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About Chrysler

Chrysler is an American auto maker that specializes in making cars and minivans. Read reviews for their models:

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Chrysler Reviews

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Reviewed Oct. 7, 2023

I had the transmission replaced in my work truck several months ago, it has since gone out again. It should be covered under the part warranty service. It's been at my mechanic where it was originally replaced for 3 weeks now. They've been jumping through hoops with forms, procedures, diagnostics and testing at Chrysler's request but apparently what's being asked of them at this point is beyond their ability. It now needs to be towed to the local dealer. I've been told that Chrysler will not pay for the tow from the mechanic to the dealer much less the tow to the mechanic which was over $1200. I'm also told by the dealer that he doubts he can even look at it this week. This is my work truck and I've been out of work for over 3 weeks now! Pros. Make nice trucks. Cons. Poor warranty service. Loss. 1300. Preferred solution. Towing reimbursement and expedite diagnostic and repair.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed July 12, 2023

Ref: FIAT 500X Trekking Plus. Case: **. **READ BEFORE YOU BUY**. #Forbes top 32 cars not to buy.. Number 4 on that list is #FIAT500X. I can attest to the general unsatisfied consumers on this, I bought one of these new #FIAT 500x models and it's been in for everything from bad batteries to the vehicle driver door opening while driving and vehicle suddenly stops (and literally everything in between). This current service started with a call to #FCAGROUP customer service & #STELLANTIS, they opened a repair order and advised me of a local dealer to bring my vehicle to... All arranged by #FIAT customer service manager Matthew.

Currently the vehicle has been in for that service repair for (11) weeks now! Continue to get a round around with #FCA and #STELLANTISUSA, my case has been handed now to what seems to be my third customer service representative, I have 12 documented calls and emails just in the past 8 days from me to FIAT and STELLANTIS alone, not to mention the dozens I have before that with Matthew when this entire "repair order" began.. Be very aware folks, FIAT & STELLANTIS are struggling financially and it certainly appears their only concern is taking your money and leaving you in a wake of known vehicle problems.. Save your time, money and sanity, buy a different brand vehicle. Thank you for reading, God bless. #DODGE #CHRYSLER #JEEP #ALFAROMEO.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed July 5, 2023

    MUST Read. I’m the owner of a 2021 Ram 1500. First let me say I love my truck. But on 6 occasions the vehicle shut down while driving. Took the vehicle in 3 time no code. On the six time I almost got hit by a truck. Took my t back to the dealer still no code it’s been there 6 weeks. They refused. To go be me a vehicle to use. The dealership acknowledged it there is a problem but because no code they can’t fix that it. They want me to take the vehicle, I almost got kill driving. When nothing is done to fix the problem. They also Refused to give me the report.

    When the vehicle shuts down and sounds like it’s in neutral. They continue to try playing me for a fool. The customer service rep by the name of Jeff. The only communication he made with me is the email letting me know he is the case manager I called him on the June 5th aske about a rental he never called me back once. I asked for a supervisor she called when she got me she asked for a female name when I gave her my name she said wrong number hang up. Then write on the report she was unable to make contact with me. I never experienced service like this in my life. I’m honestly ready to litigate this matter if it comes down to them not fixing my vehicle. How can to ask me to take a vehicle with a problem that is a danger to me my family and the public? Is that even legal.

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    Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed June 6, 2023

    Purchased a 2022 Ram 1500 Bighorn. The truck is Junk. The dealership (Buchanan Auto Park) is the worst dealer Ever. CHRYSLER/RAM 1500 Bighorn is Junk. 1. U-Connect radio issues where the radio will make a Loud Electrical Pop, then the LCD screen will go blank, then the radio will turn itself off and then eventually reboot. This can take anywhere from 60-120 seconds. You lose your back up camera when this happens. It dims and blanks out the dashboard light and your speedometer and all other dashboard electrical equipment. It affects the A/C, Heater and Defroster as the radio is the mother board for the truck. A new radio was put in and 45 minutes after the new radio was installed, it happened again multiple times. RAM Refuses to install a new radio. The dealerships can't fix the issue nor can Chrysler. ALL RAM/Chrysler does is make excuses and not fix or buy back the vehicle.

    2. The fan motor will be on the lowest setting and all of a sudden turn to high/full blast and then back to low, then high, then low for no reason. This too has been replaced and it happened again, right after being replaced. I have VIDEO of what happens and Century Dodge of Mt. Airy Refuses to fix the radio even after seeing the video. I provided them Ever single time this happens with Detailed information, dates, times, locations, weather, wind, sun or clouds and their supervisor kept asking me for the info all over again Even after I emailed it to them and their staff on multiple occasions. Both RAM and the dealerships are incompetent and have Poor Customer service and Refuse to fix items even after seeing Video Evidence of it.

    3. The truck will shake back and forth when it drives and I take my foot off the gas to cruise down a hill. It jerks the truck and have witness and video to this too and RAM/Chrysler does Nothing to fix it. All I get is we can not duplicate the issue, but yet there is Video Evidence of what transpires. RAM/Chrysler recorded my phone calls without telling me which is illegal. I even advised them of the laws and they continued to do it.

    RAM/CHRYSLER Corporate Customer Service Closes out complaint tickets without even looking into or addressing them. RAM and CHRYSLER Customer Service is Horrible. RAM/CHRYSLER has had U-Connect issues for at least 8 years just like the "Death Wobble" on the Jeeps and they Still can fix the issues and have Zero clue on how to fix it.

    DO NOT BUY RAM or CHRYSLER. They are JUNK and their customer service is horrible. The truck has spent more time in the shop than on the road. The dealerships make excuses along with RAM Not to fix the vehicle and just play games and stalling tactics. I had to file a lawsuit on RAM/CHRYSLER and the dealership for Breach of Contract and Lemon Law issues and they still do Nothing. I have reported the issues to NHSTA and the MD OAG to make them aware of the issues with RAM and Chrysler and the lack of fixing multiple Safety issues. RAM/CHRYSLER is Junk. Their Customer service is extremely poor and they DO NOT back their product. They are more worried about collecting your money then fixing an unsafe vehicle.

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    Reviewed May 10, 2023

    2022 Pacifica with 10,000miles. Have had it into service twice before and now the third time trying to get electrical issues fixed. Issues are difficult to describe but consist of lights turning on/off at highway speeds, dash cluster flickering, ... all while driving which is not safe at all.

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    Customer ServicePriceStaffProcess

    Reviewed Dec. 5, 2022

    Chrysler corporation is the worst I have ever seen… WORST! I can go all the way back to mile 700 when my husband started having trouble. My husband bought this truck not even a year ago, a 2021 2500 dodge RAM. He bought it brand new. At mile 700 we got the first DEF issue with it… Took it to the shop… They changed out an injector. Since then we have had the truck in the shop 9 times!!! They have changed out the injector 4 times and a line once! This is the only thing done! On our trip cross country they have done it twice! The last time we didn’t even go 40 miles before it came back!

    This is how great Chrysler Corporation is… They told us to put it back in the shop and wait for them to fix it again… We can get a rental truck to pull our 5th wheel and they might reimburse us once our truck is fixed and then they will ship our truck to us… We finally agreed to this because we have been trying to get the truck turned in on the Lemon Law and Chrysler keeps denying everything and it goes into litigation. The case manager they gave us literally said it is easier to do that because the process can go back and forth and pretty much get nowhere. I guess just like us…. Because I don’t have the time to wait. So they sent us the reservation this morning… and oh my GOSH!!! Dealing with this again! A single cab flat bed goose neck!!!

    So I call and I am like, "What do you want me to do with this!?!? I told you I had to have something to get a family of 7 cross country with a 5th wheel hook up!!" He said, "Oh yeah. I am sorry. We did not accommodate you correctly. I will submit the request. Your case manager will call you back Wednesday…." "Wednesday? Today is Monday!?!? I need to report to my new command." Yep he said, "I am sorry. Not really my issue. Yeah. I know that." I asked to speak to his boss. He told me he is not allowed to give out the number. Wow! So they make it to where we can’t even talk to a supervisor? Seriously?!?! Way to keep sticking it to the little people!

    Oh yeah and the price tag of that rental 2600! That we get to pay! This is something wrong with the truck they made yet they want us to pay for the problem! Truck is still under factory warranty! If I can recommend anything stay away from Chrysler! Stay away from Dodge. They do not care about their customers… They do not care about you at all! They will screw you over before making sure they make anything right. This situation is so unbelievable to me and my husband.. Words just can’t even begin to tell you what we have gone through.

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    Customer ServiceReliability

    Reviewed Aug. 6, 2022

    My 2021 Ram 1500 Big Horn diesel died three times and had to be towed each time. The first time I was driving and at a stop light. This could have caused a serious accident. Dealership replaced a RFH hub, it was unresponsive, replaced RF hub, RH hub unable to be performed, swapped star connector cavity and communication achieved. They told us they replaced a wire harness. The second time it was in my driveway. It just didn't start. Had it tested to see if it was the battery and it was not. The vehicle was completey dead, nothing worked and had to be towed again. Sat at dealership for a few days, they called us and said it started right up, took the truck home, drove it for a week.

    At the grocery store, I started it up using the remote and as I was walking to the truck it died. Had to have it towed AGAIN. It has been sitting at the dealership for a month. They claim it is the RF hub and waiting for the part to be delivered since 14 July. Still no RH hub and still no truck. Meantime, I am making payments on a truck that is sitting in the lot at the dealership and Ram customer service has been unresponsive. This truck is unsafe and unreliable and would not recommend anyone by a Ram truck. They seem to have a track record of electrical issues, which I wish I would have researched prior to buying. Biggest regret is switching from Tacoma to Ram.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed July 11, 2022

    Paid $75k for new truck that I cannot drive due to Y78 recall. RAM will not respond to my attempts to contact them. Dealer will not answer my questions. MIGHT BE THE MOST EXPENSIVE MISTAKE I'VE EVER MADE! Anyone else in same boat as me?

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    Reviewed June 14, 2022

    I had the Y03 recall done on August 30, 2021. My 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara Unlimited has 53,00 miles. On my way home from vacation, June 4, 2022, my clutch plate overheated, exploded through the bell housing and transmission, burnt the wire casing, and melted the fuel line. I have to leave my Jeep in NC and get a rental car to make it home.

    After it being at a dealership 7 hours away from home for a week in Jacksonville, NC, I am told by the dealer that Chrysler will not honor my Powertrain warranty because the clutch is not a covered component; however, the issue that occurred with the clutch and how it occurred is exactly what both the Y03 and W12 recall said could happen. The W12 recall is still showing "incomplete in every location I've checked, including Chrysler and Mopar; however, I am being told that the simpler fix noted in the Y03 recall supersedes the W12 recall instructions - which required service techs to perform a hydraulic clutch system bleed and also perform of clutch health check procedure; whereas the Y03 skips these steps.

    I spoke to someone at MOPAR who told me that all components related to the recall (i.e. the clutch) have a 2-year warranty after the recall is completed, but any other components affected by the clutch failure are not covered. How can Jeep/Chrysler know there is an ongoing clutch issue specifically with the clutch plate and not honor/cover repairs that result because of it? And, how can a wire sheath and software update guarantee the potential failure is resolved if the clutch is never inspected to make sure the clutch plate hasn't already been compromised because of excessive heat? I have already filed a complaint with NHSTA, spoken to Chrysler Corporate (without any luck), and also spoke to a supervisor from Chrysler Corporate who refused to acknowledge that this known clutch issue has and the failure of my Jeep's clutch has anything to do with a failed recall "band-aide" repair.

    It's obvious that this clutch plate failure wasn't because of "normal wear and tear". Chrysler and Mopar should stand by their parts/vehicles when something catastrophic like this happens. Had the fuel line caused a fire, my Jeep could have exploded or caused a serious accident/death/injury. I guess it will take someone dying or becoming seriously injured before they consider taking this matter more seriously, and that's a shame.

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    Reviewed March 15, 2022

    To start off, my family has always been Chrysler customers. However, that will no longer be the case. We recently (within a year) purchased a brand new 2020 Pacifica. On January 29th, right after it passed 18,000 miles, the transmission went out. We were then informed by Chrysler that they only cover $35 a day for a rental and only for 10 days. No rental company in my area is below $55 a day. Then we are told that they cannot find a transmission for our vehicle. When we called to see if Chrysler would cover a rental completely since they had no idea when they would have parts and they promptly said no and that although they understood our frustration they would not do anything beyond what they were doing.

    Two weeks later they finally have a transmission on the way from California. It takes two weeks for it to arrive at the dealership service department in Virginia. That was two weeks ago and our Pacifica has not moved in their parking lot. Chrysler is saying that the technician doesn’t have a free lift available to get it in. I received an email today saying that the “Chrysler customer service” would check with the dealership again next week. I will NEVER purchase a Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram vehicle again. And I will not recommend them to anyone, EVER!

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