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Primerica, Inc. (Primerica) is a Main Street Company for Main Street North America. Our mission is to help families earn income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. We are a leading distributor of financial products to middle-income households in the United States and Canada. Primerica provides an entrepreneurial business opportunity for individuals to become licensed and distribute our financial products.

Through our network of independents contractor agents, Primerica representatives assist clients in meeting their needs for term life insurance, mutual funds, annuities and other financial products that are tailored to appeal to middle income consumers. We are dedicated to helping our clients and representatives achieve their financial goals and welcome the opportunity to address and resolve all consumer questions and concerns. For more information on contacting Primerica directly, please visit the Contact Us page of our website at

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I recently joined the business about a month ago and my life perspective has changed completely. I aspire to do great things through Primerica and all of my dreams and goals from my early 20s are back on the board. I don't know if I'm going to be successful or not but at least now I have a shot at it. As for the fees, I told myself, if this business opportunity will cost me $400 (100 + 25*12) for one year, I will take it everyday of the week. It seems that the reviews for Primerica are very polarizing either 5 stars or 1 star, that's why I gave it 3. If you are being called and invited to talk to a recruiter and you have your doubts and that's how you ended up here reading reviews of other people; my advice to you is don't let others decide for you. Primerica may or may not be for you but it's worth a look.

I've seen some people on here had negative experiences with these guys customer service wise. Well it's my understanding they have over 100 000 licensed independent reps... what some of them do hardly reflects the integrity of the company. I was very pleased with the company's educational approach and how the products that I found were ALL BACKED BY 3RD PARTY CONSUMER GROUPS.

Resolution In Progress

My mother bought Primerica "Life Insurance" at the cost of 117 dollars per month for YEARS and it was not actual life insurance. The type of plan she was signed up for is comparable to short term insurance you would put on a car or home, not on a human being. They took advantage of her because she is older, and they will not give her any of her money back. This company is a complete scam, avoid them at all costs. She cannot afford a lawyer to take them to court, so she is totally out the money that she paid.

Resolution In Progress

When I signed up I was told there would be a fee of 99.00 and a 25.00, but NEVER told that there will be a 25.00 per month charge to be a "member". When I have spoke to the guy that signed me up he stated "I did go over it with you." I understand if I take this further it would be a he said she said. I was never told because if I was I would have not signed on. I have enough bills as is. Very mad about this situation.

Yesterday was my first encounter with the financial advisers of Primerica. This was for what I was told by a coworker of mine to be an "interview," as for I am considering seeking employment elsewhere. I thought very little of it and figured it to be just that. Upon meeting, I sat down with two people who explained to me in a rambling fashion about the services that they offer ranging from auto and lawyer to life insurance. After they received the payment of $99 for the classes and for the tests (state and federal and securities) from me I was immediately asked to think of other potential fits for the position. I did not want to do that by text or phone call, I like communicating in an in person approach. They even had a script of something I should say via text or phone call. This bothered me for I felt like I was extorting my friends and associates to the will of the company.

Even though I seemed hesitant he did not back off of me and we sat for a few hours doing this task. Commission is 25% and ONLY goes up through this referral and closed policies pyramid like set up. I told him upfront I hate their business model in which he matched me with mediocre analogies about other businesses in which made no sense. I walked out with a feeling of distrust in the company and staff in which told me that they did not finish high school. I would not recommend this company at all, and it falls in the same league as selling knives for Cutco.

After this all happened I wanted my money back being I did not even take the classes. I find out that they actually charged me an additional $25 without even telling me. And these are the types of people I or anyone should want to manage finances let alone major things such as debt, retirement and life insurance? What a joke. Stay far away unless you know a bunch of other average people to bring under you and do not mind making residual income off of those peers. Great talk, yet staffing is in need of a better communication style.

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I sign up as a sales rep and didn't work for me, but I kept the insurance at a normal rate no special nothing. And couple of month later without letting me know they raise the monthly payment. I try calling, emailing. I talk to my representative who at that time was my friend OF 10 YEARS (after this we are no longer friend. She couldn't even help me). Well long story short is almost impossible to get out. I did some search on prices and they are ok. NOT the best, but ok so I stayed. About two weeks ago they called me saying that "my agent has quit the job'' (I know she did as she wasn't making any money at all) and that they were going to send me a new one representative??? I'M STILL WAITING... HOPEFULLY THIS WILL BE THE END OF THIS. PRIMERICA CRAPPY SERVICE.

I am not understanding some of these negative reviews on here, unless these claims are not legitimate. A friend of mine started working with Primerica 3 years ago and asked me to meet with her so I could potentially refer her to others that could benefit from her services. I fell in love with what this company does! She provided me with a free financial plan which took me by surprise in the best way! I am now getting out of debt 12 years earlier. I now can have peace of mind that I will be able to retire. I know that I am overpaying in taxes and can use that money towards funding retirement, and so much more.

This a company that absolutely cares about their clients, as well as their agents/consultants. My friend has advanced quickly with this company and is now doing very well financially from what I can see, which is a huge accomplishment for a single mom with only a bachelor's in Oklahoma. My advice to anyone reading these reviews, take it with a grain of salt. Most people on here who are frustrated clearly didn't do something right or they are not the sharpest tool in the shed. Primerica will get my business and my referrals!

After 29 yrs as a chef, I was let go because of financial problems the company was having. Working for a company 50 to 60 hours a week. If it wasn't for Dave Ramsey earlier to show me how to get out of debt I would have been financially devastated. I would tell them about his book. Then I met a friend that show me this business while working for a school that paid me half what I was making. I had no experience in the financial field, but I looked at this business (Primerica) and all I had on my mind was to help families.

I got off to a slow start in this company (most people would of quit) because I told my friends the company's name and I sell life insurance. They ran from me, because they looked at these websites which I did, but looked at all the complaints where people that read these websites and quit because they did not know how to get in business for themselves (That is why they don't tell you because when you see it you can make a decision for yourself).

When I saw it I asked myself why would a company be a scam and you get licences from the State and Federal government? Why would top financial companies do business with Primerica, even be trading on the NY Stock Market under PRI? I am in the company for a year and half. Last month I made more than I make at the school in a month. The company is awesome, but it is also the people you work with, because this is a people business. The people I work with is the best. They want you to succeed!!!

You have to work this business and on yourself. It's part time and you don't have to stress of leaving your job. It's a business not a job. Recruiting (better than being recruited) all companies recruit. Helps families. Only cost $99 (refund around $60 if you quit before scheduling your licence) for your cost of a background check. $25 a month for top-notch website to help you with your business and does all the work for you. No inventory and no overhead. They pay for all licences (Life and Securities). More million dollar and hundred thousand dollar earners than any company out there. Unlimited income (that is up to you). All businesses are pyramids: Owner or GM or President, then VPs, then middle management, then workers.

Now ask yourself. Who gets paid the most? And who gets paid the least? Are you living the dream life? Can you go to the top? What you are doing now? Can you ask for a raise and get it? Do you have a plan B? Nothing easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. I'm doing this business to help families and to help my family!

I've been with Primerica for 3 years and to start it is NOT a pyramid. A pyramid can't be listed on the NY Stock Exchange that is overseen by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), and they are also overseen by the state Insurance Commission. Primerica is not a job offering, it's a business opportunity. With any business you have to work, just ask the person who started the business you're working for. But what the heck, you're already working to line the pockets of your boss who is getting rich off of you and making their dreams come true, not the other way around.

Primerica isn't for everyone nor should it thought of as such, but is for people who are tired of living paycheck to paycheck and not being able get anywhere and are tired of have to work someone else's schedule. Again Primerica is not a job opportunity - it's a business opportunity for people who have dreams and vision of how to get out from the oppression of someone telling them how much they can make, when they have to show up and not get anywhere. I have done the work and it's paying off. Any entrepreneur will tell you that to get rich you have to work, but for yourself, not someone else.

I have been with the company for about 2 months now. I completed my training and am now a licensed District Leader with Primerica. It has been such a wonderful experience and most people who complain about it are just a bunch of pansies who don't even deserve this amazing opportunity. Mark my words that in a year from today I will be an RVP making a 6 figure income. Also guys remember, "Just like a closed mind can't eat. A closed mind can't learn". Be open-minded people!!!

I needed insurance and wanted to help my friend. I freely accepted their wanting to meet with me in my home. My good gosh!!! Very personal questions, even wrote down my meds WITHOUT my consent. They were on counter and "mentor" acted as though he was charging his phone, which was on the counter? I even provided my routing number?? Like an idiot I never gave it a second thought - as I mentioned I wanted to help my friend, had I read all of the reviews before having them over, let's just say the meeting would have never taken place! I cancelled once I received a voice mail, notifying me that "I had been approved and accepted to have insurance." What the heck? As though they were doing me a favor? No way Jose!! I'm sick to think of all the folks attempting to get their money back. I dodge the big bullet!

I had my experience with Primerica at the beginning of June 2016. I had just finished school and I didn't have a job for the summer. A girl on Facebook contacted me asking if I or anyone I knew was interested in a part time job. I said I was, and this is where everything started. I got a call from the "hiring manager", which turns out was a girl the same age as me (I'm 19). That right there already seemed a little strange to me. The girl on the phone never told me the company name or any other detail about the job which I found a little strange. Eventually, I go in for an interview on a Monday. They start telling me about the company and all, but not once did they ever say that they sell life insurance. I would also ask how employees get paid, but the girl would always change the subject. Second red flag. Me being the naive girl that I am, I decided to apply because I thought "Why not?" They are a real company after all.

I give them all my information, thinking that I would actually work with them. The next night I get invited to an open house, that was only a sales pitch. It was a room full of 50 potential recruits, and basically throughout the entire event they kept on saying how a school degree won't get you anywhere in life and that Primerica will bring you wealth and happiness. Like, what??? What company says that??? After that I left with a weird feeling because none of this seemed right. But I knew that I had applied a day earlier so backing out wouldn't be so much of a hassle.

That following Thursday I was supposed to go for my training but after I looked more into the company and read all the bad reviews online from multiple websites I decide to decline the job offer. After all, I didn't work for them not even for a minute. I contacted the girl who interviewed me and told her that I wasn't interested anymore, and she said it was fine and that she wishes me the best. I thought this was over with. NOPE. I was wrong.

Fast forward two weeks later, I get an email from the company saying "Welcome to Primerica!" Instantly, I panic because I wasn't working with them. I already had a new job. I check my bank account and I see a $25 dollar charge on my account for a monthly online service employees use. I call their billing department the next day and explain to them that I am not working nor did I ever work for this company and that I wanted a refund for this money. According to them, they didn't see a charge on their end. I called two more times, and I got the same explanation. I had to file a claim with my bank and have them dispute it with them because they didn't want to help me.

Now, fast forward to a week ago, and I noticed my bank account is about $100 dollars less than it should be. I check my bank statement and it's a charge from this company for my application. EXCUSE ME? I had declined the job the previous month!!! I couldn't believe it. I thought I was done with them and here I am with money out of my account even after I had filed a claim against them. I went in and Sat down with someone from my bank and explained this situation because their customer service refused to give me a refund. I filed another claim about two days ago, and thank God I was able to get my money back. Not only that, the bank blocked my card, and now I'm awaiting a new one. So there you have it, they robbed money from me even after I told them I wasn't interested in working for them. Worst company ever.

I just joined Primerica with my wife because I wanted to start my own business. So yesterday my wife and I went to training in the office in Citrus Heights California. So I go into the men's restroom and I can hear the senior vice president blurt out, "That I should let my wife be with someone else in this bay shop" implying that my wife should dump me for some senior vice president's favorite worker. I was shocked to hear that from someone who has a family of his own. Anyway I kept my composure and finished training. I was wondering why any business would try to be a matchmaker for some lonely soul in their company and use my own wife as the answer. This make me angry beyond belief. Maybe they should just recruit more single women and leave my wife out of their loneliness. Keep in mind this was a senior vice president.

Miss the boat 8 years ago. I understood sales, bad thing because I'm not a salesmen but in reality I'M. I have my own business, and did not need nothing else. 8 years later been a warm market person join finally. And yes is a business. Scam because we recruit people??? Have you ever thought the all companies recruit people, well either you recruit or get recruited so which side you want. I choose recruiting, yes you have to work otherwise sell yourself for 10 to 20 dollars an hour and be happy.

No wonder this scam has most 6 figures in the USA, but working 40 hours a week will get you rich ooppppsss, great company good rewards, good everything, small people look for a job and complaint. The other 5 % have a business. Since I joined Primerica I have seen the growth of my RVPs only because they put a lot of work, $20.000 a month and counting in less than 3 years, 24 and 26 years kids. So think about what you wish for, and good luck in your current JOB. 20 to 25 years from now look yourself in the mirror and see if you did it or not. :-)))) Stop talking trash and look at your bank account.

A coworker introduced me to a Primerica rep who was going to help me get debt free. He moved over my rif but did not take the taxes off. In the end I had to pay the government almost 3400.00 in taxes because of it. He gave me the pros but not the cons. When I made a complaint the investigator said "no comment". Stay away from primerica.

FANTASTIC COMPANY - I have been a client for 25 years. I was referred to by a friend. I was educated on the concepts of becoming debt free, protecting my income, and they helped me understand interest rates and mutual funds. They helped me set up a mutual fund with $250 / $50 - per month deposits with American Funds. Other "name brand" financial advisers wouldn't even help me just to get started with a savings. FINANCIAL ADVISERS wouldn't even help me - DROWNING IN DEBT & LIVING PAYCHECK-TO-PAYCHECK.

A Primerica Rep sat down with me and did a FNA - Financial Needs Analysis. It helped me with a plan of eliminating debt and find money left over in my budget for me to save. All I know is that if it wasn't for a friend who introduced me, I would be still living broke. I was fortunate to learn when I was 23. I am now 49, debt free, I owe no one. I am saving more money than I ever have. I love this company and my rep. I found out that PRIMERICA is one of FORBES magazine's "Most Trusted Companies." I trusted them and now I am on my way of retiring with a pile of money. :)

To start things off, I have never worked for Primerica, nor will I ever. One of their employees came into my current retail job to offer me a position here based on how "impressed" he was with my customer service. He then continued to tell me how fantastic the job would be - leaving out any details about what the job would actually involve - for an extended amount of time, getting in the way of customers in the process. I realized too late that this was a pyramid scheme to avoid handing out my contact info, which was stupid on my part as I now receive daily calls and texts. I also didn't appreciate being offered this while on shift at my current job, as I work retail and are therefore required to be professional at all times. This also means I'm now worried about being harassed at my work.

I still have no idea what this company does or what any sort of job with them would include as the entire time he told me about the position. All he did was try to distract me by telling me how much money I could be making, and at the end throwing in how he wouldn't do anything that goes against his morals, so this has to be a great job. Awesome. Definitely not a giant red flag. In short, this company is a classic pyramid scheme. If that sort of job works for you, then go right ahead. But I couldn't try to scam all of my friends and family for a living and have very little respect for people who could.

My sister purchased a term life insurance policy over 20 years ago for my step dad. Every year he was alive the premium would go higher. His policy was only for $10,000. My sister passed away 9 years ago so I took over the policy insuring my step dad. He paid for the policy out of his checking account even though I was the owner. He passed away May 10, 2016.

He had dementia and was living in a nursing home for over a year. Last October the nursing home took all his pension and social security. I was not able to pay the $159 a month so the policy lapsed. Since 2009 he paid $10,680. Over the value of the policy. So for over 20 years Primerica took all monies paid and they told me that since the policy lapsed I won't get a dime. So they received almost double the value of the insurance policy, they invested his money and they profited from his money and I get $0 dollars. They took his money for over 20 years and it is gone. I don't believe that this is right. I am stuck with the funeral bill and I can't afford it. Please help with problem. We need to outlaw all term life insurance policies that increase with age, no cash value, and if you can't pay after 20 years, the insurance keeps all the money and the policy holder get nothing.

I was sold a Primerica Life Insurance Policy when I was around 25 years old. I paid $17.29 a month. I was under the impression that that amount would never change as I got older. I had this policy for 20 years with no problems. As soon as I turned 45 in late 2010 my premium more than tripled. It went up to $59 a month with no explanation. I was in good health. I had no major health problems. No one I spoke to could give me a reasonable explanation for the large increase of my premium. I decided to cancel the policy as I cannot afford to pay that much every month. I got nothing back for it. Not a penny. All the money I paid for the policy over 20 years and nothing to show for it.

I made a large investment with Primerica 2007. The funds came a corporation where I was a director. This was retirement funds. My husband and I were estranged and to be divorced in the near future. My ex husband at that time, now we are divorced. But anyhow I over rode his thoughts about Primerica. I felt it was a good company. The advisor came to become close friends. She was a confident, listened to my woes regarding my recent break up, was very consoling etc. My ex-husband agreed in the investment. He was away on a holiday in Europe when I confronted him with the investment. He agreed with the investment.

When I got off the phone the advisor advised me to put the funds into my personal name and make the investment joint because we going to get divorced and the property would be divided equally. She advised with not paying off 3 mortgages - one held a very high interest rate. This mortgage had to do with a business we had and needed the cash flow at that time. The three mortgages equaled to nearly 800,000.00. She said not to payoff off the mortgages due to high penalties with early payoffs. She then did a evaluation of the income that needed to maintain the mortgages. First major mistake.

She then returns 2 weeks later looking for another investment I had equipment of course in the corporation's name. I told her I had an interested party I have a deposit and he was going to come up with the rest of the cash the following week. She said "you should do the investment". I went along with it but then I gave it some thought and wanted to change my mind. I tried telling her I was not comfortable with it and wanted to cancel. She said it was too late that the investment was on route to head office. She also said "Let it go through." Ok. The sale fell through the cheques went NSF. Then my investments were taking a nosedive the economy went down - this was 2008. The high interest mortgage owner kept on renewing my mortgage with administrative fees. Long and short she said to consolidate the 3 mortgages was unable to do that. I decided to pay off the mortgage which left the investments at 0 now.

Now I couldn't afford to live in my current house - had to take out another 2nd mortgage for cash flow while the house sold. She referred me to a mortgage broker told the mortgage broker get her a mortgage "she has lots of money". Ok so the house sold had a recreational property in another province moved there for the interim. Prior to moving I got advice from a lawyer that what she did was negligent and for the benefit for herself and PFSL, tax consequences. Further the payoff of the mortgage was after tax dollars more losses. Then when I was reviewing my statements I came across some redemptions I was unfamiliar with. Called the investment companies "They came back with they have letters of direction with signatures confirming them to remove funds for the losses of the previous investment where the cheques became NSF." I asked for the letters of direction. I received them the signatures were not ours.

I called the policy, did a complaint. They confirmed it was definitely not our signatures but couldn't confirm that it's the advisor's. Prior to when I made the initial investments earlier on the other account holder was away on holidays the application needed to be signed. I told her I have the other account holder's stamp and was authorized to use it. She said it can't be used. She progressed with signing the application, in other words forged his signature. She did that with the 2nd application as well. Back to the lawyer he said that I should do a statement of claim - I did. I also complained to PFSL. She denied all allegations that the complaint department said I was making these claims because of the losses of my investments. So in other words forget about going to the securities board they look after their own (and the lawyer also said that as well).

So we are at the process of questioning. She doesn't remember a lot of things. She had notes that didn't coincide with documents I had. So now we're preparing to go to court. Lawyers for PFSL come up with an application for security of costs meaning I have to come up more money. In the event I lose their costs would be cover. Let me tell you they came up with high costs so in other words they're trying to costs this claim so I couldn't afford to continue. By this time I am penniless. my estranged won't help he says it's my action I have to fix it. So in the end I couldn't come up with the security costs. They made an application for dismissal of the claim plus high costs for the actions. At one time they wanted double costs the master said no. They requested for the dismissal of statement of claim based on the order to read a dismissal as if that there was a trial and dismissed.

So in the end here is the conclusion: PFSL does/helps with the advisor with cover ups with documents. The advisor gets off scot-free. They pocketed commission based on the investments. I am broke lost the 1.200,000.00 investment. Was forced to sell my house here and was forced to sell the recreational property. CCRA had writs against me for the transfer of the funds into my personal name. The writs were more or less taken made from my portion of the property. My ex-husband says the writs are in my name I am responsible. He gets off scot-free. In the end a claim that was based on what the advisor said I should do get off and I have no money. I have rheumatoid arthritis - can't work and am now on social security. I suppose within Primerica they might be some honest advisors but I picked the one that stopped at nothing to get my money.

Most of the advisors lack financial education are educated with whatever PFSL has offered and are called professionals in their field. This one called herself a financial advisor without the letters. My ex-husband and were self-employed for 20 years gathered up the money and retire with some comfort. So the bottom line is this always have an accredited professional advice you with your investments such as accountants, financial advisors or lawyers. Think about what is the best strategy. Do not become buddies as she said we were friends. Friendship and money don't work. I went to their meetings - a lot of excitement, cheering. They say the banks are your enemies you pay high taxes (I wonder what they did). They try to recruit you. I tried the recruitment thing. I hated it.

PFSL is not a good company, untrustworthy. I wouldn't trust them especially if they know your assets and cash available, and you're in a low point in your life. On occasions I wanted to go to her supervisor with problems. She would say "No don't do that." That should have been a clue. I caution anybody who thinks of investing with them. When your money is gone so are they. They cover up mistakes with documents altering. I caution doing business with them. Incidentally if you're from Calgary this is where I'm from and found this lovely person.

Okay, so my first experience with Primerica was in 2015 the beginning of 2015. I was approached at a job fair in Commerce, CA by a mid-20s early thirties man and asked out of the blue if I was interested in a job, and I asked him what was it about. He told me financial services. I said okay where at? Right. He said Bell Gardens. I said okay, gave him my phone number to an app where I can only receive text messages on, and he called or so I think it was them calling every now and then up until January 2015. I decided to answer through this app and it was his wife. She convinced me to come in for the interview. I show up for this interview and I'm in a room with another guy about to get this presentation. Okay, I didn't like the way it was going and he asked me why I thought like an employee instead of a business owner, simply said "I'm 18 yrs old what am I gonna do with a business".

Getting to the point, I had the one on one interview and got the "job" sure. She talked to my parents and stuff, like okay cool. I was really excited that I got this "job". Wasn't going to school at the time. Anyways I passed my exam in February the second time. They were nice at first but once you got to know them, they really know how to manipulate you so much. They make you think you're gonna make especially at a young age. I was not a very hard worker because it wasn't something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Commissions suck! They do. They first tell you that the policies you close you get paid for them. Hmmm... Okay. Bring in your people and we can help them, okay. I did this for four months straight and got "paid" the money I worked for. With the help of my "regional leader". Okay thank you for that.

But what I didn't really realize until I brought my boyfriend in was that they tell you that you can grow when in reality we'd have meetings about talking ** about those who don't do much. They legitly had a bunch of chairs in the back room that said "those with zeros". They would literally look back and tell everyone else that that was embarrassing. I legitly wasted so much time trying to "build my team" than I was making. I supposedly got paid but ended up getting sued by these people saying I was given a loan??? Honestly this may sound gibberish, but c'mon I was 18 years old with hardly any experience in handling money. Primerica is a company that will manipulate you into thinking you're making money but in reality you're getting a "loan". This is bullshit. I worked hours a day to prospect, "get trained by my regional leaders", and make money??? Literally be taking up about 10-12 hours of community service. WASTE OF TIME!

I don't think so!!! I have been in Primerica for only four months now and I'm already earning income. You have to understand what business is and that you have to build your business in order to succeed. Don't expect to earn an income if you don't work. If you think this is a scam, well... I'm sorry for you because you just threw away a great opportunity of a lifetime besides (The Salvation of The Lord Jesus Christ which is the Greatest Opportunity). All these negative comments about Primerica are just deceiving many people from having a chance to help other families and their families to achieve their financial freedom and dreams. Please please please, don't listen to these people that thought Primerica was a GET RICH QUICK Scheme, because it is NOT. You have to work and build your business. You get with the right coach you'll be successful, I guarantee it. I can go on and on, but it is up to you to take a step.

My daughter was approached by an employee of this company recently about a job. This person's name was Bri and she claimed to work for a company by the name of 'PFS Investments', who we've discovered is really Primerica, who were currently hiring. She claimed to like my daughter's attitude and said that was currently hiring and that my daughter would make a great salesperson. She wouldn't give me daughter much information aside from that.

My daughter told her that she was currently in school and doing her internship program and would not be available until end of June. She also told her that she did not have a car. Bri told her none of this information mattered and that they could work around all of that. She told her to come to an interview Monday evening at 7pm. As a parent, I was sketchy because really who has heard on an interview at 7pm?! I agreed to let her go, as long as she took someone with her.

My daughter went to what she assumed was an interview but which ended up being a presentation for this company. Not once had she been told what this company sold, what the job entailed, or that this was not an actual interview! During this presentation, which still did not really answer any of the above questions, a presenter singled my daughter out and had her removed from the room. My daughter did not say anything negative, as a matter of fact she did not say anything at all. She was simply sitting there listening but because she was not as animated as the others in the room he had her basically kicked out.

The person that escorted her out then began to grill my daughter as to why she was quiet and did not participate. My daughter told him that she had gone to school, then work, then rushed here for an interview. The guy told her to go home and then come back tomorrow to complete the presentation. My daughter told him that she could not as she did not have a car, and that it had been a struggle to get there today. She then asked him questions as to what this job really was. This guy told her that a car was needed so why was she even there and if she had questions to go watch the YouTube video for their company.

I know I sound like an angry mother but really, what professional company behaves in this manner? Where they mislead people into thinking they are interviewing for a job just to get them in the door to listen to a presentation that still did not answer questions? I see now why they refuse to share any information when asked. They seem to prey on people who will be easy enough to manipulate into their scams. I mean they were telling all these young kids in the room that college was a waste of time and giving them large figures of what they could make with them, while not telling them what exactly it was they had to do to earn it. My daughter told me that it sounds like a pyramid scheme and she was glad to get out of there when she did.

She texted the girl who recruited her to tell her what had occurred and to let her know of her displeasure in having her time wasted. Bri has not texted her back which is exactly what I expected. Beware of this company. If this is how they behave with potential candidates, I can only imagine how they treat their customers.

I have invested with Primerica since 2006. In 2009 I was married and legally changed my name. Primerica continued to take my investments until 2015 at which time they said that they had no record of me. I have been unable to invest with them or move my investment. I have sent legal documentation of my name change multiple times and they have "lost it" each time I have sent notarized copies. In addition, they told me that my Social Security number was incorrect the last time that I tried to communicate with them. They then informed me that they had inputted the data incorrectly and reversed my Social Security number and my birth date. For over a year I have been trying to rectify this situation and there is no end in sight. My recommendation for anyone planning to invest money is to find another company and never ever invest in this company.

Odd that those who complain did not make it in this business. I went to IU for finance and make a very good return on my investments. I handle many buy term and invest the difference clients just like the famous Dave Ramsey suggests. If you are not interested in the work to build a basin less then Primerica is not for you but neither will any other opportunity to have a business. They all require hard work. Start at bottom is a complaint but then seldom see people get a job at the top, usually years of hard work and lower income to move up but when you do not get rich in six months on a MLM opportunity you call it a scam.

PRI on Wall Street is impressive place to review. Forbes is impressive and every Better Business B in every state or go visit the 2,000 employees who work hard to make Primerica a great company in Duluth, GA. You will be welcome. This is well-paid employees that do awesome professional jobs for over 100,000 active agents working hard to build a dream for clients and a business for themselves. If you want get rich quick buy a lottery ticket which give you about 1 in 200 million in odds but never hear that is a scam or drains people of money. They do not have or start a business of your own. Work hard and be dedicated to success. Any business that you can own or go to work and build others' dreams and watch only the owners get wealthy. A scam is an excuse by individuals too lazy to do the work. Hire them and watch them do as little as possible for what you pay them.

I know that a lot of people have issues with Primerica. So far I've not had one complaint. The issues that I see people complain about are: 1. The 125.00 Initial Fee and $25 recurring fee - Within 30 days of joining Primerica, I completed the training, the licensing test and recruited 3 people and made 3 sales as well. At this point I am up $300. The $99 that I have paid for the training and background check have already been returned to me because I passed the licensing exam. So that is free.

2. I think that the problem that most people have is that Primerica uses MLM as its marketing method. You have to think of MLM as a product/service distribution method which relies on word of mouth advertising. Sure you can call it a pyramid scheme, but in my opinion, the financial education that one receives as a customer and a rep are well worth the $25 monthly recurring payments.

If you are looking for a job, then Primerica is not for you. If you are looking to start a business then it might be an option for you. Where else can you start a business and offer highly rated financial services for the total cost of $99 and a recurring overhead of $25 (which by the way provides you with access to tons of training material and other tools to help you grow your business). The company is publicly traded - which in my mind dispels the scam claims that I see so often. MLM is not for everyone. It requires you to grow beyond your current level of development and to stretch a little. Primerica is in many ways just like any other job... If you don't work, you don't get paid.

They tell me that my date for payment to be put into my bank account is the 5th of every month... What they don't tell you is that it takes 2 days after that to receive it. I don't understand why as it is digital; I depend on this money to buy food... This really irritates me... Don't give me a date for which I'm supposed to get money and then the real date shows up 2 or 3 days later... This is baloney.

I spoke with the field agent who recruited me about receiving a refund close to the end of my first month (within the time frame of being able to receive a full refund). I was told he would fill out the paperwork for the refund and that I didn't have to do anything else. Since then I have received the 2nd month's bill so I called the support line and was told that today was the first day they received the request and that even though an agent from their company promised me a refund that the company could not honor this from the field agent. Honestly if a refund or cancellation was put in even I shouldn't have even had to worry about a second-month bill.

Someone within the company tried to recruit me the app whisper. Being female on a bad day, on an anonymous app, it's within expectation to have been recruited for the wrong reasons on a number of occasions. He/she is anonymous and so I am... but maybe you should enforce your employees from utilizing apps such as whisper to recruit clients. Offering false hope to people is unfair. Warm regards - lucky I'm a strong female.

I've been working for Primerica for a while now. Majority of these negative comments I'm reading are so false. Yes I admit there are some people out there who work for Primerica who shouldn't be working for us. They give my company a bad name. I work a full time job and do this part time. I spend about 10 hours a week doing it. It has been very easy for me to make $2000 to $3000 extra a month. Maybe I'm an exception to these other people writing negative things. Or just maybe these people who sit around and write negative things all day long on different websites really don't have anything else better to do. These people have failed at most things they've tried in life and they don't want to see anybody succeed since they couldn't. Primerica has been great for my family.