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Ordered video cables at an online webshop, DHL was supposed to deliver the package. Plain and simple. After a week, still received nothing. DHL seemed to be the problem. DHL told me they couldn't find my address. Gave my address a second time with extensive explanation how to find my home. Another 2 weeks later, still nothing. Reason: they couldn't find my address. Well...The rest of the ** planet can find my address, so why a company with 100,000 employees can't??? Another few weeks later, without previous warning, they tried to phone me (what's wrong with email??) and because I didn't pick up the phone (I wasn't at home that day) they just decided to resend the package to the webshop (!). Final result: ONE MONTH waiting for nothing. Gladly the webshop returned my money. Shame that I can't give below zero stars on this review for DHL.

I own and operate an online shopping store, and I signed up with DHL for its Global Mail service for my logistics. Although it offers cheaper shipping costs, the service is, I must say, the worst of its kind. Its customer service takes forever to respond if you have any issues. For instance, I asked for account invoice so that I can make payment, but for weeks, they haven't responded. I also requested for some packaging materials (labels, envelopes etc), and it took them 3 weeks to delivery. Finally, I had one shipment supposed to bound for Los Angeles, CA, and on my part, I made a mistake by using slightly bigger box than its required specification. They informed me that they can't deliver it and would return my parcel. I sent the parcel around September 17, and until now they have no idea as what happened and where it is. I made a mistake, but DHL should still return it to me within a week or so, not three weeks.

Anyway, I finally called in and their explanation was they have to sort manually for all returning parcels. It just didn't make sense to me as DHL is one of major courier services and not being able to trace them systematically just shocked me. Anyway, should DHL have returned my parcel I could repack and resend it to my Amazon customer. Instead, I am way behind my fulfillment deadline and would eventually have to refund to the customer. Therefore, for those who are considering the service, these are some of the issues you may face. If you are dealing with high-value merchandises, I strongly suggest that you stay away from DHL and go ahead with more reliable, FedEx or UPS.

Hi.I have sent 5 kgs of package to USA from Hyderabad. DHL people kept that package on hold for 15 days mentioning there is customer clearance process is going on. They intimated us that whole food got spoiled. But the truth is they may opened the package and stole the things. This is very worst service I have never met. Don't choose DHL service. I have experienced DHL worst service twice. We have paid nearly 10000 for the other package to get it from USA to Hyderabad. I have did much drama and demanded 6400 rupees more to get the product mentioned that this is custom charge. Actual package cost was 10000 and DHL charged more than 10000. Stated you have to pay the custom charge and the package cost to get it from USA.

6 dresses were stolen from my box by DHL. I took pictures of the box with their tape over it stating it was repacked. They opened for no reason other than to steal what was in the box. Left original destination at a certain weight and received at a lower weight so it's obvious someone at DHL knows what they are doing and they can get away with it. DHL customer service said I need to contact my shipper!!! How disgusting for a delivery service. These dresses which were all packed together was a quick steal and the person or persons doing it know that they can get away with it. I have proof that box was opened by them which they have no right to do unless they are Customs Officers. Customer service is no help and refused to see that there is a problem. They are responsible and I showed them all the proof including pictures and weight of box as received and yet they still refuse to fix this problem.

We had placed an order with DHL in Denmark to send our passports to India for visa purpose. At time of booking we asked on phone to DHL Customer Service if it was legal. The Customer Service executive said it's legal. When our passports reached from Denmark to India and we got visa on it we faced drastic problem as DHL in India replied that they cannot send our passports back to Denmark as it was illegal to send passports from India to any country by courier. We lost all money of our flight booking and visas because of DHL Customer Service executive's wrong information over the telephonic conversation. We want to sue DHL as we have all evidences to present our case. Please help. We need to sue DHL.

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My door speaker got broken, and that's why I was picking up a new "delivery failed" sticker each day 3 days in a row. Courier could just call me on the phone number but he didn't. Both customer support and courier are incompetent as hell. My phone number has been provided 3 (!) times - and it wasn't enough to make sure he'll call me once he's at my place. The package had documents in it, and this delay resulted in a heavy time loss for me, as well money. Finally, customer support service is below zero - all they can do is tell you how sorry they are and promise that PROBABLY the package will be delivered on the next day.

No value for the customer. I wonder how do they manage to stay in business after such a terrible reviews. Oh I see their GOD is a $ sign. I normally don't write review but they are forcing me to write one. If you like to have a friendship with frustration, non cooperation please feel free to use this service. If you like peace of mind don't use it.

I ordered a couple items online for a total cost of $30 and then paid $10 for shipping just to get a call saying I had to pay additional $20 just to receive my item and if I didn't have a credit card accessible that I could drive to Richmond and pay $20 to receive my items. Most companies allow cash. Obviously they're looking to fraud your credit card!!! By the time all was said and done I paid $30 for shipping and only $40 for the item. I could have got 2 orders for that price from another company!!! Total scam!!! Scam!!! Scam!!! Never go to DHL shipping. You don't want to be scammed out of your hard earned money!!!

It was the worst experience. I will never use DHL ever again and tell everyone not to use them! They delivered the wrong package to my house and my package was sitting in Ontario which was reported to them within hours of the delivery! There was no urgency in collecting the package. I had a ordered a dress to wear to a wedding which I won't be wearing as it's sitting in the warehouse in Ontario while am in BC! The customer service agent who I was dealing with this just said, "We are sorry and we can't get the package on time" and offered no other solution than I had to talk to the manager. Long story short I don't have the dress and will never use them again! Worst courier company!!

Worst customer service, late package, opened, items missing. I wrote DHL customer service 3 times, no response. 4 times now because items were stolen. No one has contacted me over this issue. The USPS didn't get the package until it was 4 days late.

I buy a lot online, and of the shipping companies the sellers use - the USPS, UPS, FedEx & DHL - DHL is BY FAR the most unreliable and frustrating. This week, they placed a package "on hold." When I called to try and correct the problem, and after 3 long, frustrating phone calls to 3 different representatives they have so far not managed to deliver the package. It is especially annoying as they charge much more than the other carriers and do a much worse job. I wish all sellers would use the USPS. In this town, anyhow, they are by far the best: most reliable, fastest, and cheapest.

This is my first time using DHL and I will never do so again! My package was supposed to arrive at my apartment on Thursday. I got a notification saying that there was no one there for a signature (I live in an apartment complex with a front desk and have NEVER had an issue with this). After calling customer service and getting little help I agreed to pass on the requirement for a signature. The package was "unable" to be dropped off on Thursday so they rescheduled it for Friday. I got another notification saying "The package would be there by the end of the day of Friday" but then later received another undeliverable notification.

I called customer service and received even worse service than the first call. I explained that I had changed my preference to no signature and there was no reason for the package to not be dropped off. They explained that the driver never received my change in preference and I was told that there was nothing they could do but attempt to send the driver a message for him to drop my package off. I will most likely not receive my package until the next business day, which is now Monday, and when I asked if there was anything else they could do the man began to talk over me and with a very thick attitude just repeated that he would send the driver a message but couldn't guarantee anything. Why am I paying for a service when they are not holding up their end of the deal? I pay the money, you deliver the package. Horrible business etiquette, horrible customer service and horrible experience altogether.

l needed to send an urgent parcel to South Africa. DHL picked up the parcel on 8th August assured me it would be delivered 11th. Well after phoning S.A. numerous times from the U.K. suddenly had to pay more customs which was done within minutes. It then still took another 3 days before the parcel was delivered on 17th. No apologies, no communications. Absolutely disgusting service and l will NEVER use DHL again and l will tell as many people as possible about the dismal service.

First they charged my credit card 3 times and I don't know why. Before I use their service they confirmed the recipient will pay 10% of the commercial invoice nothing more. The commercial inv is for $249, but the recipient paid around $90 fees without any explanation (It should be $25). Also, the estimate delivery date should be 08/15 but delivered on 08/17 and to get it I called the international country more than 10 times, costed me more than $30. Finally, they are liars, cheat customers, and nowadays no customer service or rights we have to be volunteer victims.

I received a text message saying my package would be deliver by end of day (residential is up to 8 pm at night). The text stating that signature is required. I had family members stayed at home and I came home early from work. But surprise nothing was delivered by 8 pm. Checked the DHL tracking website the next morning and now the status says 'unknown delivery time' instead of the original date it specified earlier. Called in and the rep informed me it was scan into their system and should be delivered today... but not holding my breath till it actually arrives. DHL needs to do better with their tracking system instead of waste people's time. I don't mind delays but at least tell me on your tracking website since you have status on everything else.

I have never written a review before in my life but this DHL CANADA service is the worst I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. For the past week I have been receiving this "Sorry we have missed you" yellow sticker outside my house every single day! This is very frustrating because I need my package and that is why I have shipped it DHL. They are very primitive and indifferent and don't care if I receive my urgent package on time. For some reason they do not make a simple phone call to check if the client is home and I have no idea how to check if I am home or not. 7 times is way too many time to attempt delivery and use the same technique to check if I am home! Very bad service and please try to avoid DHL because they will care less if your shipment is delivered or not.

I've never left a review before until now. This company is absolutely terrible. Charged nearly $30 to ship a package under 1lb by express next day over the border, it's now been over a week (not held up in customs, held up at their processing center.) Given tons of conflicting information by every representative on the phone, and was told to call the company I ordered it from in order to find out why it was held up at DHL's facility. The representative I was speaking to did not seem able to grasp the logic behind calling DHL to find out why it was held up by DHL. Quite simply put, all in all the worst customer experience I've ever had with a company. Will never, ever use this company again.

I am a person who never leaves unhappy reviews - if you have a choice don't bother with DHL services. It's good they have gotten this far but it's strongly questionable how they have the capacity to maintain or grow at all. If you have DHL as your shipper anticipate speaking to multiple people, delayed or no communication back. And be diligent to check in with your online package status and make the calls anyways to check in as it may or may not actually reflect the accurate status of your package. In summary anticipate for general organization, follow up and logical thinking to be a challenge for DHL representatives.

Have been told that my parcel will be received at most after 5 days. They lost my parcel in Manchester and take around 1 week to notify me about it (calling them regularly). Poor customer service support (told me will be contacted in July 21 - not happened and then July 25 with updates - they call but not giving any updates until I called). At the end with their poor service they told my they will refund part of the device cost. Conclusion: poor service and customer support, so try to avoid guys.

I served as a judge for the Florida BPR which regulates all business foreign, and domestic, doing business in the State of Florida. That being said, it has been my experience that DHL will lie, cheat, or steal from you to achieve their objective which is your money. DHL promises things that they know not to be true. I sent a letter DHL express to Ukraine from Greece and was promised by DHL it would be delivered within the 3-day period. I relied on those representations and paid them the outrageous amount of €45,00 to deliver the letter. I have sent letters to this same address in Ukraine which takes 4 to 5 days at most for less than €5,00 through the Hellas Postal System which has better tracking than DHL.

So I sent the letter DHL to Ukraine. It has now been 5 days, and DHL is claiming a delay, and also telling me that it will take an additional 3 business days to deliver the letter. The DHL tracking website has not updated in 4 days. I had to call DHL to find out where the letter is, and was told it was in the U.K. and would be delivered tomorrow. I just received an email from DHL stating it will be delivered 3 days from now.

The people I speak with are polite, and professional on the phone. It's not their fault they work for an incompetent company. DHL has no idea what it is doing. DO NOT USE DHL. Use TNT, FedEx, or your local postal system. I've demanded a refund from DHL. This will confirm how ethical DHL is. I'm not holding my breath.

I had to ship a gift to Argentina. It was imperative that it got to its recipient without any hassles. I spent roughly $200 to ensure the package would arrive to its destination. I asked if the shipment was guaranteed and was told "yes". The package has now been sitting in Argentina customs for a week "Available upon receipt of payment". What payment? This shipment was a gift! It was essential that the package arrive to its recipient without any problems. All DHL could offer me was a simple "sorry" and added that they cannot control the activities of Argentina customs. I inquired about being able to pay the duty myself. I was offered nothing but another weak apology and a no. If DHL cannot ensure a package's arrival for whatever reason, they should not be guaranteeing its arrival. But of course, they had no problem taking my money. I feel completely ripped off. And it appears I've lost the trust of a decent person.

I have Complaint against Delayed Delivery and fake information from delivery man. I had couriered on 20-07-2016 from Kuwait to Mumbai (India) through you company DHL. It was delivery date was 22-07-2016 but your delivery man didn't reach to location and didn't contact to receiver. He create fake story and added on tracking "Recipient not home". It was office not home that means he did not visit at location, time 15:37 (Friday). Receiver was waiting from morning then after 5:00 pm delivery man e-mailed receiver "Sorry Missed You". Instead of calling he emailed him.

Then next day Saturday/Sunday come I called from Kuwait to your Mumbai office to check why delivery man put wrong information about receiver because receiver Mr. ** is a CA. His office open from morning 7:00 am to 10:00 pm and himself staying in office because of year ending. I called to Mumbai customer services but they harassed me. One by one operator collecting all information from me and holding international line for long time and cut line again. I call again. It repeat by operator customer services and hold line.

They delay my shipment more 3 days and I follow-up from Kuwait till writing e-mail. They did not deliver. They said delivery man has gone when he come back. Then we come to know he delivered or not till we have to wait for him. You don't have delivery man contact number? Then how your company trust him. He has gone for deliver or other place for personal work? I surprised, such a Big DHL company and you people don't have tracking system to check your delivery man location?

I am going to inform all my friends those are using DHL services. I will personal request them to stop sending documents or parcel through DHL. Better to go another carrier. Now DHL service become waste. I wanted from you to take serious action against delivery man who has given fake information to delivery department (Date: 22-07-2016 / shipment ID ** / Receiver Name: Mr. ** / location Mumbai). I am waiting for your prompt reply. Thank you.

Bad customer service and will never use it again DHL. They kept my parcel 3 days in delivery truck and never delivered. Called DHL several times. Also went two time their location and finally got my parcel. No more this people.

Dealing with DHL. I refused to receive shipment before I open it in front of DHL representative and check the goods condition (damaged, all items included...) but they don't allow me; he said "you have to pay and sign first then you can take it and open and if you have any comment you can contact our office!!"

First off, I would like to begin by saying I have never in my life been triggered to write a negative review about a company or product. I only wish I could give less than one star. I ordered an expensive device, and unfortunately the courier used was DHL. First they tried to deliver the parcel to my home address, and since I work until 5PM I was not there to sign for the package so they left a notice to go onto their website for details. I decided to have it sent to my business as I am there all day, thinking of course there would be no issue with this. They even have a box you can check to let them know your business closes at or before 5PM so I clicked it.

The next day they attempted to deliver at 5:23PM, when there were people still in the office until after 6PM. I contacted them and they had me fill the form out again for the next day. The same thing happened and they stated they had attempted delivery and no one was there... in an office that had at least 5 people working after 5PM. I then sent an e-mail frustrated advising them on what is happening and asked what I could do, that is when they had me fill out a self-collect form.

The next day I received an automated e-mail telling me to check online for when the package was at the pickup location. I then e-mailed the same representative back letting her know I was a little nervous as it was still showing online that they were delivering it to the business again today. She told me "No, it will be ready at a depot." Not trusting this information I called them, and the representative on the phone advised me they were in the business’ area, my package was on the truck and they would be dropping it off today. I waited at the office until 5:33PM and no one came.

Tomorrow I leave town for business for almost 1 week. I have now been chasing this company I have already paid duties/taxes to, trying to pick up/have delivered my parcel that I’m now very worried will be sent back. Stay away from using this courier. Their different departments don’t seem to communicate and their customer service representatives don’t care.

I am strongly offended by DHL customer care. I was sending a parcel from Hong Kong to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, but it send wrongly to Penang island is far away from destination, so I call customer care to find out what wrong? Customer care told my sender wrote wrongly the postcode, so I check the awb wrote by sender, yup, he sees a zero at back, instead of 46000, he wrote 4600, but the things is 4600 supposes to be Belgium, why DHL can't double check the address or contact the sender to confirm? If DHL send to Belgium or the address we wrote, I can accept, this is our fault. Anyway this is small issue, people make mistake. What offended is the customer care very rude, she send me by email to ask me educate my sender. Omg, how rude is it?

So I did send email to complain her, end up I screw now, my parcel now never received. The parcel I send from Hong kong stuff. Now DHL clearance ask for company gst, vat, and importer license. The worse part they inform Hong Kong to say that I refuse to received. It's just a prototype handset for study use, worth nothing. I already told them to return, but now they ask difference people to call me, ask me repeat the story but nothing to solve. I really can't imagine such big company bully customer.

It is not the first time or the second time. It's the 5th time DHL delivery, I have a business to run it in Giessen, Germany. I always work with eBay receiving packet maybe every single day for my customer. The driver when he is late he just return my packet to the seller or warehouse. I am losing my business. When I complained about to DHL they told me "We cannot help you. The driver cannot find the address." It sound stupid to me cause I am in downtown of Giessen in Germany. I am not in Sahara desert. So I rated zero. DHL customer service you need the right people in a right spot.

My shipment was not delivered in time. It shows it is with driver since 10:00 am and not delivered to me. The item inside was mainly food, all spoiled and damaged. One of the worst company and employee. I call customer services to know the status and ETD, the manager not interested. This company is making fun of their customer.

I order items online and some of items -- the seller sent them by UPS and some of them through DHL. I understand when I did the purchase I also pay for the delivery. With the UPS delivery door to door I did not pay anything. However with DHL I paid as the same amount of my items -- it is not acceptable. When I got the delivery and checked the invoice I paid for processing fee and transaction fee to DHL and this is I do not understand since I already paid for the delivery to the seller. Charging me such amount is unreasonable - I am asking for a refund. Thanks!!!

I ordered a package out of the country and DHL tried delivering it to my home address twice. Online tracking information showed that package wasn't delivered due to recipient not being at home. No paper trail or anything was left and certainly didn't buzz at all. Someone was at home both times and not a buzz was heard. Very disappointed with their false information!!! Customer service even blamed me for maybe not putting a correct/specified buzzer number. SO frustrating! I even stayed home just to wait for this package. Never ever going to use this service unless it is my last resort!

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DHL has a presence in 220 countries and territories around the world, making it an easily accessible shipping option no matter where you are or where you need to send something. They offer solutions for businesses of all sizes, from eCommerce to manufacturing.

  • DHL parcel and DHL eCommerce: DHL Parcel and DHL eCommerce provide standard parcel pick-up, delivery and return solutions internationally. These services are available for both businesses and consumers.
  • Customs service: DHL customs brokers are available to help your business ensure you are compliant with all the latest customs laws and regulations. Customs and trade consultants can review your supply chain to optimize duties and identify potential risk areas.
  • Cargo insurance: You want to make sure your cargo is insured for its full value in case it is damaged or destroyed in transit. DHL cargo insurance will protect your cargo from any damage or loss caused by an external cause. This can be purchased ad-hoc or as an annual plan, depending on the frequency of your shipping.
  • DHL Express: Perfect for when you need a parcel or package shipped fast, DHL Express can make sure it reaches its destination in the shortest amount of time possible. Get an accurate quote on how long it will take to reach its destination online.
  • Easy to use: DHL’s website makes it easy to track your orders. Sign up for an account to receive a discount on shipping and to place shipping orders. You can even order supplies online to use for shipping. To ship an item, simply fill out the online form, pay for shipping and drop the item off at one of DHL’s 4,500 service point locations worldwide.
  • Best for DHL is best for eCommerce and larger businesses, particularly those that ship internationally.

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