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I am so ANGRY with Seterus Inc. I made a monthly payment but put some extra towards my escrow. They applied the entire amount towards escrow. I have called 5 times (at about 45 minutes per call) and sent 2 fax. My mortgage is now a month past due and hurting my credit and still no resolve. The last call I made landed me with an extremely rude manager who insisted on doing NOTHING to help me resolve this issue.

Oh My Lord!!! My mortgage was sold to Seterus from Chase. Neither Company is good. Since Seterus took over my mortgage, there hasn't been any welcome package - nothing. I have called every day since 10/1/2016 and they have never once returned my calls. I have also been on hold as long as 2 1/2 hours and then they disconnect me. This is truly annoying. How do they expect you to pay your mortgage? Also can't get on the online sign in without a loan number. I am getting so frustrated. This company stinks.

Seterus foreclosed on my home after I was working with them to get a loan modification. I have lawsuit going against them, they are very dishonest. I realize now, once they realized the equity I had in the property it was a catalyst to foreclose for them. Anybody else in a lawsuit against them for foreclosure in California?

Since our mortgage was transferred from Bank of America to Seterus, Inc. it has been a disaster. Most of the representatives are not knowledgeable with my account and have given me the wrong information because they don't bother to read the previous notations made by previous representatives. The modification we signed was coerced on us under time constraints as were told that the Judge that was handling our case said that we had to make a decision that day, and we were not told all of the details before we were told to sign the modification. As it turns out we were given a lower interest rate with a 40 year mortgage that we have no hope of being able to pay off due to our ages, nor can we get the house refinanced by anyone other than Seterus, Inc.

I've dealt with this horrible company for years, unfortunately. My mortgage was sold to them twice so I had no say in the matter. I really wish we could control what company services our mortgages because Seterus would definitely go out of business! They are basically incompetent on the phone, there is no email address on their website to contact them, and their statements are difficult to understand.

First major error they made was years ago. My address is very long and their computer cut off my condo unit number on the letters they were trying to mail me so I missed several crucial documents for my loan modification. As a result, when I figured out what was going on, my loan modification had expired so I had to start the paperwork all over again (and this paperwork took a long time to fill out). This delayed my modification by months. That's money I could have really used! Second major error just occurred. Without my permission (written or verbal) they went into my bank account and took my loan payment. They did this twice. I didn't know they had done this so I wrote 2 checks to them. That's when I started bouncing checks and was getting slapped with fees.

I ended up making 4 payments to them in the space of 2 months and I can't afford that! And today is Sunday, so they don't answer the phone on Sunday. My entire checking and savings accounts are wiped out and I have zero money to my name until I get paid on Thursday. I am aghast at this "company". I wish I could escape from them!

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They took over my loan in November 2015. It was behind at the time, but they were saying it was far worse than it was. I had to pay them what they asked for 6 months, all the time asking them where the extra money was going. Finally after 6 months they agreed I had over paid by 2 months but still would not refund any money, instead they gave me the next 2 months with no payments. This did not make up for the financial bind they had put me in for 6 months with my other creditors or for forcing me to get behind on my utilities for risk of losing my home. Another thing which is still I was questioning was where an additional payment of 30.00 they were taking each month was going.

It's been 11 months and this has still not been answered satisfactorily to me. They had told me it was escrow for taxes originally, but they did not pay the taxes until they were 4 months late and I questioned it after my name was in the paper for being delinquent on my taxes. And they sent me a new escrow analysis raising it from 30.00 to 75.00. At this time I complained again as to where the escrow money had been going to and was told homeowners insurance. I explained that I had been paying my own insurance and that my insurance company had notified them of this twice and that Seterus' own insurance department had told me they were aware of it.

Now they told me I would have to send in writing by regular mail a request to stop escrow for insurance. I wrote them a letter asking them to stop, explaining I had my own insurance and to please let me know where the escrow money had been going. Seterus has just sent me several documents saying they have been paying my insurance and that they have not received any information about my insurance coverage. My homeowners' insurance company says they have only received payments from me. That they have double checked to make sure I don't have two policies and I don't, and that they have contacted Seterus a couple times. My complaint is that If I have been paying 2 insurance policies then I should be due a credit and that I have been over charged multiple times.

I accidentally made two mortgage payments. They WILL NOT look in to their OWN system and see a duplicate payment was made and return it. This requires letters... TWO LETTERS FROM MY BANK to be faxed to them. From that point the letter MAY be viewed in a day and then, IF APPROVED, I will get a paper check IN THE MAIL anytime after 14 days. This all means that they are responsible for NO CUSTOMER service to me. All of this is my responsibility to push through their system. Two letters WERE faxed over. They didn't like that particular verbiage but nobody was going to call me and tell me this. There is absolutely no help and no one that can do ANYTHING but continue to repeat the chain of events I described above. Meaning shut up and wait. If your bank can choose another mortgage lender I would steer clear of Seterus!!!

I came out of bankruptcy at the end of Feb. 2016. I made a payment in Mar. and Apr. 2016 then was told in June that my payment was a month behind. Computers updated? I am still showing behind. My attorney sent them a letter and final discharge of bankruptcy. I have also had a letter on file from my attorney for at least 2 years that I could speak to them about loan questions or issues. Now last payment I got told by some idiot I had no letter. Got that straightened out.

Now this month I get told the letter is about escrow only. They got cussed out. Made my payment electronically. Also a few days ago I received a letter that my escrow is $600 short even though my payment increased $32 a month only 3 months ago for escrow adjustment. These people seem intent on screwing their customers at any chance they get. Trying to get my finances back in order, but keep getting kicked in the teeth by corporate greed. Sure as hell no way to run a customer service company. POOR!!!

First, let me begin by saying we are half the issue here. There is accountability that we must own and we are willing to own. My husband pays our mortgage each and every month. Unfortunately, he pays each month late and willing to pay a late charge each month. We just learned that when we submit payment online by paying "Next Payment Amount" that that total does not include the monthly late fee. Instead the late fees have been rolling over for several months. We now owe a large bill for late fees which appear on the monthly statement as "Total Charges." Based on what Seterus' website indicates, it is fair to assume the amount needed would have included that month's late fees.

When talking with Seterus they are armed and ready to battle this complaint. They acknowledged that their website does not match their monthly statements. They explain it as a minimum due yet the website, when making a payment, does not indicate other charges or a past due amount or that there are other fees to reconcile. They are also quick to point out that they are not obligated in ensuring the information portrayed on the payment screen of their website matches their monthly statement. Their customer service is appalling. They are too preoccupied in stating their stance, extremely argumentative, condescending and don't listen to the customer they service. In fact, when I stated "...this was the worst customer service I have ever experienced," the response I received was, "...that this was not customer service... it is debt management." I have had bad customer service experiences before but this was just absolutely horrible/horrific!

They are not solution oriented. When I asked for a solution, stated I feel mislead, and questioned why a company would let late charges keep rolling over month after month, their solution was to waive 18%... then because I was not willing to pay on the spot, implied to me that they suspect that we don't have the funds to pay anyway and that the waiver was only good when paying on time. There are several lessons here for my husband and I, but we ensure our mortgage is current each and every month. There is no need to place judgement on us.

I would have appreciated a company who could have understood our plight and provided us a more accountable solution for both them and us. Their website should indicate the same information as their monthly statement or at the very minimum call the attention to us that there are these outstanding charges. It's pretty clear we want to pay our monthly bill and that we weren't getting these charges were/are rolling over.

Like most people I've read about nobody chooses to takes it Seterus as their mortgage company. They buy your mortgage. My guess is their preferred accounts are struggling homeowners. I just finished a home loan modification with CITI. I made my first modified pmt to CITI then my loan was transferred to Seterus. They immediately did an escrow analysis and upped my pmt. For those who have done home loan modifications you know how painful that process can be and how long it takes to complete.

That was almost 2 years ago. Long story short my payment has been all over the place ever since. Their customer service agents are rude, disrespectful and condescending. Even though I've been trying to make my payments and work with them I feel I'm treated like a deadbeat. I was very fortunate to receive a lump sum payout on a pension I earned from a company I did 20 years with. When I had gotten divorced I lost my 401k. This pension came as surprise. I'm 47 and had nothing saved. I'm also a single mother of 4 trying to provide for my kids and hold on to house for their sake. Because of ever changing escrow send I've changed Insurance and shopped around, plus other financial challenges I've had to hit that acct 3x. Each time I pay dearly for taxes and fees. My last withdrawal has almost cleaned out acct.

I called Seterus and asked them how much did I need to pay to get my mortgage payment back down to the original modified amount from city mortgage. They told me the only thing I can do is pay the most recent shortage which was over $3000. The newest payment they had come up with for me was beyond my means. I explain that to them. I told them I needed to get back to my modified payment. So I came to the understanding that I'll never get back to that payment that was agreed upon with city mortgage but if I made that $3000 plus payment my escrow account would be adjusted and my payment would go down to one I can almost afford. The only catch was I needed to have it paid within three days. If I didn't make the due date on the escrow payment stub my payment was going to permanently stay up at the higher pmt.

The next day I got the cashiers check. I went to the post office. I paid $22 to overnight the payment. Was sent to the address on the escrow payment stub. It was signed for by someone in their organization by noon time that following day and it should've been posted to my account on the 14th which was the cutoff. They did not post my payment until the 15th so my mortgage payment was not adjusted. My money is sitting in some suspense account. My retirement money that I'm going to pay dearly for and that I can't borrow from again is tapped out.

When I called about this their solution is for me to make the payment I can't afford and then they will reimburse me sometime in the future. I argued that I follow the rules, I have a signature shows they have my money and they didn't do their job. So Why am I being punished. I can't pay. I have four children to feed. I don't have an extra $400 to loan them because they haven't done the renewed escrow account analysis.

I asked for a supervisor. Was put on hold for an extended period of time. The girl came back and said the supervisor was going to talk to her supervisor some vice President and they were going to expedite the escrow analysis of my account and see about allowing me to send in the payment that I'm supposed to make the correct amount and that they would somehow credit that additional $400 which is exactly what they should've done what they should've offered in the first place. I told them "fine. I'll make the correct payment. You do whatever you need to do on your end when you get it straightened out. You'll have my money." I was told "do not send your payment. Wait to hear from us."

This may be premature but they were supposed to get back to me yesterday. They have not contacted me. I am now sitting, waiting to pay my mortgage payment, waiting to hear back from them and based on the reviews that I have read that might be when HELL freezes over. I'm reporting this now because it feels like this is a predatory financial institution that seeks out customers families who are struggling to pay the mortgage but are still trying to pay and they are not cooperating. They are not accommodating. They are rude, disrespectful, condescending and they are not helping. If this gets resolved in the very near future hopefully this week I'll report back and let you know. If it doesn't I wanted to start a documentation somewhere about my dissatisfaction and my concern about the practices of this Organization. I wanted to add to the already growing number of complaints about this institution.

I have been waiting since 7/24/16 for a refund on overpayment of escrow account. I called Seterus on 7/21 because I had not received my escrow summary I get every year. I was told the amount and that it had to be there by 7/25/16 or my payment would go up. I sent a 2-day express letter they received and signed for on 7/23/16. I call on 7/24/16 to make sure it was applied correctly and was told I paid $400 too much. Now that was the amount they told me. So they said it could take 10-15 to do another escrow analysis and let me know in a letter. I have called every week and spoke to a different person who tells me a different timeline.

Here we are 8/4/16 and I was told today it could take up to 30 days to receive my refund after they run another analysis. Speaking to a supervisor is a waste of time, they all tell you the same lie and a different timeline for getting my refund. If they had sent my escrow analysis when they were suppose to this would not have happened. Instead I'm calling every week trying to get my refund. To say I'm angry is putting it mildly. They are the most useless staff and everyone has a different answer. Hopefully this will end soon but I'm not holding my breath... Never again would I do business with this place. They need to send everyone back to class to learn the job so they can give out correct information and not just pull it out their butt!!

I called to get an updated mortgage maturity date as I over pay every month. I had 2 overly rude ladies answer the 1st 2 times I called that hung up on me. The 1st lady after I was on hold for 10 minutes and the 2nd lady after she told me she couldn't answer me. I called a 3rd time to speak to a supervisor and she put me on hold for 20 min and I eventually hung up because I have to return to work to pay said mortgage. They're downright awful.

This company has major problems with finding your mortgage when it's sent electronically by your banking institute. Being a part of a government program your mortgage continuously gets sold! As a mortgage holder and adult I pay my bills! I have spent more time tracking payments for this company that I am not doing their job anymore! My banking institute has confirmed not only a years worth of mortgage payments, but a month will go by and here comes the letters needing more proof! Really something needs to be done. IT'S ONE thing to PAY your BILLS, BUT then to KEEP BEING TOLD IT'S DELINQUENT? They now just claimed they need March-July, I said "check where January and February went, you may find them in the same place - your bank!" What can be done about this? Stay away from this company!

I bank and had my mortgage with Bank of America for many years. After Sandy we needed to rebuild our home after a total loss. We went through the modification process with BOA were approved and at that time brought our account up to date and started to prepare for the re-build. (Prior to the modification we were not sure if we would just have to go into foreclosure because insurance from Sandy was horrible). We were notified a month later (Feb 2016) that Seterus took over the loan.

We STILL cannot get them to recognize the payments we made to BOA to bring the account up to date. We cannot get them to send us a paper statement with our principal and proof the modification is being honored. Calling them is a complete waste of time. Every person tells us a different amount, they keep asking for the same documentation over and over. This is a scam with BOA to get people to pony up large sums of money then dump it on Seterus who then plays dumb and asks for all your financials again to be approved for a TRIAL modification. Federal Government please get involved!

Harassment after bankruptcy - If you want to join a class action suit against Seterus & FNMA because of harassment after bankruptcy contact - **. Bank of America issued me a 1099C which is a cancellation of mortgage after my bankruptcy but FNMA transferred the account to Seterus several months after. I reopened the bankruptcy to include Seterus but they have continued to harass me months after.

Dealing with Seterus has been a nightmare. I requested a loan modification with them around 6 month ago and I have been calling them every week to find out the status. Every time I call they tell me I need to send the same paperwork that I just sent last week. There is always some new with them. Couple of week ago they told me that my loan was in the final step, and the customer service person told me that she did not see any reason why they would denied my loan modification request. So I was hopeful. I called them again this week to check on it again, and they told me that my request for modification was denied, even though I meet all requirements, and by the way I needed to pay $23,000 dollars by the 2nd of August or my house would go in foreclosure. I really believe that that is what they wanted all along, to foreclose in my house.

This company is dishonest to the core. Their customer services is disgusting, and if they say they are here to help you, watch out!! You are half way to foreclosure. I don't understand how they can keep getting away with this fraud. I don't know how this people can sleep at night knowing that they are ripping people off every minute of the day! I believe in karma and I know they will pay for all the cheating they have done. SHAME ON YOU SETERUS!!

I don't know how much more I can take from this company! I feel as though I am being penalized for having 5 consecutive late payments to Bank Of America and have to really pay now. My loan was sold to them last summer and I have been through hell since that time. In August, I brought my loan payments current and they recommended a modification. I agreed to the modification and it's all downhill from that point forward. The modification should have went through in Feb. and it hasn't. Now, I am being told my documents have expired then last week I was told that I never returned the final documents. I never received them to return them. It all is one thing after another and they call me every 5 days without any knowledge of why they are calling. They then say they need to review my file and put me on hold for about 20 mins. at a time.

My work place has a no personal phone call policy and I have told these so-called customer service agents this and they keep right on talking. I have made double mortgage payments to Seterus and they can't seem to locate them. I can never speak to the same agent as I am told they no longer work there or they work another shift. I have asked to speak to a manager and am told to hold, then the agent comes back and states that they themself spoke to the manager. Seriously!?!

This is a horrible, horrible business. I am quite tired of them calling and always stating that I owe money when I am current. Each agent gives a different answer to any questions. I even was told a couple mos. ago that I owed over $1,000 then he said "Are you ready to make that payment today"? I laughed and told him I just don't walk around with over $1,000 in my pocket and he said "Well, I do". I told him he is very rude and has a very poor attitude. This company needs to be shut down. How can I get my mortgage out of their hands??? I have asked repeatedly for them to go through my file and payment history with a fine toothed comb as I know that I am current. Has anyone reported this company to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? That is my next step! There must be something we all can do.

Seterus is guilty of fraud. Simply put. They misapplied monthly payments I made as 'only towards principal.' Why? They choose to. When I called them multiple times to tell them this, they said they couldn't do anything. I have now accrued three months of 'late fees' as they say I didn't pay my mortgage in full each month. Of course I did. You just applied them as principal only payments without asking or notifying me. I've reported Seterus to the BBB and made a complaint with the Chamber of Commerce and the local congressman in Hartford Ct and NC. I recommend you file complaints as well with the BBB and your local representative. It's shameful that they can operate like this. If it goes on further, I'm thinking of taking them to small claims court to correct my statements.

Where to begin. First off, I never had an escrow account. I have always paid my own taxes. I went in to pay my taxes last November (2nd half) which I had until December 1st to pay, and was told that my taxes were already paid. I was flabbergasted. I asked who could have possibly have paid them and they told me it was my mortgage company. They had no right to pay my taxes. I called them and they said that they paid them because they were delinquent. They have NEVER been delinquent. I told them that I didn't even have an escrow account and that the taxes were NOT past due.

Keep in mind that they never told me that they were going to pay my taxes, never gave me notice that they were creating an escrow account for me and never gave me a chance to pay the taxes myself. On top of which they never told me that they paid them! I think this kind of thing should be illegal. This ended up costing me hundreds of extra dollars in late fees and penalties from them. I cannot get this thing paid off fast enough. I never really hated a company before but I certainly hate this one. Also, when I was in bankruptcy, I called in one month because I had sent in a payment about 3 weeks earlier and it never posted to my account.

All I wanted to know is if they got it. They told me that because I was in bankruptcy they couldn't even talk to me. Not even to tell me it they had received my payment. So, I would advise anyone to steer clear of this company. They must lay awake at night figuring out ways to screw their customers. If I could give them minus stars I would.

My mortgage loan was sold to Seterus in January 2015. This mortgage service is a nightmare to deal with to put it mildly. The lack of knowledge from their customer service agents is beyond horrid!!! I have been dealing with total incompetency and ineptness for the past 4 months in connection to an issue in which I have provided facts and proper documentation as to the error that they are doing with my account payments. And they still have not managed to get my payments correctly on their end. As a result, I am being forced to pay an amount that is not what was stipulated on my original note!

I have called, written letters, called again and they have not responded to provide me with a proper analysis like any reputable financial institution would do so to support their change in payment amount. Every time I call I get a different response from their inadequate and incapable customer service reps. Their lack of communications among their different departments is horrible, dreadful, and appalling to say the least. In my last call and attempt to get answers, I was on the phone for 2 hours with several departments which no one knew their heads from their asses! I am seeking legal counsel to address my issue as this is a monthly nightmare that no homeowner should have to deal with let alone be on the phone for 2 hours to see if someone can resolve the ongoing issue.

In addition, aside from the fact that their customer service reps are a bunch of morons, they are extremely rude! At this point I am trying to inquire whom is the agency that regulates such an incompetent company that deals with homeowners loans! I am a banker and in a bank there is no tolerance for this kind of ineptness and lack of follow-up for customers! If you can, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

Anyone planning a class action suit? These people are awful! They've taken amounts out of my account that aren't authorized resulting in overdraft fees with my bank. I was told it would be researched and rectified and now they are charging me more money. Unbelievable! I don't even know how to get it resolved! I spoke to a rep on 5/24 and authorized $4,000.00 to be taken from my account. She told me I would be up to date. They withdrew $2,000.00 on 5/26! Then another 3,180.00 on 5/31, doesn't even add up. This is stealing as they withdrew money on a date they were not authorized to withdraw it! I will be getting a lawyer. I read reports prior and thought I hope it didn't happen to everyone, but apparently it does. This is a crime. Not to mention, I'm in sales and when I'm on a call on multiple occasions, for extended lengths of time, I'm unable to do my job! Any advice?

Seterus has two active mortgages on my primary residence due to a hamp mod they never fully executed, and they can't explain why. The reps at different levels not only provide conflicting information between divisions, but also among those staff within divisions. The directions for rectifying the problems they've caused constantly change and revert and often make no sense. Information provided to me, the BBB, MHA counselors, etc is inconsistent. This train wreck has been going on for months and I'm having a hard time believing that no government agency will become effectively involved.

Stay FAR away from Seterus, Inc. My loan was sold to them from Bank of America and it has been a horrific experience since. I have gone through the deed in lieu process fully with Seterus 3 times since May of 2015. I have had a horrible experience working with Seterus throughout this process & each time the deed in lieu has been denied due to the bank's lack of communication with me. Julie ** was assigned to handle the deed in lieu of my property & rarely did she return my numerous calls. When I would call customer service, there was always some new document I needed to submit or some new reason as to why the deed in lieu was denied. I have done everything I was supposed to do on my end & submitted all of the necessary documents. Because communications to me from Seterus were minimal, documents for the deed in lieu constantly expired & I had to restart the process at least 3 times.

At this point I am frustrated & believe that Seterus is being negligent. The customer service I have been receiving from Seterus has been subpar and my last call on May 25, 2016 was completely unacceptable. I learned again that the documentation had expired when the deed in lieu should have gone to closing by this point. No one has been contacting me to keep me updated or to make requests for my assistance when other parties connected to the property were supposedly being unresponsive.

Frustrated, I asked to speak with a manager, because at this point I want a solution. He told me I needed to resubmit documents that not one person had asked me to resubmit the entire year I had been working with Seterus. Once again, each time I call there is a new excuse. I requested that one person be able to handle my account, because it seems that there is no standard of communication, & that request was denied. The manager spent much of the call insulting me, telling me that I was crying over spilled milk numerous times and lectured me on my obligation to pay the loan. He was completely unconcerned about my situation and after his rudeness continued I ended the call.

My mortgage was with Chase. I did not get notification that Seterus was involved since October 2015. Our household is experiencing "life" debilitating illness of my spouse, broken hot water tank, and a long period of underemployment. My gripe with Seterus is that "every call center rep" offers a deal and Rashida told me that my loan was in modification, unbeknownst to me. Valencia set up a repayment plan that withdrew money from my checking account that I did not know about. I spent at least 6 hrs on the phone with Seterus and always a misrepresentation of the status of the loan, unable to quote an APR, and a young guy who insisted that the "latest" loan docs be notarized and overnighted to Seterus by this Wednesday.

He also identified himself as a decision maker. BUNK. I don't trust or have confidence in Seterus. I called them last Friday to pay off April's mortgage for around $200 and was presented with a $7k+ due immediately. Six thousand I can dispute but Seterus cannot explain. The only redeeming detail of Seterus is their call center is not in another country. I would like an attorney to contact me about my complaint.

I had loan with Bank of America. In beginning of the 2016 my loan get transfer to Seterus. After successfully transfer on my first monthly statement I noticed false charges for 15$ was applied. After investigating from both side Bank of America and Seterus I came to know that without notifying to consumer Seterus charged 15$. After arguing and complaining for 30min I had chance to speak to their so called supervisor name Cindy. She explained that 15$ charges had applied by Seterus because Seterus had send someone to drop by from my property without of my approval or by approval of my prior mortgage company and they hold liable for that charges to me.

So whoever has been transfer to Seterus from Bank of America you can fight for those false charges by writing letter to PO Box 1077 Hartford Connecticut 06143. Beware… On Seterus website your ss number not secure. My advice is to you find the new mortgage company as soon as possible. They are also debt collector so they going to start harassing you soon as you missed the first payment. Talking to Lawyer to find class action for consumer fraud. Good Luck.

Never have I ever done business with a company like this. Quite frankly, I have no idea how they stay in business. The customer service reps are extremely rude and the supervisors are useless. Phone call after phone call to supervisors and no one has ever gotten back to me or resolved my issues. Seterus has raised my mortgage over and over and no one can tell me why. I'm always told someone will review my account and nothing is ever done. Moreover, they have my account in a loan modification status (which I have NEVER requested). With my account being in this status, I cannot view any of my account information online.

I have begged and begged for over a year now, multiple times per month, to allow me online access, but no one seems to be able to correct the online issues. I have even faced in my requests and still nothing! Yet they continue to collect my mortgage payment every month without fail. This is beyond frustrating and I feel like I am at their mercy. Please shut this company down! They have no clue how to do business! I wish someone would help me!

I just got off the phone with Seterus to get an update in regards to my modification status. Every time I call I get the same questions asked and I understand that is their procedure. What was very infuriating is the need to have to repeat my story over and over and then get hung up on because they couldn't help me. Instead of listening to my question and waiting until I am done sharing my statement the agent decided to cut me off and then stating "It seems like I can not help you" and then hang up! I called back and I was finally able to speak with a manager in regards to the status of my modification! The manager Cher ** states the program I am requesting to get reviewed for is not a program that Seterus participates. Therefore they can not review it. That is the reason I have been getting misinformation from previous agents.

Her excuse for them was they are not aware we do not participate in Principle Forgiveness program and even if they had confirmed they received the completed packet they would leave it up to the underwriting team to get back to me even if it technically is NOT getting reviewed! This is infuriating because it's prolonging the process on purpose knowingly it wouldn't go anywhere! Even after they confirmed it was getting reviewed! I explained to her, when I first called they gave me all the steps to start up the process and I even got an e-mail from them. How could it be that they neglected to tell me the most important information? I explained to her the program I am asking to get reviewed is a new program my investor Fannie Mae just started to participate in April 14, 2016! She stated that didn't matter because Seterus doesn't participate.

I just got off the phone with my investor and they started the application process because Seterus has failed to comply! I will be filing a formal complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau since I am not the only one who has suffered with Seterus and their ineptitude. They must respond to my complaint in writing and provide a resolution. I would suggest everyone who has been wrong to do the same. Seterus hasn't had a lawsuit filed against their malpractice, but with all of us together they can and we would win!

Since Wells Fargo sold my account to Seterus I have had absolutely nothing but headaches and high blood pressure. They are truly awful. First you have to go through 8 automated voices to reach a live person. They made an unauthorized payment from my account to an insurance company. Who does that?!? I had to hunt down the offending insurance company, get my money back, send it to Seterus in Feb. and on this date April 26 the escrow reimbursement check that was cashed by Seterus on March 2, sent to the address THEY gave me to send it to is STILL not applied to the escrow.

I am still waiting 4 months later for a response to the formal complaint regarding HOW they just paid an insurance company WITHOUT my authorization. I have asked for a re-amortization analysis for 4 months and nothing. I have asked for tax analysis as my taxes were lowered. That was 6 months ago, again NOTHING. If your lender sells to Seterus you would do well to contest it.

Since Bank of America sold the loan to Seterus, dealing with Seterus has been nothing but a headache and a nightmare. They take forever to reply to your answers and are rude on the phone. They always sound like they have to go out of their way to get you an answer. I can't wait to change institutions. Here I'm waiting for them to correct an issue on my credit report that they created.

I was late with my payments and I ask for help. They sent me a letter saying that if I pay them 11K I would be up to date. If I didn't have all 2K how would I pay 11K. I took out my 401K and sent them 10k because that was all I could borrow. Then I made two more regular payments and they told me that my home had been moved to foreclosure. I sent all the paperwork - they gave me the modification trial and when it was time for the offer they sent it to my PO Box via FedEx - even my teenager knows that FedEx does not deliver there. Long story short they auction my house and I'm suing them for wrongful foreclosure. We should all hire a law firm and do a class action on this people...

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Seterus (formerly IBM Lender Business Process Services)