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Who would have thought that the owner of a franchise can just throw their "Closed" sign up any time and shut down shop? Not me! Yes you heard me correct, the owner of the Brantford, ON location closed his doors and went on vacation. The sad reality is, he was actually sitting in the office, visible to the public eye. I was expecting a package to arrive to this location to send home with my in-laws (from South America). I did my homework to figure out which postal service was opened Saturdays and came across UPS. I checked the UPS website, Google, and my pickup notification also said, "Pick up Saturday." Anyway, turns out this franchise was listed for sale and is in the process of changing hands. That does not however give the owner the right to close up shop and inconvenience everyone else. How about hire some staff?

I was EXTREMELY mad that I found the posting for the franchise and contacted the number on there (thinking it would be the owner answering the phone). Better yet, it was the South Western regional manager who picked up the phone, Declan **. I explained my situation to him and apparently I was partial to blame for why this whole issue happened. Why a manager would blame a customer for this, I don't know. UPS obviously has a bad reputation, might have something to do with who they are hiring and their lack of customer service skills, and sense of urgency. He said, "The most you're going to get is a sorry." NICE!

I guess the owner of the Brantford store is just going to get a slap on the wrist and carry on with his day. I suppose now it's my responsibility to pay $*** to now send this package to Venezuela as my in-laws have now returned home? Absolute garbage UPS!!! Yet another review to prove how ** your service/company/owners truly are.

I went to UPS store to mailed out a LV purse and I needed the lady to sign for the package. The UPS driver just took the package to the next door and had her sign for it. This is a 3rd party sell I need the lady to sign for the package who I sent to and paid for. Not the next door lady. For proof she receive it. I have call for 5 hours today 10/17/2016 to have UPS driver go back the get my signature card signed and they would not do it. Actually Cheryl basically hang up on me. I will call in the AM again to speak to her super... The driver never gave my package to the next door. UPS should have sent the package back to me if they could not get a signature from the person I sent to. This is going to cost me $508.00 if I do not get this signature. What can I do? This is just wrong and it's not what I paid for. Thanks.

I do understand that mistakes happens, but if so then company of this size and experience should be prepared to face it and deal with it! UPS had to deliver my parcel send by Samsung, lost it, took ages to admit it and now taking ages to make an investigation... And I'm the victim of situation - I have not received the parcel or a money to compensate it!

Today a package came, was a large box and the driver decided NOT to continue down our gravel driveway to deliver to our house. Instead he dumped the box off the side of the driveway into one of our horse pastures, WHO DOES THAT??? We have a large circular driveway and there was absolutely NO REASON for this. Luckily it was found right away or the horses would have chewed, drug and stomped the contents to death... Never had good luck with UPS in this area...

I was expecting a package to be delivered today so there was someone home waiting to pick up it up. I receive an email stating an attempt was made so my package would be delivered to the nearest access point on the next business day. I call home to confirm they were still there and if the delivery came. Well, they were there but NO ONE came to the door. I called the customer service number to tell them the driver never knocked on my door so they had the dispatch center mgr/sup call me. So when Emmy calls me back from the Longwood dispatch center she IMMEDIATELY gives me an attitude and tells me there's no way my pkg could be delivered today and that the only option I had was for delivery tomorrow...

Well newsflash... others work just like her! She offered no resolution whatsoever its redelivery tomorrow or nothing basically. She was very rude. I ask her if he came to my door and no one was there. Why would he not leave the pkg at the leasing office as they accept pkgs there for residents. She couldn't say anything. Also, the mgr Rosa with the call center was no help either as she couldn't understand anything I was saying and if she did she acted as if she had no clue as to what could be done. Worse service ever and I will be letting the sender (reputable business) know this has happened and I hope they lose their business as with this experience I will be changing the delivery account for my employer from UPS to another company... They can care less about their clients.

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Had to ship back a purchase, created shipping and pickup online, so far so good. Came the day before it told me they would, called it was rescheduled, not picked up, contacted online, they said driver didn't pick up because no one was there to hand it to him. I was never informed that was the case. After two separate communications with them, they were told it was on the driveway in front of the garage door (104" long 83 lbs) they said no problem they would tell the driver. Again didn't pick up because no one was there, so I said void the shipment, give me my money back. They want me to do it online, ok, go thru that process and it says you can't. Have to call them.

Then I am sent to the billing department and they say, no problem it isn't charged until it ships and delivers. Really!? It's on my charge statement! Guess I will have to dispute that now. Brother what a pain. I will end up eating the charge for something I can't use to the tune of $400 and probably the $100 in shipping that never happened.

I ordered a computer from Amazon. Naturally, this requires a signature, because of the cost. Amazon shipped UPS. After quite some time screaming into the phone to be heard over the babble on the other end, and attempting to decipher the thickest accent I've ever heard (and I traveled in Europe) it was established that no, they don't deliver after work hours when I might reasonably be home. No, they don't deliver on weekends. No, they can't give me a window so I only have to take a few hours off work, it would have to be the whole day. No, they won't just give it to the far more capable post office.

I'll have to pay them extra to hold it, and pick it up myself. Would I like to pick it up an hour away, where they're only open 9-4, an hour and a half away with the same hours, or two hours away where they're actually open in the evening? She says this like I'm the one being difficult, and demands my credit card upfront. If I don't give my credit card, they'll just send it back.

UPS has proved time and time again to be THE worst company for delivering packages or anything for that matter. Every time I have a package coming from UPS, I expect trouble. My predictions are always correct, and there is no use in contacting customer support as they are extremely useless and do not do anything to solve the issue at hand.

I am excited for the day I can see UPS file for bankruptcy. My only wish is that the CEO's and execs are too poor to even get a parachute so they can suffer from the faulty scam business they set up and maintained. There is no "help" at UPS, there is no "good" at UPS, there are only scummy deliveries. Thankfully I order 99% of my product from Amazon, and it always arrives on time. If it doesn't, they fix the problem in minutes. Sometimes I am not so lucky and need a package delivered from UPS, such as my recent one, which is now delayed 4 days due to UPS's business practices. Thanks UPS, Worthless company.

I received a delivery this evening a little after 6 pm. I heard a very loud thud outside of my front door and looked out the front window to see what had happened. Once I noticed that it was my delivery, I obviously stepped outside to bring it inside. Immediately I saw that the tape on the top was barely sticking to the box and I was able to press down an entire side of the box, revealing what I had purchased. There was a rip down one of the corners of the box the size of my hand. When I picked up the box, the bottom side was loose to the point where I could see what I had purchased inside the box again. I have never had an issue with UPS package care before and this was completely unacceptable. I was so disappointed that I cancelled my repeat deliveries through the company I bought from so that UPS cannot deliver my packages anymore.

I had a overnight package shipped from Ft Myers Fl to Naples Fl, 25 miles, the last known location was Louisville Ky. Why would anyone do that? Just plain crazy, this company is by far the most disorganized outfit on earth. This is the best part, online it still says it will be delivered by 10:30 AM in Naples and it left Louisville at 4:30 AM. This morning this package is medication I need from the V A. odds 100/1. I now realize that I should have pick it up myself however it is shipped this way every month without a problem.

I am on the receiving end of Freight with both UPS and FedEx. Every, Single, Time I have freight from UPS it's damaged. The last time the driver accidentally dumped it off the back of the truck. My posting today is fueled by a new development. My tracking number and related information. My tracking was provided a week ago. It was today was my estimated delivery, so I rented a forklift because this has always been accurate before. When I double checked the tracking number to see what time of day our freight was scanned out for delivery I noticed it was still sitting in SLC--7hours away. I thought maybe it needed to update.

Checked an hour later, same thing. BUT it said it was 'scheduled for delivery' on today's date and 'by end of day'... Confused with the contradicting information I called. Blah, blah, blah, later and I'm told "'scheduled for delivery by end of day' is only an estimation. You should know to give it 1-5 extra business days"?! This has already been in transit for 7 days!! Ridiculous!

Just had a package sent to me from overseas. UPS delayed. Now they want a Fed tax ID or SSN. 20 years. Never asked for it by USPS, DHL, FedEx. UPS is a scary organization. Very expensive and invasive. By my calculation my not using them has cost UPS $100K. Avoid at all costs.

Purchased engine parts for a 2 stroke motor. Total for parts was 544 dollars US plus 45 dollars shipping converted from US dollars to Canadian dollars brought total to 744 dollars Canadian. I was charged brokerage charges on currency exchange and shipping. What a scam. Highway robbery. Total brokerage fee was 195.39 dollars additional.

Every time when I were ordered with this company I had problems! Once I ordered a flowers to my girl for a special day and they didn't deliver it on time. Today I were waiting all day for my order and what I got, I check the tracking number and see "First Attempt Made", that's ridiculous! I were sitting at home and nobody even called to my belt. They are liars! Because they just skipped my house. And I didn't go to work because of this shipping. With this company go to bankruptcy or at least teach their employees how to work.

I choice UPS Next Day Air Saver so I can get my package early which says on UPS website 10:30 to 12:00 respectively which was a lie. I been waiting all morning and still nothing... I hate UPS. They disorganized and never on time... Late week I got a package at 8 pm like really. They need to do better.

I opened a new customer account online and ordered a return pick-up from a UPS store in Minnesota. I ordered a 10-KG box and shipping to my St. Louis office. I used my current address that I have had for over a year with the United States Postal Service. The driver delivered to the new address but marked it Address is Unknown. UPS then changes the correct address to an old business address from over a year ago and kept trying to deliver to this address 2 or 3 times. That driver did tell the Earth City location that my business is no longer there. I received a telephone call advising me that I can pick up my package from the Earth City location which is 20 miles and a 40 minute drive away.

I spoke with an Earth City customer service representative who stated; "let me find exactly where your package is because it's supposed to be delivered to your old address." I told her I have not worked there in over a year and I asked for the package to go to the Jefferson location and deliver to the original downtown and only address I submitted. She said it would happen tomorrow and to expect a telephone call from someone soon. No one called me that day or early the next day.

I called the 800 number and spoke with a very nice young lady who was responsive and helpful. She then involved her boss who assured me the package will be delivered to the original address and then hung up on me. The package was delivered the next day. Two days after delivery, I receive an invoice for $18.28 plus my original cost of $15.27. Not only did they screw up my 2-day delivery that turned into an 8-day delivery, this is the worst possible treatment of a new customer to double bill them after going through a terrible delivery run-around.

When I call to complain about the invoice, the customer service representative accuses me of changing the address. I went ballistic! These idiots make all these errors and their computer screens do not reflect their incompetence, just that the customer is irate. Well, I am an irate customer who has had POOR customer service from UPS and they still want to charge me money for their POOR customer service!!! First time customer has now become a last time customer. Moving onto your competition.....

I had a package coming from QVC and was updated that it would be delivered on 10/1 in the morning. I stayed home all day waiting on the package. On 10/3 the package still had not been delivered so, I checked on the tracking of the package and it said the package was attempted to be delivered 3 times on Saturday and the receiver refused delivery so it was now being returned to the sender. The package was never attempted to be delivered to my home. I called UPS and they told me it was attempted to be delivered to the post office in my town, not my home address, so it was the sender's fault. I called QVC and they told me the address on my package was for my home address and it was sent for home delivery by UPS to my house. They even read me back the address they sent it to and that was correct. I called UPS again and they told me it was my fault now because it was sent Surepost, even after QVC told me it wasn't. WHAT!!!

UPS is a big fat joke, nothing is ever their fault, nor are they willing to try to fix their problems. I am done with UPS. My packages are always incorrectly delivered either to a neighbor who has to deliver it to me themselves or to the post office. I always specify with the senders who have always double checked with me, where I want it delivered to and I always watch the tracking so I can be home when it is delivered. Never has a UPS driver knocked on my door or asked me to sign anything. The only way I know they are there is when the dogs bark at the door.

UPS is just plain lazy. I would bet if they could throw packages from the truck to the front porch they would do it so they don't have to get out of their trucks. UPS drivers don't want to deliver to the houses, so they try to dump it at the post office and if it is refused, they just have it sent back to the sender saying delivery was refused, when it was NEVER EVER delivered to the right place in the first place. Shame on UPS for their terrible customer service and lack of respect for their customers.

Once again, cancelled a doctors appointment and spent the entire day at home waiting for delivery of a package. Car is in the yard, BIG 12x12" sign on door to "please ring doorbell" (because it is loud and even rings in the backyard). Found a note on my door that says he tried to deliver the package at 5:30. No one ever rang the doorbell, I have a big watchdog who did not bark. I called their office and NO ONE speaks enough English for me to understand them. But today is Friday, UPS guy probably in a big hurry. Package needed a signature. Now I have to wait until Monday to get it. If the sender had used FEDEX, I would have had it. I have even gotten packages from FEDEX on Sundays.

UPS should change their name to UNRELIABLE PARCEL SERVICE, because they are absolutely the very worst that there could ever be. I am so mad. I am just glad that this was not something to keep someone alive, like medication or the like. Why can't they manage to deliver as promised. I really needed that today. I wasted an entire day. Neither of us left our home all day. If the doorbell had rang, we would have heard it. If anyone had knocked, we would have heard it, or our german shepherd would have been trying to tear the door down. He didn't even try to deliver the package, he just put the sticker on the door and left. I have security cameras, and I am going to review the tapes tonight.

By next week, I hope this jerk is looking for a job. If this is his idea of service, then he will probably be mopping toilets at McDonalds or the Waffle House. Even the mailman knocks loud enough for someone to hear. I cannot believe that at 5:30pm he was in such a big hurry that he could not even manage to deliver the package. Personally, I will never use them again, and if I am given a choice by those sending me packages, I will never choose the "BIG BROWN TURD" again. They have no pride in themselves, in delivering on time, or in customer service. I see their trucks pulled off in wooded areas all the time. If they have time to stop for a smoke break or whatever, then packages could get delivered when promised. This is too many times, too many errors, and too many damaged packages. They should be closed.

3 days to get package 15 miles for $26 "Overnight Guaranteed". I wish I had used snail mail. Much cheaper and faster. My favorite line was "We've incorrectly sorted the package at our facility. This may cause at least one business day delay." This is such masterful "truthiness" for "we lost your stuff and can't find it." I will have to fight for a refund, I am sure.

Three times (out four) UPS failed to deliver my parcels. Having stayed in each day (all day), I discovered that the driver reported no-one at home. They were lying.

The only thing they are good at is wasting your valuable time and increasing your blood pressure. They are utterly useless as a service.

OUR UPS BOX WAS DELIVERED TO WRONG ADDRESS 09/14/2016. Called UPS. UPS said OUR box was delivered in error to neighbor directly across the street from us. Neighbor did not notify UPS until 09/16/2016 stating that they had OUR UPS BOX. That is harboring. Called UPS. UPS said delivery driver will pick up OUR UPS BOX 09/16/2016 from neighbor, and redeliver to us 09/16/2016. Neighbor still harboring OUR UPS BOX. OUR UPS BOX was NOT delivered to us 09/16/2016. Called UPS. UPS said delivery driver will will pick up OUR UPS BOX 09/19/2016 from neighbor, and redeliver to us 09/19/2016. OUR UPS BOX was delivered to us 09/19/2016.

We questioned UPS several times as to why OUR UPS BOX was allowed to be at neighbors for a total of 5-1/2 days. That is harboring. We told UPS that UPS was coddling and harboring the neighbors with OUR UPS BOX, and that at least one of the neighbors has a criminal record. NO APOLOGIES from UPS. NO COMPENSATION from UPS, for the pure fact that the neighbors, UPS delivery driver, UPS employee Lisa, and UPS Customer Service ALL FAILED us "The Customers" WHO DID NOTHING WRONG. UPS was and still in absolutely terrible NOT TO HELP US. ***NOTE: The CORRECT name, address, and information was on OUR UPS BOX mailing label, so there was NOT any information on that label that was incorrect.***

I had Ticketmaster deliver tickets through UPS that never got to me in late August. When it was investigated, UPS said "left on front porch". Why do they not ring doorbell when they arrive? I appreciate them leaving my packages so I don't have to make a trip to the office but at least alert me when something like tickets valued at over $300 are left on my front porch. FYI, the tickets were suppose to be signed for upon arrival. This is not the first time I have had a problem. In early September, I had a package delivered that had been opened and nothing was inside. At least ring the doorbell and tell me that the package arrived opened, if in fact it was already opened while in your possession. I am just frustrated with the whole situation right now. I have a lot of packages delivered and have never had a problem until recently. I have noticed a big turnover in UPS drivers for our area.

My child lives in upstate New York and I live in the Pacific Northwest. She ordered some items and sent them to my house. I shipped them via UPS and paid through the nose for shipping. I got a call after two weeks that the packages were not delivered and had been sent back to the UPS store and needed to be picked up. I was told that delivery was attempted three times without any response, that they had left notes on the door and had no response. My child says that they had no notes. FedEx and USPS have absolutely no trouble delivering to my child's address, and I don't understand why UPS has had problems. I feel like I've been ripped off.

Horrible service more than once, Today, I waited all day for a package (which contained a charger for my Macbook from Apple). Updated tracking just after 6 pm that my address was wrongly stated so they couldn't deliver it. It wasn't wrong at all, I double checked 10 times before ordering it, I called UPS to "update my information", had to wait on the phone for 10 minutes and they were like "oh, it's the same one we have here..." (what a surprise). What a waste of my time. I'm livid. This isn't the first time UPS has done something horrible, they once left a $100+ dollar item in front of my house (there's a doorbell, at least ring it?). I have never had a problem with any postal service as much as I have with UPS.

UPS more like "unreliable", "pathetic", sorry excuse for delivery "service". Are the most mediocre company I've ever dealt with. They are liars! They are very unprofessional and unreliable. Then when you call them for the truth they put these sickeningly remedial reps on the line stuttering and stumbling over their words. SAVE YOURSELF THE ** experience. USE ANOTHER DELIVERY COMPANY. This business wouldn't know how what efficiency was if you spelled it out, gave them a definition and used it in a freaking sentence. Sloppy is their specialty and that's what you'll be paying for.

To end things on a high note they excel in nonchalant tones of voice and occasional yawning while you complain to them about them sucking which unsurprisingly they tend to already be aware of. Seriously, worshiping the devil would give me a more satisfied experience than UPS and I'm a freaking lifelong Christian. I'd rather burn for an eternity than use this service EVER AGAIN. Don't say I didn't warn you guys.

I received a postcard from UPS stating that a package could not be delivered because the apartment number was needed. I called the 1-800 number on the card and provided my apartment number and was told that the package would be redelivered. The package did not show up so I went to the San Diego UPS hub and was told that the package was sent back to the shipper the day after my phone call. The customer service rep could not explain why the package wasn't redelivered and did not know why the package was returned prior to "returned to sender" date on the postcard.

In fact, when I mentioned that the package was returned to sender prior to the date printed on the card, the customer service rep said, "I see that." I asked if UPS had a quality assurance department and I was told to call the 1-800 number on the postcard. Then I was told that I could call the shipper, provide my apartment number, and have the package resent. I wasn't happy that UPS couldn't provide any explanation and didn't seem to care that the package was returned to shipper without any attempt at redelivery prior to the stated deadline on the card. Needless to say, I won't be using UPS in the near future.

I had a 75 lb package valued at $1500 to be shipped. I used the UPS website and entered in all the information to get a price. The cost on the website was $121. I took the package to a local UPS Franchise Store along with a printout from the website. At the store I was told the price would be $144. They explained that the difference was due to the insurance for the $1500. I gave them the printout to show that the website indicated $10.67 for the insurance value. They said their computer came up about $30 and there was nothing they could do about it.

I left the store and got back on the internet and checked out FedEx. They too had a cost calculator that came up with $103.83. I took the package and printout to their store and asked them to check on that price. They did and it came out to the exact $103.83 so I told them to ship it. When they put in all the package information, the clerk said that the price went up but he didn't understand why. He took the sheet I brought and started comparing numbers. Then he indicated he had put the value in wrong and corrected it. When he did the price came to $103.83 and that is what I paid. So thank you to FedEx For having compatible software between their website and their store and for willingness to check out discrepancies. Not so good for UPS. I do have nothing but great things to say for the UPS delivery people.

I received a package that is not mine from UPS. So I brought it to a UPS store and told them it was not mine. They said I needed to schedule a pick up. I told them I was leaving town for a few weeks and did not have time to do that. They shipped it back to me. A couple weeks later I called while walking my dog and asked them to pick it up. They said I needed the tracking #. So when I got back to my computer I went online and tried to have them pick it up with the tracking # and they wanted information about me. I said, "no, just pick it up." I don't think it will happen but I will see. Somehow this has turned into my problem.

UPS customer service is DEPLORABLE. My order was shipped on 9/14, second day. Yesterday, FOUR days later I received a delivery exception email regarding my package. I immediately called and spoke to someone in the "special iPhone department" who corrected the shipping address and ASSURED me that my package would be delivered today. I even got a call 45 minutes later from the local hub telling me that the package information was updated and that it would be delivered today.

At 9:30 PM last night, I received a second exception email stating that because they couldn't deliver it after three tries, it was being returned. Delivery was NEVER attempted after I spoke to the rep. I immediately called again, and was told by an unsympathetic agent that it was indeed being returned and there was nothing that could be done. I called back again and spoke to someone else that "checked" the order and then repeated the same thing. Telling me I should call the shipper and request that they resend the package.

This morning, I called yet AGAIN, and got a fourth agent that first told me there was nothing that could be done, but when I persisted and told her that I was assured it WOULD be delivered she "checked" and told me that there was a note on the shipment to have it delivered today. An obvious lie to get me off the phone. Well, lo and behold, UPS came and went, and NO PACKAGE. I called and spoke to a FIFTH agent who told me, nothing could be done, and that UPS is not even ALLOWED to change addresses on Verizon orders, and that I had to call Verizon to have them intercept the package, since it was still at the hub.

I called Verizon, and the agent there spent over an hour trying to work with UPS, speaking to one agent, another agent in the mysterious "special iPhone dept" and his supervisor. All three told her there was nothing to be done, it was being returned. She requested that I be allowed to pick up the package at the hub and was told no, it was not possible.

So the end result, BOTH of my orders will be returned, my orders will be cancelled and I will have to reorder. This will POSSIBLY have my devices to me by late October or early November. While I understand that the original error was on the part of Verizon, UPS's lack of willingness to work with me OR Verizon directly is pathetic. Even more so, the fact that your agents outright LIE to customers, is beyond reproach. Your company is a disgrace to the Logistics business. Anyone needing to ship or receive something should be very wary and try and make sure their orders are shipped by any other company than UPS. Only giving one star because zero or negative stars is not an option.

I have been experiencing the absolute worst possible service with UPS these past few days and sadly, this is not the first time I have been severely disappointing by your company. I took the day off from work yesterday to sign for a very important package that was to be delivered, only to get a notification saying that my package was "attempted" and would be tried again the next day. This is patently untrue, as no doorbell was rung, no one knocked and most importantly, a doortag was not left at my residence to prove that the driver actually arrived.

I immediately called UPS to resolve the issue and was told that I would get a call back to arrange for the driver to re-attempt that same day. An hour later I was told that that would not be possible and I would have to go to the UPS store (which is very far from my house AND only open until 6pm) to pick it up - this is a close to impossible request for someone without access to a car that works normal weekday hours. Having it sent to a UPS Access Point was not possible as this is considered a "high value" package.

I could not afford to take another day off from work again and was told to contact the shipper (T-Mobile) to have THEM change the shipping address to my work, which didn't make any sense but I complied anyway. As expected, T-Mobile said that it's out of their hands once the package leaves their warehouse. After getting UPS on the line again, I was told that my only option would be to PAY to have the receiving address changed, which is adding insult to injury. I did end up paying and was promised that my package would be rerouted to my work address today. It is 1pm EST and my address change request is still showing as "pending" so there goes another promise being broken by UPS. I am tired of being told different things by different customer service associates (many of whom had a bad attitude to begin with) and vow to never use your delivery services again. As for the package I am STILL awaiting resolution.

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