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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Chrysler?
    • 4,482,526 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
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    Customer ServiceProcess

    Reviewed Oct. 3, 2019

    I closed a lease with them and opened another with them immediately the day after a few weeks ago. The only problem I've had with them is getting a refund on an over-payment on the previous lease. After three weeks of no indication (online account, e-mail, letter, etc.) that this would be taken care of and waiting for them to process this without my involvement, I had to call and prompt them to look into this.

    After one hand-off to another department, that department said they needed to hand this off to accounting. That will take a few business days more for their review. Once that's done, I was was told I can expect a refund (if, as they stated, I'm due a refund when it's plain as day that I am due one) within 60 days of the termination of my previous lease. That is a LONG time and I can't honestly say after getting off the phone with them that I won't have to call them again after a few more weeks of waiting. Maybe this would have been processed at some point but I was given no indication with anyone I spoke with that it would have been without my prompting. I guess we shall see...

    Contract & TermsPriceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 29, 2019

    This bank is very sneaky. They put into the contract, and never point this out, that even if you pay every single payment, ON TIME, they black mail you into payment a ridiculous fee that if you don't lease another car within 30 days they can just charge you! They have zero regard for even a great customer. While every business is always looking to make a profit, it's the blackmail that is morally wrong. Regardless of an excellent reason for needing to extend the time to lease another car. I would never use this bank again. Proceed at your own risk.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 20, 2019

    Vehicle is totaled and a check sent by the insurance company for the payoff and a month later and multiple phone calls later - nothing. The people there are not helpful and cannot tell you where the money went. It is affecting credit and other financial aspects. Really disappointing.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Aug. 8, 2019

    Our auto loan has been paid on time or even before the due date for over 4 yrs. We hit a small rough patch this month and requested to defer our payment, they would not help us. I guess we could just not pay it and be a month behind but that’s not who we are.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2019

    Bought new truck and made payments for 2 years. Construction slowed and I was out of work for a few months. They would not accept partial payments. I am now back to work and trying to ask them to help me pay off the overdue amount along with paying all monthly payments on time. Their response is PAY IT ALL UP TO DATE. PERIOD. There is no room to negotiate even if you are doing your best to catch up. And they will not even consider refinancing the vehicle in order to bring everything up to date.

    Reviewed Aug. 2, 2019

    The worst place to get a car loan from!!! The APR% is extremely high. They only negotiate with you 1 time only!! And if you become on maternity leave as single mother and can't pay oh well because they can no longer assist you. So you become stuck paying a high car note with a high APR%. They do not refinance!!! Just the worst experience as a first time car buyer and never again will I do it through them!!! Just the worst. I wish they can have 0 stars. That's how disgusted by them I AM.

    Reviewed July 31, 2019

    Purchased a 2017 Jeep Wrangler in December of 2016. The truck has been leaking and holding water in the entire floor (front&rear). Been to dealerships multiple times and none of them will even attempt to look at it. It is now growing mildew and mold in it. Stop paying on it a few different times because I can't even drive it. So of course it messed up my credit and Chrysler knew about it. Trash company.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 24, 2019

    I was forced to take Chrysler Capital as a finance company even after I brought pretty approval money to the table. Ended up with a very shady deal on a bad Ram 1500. The motor was bad from 500 miles on. Chrysler Financial would not bend or budge when presented with the facts that the vehicle would be lemon lawed. I own a successful company and was talked to like a child who didn't understand simple concepts. The condescending demeanor of their customer service reps is infuriating. I will never allow them to do business with me ever again.

    Sales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed July 22, 2019

    Never had an issue. I get an email letting me know when my payment is due and a statement every month. Was easy to get the loan and have 0% interest. I'm never harassed or bothered by any sales or marketing people.


    Reviewed July 11, 2019

    Turned in a 2016 Dodge Journey, a real boat. Went to a number of dealers, all did not have the Jeep I was looking for. Finally one dealer called me, "We have just received a few off the Jeep Renegades in the color and options you want. Why not come in." Went a few days later. Got salesmen (actually a real honest one). We went out into the lot. Looked at 4 vehicles, then came back to haggle price. I knew that Chrysler Financial would approve any amount that I needed. Took all of about 1 hr to get down to the PRICE I had been looking for, about 30% mark plus sat. radio for 3 yrs, with nav. After Feb of this year you now see the orange & yellow color that I wanted.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed July 10, 2019

    Made lease payments on time, Chrysler claims no payments. Faxed confirmation numbers and bank statement of payments. No help. Completely useless and they should be held accountable. This is my fifth Chrysler Dodge product but I will never buy one again after this!


    Reviewed July 3, 2019

    I had a Chrysler Pacifica with them. I finish the lease for three years with the car with half of the miles. Returned the car and got a new car with the same institution. After one month I received a bill for $1200. Be aware people. They don’t care about the customers.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed June 21, 2019

    I just received a personal property tax bill owed by Chrysler for $1,000.00. When I signed up to lease this vehicle last year, I told the financing specialist exactly how much I could afford every month, and they "made it work". After receiving this bill, I went back up to the dealership to work with the financing department. The MANAGER told me he didn't know anything about leased vehicles and that they were MY PERSONAL PROPERTY TAXES, even after I showed him the statement said "These are Chrysler's personal property taxes owed for running a freaking business. You agreed to pay our taxes when you agreed to lease our vehicle." Clearly, not an exact quote. You get the idea.

    I was told by other customers that they also signed up to pay Chrysler's taxes, but it's included in their monthly payment. For about a week now I keep driving up to the dealership, and they keep saying someone will call me about this. I can only assume that, to get my monthly payment down, they either pulled the property taxes out of the payment, or maybe this is just how they do business. They couldn't even show me a copy of the lease when I asked them to pull my file. So here's for all the first time car-leasing people out there: save an extra $1,000.00, at least, every year to pay Chrysler's personal property taxes.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed June 14, 2019

    I really wish I read the reviews about the complete displeasure with this company before I even signed the papers. I’m way too young to even be buying a car by myself to begin with, but I got taken. My interest rate was completely ridiculous. I paid the car off with a line of credit but it doesn’t end there. I overpaid them on my last payment. I was told by 2 separate representatives I was going to get reimbursed. So at this point, my account is completely closed with them. Then I called to confirm the address they were sending my check to, and I’m being told I made a payment that I never did, it somehow got ‘reversed’, I owe them money, and I’m not getting money back.

    So now I have a re-opened account balance that I was never informed about, or even aware of. Which is pretty shady, considering everything was already finalized? I called customer service asking for them to make some sense of it and none of them could. Even a manager had no solutions or the slightest bit of useful information. I'm not sure if I’m being taken advantage of because I’m young, but I’m going to take legal action to resolve this problem. Not sure what’s up with this company but something's off about it.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 2, 2019

    This company is absolutely horrible! I bought my car back in 2015 with a loan of 34,000 and the payments were $488 a month. I ended up falling behind recently and they absolutely refuse to help in anyway. I have called so many times for assistance or even to lower my payment and all they say is pay what you can. I pay every month, but still have remained 2 payments behind. Needless to say the car was repo’d and we decided it was for the best because after about 4 years of paying $488 I am only down to $21,000 on this loan! This company is horrible and shady and I wish I looked into all of this earlier! I will take the hit on my credit but best believe I am getting a lawyer involved ASAP!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed June 1, 2019

    First of all, I was put in a vehicle that I had an asked for after putting an application in for a car loan. Second of all I had asked for my payments not to be really high but I received my first bill from Chrysler $599.15. I have gotten behind a little bit and spoke to a customer representative which assured me that the car would not get repoed. I recently spoke to another representative, and he said that I could have an extension to put the month behind two months behind whatever it was I could put that behind my balance owed.

    Well today my car got repoed and I called Chrysler this morning to speak to a representative and she told me I couldn’t do anything about it till Monday morning. I then called back and spoke to another lady that was very very friendly and helpful and gave me the name of the towing company that took the car and she wasn’t understanding why the other lady didn’t even attempt to help me with that information. I am very disappointed in this company and the representatives that they hire that say one thing but don’t follow through with what they spoke of.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 29, 2019

    I bought a Jeep Latitude in December. Every month I make my payment and EVERY month they call and say I haven’t. And it still hasn’t shown on my statement BUT it’s coming out of my account. Customer service will not help me and I’ve faxed my bank statement 3 times. NOW I show a negative on my credit report. Trying to get a trade in to get away from this god awful experience. Never again. Never again Chrysler.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed May 25, 2019

    I leased my new vehicle 4/26/19. My first payment is due 5/26/19. Still no account created per customer service and they are not sure why. How is this possible?! Now my payment will be late due to them and no one knows why as they have had the paperwork for weeks.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed May 13, 2019

    Our family had Dodge Ram 1500 diesel... When lease was over we switched to another company, we never had any late payments.. Nothing. We have plan to buy a house and guess what??? In the end of February I found that my credit score went down from 760 to 660, my husband’s credit score went down from 780 to 650, I was crying.. Checked Credit Karma and guess what??? This scam company put us on a collection that we owe them money???? What money??? We called them? They ask us to write a letter with all info, on March 19 we got a letter - we apologize.. Bla bla.. We will fix this is. Our mistake!!

    Today is May 13 and guess what???? Nothing happen!!! I will call early in the morning to this company.. How can I buy a house with this credit score???? Scammers!!! Stay away from this company!!! If you don’t wanna trouble like we got.. Just stay away from this company!!! I am soooo mad!!!! We need to sue this company for all that they did to us!! For somebody’s stupid mistake?


    Reviewed May 1, 2019

    On 3-22-2018... They made a mistake by sending at the time an unlicensed Repoman to my house, Jason ** physically pushed me and forced his way to continue to hook up the car knowing at that point it was a breach of peace and by law he had to stop and leave because I was objecting to the repo in progress. Jason ** from Heat Recovery assaulted me to continue to hook up the car. Thanks to the Fort Lauderdale police dept that forced him to drop the car and go away, which by law is what they have to do when anybody objects to a repo on a civil matter, it's called breach of peace... Only way any collateral can be taken by force and with police assistance is when they come with the sheriff and a writ court order in hand.

    Gets worst from there, later on 8-15-2018 AGAIN they send some shady company called Prowler Recovery go into my wife's private employee parking and successfully force the recovery by bringing along two officers again with no writ court order, forced my wife out of the car with handcuffs's in their hands. Also POLICE threaten all the owner of the private property that were OBJECTING to the repo in progress to stay out of it or get arrested even though collateral was still sitting inside private property.... I have nothing against CMC but they need to really monitor who they hire to do their recovery's, they are many other FLA REPO companies that won't break that law.... Every statement I just made was recorded on Audio and Video on our dash cam so we have all the evidence on video. Thank you.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed April 6, 2019

    I just finished my 2016 lease of a Jeep Compass. Minus a small dent (with no chipped paint) I received a bill for $882.00 which was almost 4 car payments worth of damage. $450.00 worth of tire damage because the tires were not completed at the appropriate tire pressure and the rest was dents. I will NEVER use another Chrysler product. They've got enough of my money now. I switched to Chevy and I will be staying that way.

    I was thankful enough for Ebony who I called the Chrysler Customer Service who waived $50.00 of the final bill but $50 is nothing. I could have bought another car with that final bill but instead I will be taking my money elsewhere. Make sure you do a pre-inspection prior to your lease return even though all these cars alert you when your tire pressure is too low (which I was not alerted).

    Customer Service

    Reviewed March 19, 2019

    Chrysler Capital has been the worst company to deal with. Holding my title and my lien release for MONTHS after the vehicle was paid off. Denying my requests to receive the info and are not helpful at all. I do not recommend anyone use them. I have called almost every day for the last 4 weeks and they still will not sent me my lien release. They just make excuses and give me different timelines for how long before I receive the lien release and still will not send it! I am so fed up with how horrible the management of this company is. DO NOT USE.


    Reviewed March 18, 2019

    If I could give less than 1 star I would... I returned my 2016 Jeep Compass in 2019 after my lease was up with approximately 9100 miles less than the lease mileage allowance. After having it inspected by Chrysler Financial's inspection service. I was was presented with a $600.00 "final bill" for damages and fees, for which $395.00 was for lease termination fees for returning the vehicle, and the balance for "damage" which I had purchased insurance for when we started the lease.

    The lease termination fees were never clearly explained to me at the dealer... But I was assured, by the unyielding manager at Chrysler Financial, I was legally, and contractually obligated to pay, and they would hold my credit score hostage as a result if I did not pay. It's not the fees... It's the principle of our whole Chrysler Financial experience. You see, we were handling my father-in-law's affairs and before he passed away. He had been diagnosed with dementia, and was put into a dementia care facility, and could no longer drive.

    He had a lease with Chrysler Financial which they would not break, or let us transfer to another creditworthy party. So we had to pay the $450.00 lease payment for an additional two years, which was an undue financial and mentally stressful burden on us. Also, it was clearly a discretionary decision by Chrysler Financial to refuse to waive my fees, or terminate my father-in-law's lease after his dementia diagnosis. I will never buy or lease another Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, or Dodge vehicle again, and would strongly advise anyone against dealing with Chrysler Financial, or purchasing a Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, or Dodge vehicle. This company is heartless, uncaring, and unyielding.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 22, 2019

    I contacted Chrysler customer service today due to being behind on my car payment because of a hardship. The representative named Courtney (if that’s even her real name) basically taunted me for being behind. She first told me that I had actually been behind in payments since Feb 2017. That wasn’t true. She sent me a copy of my payment history while we were on the phone and I was able to show her that it wasn’t true. Her response “Oh well, we’ll you’ve definitely been behind since Oct 2018, so sorry.” She actually kept repeating that same statement as if I was unaware (this was the reason I was calling in the first place).

    I eventually asked to speak to a manager, who was only slightly helpful. I was calling to figure out my options to help me get caught up on my payments as I was only one payment behind. The manager very firmly stated “Well what CAN you pay.” I could tell that they could care less. I asked the manager to review my phone call with Courtney as she was extremely rude and even taunting me throughout the entire phone call. I’m sure my complaint wasn’t taken seriously. The worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I hung up the phone in tears.

    Customer ServiceContract & Terms

    Reviewed Jan. 15, 2019

    I leased a Ram 1500 from Kahlo CJD in Noblesville Indiana Sept 2017. I presented my driver's license which had my home address and stated where I worked, which was in Illinois. After the deal was made, I expressed to them since I live in Illinois, they must make sure they charged the proper taxes which I was assured "Don't worry, We do this all the time". I don't need someone to come to me months later and say "oh by the way you owe..." Now keep in mind, I am NOT a tax exempt entity nor did I present myself to be... I signed the lease agreement and have made EVERY payment as agreed...

    In the spring of 2018, someone at the dealer submitted to the State of Illinois a tax exemption form stating that I am a tax exempt entity. The state of Illinois then billed Chrysler Financial, to the tune of 2300.00 and now Chrysler is trying to shake it out of me. NOW KEEP IN MIND THERE IS A 3000.00 TAX WHICH WAS WRITTEN IN ON THE LEASE AGREEMENT WHICH IS PART OF YOUR PAYMENT. WHERE DID THAT MONEY GO? Also, if I was a tax exempt, why wouldn't that have been filed at the time of lease... NOT 7 MONTHS LATER WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT? I have called the dealer and they said they would "look" into it... NOTHING. I have called Chrysler Financial and they even stated they would turn it over to their Dealer Operations Section... LIE. NOTHING. Chrysler Financial in the same phone call called it several things... "it's a property tax... it's an excise tax... wait wait... no... it a property tax..." ALL BS.

    I even got them to say it was NOT my responsibility and yet the charge is still there... Now... here we are January 2019 and the same nonsense... "Oh our VP "Mr. **" is handling it," NO RESPONSE. If the dealer was on the up and up... why don't they just provide Chrysler Financial the receipt they got from the State of Illinois for the taxes paid? Answer... They never sent the money. No receipt. DO NOT DEAL WITH KAHLO CJD IN INDIANA. TRUST ME ON THIS.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsPriceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 20, 2018

    I have had terrible experience. This is my first car purchase and I had horrible experience from the start having to take 4 hours waiting at the Tomball branch to have my documents processed. The price quoted was $19,000 and the final selling price was $29,000. I was tricked into giving all sorts of reasons that they had to add in $3000 as I was a first time buyer and that my loan wasn’t approved, and because the bank will charge them a fee so he has to add it on the selling price and after adding in all the taxes, add ons and warranties, it has become $29k. Then, I checked the online account and to my horror, I (the buyer) was shown as a co-borrower and my co-signer was showed as the borrower.

    This is incorrect usage of my information and my co-signer’s information (or rather did Chrysler perform a wrong transaction without notifying the customer?). I called in the contact center and was told that first that they had to do it because the loan wasn’t approved and they could only get the credit approved by making the switch. (Really? Without informing the customer?) Then she was going to get the manager to speak with me as she can’t make the switch and the line got disconnected. I called in again and spoke with another agent who asked me tons of verification questions which I already punched in the IVR and she assumed that I was wrong and they follow the contract and it could be possible that I signed at the wrong spot.

    Really? Is this how a serious issue is handled? After checking my details and the copy of the contract it became clear that I and my co-signer signed correctly and the mistake was at their end. She said that she will just notify her finance team to make the switch and apologised for the inconvenience. I then asked her what can they do to address the inconvenience that I have gone through. How will they turn my experience around and make me a happy customer to which she said that there is nothing they can do except apologising. I asked for the call to be escalated as I was still not happy. I then spoke with the supervisor who repeated the same thing and said that they don’t compensate for such errors except apologising.

    He even said that there is no way a customer could find out such information about the name switch unless someone informed them from their office. I said that I can see that online. I asked to be escalated further and spoke with a lady at the executive office who said the same thing and that they don’t compensate for the inconvenience. At this stage, all I am getting that they don’t care about customer experience and though I had to find all this out, it’s on my head. I then asked the call to be further escalated and spoke with Andrew (manager).

    Who also said the same thing and further explained that with this administrative error, the credit changes would not be impacted as both are still responsible for payments and the account, whether one is a borrower or a co-borrower and that they don’t charge customers any processing fee. It’s between them and the dealers and dealers should not pass any cost on to the customers. This came as a shock because now it’s getting more messy.

    The dealer passed me $3000 which is added in the sales price of the vehicle saying that they don’t have a choice because the financial institution will charge them the fee and had me sign the agreement on the same. Andrew further said that he will investigate further on this and get back to me as something like this should not happen. I gave him name of the person I spoke with (Rubi) before heading to the Tomball branch, who quoted me $19000 before the loan department added in the $3000 on top of this (including other add-ons to make it to $28k). I believe this additional $3000 should be waived.


    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2018

    Beyond having a poor experience with the vehicle, and the dealers lack of support from the company, and being pressured to give 5 star ratings to their sales staff after choosing to lease the car, at the end when we could finally give the vehicle back, the horrible experiences continue. They're charging me $250 for two plastic wheel covers, with a bit of curb rash scratches. This is complete highway robbery. Plus other costs, which I can understand, but the company is charging me MORE for a plastic wheel cover than a tire replacement!

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 5, 2018

    Reading all the bad reviews this company has gives me stomachache because I'm stuck with them. By mistake - yeah by mistake - I made a $450 car payment to my account that was up to date with payments. I've called more than three times, spoke to representatives, explained the problem; Although two of them were helpful, the company fell short. Never getting back to me with any follow ups. Before the transition took effect I called and explained the mistake, they suggested to call my bank because the problem didn't come from them. While calling back and forward between Chrysler and my bank, the money was taken from my account and posted in their's - Chrysler statement shows I had paid $450. The Chrysler representative mentioned that the situation has to go under investigation, yet haven't received a letter or any notification about my case.

    It's frustrating and really scary that I'm dealing with a company that have so many bad reviews. If I don't hear from them I'm considering report them to State Attorney General. UPDATE. Dec 4, I haven't received any information regardless I have called countless times. Last time a few weeks ago they told me that yes, the investigation took place to my favor and I should be receiving a check... Weeks later I haven’t receive anything and again no even a letter to inform me of the case!!! I don’t understand where the professionalism of this company is! And how they’re still up with such of wrongdoing behavior??

    Reviewed Nov. 28, 2018

    This was the worst loan experience I've ever had in my life. They told me at the end the loan would be taken care of and no problems would arise. They lied. It's been over a year and it makes me sick!

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 13, 2018

    I leased 2 vehicles from Chrysler and cannot be anymore disgusted with the arrogance of the staff and customer service. Faulty design (they admitted), incompetent workers and then they hang up on you. 1st occurrence was a direct payment plan that they tried to make updates onto my account and according to my Bank, they (Chrysler) transposed #'s on my account. That being said, all went ok for 2 years until they made these adjustments. Then they notify me with a Collection notice that we defaulted on payments. It took me three weeks to get to someone to look at it and see their mistake. I did not need anything from them other than straightening it out and I had to fight to get them to fix their own mistake.

    2nd issue had to do with returning the vehicle at lease end. Trading out a Chrysler product for another waives the return fees. That's what we were told and I have the paperwork to show it. Took another 3 weeks to get them to fix this issue. We'll skip over the 3rd issue and come to this last one. The radio cannot be pre-programmed in my new Chrysler Pacifica S. Every time you shut the vehicle off, the radio goes back to AM. Excuse the concept, but who listens to AM? Now they tell me it's a design feature. No it's not, you screwed up and you’re looking for an excuse not to live up to your obligations. How many times do you get in your vehicle and start driving?

    Now you realize and you automatically look away from the road and adjust the radio station to something that most of us can listen to, thus causing a safety concern. It takes an act of God to get to someone that you think can help, only to find out that they are programmed to read off of cue cards. I'm tired of purchasing second rate products from companies that are not backing their own product. Going back to my Mercedes, at least I know the issues will be taken care of hassle free. Any suggestions?

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Nov. 10, 2018

    I set up auto draft for monthly payments. They don't provide an option that allows you to apply additional payment toward principal. If you write a check, they will apply the additional amount toward interest, unless you call and tell them to apply the additional payment toward principal. Who wants to write a check every month and then make a phone call to notify them to apply the additional payment toward principal? They don't allow you to write on the check and notate how to apply the additional payment toward principal, because they scan the checks for deposit. I will never use them again. I use Capital One Finance for my other 2 auto loans, and have received much better service.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Oct. 16, 2018

    This is the worst loan company I have ever dealt with. By the time I finish paying my car off I will have paid almost 40,000 dollars for a 2015 Dodge Dart!! I made extra payments for 6 or 7 months only to find out they took it all and applied it to the interest. I pay 617 a month and have been paying that for 3 years and the pay off amount is still at 18,460!!! It's just a ripoff. I called them and they kept me on the phone forever, transferring me from one person to another. I would never recommend this company to anyone!!!


    Reviewed Oct. 12, 2018

    Guys stay away from this wolf company who rips people off. They ripped me off by charging so much interest that was off my contract. I returned the car and hired a lawyer to settle the debt. They are all BS ** hate. I regret doing business with poop company.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 2, 2018

    One of the worst companies I've ever dealt with. Had a loan for a new Ram truck. Paid it off early, and paid via the same method I had been paying. In the end they held the title for 15 days, claiming it was state law. It wasn't. I checked with the state and my bank. I tried to expedite the lien release and finally after 4 calls I got a supervisor who repeated all the lies about it being a state thing etc. Said that if my bank would fax them a letter saying the funds I paid would not be withdrawn they would release the title that day. Another lie, they did not! To add insult to injury about 10 days after paying off the loan in total they took another payment out of my checking account! I'm still fighting to get the money they stole from me back. Work with a loan shark in your neighborhood if you buy a Chrysler product. I can assure you the service will be better!

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    Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2018

    I leased a vehicle through them and I am nearing my end of lease term. They call me to tell me there is a $395 disposition fee that is owed at the end of the lease. of course my sales rep at the dealership never once mentioned this. Sure, I missed it on page 6 of the contract. Very shady tactic to shake people down for more money. No transparency whatsoever.

    I have leased several vehicles, 7 to be exact. not once have I ever had a predetermined fee that I HAVE to pay when turning in the vehicle. This company represents everything wrong with our corporate structure and I wish there was more I could do to impact their terrible business. I will never lease a Chrysler again, even if it was free. I will not support businesses like this. Seems a lot of people agree with me given their 1-star rating.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed Aug. 25, 2018

    This place is the WORST I have ever had for a car loan, every month I have to call them because I am paid 1 month ahead and they put my payment on the current month, they say it's a extra principal payment but charge me interest, I have just called 3 times because they never put my last payment on Sept and it still isn't changed, I would NEVER recommend anyone getting a loan through these people.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 21, 2018

    We leased a 2015 Jeep Patriot through CCAP. Eventually we decided to buy the vehicle. The experience was absolutely terrible from the first day we inquired about the buyout. The amount of misinformation received from this company was completely unacceptable in an extreme number of ways including being unable to find the loan check sent to them. Every time we would call about something it was a completely different story or set of policies. They are one of the most incompetent companies I've ever had the displeasure of working with.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 20, 2018

    I am about to go over miles on my 2016 Cherokee lease in 1 month, yet my lease isn't over for 5 more months. I figured that I could pay off the lease early (about $2500) and pay the $495 early termination fee and turn in the car. At this point I felt it made more sense to buy a used Honda CRV since I now drive at least 20,000 a year. I like the 2015 CRV 5 star safety and 33 mpg. I felt threatened and intimidated by this company when I called to schedule a pre-inspection. Not only would I have to pay what I stated, but they said they'd also send me a bill for wear and tear (after the car was long gone to some out of state auction and you have no proof of anything. They could make up anything, since they also can state that internal parts need replacing).

    They also said I'd have to pay the difference if Chrysler doesn't get what they want for the car in auction. It already has negative equity because I put so many miles on it. Again, they could make up any amount and how could you prove it. Finally, they told me they would also lower my credit. I have a good score of 770. This is really upsetting. If you give them everything you owe them, how can they attack your credit as well? My only way out will be to buy this car in Feb. with about 66,000 miles on it and by the time I pay it off, it will have at least 160,000. Will never lease again or buy another Chrysler. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who feels this way about this company!

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Aug. 15, 2018

    I returned my Jeep Grand Cherokee on time, asked for inspection and release. I was told everything is OK. Few days later Chrysler Financial sent me a letter stating that I owe them $450 in damages. They think they can claim any damages and we have to pay it. Very deceitful and untrustworthy company. I will never do any business with them again.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed July 25, 2018

    I took out a loan in October. I've never been late. My original balance was $23,000. Now they report after I've made eight months of on-time payments. They report my balance is 24000. No one will fix it.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed July 20, 2018

    Need to know Chrysler main phone # for administration. People that work there won't give any information on where my vehicle is. We dropped it off where we leased it, they have no idea where it is. We haven't had this vehicle for the last 2 yrs, yet our credit is being ruined, and we're paying more interest on anything we buy. Otherwise we have excellent credit. What attorney will work on this problem? When we spoke to several attorneys, they didn't want the case, guess it had nothing for them in it. We are in our 70s, on SS, need to clear this lease off our record. Please help. Thanks.

    Customer ServiceContract & TermsPricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 17, 2018

    Had my pre-inspection done on April 24th so that IF any problems were to be found I would know about it and be able to address it. Stayed with the inspector the entire time. At conclusion he said "this car is in excellent condition, you have no issues at all". Turned car in June 9th and lease expired on June 26th. I was 10,000 miles under my lease agreement. On July 16th (22 days AFTER my lease was done and 84 days AFTER I had the inspection) I received a letter saying that I owed Chrysler $500.00 for 2 new tires because they were 1/100 under their minimum requirement. Now what moron doesn't get that having the inspection done so early was to avoid this situation??? What moron believes that 2 new tires for a Journey cost $500.00. Had I known this is what was going to happen I would have taken care of the tires myself.

    My son-in-law owns a garage! I am beyond angry at the lying, cheating, deceitful, double dealing, corrupt, and unethical way that Chrysler has gone about this. When I called to address this customer service told me that this was due to the dealership (again how dishonest can you be)? When I called the dealership I was informed that once the pre-inspection is done, they don't do anything more than tell Chrysler that they received the car. This is on top of the fact that it is your policy to stop the automatic withdraw the last month of the lease. WHAT??? Who thought this was a good idea? The same moron that thinks 2 tires cost $500.00? So on top of the disposition fee, another payment is due because it wasn't automatically taken out and $500 for some tires... Way to go with making me want to do business with Chrysler Capitol again... NOT ON MY EVERLASTING SOUL!!! Your crooks.

    Reviewed June 29, 2018

    So I bought my car FROM major world and they insisted that I get that car on behalf on my credit score. That car has been to mechanic and they all tell me that I pay the bank too much money and my car was in a previous accident from before they had to replace a radiator. My car is 2012 Honda accord of and the payments are too much. I signed up to refinance and no word yet. I have other things to pay food rent and etc and the car is devouring my last month paycheck for the end of the month. I can't work two jobs to slave over him. I am trying to find ways to release him.


    Reviewed June 16, 2018

    It is obvious that they do everything in their power to NOT allow their customers to conduct their business online. They attempt to route you, through frustration to them for a fee payment options. I have set up auto pay and it still is not working. Cannot login to the site and have been trying to contact a human for 45 minutes. Never has trying to make a car payment been such a complete nightmare.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed May 31, 2018

    Awful. My husband and I leased a car with them and had great credit scores. Mine was 820 and his was close to 800. The website for payments was not up to date at all. It was very confusing. I work in the digital world as well and still had trouble. We received an email that the payment went through and to find out 30 days later (after they already reported us that it didn’t). They will now not reverse our credit scores, stating that it’s our fault. We deal with three other car brands: Lexus (Toyota financial), BMW and have never had an issue, let alone be treated the way Chrysler has been treating us. We love our Jeep but will get rid of it and Chrysler as soon as we can.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed May 22, 2018

    After writing a check to pay off the balance for my loan for my Ram 1500, there was a $20.00 over-payment. Instead of writing me a refund check for the $20.00, Chrysler Capital instead gives my refund to a company called To get a check from them, they want me to create an account, give my email address, and give them my bank account number so they can directly wire the amount to them. I say NO WAY! With Identity theft as prevalent as it is in our country, I am not giving out any more of my information.

    Chrysler Capital should have just sent me a check. Instead, I get a debit card from Wirecard. Because I have an account with Amazon, I bought something I didn't need just so that I didn't lose the messily 20 dollars. The money should have been put back into my bank account where I could have used it to pay a bill instead of buying something I didn't need. By the way, if you don't use the card right away, there is a monthly fee. The money would be absorbed by Wirecard. If I got a check from Chrysler Capital like I should have and put the money back in my bank account there are no such fees. I will think twice about using Chrysler Capital for another loan because of this.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed April 19, 2018

    I'm currently leasing 2016 Jeep Compass since August 2016. Never missed 1 payment never been late. For the past month I've been getting calls from Chrysler that I'm behind 7 months in payments. 2 weeks ago received letter stating that my jeep will be repossessed if I don't get caught up with my payments and now they dropped my credit score 89 points. I call. They tell me they sent an inquiry to accounting dept. Everyday that's the same story. I was advised this matter would be handled within 72 hours. That was almost 2 weeks now. I really need my credit score to go back up for I'm in the process of buying a house. I wanna sue them. I'm so stressed about this situation and still have no answers.

    Verified purchase

    Reviewed April 13, 2018

    I turned in my Fiat 500e after I made my final payment on 2/7/2018. The car was due on 3/7/2018. The final bill was issued on 2/27/2018 for a $395 disposition fee. Chrysler reported me delinquent on 3/2/2018. They reported me delinquent before I received the final bill and before my car was even due for turn in. Then instead of removing the incorrect derogatory information, they reported my account as paid, which dropped my score again. On 3/1/2018 my credit score was 802. By 4/10/2018, my score had dropped to 694. We were planning to buy a house, but with my credit score impacted form their incompetence I have to wait. Does anyone know if they can be sued?

    Sales & MarketingPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed March 23, 2018

    Paid first car payment at dealership. No money down. Chrysler Financial says behind on car payment that the payment at dealership was money down. I have proof the receipt says first payment so does lease. Now they attached a late charge to my credit. They are playing with people's lives when they destroy credit. Letting my lawyer handle it now. What a scam.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed March 5, 2018

    These people are upping my payoff every 3 days ($34.32). I ALWAYS pay our bill weeks early. Last month, they took it twice. I called to take care of the issue, they say it'll take 3-5 days for refund. BS... WHY THE HELL WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR OUR REFUND CAUSE THEIR DAMN SYSTEM MESS UP? They claim they have to review it. Freaking idiots to prove is on payment history!

    Reviewed Feb. 24, 2018

    I don’t even know where to begin. This company has screwed me over royally, for no reason. Looking back at my payment history, I indeed was caught up on my payments, but somehow they found it necessary to repossess my car when the loan WAS NOT EVEN DUE YET! Now I’m going through the nightmare of dealing with these liars and the equally low life PAR North America, to get my car back, for something that was their mistake. I swear to God I’m never buying another Chrysler again, and once I get my car back, they’re going to meet my lawyer.

    Verified purchase
    Contract & Terms

    Reviewed Feb. 24, 2018

    Limited options. Can't advance your payment or pay towards your principal balance without there being an issue. There is absolutely no freedom in this contract. It's like they want you in debt your full term.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Feb. 20, 2018

    So I’m at the end of my lease, never missed or have been late on a payment. I called a couple days ago for them to pause my automatic payment. I didn’t get the lady’s name but she said that’s no worry because my last payment will have to be made manually regardless. She lied to me. Didn’t even note my account. I advised her Hakeem ** would be making my last payment. Said no problem again & would note my account. Another lie! So today I woke up to a notification from my bank that my automatic payment went through!!! I’m absolutely disgusted with this company. Now I have to go out of my way to go to my bank so they can fax my bank statement & have to wait 3-5 business days to get the money they wrongfully took out of my account.

    Now I have to go get a new car today with $200 less than I should have in my account. I will make sure none of my family or friends go through this company. Not to mention they were harassing my mother who is the CO SIGNER & never even tried to call me as I’m the primary on the account. They do not communicate with each other. They don’t note the accounts correctly. I mean come on I work somewhere similar. I know their job isn’t that hard. They gave me the runaround. Needless to say I can’t WAIT to get rid of this car, & get my money back so I NEVER have to deal with them again.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 26, 2018

    The ability of the call takers to understand the customer's situation is nonexistent. It took me six months get back my state taxes that Jeep owed me last year and over 30 calls. This Oct my sister bought my jeep. I had leased it, she bought it three months before it was up. We got a buy out price on Oct 13th, we bought it on Oct 16th. Jeep says I still owe for Oct, Nov, and Dec. I don't own the Jeep and it the buyout price is the price in full to own the vehicle. To make matters worse only the finance dept has any real knowledge - but they have no telephones, they do have email but apparently that isn't allowed to be given out to customers.

    Sales & MarketingPrice

    Reviewed Jan. 16, 2018

    I bought a car through Roberts Chrysler Jeep and Dodge out of Pryor Oklahoma. They are also owned by Chrysler Financial in Chrysler Corporation. The dealership defrauded me of $3,400 on an aftermarket warranty that my vehicle did not qualify for and they are directly told what to do by Chrysler Financial. Chrysler Financial never contacted me the cosigner of the vehicle but the actual buyer of a vehicle about no payments have been made since November of 2017 and repossessed the vehicle a week ago. Gave me one more week to come up with the full amount of the vehicle or they were going to sell it at auction. Then they send me a letter saying that they're going to sell it sometime after the 19th of January 2018. They cannot do so and in my state of Oklahoma they must inform me of when and where the vehicle is being sold so I can attend the auction.

    They're saying I cannot attend the auction. Well I'm sorry. Texas law does not supersede the state of Oklahoma law. You did business in Oklahoma and you must abide my state laws. They did all of this to me and have three different addresses. One of which does not exist. The other one we do not know where it is from. Probably doesn't exist either and one that is my dad's company which neither of us live at and they have registered as the home of the both of us. They have their heads up their ** and I'm about to sue the living piss out of them and turn them into my State's Attorney General's office for fraud due to that aftermarket warranty that they knowingly collected money off of, knowingly make the car dealership do this fraudulent scam of selling a warranty that does not qualify for your vehicle and knowingly collecting making money off the interest they charge off the amount.

    This all happened. It was done to me even though they knew my house had burnt down November 18th of 2017 and I was just made homeless. They still never contacted me until I contacted them when the vehicle has been repossessed. I feel illegally and definitely breached the peace for the way it was done and it was repoed on private property without permission and without police escort.

    Customer ServiceCoveragePunctuality & SpeedStaffProcess

    Reviewed Jan. 7, 2018

    Leased a 2015 Dodge Ram pickup from this sad excuse of a company. 2.5 yrs later I attempted a buyout of the lease. Sent a bank check of my own money and a bank draft called every week to see if they found the draft that was sent in the same envelope as my check. Every time I called they told me they have my check but no draft. I was told maybe processing and was told to call back on the following Friday. I was told to call back the next week and on Monday they still didn't process it.

    In the meantime I was called 10 time for a late payment because they couldn't find my bank draft. But the 11 thousand I sent should have covered the payment. A month later I called asked for a supervisor and he told me they don't take drafts had to be a bank check. I said no one has ever told me that or called me. He told me they don't call people from that department yet I was hounded for a payment the whole time by them call after call. I asked him why they didn't tell me and he said he didn't know. Lol.

    Finally I was told no draft so I sent an overnight for them which took 4 days to get processed. In that time they knowing everything was there hit my credit for late payment. If I ever get through this ordeal I will always run screaming when I hear the name Chrysler Capital. I'm 53 yrs old and have never went through a company with so many useless lazy people working in it. They say whatever it takes to pass you to someone else. Please please please do yourself a favor. If by some chance on a day in your life decide to lease a vehicle and it has the words Chrysler Crapital run and never look back and when you get home lock your doors, smash your phone and cover up and hope you never hear the name again.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Dec. 13, 2017

    I was injured and out of work for over 6 months. In that time I fell behind on payments. They repossessed my car (understandable). In working to get it back I had to make numerous calls to the company, all of these went fine and the service/information was helpful. I paid off the full balance. I then asked how I get my car. They had it shipped to an auction house 2.5 hours from my home! I find it interesting that if you have no car, paid to get your car back, but now you have to find a ride for a total of a 5 hour trip (roundtrip). Very shady.

    Online & App

    Reviewed Nov. 2, 2017

    Chrysler Financial is the worst to deal with. Trying to get a payoff amount and they will not tell me the amount. It's not on their website, they won't email it to you. They will only fax or mail (never received it even though they say they sent it 3 times). This would be fine except I looked down at the date on my computer and it said 2017 and not 1987. I guess when your cars and service are this bad you try and hold on to customers as long as you can and not let them go. Advice go buy somewhere else.

    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPrice

    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2017

    Bought a new 2017 Dodge Ram pickup truck. Sales pitch, to get a sizable discount was to finance through Chrysler, had to keep loan for at least 90 days. At day 100, I called to get pay off amount. I was asking why interest was more than what it shows online. She said because they are locking in that amount for 15 days. I said "I don't need 15 days, I am paying off tomorrow." She said doesn't make any difference, I have to pay for 15 more days interest, not just the one day.

    I called back today to pay off via EFT. They can't do it over phone. I said I will pay online, she said I can't pay off more than $2,000 online. She said I need to send it overnight to ensure they get the check before the 15 days. I told her "You mean if I send tomorrow (Oct 28) you won't get it in the 15 day lock in date (Nov 9, which isn't 15 days as she told me)." She said they should but with a check that large I should send overnight. I told her I will send certified so I will have proof it was received and signed for within the deadline. Will NEVER go through Chrysler credit and may never buy another Chrysler product, what a scam to make a few extra bucks!

    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceCoverage

    Reviewed Aug. 28, 2017

    In June 2017 I lost my job. The business was sold, so I was forced to surrender my 2016 Jeep Patriot. I received the voluntary surrender paperwork and faxed it in. Twice. Once to Santander and once to Chrysler Capital. Someone was supposed to pick up the Jeep in June!!! It is almost September and here the Jeep sits... we had to take off the insurance in order to afford insurance for my husband's vehicle. I have talked to customer service MULTIPLE times and they say the same thing, "I will forward this to the manager." I talked them two weeks ago.... Same thing. My credit is taking hits each month for non payment AND I got a letter from an attorney trying to sue me for the Jeep! I have tried and tried and tried to get this Jeep picked up... almost 3 months now!!! I will never ever ever get a loan through Chrysler Capital again. Incompetent customer service department and Managers who clearly don't do their jobs!

    Customer Service

    Reviewed June 19, 2017

    Leased a 2015 Chrysler 300. I called them to see if I could pay the remaining lease payments ($6,000) and turn in my car... pay early termination... and have them bill me for any damages etc... I was told if I turn it in prior to 30 days I would be charged close to 25k! I confirmed with customer service that it would be more feasible to let it sit in my front yard. What? Makes no sense... I have decided to call them and have them pick up the car. I have had nothing but issues with this vehicle.

    Customer ServicePriceStaff

    Reviewed April 23, 2017

    I LEASED a vehicle in Sept 2015 after I was convinced this was the best option. I originally went to purchase a new jeep and trade in my old jeep. In March 2016 the military moved me clear across the country. We drove (had to drive 2 vehicles, 3 pets and 1 kid). In April we bought a house so I updated my address with Chrysler like I'm supposed to do. In May, they started charging me taxes. They weren't sure what kind of taxes they were charging me but they charged me taxes and this was added to my monthly payment... every single month. Finally I was told I was being charged Nevada sales tax. First, I had already paid sales tax when I signed the lease for the Jeep. 3 years worth of sales tax was rolled into my monthly payment. But now I'm supposed to pay Nevada sales tax so that is now rolled into my monthly payment... a little over $50 a month.

    So then Chrysler says it's actually not sales tax, it's property tax. Well Nevada doesn't charge property tax on vehicles at all no matter who you are. And Nevada didn't know I was there because I hadn't gone to the DMV because my registration wasn't due to expire until Sept 2016. And, the DMV said they don't charge property tax AND they said at no time will they or have they charged sales tax on a vehicle that has already been paid and tax from another state. But no matter how many times I call Chrysler, they have some random excuse on what tax this is and why and they've yet to produce some kind of bill.

    I called Nevada's dept of taxation and they said they don't bill leasing companies. So now I have 19 months left on my lease and I'm paying taxes for TWO states at the same damn time. I have sent them emails from VA and NV and they do not care! I WISH I would have read the reviews first so in the end it's my fault for not doing my homework. I will, for the rest of my life, deter everyone I know from Chrysler. I love my jeep and I've owned Jeeps since 2007. I have never leased a vehicle and let me tell you, I have learned my lesson. My husband leases a vehicle from Infinity. They are amazing, they have common sense and they are so easy to work with. Stay away from Chrysler, they 1000% suck! Terrible! They lie.


    Reviewed April 14, 2017

    Looking at all the bad reviews on TD Auto Finance really had me worried. Fell behind on payments and they worked with me without a problem. I have had to contact them a few times and had no issues getting through in a timely manner and was treated with total respect.

    Punctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed April 14, 2017

    I mailed out a payment that was never received and it's been 10 days since I mailed it. I asked them if I was to cancel my check and pay it by phone if they would charge me a return check fee and they said yes. They would not help me in any way. They were gonna transfer me to a manager to have them tell me the same thing the rep told me. The payments have taken 3-4 days to get from NC to Dallas TX for a whole year straight. This time it has approached the 10 day mark and still no payment. They reported to the bureaus that it was late. Now my credit and my wife's credit is damaged. And who's to say if she would ever co-sign a car for me again. This is my second time calling/chatting with CC with no avail. Because of some sort of USPS error (which is common here in good ol' NC), I have to suffer and it's "my fault." Which is unfair practices.

    They should take more steps to help customers who have never been late. I'm not even experiencing financial difficulties, but I feel bad for the ones who do because they will get NO help from CC. This will be my first and FINAL time doing business with this bank. I am close to voluntary surrender of the car and walk away. Do yourself a favor, if you want someone to help you in situations like this, STAY AWAY from CC. Instead, go through a Credit Union where they are all about the customer and NOT about the dollar sign!