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I purchased a new Jeep from a Heritage Jeep dealership in Owings Mills, MD 05/23/2016. After being in the dealership for 6 hours, at 1 in the morning the next day I drove off the lot. Sleepy and eager to leave I signed all of the paperwork and left. They told me I was with my poor credit score, etc. We did all the paperwork stuff, got sold all the extra warranties, we were able to purchase and tack it on to the loan and so on. I've had the car for almost 4 months, and today I get a letter in the mail saying that our financing was denied for the following reasons: too low CREDIT SCORE, too many recent credit requests, AND REVOLVING CREDIT. So, that's crappy enough. They want us to contact the dealership for further instructions. I feel like just canceling the whole deal and taking the car back... EXCEPT I have made a payment, paid insurance and they sold my trade in!

They had me set up auto pay on my Rolls Royce. The first two months everything was fine. 2 months later I get a call that I'm no longer eligible for online pay and I'm 2 months late. No warning, no heads up, just a "Call that site. You are two months late." I say "Ok. Well let me pay the full amount to get it caught up." The lady takes my payment info but only makes one payment with my card info but tells me I'm caught up. I go to Bank of America and set up auto bill pay to send them a check every month so I no longer have to concern myself with it. Today I open my bill and she had only made one payment on my behalf over the phone so now I've been a month late every month since this occurrence and they have charged me $110 late me each month and reported this all to my credit agency.

I started this process 7 months ago with a credit score of 820 and now thanks to TD Auto Finance I have a credit score of 591 because they were only interested in getting late fees and not actually doing quality business that you both agree on upfront. I will be paying this up and the minute I got back over 700 on my credit score I'll be refinancing with ANYONE but this company. BEWARE!!! STAY AWAY!!!

I purchased a new Ram this year. There's a place on the payment coupon to add funds to principal, don't waste your time. Instead, call in to make sure it's done right... Forget it, not going to happen. I call in each and every month with my payment and added principal. The principal NEVER gets applied. I paid $5000.00 in August, $4389.00 towards principal and $611.00 to cover my August payment. Sounds simple right? I've been on hold for one hour attempting to sort out this simple math. This company has cost me customers due to my lengthy hold times. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I love their trucks but they make themselves impossible to do business with.

Leased our 2015 Dodge Ram 1500. Was surprised about my payments (whole other story). Was told the only way to get out of the lease was to transfer the title or pay it all off. Well got someone in line to take over transfer since I lost my job and can't afford the payments, only to find out they don't accept lease transfers. REALLY Chrysler! WTF! I have reached out to them for any help and the only options they give me are paying it all off (yeah ok sure!) or voluntary surrender (ruin my credit for 10 yrs. and pay hefty fines). Big help! BEWARE of this company! Worst ever and I have had my fair share of cars and leases. Wish I could give no stars.

My husband and I lease a 2014 Chrysler 300 S for 2 yrs with tire warranty for 2 yrs. The dealer Suburban Chrysler in Southfield told us that they will give us a $1,000 incentive if we terminate the car lease early. We return the car early and never received any incentive and the bad thing is Chrysler Financial charged us a 395 disposal fee which they never told us about and wants us to replace all four wheels because they claim that they were worn out. So, I told them that we were covered because we purchased the warranty which they signed in the contract and now denying that they never have our warranty information only the dealer.

So, I told them that they need to coordinate with the dealer in Southfield because both parties have their names in the contract. Chrysler Financial refused to deal with the dealers, which I don't know why. I just hope this won't happen to anybody of you. As much as you can don't buy or lease any Chrysler cars anymore or finance with Chrysler Financial. They are the worst people to deal with. There is no bad deed that never go unnoticed.

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Do not go thru Chrysler Financial! I have a leased town and country van. They stated I have never paid my payment Jan. 2016. I provided proof to them over past 6 months and they still refuse to write off the behind pmt. I just cannot afford to drop about $550 when already paid it. They constantly call us and berate us to try and get this money. I want to be done with this lease. 9 more months left and I am going to go to Toyota and do a lease there and just eat the remaining money I owe but they refuse to fix their mistake and keep charging me a $19 late fee every month!!! The sups even say "Yes we see the info!" Then WHY are you still saying I didn't pay this pmt.

There is always something with the accounts. My husband and I both had 2014 vehicles. I had my account set up online to make payments and check different information. Once my husband tried to set his up, he was told that he already had one. Well they were confusing my account with him. I was supposed to be the primary on my loan, but they put him and they continuously delete my account information so that he can create one for his vehicle, even though every single time, we tell them there are two different vehicles and separate accounts. Here I am again trying to log into my account and I can't because the site doesn't recognize my username, but it happens to recognize my account number. I am so glad this is a leased vehicle. I am so done with this company.

In mid February of 2016, I paid my TD Auto Finance monthly bill that had become due in late January. I was within the grace period. Since the screen indicated a total due amount, I made the selection that included February's payment as well. When I later began paying my March bill, I noticed that only one month's payment had been recorded in February. As a result, I was 32 days overdue with my February payment. I don't know if I had somehow selected the wrong option or if an electronic error might have occurred, but I promptly rectified the problem by immediately paying the February and March payment.

I then contacted TD Auto Finance to try to reason with them about the error. They let me know that they would report adverse credit on me, and there was absolutely no way to change their decision. They have absolutely deplorable customer service. After waiting for close to an hour to speak with someone, I finally talked to a representative who sounded like a robot. She connected me with another human robot in the resolution department. It was immediately clear that they had no interest in trying to understand my dilemma. It made absolutely no difference that I was otherwise a reliable customer of theirs for five years. I filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and an even worse TD finance human robot contacted me to basically indicate that no action on my part could change their decision.

There is nothing even remotely satisfying about dealing with TD Auto Finance. While they keep you on hold for ridiculous lengths of time, you hear a recording over and over about their "legendary" customer service. Nothing could be further from the truth. I told them that I would aggressively dissuade friends, family, and acquaintances from doing business with them due to their arrogance and lack of understanding. They could not have cared less. I told them that my upcoming car purchase through the same dealership would not involve their company. Again, complete indifference. I told them I would share my experience on every Internet site I could find. They all but laughed at me with their scripted indifference. My advice to anyone wanting to finance a car loan: stay away from TD Auto Finance. They don't care about their customers in any way whatsoever. There is no awareness that their customers are keeping them in business.

If you do choose to do business with TD Auto Finance, beware. If you need to contact them for any problem whatsoever, they will keep you waiting for a very prolonged period of time. When you finally do talk to someone, you will be even more frustrated than when you started. I finally told them that I would like my few remaining payments to be automatically deducted from my checking account, because I don't want to give them the chance to again affect my otherwise stellar credit in a negative way. They couldn't even help me with this simple request. I asked for a form to be emailed or sent to me: it wasn't possible, but they did direct me to their website. I have no interest in going anywhere near their website because I am so repulsed by them. They left me feeling like nothing more than a number.

I purchased a lease vehicle from a private owner who was turning in their lease and had their loan through Chrysler Capital. This was in October. My credit union paid Chrysler Capital in full which included money for taxes that should have been paid to Michigan. I live in Ohio. I took the remaining tax money owed to Ohio Title Bureau to get my title. They said all tax money should have been remitted in Ohio. I cannot get anyone at Chrysler to help me recover the tax money they received from my credit union so I can pay the tax. I cannot get a receipt that the Michigan tax was even paid. No one will help me. Chrysler Capital will not work with my credit union either. I have a brand new truck sitting in my driveway that I cannot get plates or insurance for because of not having the title. I need HELP!

After a month of mostly being ignore, I finally got my refund today.

Original Review

Had a 2013 Ram financed through CF. Payment was automatically taken out of bank account. Sold my truck in November. Payment was taken out in December. Tried several times to talk with someone but they don't recognize my account number. Now they don't answer my email. Have to enter account number to talk.

They do not care about their customers only their money. One guy told me they will work with me after my hour got cut. He told me my payment are going to be lower, but when I go make my next payment they're telling me I'm now one behind due to a partial payment. After tell them what the one guy did for me they then tell me nothing was noted on my account about it & they can't change my payment. I will never refer anyone to them!

The hood can open while driving. It went over the windshield damage the roof. No one was hurt. Chrysler told me to wait for their inspector to see car thus delaying the repair and going over my allowed limit on the rental car. Now they say they did nothing wrong and forget any help. Thank you.

The interest rates and payments are too high on these loans. These people are a ripoff. They do not care about their customers. I will never buy another car nor would I refer anyone to them!

Yesterday on 05 November I had contact with a human after a lengthy delay of voice prompts and advertisements. I explained that my lease was terminated and the vehicle paid off in 2009 but I needed a release of Lien. After being directed to another Chrysler lending unit and being redirected back to TD, I again eventually made contact with another human. After a great deal of effort I thought I'd accomplished my mission and was promised that the lien release would be faxed to my dealership NLT tomorrow. Note: apparently emailing a PDF copy is beyond their technology. TD Auto Financial failed to send the release of lien as promised. The dealership then called them and was informed that the lien wouldn't be faxed until next week unless an expedited request was made.

When the dealership asked for the fax to be expedited, TD told them that only the customer could make said request. After being informed, I agreed to call them again (call #4). After being on IGNORE for about 15 minutes a female human came on the line. Using small words and a calm voice I eventually made her understand what I needed and further advised her that her firm told me yesterday that the fax would be made NLT this afternoon. Thereafter she told me that she had submitted the expedited request and it should be faxed within the hour. That was at 14:15 hours. It is now 18:10 and the dealership has NOT received said fax. TD is the must autocratic and unprofessional financial instruction I have ever dealt with in almost forty years.

I have auto loan with Chrysler Financial. When opened I set auto payment, and in August of 15 I called inquiring what is needed to change my bank account for future withdrawals. They emailed me form, I filled in and faxed. Next month payment was not withdrawn. I called end of September, and they claimed never received fax. I made payment over phone and set up next payment for October same way in case auto payment wouldn't work (was told at that time I cannot set up auto payment for next 6 months because one payment was missed which came to be incorrect). Went on their website and set it, and they withdraw twice on October 5th. Called on 10/06 at 11:42 AM, spoke with Marcy who told me they need me to fax my bank statement showing withdrawals. I faxed it on 14th, then called on 19th at 8:44 AM and spoke with Jamal who confirmed they received it and that refund will be done by 10/23.

Nothing happened so I called on 10/29th at 2:21 PM (putting all times and dates so they can verify on tapes if this true statements) and spoke with Ronald whose response was that they never received fax!!! When I confronted him with conversation with Jamal on 19th he put me on 10+ minute hold and then they miraculously found my fax! At that time they said they need to put another request into system and it will take up to a week to receive. Since this was 24th day since my money is sitting with them I asked to speak with someone higher, and at 2:58 I was talking with Alfredo ** who was "understanding" but could not commit to expediting anything and passed me on to Robyn at 3:05 PM.

After me repeating all incompetence on their side, she became defensive and now claimed that my faxed bank statement is invalid, because I have zeroed all other charges on my account (do not feel it is any of their business knowing what I am paying besides their loan). They claim they have no way of finding proof on their end of charging me twice, which I find unbelievable.

I'm am currently in the military. I had a vehicle back in 2008 and I deployed that year but before I deployed I set up automatic payments for the time I was gone for deployment. I didn't check my account because I wanted to come home and see how much I could truly save. Well when I came back home 2 weeks after I returned and I call Chrysler financial but the number didn't work. So I googled the number and it said that the name had changed. To TD. So I got the number and called to cancel my auto payment and I was told that I owe a couple of thousands of dollars and late fees I did not pay for 6 months. I was confused and told the lady I set up auto. She told me that once the name changed then I would've had to restart my auto pay. She said that they have been trying to get a hold of me.

And I told her I was deployed and never got any mail or emails. I talked to a few people and they said, "We will work with you. We will need all the money up front or we will have to repo your car but keep it off your credit report because it was an error on both parties." I couldn't afford the late fees and they said they were going to repo it. Well there was no court order and I never signed anything. They just took the car Illegally due to me being on active orders. And being deployed so it was out of my hands. And oh the repo happened in 2011. They just end up putting it on my credit November 2014. I will be seeking an attorney or someone in the justice department on this matter because everything was illegal on their part.

Had my Fiat repoed by Chrysler on labor day evening - no problem I was behind on my payments but all I got from them was my monthly statement saying what I owed so I make a call on Tues am to see what I needed moneywise to get the car back. I was told 1,210 dollars so I was able to scrape up the money and the repo fee so I pay them thinking it was the 1,210. See my statement the next day 8 extra dollars. I am like ok I got my car but here is the kicker - when I call to get my online account set back up I am told I still owe 175 in late charges. That when I made the payment that wasn't applied to the late charges like it was supposed to be and that the 175 was applied to the next payment after I was told by the agent who took my first amount I was at a zero balance and that I was going to get my due date changed. None of that happened so Chrysler just makes up the rules as they go to fit their own agenda and still leave the customer in the dark.

6/15, my 14 Jeep Patriot caught on fire due to faulty wiring. Chrysler did nothing. AAA totaled the car, took till 8/19 to have the car totally paid off because of finance co. They back out 2 months of my payment made ahead of time. Called numerous times asking why they did this. They responded it was their procedures to close the account. Address my concerns many times that it better not be reported to CRA. They said it would not and then did it anyway, causing me to spend 40 hrs on the phone and hurt my credit. This wrong and they have a broken system reporting false information to the CRA and they do it knowing it's FALSE!!!

Starters they call me when I was only a day late all day long. After I told them when I would be making it they still called all day long while I am working. Half of them were rude and talk to me like I was a child. Then I only had the car for 2 months, bought through Landers and the thing stop working. They tell me too bad.

I enrolled in Autopay and it didn't do automatic payments. I am now late by two payments. Super convenient.

I had been struggling with poor decisions in college and finally needed a car. I applied at a dealership and was accepted by Chrysler Financial. I canceled my extended warranty and the loan was credited. I read in the cancellation policies that I had to call my financial institution to have it applied to principal. I chose not to. That caused my payments to be 6 months ahead. I refinanced the car 6 months later with my credit union for a much lower rate. The website is easy to use. My rate was high. I had less than perfect credit. That is MY fault. They chose to finance me when few else would. I'm thankful for that.

P.S. After reading some of the other posts I realize that we are becoming a nation of people who cannot take responsibility for ourselves. YOU need to research how much the car is worth and not assume that a finance company will only finance what it's worth. YOU need to make sure that the (3rd party) extended warranty covers what they say they will. YOU need to take responsibility of YOUR decisions and not blame the people that are trying to help you... Every company has slackers hiding amongst their good employees.

My car was vandalized in June. I was told to send them the check from my insurance company and they would endorse it then send it back to me. They lied over and over again. I was told that they would mail the check to my body shop people and it would be there on July 2. Here it is the 7th and no check was sent. I'm getting a lawyer. Beware of this company. They are scam artists and no one knows what they are talking about.

My 2010 Jeep Compass has the Maximum Care Plus service contract. On June 17, the powertrain control module failed due to a wiring defect. The service contract specifically list both the powertrain control module and wiring harness as covered items. Yet, Chrysler refused to pay for repairs. I was told at the time of purchase of the contract that this bumper to bumper extended warranty covered the computer components.

I was having trouble with their website when making payments. They agreed to help by processing the payment and waiving the fee. Two months in a row they double charged the card causing trouble with my bills and fees. They refuse to take responsibility and just kept saying "sorry, unfortunately, sorry bout your luck. We don't see the problem on this end." Money tied up 10 days two months in a row. 600.00. I asked how she feels when she don't get her check on Friday and they tell her "Unfortunately nothing we can do." She said she wouldn't like it but couldn't help me! Referred to president's office to see IF they can credit fees for nags. Really?

I have been making my car payments on time for over a year. I had spoke with someone in the office on March 30, 2015 concerning making a extra payment towards my principal. I sent in my payment and a extra 1000. However they applied that payment just towards my payments. After speaking with them several times that issue was not resolved, I then made another 1300 payment, advised this was for my principal and it also went to my regular payment.

I leased a 2015 Dodge Dart SXT which was stick shift. I got the car in Moreno Valley from Moss Brothers. I live in Costa Mesa. So after the steering wheel started to rattle I took it to CJD (Chrysler Jeep Dodge) Costa Mesa. They looked at the car and told me that the vehicle had a "loose clip" in the steering wheel. They supposedly "fixed" it and 2 days later the rattling came back. After returning it to the same dealership they looked into it further and found that it was the "clock spring." They told me it was "safe" to drive and not to worry about it and they would call me when they had the part.

First of all, I left the dealership perplexed because coming from an automotive background, if you had a messed up "clock spring" that would inhibit your air bag from going off in a collision. That is very negligent of them that they told me "not to worry about it." After this I surrendered the car to the original dealership and now am waiting for my money back from Chrysler. They always are changing the story and are completely difficult to work with. I am currently speaking with an attorney about this ordeal. Chrysler has refused to call me back regardless of countless voicemails.

I purchase between 9-14 new Jeeps a year. After paying off a new jeep (2014) it took about 2 1/2 months to secure a title on the Jeep. After at least 6 telephone calls to various people, and being promised a title several times I had to go to local license department to get title myself and pay for title myself. Once you pay off vehicle expect 3-6 weeks for title to appear (this happened to me on at least 5 vehicles this last year). The left and right hand do not know what is happening in this Company!!! They need focus on customer service and someone to accept responsibility!! The Company is a comedy of errors!! Rates are at least 3-4 percent higher than most places. I would recommend NOT to finance with this Company!

It took over 5 months to receive the proper paperwork to transfer my reg from one state to the other. I placed 2-3 calls a week, was given too many promises to count, was told too many lies to count, and there was 1 good customer service rep out of everyone I spoke with. Zero good outcomes. Over 2 Months I could not legally drive my car that I was paying for. I will never use CCAP nor purchase a Chrysler vehicle after this lease is up.

Online payments were applied to wrong account causing late payment notices (three times). Attempts to correct the issue were received with apologies and promises, but no action until office of the president was contacted. Extremely irritating since there is an additional fee to make payments online.

My husband purchased an automobile from a local Dodge dealer. The interest rate and payments are ridiculous. Why do places like this CHARGE for making a payment online? I thought the whole point was to save the customer money. Also, on the account page itself, there are "changes" that I need to make. One that makes me cringe is the "Insurance information is missing and necessary." I am not that stupid, but I do believe that in my state, proof of insurance is required before the automobile is driven off the lot. Trying to talk to customer service is a horrible experience. Just explaining that the insurance is indeed somewhere in their system is like talking to someone with 10 heads. I refuse to send in the information because I am honestly afraid of this website. Not sure why, but something just seems funny when I sign in to pay.

As soon as we can, we are refinancing with USAA. I will have names, dates, and times of everything that transpires. Also, money will be sent overnight and certified as well so we can ensure that all is correct. No adding fees to an already over-priced automobile. What this really means is that credit wasn't good enough for a real bank so we will make it hard for you to pay for free. Love Honda Financial for my car even though payments were high. Not their fault, but I could pay for free and the CS was phenomenal. Then down again through USAA. The interest rate went from 23 to 5. Sucky company to be so huge! I guess the extra Western Union fee of $2.75 is divided among all CS reps and they go to lunch. Hate this company. They once were worth using. Now it's about screwing the public.

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