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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 16, 2021

I called to report Fraud on 5/10/2021 and sent affidavits and DOJ letters regarding fraud by my ex wife to email they gave me. I never heard back. I followed up 6/15/2021 by calling & Erica the CSR told me they don't have my email but said my ex wife called on 5/12/2021 which raised a RED FLAG that they told her I sent information regarding FRAUD. I was transferred to Angela ** who was VERY RUDE & wouldn't allow me to speak just kept over talking me. I asked for the email address to the FRAUD dept because she claim the email address I was given was wrong. She would never give me the correct email address I asked for. She just kept asking me what type of fraud? I said regarding my auto loan because this is the auto loan dept.

I even read 18 USC 287 and she said, "If you are not an attorney you can't quote the law." I asked her to read that law to me and give me the statute and she couldn't. She then hung up on me when I let her know that Wells Fargo is receiving KICKBACK from the FRAUD by my ex wife, and her attorney to not reveal the FRAUDULENT activity.

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Customer ServicePricePunctuality & Speed

Reviewed June 14, 2021

Please help me understand how Wells Fargo can misplace money from overpayment of loan payoff and misplace proceeds of canceled warranty refund after both checks have been crashed and stamped pay to the order of Wells Fargo. Since April 29, 2021 I've been waiting for $1,046.13 that's due to me. My case has been isolated to the office of the president (Wells Fargo) Senior level of consumer support, but weeks later nothing resolved. Perhaps a Bank that can't handle checks and balances shouldn't be in the financial profession. I guarantee you Wells Fargo would've waited this long for late loan payment without daily phone calls and accessing interest, late fees, and penalties. Never again will I do business with Wells Fargo. Consumers beware.

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Reviewed March 27, 2021

I recently refinance my car loan with another company for a lower interest rate. I called the Dealer and canceled my GAP insurance. They said Wells Fargo is responsible for the refund and they will send it in the mail. Three months later and I call Wells Fargo and they told me to contact the Dealer and it wasn't their responsibility. At this moment I am very frustrated so I call the Dealer and spoke to the Finance Manager who was wonderful. She said she would call them and take care of it. Well she calls and after a back and forth they finally admit that they are responsible for the refund but very rudely tells us to read the contract because they have 120 days to issue the refund. Never get a car loan through this company. I have never had trouble getting a refund for Gap insurance before. I just hope I get the refund back from them.

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2021

This department is entirely incompetent. Avoid them at all costs. I wouldn't wish my worst enemies to have to do business with these scumbags. I have been waiting for them to "process" a warranty refund for 3 months. I've talked to five representatives all of which advised that the refund is "processing".

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Reviewed Dec. 24, 2020

My husband bought me a car as a gift. 20000.00 loan. He passed away from cancer. I paid down to 4200.00 and had trouble due to covid. They refused to discuss with me, only my dead husband. They took the car like a thief in the night. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. No compassion...

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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2020

They recently repossessed my vehicle a week before Christmas. It was 2 months past due and I had just got a new job after losing a great job due to covid. They weren’t even willing to work with me. They said I ran out of referrals and there’s absolutely nothing they can do. I owe less than a year on a $30k vehicle so by taking my vehicle they come out with a lot of money. These people have no heart. You would think they would need more generous during a deadly pandemic. I’ve had nothing but issues in the 5 years of dealing with them. STAY AWAY!!!

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2020

Wells Fargo Auto clearly states that if your account is three months ahead, future payments will go to principal only. My account is four months ahead, I paid another payment a week ago. To my surprise, the payment was charged interest. I screamed. I called Wells Fargo and was told that it was a computer error. The representative corrected the payment, but now I refuse to make any more online payments.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2020

Confusing accounting practice used by Wells Fargo. Making principal payments is frustrating. As the company has had to make reversals to ensure my principle payments do go to principle. So very frustrating.

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Reviewed Oct. 28, 2020

After submitting all corresponding documents showing Eastern's Auto committed the fraud Wells Fargo also determined it happened. After months of waiting and the final determination was Wells Fargo will credit me $25 or dealership agreed to cancel the loan and take the truck back but I was out all the payments made thus far? What?!? I asked from day 2 after purchase was made and realized what occurred I wanted to cancel the loan. Ultimately they held up to their reputation of unethical business practices towards their clients siding with the dealership who committed the fraud. Beware, go get financing elsewhere!!!

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2020

Wells Fargo Auto Loan department is very poorly done. I have been waiting for a lien release letter form from them for 4 month. I have called asking about why I have not received the letter yet. I can not get tags updated without it. I have a car I can not drive with expired tags. Every time I call they said they will overnight the letter to me since they have been sending it to a address that I told them I have not lived at in 3 years every time I call. I would not recommend financing with Wells Fargo if they can not get the documents to you or even a title mailed to the correct address.

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Reviewed Aug. 7, 2020

I hope there is an option for PRINCIPAL ONLY PAYMENT ONLINE! Every time I called and specifically told the agents I want to make a payment towards the PRINCIPAL ONLY, they posted it wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME! And put it on the advance months payment. I need to call them AGAIN and tell them to adjust it because they POSTED it WRONG! We worked hard for every penny we got, the DAILY interest rate is big deal to us. (I know you don't care about it.) We pay you right, please do your job right as well!

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2020

High interest rates, offer lower interest but add on to the loan, deceiving and dishonest. Do not get a auto loan through Wells Fargo! Paid payments on time for 5 years and my last payment was doubled. When I called to pay I was told it would be ok to break the payment in 2 and now I have a late payment on my credit from them over a 100. Dollar balance. So ridiculous!

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Reviewed June 9, 2020

Wells Fargo Auto and Wells Fargo in general are crooks period. I have never been late on a truck payment and I get a call that my account was thrown into collections for a non payment in May 2020. I showed them a photo of the check being cleared by my bank by Wells Fargo Auto, the receipt of the branch in Cedar Park tx that Manager Ann took in and said she would have it cleared up in 48 hrs and would follow back up with for confirmation. A week has gone by and still getting collection calls from Wells Fargo Auto.

I called the branch and no longer is there and Allysa ** covering for me would follow up with me in another week. The teller at the branch said they are two separate entities and they don’t have anything to do with their own affiliate. These people are crooks and should be shut down. They already have been associated with fraudulent opening fake accounts for their own benefit. I will take this to the highest level to make them pay for stealing money from their own customers! Do not use this bank for anything! Avoid at all cost!!!

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Reviewed May 23, 2020

I am self employed and they gave me my first car loan when others turned me down. They gave me a decent rate, and there were no hassles. I paid off my car loan a year early and I received my title in about 2 weeks without having to do anything on my end. There were a few times I was past 10 days late and I just paid the minimal fee. No big deal. That was part of the loan agreement. Other than that, just paid everything on time and there were no issues. I'd go with them again if need be.

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Reviewed May 20, 2020

If I could give Wells Fargo Auto 0 stars I would. They are by far the very worst auto loan company I have ever dealt with. I do not recommend anyone to use this company. Save yourself the heartache and choose another company!! They care nothing about customer satisfaction!

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Reviewed May 4, 2020

Got WF loan several yrs ago when I had to replace my car. Every payment was on time & more than min because I set up auto-payment. WF never applied add funds to balance, default is against next payment. (Why is there no option for this when you set up your payment???) Still, I kept plugging along... Finally, paid car off 1 year early. Rec'd title and lien release fast-ish (2 weeks or so), but it's been 60 days and they STILL have not reported my loan paid to the credit agencies - so it's hanging out there for 2 months that I've made zero payments on my car loan. No CS unless you call - wait times are ridiculous. Sad since I've had a WF bank account for 20 + years and I still can't get decent service. My next car I will try to get a loan from ANY ONE else.

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Reviewed April 11, 2020

Gave me a low interest rate even though it was my first time financing a vehicle. They are lenient and understanding when times are tough. Honestly they have treated me better than what I have deserved. I recommend them 100%.

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Reviewed Feb. 27, 2020

I called customer service department this morning to request a lien release on my auto title account. I spoke with Ann in customer service who shared with me that my account was in fact paid in full and closed. I requested a lien release and she told me she couldnt to that and that I needed to speak with customer service in the title department. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

So she patched me through to Josiah who informed me that I would have to wait 7 days to make sure my funds cleared or I could email a copy of my bank statement showing it has cleared. Ann had already told me my account was paid and satisfied in full and closed early If I may add! I requested to speak with a supervisor and Josiah put me on hold. No one ever came on the line so after 20 min I hung up. This is not good customer service. All I need is a lien release so my daughter can put her vehicle in her name. We have the title and we have signed it over our daughter. This will is the last loan we will use Wells Fargo Dealer Service for! They refuse to release lien for 7-10 days even though the account has been paid in full.

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2020

After my car was totaled and insurance paid I had a 2 pay balance. Paid one and tried to split second. Wrote check for half and mailed. 3 days later they take remaining amount!!!! BS Didn't want to do anything to help. Associates are useless as is the whole company. DO NOT utilize them.. Plenty of places to go. Thieves!!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 25, 2020

For a little over a year now, I have been going back and forth with this company about applying extra payments toward principal or making a larger principal only payment, and not as advance payment. The only way to pay extra towards principle is either through 1) ALP, which is not an option for me because I like to pay my bills on payday. 2) Go into a Wells Fargo branch, which is inconvenient for me as a caretaker, or 3) One time payment online, then call an agent and request that the extra amount be applied to principal, which is best suited for my situation.

This is my first auto loan with Wells Fargo. I did my first month's payment online in March of 2018 and paid a little more, thinking the extra would automatically be applied towards principal. My very first car I bought in 2012 was with a different loan company, and any extras I made on the payment online went directly to principal. So of course, I thought the same for Wells Fargo. WRONG!

After my payment posted, I notice that there was a payment variance. I had no idea what a payment variance was, so I called customer service. The agent had no idea either, so she put me on hold and consulted with her supervisor. She got back to me and explained that it was because I paid more on my monthly. That's why there's a payment variance. OK, so I paid the next month's bill, and that payment variance is still sitting in the account, so I called customer service again. This time I got a different response from a different agent. She explained that the payment variance does not get applied to the principal, and it pretty much just sits there until I put in a customer request to apply it to the principal.

Early on from there, I figured it would be too inconvenient to have to call an agent each time I wanted to make a one time monthly payment online and apply the extra towards principal, so I opted for ALP. I did the autopay until it no longer fit my situation; I went back to doing the one time payment online and call an agent each time to apply the extra payment toward principal only.

Now the real issue. Once I canceled the ALP, and started with the one time payment again, I trusted that the agents had entered my request correctly each time I called. I was very clear and concise about my request. To my surprise when logging in to check my payment history months later, many of the requests were processed as the regular monthly payment. The agent did not put in the request to apply the extra to principal, or the request entered by the agent was not clear so it got rejected by the receiving department. Due to the negligence, my payment variance got bigger and bigger, pushing out my due date further as advanced payment, interest accrued while I thought my principal balance was lowering. WRONG!

I caught on to this in the middle of 2019. I was very upset so I called customer service and spoke to many agents; each one telling me different things! Some not very competent, some great but it doesn't change the fact that I had to pay the daily interest on months that pushed out my due date. Getting transferred to an escalation team is of no use because I was put on hold for a VERY LONG time, so I had to hang up. No one responds to the emails either. I've sent multiple emails each time, but no response until I wrote a review online and Diane **, Exec Office Case Specialist finally reached out to me in 11/2019.

Since that conversation, I stopped making a one time payment with extra to go towards principal. It sort of forced me to just make my regular payment even if I really wanted to put extra towards principal. I didn't want to come across incompetent agents who can't process my request correctly. However, after two regular payments online and not being able to have that option to request extra towards principal without having to call an agent, I've decided to give it another try this year, and called an agent to make a payment.

On 1/24/20, I called customer service and was very clear to the lady that I wanted to apply a specific amount towards principal only. She asks if I had access to a computer and I said I'm on the payment page. She told me to go ahead and submit in the amount as a one time payment and she'll put the request in as principal only payment. Due to my bad experiences in the past, I was very concise with her and was assured the amount will all go towards principal.

Next day, 1/25/20, I logged in and payment had posted. It was processed as a regular payment, with a good amount as payment variance pushing my due date out as advanced payment! Not what I had requested! I had to call another agent (Monica) this morning to see what's going on and explained what I've been having to deal with. She checked and the previous agent never put in the request! This is what I have been dealing with! Monica said she will put in the request and it should be processed in 3-5 business days. These are the same answers I've been dealing with for the last year and having to make inconvenient repetitive phone calls.

Wells Fargo does not acknowledge that it's their fault or even investigate into it. When I was going through this consistently last year, I even emailed them and ask them to listen to their recordings because my requests are clear and concise. I wouldn't have to pay the unnecessary interest had their agents do their job correctly, or had they investigate into my requests and made adjustments accordingly to the original request date.

Thought I give them a second chance at this type of service this year to make things right, but it will never change. I'm going through the same headache with it! I guess I'm not the only person going through this because I just read other very similar reviews! Looks like Wells Fargo Auto will be moving to Wellsfargo.com soon. Hopefully there will be better options for making one time online payment that includes optional principal payment, and not just through ALP. Customers wouldn't have to deal with incompetent agents to put in their request that doesn't get processed anyway.

And if Wellsfargo decides not to have such option, at least have some sort of chat agent online so that there will at least be a transcript confirming the request. Customers receive no confirmation to over the phone requests entered by the agents, whether or not their requests are being processed or not! Do a better job Wells Fargo!

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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2020

This is my third and final loan with this company. I will pay a higher interest from another loan company to avoid Wells Fargo Loans. They do not allow you to pay extra on the principal online. You have to call them several days after you make the payment and instruct them to put the extra funds on the principal. If not they apply it to the interest for future payments resulting in the customer paying more interest over the life of the loan.

I have spent hours on the phone trying to get them to apply the extra payments to the principal and they continue to apply the payments correctly. While the customer service staff are courteous they don't seem to know what they are doing or worse yet following the corporate rules and misapplying funds to interest payment to improve Wells Fargo's bottom line. You can never seem to reach a supervisor by phone. I am currently on hold now for over 30 minutes for one and this is the norm. My recommendation is to never get a loan with this company as I have never had such a difficult time with any other lender.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2019

Have had my loan for several years (only 2 years left), never missed or late on a payment. I called to ask for a deferment. Was told you can have three in the lifetime of the loan, they must be one year apart and that I qualify. Never asked for one before. Was transferred to finance department where they hassled me on the reason. Gave several legitimate reasons and was told no for all of them. I see other reviews saying same thing, one even said she has CANCER and was going to be out of work!! Why bother offering something to make "it sound good" and then not honor it. A lot of other banks don't even ask a reason!! Know several people who have deferred a payment more than once, no problem from their bank. What a joke! I will never finance another car through from them. They don't care about their loyal paying customers.

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2019

I have spent over 3 hours on the phone in the past 2 days trying DESPERATELY to get a lien release. Everyone I speak to has a different story and another hoop for me to jump through. Their customer service is incompetent and horrendous.

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Reviewed Oct. 22, 2019

I took a loan with them and never missed a payment. Have only 5 more payments to go. When I requested a deferment after making on time payments - they made the process very difficult. Then I received a call locally from their Buffalo office, of why I did not make a payment? I had to fax them I had an APPROVED deferment, or they were going to give me a hard time. Recently, I found out I had to have cancer surgery with a period of a few months recuperating. The customer service person supposedly discussed my need for a hardship with someone and said, "NO, we cannot help you. Find someone that will help you make the final payments." I was so very hurt and angry, I terminated the call. They have no compassion and could care less. Please go elsewhere.

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2019

Wells Fargo will treat you as a number, they are rude and couldn't care less what your opinion is on customer service. I have a car loan with them mow, and I'm in the process of refinancing through a new lender. I don't have to put up with rude behavior.

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Reviewed Oct. 9, 2019

I sold a vehicle that I currently had a loan with Wells Fargo on. I sold my vehicle, and the private party's bank sent a check to Wells Fargo to payoff the vehicle. That way the title could be released. It took Wells Fargo 13 days to finally process the release of the lein so the new owners could get the vehicle registered. Wells Fargo doesn't care about the haste of what they do. They do not care about the consumer. I will never work with this company again.

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Reviewed Oct. 7, 2019

Called them 1 weeks after paying off my loan with all little charges they implement on the customer, asked them to mail out my loan release. Never got it, called them again. Maybe they could do it via FAX, they said it takes 3 days, never got it. Called again, sat on hold for 26 mins no one answered, and didn't get my loan release. New buyer of the vehicle can not register the vehicle and is being penalized every 24 hour having insurance on the vehicle. But the insurance will not open a policy without the plates which require registration "CATCH 22". And all because this ** bank won't do their job send as they should the simple letter of "Loan Release". May well be that I'll sue them for amount of penalty of the DMV.

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Reviewed Oct. 2, 2019

My vehicle was repossessed in error with NO FORMAL COMMUNICATION due to a WELLS FARGO representative. It took them almost three weeks to give my vehicle back. I had to rent a car so I asked for a reimbursement of what I spent for transportation. They offered me something that didn’t cover HALF of my expenses but I accepted it. My car was returned with mechanical issues I called SEVERAL times about with no resolve. I never received the check so I called about two weeks later & asked about it. A manager expressed to me, "Well, that is a courtesy check." How unprofessional and inconsiderate! It wasn’t a courtesy when they picked up my vehicle without calling first! So I decided to wait on the check.

Then the harassing phone calls began asking when I would make a payment on my loan! Wow! You had my vehicle for almost three weeks and then you have the nerve to tell me that the check was something nice they were doing for me then to turn around and continue calling me about a payment? Horrible! I don’t want this loan and I am telling everyone including the media about their horrible customer service and to NOT finance through Wells Fargo!

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Reviewed Sept. 21, 2019

THIS BANK IS HORRIBLE!!!! They have so many suits and claims against them for unlawful things mishandling customers' money, applying things to accounts they shouldn’t, calling and leaving information on voicemails when in some states this is illegal. They called me because I happen to be a part of a suit that was filed because they illegally added some type of protection to my car loan. Not only are their staff incompetent in understanding simple requests but they have no idea how to fix any problem. They called me to say they were sending me a check. It took 3 tries of me calling in. Mind you after every call it was promised the problem was fixed and the issue was so small and stupid. Updating an address. They repetitively sent this check to the wrong address after I told them 3 different times/days to update it.

Here we are 6 months later and I still have yet to receive it. I spent 2 hours on the phone today to get through I was transferred through 6 people. Then when I finally got through to the CPI plan department at 4:56 a gentleman answered and I warned him I would need a manager for this. That he doesn’t deserve to hear me out in this heated moment. I am a manager myself and this is a job of a manager. He thanked me and put me on hold, he came back and his supervisor today 9/20/19 at 5:02pm pacific time in the CPI plan department refused to take the call. I was in shock. I had been through 6 people and sat on the phone for two hours to be told it’s 2 minutes after hours and she didn’t have time right now.

I went off and demanded to speak to a manager and get her name. She continued to refuse to this gentleman Ethan to speak to me or give me her name. Ethan then came back on the line and apologized repeatedly and said, "Ma’am I understand you want a manager but no one is here and I hear your frustration. Can you give me a chance to just take a look?" At this point I have no trust in anyone, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt this front line gentleman (Ethan) that worked after hours to handle me as a customer even though his own manager declined to stay after, he did! This was unbelievable. He then was able to find out a check was never even sent to be queued after speaking to 3 different people over the last 6 months assuring this was done.

And one of the three times they explained I have another check that is owed to me and that they will get this out as well this small check that was just brought to my attention came a week ago but the big check that I have been battling still to this day hasn’t come which is what sent me through the roof to call today. So with that being said he found out it had never been queued even when the other was queued and sent. Just a mess!

But I am still in shock enough to find a place to write a review and I never review places but this was over the top. I can’t believe a normal staff member took this much time to help me and prior supervisors never did their job and this supervisor today was more worried about running out at 5:02 and making her staff stay than helping a very upset customer but Ethan held his cool and professionalism and helped me from start to the end. He should be the CEO of Wells Fargo in how he handled me. Never should a front line employee be expected to do this while his manager walked out on me as a customer and him for support.

All I can say is I hope someone important reads this and Ethan is given appreciation for his hard work representing Wells Fargo while your own managers don’t care at all about customers or their staff. I hope this helps anyone curious about Wells Fargo I will never do any further business with them and my family as well is looking into changing banks and they have been loyal for 50 plus years. Good luck to all!

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2019

Wells Fargo sells satisfied debts to collectors, en masse. Harassing debt collection practices. The payments that Jon ** and I have paid settled this account/judgement; including all principal, interest, late charges, penalties and assessments, which reduced my/his account balance to zero. This closed the account. Consider this letter as a demand to cease and desist contact by phone or mail, with threats of seizure of; property, harassment and abuse by letter and multiple calls to/of me, by multiple mass collection purchasers. The payment and settlement of this referenced collection is irrevocable.

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