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Primerica, Inc. (Primerica) is a Main Street Company for Main Street North America. Our mission is to help families earn income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. We are a leading distributor of financial products to middle-income households in the United States and Canada. Primerica provides an entrepreneurial business opportunity for individuals to become licensed and distribute our financial products.

Through our network of independents contractor agents, Primerica representatives assist clients in meeting their needs for term life insurance, mutual funds, annuities and other financial products that are tailored to appeal to middle income consumers. We are dedicated to helping our clients and representatives achieve their financial goals and welcome the opportunity to address and resolve all consumer questions and concerns. For more information on contacting Primerica directly, please visit the Contact Us page of our website at

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Last updated: Nov. 20, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

Woman called setting up a random interview saying I was referred. Being suspicious and alert I did research. I looked up the address she gave me and looked it up in the Denver Business Tax lookup site and it said the suite was registered to Prime America. Looked at these reviews and called back the agent named Anna. Cancelled our interview and she got super rude. Scamming people (tried to use name Moody and Associates) is rough. Don’t fall for it and do your research. I’m glad I did before wasting my time.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

This company has repeatedly lost documents that we have sent in stating they never received them. (Everyone else seems to receive the mail I'm sending.) They withdrew 4 payments out of my account in one month without authorization. When they were confronted about the issue they stated it was a computer issue and they would refund immediately but my husband would need to go in and sign a document first. (You screwed up and we have to drive to your office to sign a document to fix it?). Needless to say, we still have not seen this refund. This company is a scam! Also, they do not have a customer service number where you can actually speak to a representative. Their 1-800 number gives you the option to speak to one and then it gives you an Email address and some other information and not a live person! DO NOT PURCHASE LIFE INSURANCE THROUGH THESE PEOPLE!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

I had a son with special needs. I originally had insurance through American Family Insurance for $15,000 which was all that they could approve for him with his condition. That was fine, I would've had what I needed to bury him. I met an agent while working that told me he could get me more for my son because he was a Vice President and at a lower rate. I let him take care of the paperwork which he said he would and my stupid butt let him. He lied on the application about my son's condition so of course the insured amount increased. And of course when everything settled I got denied because the company said he was never eligible for the insurance so they weren't paying out.

I will not be doing business with Primerica ever again. Apparently after reading reviews they do whatever is possible not to pay out... My recommendation is to keep at least $10,000 in a savings account so your friends and family can bury you. Life insurance companies do not make money by paying out claims. I had my other life insurance for 2 years before I cancelled it and they knew everything. Do not trust these agents. They do what they need to do to make the commission... POINT BLANK. PERIOD.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

Just to let anyone out there that is thinking of purchasing Life Insurance from Primerica - they are not completely truthful - bought a policy 15 years ago (for 20 year term) and signed on with tiered levels - at 10 years and 15 years, part of the coverage would drop off as I would not need as much and the premium would drop accordingly. I decided to keep the 10 year tier (5 years ago) and my premium went up $5/month, did not think much about it. What they did not say was that the premium would be recalculated at the current day rate instead of staying the same.

This year the 15 year tier was up for cancellation so I decided to drop off both tier 10 and 15 for $79,000. My premium did not go down the $20 I was told and is now $101/per month instead of the $85/month. Do not buy if it is tiered!!! Your premium may stay the same or increase instead of decreasing with less coverage!!! My original policy was for $500,000 for $106/month. Needless to say, I am cancelling my policy with PRIMERICA and going with a different company at a lower rate!!! Don't need $500,000 anyway now - I AM DEBT-FREE!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

I met this supposedly "nice woman" and out of nowhere she starts telling me if I would like to gain extra income. I knew from the start she was trying to sell me something. Seeing the building I was in, I asked her if she was with Primerica. She stated yes and that she was one of the greatest leaders in the office that she works in. In my mind, I had this positive outlook that she was very confident in her abilities.

She then asks if I knew anything about the company? I stated that from the reviews I have read, they have been nothing good and I think it would be best if we not have a conversation about joining the team. I know what I said was to the point, but her response actually shocked me. She stated, "Great, I appreciate it! I'm sorry you are not open-minded to bettering yourself." If she is a salesmen, would it not be wise to convince me the reviews were false and Primerica was the greatest thing since sliced bread? Nope, she insulted me. So, she solidified the negative reviews of Primerica for me. I would not recommend this company to anyone in this country.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

My premium was $199.23 per month. In July it went to $1051.66. Contacted agent, took him 2 weeks to return my call. He sent a form for me at premium of $467.00 and reduced my insurance to $250,00. to $,150,000. Claims he didn't get the form. Filled Out and mailed and, this one set premium at $287.00. When policy was sent to me the premium was $653.00. They have taken $4204.00 from my account.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

My husband recently passed away so I called about getting my husband's insurance money situated, to my shocking surprise he doesn't have one! Well that's a shocker because 7 years ago we signed up for life insurance. They said he needed to do a saliva swab so he did it, our insurance agent said that in 33 years no one has ever failed so we will be fine. We were led to believe that once the swab was taken we were insured but that was incorrect because supposedly he failed is what the agent is saying but Primerica is saying they never received it.

I'm complaining because I called two years ago and was told by the agent that we were fine everything was good and now my husband is dead and I am broke with three small children. I have contacted them and they keep sending me the same paper that we signed about his pending saliva swab, it is ridiculous and now I have to hire a lawyer because I am getting nowhere and my agent won't even help me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

My husband passed away, leaving an almost drained Primerica mutual fund. It had $139 in it and being the executor, all I wanted to do was close the account. I met with a "vice president" of my area at my local bank to take care of this process. He failed to get the proper paperwork from me while he had access to certified copies, notaries and all the correct documentation. Therefore, I got a rejection letter from Primerica, saying I needed to send more documentation. I contacted the vice president for assistance.

He met with me at my house and just tried to sell me his wonderful products that I had never heard of. I sent him packing since I realized he had withheld information at the bank in order to meet with me again just to pitch a sale to me. So, after I sent more documentation, expecting this to go smoothly (we are only talking $139 here), I got yet another letter asking for more documentation. I quit. I spent time and money on postage that I will never get back, but at least I don't have to see the name Primerica again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

I was introduced by a lady in my church and deciding that I want to take the life insurance and do the investment as well, next thing I know they invited me to a meeting. I went to the meeting listened all about how they make a $100000 a year and so on. At the end of the meeting the guy sending out an application for us to put our account # so we can start working with the company. I didn't fill out the application. I took it. Went home with it. The next day those Primerica people went to my account. Withdrawn money from my account as if I signed the application. I believe it's a scam because I never sign the application or filled anything out.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

I am still recovering from what happened today. I had an interview today. Not really even know what it was for. I was stupid in a way not telling from their job ad what this was really about. I was told to come in and ask for a woman whose name I will not disclose here. There was a woman in the front who I found out was the lady I was supposedly meeting with! She didn't even introduce herself once I told her who I was. Bizarre and unprofessional.. I met with a man (not even sure what his name was). He pulls me into the room for our "interview". He asks me what I do for a living. He then starts bashing what I do for a living very lightly. He starts asking me what my dream house and dream car are. Again, I should have known right off something was very shady. I gave him some answers after feeling under extreme pressure. He then gets a catalog and begins explaining to me about investments and life insurance.

So there you go. I am going to be selling insurance products to people. I'm assuming they are cold calls or whatever. Here's the worst part. He then asks me for 10 people names and numbers!!! I can see right through the **!! He wants to get sales of course! Scumbag. I give him one name and number and then I finally tell him "look, I'm not interested in this. Have a good day, goodbye. Oh, and don't call her please." He tells me to not call back. "Trust me pal, I won't." The other thing that bothers me is they have my information which I know legally they can't do anything with. I'm sure their products work for some people who are looking into retirement or investing or something. I am begging job seekers, please be careful. That is all.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 4, 2017

The reason a lot of people don't succeed in Primerica is because of work ethic. I worked Primerica starting part-time and in my second year, I earned $70,000 in income working part-time and still working a full-time police job. I then left the police department and took a promotion to Regional Vice President and run my own office in Pennsylvania. I am on track to cross over $100,000 in rolling 12 month income next month. So Primerica changed my life. I paid my $99 and my $25 to come on board to cover all of my financial licenses.

What a great investment to make that kind of money. It makes me laugh that people think Primerica is a scam when they have A+ ratings with Better Business Bureau, AM Best, publicly traded on the NYSE, and have been rated one of the most trustworthy financial companies by Forbes Magazine. Consider who has more credibility, someone who never did anything in the business or the above sources. If you are motivated and have a work ethic, you definitely can win in Primerica!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

Passed my life insurance test in 4 days, yes they paid for it. Made $3,446 my first month, did not recruit one person. Was on business trips for my job for most of my second month with the exception of the last week of the month, wasn't able to do any sales but recruited 5 people, did not make a dime--proof that the $124 doesn't go to pay the recruiter or anyone else. 3rd month made almost $1,000 just in overrides from my team's sales (this does not include my personal sales income). My aunt, who is a new real estate broker, made $2,663 from the overrides on the sales of her team--proof that the Primerica business model works just like a real estate broker but FROM DAY ONE. My cousin joined and quit, got a refund. Proof that the $124 is refundable and that we want people who want to be here, it does us no good to recruit a quitter.

Wife and I have both since left our jobs and are working Primerica full time now getting ready to open our own office with a team of 50+ agents poised to do the same. Being an Engineer, research is your life and doing good, credible research is bred into you. As an Engineer, if you don't do that kind of research, bridges collapse, buildings topple, people die. I applied that same trait to my research of Primerica. The more you research this company the more truth you see. Good, positive, truth. That aside, fact is that my wife and I would never own our jobs and we would be working for someone else for life. Why do we want to own everything else in life but not our income? We work 30+ years while paying off our house and we can sell our house, can't sell our jobs. That makes no sense. That is not for me, nor my wife, nor my kids.

There is no risk with Primerica. It is SO simple and RISK FREE to own what you do here and you do it helping people who would otherwise be overlooked by the industry and struggling in the future. Most of the negative comments about Primerica online are related to someone not liking their trainer or RVP, yet somehow they chose to get involved with them in the first place and it's the trainer's our RVP's fault somehow. Or they had an issue with the $124, which if you didn't get your refund, your fault, also if $124 is a lot of money for you then there is something very wrong with the choices you've made to date and you shouldn't have quit but rather learned something about finances at least. But hey, quitters always quit everything don't they? Or someone realized that like any business, it takes hard work.

And also like any business you want everyone to know what you do, like what you do, and support what you do ESPECIALLY FAMILY, and somehow they've conveniently misconstrued this as some sort of red flag in an attempt to discredit the company and alleviate the painful truth that they themselves were the reason it didn't work out. Or someone didn't like the idea of someone brand new talking about finances, yet they fail to realize that the principles taught are very fundamental (how would Primerica do any business if it were rocket science and clients couldn't understand) and there is always someone in the office experienced and qualified (legally mind you) to go with a brand new person and discuss anything needed with anyone.

Beware of negative comments. Primerica is rated 2.6 stars on this site. Go look at Microsoft, Apple, Nike, HP, Samsung, Dell, Toyota. 7 of the most popular names in business, all with worse ratings than Primerica. But how much do you love your iPhone, Shox, or Camry? Get the point? Primerica is an amazing company with amazing products and even more amazing business opportunity.

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Original review: July 18, 2017

I'm really confused by the reviews. All the reviews, says nothing about why they feel it's a scam. All the reviews I read, was they're a scam because the rep was a jerk, or their trainer was insincere. What does that have to do with company itself? I haven't read a review by someone that was a client of Primerica, and their services did not deliver. They told you they had this, but it was really this. I was approached by a recruiter. I listened to what he had to say, and I asked question. Clarification questions. I use to sell AFLAC (which was fricking amazing), so I understood how it worked a little.

What I do know, it doesn't matter how many times you tell someone something, they will hear what they want to hear. Even the young lady who had the problem with her fees. That's a question I asked up front. The $124 is for the background check, the class, and the test for your license. I was surprised they refunded anything. Normally a 2 day class for life and annuities is $200+, and the test is about $150. Them charging $124 is awesome. Haven't decided if this is something I want to do yet, but I don't think it's a scam.

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Original review: July 13, 2017

So I got recruited inside the market, it's so funny to read all the reviews of the complainers that never got licensed or got a first "No" and decided, this is a scam... LOL. (So they stay broke and keep living pay check to pay check... Making someone else's dream come true. That's what you do when you are an employee). My question to reader is this, if Primerica is a scam/pyramids scheme, then how is it legal for a Los Angeles Police Officer to Join and work in building a company with Primerica. Want to know the answer, BECAUSE PRIMERICA IS NOT A SCAM. I served in the U.S. Marines for several years and even put my life in the line for many Americans who now enjoy their freedom (completed a tour in Iraq). I've also work in the finest Police agency that exist in the world LAPD.

But since I'm a climber and always take advantage of GREAT opportunities, I joined PRIMERICA few years back (5yrs). I'm still in the game and have learned, thanks to PRIMERICA and the extra income I bring home, I've learn many money rules that now have me debt free and with good savings and on track with an awesome retirement. PRIMERICA is really teaching middle income families outstanding money rules that no one else is doing. BUT for ME the best is the opportunity to leave my full time career to build my own business (you can stay at your job and be broke. I chose to change my security for freedom cause I fought for it... Lol).

The truth is you can join PRIMERICA and make some part-time income or you can choose to build a business. BUT if you are a quitter, you probably will quit at anything you do. (and you would probably experience divorce too because that's what quitters do instead of learning how to change and be better.) You can learn a new business which requires change in a person or simply stay stuck at your JOB and keep complaining. I love this business and will continue to grow it! GOD bless you! Go to school, get a "GOOD JOB" and retired broke and continue working another job after your retire at age 70 like many others... Or build a business and be FREE. It's the land of opportunities but only to those who take advantage of it. Winners keep trying until they Succeed, Losers complain! And complain! And complain more... It's your choice! YOU CAN ONLY FAIL IF YOU STOP TRYING!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 1, 2017

Walks into my business that I own, says I look very nice, says love the color of my shirt! Ok wow thought this guy is being sincere. Looks at his shirt and notice it says PRIMERICA. After he makes his $1 soda purchase says "Hey we need people like you. How about I show you how to invest and make money," talks down on me like I'm poor or something or uneducated. No thanks, I own this property and I'm doing well.

Then says, "you're wasting your time and investment into this". WOW really? You're telling an owner of a multimillion property that consistently gets hundred of customers a day that the owner is wasting his time? Then ask me I need life insurance before asking me if I have one. No thanks I have one already and I have multiple policies both convertible & whole terms already and it's New York Life and they have a high reputation. Then tells me NYL is bad and they charge a lot of hidden fees, and take your money. No they don't, my dad passed away, he had NYL and NYL was 100% honorable to their policies' terms of what my dad signed up for.

What a imbecile loser this PRIMERICA rep is. Don't know crap and already bashing on other companies' policies. Real skill if you want people to come to you they go looking for you, they know you thru your rep they dont need to hear you bash other companies so you can gain. That's the real **. Then tells me to "TRY TO HAVE A NICE DAY," like he thinks I'm having a bad day. Gets my number cause I feel sorry for him and ask me if can he come to by the station and go over with me how to invest. I said "no, I'm doing fine." Leaves the store and says I'm putting my money to waste. EPIC FAIL of class, integrity, and I'm sick of these people. Drives away in a $15,000 Kia next to our 100k Porsche and says I need to invest.

What a joke, is that how you guys get people to join your cult? Lack of respect, class, and think y'all know it all. IN LIFE what you put in it is what you get out of it. HARD works pays off. There are no shortcuts in life. Be a owner, learn a trade, or go work for high pay. None of this recruiting crap, pyramid crap. Oh yea and I read all the reviews online of PRIMERICA seems like a lot of customer complaining about how you guys are not paying off the life insurance to the families that sign up for your PRIMERICA life policy. Why is that??? JOKE.

By the way I am a former member of PRIMERICA. I joined it back when I was in a college and I did worked full time dedicated to it to give it a try. It's a joke, a scam, and your success depends on recruiting others and they have a lot of empty promises. Everyone that I knew that signed up or once did it no longer does it today, and they went out and got real jobs, real skill, EDUCATION or went to own their own business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2017

I've read many negative reviews about Primerica and most of them are disgruntled about the same thing. The $99 background check fee and the reoccurring $25 for access to the tools to run your business. Even if the agent didn't fully explain it in a way you could understand, it is in the application twice. So these people are definitely not reading before they sign because it states it in big letters about the fees and the frequency. There are not many businesses out there that you can start for only $124. The reoccurring $25 is not mandatory. It's nice to have though. Because you can keep track of your clients and their policies. If you decide to recruit (also not mandatory) and build a team it helps to keep track of them and their progress. It's also the tools we use to do our life and health insurance and investment applications if licensed in those areas.

Access to our partner sites, our complimentary Financial Needs Analysis tool, free website, company email. Additional product training, access to the free Securities License training course and videos, and so much more that I can't even think of them all. So well worth the $25 a month which by the way can be deducted out of your commissions instead of your bank account once licensed. But again it's not mandatory, but very, very helpful to run your business unless you want to do everything on paper which is fine, but takes a lot longer to process and get paid. Each office is independently own and run different, but I know they all do weekly trainings and would've gotten a lot more information by attending them and asking questions, instead of asking a friend or family member who knows nothing about our company.

This business is definitely not for everyone especially if they do not understand the concept of leveraging your time by building a team and being part of a modified brokerage system. Everyone seems to be hung up on the recruiting aspect which is not mandatory, but if you're trying to become financially independent quicker it would help. Other insurance agencies recruit, but the overrides go directly to the General Agent. In our company every person who recruits someone is the General Agent of their business. We do not get paid to recruit people, we don't take any money from our teammates earnings, we are paid from the company's earnings.

Companies hire recruiters to find people to work for them, the military has recruiters, and they are not considered MLMs. Real Estate brokers have agents who work under them but are not considered MLMs. Just because our business model is a little different from other insurance agencies does not make our company a scam or an MLM. We are out to help everyone get ahead and make money, and not just the General Agent. We encourage everyone to open their own offices because we're are not in competition. Other insurance agencies are not going to help their agents start their own office because they will be losing income and creating competition.

As far as the timelines of getting a check when a loved one passes, that I cannot really speak on except that each case is different. If there are some questions regarding the cause of death and if the insured had the illness before getting the policy, the insurance company is going to investigate to make sure there was no misrepresentation going on, because people do tend to leave illness off their applications that sometimes are discovered later, and if the insurance company had originally known they would've been denied or premium increased. Unfortunately every company has slow and incompetent people, and it shouldn't reflect on the company as a whole.

I encourage you to do the same search and reviews on other insurance companies and you will see some similar issues and others that are much worse. I've read them and I'd rather work with and deal with Primerica over them anytime. NO company or person is perfect and it is naive to think that they will please every person 100% of the time.

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Original review: June 16, 2017

I know this company isn't a scam, but it is a scheme. A clever one at that, but a scheme nonetheless. Look, for some people? Primerica may be good money for you, it may be your shot, it could be your claim to riches and glory, or the key to bigger money. But, ultimately it depends on how empty your head is. Listen, I've been around the block, and I know when people are being straight with me, I tried this company, I REALLY did. But ultimately what killed it for me was how annoying my leader was. She wasn't a bad person, but she had a quirk that I just simply could not stand. She was fake as ** when it came to delivering the idea that she was interested in you. Imagine you're talking to somebody about something, and at the beginning of the sentence they just laugh like it's supposed to be funny? Okay, one time is fine? But then you notice they are doing it to a point where its repetition becomes mechanical.

Look, I don't think my leader was a bad person, but her personality was so synthetic to the point where it became stressful for me to be around her. [Brainwashing] Okay, so... Look... Primerica prides itself on having the 2nd highest paid employees in America, and that's sweet and all, but there is a catch. First off, everyone needs to stick together, and the leaders keep everyone on a tight leash. Every week there are pow-wow sessions where they essentially circle jerk one another and shame people who have quit. Using terms like: "We're building a business!" so much so that I think I need a break from the word business. Always a story about somebody who quit: "If they don't care about building a business." Language is important, everyone there probably believes it too. One of the leaders even let it slip that "Primericans never lie." I'm not even gonna open that can of worms.

[Their Interests >Your interests] They call you every week or every two days, they don't take you seriously when you tell them things like you have exams and they WILL prioritize their interests over yours. I had a calculus exam on Monday, they invited me to this trip to the Pocono's, they INSISTED. I would have a place to study. No place to study, the penthouse we had was full, and we went to 8 hour pow-wows each day where we were expected to cheer and applaud and represent our squads. It was a daunting experience and I was honestly insulted by the misleading, I took it up with my leader, she just told me if I was going to study I would have studied.

I was not happy about that 1 bit. I already felt a certain type of way about her that was not good, this did not get her any points. Overall? Primerica is not a scam, but if you are a person with critical-thinking skills and options? You really should not touch this one. Primerica has its benefits, but it's for a certain type of person and that's just how it is. I did not have a particularly good experience with it, as they probably expected me get into the money and drop out of school.

Not happening, I'm going to build MY business but I'm not going to build a (Primerica's) business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 27, 2017

I was approached months ago at my present job (I work in retail) by a gentleman. After casual conversation he asked if I was interested in making some extra money or knew someone who did. At the time I was busy so I said, "Not right now." He was very nice and said, "Give me your number and I'll keep in touch." Speed up to about 2 weeks ago he called me and explained who he was in a VM. Anyways I returned his call and told him "Yes I was looking for part-time​ work" and I went in for an interview at 11200 Westheimer Road Houston TX for an interview. He said Primerica was a financial company looking to help families get out of debt and financial independent. I told him "I don't know about financial advising." He said I will be fully trained etc.

The interview went well, I asked him if I would have to call up people, he said "no" because they work on referrals. I went back for a second interview the next day with I guess all the other applicants where we were given an overview of the company with debt statistics and how we can help as advisors. I then sat down with the head of the company who explained how the payment works but I first have to be licensed, and have a background check which is $99 and they are not allowed to pay it for me, and $25 to have access to the study tools so I can do my exam to be licensed. I went back then the following day to give my info to start this part time job.

I filled out paperwork which asked for references which I supplied with phone numbers, I was told that even though it's recommended to use the their online website only the first month $25 is compulsory because it's to gain access to study materials to get licensed. I was hesitant about the money but Chris ** my recruit assured me if I changed my mind after paying within 30 days I could be refunded my money so I went ahead and gave him my CC info on May 24th 2017. After going to my first training session where I found out I was going to be required to recruit people into the business and where my hands on training would be the references I gave and the amount of time I would have to put in especially after my one on one with Chris the next day, I left the office that day and I decided it was not for me, I did not think it was a scam.

Everyone I met was very nice and helpful, so on May 26th I sent Chris a text message to let him know I did not want to waste his time as I now think it's not for me. I wished him and his colleagues the best and I asked about my refund. When I had sent messages before I got back an answer within 5 mins. but this time nothing, I know his phone was giving a bit of trouble so I sent an email and this is now May 27th as I write this and there has been no response from Chris. He did say to me that my account was not set up with a recurring payment of $25 so I hope that is the case. I will try calling or going to the office to see if I get back my $124 but I don't think I will be successful.

I write this review to let people know who are approached by Primerica that you are not given the entire story upfront as I don't think it is a scam and I guess you can make good money if you're willing to put in the work. It's just unfortunate that once you decide it's not for you how they change and would not give your money back as promised or even take your calls. I have nothing in writing and that's my fault but I will try to get my money back. If I do I will post it here.

Updated on 06/04/2017: After persistently calling the recruiter, he finally took my call and I asked him if I can be refunded my $124 as 2 days after my first training session I realized it was not for me. I was not comfortable using family and friends for "on hands training sessions" which was really a disguised recruiting process. He told me yes and gave me a telephone number to call and a solution code to use when I called. I immediately did this. The gentleman on the line was professional and explained the $25 would be refunded in 2 days but I would need to go online and request a refund for the $99 which I did.

I got back and email saying they got my request and another one later in the day saying my request was processed. I can report I was refunded $25 and $69. I guess the $30 they kept was for the background check which in Texas is between $20 and $50. I believe I was not told everything upfront about how this company works. But I am pleased my time with them is over and I got back most of my money. Hopefully no issues will arise with taking money out in another month but I do have an email saying everything was cancelled. I hope it stays that way.

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Original review: May 26, 2017

My father died on 2/26/2017 and till this day we haven't received any answer. My mom has gone through hell to give them all of the documentations they asked for, and interviewed through them. There is even a 3rd party company reviewing this. It's 5/26/2017 and we still have no response. It's hard dealing with a family tragedy like this and in top of it this company doesn't help the grief. My dad was the one who worked, my mom has never worked in her life so this money would help her a lot. But they are making it so difficult for her to even get it. Bad company. Don't buy from them or even invest your time in listening to their **.

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Original review: May 24, 2017

My wife suddenly died almost four months ago and I still not receive the payment of the insurance. No death compensation money receive. They keep sending me letters that are collecting information from hospitals she visited. When I first signed to acquire the insurance death for my family I took it thinking that if I died she could use that money to overcome the financial crisis my death will cause in my family, now I see if I was the one that dies probably my wife and kid would lose their home. I know there's a procedure to investigate all, but I believe 4 months is enough time.

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Original review: May 20, 2017

I have nothing against insurance providers or services, at least when they deal their cards right. This one indeed is an MLM (though their crafty sales 'office managers' upright deny that) Hawking about completing a state licensing exam in order to peddle termed insurance to cold-call customers. And their obvious "bring in referrals who may be interested" and "setting up more and more offices in the area", to continue what they refer as "drill for skill" weekly sales training sessions.

Their 'sign-up' fees slide between $99 and $250, depending (as they put it) season or quarterly specials. Which I did not buy into. The office manager had the nerve to become testy or impatient with me for apparently taking too long to get registered ($ in her pocket of course), because I was an undergrad student at the time, busily finishing my degree, with realistically no additional time to play their Drill for Skill or the weekend licensing exam (which was pocket cost on me). Big giant BOO for them.

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Original review: May 19, 2017

I'm very disappointed with this company. I should have done my homework and check first. I paid the "overcharged" $99 fee for the background check plus $25.00 monthly fee. I went to their meetings twice a week. No sales. My friends were not interested. My closest family too old. We went to the malls, train station, etc. Nothing. And it was not just me. My colleagues too. I listened to their Earnings Release for March 2017 and it says on the presentation that the average Sales Agent sell 0.20 policy a month!!! And that is before taxes. I should have checked their financial reports first. Primerica may have been good at some point but not anymore. I encourage you to check their financial reports and see the section about the salesforce. On these previous year our of 108,000 they added just about 11,000 new recruits! Not even 1 per agent in a year. These are facts!

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Original review: May 19, 2017

I've had 3 policies with Primerica since 2007. It started when I wanted to update my banking information and sign my girls up for their individual policies because of their age, so now it would be 4 policies. Call my rep, set up an appointment to get the new policies and he said he could update my banking information. After a month notice no draft for 2 of my policies. Call my rep, tell him no money has been drafted but he said everything is fine, no worries. Another month go by still no draft for the same 2 policies. Call my rep again, tell him what's going on and he assures me again everyone taken care of don't worry.

Third month roll around I get a letter in the mail saying the policies are lapsed. Call my rep, tell him about the letters and what's going on. My rep tells me it's ok again. It takes a while to update. By the fourth month I'm irate because I've done my part and now he calls and say the banking information didn't update, which I highly doubt the system just didn't update my information. He just didn't do it. Long story short I was able to make payments of one of the policies while my 2nd policy was too far gone so it's cancelled. My rep tells me he's going to do a forgiving of the past due charges and get it reinstated.

Still to this day after numerous calls and texts to him and even a call to customer service which they kept referring me back to him. He hasn't done anything and I'm left with no insurance on my mom and because of her age, I can't find a reasonable insurance company. So over $8000 down the drain and nobody cares because it's not their issue. I've sent emails, faxes and still NOTHING! If I hadn't invested so much on the other policies I would cancel all of it! I shouldn't have to make a person do a job that they chose to do. I can absolutely say because of my rep I hate Primerica.

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Original review: May 3, 2017

In 1985 I joined Primerica and applied their financial principles regarding my financial matters, but also became an agent. In a few years I was promoted to the coveted RVP position. In 1992 I quit after having an absolutely fun and fantastic time. I (We) helped so many people. It was truly magical. All my life people have walked up to me and remembered me having been to their homes and have always said positive things to me about the positive impact I (Primerica) had on their life.

Now, I'm finished. Retired. I never really made "a lot" of money in my life but I can tell you this one thing. Using those principles I live in a $500K plus home that's completely paid for, own a home by the lake, have a home on the French border with Germany, have a few nice cars, sent the kids to college, have a great IRA withdrawal going, and don't owe anyone a nickel. Thank You Primerica. I'll tell you what that agent who recruited me back in 1985 said to me "Most people have two great opportunity presented to them in their life time. Is this the first time you have been offered an opportunity Mr Jon? Or is it the last one"? That really made me think hard. The Win-Win is that whether you become an agent, or a customer only, You Win!

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Original review: April 27, 2017

I've talked to 3 people and gotten 3 different answers. The first said no money would come from my account. The second said, "yes we took it but will return it in 2-3 weeks". The third said it would be returned in 20 business days, 4 weeks. Don't bother talking to a supervisor, they defend their ignorant employees and accuse you of lying. The employees conning people are the ones leaving good reviews here, but the customers are being lied to. DO NOT BUY LIFE INSURANCE FROM THESE THIEVES. They will cancel your policy and continue to take your money, no matter what they tell you on the phone. I'm not the only one having this problem. There's another review here from someone who can't collect on a policy. This is how they teach "financial freedom", by stealing from others

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Resolution response: May 10, 2017

Finally received my check after going on Primerica Facebook and blogs and making a Consumers Affairs complaint a representative called me and was very courteous and helpful with getting the right information. I think that they need to train Customer Service not to tell customers anything to get them off the phone and be honest about checks being mailed out. I wasn't upset about the money I was more upset about waiting by the mailbox for a check that was never written and mailed out

Original review: April 22, 2017

I canceled my insurance claim about 3 months ago and still have not received my check. They first said they mailed the check on March 10 and of course they put the wrong address on it and I never received it. Called them and they said they would be sending out another check with the right address that was in beginning of April. Never received it, call back. They said the check was mailed on April 15, still haven't received it. I glad I canceled it because I can't imagine if something happens to me I wouldn't want to leave my family the burden of dealing with this company to pay. Fraud. If I don't received my check by Wednesday I am filing a small claims suit against them. They are liars.

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Original review: April 19, 2017

I am a Primerica representative and I had someone tell me about the bad reviews about our company on here so my curiosity drove me to actually take the time and see what people had to say... I truly could not stop shaking my head at these reviews! My GOD! Most of these people really, really did not understand the concept of this business at all! They got recruited then they went home and asked their broke cousin, aunt or uncle about it, got a negative response which automatically made them believe this is a scam so they called the agent the next day (or, maybe never answered the phone when their agent called) and were simply left the idea that this was "JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT HAD TO BE A SCAM". (OH! They got me for my $124.)

I'd like, if I may, take this opportunity to leave my first review on about Primerica (the best thing that has ever happened to me!!!) and break it down for those who are doing their research. If you have been approached by an agent and have been asked to join, let me first congratulate you! That is a sign that you have greatness within you! We do not approach just everyone. We are trained to single out those individuals who we believe have what it takes to do this business (We certainly don't want those cry babies who come in, never get licensed, quit after they get their first No and then go online to write an essay on how you can't make any money here).

Once someone joins, they become part of that person's team who recruited them. This means they will have to train them and show them how they conduct business within that particular office, because like any other franchise we are all individually owned! YES! We are a franchise, which means every office is ran differently which is yet another reason why Primerica is so awesome, they provide the opportunity to move from independent contractor to owner! (meaning... you can sell, rent or pass your business over if something happens to you!!!)

Will you be able to leave your job to you children if you pass away? This is THE BEST BUSINESS opportunity for people who are looking to be somebody and have the desire to leave a legacy for their family. This company is offering people the opportunity to go in business for themselves (but not by themselves!) and become self-employed helping them understand that there's more to life than working a 9-5 J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) which has them living paycheck to paycheck and in debt!

Primerica pays for the required licenses through the states, the recruit pays $99 for class, their background check and fingerprints (This is required to acquire the license). There is a $25 monthly charge for the awesome tool Primerica provides to their agents, which is online access to the business. Meaning, you can submit all your paperwork through there and get paid faster! (I get a check 2,3 days after the business I close), check the status of your clients accounts, the production and a whole lot more. Although it's great to have and it makes training a new person a much better way it is not required. So with all that being said, let tell you guys a little something that'll probably blow some of you guys away... PRIMERICA DOES NOT PAY ANYONE ON RECRUITING!

We seriously get $0 for recruiting someone, like for real. Recruiting is however, encouraged because once we recruit someone and train them to do the business the recruiter gets an override on whatever the recruit produces, which won't affect the recruits compensation. The point of recruiting is to multiply yourself and be able to have enough people under you making money that you don't necessarily need to go work yourself therefore becoming financially independent, which is what the majority are after and that's why we recruit. Recruits are not require to purchase anything at all!! It is however, encourage since you should be a believer of what that which you preach of.

The people in Primerica are amazing. The big leaders in the company are always there! The CEO is constantly reaching out to us encouraging us to become the better version of ourselves by self-development. The Founder Art Williams is a living legend! He still takes the time to get on conference calls with everyone on the company. You know what you need to do to get promoted throughout every step of the way (What other company lays out the specifics of what you need to get a raise???). There is so much to say about this company and truly we are train to feed this information slowly to our new recruits because we found that a lot of them could get overwhelmed when they are new. I'll leave it here for now...

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Original review: April 18, 2017

My husband died on March 18th 2017. His mother had taken out insurance with Primerica in 1988. After she died he took it over. I called the insurance company the Monday after he passed and they said they were sending out a claim form. Well it took a whole week before they sent me a claim form. I had a copy of his death certificate. It's all filled out the claim form. Had it notarized. Sent it off Priority Mail. I called on April 7th and they said the claim has been processed and the check was sent out. It is now April the 17th and I still have not received the check. I called them check to make sure they have the right address because they had sent a letter out 2 weeks after I had sent them the form and the death certificate saying they needed a death certificate.

To make a long story short they’re full of doodoo. I never knew it take so long for something to come but I can tell you now is that I would not have insurance with them if they were the last insurance company on Earth. I never like to complain because things are run by humans but in this case they are totally inept. I'm giving them to Wednesday the 19th to get the check here if not I will call and I will complain and complain and complain till they do something because if I don't receive it within 30 days on day 31, they gotta pay me 10% on it and I don't think they want to pay more than they should so I'm just going to wait but I'm not going to go quietly. And I would say to anybody else if you have insurance with Primerica and you don't get the payments let them know. And if there is ever a lawsuit against them Count Me In.

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Original review: March 3, 2017

I joined Primerica because they were the first and only people to actually care enough to TEACH me how money works and other imperative concepts I did not learn in school or anywhere else. They have NEVER pressured me into anything. They say knowledge is power, but APPLIED knowledge is power. If you learn and do nothing with that information there is no progress and that is all a personal decision. The rich stay rich and poor stay poor based on ill-informed sales, greed, keeping people in debt playing on their lack of knowledge in this area, and selling products with no education behind them other than personal gain.

The rule of 72, the harm in waiting to plan and invest, the importance of life insurance to protect family and assets, making sure to always read contracts and policies thoroughly, and being given the education to be able to make decisions based on knowledge, values, and options not just money is beneficial REGARDLESS of who you do it through or for. I was shocked that as an educated woman I had no prior honest experience or information in these areas.

Some of the reviews of this company are based entirely on the MONEY you can or cannot make, and speaks NOTHING to the immense moral value the company places on education. FREE EDUCATION. When I invite people to the overview it is ALWAYS in good faith because my peers, family, community, etc. NEED this information. It is never with the intention to solely recruit them but to expose them to something positive and if it resonates with them - give them the option to move forward with a free FNA, potential part-time/full-time business opportunity, referrals, or just to have learned something new. NO PRESSURE.

I also attend class FOR FREE every Saturday on numerous areas of finance and education. The company, its environment, its outlook, its mission statement, and my RVP is all FOR THE PEOPLE and the ONLY company genuinely concerned with providing options and education to the middle class. Exposing injustices, and correcting horrible wrongs whole life insurance has done to people for years is not a scam, its a good thing!

Seems to me like many of the people with negative reviews on the business side of the company have the same selfish and SCHEMED mindset on wanting to get rich quick, making high commissions by any means necessary whether it is right or wrong for people, wanting to sell products AGAIN providing no education on how they work, etc. which is why it WASN'T FOR YOU. Furthermore, all of the people complaining about the $99 fee that pays for a background check and pre-licensing?! Ninety-nine dollars!? You guys are talking money, money, money yet complaining about a hundred dollars, and an OPTIONAL $25/month to access all of their helping tools, self-improvement audio and books, training material for licensing, videos to help guide your business, a turn-key and streamlined portal to input and execute business, and comprehensive factual answers that debunk all of your false theories.

I was given a clear picture of how everything works on a business and personal side with no smoke screens or facades. I did NOT have to move forward on the business side, but I did because of what we do for families. I got FIELD EXPERIENCE prior to moving forward and took as long as I needed to realize how genuine they are. I am now licensed, and aware that I get paid based on the work I do. Some reviews complain about our Term Life policies being overpriced, yet also speak of the turnover rate and how 'little' people make in the business. Those don't correlate. But considering that perspective, I would conclude that is because for MOST in the company it is not JUST about a dollar amount. If it is just about the money for you and others reading this, you would probably best fit with a company of greed.

Term Insurance pays the lowest individual commissions out of all types of life insurance yet we are able to get people proper coverage based on what they NEED not how much they can afford (how most companies start the conversation) because we don't mask it by being tied as an 'investment'. Life insurance is NOT an investment. The money you make in the company is stack-able and revolving, and it takes GRIND and HUSTLE to do it both of which MOST DON'T HAVE. There is big money to be made with the company, IF you put in the work, and I was made well aware that most DON'T make it because people don't have the capacity to want to grow, stretch, or change. You get paid what you're worth, for the amount of work you do, and for doing THE RIGHT THING. THAT is amazing.

Unfortunately we live in a world where that is usually too good to be true, all so used to being taken advantage of with money and products, that people are now making blind determinations about this company as well. I am 25 years old and now have proper coverage for myself and child (didn't just go with what I was told researched other options on my own as well), have multiple investments for retirement - short term and long term better than ANY bank would offer, and emergency funds. I now feel confident in my financial picture, am almost completely debt free, and based on what PRIMERICA has taught me and others - everything I do and every decision I make is entirely knowledge based.

We are ALL (or should be) smart enough to know that there are bad seeds in any situation, some utilizing this platform for personal gain and that is unfair. It is also unfortunate that some of your bad experiences, for whatever reason, lead you to judge an entire company and spread misrepresentation. I invited two good friends (or so I thought) to an overview JUST for them to learn the financial concepts listed above and they in turn decided I was part of a scam, a pyramid scheme, that I was being taken advantage of and trying to game them, condemned my character and good judgment, made a statement about me as a person and a mother, and LEFT BEFORE IT STARTED. I had never felt so belittled in my life! Come to find out, they got ALL of their information from A BLOG and this site. They made a complete and utter judgment of my intentions from skewed reviews.

From people that have no field experience with the company, who never even got licensed, who sites ** as the number one source of proof. How uninformed and mislead. Some speak of the fact that we don't disclose the name of the company to trick people, however look at the false information they will find if they do, before even seeing how much good we do. People NEED assistance, need advocates, need someone showing them their options and the ins and outs of their current situation and how to better it. If someone is pressuring and forcing this transaction, THEY have their own motives. NOT the entire company. Primerica has been the odd balls of the financial world for 40 years because they have been fighting for the RIGHT thing, for PEOPLE, for education, and for a voice.

Throughout history, anyone or thing that revolutionizes something that goes against the money and greed focused way of the world is always condemned, and you are helping that. You say you do all this research? Research the history of the company, how they were founded and what they went through to do what's right. The people involved with PRIMERICA for the right reasons, the reasons it was intended and thrived for, market and sell EDUCATION, and if someone then takes that knowledge and applies it by putting a beneficial product in place for them and their family, that's how we get paid. PERIOD. I encourage everyone who read this blog and the OPINIONS expressed, to take MY EXPERIENCE to heart and see for yourself objectively. I would love an analytical and impartial response back. Thanks.

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Original review: March 2, 2017

Non-payment - My dad died 12/14/2016, all paperwork filed thru funeral home on 12/16/2016. This is 3/1/2017. I have not received my claim. I have on record calling 5 times to be on hold 15-45 min each time, if they answer at all. I have been told a different excuse each time. The newest is they have the wrong address for me, so the check was returned to them, yeah right, but no one called me to reconfirm my address. Ha... They verify your name, claim number, Phone number, DOB of deceased each time you call. But now they have wrong address... This company is a Fraud... must be something to be done. I will not quit.

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