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The company at the top of Google is not the USPS. They call themselves the USPS change of address assistant. They are a scam... run. I thought I was changing my address w/ the USPS for $1.00 and was charged $29.95 by this scam company. Make sure you are changing your address w/ the USPS, not any other company.

I had to call to file an Investigation Claim for a package that was signed off as delivered but never received. This package was supposedly delivered to the office of the apartments, but they claim they do not have it. I reached out to the sender and explained that I didn't have the package and was told to file a claim. I explained this to the very rude lady on the phone and was told that there was nothing to investigate since the carrier had done her/his job and delivered that package.

I told her that the sender is requiring this investigation in order for me to file a lost claim with them and she then proceeds to ask me what I wanted her to write on the investigation. At this point I told her that I didn't know their procedures and this was her job and not mine. She kept saying there was nothing to do. She finally gave me a number to the local office from where the package was delivered. I have been trying to call but the phone hangs up because no one answers. Worst service ever.

I shipped a package from the Haw River post office insured for 2-day delivery. The USPS lost my package which was a $2,200 dollar package and I only had $50 of insurance. I've been shipping with the USPS for 15 years and never had anything like this happen. I have contacted the USPS, but not getting any results from them.

I naively sent thousands of dollars of rare and valuable photography books from the West Coast to the East coast, at Bell Gardens, postal station. They disappeared. Apparently this is a common event, stuff disappears at Bell Gardens, postal transport station so often that, it's known as the black hole. Why the FBI or even some Government oversight agency isn't ending this obvious criminal behavior is a puzzle I plan to find out about, writing authorities and Congress people. If I was on the West Coast, I would be confronting the manager of that station in person.

I have been receiving mail with my neighbors address as well as my neighbors receiving my mail. I tried to contact the Avondale Postal Service for days and no one answers their phone. I also tried the 800 number and waited on the phone for an hour and a half, only to be told there's a postal outage so call back some other time. I wanted to see if I was the only one receiving other people's mail, so I posted on our community page. I had an overwhelming response from people in my neighborhood having the same problem.

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I called the consumer affairs for the USPS in Miami, FL and got treated very rudely when trying to open up a complaint case. Pretty much I got cut off when I was explaining to the clerk the issues that I was having with getting no mail delivery to the new community that I moved into. Our entire community is not receiving mail, the local post office is not being cooperative because of issues with the Developer's representative. In the process everyone has their mailbox on their property line just like the surrounding communities and they are refusing to deliver our mail and holding it at the post office because they want the mailboxes set up in a certain way. The clerk who took my information told me that she couldn't help me because that was an issue that I had to take up with the local post office. The local post office is not helping the entire community, so who is going to help us? It a very desperate situation and we need help now, not tomorrow.

For over 2 weeks all of my mail is missing. My id, accounts, visa cards, packages, business merchandise. Overwhelming amount Missing. Not delivered nor returned. Someone has now tried getting access to 2 of my accounts. Both account information should have been delivered in that time frame. I have 5 cases open for investigation, none of which has even so much as looked at. Not even with the escalations. I have called you!!! Federal trade commission, Investigators, Postmaster etc! NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. NOT EVEN LOOKED AT! **. I am now looking for a federal Attorney because basically I am being told I have no rights.

I feel like my post master is getting paid enough money to stand around collecting our mail passing out mail etc... Well I was told not to call back. Lol. Um I thought you worked there and last time I checked a phone call was just as important as a walk in. I find this lady very rude and very lazy.

I went to their tracking website and it said I would received my package on July 2. TWO DAYS later, no package. THEN they post on their tracking site the package has been delayed (well no duh), and I won't receive it for 5 more days. This isn't the first time they've been sloppy with tracking updates and shipping time. Maybe if more companies would stop using them, they'd straighten up.

I can't even call them and complain because it's things without a tracking number. If they have a tracking number, I get it. But I've been getting samples for 10 years now for reviewing and ever since this lady has taken over, I haven't got ONE SINGLE SAMPLE when she runs. Caught on a day off, a man was running the route and sure enough, I got one. It's been months since I have received anything but that one without a tracking number and it's only been when she wasn't working that day. I am so mad and don't know what to do because I don't have proof. But have been doing this for years and never had this problem until these last few months. I kept thinking it was me, but now it's been literally months so I know I'm not crazy. I even get emails asking, "did you like your sample" or "can you review here?" with no product having been received.

I had the absolute worst experience with USPS. I had a package sent up to me from Maryland up to State College because I was attending school at Penn State and had forgotten something very important at home. Because it was such an important item, I requested that priority mail be used simply because it was relating to a health issue and I required the package immediately. When the package finally arrived in State College, my address was apparently "undeliverable" because my name wasn't on the mail box. I live in temporary housing as many students do and share a house with 3 other people so we weren't really supposed to put our names on the mailbox as per the instructions of our landlord. Not to mention that this has never been a problem with UPS or FedEx as they have always been able to deliver any packages right to my doorstep.

Anyway because it was undeliverable, the package was sent back to Maryland to the sender. I didn't know about any of this until 4 days later when I got curious as to why my package hadn't arrived and called the post office myself. What is the point of me having text notifications if I don't get any notifications regarding my package??? Especially when it's something this important! So I asked how long it'll take for the package to get back to the sender and the post office informed me that it would take 10 days. 10 FREAKING DAYS! The reason I asked for priority mail was because I urgently required that package! And now they tell me it'll take 10 days and there's nothing I could do to expedite the process. Fine.

After 10 days finally the package was received by the sender and I asked the sender to send me the package once more through priority mail. This time I took every precaution, I made sure my name was on the mail box (even though it isn't supposed to be) and called the local post office to make sure I get any notifications immediately. When I tried to enter the tracking number given by the sender, it gave me all of the old information, as in the tracking details regarding to the first trip. This was completely useless to me so I called the post office, not trusting them, the day after the sender sent the package. They had told me that the post office the package was sent from didn't use a new tracking number, which is why I couldn't see any new tracking information, and that the package was in Maryland on route to State College but should arrive in a day or two.

Next day I call again just to check on the status, they inform me that it still hasn't left Maryland but assured me it should arrive within the next two days. Package still hasn't arrived, so I called again. This is the 4th day since the sender sent the package so I should have gotten it 2 days ago. They informed me it still hasn't left Maryland and that it's been looping in the same two plants for the past 4 days... ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME! Fed up with USPS I asked them just send it back to the return address not wanting to deal with this anymore. I won't use USPS ever again to send or receive a package.

Tracking technology with emails sent to you when you didn't give them your email address! Weird! They don't honor your privacy, they collect it and share it, and then try to intimidate you to let you know they have that technology!

My parents have been trying to contact consumer affairs for the post office. We were supposed to have two very important letters delivered to us around November of last year. These letters were crucial for my parents ability to work. We went to the post office and were told to call a certain number, which we did. We made a complaint because as you can tell many months have gone by and we haven't received any of the letters. We were supposed to get a letter in the mail which we could use to show that our previous letters were "lost". But this letter as we called today to ask why it hasn't arrived, we were told that it seems that it too was lost. This is a horrible situation that I hope we can solve but we have not been able to contact anyone that would help us or we haven't understood why all these important letters have been getting lost. Please please please. We need an answer. We need help. Thank you so much!

Had the same mailbox for 10 years and suddenly it's 1 inch too short. Kids hit it with a baseball bat 10 years ago, so when I unbent it, the pole snapped making it 35 inches to stand up. I got a citation that it was not 36 inches. So, I had to spend 40 dollars for a new one and had heat stroke in the hot Florida June weather digging the post hole. I watched them deliver my mail every day, and they never had a problem reaching the box. Not only that, but the woman was very rude. I've never seen her before, and I went out and said "thank you lady" with a smile to get my mail and she went off about my mailbox was too short and wrote me a citation. Also, my mail is suspended until it's fixed. Not only that, but then she came to my door later with a box and said "I distracted her". She was so rude and nasty. I can't believe these people have a pension.

So, I, a single lady with cervical disc injuries who is in occupational therapy right now, just spent the day digging and trying to get heavy cement out and try to get the new one in. Thanks, my arm's in radiating pain again. The last time this happened I was out of work for three weeks. This is an elderly town and I know the guy a few houses down from me, got a love note also, and just had back surgery as well. I wonder if the USPS actually sell mailboxes and if this is a scam because of their failing bottom line.

Also, since I've lived here over 10 years, my mail has been delivered to the house behind me, and I have received mail from the house one street up. They have done this so many times I cannot tell you how many times I've called. I actually tracked down the truck on the next street over and gave it to the mailman (it was a man this day) and he said "just put it in their box". Can you believe that? He told me to actually touch and open another person's box. Isn't that against the law? I wonder how many times people never gave me my mail? I've missed bills many times.

Another time, my mother and grandmother sent me birthday cards. Both cards were ripped open and there were no checks even though my mother and grandmother said they sent me one. Also, my roommate had a few large boxes shipped to her of marketing material for her job. These big boxes were also delivered to the wrong house.

What is wrong with these people. I hate the postal service here. Another time, I ordered boots online for a costume play at college. The boots never came. The tracking showed it was at the New Port Richey post office. I went to the truck on SAT after the play was over and he told me "the box was too big so he left it at the back of the truck". These people are the worst. Every time I've called the "manager" was polite and I am polite as well, but the mail carriers and the sorters need to be replaced with honest decent people who don't revel in seeing the elderly digging post holes.

The only reason I'm giving the post office service in Port Chester 1 stars because I can't give them zero. For 2 months I have been not receiving my Amazon packages. When I've gone over to the post office the supervisor says he has spoken to the guy and it will be resolved. 2 months have gone by and it's still not going on. This delivery person is too lazy to ring the bell and walk up the stairs. He says he puts a notice that I have not gotten a notice in two months. No packages in 2 months. I have to go to the Post Office and picked up but now I'm going to threaten them to see if I can get my mail.

I went on vacation for 3 months, so I put a hold on my mail. Thinking I would save the USPS some money. I will now have my mail forwarded to my sisters for 3 months. Why try and save the USPS money? My box at the mobile home park where I live will hold quite a bit of mail. When I returned home it was empty and the P.O. said they could only hold mail for 30 days. Never complain to the postal employees. Since I did, I have not received mail that I know was addressed correctly. I continue to get notices from banks and magazines that mail has been returned. When I check they have the correct address on file. I always get junk mail, but replacement credit cards and statements never make it into my mailbox.

A new AMEX card was just returned as not deliverable. Since I am having problems they are sending a replacement by UPS. From now on when I can select the shipper it will not be USPS. I have a new roll of 100 Forever Stamps, that will now take me forever to use, no more than 1 letter per month, everything else will be sent by e-mail. SCREW the USPS. I am going to see how little I can use the USPS, the rest of my life. Just today the postman left all the outgoing mail doors open, so no one can send out any mail. Do they even train the employees working on the taxpayers' dime? I do not think so.

I've been reading a lot of reviews the last few days, trying to figure out what's going on with the new and improved USPS Priority Express shipping. It's insane that they can guarantee a delivery date, and then never follow through. It's not about the money at all, and I'd guess that everyone would agree. It's about getting a package when they promise it. Mine is currently only a day late now, but tracking shows its across the U.S. still. Who knows if that's accurate, though?

I did 2 day shipping, and paid the extra money for it. When I asked my mailman about it, I could tell I was just bothering him. I'm disgusted at the lack of service. They haven't even seemed to make any sort of effort to get my package moving faster, which is very disappointing. I will never order from USPS again. I hope that people stop accepting this sort of business and they are forced to step it up.

I purchase and sell on eBay like many others. I have recently moved to an apartment (3 months prior) and my mail is very inconsistent at best. High dollar items left at my door & mail taken back instead of left at office as is suppose to happen, mail literally jammed in my mail box, though it does not fit - you get the gist of it I am sure. I, as many others, have complained to no avail about our carrier. No one knows how he is keeping his job.

I had an order I placed for florals for an upcoming wedding I am doing. This is purchased with another's money and then delivered to them, in person, by myself. This order was placed from China and I have used this supplier for 2 years now without issue. I have never had to question any insurance before. My mistake. She shipped right away and it tracked good, all the way to my door, where it was not delivered, but scanned as such. My mail carrier delivers our many apartment buildings first and then takes all undeliverable mail to the office where it is signed in by him and the apartment manager, and must be signed out by residents only. I picked up another package that day as I had a slip in my mail box, and asked about this package as well. It was not left with them, and carrier even signed in as 1 package.

I gave until the next day, as he is doing something with packages between scanning and actual delivery the next day (as I have been informed by both apartment office and post office alike). It was a replacement carrier the next day, so I stood with him as he checked the remaining 20-25 packages he had in the truck, and the package was not left in the truck from the day prior. We are towards the end of the day for that route.

I called the local post office and the clerk said he, himself, checks the trucks every night and he hasn't had anything left in his truck for quite some time. I replied that was odd, because this has happened at least on three other occasions in the past couple months. He went on to say how they have great insurance for lost or stolen mail, etc. The clerk then stated how he can't say much about it, yet went on to say he has suspected him of this but had no proof. I figured at least I can get the money back and reorder in time for the gal's wedding still, and the mailman was caught. Not so...

He had asked that I recheck with the apartment office, which I did, and then return his call. I tried and got a replacement clerk and left message. I tried again after an hour or so and got a busy signal for over 2 hours straight. The next morning I started calling upon opening and did not quit until I got someone to answer. It was the same guy I talked to, he did not remember me even though he commented he had gotten my message from when I quickly returned his call as he asked, and he had left for lunch within 10 minutes of talking to me. (He stated how the note was in front of him, he had not gotten a chance to return my call.) Needless to say, he was very rude and short with me and stated there was no insurance from what he could see on the package tracking info, and there wasn't anything further he could do before talking to the carrier.

I have not heard back, so I called the 1-800-# for mail theft. The lady was very pleasant and upon pulling up the tracking, knew exactly what I was talking about. He normally delivers all buildings first and then the office as I stated. However, the package delivered to office was scanned delivered to office/receptionist. Then one minute later, the missing package was scanned as delivered in/at mailbox. This is not even possible in no way shape or form. It would take him one minute to get in his truck and get going, let alone drive back to our building going 10 miles an hour or less. When doing so, it takes 4 minutes and 36 seconds. Yes! I was furious enough to try it.

She opened a case and it is undergoing investigations. However, I may not ever see any money back for the order as she said that would have to go through the local post office, that I should call them and see what they are willing to do. The guy I talked to already said he couldn't do anything and that he was positive the carrier would say he left it at the door. I cannot believe that in knowing their worker is stealing other's property, they are going to turn their backs on it. This is Federal. Shameful, shameful, shameful!

I will be giving them just one chance to make this right. If it gets me nowhere, all my documentation will fall in the lap of our local reporters. We, as the public, look at the USPS as federal employees and trust in them as such. I never knew until it happened to me just how unorganized and unethical they really are. I will be switching to UPS and FEDEX only now. USPS has gotten way out of hand and certainly does need an adjustment, from standards and morals all the way to protocol and thievery. Just unbelievable from a federal agency is all I can say!

USPS is either totally incompetent or run by thieves. I go for weeks and do not receive any mail and finally receive tons of mail. I ordered a part from ebay and tracking states they arrive but never in my mailbox. Just order 60.00 carburetor and tracking stated it arrived but not in mail box. Either the route person is stealing the packages or placing them in wrong mailbox. Before hiring, USPS should require applicants to take and pass an IQ test!!!

It took them one week to deliver my mail – the one I paid extra to get delivered in 2 days. Worse postal service.

For the past week or so, I've been trying to send a stupid package to get a refund or exchange for a product that I didn't really like. So I bought a USPS shipping label and printed it at home and tried to send the package off by scheduling a pickup. I don't know who the mailman or woman is but they just DON'T TAKE MY PACKAGE. I'll choose Knock on door/ring bell. They refuse to come up to my apartment and ask for the package? I mean my door is always open when they should be coming which should let them know that me or at least someone else is home.

So they failed to pick that up 2-3 times for whatever reason. So I decide to schedule another pickup with "leave in mailbox" option. So I do. Instead I find out at like 10 PM that the moron that put in the mail that day decided to leave the package they were supposed to take in there and just stuff the rest of the mail in, completely ignoring the pickup request. I was extremely busy that week and was hoping to take advantage of such a useful service. If you can't pick it up, either fire the person and hire someone else or just get rid of the service that you're incapable of completing.

6/11/2016. The only reason I gave a star is because I had to give something. I would have given negative ten stars if I could have. I placed four pieces of mail in the stamped letters box on Tuesday. Two pieces of the mail were directly to a P.O. box at this location. As of Friday they were not delivered. I went to this post office this morning to replace the checks that were lost and to talk about why I was concerned about my missing mail. The young man whose name tag only said trainee was very helpful and apologized for the inconvenience. Then the snarky smart mouthed clerk next to him decided to jump in and take her chance to be the rude nasty employee of the government we have all been trained to expect. She informed me that if I had used the "misboxed mail" container instead of the stamped letters box it would have been Golden to Golden.

Since I used the stamped letters box it had to be routed to Denver and then all the way back. What a messed up deal. No wonder they're going broke. They are handling the same mail at the same location two or three times to get it to a P.O. box that is in the location it is mailed from. Not a very efficient system at all. It reminds me of a great example of a horrible idea. Epic Fail. Their messed up system and secret Golden to Golden mailbox ended up costing me $135 to place stop payments on the checks and pay late fees due to their inept and careless handling of my mail and I have no recourse. USPS = useless sorry pieces of **.

As an international recipient, there was absolutely no communication or apology for delay of express delivery. I had to do my own digging around to figure out where my parcel was. I came across this website, which gave a clear account of the issues as to why USPS should NEVER be used for international deliveries (at least to the UK). This is dated from 2012 but I can confirm that they have made no steps to rectify this: **.

Trying to get through to anyone is impossible within the company. All costs fall upon YOU - so you have to pay international charges to call them to complain. Trying to complain in writing is impossible because: 1) the online form requires you to put in a US address, and when you try and select the country box, US isn't even in there so you can't actually submit an online form; 2) there is no email address so you have to search for it. I've subsequently been bounced three different emails all claiming that they're 'not the right department', and you are reverted back to the same form that you can't send, or are forced to call them at your expense. As such, I can't claim a refund.

Absolutely the worst delivery service that I've come across. would suggest using other carriers that are better equipped to handle international deliveries. Can't comment on domestic deliveries. I'd like to note that I don't ever write online reviews but given the incredibly poor service that I've been given here, I felt compelled.

Current issue resolved.

Original Review

One of the worst organizations I ever had to deal with. Lazy, incompetent, inefficient, expensive. Total waste of taxpayers money.

We are moving in a few weeks and submitted change of address forms online - the effective date is a few weeks from now and then we receive notification that it can take 7-10 days after that to go into effect. Okay, so when we received no mail yesterday just wanted to make sure they weren't already forwarding mail to a home we don't live in but trying to get someone on the phone turns out to be a nightmare. The 1-800 numbers suggests you call the local office. My local branch after many repeated dialings and busy signals tells me to call our main city branch - main city branch is either busy or rings and rings and then an answering machine comes on to tell you that no one is answering the phone (duh!) and disconnects you. I can see the only real solution is to go there and stand on line but when do I have time? Here's hoping the folks we are buying our new home from are kind of enough to hold on to mail for us.

Lately I'm having problems with delivery of the items I sold on eBay. One package was shipped by Priority Mail, going from OH to IL. The route was as follows: OH to MO to KS - then to MO again, and finally to IL. It took SIX DAYS to deliver a one-pound Priority Mail package over the initial distance of about 400 miles that I would cover in 8 hours. The other one was shipped on May 30, is now in transit as of June 2nd. It goes by First Class Mail from OH to FL but somehow went to PA first. The last scan was yesterday, telling me that it left PA but that's it. I'm hoping that it didn't go to Alaska or somewhere like this. Here's to hoping it's on its way straight down south to FL. Can't trust USPS anymore.

I was wondering if you could look into something I have been fighting for. It was a year in March. My son was trying to beat a drug addiction. I mailed him Walmart and an Olive Garden gift card for his birthday. He never received it. I also paid the money to have it insured. When they took the money for the envelope we insured they never asked what was in it. We traced it to the West Palm Beach post office. I went through all of the instructions and filed a claim several times. They denied it and I appealed it. They said they denied it because of a Domestic mail manual section 609.4.3aa).

Who gets these manuals and what people are familiar with their rule? They didn't hand us anything stating this rule nor did they ask what was in the envelope. $150.00 may not seem like much to them but when you have a child with a drug addiction it financially drains you. I have called and written and have only gotten the same runaround. I was hoping you may be able to help. I wonder how many others are out there that this has happened to. Thank you.

They twice have now broken my items that they were responsible for. This company is beyond ** garbage.

I placed an order from Jewelry Square which is located in Brooklyn, NY. My shipping location is Hyattsville, MD which is up to a 4 hour drive from Brooklyn, NY. The expected delivery date went from Thursday May 26 to unknown. I contacted USPS customer service and they said there was a glitch in the system - the package never made it to Hyattsville, MD. I cannot understand how my package made it to the Hyattsville, MD USPS on May 24th and was not delivered. I went back to track my package on the 25th and there was no update. I checked back on May 26th and it says my package has been delayed. My package arrived in Jackson, Mississippi at 4:18 p.m on May 26th. It now shows that it had departed Jackson, Mississippi May 27th at 4:52 a.m.

As of today May 28th, I have contacted USPS in reference to my package. I was told my package made was scanned in Hyattsville, MD and they couldn't tell me how my package ended up off route because they do not know the routes the delivery trucks take. This is completely unacceptable. My package was supposed to be delivered to me in 3-5 business days. It was shipped on May 23rd and they say it should be delivered by Tuesday May 31st. USPS really needs to do better! I took a screenshot of my order and electronic receipt. It states the file is not allowed. If someone could connect me via the email address I could forward my electronic receipt to show proof of purchase.

I called this location because this is where my package was last scanned in. My phone call consisted of the lady telling me that my package was never sent and never there. "How can this be when I tracked my package online," I asked. She insisted that my package was not there. After hanging up the phone because the conversation was obviously getting nowhere, I reported them to the BBB. I did this because (1) I was LIED to and (2) because what I had sent to me was ammunition and I did not want that stuff on the streets.

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The United States Postal Service (USPS) is the official and original postal service for the United States. Ever since Benjamin Franklin was appointed as the first postmaster general in 1775, USPS has been delivering mail to people across the country. Today, USPS has expanded its services to also include international shipping, package shipping and priority mail.

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