold the truck I asked for my insurance money back...THOUSANDS of dollars. We disagreed on the figure but I settled to recover some of the money. Well I sold the truck over a year ago and today another refund check comes from them saying they owed me more money. I have to even wonder if the payoff figures were correct. Do not deal with this bank.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 5, 2017

    After years of abuse and mishandling of my account including falsely stating I paid late Wells Fargo sent my title to an incorrect address. They will not send it to the correct address. They actually told me to go pay for it myself. I am fairly certain this is illegal, if not immoral. I would not recommend this company at all.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 29, 2017

    Out of the blue this month November I received a letter from Wells Fargo, stating correcting errors in our car loan, they State there was an internal processing error With our loan, on how the funds received Was posted to the account 11/16/2016 to 5/12/17. They say they’ll fix it through contacting the credit bureau and it would take 30 days to repair all mistakes and no need for us to take any action. How does that happen? How do all of those payments come up as late with the late fee if we had a certain date to pay the car payment? How does this happen? We can’t trust them.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

    I traded in a car financed with Wells Fargo in September 2017. They gave the dealership a 10 day pay off price. The dealership sent the pay off and the bank sent the dealership the title. I log on to my account and it shows a balance due. Multiple phone calls later with extremely rude customer service persons and supervisors they finally send me to the office of the President. Total waste of time and a joke! Two weeks later the same result with late fees attached a negative reporting on my credit. Just because I traded in my vehicle.

    I have never had this problem before and I'm 51 years old and purchased multiple vehicles over my life. Wells Fargo Dealer Services is the worst finance company I have ever dealt with by a long shot. I never write reviews but I had to warn people and maybe save someone else from financing with this company. I personally will never do business with Wells Fargo Dealer Services again. Total scam from the beginning with rude and bullying employees.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

    So first off, this bank is horrible, they don't know anything other than hire con artist... our relations started bad from the gate. A few months after I purchased my car which was financed by Wells Fargo, my bank account was hacked somehow and my mailing address changed to an address in Miami, they were about to transfer my funds when I caught on to it.

    Now, I got some damages done to my vehicle by Hurricane Irma, I got a check from the insurance company in both my name and the lean holder. I would assume I would send it to them, they would endorse it, and send me back a check in my name so I can pay for the damages. But no, they want me to send them the check but won't send me one back... I was given the runaround, passed around like a hot potatoes. This people are con artist, I think it's a requirement in order to work for them, must be saddy characters.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

    This is the worst bank to ever deal with! We purchased our car in December 2013. Our credit isn't stellar so we were stuck with this bank for financing. Occasionally we have fallen behind 30 days. Over the past year, I have been making our payments, but have been receiving calls daily as the bank is stating our account is behind.

    Yesterday at 9:30 pm a repo company showed up at our door to take possession of our car. No notice was given that the car was to be repossessed. No callbacks from Wells Fargo. No assistance whatsoever. Will probably end up on the phone all day trying to sort this out and hopefully, will not have my car taken. We paid $17000 for this car brand new and after paying for almost 4 years, we still owe $11000. I haven't figured that one out yet! Avoid using this fraudulent company at all costs!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

    First let me say we have done business with Wells Fargo for over 25 years. Home loans, school loans, business and personal accounts, credit card accounts. Not one negative mark on us over these 2.5 decades. We went to them for an auto loan for our son who is a young police officer and who has more than one account with Wells Fargo also. The application online was simple. What took place after was beyond ridiculous. Playing phone tag for weeks, no response to emails, excuses. They offered half of what we were asking for at a hefty interest rate for someone with 800+ credit score.

    When talking to agent and told him this was unacceptable and that this doesn't speak well of them and told them my son was a police officer he said he would take it back to his supervisor and call back by 4:00 that day. Crickets... We emailed asking for supervisors contact info. Nothing. I am appalled at their lack of first responder support, customer loyalty and plain ol' common courtesy. We went to Chase, got it done in literally 20 minutes with a much lower interest rate! We will more than likely be moving ALL of our accounts out of Wells Fargo.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

    On July 16, 2016, we contacted Wells Fargo Dealer Services (WFDS) to obtain payoff information for our 2006 Buick Rendezvous. The payoff amount was given and we added additional funds to ensure that the daily interest accrued during the transfer of funds would be covered. We agreed to wait to contact our automobile insurance company to have the vehicle removed from our policy until the new owners arrived at their destination in order to ensure the vehicle was covered during transportation. When we made contact with our insurance agency they informed us that the financial institution processed the wrong vehicle.

    On July 25, 2016, we contacted WFDS and informed them of the mistake and asked that the loan be reversed to correct their mistake. They asked for a letter to be sent to them explaining the situation and when we asked if a case number could be assigned to our situatio4n, they declined. At that time, we asked if they were going to return everything to the original loan number, dates, etc. They assured us that it would be returned to its original designation. We asked if we could still submit payments during the "correction phase" so the account would remain current, but they stated that the account was still officially "closed" and payment could not be applied to our loan until the account was reopened.

    They also declined to remove the total amount due on the account from the refund check prior to releasing the refund but no explanation was given. We also asked if late charges would be charged or if they would report it to the credit agency since it might appear that the account would be in arrears. We were told that no late charges would be applied and they would not, under any means, report the account as being late or in arrears to the credit agencies. We made regular inquiries to WFDS, was very concerned that it was taking so long to correct the error, with no valid explanation. We were told by Katie, that it was taking a long time because the title processing through the State of Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles was taking longer than usual.

    Months later the error was corrected and we received the refund check. We did not receive any type of payment due bill with the refund check. The next day we received two notices from WFDS in the mail asking for the "late" payments and when we got home from checking the mail, we received a phone call from the WFDS collections department asking where their money was and how did we intend on paying the amount in arrears. We spoke with Eli and asked him to review our file and see if he could tell us anything from what he was looking at. We asked if there was any annotations on our file explaining why payments hadn't been made, new loan origination date, etc.

    Eli stated that there was nothing definitive in my file, no late notices, phone calls, previous collection letters - for three months. Eli stated that if there had been issues, there would certainly be some type of information in our file stating that. Since there was nothing, there was enough evidence to have this account directed to a supervisor to handle as it didn't fall under the usual collection procedures. He agreed that it should have been handled differently. During this phone call, we made the entire payment due electronically and gave Eli the bank confirmation number. We asked Eli if they had reported our account as being late to the credit bureaus. He didn't know so we asked that he check into it and have his supervisor get back to us.

    Kip, the supervisor of the collections department called us back and let us know that yes, WFDS had reported our account to be in arrears to TransUnion, Equifax and Experian. We asked why this was done when we were told by two different employees that they would in no terms report us as being late as we have never been late and the account wouldn't be late at that time. Kip was not able to answer our question. We instructed Kip to send out a correction letter immediately and asked that the information be totally eradicated from our file. No trace, as they had promised to not send out a report and the correction takes weeks to process and that it can have an effect not only on our financial records but our hireability as well. We do not want any ramifications on our credit file or credit score to reflect their mistake.

    We asked that a follow-up letter be sent to us in reference to this situation and Kip refused. Kip said, "'Just call me if you have any problems in the future and I will take care of it". We asked him if he could tell if there was anything in the system that showed why it took so long to process the correction and fix our account and he said from what he could see "It looks like it was something to do with the title'".

    On October 21, 2016, we received a letter in the mail from WFDS. The letter stated that they had sent all of our personal information/original title, etc., to an individual we do not know. We assume he is a customer of WFDS and another mistake was made. The letter asks Mr. ** to return all the documents to WFDS. WFDS did not inform us of this until after the entire transaction was complete. Had we known about it, we would not have stayed in business with them, would not have signed the check or deposit it in our account. Every time we have tried to discuss this situation with WFDS, they refuse to talk about it. They refuse to give me any copies or information in order for us to protect ourselves against identity theft, etc. We asked that WFDS provide identity theft protection for my husband and myself. They refused. We asked for follow-up documentation for the complaint we filed, their "investigation" findings, etc., they also refused.

    At that point in time, we were done. We contacted WFDS and asked to file a formal complaint. We spoke with Marna and asked that she record the entire conversation as she was taking a formal statement and it would avoid wasting time explaining the long story to someone new every time we have contact in reference to this situation. We have already wasted so much time supervising WFDS and making sure that we followed up on all their actions. A case number was finally assigned to the complaint, although it has not helped in any way whatsoever.

    Marna promised to contact us in one week to update us on what she could find and she never called us back. We subsequently called the WFDS president's office to inquire to the disposition of the complaint. Months transpired with every excuse under the sun. We filed complaints with other agencies within the government to ensure our personal information, credit information identities, etc., were and are being protected as well as can be expected.

    On March 29, 2017, we contacted WFDS and was told that a case manager had been assigned to our case. We called every week to check in and inquire as to the complaint's status, to no avail. WFDS said that Travis was my case manager. We left three voicemails on Travis' phone but received no call back from him. We called back again and was told that our case was closed, so we filed a second complaint in reference to the first complaint. Not only had no one contacted us to tell us that a case manager had been assigned to our complaint. They also did not contact us for any information or details about the complaint, but closed it and refused to give follow-up documentation to their internal investigation.

    On April 6, 2017, Shaniqua called us and told us that, oops they made a mistake, no they will not pay to have our identities protected, no they will not do anything else to ensure that this doesn't happen again and they feel that sending the correction letter the credit bureau is all they are responsible to do. Again, we asked for documentation from them in reference to the investigation and they refused to give us anything.

    The copy of the letter from WFDS that we did receive as a response to a complaint we filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, case number **, is false. It reads as though they sent out the letter to us immediately telling us of their error sending our paperwork and personal info to a stranger. We did not receive the letter until after everything was reversed and the check deposited. Also, they did not send out a request for correction to the credit agencies until we told them to do so. We called the phone number at the end of the letter and asked to speak with Laura ** and was given her voice mail and left several messages to which none were returned.

    We received a letter from Cederic **, WFDSPO, he declined to inform his bosses that when he approached them with a resolution that he misinformed them and told them we were asking for identity theft protection, negation of the loan and $10k. We knew at the end of the conversation he would get it wrong, again. We asked that they either negate the loan ($3k) or provide identity theft protection for five years for my self and my husband with a company of our choosing. That was all. He closed the complaint and told us to start from scratch. We filed the third complaint with Elena. They have surpassed all of their suspense dates and times and when we asked to have a hearing that they informed us we could have in reference to voluntary surrender of our vehicle (NOT a financial surrender). They refuse to do that and told us if we want the hearing to do it ourselves.

    They did threaten to put negative information on our credit file and seek court proceedings to repay them what would be left on the loan after the vehicle is auctioned. We asked how they knew what would happen as a result of the hearing when they stated they have no history of anyone requesting a voluntary surrender under our circumstances they refuse to answer any questions and threaten us with closing the third complaint.

    We spoke with Kip **. WFDS Collections Manager and informed him that we are considering the voluntary surrender of our vehicle because of the horrendous treatment we have suffered by their hands and that we do not have any desire to stay in business with them. Kip directed us back to the WFDSPO to file the voluntary surrender. WFDSPO directed us back to Kip and he stated that we are not allowed a hearing for voluntary surrender, only repossession for default on the loan. We discussed the prerequisites necessary in order for WFDS to start the process of repossession and he stated that he could change their rules and guidelines to whatever he thought best and he stated he has no intention whatsoever of repossessing our vehicle.

    He will not afford us the right to a hearing prior to the repossession (even though their documentation states that we are allowed, by law, a hearing to understand what our rights are; WFDS/Mr. ** provided this document to us), he will only send information to the credit bureaus that we are late and refused to send follow-up documentation that outlined his statements. We continue to ask what WFDS has done for us as a customer, no response. We ask every employee that we have dealt with and receive the same response silence.

    We have their correspondence, logs of all phone calls, dates, times, etc. They are giving false information to government agencies, accusing other government agencies for being at fault, mail fraud, wire fraud, truth in lending, false credit reporting, private information leak, strong arm delay tactics, threats to manipulate our decision making, adding extortion information into our account files, refuse to provide copies of documents that have been requested more than once and months ago; the list goes on and on.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 31, 2017

    Hopefully you never need a loan deferment over the life of your auto loan. WFDS has some ridiculous ideas of "deferments". I had some legal expenses and deposits to make up front in a previous month, so I asked for a deferment, thinking I would get 3-6 months of no payments, to be tacked-on to the tail end of my loan agreement. WFDS offered me a TOTAL of 3 months, over the life of the loan, however they can't be used all at once. I had to beg to use 2 months, since I was 2 months behind, and was told "ok, that's fine, however you can't use your last month's worth until THREE YEARS from now (so, August of 2020)"... How's that for customer service? They also suggested I just switch my due date to 15 days later than what it is now.

    Since my due date is already close to the end of the month, that would put the new due date to occur near the BEGINNING of the month - I explained to them how that would not help me, since I have my house payment and beginning of the month bills due at that time. I also asked if I switched my current due date, could I call sometime down the line to switch it again, hoping for some flexibility, but no... that too, apparently doesn't exist in the WFDS universe, because once you switch your due date, THAT'S IT, there's no going back, and no switching it to a different date ever again!

    Not really understanding how ANY of this is supposed to help a customer out if they have a monetary emergency. Legal expenses aren't something that can be budgeted for, if you don't know how much you're going to need up front! Sure, you could put aside some cash in an emergency fund, but really - in today's economy, who has a nest-egg already saved up with tens of thousands of dollars just sitting there for something like that? Not your average consumer. It's pretty sad, too - because this is the SECOND time I've had WFDS as my auto loan servicer. So I've been with them for awhile. The only positive thing I can say about any of this is at least I have the option to go into a WF bank to make my auto loan payment and they can do it right then and there - albeit with a bit of hassle.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

    My wife and I bought a 2016 Chevy Cruze. Unfortunately, it was financed the Wells Fargo. We have made payments for over a year. However, last year we were unemployed and are now underemployed. We have continued to make payments as quickly as possible. Now WFDS says we have to make a specific payment before they will stop any "process" (i.e. Repossession). I was prepared to make the payment and began to ask if They would send me an email to confirm that payment of the specified amount would stop any repossession. I was rudely cut-off in mid sentence and told: "We don't send emails"! That did not surprise me as they are always rude and treat you as if you are a criminal or you are trying to deceive them.

    I have stayed in touch with them to let them know what was going on. They are always rude! They ask you to verify your personal information over and over. All of which I keep updated on the WFDS website. I would not recommend doing any business with a company such as Wells Fargo Dealer Services or Wells Fargo in general. I never will again. Can't wait til I can refinance with a reputable company.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

    I have approximately 20,000 in my Wells Fargo account. I have a 670 credit score (not great but not that bad either). I asked to refinance my high interest rate car loan and Wells Fargo offered me a loan almost double of what I have now. I went to Chase bank and they offered me a rate of 4.9% which isn't great but isn't 15% like Wells Fargo said to refinance. I am thinking about closing down my accounts here and just moving them to Chase. This is a horrible bank. I don't think I can keep my business with Wells Fargo the way they are.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 28, 2017

    We were 87 days late on payments because of financial hardship. We contacted Wells Fargo dealer service to see what we can do. They said we can do a deferment, all they need to do is send the forms for us to fill up. Pay a $25 fee and then pay a month's payment. Well they never sent us the forms. We have contacted them 3 times to get the forms and then one all of a sudden they tow our truck. We called them and the guy says, "well why didn't you respond when we tried contacting you." I told him we contacted them back 3 times for them to send the forms which they never sent.

    The customer service representative on the other end gave me attitude and hung up on me. This got me so mad. Why is it the bank is never at fault. Oh and the funny thing is everything call and conversation is recorded so I'm not sure why they said we never contacted them back about the loan when we did. Now collections wants 1637.00 today and 2000+ tomorrow if we can't pay today. And in August it will be sold in an auction. I hope they close them down, they have no business doing business.

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    Original review: July 19, 2017

    Well my wonderful Wells Fargo dealer experience started off when I made the DUMB decision to purchase a car using a Wells Fargo loan. All has been going well, payments are being made. Time came that we got in a financial hole, called and spoke to a rep who stated that my account would be noted for a payment to be made on Friday. The lovely Jack wagon of an employee FAILED to note my account regarding this issue, and my car was repossessed. NO notification of repossession, no confirmation, no phone calls, no mail and or email. They literally came to my house at 9:30 at night and repossessed my vehicle. I will probably end up selling this car as soon as possible, as I have never seen such a negligent company and I highly suggest against using this car loan service unless you want to be stranded with a child and no car, though things were settled from your end previously.

    Dear Wells Fargo Dealer services, thank you for being the biggest pain in our arse that we have committed to so far. I put my faith in this company to take care of me and my family. Due to your negligence, me and my 11 month old were left without a vehicle, we were penalized and that should never have happened, and would have not happened if it had not been for your negligence. I will not be dealing with the customer service for this company for any further inquiries, as it seems that they have hired some half-wit robot monkeys to work in place of knowledgeable and trust-able employees. Seems rather ridiculous to be such a large bank and care so little of the people who support them.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 13, 2017

    I am having financial hardship due to an unexpected bill this month that is not a reoccurring bill as Wells Fargo seems to think. I've made every payment on time since I've had the loan and have never asked to have a payment deferred before. I called to have this onetime payment deferred and they refused to help. So anyone having a difficult time I feel sorry for you if you are with this company because they refuse to work with you on anything!!! So if you're a customer in good standing and have one bad month don't bother calling theses morons because they will refuse to help you other than saying oh well you can make a late payment... If I knew I was going to have the extra money to pay you a little late why the heck would I bother calling you for a deferred payment I wouldn't have. Let me just pull some money out of where the Sun don't shine and give it to you!

    And the office of the President calls me and still tells me they can't help me. Well don't bother calling me wasting my time and pissing me off more then! And I made it clear to put in their records to not be calling me on a daily basis saying my payment is late when I called these idiots asking for a deferred payment for ONE month when my account has been in good standing for well over a year since I got the loan. Thanks for nothing Wells Fargo. I hope none of you idiots ever have a hardship!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 11, 2017

    There is a reason for all the one star comments on this board. Just spoke to a rude rep. There was no budging on agreeing to a very short-term catch-up payment plan during a time of financial and illness hardship. To leave the call without receiving support for a short-term payment plan was dismaying. The same hard-ball information could have at least been presented in a humanly way, instead I hear the rep munching loudly on snacks answering in a cold-hearted manner.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 6, 2017

    I was in a car accident in Nov. 2016. I had full coverage on my auto and I also was covered by GAP insurance. I also had a refund on a maintenance contact that was also applied to my final payoff. Wells Fargo was paid this amount and they held on to the maintenance refund check and took their time sending information to my GAP company in order to receive the final payoff. I had to call Wells Fargo to ask why this payment was not sent to GAP in order to satisfy my payoff. Well it was explained by a Wells Fargo rep that this is a process and it takes time.

    While all this is happening it is affecting my credit. This loan didn't get satisfied until 6 months later and now I have a negative impact on my credit saying that I was a 120 days late and that the balance on my auto loan is a charge off and I have never been late until this incident. I will never do business with Wells Fargo and future toward I will make sure that whomever I speak with friends, family, acquaintance that this is a bank you don't want to deal with because of my bad experience. They are very unprofessional and thumbs down.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 6, 2017

    Had loan, called them to ask for help. Explained I can make current payments just can't make up the month and half behind. They won't work with you, they make calls all day harassing even at work. Repo truck called them. Friend loaned me the cash and still gave runaround. Call here hold 45 min to 1.5 hr, to hear to call back in couple hours. This went on for 4 days, still nothing. Never got any paperwork to even suspect that they were going to repossession of vehicle. To over 45 days before they even sent me anything saying to my vehicle. Now say sold my vehicle for low price and wants more money from me for difference. Why can't they work with you. No customer service there. Stay away. They are out to get you if you are not perfect person. Heartless and harassing.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 20, 2017

    Will never use Wells Fargo Dealer Services AGAIN!! Nor will I ever recommend them to anyone! I have gone back and forth with the Loan department because of a $398.89 charge that was added to my loan. No one has been able to give me an exact answer for the last 2 months. I also had a "late and stop payments" that were listed on my credit. I was NOT LATE. When I called customer service they said, "Oh no. You're not late. That was a mistake. Just fax over a dispute and we will process and see about taking it off." I have had the most WORST experience with them! Even the dealership that I just bought another vehicle from said they will NOT do work with Wells Fargo Dealer Services because of how bad their service is!!! DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 15, 2017

    I've only had my car since Aug. 2016. When I first got my car, I had my payments set up on automated draft. Some time around Christmas that stopped for some unknown reason. My payments keep getting paid late because of this but I make the payment when they call and ask them to set it back up. Well I haven't got a call about a late payment since March so I figured that my payments finally were coming out of my acct again. Then the day before I leave to go on vacation I get a letter in the mail that says I am 4 months past due and they are going to repo my car in the next week. I call them several times... it takes most of the day to find someone that is willing to "help". They agree to set up a payment arrangement (pay half that Friday and then pay the other half plus the next payment in 2 weeks). Problem solved... I can go on vacation without worry.

    Well they never held up the payment arrangement and the day we got back from Vacation my car was picked up. It still had all our stuff in it! I made the payment in full through MoneyGram and called them like I was suppose to. They verified the payment and sent a letter of release to the repo man. They told me that it could take up to 4 hours to go through. Well it's been 2 days and they still haven't gotten it. When I call Wells Fargo they just tell me that it has been sent.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 10, 2017

    I have been working with Wells regarding my car payment. After speaking with a rep. on 6/2017 regarding payment, he stated for me to wait until I receive a call. When I rec. the call the manager want the account current by the following Mon. I explain that I had a payment but was advised to wait until can contacted. I had always heard how awfully the service is and will speedily pay this debt off and never do business again with this bank. I see why they have such bad reviews. Oh yeah I also informed the account manager that I had just obtained employment this past week. Told two different solution regarding car loan is my complaint.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 30, 2017

    I need assistance with navigating through some unethical and unscrupulous practices that I am receiving in working with Wells Fargo Dealer Services (WFDS) pertaining to not only my auto loan but on how they are conducting business with me in not being accountable. I was trying to be proactive with WFDS when I begin to notice that my income was decreasing. I notified them and they suggested a refi. I applied for the refi and after my credit was ran, WFDS indicated that I already had the best rate that they could offer considering that my vehicle was old.

    The only suggestion that they were able to provide was to apply for a refi again once more of the principal had been paid. In April, I began receiving calls from WFDS about my April’s payment. I was informed that I owed a balance of $59 for April from a monthly payment of $335.76. From this call forward this is where the dishonesty, run around, red tape and lack of accountability that I began to receive from WFDS.

    I received another call about the $59 payment at which time I had the same type of discussion with this representative as I had before with other WFDS representatives. This representative informed me about the available options for those that are experiencing financial hardship: apply for a hardship refi (different from a regular refi) or apply for a deferment. I had began this process early May and until now, I am still trying to get things resolved with them. It is unfortunate that Wells Fargo can continue to be an unethical, unaccountable and unscrupulous company and get away with it. This is why I have closed my accounts with them before they do something else to only get their hands slapped. More details available if needed.

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    Original review: May 26, 2017

    I'm going to make this short. I could type out my long drawn out story, but bottom line, overall rude customer service. They are unwilling to work with you in any way. If you can refinance your car with a more customer friendly bank, I would advise to do so.

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 18, 2017

    I got approved through Wells Fargo dealership services. I was informed through Gurley Leep at Mishawaka Indiana dealership that if I would agree to the allowed amount I would have no problem to lower my payment in six months through Wells Fargo. I told them I could not afford a 477.00 payment but not knowing I could not refinance in six months. Wells Fargo said I had to wait twelve months to refinance so I paid on time another six months and call them in a year into the loan that for my 2011 Nissan Maxima was upside down thanks to Wells Fargo dealership knowing at the time of the sale it was over priced. They will not help me and I have been struggling every since and Gurley Leep won't help either.

    My blame in this whole situation was I didn't do my homework on the value of the purchase before I sign the papers and trusting Gurley Leep since I had got several car from them. At the time of this deal, I was on a lot of medications due to excessive pain and I didn't know I was overcharged on the vehicle until I tried to refinance.

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    Original review: May 18, 2017

    I recently had a total loss claim on my 2008 Chevy Colorado. During the time we were waiting for the insurance company to pay and the gap insurance to pay I was told account would be put on hold. Well now that they have received over 10000.00 in 3 months they call and say I am 4 months behind on payments and my account was being sent to the charge off department. I only owe 1300.00 and they refused to make payment arrangements with me until my account goes into charge off status. There goes the credit score. They are preying on people and robbing them.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 4, 2017

    Terrible Customer Service. Wells Fargo is listed as a lien holder on our vehicle in error. We never had a loan with them. They can see in their system it is an error. Even still, they required a letter from the dealership stating what they already knew. The dealership sent the letter, then called them to confirm they received the letter. They are refusing to provide us with a lien release until they can process the letter, between 48 hours, but up to 35 days... on a car they admit they know they should not hold a lien on. Asked for a supervisor and was told no, there was no one else that could speak to me. Asked him to process it immediately and was told that I have to wait for their process times. Asked to have it expedited as they can clearly see it's an error, and they have everything they've requested and was told I have to wait.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 12, 2017

    Recently Wells Fargo repo'd my vehicle. Partly my fault, partly theirs, however; after paying the amount to get my vehicle back, I went to pick up the vehicle and upon further inspection I noticed that there was a chip in the left rear driver's side window. This chip was not there when the vehicle was picked up and it was not noted as part of their inspection. The window was chipped during towing. I called Wells Fargo to quickly make a claim and see who would be responsible for paying for another window. They asked me to get 2 quotes and fax it to them.

    After several days, they got back to me indicating the party claims that the chip was already there and when I picked up the vehicle I immediately went to that window to point out the chip, which is a false claim. The vehicle was shown to me passenger side first. Then I walked around to the driver's side of the vehicle. Wells Fargo said that they were sent pictures of the vehicle along with their statement of me immediately pointing out the chip. The person that was witness to me inspecting the vehicle was right there with me and we discussed the chip after I pointed it out. It was not on their inspection report.

    When I ask Wells Fargo if I could get a copy of the pictures and their statement, they told me I would need a subpoena in order to acquire those documents. Of course they know that acquiring a subpoena would cost just as much as the window replacement, so they know I am not going to go get one. It's easier for them not to pay for the damage.

    So, basically they broke my window and are leaving me with the bill. There should be some law against this type of crap! But we all know the laws that are in place are there to benefit them and not consumers. If you are doing research on auto loans, do not go with Wells Fargo. Their customer service is lacking, they will try to screw you (if given the opportunity) and there is no communication between them and the customer. Beware.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 10, 2017

    I will keep it short as I can't say more bad things about anyone. But Wells Fargo deserves this special treatment so I'm writing this. Very high-interest rate. (They had me at 4.99 but I got 1.99 within 15 days after signing up with them, so I refinanced my loan). Pathetic, rude customer service. Don't know if Wells Fargo's policies don't allow representatives to be customer friendly or the representatives themselves are very rude. Happy to say goodbye to Wells Fargo.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 4, 2017

    I purchased a car in March 2014 and Wells Fargo Dealer Services financed the loan. I made my payments every month and usually paid a little over the payment that was due. On March 1, 2017, I traded my old car in for a new one. The dealership mailed a cashier's check to Wells Fargo for the payoff. A few weeks later, I started getting emails and phone calls from Wells Fargo stating my payment was past due. I contacted customer services multiple times explaining that I had traded the car in and was told I had to have the dealership call them.

    I questioned this instruction as it is illegal to discuss a clients account with anyone other than the client. I was again told the dealership had to call them. I immediately called the dealership and spoke to the GM explaining what WFDS instructed me to do. He advised that WFDS had received the check on March 16, 2017, that someone by the name of "FRENCH" signed for it and that he would do as I was asking. He later contacted me and advised that it should be taken care of.

    A few days later I called to make sure and was told no, that I needed to make a payment to them immediately and "if" the check ever does come in then they would send me a refund on the payment. WFDS also noted that I because of the late payment I had been charged late fees and confirmed that if payment was not received it would also be reported on my credit report as a late pay. I had started reading reviews and social media posts about how WFDS is notorious for requiring customers to make payments in cases such as this but NEVER refunding the overpayment so opted to not allow them any extra money.

    Another day or two later (over the weekend), I received another call/recording stating payment was due and to call back immediately. On the morning of Monday, April 3, I called and spoke with a rep and a manager. The manager, Lisa, advised that there are notes on my account that payment is being investigated and that I should not receive any more calls. Early that afternoon, I received a phone call from the GM at the dealership where I purchased my car advising that he received the check back in the mail with a letter stating I do not have an account with them (Wells Fargo Dealer Services). He asked me what I would like him to do. I told him I would call WFDS and call him back.

    When I called back, the manager/supervisor I had spoke to earlier was not available so the rep sent her an email with the details and my cell phone number to call me back immediately. Lisa called me back and then told me that if the check had no information on it then it would be sent back. The GM had already confirmed that my information/account number was on the front. As she was not being any help, I asked for someone over her head at which she transferred me to someone in the "complaint department". I again explained the entire ordeal to the woman. The woman put me on hold then came back and told me it takes 7-10 business days to resolve issues in their department so she is unable to assist me based on the timing and offered to transfer to me yet someone else.

    She further argued with me stating that they would NEVER have a dealership call as they cannot discuss my account with anyone. I pointed out that I knew that and argued that same thing when their rep told me it had to be done and that the GM actually did call and talk to someone. She was not listening to anything I was telling her and not helpful. I finally hung up on her and called the GM at the dealership back and asked him to just make sure all the information is correct on the front and overnight the check again which he had already done.

    After hours of phone calls and multiple people, WFDS has caused more stress and frustration than should have been. How much time could it have taken to call the dealership when they received the check and confirmed the information they were questioning? Or, when I called or the GM from the dealership called, could they not have advised that the check was probably sent back? I highly recommend anyone that is considering Wells Fargo for banking needs reconsider. Read reviews and social media posts (especially their own Facebook page).

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    Wells Fargo Auto Loans expert review by Lauren Fix

    Wells Fargo is one of the most widely recognized names in the finance and lending world. They have been in business for over 20 years and have a large, nationwide team.

    • Low rates: Wells Fargo is known for being able to offer customers with good credit histories loans with extremely low rates compared with other auto loan companies. Current customers of Wells Fargo Bank can receive discounted rates.

    • Refinancing: In addition to securing loans, they also help applicants manage their payments and find ways to lower their monthly payments.

    • Auto equity: Wells Fargo helps customers to get a loan for debt consolidation using the equity of their car.

    • Easy application process: The company makes it easy for customers to apply online with a simple online application form that only requires minimal personal and financial history information. This allows applicants to hear back about the company's decision right away. It’s easy to apply in as little as 5 – 10 minutes.

    • Support: Their auto-loan specialists provide customer support in a myriad of forms, including online chat, phone, and e-mail. This makes it convenient for customers to receive support no matter what method of communication is best for them.

    • Best for: Consumers with good credit, those looking to refinance their loan or those who want to consolidate their auto loan debt.

    Profile picture of Lauren Fix
    Lauren Fix

    Auto & Finance Contributing Editor

    View Profile

    Lauren Fix, also called The Car Coach, is an automotive and auto finance expert. Her understanding of vehicles has made her the “go to” person on TV, radio, print media and the Internet. She has authored multiple books and writes a column for several outlets, including Parade Magazine, NewsMax and Car Coach Reports. She is a regular guest on major news and morning shows, discussing the latest updates on cars and car financing that will help drivers make smart decisions when buying, maintaining and financing cars.

    Wells Fargo Auto Loans Company Information

    Company Name:
    Wells Fargo Auto Loans
    P.O. Box 29704
    Postal Code:
    United States
    (800) 559-3557

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