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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

Suntrust Mortgage is the worst and most unprofessional mortgage company out here. They are clueless and just do not care. They keep charging me more money for a "escrow shortage" twice a year!!! It's a scam!! My property is located in Newark NJ and I went several times to the city to verify my taxes and they told me over and over again that there is NO change. Suntrust Mortgage just keeps raising my monthly payment and keeping the money. I called a million times and they are always "investigating", "following up", etc. I hate that I have to refinance and spend money in order to leave this horrible company. I'm even thinking on going to talk to them in person wherever they are because it's just an abuse. I want all the money back that they kept during these "shortages". I will get it back.

Let me begin by saying I am a perfectionist. On paper, I look great. I have amazing recommendations from all of my bosses in the past 6 years, I have maintained a 3.8 GPA while balancing a full time career as an analyst on top of the full class load, and, most importantly, I have never missed a payment. Let me reiterate that final point: I have never missed a payment on a credit card, an auto loan, the financing I did for my laptop, or my medical bills. For a 25-year-old, I had a pretty shiny credit score.

In May, I figured, "Hey, why not refinance my auto loan with Navy Federal Credit Union for a much lower rate?" I did just that. I presented the check from NFCU to SunTrust to pay off the remaining balance on my account. At that time, I also began paying my loan to NFCU. SunTrust lost my check. Okay, well, that's a pain, but mistakes happen, right? I'm a pretty patient girl. I understand that things can go wrong. To ease my concern, I was told (by at least 6 different bill collectors) that, due to the extenuating circumstance, nothing would be reported to the credit bureaus. My mind at ease, I reordered a second check from NFCU and brought it back to SunTrust.

At this point, I was looking at a letter from SunTrust, threatening to repossess my car (this is after daily phone calls, harassing me for payment on an account I no longer had). Just to stay on the safe side, however, I made one final payment in order to keep my car in the driveway. A few days later, the calls stopped, my mailbox was vacant of SunTrust envelopes, and I was finally, after 1 month, in the clear. Fast forward to today (about 2 months since this all began). I am finally able to afford a mortgage as a first time home buyer-- exciting, right? Nope. My credit has since dropped to an extremely poor rating because, although SunTrust lost the original check, every debt collector that called was reporting me to the credit bureaus.

While I was happily making payments, after all was said and done (supposedly), I was still being reported to the credit bureaus. I am a perfectionist, I have never missed a payment, I have a 3.8 GPA, and my credit score is a hair above 600 because SunTrust lost a check and refused to take responsibility. ***Disclaimer: There has been one SunTrust representative that has been helpful, and he deserves all of the praise in the world. It's just unfortunate he only has so much power to help me with this. That kid deserves a promotion.

I wish I would have read these reviews before deciding to go forward with refinancing with SunTrust (misnomer). They already owned our loan so we thought we would give them a shot at keeping it. It's nearly 3 months later and we still haven't closed. Our credit scores are extremely high and we make plenty of money. These people are either completely incompetent, shysters, or both. We are completely frustrated. If you are reading this, pick another company. Zero stars if possible.

I took an auto loan from Dodge dealer in Dallas and I told them I am going to refinance to some other bank which gives me lower interest in next week. They accepted for that when my loan was being approved. Now they got me loan through Suntrust bank. I called Suntrust bank today stating that "I want to refinance to other bank so could you please send me the detail like payoff and 10 day interest, etc." They denied my request by saying I cannot move to other bank until I make at least 6 payments. How can they stop me from paying off my loan amount and moving to other bank when they haven't specified me in the first case when I took the loan? And customer care have least knowledge and they keep transferring to different departments.

Suntrust bought my mortgage 3 years ago after I refinanced and it has been a nightmare ever since. They shouldn't even be allowed to call themselves Suntrust because I absolutely do NOT trust them. Every year I have an escrow shortage and they send me a bill saying I can either pay the shortage to keep my monthly payment lower or do nothing and my mortgage payment will increase. Every year I pay the shortage, they cash my check, and then send me a bill for the HIGHER mortgage payment including the escrow I had just paid them. They are total scammers!!!

I have complained about this problem for 3 years and all they have done is LIE to me repeatedly and tell me they will look into it. I've also asked why my escrow is short every year when this is not a problem I've had with other lenders in the past. Again more LIES that they'll have someone look into it but they never do. I've called the "executive office" more times than I can count, but they are the worst. They are completely useless and deliberately LIE and couldn't care less about actually providing any real customer service.

I've talked to Nicole ** several times and she tells me she'll call me back but of course she NEVER does. One time she even went as far as to tell me she put it on her calendar to call me back. JUST ANOTHER DELIBERATE LIE. I've sent emails to the asksuntrust email address - ALL IGNORED. I've posted on their Facebook page but when I told the TRUTH about their horrible customer service my post was removed and I was blocked from posting on their page because they determined it was "inappropriate". Only Suntrust would think telling the TRUTH was inappropriate!

I sent an email through the website requesting customer service and someone named Leslie ** keeps responding with useless, canned responses instead of any actual customer service. I've filed complaints with the BBB, the CFPB, and the VA Attorney General and still cannot get my complaints resolved. I don't understand why the AG won't put them out of business or make them resolve customer complaints. This is completely unacceptable! These people have absolutely no business being responsible for other people's hard-earned money.

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In the last 25 years, I have done multiple mortgage transactions and this is the worst broker/agent I have dealt with. She makes so many mistakes, promises to do things by certain time and does not follow through, and put our whole transaction in jeopardy. She would not give us all the details of paper work needed at one time; they kept on dribbling through; even after providing the documents or collateral needed, she could not track them. At the time of the closing, the title company folks were also so frustrated about her lack of preparedness.

Before the closing, I found mistakes in simple calculations (such as adding charges for termite inspection already paid or homeowner's insurance premium). Even after I submitted and reminded twice, the paper work was full of mistakes at the closing. The amount of dis-organization and a lack of follow-through was appalling throughout the process. An example -- I have email threads (and text messages) where I requested the details of docs to be submitted or requested confirmation of what we submitted fit the bill; Michelle will promise to get back next day but nothing will happen for a few days until I had to send repeated reminders.

These people are the worst and do not care about their customers and have a lack of respect for people's time and money. I am selling a home and my buyer obtained her mortgage through Suntrust. My buyer was approved for the said loan amount from Suntrust before she signed the contract for my home. That was back on April 11, 2016. It is now June 6 and we are still waiting for a clear to close from this bank. They have lost paperwork, they have changed underwriters, they have delayed the process in so many ways possible and at the expense of the customer. They don't return phone calls, they don't call when they say they will, they don't communicate.

It's absurd that we are waiting all this time to close on the house and then last minute when you think you are done more things come up. :( Not to mention that as the seller of this home I am waiting for this to close so I can purchase my new home. :( I have had to extend contracts on both deals 4 times. Mortgage lock fees have been incurred as well as storage fees. On the "original" date of closing there was no communication by Suntrust that they would not be able to close. So all parties about to go to closing that day and lo and behold we got the surprise that - hey we need more documents. This bank is just awful. They need to go out of business or fix their customer service. They can't survive treating their customers like this.

We took out a loan for a new home in 2005 through Suntrust Mortgage at close to 8% interest. We were told we could refinance in 6 mos. Of course, this was right before the housing crisis - and that did not happen. The mortgage was **serviced** by Suntrust and was an "interest only" type of loan. Over 10 YEARS we tried to refinance after upgrades to our house. Suntrust kept telling us: 1. Your home is upside-down; and 2. The entity that gave the loan will not be able to help you. (WHO IS the "entity"???) NEVER in 10 years was provided that information!

Suntrust NEVER had our home reappraised!! After 10 years of harassment (automated phone calls) if a payment was "late" (past the due date, but well in the 2-wk. grace period); credit ruined if a payment was missed AND NEWS that we now had principle to start with our mortgage payment - with a $1000.00 additional payment to our mortgage - we had been exhausted!! NO ONE at Suntrust cared about us!!! We paid 10 years on the loan and they were NEVER open to helping us refinance.

We contacted another loan company and lo and behold, a VA appraisal came back that was $8000.00 ABOVE the original home value!! So, we hastened to refinance. THEN we were owed **escrow** checks from Suntrust. We were told the checks had been mailed out on April 30. 10 days later - NO checks coming from 55 miles away showed up in our mail!!! Our post office said we should have received that mail in 3 -4 days.

When I called Suntrust mortgage, I was told to "just wait." REALLY??? On MY money??? Then I asked - "Why did you not mail my checks certified mail??" The **supervisor** told me over the phone, "probably because Suntrust is trying to **save money**." I am furious with Suntrust Mortgage! They take your money...period!!

I tried to get a mortgage refi through SunTrust (they reached out to me via e-mail asking if I wanted to). I was told the closing costs would be approximately $2,000 and could be rolled into the loan. Of course I had to pay a $500 fee to get the process started. Then they appraised my house and decided I'd need an additional $6,800 in closing costs to refi. Shysters. Of course I didn't refi. I'm going to just wait a year or so, sell my house (which I was going to do eventually anyway) and you can bet your sweet patootie SunTrust won't have the mortgage on the new place.

I use to be a mortgage broker and had inside contacts for Suntrust and specifically their home equity loans, and even more specifically, their home equity loan called the "Access 3" HELOC. Anyways, I was told when I acquired my Access 3 HELOC that the first 10 years would be interest only payments and then after the first 10 years the mortgage would be set on a 20 year amortization (repayment) schedule. Being a broker, I also sold this loan to many, approximately 100, clients who also wanted a HELOC. Well, to my surprise, after the first 10 years of payments, my loan payments changes, as I was prepared for, HOWEVER, my payment QUADRUPLED! My loan was now on a 5 year repayment schedule! So, instead of my balance being due over 20 years of principal and interest payments, Suntrust has me repaying 80,000 in 5 years! Not 20 as I was told, and what I unfortunately passed along to 100+ clients.

I can barely afford, and even that is a stretch, my 1,700 monthly payment, instead of the 375$ monthly payment that I made every month the preceding 10 years. I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced this with their own Suntrust home equity line of credit? Lesson learned: quadruple check any changes in your mortgage or it will be your payment that quadruples!

My father, myself and husband purchase a home during the mortgage crash in 2008. We have never missed a payment until my spouse had an heart attack in October 2015. We had only one income coming in and did pretty good for a few months. Then we were late one month. We got letter after letter and warnings. I asked to make partial payments, they would not do it. They said we had to make two full payments for the month we missed and current month. They suggest HOPE which is a joke. In my area they do not service and then sent paperwork for hardship which involved a lot of information that is not necessary when they have all the information.

I tried to make one month payment. They would not have it. It is as if they want you to fail. The representative was rude, condescending and thought she was my mother. Now you can defer a car payment during hardship, why can't you do this with a mortgage? After 7 years of never missing a payment they did this to us. As soon as my husband income comes in steady I will work diligently to get rid of this mortgage with Suntrust and go to another company. They want you to fail and will do nothing to help loyal customers. Suntrust SUCKS!!!

In December of 2012, my mother passed away. She still had 3 years left on her auto loan. Instead of turning in the car, I decided to keep it and make the payments. I called Suntrust the following month to let them know about my mother's death. I was told they could not talk to me without proof. On March of 2013, I had certified copy of death certificate and will in hand and went to the branch office on Duval Station Rd. The A.M. called to find out where she needed to fax the copies to and made a note in the computer system as to my name and address.

After faxing everything and received a confirmation notice, I left. in early 2015 I put in a change of address again listing my (same) home address since I have never received any notifications from Suntrust. I assumed I would have since I was late on a few payments. But never did. I made all but the last payment 9/2015 when I noticed in the payment book I was to call for the last payment. I tried to call and got nowhere.

3/2/16 I called trying to find the payoff so I could get the title and was told they have no way to confirm I have rights to this information or even give me the amount due so I could pay the balance. A bank that will not tell me the amount due so they can collect. I spoke with a man named Charles in recovery who said I needed to go into a branch and bring all my paperwork again... I have to lose a day's pay from the hospital I work at to handle this. When somewhere in that wonderful system of theirs is my information and my mother's information... what do they want? Are they trying to take back a car that has one payment left??? Are they taking on more money because of their errors? All I want is to pay off the car, get the title. This should not be so complicated since I took the steps in 2013 to see to it everything was in order.

I had the typical experience with Suntrust in that I did not choose them as a company but instead they took over my loan. The first few months were acceptable however upon reviewing my statement my monthly payment went down by $200.00. Upon looking into it they were miscalculating my taxes and shorting my escrow account. I spoke to them numerous times and they claim that the amount they are deducting is correct. However they do see that I paid out more in the previous year. They sent me over to a tax specialist (Chip) where I was told he would look into it and let me know his findings within 14 days. 20 days later I called back only to be told they had not gotten to it yet but that they would. Another month has come and gone with still no answer or admittance to their mistake. FYI - They have also added a $15.00 charge for faxing the current amount due to a prospective new lender.

I have a complaint with Suntrust Mortgage. They say one thing and do another. About our loan, we were told we could restructure and/or so something else by Danielle **. Then Albert ** calls and says we were denied without an appraisal. So how can that be? How can people who work together money out of you for appraisal then credit check and deny you, when you have been with this company for 13 years, making payments on time and on the program by weekly?

I did all this for 4.25% interest. Oh well now I will take my house and get it refinanced someplace other than Suntrust. You people can **! I know nothing will be done, because this is how banks or financial institutions treat us middle working class. When I first started process I DID mention to my Albert **, that the reason you claim you have so much money to refi is because you it's a pity for the consumer to jump thru all hoops. Paperwork is so redundant. Then after months the consumer is denied. I so hate what your institution stands for, which is nothing. Now that you screwed me on an appraisal and why won't you tell me what the amount came in. Which is high. Did you even get it??? You can mark my words that I will take my house to another bank. In process of doing it now. Thanks for nothing!!! I am so upset. I know you don't care but I want the world to know what kind of institution you all represent.

We bought our home in April of 2015, our mortgage was sold to SunTrust around July. Escrow was analyzed and rebalanced incorrectly after the first month because of incorrect property tax calculation. It took weeks to straighten them out about it. Then in December they calculated flood insurance incorrectly and increased escrow by $491/month. Again hours were spent trying to deal with the issue.

Instead of correcting the escrow they sent another rebalancing that increased the monthly escrow amount by $278 and told me I owed them $1530.00 in shortages for the previous couple of months. We did not choose SunTrust our mortgage was sold to them. I wish I could get out but it would cost too much to refi. Every department I was sent to was more inept and ruder than the previous.

We were trying to get a loan on a home we really wanted. It was a week before we were to close, and they told us that apparently the flood zone of the home we wanted was different than what they originally thought. This brought the insurance up to almost $4,000 a year. They also failed to mention that we had to be insured before we were to close. Originally, they said we only had to have proof. Now they want us to pay them for closing and flood insurance, which I do not have adequate money for. Guess I'll have to back out of the deal.

They billed me for a return check charge. I send postal money orders. How did my FHA loan become a loan that was no longer FHA-certified? Why did they hold my money orders for over a month saying that they did not receive them and I need to resend them? I send postal money orders by Priority Mail. So if I can track their BS... maybe the post office can. One more thing if you can tape me for training purposes, I should be able to tape you for my training purpose when you make a mistake or account.

Suntrust Mortgage was making big mistakes and scared us off. Our credit rating is over 800. They kept our $650.00 appraisal money and all of our paperwork we had submitted. We went somewhere else and got the mortgage. We have gotten lots of mortgages over the years and this was the worst experience we have ever had.

I had the same problem as one of the other reviewers. I was one month behind and they put letters on my door. I made arrangements to pay and the same week that the payment was to be drafted. One of their collectors came knocking at my door to ask me if I had made arrangements. I told him that I had. They kept sending me letters even after the payment had been made. Now I admit, I usually use my grace period. Sometimes I even make the payment close to the end of the month. These people never really made an attempt to try to help me figure out if there were some other options to lower my payment. I will be looking to refinance with someone else in the near future. They made me feel as if they were ready to foreclose on me for missing a payment.

We have been at the Suntrust since 2004. Our credit score above 800. We were denied for a mortgage refinancing because the people ignore the international laws. Every month, through our Embassy in Washington DC, we have 2 pensions coming from France. These people from the Suntrust ignore the agreement between France and US. The double taxation does not exist between France and US. When the pensions arrive in US the taxes are withdrawn in France, so we don't pay taxes on these pensions in US. They denied us, just because we don't pay taxes on these pensions. Although it is an automatic payment on our account... It is not considered as a revenue. We were deny by an employee, on the phone!!! from Orlando... We did not receive any written confirmation for the reason.

My husband is a self-employed in his company. Never have an account at the Suntrust. They are incompetent, ignorant. So we closed our saving account, we refinanced our mortgage in another bank. We will have the equity we need and the automatic payment from the Embassy is cancelled, it will be done to my "new" bank. We are done with the Suntrust.

My husband and I applied for a VA loan in Sept, 2015. We were given 3 credit scores and then pressured into giving the bank $500.00 for an appraisal. I contacted Lynne ** and told her my concerns about giving that much money up front and then being denied to be able to refinance. Lynne first stated in order to start the process we had to pay this money up front and that the bank had set up the refi process to go through, more or less a fail safe refi. Lynne led my husband and I to believe this would go through so we gave up the $500.00 to her. Long story short we did not get the refi and when I told Lynne about our conversation, she bold face denied telling my husband and I that. Lynne told me she would go back and listen to the taped recordings and call me in a day or two and she hasn't! I also demanded half or full refund back because of her lies and she denied that too! Do not use this bank.

I have never dealt with such incompetence at every single level of the mortgage process and I have had several mortgages in my time. They had to extend my lock rate 5 times because they couldn't get their team to do a simple HARP refi. They needed NO documents other than the ones I provided the same day as my application. They "lost" copies of my paperwork, they constantly blamed this department or that department for delays and no one could provide answers! 2 days after we closed I got a call from them telling me they couldn't fund my refi until I provided more information. My title company said "They are idiots" they funded the refi before you left our office".

A month later they called again asking for a survey of my property - which I had already provided twice. I think the nightmare is over but NOOOOO. 3 months later they send me a letter stating they don't have proof of insurance - it is the same insurance I have had for 11 years with them - but I send copies of proof. TWICE... I have confirmation that they received both faxes. Next I get the bill where they have added insurance. I am convinced that you must have single digit IQ to qualify to work for Suntrust Mortgage! God help you if you choose this company. Since this I have also done a refi with Quicken Loans and it was an amazing experience.

This company is not trustworthy nor is it willing to help when a client is in need of assistance. I have been with Suntrust mtg since December 2004 when my first bank sold them my mortgage. I first became aware of the difficulties dealing with Suntrust when I addressed an error in the zipcode on my monthly statement. I immediately called to get this fixed, and was told that the zipped they had was correct. The problem that I had was that the zip code they "assigned" had to be given each time I called in. After several failed attempts, I opted out of paper statements and went electronic.

My next problem with Suntrust was in March 2013. I anticipated a problem making a mortgage payment in April 2015 so I made two payments in March 2015. I made the payments and gave it a week to process. A week after, I discovered that only one payment processed. I called in to Suntrust and was met with issues regarding my zipcode they had on record as opposed to what i told them it should be. From there they claimed that I was not giving them my full information, and I quote said, "We cannot speak with you, the information you are giving us does not match the information on record". Understand, I was giving them my social security number, loan number, every bit of information that I could find on my statement, but according to them that information did not match theirs.

After six months, I was able to locate on my most recent statement the additional payment, it was identified as excess funds, and was applied to escrow. I called in to Suntrust, and was able to get someone on the line who did not give me the run-a-round and within two weeks, had the "excess" funds applied, and within a month and a half received a refund for the six months of late fees. I was on their Accelerator program for eight years with really no problems, until 2014. There was an illness, and then death of my younger brother. I immediately called Suntrust to inform them of the emergency, and also asked for assistance with the late payments that I would be making. I was informed of Suntrust's policy, which requires an individual be at least three months late before they can provide any assistance.

Just prior to my third late payment, I again made contact. This time I was advised that I was in foreclosure and in order to stop the proceedings I would have to catch up all monies due, including fees. I reminded them, I was calling for assistance with paying the money back. I was then instructed to fill out the application for a loan modification and to fax or mail the papers back. My immediate question was to ask if I could email the documents instead of mailing or faxing? I explained that I did not own a fax machine and mailing it in would take longer. I was told "no", but that they would send me a FedEx envelope.

Immediately, the problems started, I am retired military and receive disability pay, our pay fluctuates sometimes by a cent, that was discrepancy. If not it was that I had left off the suffix after my name, or the entire document was not centered on the fax sheet, of their toner was not dark enough, or the recipient did not receive said documents. Each time there was a problem, it would take up to a week before I received notice that I needed to resend documents, in which case I might have a new retired pay statement or disability statement. After months of faxing and or FedExing the documents, because Suntrust would always find a problem with the documents.

I filed a complaint and someone else at Suntrust looked into my complaint and assured me that I was able to send any and all needed documents via email. The next problem I encountered was that my representative in Escalations dept wanted me to send all images (pay statements, signed documents) to their Home Preservation Documents dept, which baffled me. My representative at Suntrust initially informed me that she was the only person that would handle my case. I decided to email her any documents needed, fearing they may again be lost or not received. The longer it took for Suntrust to process my application, the further behind I fell in my mortgage payments. I attempted twice to send in the past due amounts and both times I received conflicting statements.

My rep at Escalations claimed I could call in the past due, after I filed a complaint at Suntrust regarding the rep, I was informed, "No"! I could not send in any payments. I was informed, once my account was in foreclosure no payments would be accepted. I was finally approved for the loan modification December 2014. After all of the pain associated with getting the documents processed, I decided against putting the loan back at 30 years and came up with the money needed to bring my account up to date. The amount quoted by Suntrust to bring the account up to date was paid January 2015 and they cashed the check. I soon discovered, there was a $1400.00 fee on my March 2015. I disputed the fee, and was informed the amount I was quoted was inaccurate, so the $1400.00 was paid.

A few months later, I discovered a fee in the amount of $1256.00. I immediately called in to dispute it, and was told that I had accrued a fee of $500.00 for a home inspection when my home was in the loan modification process, yet no one ever entered my home and I never received a bill or statement in the mail. All of the other home inspections were $20.00. At this same time, Oct 2015, I discovered that I had be charged two mortgage payments, I called in to complain and was told that I had gone in to Speedpay and pay on their website and submitted payments. One on 2 Oct. 2015 and the other three days later 5 Oct 2015. Impossible since I have never been able to access their Speedpay section or Surepay.

Not only that, the two payments went through at Suntrust with no problem. Where I caught Suntrust lying is when I mentioned that their site had the two payments allocated for Oct 2015 and Nov 2015, and my 10 Oct 2015 statement showed my next payment due no later than December 2015. A loan officer and rep has been in touch with me and claims the $1256.00 fee is valid, and that their records show I submitted two mortgage payments on one day, contradicting their original statement or the 2 Oct and 5 Oct. I have done research on Suntrust, and they have been fined over 2 billion dollars for their foreclosure and abusive mortgage practices. This company is fraudulent in every sense of the word, and manipulative in their practices. Avoid doing business with them at all costs, the amount of negative comments should be enough to convince anyone thinking of doing business with this company to stay away.

I really hope this is a board millions of people read. I recently applied for a mortgage loan with Suntrust. We got pre approved for the loan 2 months ago. We were supposed to close on our house Oct 9. They have pushed us back twice on closing because of their paperwork mistakes!!!! We have yet to close on our home and keep getting excuses as to why the process isn't complete yet. House has been in underwriting for over three weeks and they STILL say they are missing documents that we have already sent in. I advise ANY and ALL homebuyers to go anywhere but Suntrust. They are unprofessional and don't care at all about the consumer.

I tried applying for a mortgage - bank is 1/2 mile from my home. They FedExed package that came Saturday - twenty pages and saying Fedex it to VA. and I have to go past the bank to take to Fedex and has to be there within 48 hours of when sent. The people at the branch are wonderful but mortgage dept is on another planet. Contact with Suntrust said in first e-mail that I will get a survey at conclusion of process and practically demanded I give 8s, 9s or 10s. They deserve 0s!!! They sent package and expected me to sign all this crap with nothing marked or explained when I am 1/2 mile from the bank and she has office there. No way on earth!!! Totally out to lunch and I will not be working with them anymore. Do not use these people unless you want TROUBLE!!!

Had a Suntrust mortgage and home equity loan with them. Sent in paperwork to do a Re-fi and combine both. Sent in all papers first week of June, it is now Sept. 18th and still playing games!!! All of our banking is (for now) done through Suntrust so all the info they needed was right in front of them. Had to call multiple times to get updates. No one would call us back. We went over 38 days without a reply. Aug. 6th we were told we were approved and the paperwork was being pushed through. THAT WAS A LIE. Called back 2 weeks later to get updates and no one could tell us anything about where the Re-fi was and what still needed to be done. I sent 4 emails to Suntrust requesting assistance to get some answers, all I received was 3 emails that 3 different managers/supervisors will GET SOMEONE ELSE TO LOOK INTO THE ISSUE. Not one person from all the emails contacted me.

At this point I just contacted the C.F.P.B. and filed a complaint, which they accepted and are investigating. Then I contacted the Federal Reserve and filed another complaint. It's funny when you file complaints you would think the company would try and resolve any/all issues but, NOT SUNTRUST. They just called to let me know they received the complaints and issued me a claim number!!! So now we are getting a lawyer, since Suntrust is dragging their feet and our Re-fi out so it costs almost $1,000.00 more a month. Please do not use Suntrust as no human being deserves to be treated and ignored like this by the bank that has been taking their money for over 12 years.

My house payment is due by the 7th. On the first of the month, the calls start asking for money. I have had as many as 8 calls in one day. It wasn't until I told them I would turn them in for harassment. I have dealt with some of the rudest people. At one point, I was one and a half months late. They tried to make me think I was losing my house and charged me a fee for someone driving by my house to see what it was worth.

After applying with Suntrust and being approved for a loan I could not get anyone to call me. I contacted the director of the mortgage department and he assured me that I would get a call. I did get a call. What ensued after that was a chaotic, unorganized, unprofessional, horrible mess with multiple closing dates that failed due to Suntrust forgetting to send the paperwork through to underwriting. Their mistakes affected so many lives. The sellers who had moved out of the property, me - the buyer, the multiple times the utility companies had to be called to change dates, rescheduling the painters, the carpet layers, the movers, the family and friends that were planning on helping and coming from out of town to do so. Still I am waiting.

I applied in April, put a contract on a house on July 20th and I am still waiting for a closing and today is September 3rd!!! Pitiful!! Never use Suntrust! You can't TRUST them! Now, the crazy thing is that I am a real estate agent. I have used the exact same loan company with my clients for 10 years and choose Suntrust because I bank with them! Huge mistake! I will never ever refer them to any of my clients, family, or friends. They do not care about their customers!

Over a period of the past 18 months, I submitted HARP request info to Suntrust Mortgage. After 3 submissions, the contact person finally figured out since I have a VA loan I wasn't eligible. I spent hours sending the information and was turned down for a number of reasons on submission 1 and 2. Finally, submission 3 - someone figured out I was ineligible as it was VA not Freddie Mac or Freddie May. I have been a customer for 9 years. I go to the website to print a bill for my monthly payment and they have it set up so it won't print properly. You would think the IT guys could figure out how to make a change so you can print it. There is no contact info for IT/Website help. I would suggest go somewhere else as this outfit has issues with customer service.

I worked at the Irvine office and it was the worse experience I ever had! The training provided to employees to do a complicated loan review was far from excellent. The office provides no support and angry manager who is controlling and the daily attitude is short from being pleasant or professional. Employees are not taking breaks or, in some cases, not taking lunch breaks either to meet the quota the floor manager demands of the job. It's a very high stress environment and the company doesn't provide free drinkable water or free coffee for employees. I would not recommend this company as a good place to work.