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Leased a Honda for three years. Monthly payments were auto debited from my account and always on time. My property tax was also paid by Honda and auto debited from my account. All good - everything confirmed and current. I get an end of lease letter - heavy handed - and am being charged over two thousand dollars for three years of property taxes that they had inexplicably paid in another jurisdiction for my lease. Same lease number. Same car. Same lease term. Same. Same. Never garaged my car or lived in that city where they made the second tax payment. Never heard of this before the end of the lease letter. Their error and they expected me to agree to pay for their mistake. Uh, double taxation?

This was followed with many months of harassing statements, endless phone conversations with customer service robots, no ability to talk to a supervisor. I wrote several letters reiterating that this was double taxation and I threatened to get an Atty. No communication for a few months and I thought it was all over... Drum roll. I get my mail today and there's an overdue bill from Honda for 200 plus dollars owed for my current lease. That's it. No other explanation. No contact number. Honda read my lips. I do not have a lease with you. I would never lease with you again.

A huge corporation has this type of financial management company?? There is no basic software that displays a red flag when paying double taxes for the same lease?? Is this gross mismanagement or is this an intentional scam - perhaps in hopes some people have deep pockets and would pay the bill w/o question? The emotional toll from being harassed for a bill I do not owe and knowing the negative impact on my credit rating has been considerable. And it continues.

I purchased a new 2014 Honda Accord and paid cash for it. I received the title of it 4 months later. I had contact Round Rock Honda where is my title. They told me that the title will sent from California. It took them 4 months to sent the title, very disappointed.

I bought a 2016 Honda Accord EX in May 2016. The car is great that I am completely satisfied. But the Honda financing Services is completely unsatisfied with me. For so many months I still can not use auto pay. First I was misled to sign up auto pay (they invent the "Easy Pay" which did not work) on their website. I had two late payments. Then I call custom service to help me sign up auto pay, still did not work. Then I signed up the "Easy Pay" form on the back of post mail pay slip. It did not work either. Worse yet I received each statement on 20th of each month and the due date is 30th. Very easy to miss the due date. My recommendation is Honda should ask other car company to do the financing services for them. Unless you are paying cash for a Honda, don't buy a car with their financing. Pity, they made great car.

I bought Honda CR-V 2014 from Honda dealership with Financing from the Honda Financial Services (HFC). I paid full loan amounts and clear the Title from Lien Holder. I am trying to contact the Honda Financial Services for last two days (Monday and Tuesday) to receive the Lien Release letter from HFS but hard luck in reaching out to HFS representatives instead waiting time on the phone keeps expanding.

For example, first time 5 minutes waiting time. I waited about 8 minutes. I receiving a message that waiting time is now 13 minutes 42 seconds. I still I waited about 17 minutes and received another message that waiting time is 15 minutes 33 seconds without any notifications. Second time I called, same thing happened except numbers of the waiting time was different but kept extending and never received anybody on the call. Third time & fourth time, still I never received anybody on the call from HFS. Horrible... Please never use the Honda Financial Services ever. It was a horrible customer service experience.

My car was lost in the flood in Baton Rouge recently on August 14, 2016. I had a 2016 CR-V on a lease. At first the service rep was very understandable. The payment was due on the 20th and grace period up on August 30th. My insurance company has sent them everything they need, but has yet for Honda to cooperate with them on sending a "Letter of Guarantee" and "Copy of Title". Every time you try to call them you cannot get anyone that can or will help. Instead they have continuously called me every other day telling me I need to pay the note.

I spent over 1 hour yesterday with my insurance agent on the phone for a 3-way call....most of this we were on hold. Finally someone from the department that really handles the situation got with us to help. He also assured me that I would not get anymore calls harassing me about my payment that was due. What happened next??? They just called me at my job AGAIN telling me my payment was overdue!!! I will NEVER use this lender again. When my "new lease" is up it's over.

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Honda Financial Services (HFS) has one job, that is managing the financial transactions of Honda vehicles. Their gross ineptitude makes it look like they've never done that before and don't know what to do. I leased a Civic in May of 2013 in Virginia from Hendrick Honda in Woodbridge. I openly stated that I did not know what my plans were for the next few years and that I most likely would move out of state. I was informed that there would be no problem, that since all Honda dealerships work with HFS I could return it to any of them.

I was also sold on this concept that sounded too good to be true, that Honda had an early return program where I could return it prior to the end of the 3 year lease term with no penalties. I questioned the salesman a couple of times whether he was sure this was real and was assured that it was. My wife remembers even being showed that line in the contract. Fast forward a few months, and I'm back at the dealership for an oil change. While I wait, I decide to ask about that early return policy. The financial rep said that no such thing existed.

Fast forward another two years, and I move out of state exactly like I said could happen. I immediately get in contact with the local dealership to make sure that there will be no issues once the lease matures. They assure me that there won't be. I check in again at my next oil change there- again, just return the car to the dealership after paying the final payment and there will be no issues. Two months before my lease matures I call HFS to make sure that every little detail has been taken care of. Again, I'm told everything is good and there won't be any issues. I just need to drive the car up, hand over the keys, sign a document, and leave. I almost felt like I was being paranoid in how careful I was being, but HFS decided to blow past my low expectations of them.

I returned the vehicle the day it was due in May (leaving me car-less) despite the dealership being closed that day (what car dealership doesn't sell cars on Memorial Day?!?). I spoke with the manager and made sure it would be okay. I even took a dated picture with my paperwork by the car in the lot with the license plate in the frame to verify identity. I then called HFS to confirm that I returned the vehicle.

All goes well for a few weeks. Then HFS contacts me to ask where the vehicle is. I tell them exactly where I returned it, including dealership number and manager. They need my license plates returned to the DMV in Virginia or they (Honda) will still charge me for property tax. They have my license plates. Well I should have known to take them off the car, I'm told. How does one learn this? Obviously not by staying in constant communication with every entity that could possibly be involved with the return of the vehicle. They also have the registration.

I call the dealership- they sent the car on. I call HFS, they don't know where the car is, and of course there is nothing they can do. They re-send me an identical letter. I keep calling them. They deflect to the DMV. I call the DMV. They say I need to talk to Honda. I go to Virginia and physically show up at the DMV. The manager there had no problem finding the vehicle. It's a sad day when the DMV works better than a car company. She cancelled my registration remotely. I sent the receipt to HFS. I called to confirm that they received it, which they did. The communication stops.

Today, almost four months later, I open my inbox to find that I have a new notification from HFS. They've charged me property tax! Now I need to call them again, which for someone who works a day job (like you do to pay for things like a commuter car lease) is very inconvenient. Their customer service center closes at 5pm EST, which for someone in MST means before the end of work responsibilities. Think about teachers- you cannot say "Hang on students while I call an inept financial company during class and stay on hold for much longer than a lunch break." I would love to just ignore HFS, but looking at the pattern from the other reviews on this site I risk HFS charging me late fees and sending me to collections. So it's back to old battle once again for me.

HFS has one job. They don't deal with the manufacturing of cars, the repairs, the auto insurance, or the gasoline that goes in them. They just manage the process of financial transactions for one brand of cars. Why do I have to keep telling them how to do their job and then doing it for them, at the risk of bearing the unwarranted consequences? If you're thinking of leasing through HFS, here is my advice. Form your own leasing company, because you (or possibly your pet lizard) know how to do that better than they do, and you'll have to do that job anyway when they screw up and put the burden on you.

I contacted this company on 8/31/16 regarding (account number **) that was PAID IN FULL in 2014 to have them make corrections to how they were reporting to the Credit Bureau. I was informed by the customer service rep that "the company will only adjust ONE payment as a COURTESY and you have (8) over 30, (4) over 60, and (1) over 90, which one would like waived as a courtesy?" So I stated "well since your company will only adjust ONE, I prefer the (1) over 90 removed." She stated "oh well they won't take off that one." So I asked "Why did you mention it if it can't be removed?" She says "well they will only take off one 30." I told her because she offered it to me, to check with a supervisor.

She places me on hold for 5 minutes then comes back and says "I reviewed your account with my supervisor and we can't waive anything." So I ask "why not after you just said your company will waive one AS A COURTESY". The rep responds, "because it has to be a major circumstance. What is the reason you want it waived?" So I ask "what do you consider to be a major circumstance and why would that matter after you said your company will waive 'ONE AS A COURTESY'." So the courtesy would be the reason. So I ask to speak to that supervisor and the rep tells me, "one will call you back in 48 hours."

This practice is very unprofessional and flawed. Throughout the entire call and my entire history with this company they provide one piece of conflicting information right after the other. Nothing is consistent or the truth with this company. Why would a company state they will do something as a courtesy then retract that. They received a full overpayment amount on that vehicle regardless of all the underhanded tricks Honda played with my account. Because the representative had already offered the pay history to be waived to me, that company should be required to follow through.

So I paid my Honda off on July 22 and they inform me it will take 2-3 weeks to receive my title in the mail. Well I called back on August 22 and haven't received title yet and lady informs me that the title was sent from one of their departments on August 17 and they haven't received it yet but she'll send out a lien release paper and I can take to DMV and get title. So August 29 I receive Lien release paper and August 30 go to DMV to get title. Well since I bought car in CA and 4 years into car life moved to AZ and registered it but 2 years later moved back to CA and registered it I have to have a letter from AZ DMV stating they did not issue a title during that time. 3 hours wasted. So I call Honda Financial Services again to see what's up on title.

Now it's August 30 and they are still telling me they haven't received my title at that department yet and it was sent out on August 17. I ask why it takes longer than 2 weeks to transfer departments - they say they don't know, they'll look into it and give it a couple of days. I've given plenty more than a couple of days. I see no end in sight. This is crazy. If it's in your control as to who you can use for loans I would steer clear of Honda Financial Services because you get no answers to problems they make on their end and don't resolve it even though it has nothing to do with your actions.

Completely inept in every way. Every month there's a new mistake, whether it's double charging you, double refunding you, then illegally sending your account to collections to recover their mistake of double refunding you. Then they screw up the charges when processing the payments, which includes ridiculous service charges and rude customer service reps. I've never ever dealt with this type of incompetence. It blows my mind that they're still afloat. Never ever again.

I purchased a Honda Odyssey in 2012 and made payments on time through April 2016. In April, my bank (Charles Schwab) erroneously missed a payment. When I learned of this 45 days later, I immediately made the payment and had Honda Finance get on a call with Charles Schwab where the Schwab rep said that it was "likely" an error. Though it was completely within Honda's discretion to stop reporting the 30 days past due, Crystal at Honda decided that she would not make such an exception. As a result, Honda Finance is now reporting the past due every month. I'm trying to purchase a home, and Honda Finance's actions are going to cost me thousands in additional interest. I have owned 4 Hondas, and will never purchase a Honda again due to this. If my information can help anybody who is suing them, I will be delighted to help.

Honda Finance will harass you and call several times a day even if you make several payments on your account. They drove my family crazy. There is no loan modification or refinancing with them. After you make payments after arrangements, they take forever to verify and go over old details and talk over you when you speak them. A supervisor is never available. Provided insurance information and they were not clear that they needed the declaration page. Cost me so much time calling back and forth to verify information over and over. Could not trust agent due to lack of clarity. Do not receive information they request by fax on time. Lack of experienced workers, long hold times, harassing calls and high payments. Predatory lending. BEWARE!

I turned in a leased auto (Honda Civic 2013 model) in February 2015. The dealership posted final payment to Honda Financial on it in March 2015 and I filed a Bankruptcy in July 2015. These are the facts! Upon reading my credit reports in November 2015, I found Honda had "included and reported" the 2013 car as included in the bankruptcy! How does a car I did not own become part of a bankruptcy? I sent four certified letters to Honda to correct the mis-information without and satisfaction. You must be very careful when dealing with a company like this as they can screw up your account and credit report in a heartbeat and not look back! Simply, they are a careless, uncaring company so be very careful what you do with them!!!

When I originally purchased my Honda Civic in the evening after work and commuting in February 2016 I turned down the extended warranty with both the sales rep and the financing person repeatedly. I was worn down by this all, and I finally agreed to take it, but called back the next morning to cancel. Virtually no business time had gone by, yet I was told they were unable to change the loan which they said had gone through already. I'm a teacher, so in July I asked for the loan amortization schedule.

When this schedule arrived in the mail the amounts were all a bit different than what I'm paying & what I owe. I called again today to get an updated correct amortization schedule & to complain (again) that my loan should not have included the amount I did not intend to borrow. Elicia ** at Dallas/Region 3 customer service said she would check with the dealer I bought the car from. I waited & eventually heard someone say, "Hello, this is Jimmy." When I said hello in response he hung up. I had asked Ms. ** for an e-mail address to avoid repeated waiting but she said they are not allowed to e-mail customers. I had waited over 11 minutes on the phone to get through to Ms. **. She had my account up. She did not call me back & neither did my local dealer that I purchased the car from. Although I have no details, I believe something similar happened last summer with no resolution.

In addition, when I use the hands free with my iphone 6 in my 2015 Honda the sound cuts in & out, making use of the hands-free impossible to use. I was told they are (still, 1 1/2 years later) waiting for an app to correct this, even though connectivity has nothing to do with an app. When I called the toll free complaint number for Honda national they told me the same thing. I used to love Hondas, but the poor service has me sure to avoid them in the future.

I noticed a late fee being added to my account even though payment was received within the ten-day grace period. Further review, they had added a late fee would be due if not credit to my account prior to the due date. Since they have also called and tried to get me to purchase a new car, I have to assume this is because they have already collected the majority of the interest on the loan. This is disgraceful. I think it is time for a suit against this company collectively. They obviously think they can do this because they are so much bigger and we are poor consumers with no recourse. From the reviews on this page, I believe it would be worth an attorney's time to file a complaint on our behalf!

Off the top of my head, I have owned many Honda's: 1978 Civic, 1995 Accord, 1997 Accord, 1999 Integra, 2005 CR-V (2 of them), 2005 Pilot, 2007 Odyssey, 2008 Pilot, 2010 CR-V, and the subject 2013 Pilot. Read the following if you intend to lease a vehicle through Honda: On May 24, 2016 I sent a payoff of $22,580.85 to payoff a leased 2013 Honda Pilot. The payoff was sent electronically using my online account and Honda's "payoff" feature; the payment was directly debited from my bank account on May 26, 2016. I paid it off early (the lease did not expire until Aug 13, 2016) but I wanted to pay it off now in order to avoid paying another non-refundable registration fee for Honda's plate. I also want to sell the vehicle.

On Monday, May 30th, I called to inquire why the payment had not been posted. I was sitting in a "researching" status. I was told that "researching" was a new status and the person was sure that it would be posted soon but he would look into and call me back by Friday, June 3rd. After waiting an hour and thinking how absurd it was to wait four days, I called back. The person I reached was helpful, put me on hold, researched the payment and came back to tell me he had located it and it would be applied to the account in about 2 days. Great. Well, I called back on Wednesday June 1st because it still was not applied. Here's the worst part: The customer service rep told me that if you go online and enter your bank account information and make a payment all at the same time, their system is unable to link the payment to the account as their system requires an overnight cycle to link the two. Are you kidding me?

The shocking part at this point is that I was now told they needed more information. It was explained that Ohio is a unique state and I had to send them the original odometer disclosure statement as well as a notarized power of attorney; both of which had to be signed by me and my spouse (co-lessee). For working people, that's kind of pain but I understand. This information is not anywhere on the website; it was just dumb luck that the customer service person noticed it. I sent that by certified mail on 6/1 and it was signed for on 6/5. Payment still not applied. Now I am no whiz and don't have intimate knowledge of this international company's payment posting policy, but it took 17 days to apply the payment to my account. Note that the account appears that it was credited on May 24th. For the multiple calls I have had since then, the customer service people can't see that it took that long.

Of course, I called back after the payment was applied to find out where my title was since my plates were due to expire on June 20th, 2016. I was told that I needed to submit the odometer disclosure statement and power of attorney (remember that I already them). They offered to overnight it to me to save time. In my head, I am thinking that just takes more time since they have already e-mailed me the documents a few weeks before. Ultimately, after a long hold, they were able to see that they had the documents. Apparently, they use a third party company for the title work so they "have to log in to another system the check that".

The customer service person told me that I had confused the system because I sent the documents before I sent the payment so the title company shelved the documents until Honda notified them a payment was received. Honda does not have a process for notifying the third party; the third party logs into Honda's system. Since the payment wasn't there when they received the documents, they just filed them. Keep in mind that this occurred because Honda did not apply the payment.

Well, come June 20th and my tags are expiring, I called Honda who said that the bill of sale would be faxed to my BMV (I gave them the info). I take time off work, head to the BMV with my wife and 1 yr old expecting the execute a few signatures and walk out with a temp tag. I am being reasonable and can wait a few days for the title work, but I need to be able the drive the vehicle. After 2 hours at the BMV, no dice. No fax. Nothing. I was told that a manager from Honda would call me back. I left the BMV to park the vehicle in my garage.

I called back about 3p on June 21st. Called Honda (they are now on speed-dial). Another kind customer service rep. She offered to put me on hold and walk over to get the fax sent immediately to the BMV. She also told me that the rep from yesterday had done everything, put the request in the system, gave the info to a manager to call me (she said that takes about 48 hours - very helpful when you need help now). I am thinking, why didn't that rep get out of her chair and go manually request it? Do you just have to wait until you feel the customer is angry and frustrated enough?

Adding to it - the rep told me that they had sent the title work to the state on June 17th and they always send it FedEx but for some reason there was no tracking number on my account. She thought that was odd. I thought it was par for the course. I do not feel good about that. She assured me that the manager still had a day to call me back and he would most likely have the tracking number at that time. I am just thinking how horrible that manager's job must be to make calls like that all day - days after the urgency was created by his own firm's ineptness. I think I would rather have my ** nailed to a wood chair. It's now 4:20p. No fax. Another day without the vehicle.

The good news is that I can miss more work tomorrow to drive my wife around or have one of us drive a car with expired plates. I called early. I did everything I was asked to do. I imagine people make payments everyday and they process thousands of titles a month. I just can't understand why I am having these problems. I am writing this just to vent, Honda will not do anything for me. They have their money for one 2013 Honda Pilot but they have probably just lost 8 or 9 more sales over the next 20 years. My wife wants a new CR-V now, we will likely give others a shot. And Honda can't even give an apology.

The hubris is unbelievable. I have provided all of my contact information to be able to post this review, but I am confident that I will receive nothing back. I am also confident that I will have to have at least one more call tomorrow to customer service and that a manager will never call me. I encourage you to avoid using Honda Financial Services, the "Service" is non-existent.

Added June 22, 2016 - I called Honda customer service again to inquire about the title work. I was put on hold for 16 minutes. The rep returned to the line to tell me that the title work had not been processed and that is why there is not a FedEx tracking number. She regurgitated again all of the complications with the State of Ohio. Well, that's interesting, because the State of Ohio hasn't even seen the issue. 100% of my problems have been caused by Honda Financial's inept systems and procedures.

The rep told me that she takes 6 or 7 calls a day about Ohio titles and she herself did not understand why they can't change their procedures. Honda has no clue about "Customer Journey" or "Customer Satisfaction". If they did, they would fix this problem. I was advised that it may take another week for them to process their paperwork before sending it to the state. Today is June 22, 2016. I paid off my vehicle on May 24, 2016. This is absolute insanity and it is incredibly disappointing. As a side note, the promised call from a manager has never come. It is simply disrespectful.

I am writing this because I am thoroughly disgusted with the way I have been treated after purchasing a 2013 Honda Fit in April 2013 from Honda Financial and East Coast Honda in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I purchased it under the “Leadership Purchase Plan” which looked like a lease. I told the finance man I did not want to lease the car and he told me it wasn't a lease and that after the three years I could either return it or keep the car and continue making the payments.

Honda Financial started harassing me with phone calls months before the three years were up and I told each one I was keeping the car and not returning it, apparently the people there have no idea what they are doing. The thing that prompted me to write this was another call today telling me I didn't pay April's payment. I put the car payment on an automatic payment through our bank so I never had a late payment in three years. Then I was told there was a balloon payment due (which was I was not informed of at purchase) and I would have to refinance the car. I got papers to fill out about a week ago which I filled out and returned them but I still got the call today.

I have never been jerked around in my life as bad as I have been with this car by East Coast Honda and Honda Financial. I can guarantee I will never do another purchase through East Coast Honda or any other Honda dealership. Within a few weeks of the warranty running out the CD player stopped working and the interior light don't work. What's next, the wheels falling off...

I financed my 2012 Honda Accord through HFS because I had previously financed a Honda Civic through them and had no issues. When it came time to buy again, I stayed with Honda and HFS because I got a good interest rate and had nothing ill to say about them at the time. Fast forward four years and I cannot say the same.

In May 2015, my husband and I decided to divorce. I called HFS and explained the situation and told them I would be going from a double income to a single income and asked if they could refinance. They would not since my husband was not on the original note. I told them that that was fine but wanted to let them know that in going to single income, I would most likely have some late payments but would always do my best to pay as much as I could, each time. Prior to this, I had never missed a payment for my note, paid early or on time and even paid extra. I was assured that as long as I kept HFS "in the loop," they would be willing to work with me.

I called HFS in March 2016 to discuss a two-month payment deferment because I needed to pay my graduate school tuition. I was told since I was late in the last year three times (although never more than 30 days), they could not authorize a deferment. I explained why I needed the deferment and was instead told that I could just skip the two payments and pay in May both the past due amounts and May's payment (as I was expecting my work bonus in May 2016). I asked if the car would go out for repossession and was ASSURED it would not because I would have it paid in May although it would go on my credit. Since my credit rating has taken a huge hit from the divorce, I figured that wouldn't be too much of a big deal and I would get everything taken care of once I got my bonus.

Fast forward to today, May 9, 2016. My car was repossessed from my place of employment this past Friday. When I called HFS to discuss it, they told me that whomever told me that information (which, conveniently, they didn't have noted in the account notes) was unauthorized to do so because only an account manager or supervisor can make that decision. I asked them to look at my account and they would see that I was never late prior to my separation and the 3 times I was late, I called Honda to let them know what was going on and made my payments. They said that at 60 days past due, they can send my car out for repossession; my account was 63 days past due. I called HFS this morning regarding my Accord and they told me that my account was still in review but that since I lived in Utah, they weren't required to reinstate the loan and they probably wouldn't, instead making me pay the full balance of the loan plus any fees.

I explained to them that I had enough money on hand to pay my two late payments as well as May and June payments (money I borrowed so I could make these payments over the phone to get my car back) and they could set me up on automatic payment drafts. She told me that she would note the account but that most likely, they would call in the full loan. Again, I asked her to look at my account prior to May 2015 when my husband and I separated and she would see that I was never late, paid early, paid more and even paid off my Civic note early. All she would say was, "I will note the account." I asked to speak with the supervisor who was reviewing my account and she told me that they don't take phone calls and that I should call back after 12 PM PST to speak with them about my car and the decision, but to expect them to ask for the entire balance.

I understand that HFS is a business and that they deal with jerks all the time who buy a car with no intention of paying off the loan. However, I did everything I was supposed to do - called them when I was experiencing financial difficulty, kept them in the loop, etc. - and they still repossessed my car and are basically refusing to allow me to have the loan reinstated. All I wanted from them was a little bit of compassion. As I do not know the outcome of my repossession yet, I will update the review once I know. I think HFS should invest in sending their customer service representatives to classes on being nice. I have yet to speak to anyone who wasn't a jerk.

I was lied to about the car I was leasing at Balise Honda, West Warwick. I have tried to rectify this problem but no one is calling me back. I have owned and leased many many Honda but if this is not rectified this will be my last Honda. Please have someone call me or contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

Always get a confirmation number/receipt from Honda Financial Services because they are not to be trusted. I made my March payment online but, for some reason, I was not charged. Unfortunately, I did not save my payment receipt so I had no proof (besides my browser history showing that I had visited honda financial services in March) that I made a payment. Why would I visit the site on the day my bill was due but NOT make a payment???

Anyway, the site said my last payment was made on 2/20/16. Well, once my April bill was about to be due, I visited the site and it showed that my March payment was past due... That time, I thought, ok, I could have forgotten to click submit in March?? Maybe I really didn't submit my payment?? I'm human, I suppose this can happen. SO I let it go and I paid for my supposed past due March balance AND I paid for my April bill as well (still on time at this time). I even called and spoke with a rep because I was baffled... She was nice enough to waive my late payment fee of $9.77 but she said this late payment could affect my credit because it was posted 30 days after the due date. She also confirmed that she saw the payment I posted that day (April 20, 2016).

Well, guess what?? On April 27 I get a message from Nick at Honda Financial telling me that it's very important for me to call. When I get home and check my online account, it says that my account is past due and that the last posted payment was on 2/20/16! NOW I know I am NOT crazy. Since their offices are closed now, I have to wait to resolve this until tomorrow. What pisses me off is that my March payment. was posted 30 days after the due date so it might affect my credit! Just a warning to everyone to save your payment receipts and take down names if you talk to anyone there. This is not ok and I will be calling them tomorrow. At least the charges were made this time around and I have proof that I made my payment on time.

A preface to this is that I have never written a review in my life but thought that this was warranted. So I called in to Honda Financial Services back in February to see if I were to get a new Honda, would my last two payments be waived? Their answer was yes. Long story short, they're trying to go back on this now after I spoke to 2 other people who agreed it should be waived. I'm a new mom, just bought a new Honda (because I'm a loyal customer) and now have to come up with nearly $500. Had I not been misled, I would've just kept my crappy Civic until the lease came up instead of getting screwed. Don't waste your time with them. Go to any other company you can.

Bought a new Honda Accord through my company, and service is crap. They failed to send (any) bills to the address agreed. I was annoyed that we had to pay interest charges. As I pointed out failures, they changed the story to make sure they could blame it on us. First they said they sent the bills. They hadn't. Then they changed and said the account was set to ePay. They said I did it. Then they said someone did it the morning after I registered online. I gave no one the password, and they had already told me a second account cannot be created for the same loan. They said they sent notice to our accounting department by mail. That also turned out not to be true. They sent the note to my house when I was out of the country, and NEVER to the address on the contract!!!

In the end, they say we should have paid anyway. I agree we are contractually responsible to, and we did as soon as they called me. However, when I bought the car I specifically asked for the bills to be sent to my accounting department, and they said that was no problem. The extra interest charges are not a huge deal. I would have appreciated a simple apology, and commitment to correct. But they were oddly and obnoxiously unreasonable on the phone. I hope I never have to deal with them on a more significant issue. We never had this issue with GMAC/Ally or Ford. I like the car, but I worry about dealing with these folks.

This is too bizarre to believe but I assure you every word is true. I leased a Honda Civic back in April of 2015. Love the car and everything was great for about 10 months. I would receive my statement electronically every month and always paid the monthly charge as soon as I received it without fail. Then back in December I decided to make a one time payment in the amount of $10,867.78 which would pay the lease up in full through April of 2018 when the lease term was up. I made the payment, the funds cleared my account within 48 hours and I received confirmation from HFS.

January statement came and as expected the amount due was zero. Same for February. March was when the problems started. I received a call from HFS telling me my account was 2 months past due and I must make a payment immediately! The agent was very rude and demanding! I calmly explained that there must be some mistake as I paid up the lease in full and even have the confirmation from HFS. She merely said "hold on" and put me on hold for several minutes. She came back on the line, harshly told me that they have no record of this and therefore I must make an immediate payment to bring the account fully up to date PLUS 1 month in advance or the car would be repossessed and promptly hung up on me!

I called back hoping to get someone else who was more capable but sadly I was mistaken. After waiting on hold for 10 minutes I finally get someone on the phone who tells me the same thing as the first person I spoke with - even more harshly! I tell them I have the proof and would gladly fax or e-mail the documentation to them to prove my claim. I was then told they do not accept faxes or e-mails and to send my "so called proof" in writing to their "Correspondence Dept." and promptly hung up on me without even giving me the address. I had to research and look this up myself.

I sent copies of everything as well as a strongly worded letter Certified Mail and received the return receipt a few days later so I know it was received. About a week later I received a message from HFS simply stating "We have received your correspondence and are reviewing your account." That's it! No name of the person calling, no callback #, NOTHING! The very next day I wake up to get ready for work and see my car being towed away! By the time I got outside to try and stop the tow truck they were gone. Of course I was FURIOUS! I took the day off from work to handle this situation and the first thing I did was contact a friend of mine who is an attorney.

At 9 am sharp I called HFS and was told by the agent "I see your car was recovered and I must speak with the recovery department" and promptly switched me over. The so-called "Recovery Agent" immediately started screaming over me that in order to get my car back I needed to make a payment of over $11,000.00 to cover the remaining lease payments AND the recovery fee within 48 hours or the car would be "put back into inventory" and I would be responsible for any remaining costs!

When I told him that I have contacted my attorney he simply laughed and hung up on me! My attorney contacted HFS and advised them if they did not return the car in the exact condition it was in when recovered within 24 hours they would be served with legal documents and we would take them to court. Sure enough within a few hours Honda contacted me apologizing for their error and the car would be released to me immediately. As a form of good gesture, they explained they would be sending me certificates for free maintenance service for the next 2 years. The only thing I needed to do was "Go pick up the car." When I asked if there was anything I needed to bring such as a letter of release they told me "No. We already spoke with the dealer where the car is being kept. Just bring your photo ID and the car will be released."

So off I go to pick up the car and upon arrival at the dealership I'm told before they release the car to me "I must pay them $1,187.00 to cover the cost of recovery and inspection of the vehicle!" I asked why considering this was totally the error of HFS and was told "That's not how they see it." "They are merely relaying to me what HFS told them." By this point I had enough of this BS! I left the dealership and called my attorney telling him at this point I no longer wanted the car back and Honda had to refund me the money I paid them back in December.

As I needed a car, I promptly went a mile up the road and purchased a Toyota Camry. I realize I've been rambling a bit here so here's where we are today. Honda tried to appease me by again apologizing and offering me a 2016 Civic lease. Only thing they needed was $3,187 more from me since this was a more expensive car. I declined and am now in the process of suing Honda as they refuse to refund my money and are claiming "breach of contract" by me.

I made my car payment on Tuesday April 5th. On April 8th at 2:41 in the morning a tow truck came inside my property, removed my vehicle, and then knock on my door and bell, stating my car was not paid for, which it was. According to Honda it was a mistake, yet I am 9 months pregnant. I had to be rushed to the hospital with a panic attack. My blood pressure went up, and the customer rep clearly told me that's not their problem if I am pregnant or not. That next time I need to make the payment on time. Now I am car less over something Honda did not me. I am very upset and disappointed. Besides this not been the first incident I ever faced with them, but this top it all, and for their customer rep to tell me she does not care my medical condition if I need my car or not just to wait till they release the vehicle to me is insane.

ATTENTION CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS: If your car is repossessed you have the right by California civil law to reinstate your loan after your repossession of your vehicle. Reinstating a loan means paying the amount past due + current amount + repo fees. If your car is repossessed absolutely tell your lender of this law. There are more options than refinancing and paying off the total amount due for the car. They won't tell you that because they want your money!!! I was out of the country for about two months, I was in Ukraine and I was not able to pay for my car payment because the internet was not working there. I returned from Ukraine a few weeks prior to the incident I am writing about. My account was past due for the months of February and March 2016. I intended to pay online on 3/28/2016. When I logged onto my account I realized that it was blocked off and I was not able to pay online.

I called the customer service number to pay for my past due amount. The representative, Roxanne, that I spoke with told me that my account was past due for 56 days in the amount of $558.00. I asked her if I was able to pay her over the phone using my credit card and she told me no. She suggested that I pay through a MoneyGram or Western Union. She said to preferably use a MoneyGram Express as a means of payment because they instantly receive the payment. She also told me to call back with a reference number any time before 5 PM Pacific time. I told her that I would pay within the next two days. I received my paycheck and deposited it in the bank, but I was not sure when my funds would be available to me at the bank.

The next day before going to school, I had paid an amount of $600.00 through a MoneyGram Express on 3/29/2016 at 2:08 PM. The location I paid at is Ace Cash Express, located at 8715 Corbin Ave, Northridge, CA 91324. After making my payment I drove to CSUN. I was already late to my class and I figured that I did not want to be placed on hold for a long period of time and I would call Honda Financial Services in regards with the reference number at 3:15 PM because it would be before 5 PM. When my class had ended I came to the B3 parking lot to discover that my car had been gone. I later found out by calling campus police that it was repossessed at 3:00 PM. After finding out that my car had been repossessed I called Honda Financial Services to figure out what was going on with my car. The first thing that the representative had told me was that my car had been out for repossession since 3/26/2016.

My mother and sister came to CSUN to pick me up and take me to the impound lot. I went to the impound lot where my car was located at around 4:40 PM. The impound lot is called Key Auto Recovery located in Van Nuys. Upon arrival, I called Honda Financial services and spoke with a very rude and condescending representative named Ernie at 4:50 PM. Ernie said that he is not willing to reverse his decision because he did not receive the payment. I had asked him about my payment which was for the months of February and March 2016. He told me that he was not able to help me because my repo would not process until 3:00 PM the next day and to call the recovery department. While at the impound lot, my mother had called Honda Financial Services and spoke with a very pompous representative named Matt. Matt had told my mother similar things that Ernie had told me, and that once again their decision was irreversible.

The next day on 3/30/2016 I called the recovery department and spoke with Daniel. Daniel told me the steps that I would need to take in order for me to be able to redeem my car. The first step he told me was to go to the LAPD and picking up a repossession receipt. The next step after picking up the receipt would be to fax them the receipt and that they would be able to tell me the payoff amount that I owed for the car and to refinance at another bank. I had asked him since my car was repossessed they needed to return my payment of $600.00 back through MoneyGram. He told me that it would be available within the next few days. I went the same day on 3/30/2016 to the check cashing place located in Northridge in order to get my money back for the MoneyGram fee of $8.99.

The employee of Ace check cashing had told me that Honda Financial had processed my payment on 3/29/2016 at 4:09:44 PM and that I would not be able to receive my refund of the $8.99 and the $600 payment because they did not refuse the payment. So while I was at the impound lot on the previous day of 3/29/2016 both representatives that my mother and I spoke with had seen that my payment had processed forty minutes before we called. They both belligerently lied about not receiving my payment.

Matt and Ernie were not the only representatives that we had spoken with since being at the impound lot. My mother and I had spoken within six representatives including Ernie and Matt that saw exactly what time my payment had processed. All of the representatives we spoken with kept trying to put the blame on me because I did not call in with the reference number immediately after paying. The payment processed before the repossession processed.

I called on April 6 in regards to the reinstatement law I discovered on Google and told the representative about my rights he complied and said his supervisor would handle the situation. My car was released to me today by paying my past due AMOUNT and current AMOUNT I also had pay the REPO man separately $650 in cash. Nobody informed me of this law, not the representatives of Honda Financial Services nor the repo man. I learned this by researching google. It's never too late to get your car back and fight for your rights.

I rarely make reviews but this company has TERRIBLE SERVICE. For April 2016 auto payments, they literally double charged thousands of their customers causing many to overdraft on their bank accounts. They are slimy and don't even contact their customers to acknowledge their mistake. Instead they disconnect some of the phone numbers and make customers wait 40 minutes + to be told they will 'try' to refund them in a week or so. No compensation for their damages to all their customers... They don't give a crap. If you stole $400 from your neighbor you would be in jail. I will NEVER use them again and quite frankly is just another indicator of the whole Honda brand going down the toilet. Avoid Honda Financial and probably Honda in general.

I have automatic payment deduction for my 2014 Honda Accord from my bank account. Honda Financial did a double deduction from my account. I spent five (5) plus hours trying to get hold of a live human being at Honda Financial. I even called their headquarters in California. I stayed on hold for more than 30 minutes and finally gave up. I called back later and asked the telephone answer-er to connect me to a manager. She said there were none available and that she was told that they had some kind of glitch in their billing system. Honda Financial Services apparently could give a care less about their Honda customers. Shame on you Honda America. Never again.

I have been trying to reach the customer service of Honda Financial Services for the last 4 hours and their phone system is always busy. I constantly get "all circuits are busy" message. When the call goes through, the options are not helpful and it hangs up without connecting me to a representative. I expect better from a financial services company. I need to talk to someone to release my title for a registration and the instructions are pathetic on their website and they won't pick the damn phone. Sucks!

This morning I found out that Honda Financial Services debited my banking account twice for an online payment I made to them. When attempting to contact customer service (800)517-9699 to resolve, I immediately get a message stating my call cannot be completed and to try back later, with a message code 6 and US01LV. When visiting their Facebook page, I found that many other customers had the same issue today. While I understand this is most likely a website glitch, it is interesting that they have posted an information banner on their site for the past 2-3 months indicating delayed payment issues, but promising they will be posted the date they are initiated. Now this. They have some serious issues with payment processing and they should resolve them post haste. In the meantime, there is no means of reaching anyone in customer service to resolve the issue.

I have leased 3 cars, and financed 1 motorcycle from Honda, so I'm no new jack. For a couple of months now, the collections department has been calling me every two days, sometimes daily. I make all of my payments online, currently paying off a motorcycle and car. When I make my payments I am given a conf #. The money does not come out immediately, sometimes taking 3, 4 or 10 days to post. That being enough of an inconvenience, Honda says "we will adjust your payment to the correct date," as I am being told by personnel, who have called me to discuss my late payment.

A few days later they call again, saying "either your motorcycle or car note is 20 plus days past due." Naturally I am confused. When I tell the caller that I have paid both accounts, they say "hmmm let me see here. It looks like you accidentally paid the motorcycle bill twice, but we can correctly post the payment to your car." They having done this to me two months in a row, made me very suspicious. So on Friday I paid my account online, I took a screenshot of the individual receipts and their individual conf#. Well I just got off of the phone with the supervisor who say's, "hmmm let me see here, it looks like you paid the motorcycle payment twice." But today they were caught. I want out.

I would never recommend financing a car with Honda financing. I have had 3 bad experience with this company until this point. I bought 3 cars last year (2015). They charged me late fee because of the problem in their website. Not releasing my car title after paying off in full for the loan since 2 months. When I call them, their response is, “Your car title is on hold,” with no reasoning. They were supposed to call me with information within 24 hours and they still haven't responded since 10 days. I call them everyday spending 1 hour to get customer care online. PLEASE DO NOT FINANCE YOUR LOAN WITH THIS COMPANY.

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