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I lost a money at Walmart stores. It had not been filled out in any way. I requested a replacement money order from MoneyGram and they did send it, BUT by the time I received a reply for a $25 lost money order, I only got $7. I thought they would send me another money order. Not so they $25 + $18. MoneyGram is taking money from consumers. Not good practices. The customer is losing too much. Lost Money order# **. The money order with the balance of $7. WHERES IS REST OF MY MONEY???

Never again. Not only do they charge a lot but it took 45 minutes to get an email from them with code and then it didn't work. After an hour 4 phone calls to idiots I gave up. Last time was better but still took me an hour to do it. I'm done with walmart.

I sent money through MoneyGram, and this money is not so much to cause any issue. MoneyGram refused to make the money available to the receiver. It's been over a month now and I keep calling them for my refund but they tell me different story all the time. I have been using Western Union for a long time to send money to my parent. I only used MoneyGram because someone told me it's cheaper than Western Union, the difference is just $5. Had I known that MoneyGram is a scam I would have paid the extra $5 to Western Union for peace of mind. NEVER USE MONEYGRAM FOR ANY REASON!

This is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE company. Don't even waste one minute of your time trying to use their services. I was attempting to pay a bill using their services as I needed the money to get to the company immediately. I created an account and was using my husband's credit card to pay the bill. I thought the payment went through until I received an email stating that I needed to contact MoneyGram.

When I called them they accused me of stealing my husband's identity because I used my email to set up the account with his credit card. Mind you my husband was sitting 10 inches from me AND I even put him on the phone with MoneyGram to ensure them it was not identify theft. They argued left and right with me and told me I could never use their services again. I even asked to speak to a supervisor who barely spoke a lick of English and was incredibly belittling to me. They are a scam. I would never recommend using them. I used Western Union instead and had zero issues!

I'm a soldier in Afghanistan and tried to send money home and email not work properly so I entered alternate email and started over. Well these people call me criminal and lock account and say I must visit a location. I say if I could visit location that I no need MoneyGram.

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Tried to send money to my daughter and they rejected it twice then said that I can never use MoneyGram again. They would tell me why and closed my account. This company is a rip-off. I would not suggest that someone use MoneyGram. Why does this company even exist when they can't even do their job. This is so upsetting, I am trying to help my daughter who needs it and this horrible place cannot send money. They should shut this place down. They have no business being open when they do not work.

I sent an online MoneyGram to a friend in San Antonio, TX. When the individual went to receive the money he called me and stated I needed to call MoneyGram, I called, and I appeared to be speaking to someone overseas. They began asking me very personal question, after I inform them that the transaction was authorized by myself. I began to get uncomfortable with the question concerning my personal information, and asked them to just refund the money to my card.

I called today which it has been 5 days since the transaction to inquire about the refund. I was unsuccessful in communicating with the rep due to me not being able to understand the person. I asked to be transferred to someone in the US. But the representative just hung up the phone. If MoneyGram was unable to complete the transaction for any reason they should have immediately refund the money, but it does not make any sense for them to interfere with a $200 transaction made in the United States, to another US citizen.

I have been a MoneyGram customer for quite a while. Have sent money as recently as August 12 '16. I signed in today to send money to the only person I ever send to. Made it to the process payment page, entered the amount and my card number. Got a message that they can not process my payment to call. So I called in and am told that I have been blocked and can no longer send online that I have to go into a location. I ask why and I am told that "it was a security business decision and they don't have to tell me anything." Now they did block me but still processed my card taking 1.00 stating that they do it to make sure the card is real, when this is the same card I used last time. Why are they allowed to take my money but I can not send any???

To every question I ask the response is "It's a security decision and they don't have to tell me why" and I can't even call the security department because they won't tell me anything either. This makes absolutely no sense to me at all. They can make decisions about me and don't have to tell me anything. What makes it worse is those damn security questions verifying who I am. They ask according to your drivers license, "How tall are you?" I read MY license and choose accordingly, just to be told I am wrong. Seriously WTF!!! Then I am told they have a different email address for me then what I gave. Telling me my email is not right and can not tell me what they have for security purposes.

I JUST received an email from them with my proof of transaction and another when the money was picked up. So please explain again how I am wrong??? They asked me if I know a specific person, I said, "Yes that's who's card I used to make the payment." I was told that the sender and the card info has to match, different info is not allowed. Which still doesn't make sense because that's how I always send and have never been told a thing. I think it should be MONEYGRAMS responsibility to stop the transaction if it doesn't match. That way it can be changed. They complain about it now but have had no problem collecting all those fees off of the card when I send money!!! I called customer service and told them to remove all of my information from their system that I would never do business with them again.

A BIG RIP OFF!!! Folks, I don't have time for this but thought I would share my experience to save you some trouble! I needed a couple of blank money orders from my bank. My bank happen to be out of money orders and suggest I go to Walmart across the street to purchase them. The teller also said "and it's only .70 cents each, compared to the bank's $4.00 each. Wow, that's awesome, right? Wait until I find out it was so (WRONG).

Anyway, I went across the street to Walmart and purchased 2 "MoneyGram" money orders. To make a long story short, I ended up not needing the money orders. So, I took both blank money orders, the stubs, and my id back to Walmart the next day to get my money back... Are you ready for this?? The cashier took the money orders and attempted to cash them for me. She ran the first one through their register system thing as if she was cashing a check. It got declined and printed a receipt with a reason code 2. The cashier then told me that it won't allow her to cash it, so I need to call "synergy customer service" (that's the check system company MoneyGram goes through).

Ok. So, I called synergy customer service, who then had the nerves to tell me that (Just because I purchased the money orders at the same location of cashing, doesn't guarantee they will cash it. WTH??!!) The cashier said synergy goes by risk factors and because I've never cashed a check through them makes me a high risk to cash the money order that I used cash to purchase. What kind of rule is that?? Yes, you can walk into Walmart, purchase some funky MoneyGram money orders, but you can't return them. And, they get to keep the money you paid to purchase the moneyOrder! Get the hell out of here!! You get rich while we get screwed! Never Again!

I tried to use online services and was questioned like a criminal suspect. I was then told that not only could I not perform the transaction (to SEND MY GRANDDAUGHTER $100 for her birthday within the state of Indiana), but that I was barred for life from ever being allowed to use money gram online. During my interrogation, I apparently gave the wrong email address and the trap door opened under me. They claimed I had used a different email a few years ago when I used the service for the only time ever -- and had even forgotten -- and so, for replacing a spam account with a newer email account, I was banished to the dark universe of the unacceptables.

I called back many times, each time hoping for a clear speaker of English, each time hoping for some reason. No. Each claimed that there WAS no grievance process in existence, that once decided, the decision itself goes into some dark mysterious place into which even he or she could not gaze. Ever. Again. And so, a business in America, unusable to all but the most pristinely one emailed among us. I was thinking of a lone bulb swinging from a high ceiling in a room with cracked green walls. No accountability on their part, ultimate punitive annihilation towards my part. Ah, Western Union.

I signed up with Moneygram and was initially able to set up an account. However, after closing my account because I am unable to use that email and signing up with another email, I am unable to set up an account online (with NO reason given). I was told that I am no longer able to have an online account and only able to send money at a store location using cash. Completely bad business to not have a good reason to 'permanently cancel' a person from having an account.

I have a $99 money order from MoneyGram that I didn't use, which I bought on May 2015. I tried to cash that into my account in August 2016, since it's still within 3 years of purchase. My money order got declined and to make thing worse I got charged $12 for the failed transaction. This is so wrong and unprofessional! Everyone need to boycott this MoneyGram company, they're con for sure! I think I didn't recall reading anything on charging people after 1 year! What I can recall is just that the MoneyGram need to be used within 3 years period. Please share ways how we consumer can put this con business down!

Security questions, how long have you known this person, have you meet them and when and who are they to you are you going to send them any more money, on and on and on with questions. Sending, they take your money in minutes and refund is 10 business days. Their C.S.R. has difficulty understanding English.

It's absolutely impossible doing business with Moneygram on any level. Their limit is $3,000.00 per month, I only send $270.00 and they say I have reached my limit. I recommend a boycott of Moneygram until they fix their many problems.

I recently sent money through MoneyGram to a family member which would not go through until I called and answered their silly security questions which made you feel like you were on a watch list of some sort. Then the next day I sent money to someone I had made a purchase and the transaction completed with no problem. When I tried to log into my account to send money again it would not allow me into my account. I called and they said I could no longer use their website because they did not like the transactions I had made. Mind you each transaction was less than $500. Then they tried to tell me that my account belonged to a female and they were talking to a male. How dare they presume what my gender is and how is that any of their business? First of all the persons that I spoke with when I called to answer their security questions and when I called about my account could barely speak English much less understand what I was trying to say!

July 11, 2016, I made an online money transfer for $150 through MoneyGram. July 22, 2016, I cancelled the transaction. Their terms for refund is 10 business days. It is now 22 days, and they have still NOT refunded my money. Calls are answered by operators who have some difficulty understanding English. I have now made about a dozen of such calls. They shuffle you from person to person, and promise to have someone contact you. No one ever calls. The next time you will hear from MoneyGram is when you call MoneyGram again. I am unable to understand why a business in the United States of America will try to illegally hold on to money that is not theirs. This is not a reputable company.

I sent money to my mother today, 8/8. First time, large amt. Wanted to do Walmart to Walmart but too high amt. So switch to MG. Few hrs later, call from a rep, claim to be from MG, wanting to know all these very personal questions. Where I lived, what highway, what my mother needed the money for! How is that your Biz!

Told rep did not find these questions appropriate. Didn't even blink, said they've been getting complaint of fraud to the state I'm sending to. And if I'm unwilling to answer he will refund. So he did. This is unacceptable. I will not tell some random person my own mother's history.

Had purchased money orders for rental applications and did not need two of them. A year later I went and cashed these at my personal bank and these were returned to my bank as a stop payment on these because they were over a year old. I called the MoneyGram people and was told that they charge interest on the money used to purchase the money order (this INTEREST charge is at a rate of over 20% for this). When the MoneyGram people were contacted they said they print this information on the back of the money order but unless you have vision like superman, they cannot be read by the average person with 20/20 vision.

In addition, they commented that the bank was supposed to TELL us the rules. THIS IS **!!! This company is nothing more than CROOKS and CANNOT be trusted. They are LIARS AND THIEVES!!! These $50.00 money orders ended up costing use $200.00 in total. This corrupt business needs to be put out of business!!! I had not only the money orders but ALSO the RECEIPT of my purchase but this company didn't give a rat's ass about ANY of that. THEY GOT THEIR MONEY BY STEALING FROM ME AND THAT IS ALL they cared about. I am posting to Facebook, tweeting, and instagramming my experience so that no one else falls victim to this scam.

Don't ever think about using this service, never. I've used this service 5 times to transfer a good amount of money. The first two times were okay, everything went smoothly, however, the 3 other times I had to call the customer service for about 1 hour each time. They tell me to wait and wait then forward me then ask me questions then ask me questions then forward me. (Questions like "what do you want to do with the money", and "are you contributing to any political party" and more.) I advise you to stay away from this scam and I'm sick of this and I will NEVER use it again.

Please don't use this services they is a joke. They put a security breach on your account and cannot explain to you what it's for. They will allow you to go to the store and use the services but won't let us you use it online. Then they want to know too much information just to send information online. What is your date of birth and the last 4 digits of your social security number has to do with you sending money. I'm done. I feel they using your information for their own personal information. This don't make no sense. I'm done using their site and services.

So I tried to transfer some money to my girlfriend using the website. The transaction seemed to go through ok, but then was held up and I was asked to make a call to verify the transaction. This I did. I explained who I was sending the money to and that I knew them well and the person on the end of the phone released the money and I was emailed a collection number. No problem, this all seemed to be as expected.

However, my friend went to collect the money and was told there was a problem with MoneyGram's system. She went to a number of outlets and was eventually told that the number was wrong. So I called MoneyGram back up. This time they again went through the security checks saying that there is a high level of fraud occurring in the area I wanted to send to. Yet again I explained exactly as I had before. This time they decided that I was being scammed by my friend. Told me to look at a website called (which doesn't exist by the way). I explained that I understood their concern about being scammed, but that I was prepared to take the risk. Really I have been around long enough to understand. However, they point blank refused to release the money.

The patronizing attitude of the CSR and the company is unbelievable. I am an adult and able to make my own decisions. Now 6 days later they have a hold on the money. They can't be bothered to release it and the bank won't return it as they say it hasn't been taken out of my account. Eventually in another few days the pending transaction should be removed and I will again have access to the money. But that will be 7 to 10 days without access to the funds.

I have tried emailing them a number of times to ask them to release it, but to no avail. The first time they replied with an email explaining that they aren't responsible for scams which I totally accept. It was my risk to take and they explained that I should only send money to someone I know personally, which is exactly what I was doing.

It is beyond my understanding, how they can stay in business. Refusing transactions based on some spurious reason and chewing up hours of their time on the phone is not good business. I have used Western Union before with absolutely no problem. Frankly, you can tell from the number of similar reviews on this site that they have a problem. If you have an alternative I wouldn't risk it. You might be lucky and the money go through, but it looks as if a good percentage fail for spurious reasons. At which stage you have lost access to your money and no transfer is made.

I gave the intended receiver the money transfer number, then this happened: Receiver went to a first MoneyGram location and they claimed the number was invalid. Receiver printed out the actual email with the transaction number as well as a list of locations. Receiver went to a second listed location which does not actually do MoneyGram and states they've been trying to get themselves removed from MoneyGram's list of locations for about 5 years with no success. Receiver went to a third location where it was impossible to pick up the money even after the agent called MoneyGram and spoke with them for about an hour (being on hold most of the time). Sender ended up having to call Moneygram over the phone to cancel the transaction since MoneyGram decided to lock his online profile for some unknown reason.

Bottom line: MoneyGram cannot be trusted to deliver money correctly. All that is supposed to be required to pick up money from a transfer service is the transaction number and an ID. In this case, even though the transaction was sent with no signs of issues and the receiver showed up at the location with the correct number and good identification, it was absolutely impossible for the money to be picked up. The transaction had to be cancelled and the overall experience was a total failure and major inconvenience for both the would-be receiver, who could not get the money he was counting on in a time of need, as well as for the sender, who could only get the transaction cancelled after dealing with the non-English-native phone reps and going through 20 questions.

I will make this short - do not use MoneyGram. If you send money through Walmart to Walmart, you will have no problem. If the amount you are sending is more than $900.00, you will be told that you must use MoneyGram. I would suggest you use Walmart to Walmart and break the amount into two or three separate transactions. Know that if you send an amount like $1,700.00, by MoneyGram, you will have to be interrogated by phone. Yes, prepare to answer multiple personal, stupid and inane questions. Listen closely, the interrogator will be very difficult to understand. You may be disconnected or transferred many times. You will be told that unless you answer the questions, the money will not be released to your receiver.

Complaining to MoneyGram will be a waste of time. I paid $34.00 for this inadequate service. Next time I send an amount of $1,700.00, I will make two separate transactions, (eg. 900.00 and 800.00). I will be charged about $20.00 and Walmart to Walmart will get it there in 10 minutes. Easy. By the way, Walmart should not contract with these slimeballs - it's shameful.

I sent money by MoneyGram as donation to a Church in Nigeria in a small city called Ora in Edo state as stated in the form I filled out. The recipient went to the first Bank in the next city called Ekpoma in the same state Edo state to collect the funds since there is no MoneyGram agent in Ora and after he was made to fill out the forms and presented his IDs the paying agent then told him that the fund has been collected and no longer available. When I was informed I then called MoneyGram and after several system downtimes for over 3 hours and many CSR phone transfers I was told that the money had not been paid out but was needing confirmation from me after which it would be released to the recipient and would be available to the recipient the following day.

The recipient went to the same bank the following day and was still told that the money was not in the system. I called MoneyGram and was told that the money was paid to a recipient in a different city Asaba in a different state altogether earlier on that same day by a person with same ID etc and there is no way my recipient could have made it to that city and state in that short period of time! MoneyGram has refused to refund the money to the church nor to me. They have stolen from God! I think it is a well devised scam well within MoneyGram agents, MoneyGram and the general public need to be aware of this because if it happens to me and they get away with it, chances are, it will happen again!!! Senders beware!

I purchased 2 money orders. After I purchased the money orders I filled in the money orders with all my information. My money orders were placed in a drop box. After dropping them in a drop box I found out 2 days later that the box was broken in to & my envelope was stolen. I contact MoneyGram & was told that my money orders were being cash. I told MoneyGram my money orders were stolen out of a drop box & I have a police report. The response was I have to pay them to get copies of the money orders. I made them the money & they emailed me a copy of the money orders. On the back of the money orders there was not stamp or writing on where the money orders were cash. I call them back - the response I get from MoneyGram is I have go get my money from the place that cash the money orders.

3 weeks later I found out where the money orders were cashed but MoneyGram is still not helping me with getting my money back. Now MoneyGram telling me they are not responsible for my money even after MoneyGram still made for the money orders after I reported the money orders stolen. MoneyGram is a fraud & does not protect your money. I trying to find out how I can get my money back. My money orders was for the amount of one was for $1000 & the other for $466. I went to the bank where the money orders were cash & they was no help. Even though they cashed the stolen money order the back BBVA Compass Bank feels they are not responsible either. No one want to take responsibility & just give me my money back. I need help. This is fraud.

Used MoneyGram 10 times and the last transaction was canceled and supposedly refunded to my account up to 10 business days. Spoke to non-English speaking CSRs at least 10 times with transfers to another curry-eating CSR. These inept borderline autonomous fragmented pseudo-English speaking people are worthless to get any information and just mentioned that it was "elevated" to the lady. WTF? I had a bad picture of what was actually happening on the other line. Needless to say I have NOT received my funds from them and I have notified my financial institution to bring some strength into this BS.

I know that there are another funding sites that offer better services but since I never had issues before I assumed things would be transparent as usual. I was wrong, DEAD wrong. This company is run like a big bully with a low IQ. I gave up and hope that BOA will settle this with the chimps in the desert. Damn these people. If only my hand could travel to their receiver end.

Went in to send some money to a friend that needed some gas money to make it home and the cashier in Wal-Mart misunderstood and printed me up a MoneyGram money order. "Not a problem" I said "let's just cash it and send the money electronically." Swing and a miss, even though it had been purchased less than a minute earlier MoneyGram denied Wal-Mart's request to cash it. So the cashier hands me a receipt and the money order (which is now signed over to Wal-Mart) and tells me I will have to call the number at the bottom to get it sorted out.

I go out to the car and make the call and 30 minutes later after answering many questions repeatedly I am told they are closed and to please call back later. I call several other numbers listed on the web for them and get to talk to a real live person that tells me they can do nothing today and to try back tomorrow. So long story short I'm out the cash, the person I was sending it to is sleeping in their car and Wal-Mart has lost my business and MoneyGram will see that payment canceled by my bank in the morning. Worst part is they have my full name, social security number, bank info, and driver's license info.

I went to Walmart to send my grandson some money, which I do occasionally, the Walmart to Walmart Service. I was told that because of the larger amount ($1500) they would have to send it by MoneyGram. First time customer of MoneyGram and will never use them again. I sent the money, and my grandson could not pick it up and was told to tell me to call this 800 number he was given. And he was at another Walmart to pick up the money.

So I called the number, after giving them the trans # and my name and address, they said they could not help me and transferred me to another department. Went through the whole thing again. Then the questions started. Why am I sending him money, what is his name, and a few more questions. Then put me on hold because I was on a cell phone and said to not hang up, they were calling my house phone, they could not talk to me on my cell. Disconnected me, as soon as the put me on hold, and never called the house.

Called back, told them I was disconnected, and I had to start all over, talking to the first person and then the second. This one was rude! Put me on the defensive. Tried to ask, why all the personal questions. Would not give me an answer. Just said, "Do you want your money or not?". She said, "I will hang up on you and refund your money." Then I asked how would the money be refunded. She would not tell me. Instead said, "I will hang up on you now or are you going to answer my questions?".

Now some of the same questions as before plus a bunch more. Asking do I know this person, my response, "Yes he is my grandson." What street is closest to your street address, the only way they would know that is, they had to look up my address on a map. "How often do you talk to him, when was the last time you seen him face to face, how old is he, why does he not have the same last name, really? How well do I know him, why are you sending him money, what is it for", I said, "To buy a car", then she said, "Is he financing a car or buying a car in full?", I said buying it outright, is this the full amount of the car. The name of the person or business he is purchasing the car from, why does he not already have a car, my answer, "Was wife getting the only car in a divorce, are you sure about what you are doing?"

There were more questions than this, but I was boiling while trying to answer these questions. I felt violated!! I felt like I was forced to answer personal questions so he could get the money, he needed now. None of this is their business. I felt like I was the one being scammed by them, trying to get private information that is private to me!!! How do I know that they are not collecting this information to try to scam me. I think Walmart should drop MoneyGram! I do not think Sam Walton would want to be associated with a company with such a bad reputation. This is not what the image Walmart tries to portray.

After using Moneygram for more than 10 years with no hitch, they cancelled my account with no explanation given. This is how they treat their customers.

I sent money to my wife which they refused to release. She was told I had to call them before the money can be picked up (I understand this, Security!). I called and I was redirected to a different department which I put on hold for about 45 mins after being disconnected like twice. After I finally got a hold of someone, I was asked all sort of personal questions and the customer agent was so rude. The personal questions had nothing to do with money sent. I was even asked how many kids I have. What has that got to do with the transaction? The only question I wasn't asked was how often we make love. I am really displeased with their service. My advise, use Western Union. They might be slightly more expensive but I think it's worth it. I sent the money via a Canada Post outlet. My advise is that Canada Post should dissociates with them before they drag their name in mud.

I registered for MoneyGram Internet account. Completed rigmarole to Direct Deposit USD into PH PhP in Bank of Philippine Islands account. My transfer immediately rejected. Reason: my US bank account was "not verified". Called MoneyGram CR. Transferred to 3 departments. Three CSRs spoke minimal English. After 35 minutes of nothing but continuous run around, last CSR told me to call Telecheck for answers to why my US bank account not verified. I called Telecheck. I spent 15 minutes immersed in Telecheck similar rigmarole. Second Telecheck CSR announced my US checking account updated and verified. Telecheck CSR told me to attempt to complete previously rejected MoneyGram transfer to PH. I processed another transaction with identical results: US bank account not verified.

I called MoneyGram different CSR who told me to again call Telecheck. This time I was never able to speak with Telecheck CSR. After 1 and 1/2 hours of absolute frustration and fruitless results I called MoneyGram. I told MoneyGram CSR to cancel my account. I emphatically would never attempt to transfer money through MoneyGram again.

After reading numerous customer complaints on Yelp website, it amazes me how that MoneyGram remains in business. MoneyGram certainly does not offer anything remotely resembling satisfactory money transfer services to its clients. I never encountered problems using money transfer services. Xoom fees are only slightly higher than are MoneyGram, and Western Union money transfer fees. Xoom money transfers are fast and reliable which is positively not the case with MoneyGram.

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