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I am writing about my recent experience with a FedEx delivery of medical equipment for my husband who has just undergone a total knee replacement and is in considerable pain. The package (tracking number **) was sent out to me on Tuesday, October 11, for two to three day delivery. Thus, the package was expected by Friday, October 14 at the latest.

When the package did not come on Friday, we phoned FedEX consumer affairs department on Saturday to make sure the package would be delivered on Saturday. We were assured that it would be delivered. However nice the representative was to us, the package was not delivered because it was marked as a business delivery. We subsequently learned, however, that FedEX reported that on Friday "future delivery" had been requested. Presumably this was the supposed reason why the package was not delivered to me on Friday. We never requested a delay in the delivery date -- so this was untruthful. Then on Saturday, FedEX shipping records indicated that "we were not available" for delivery. This was also untruthful as we were available for delivery. We were informed today that as the package shipping was changed to 'home delivery' we would not receive the package on Monday, as we had been promised.

It appears that the false information and poor service we received was in part due to a lack of good information provided to FedEx customer service representatives and, likely, total inefficiency at the Broomfield, Colorado shipping office. Now after several telephone calls to customer representatives, we can only hope that the equipment we purchased will come in time to be some small use for my husband's recovery.

The sender mailed a package to me containing a full bottle of my prescription. He said that he had a difficult time with the woman who took his information, but after having to correct her several times in spelling, etc., he was able to confirm the shipping address to be correct. However, between him leaving the store and the package being delivered, the address was completely messed up and not even close to the original correct one. It's been a month now and after speaking to numerous representatives and "managers", we've been told that we have to pay all over again and open up a special FedEx account.

Is there not any other option than to give this company more money and open another account? We were told several different things, but I think it was just to get us off the phone. I was told it was delivered back to the sender, which is a lie. Then I was told it was delivered to me. That was a lie, too. Then, we finally get the information that they will not send it to anyone, they will keep it until we pay and make a special account. I'm wondering if I should file a police report, since I'm not sure how FedEx can claim ownership of someone's medication and property or hold it hostage until I give them more money and open an account with them.

After receiving a door tag stating an "attempted" delivery was made, when the driver must have not even rung my bell, I immediately scheduled for a next day delivery. The next day I waited by the door buzzer continually checking to see if the driver was arriving with my view button. HE NEVER CAME! INSTEAD HE DROVE AROUND WITH MY PACKAGE ON HIS TRUCK ALL DAY AND THEN BROUGHT IT BACK TO THE DEPOT. I tracked my package throughout the day and the page stated that it was on the vehicle for delivery. Then at 6:30 I checked the tracking page again and it stated my package was brought back at 5:40 pm!!!

Completely frustrated I spoke with a supervisor named, Kam **, who reassured me saying the package would be delivered the next morning. It is now 1:40 and still no sign of a package. They are liars and do not care about customer service or delivering your goods in a timely, professional manner. I am greatly concerned about my package and will NEVER USE THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY AGAIN. BEWARE!!!

I made a purchase from a merchant and my package was to arrive to me on 9/28/16. I pulled up the tracking information and the driver had notated my package had been delivered 9/28/16. I looked over my entire property, etc. and no package. Contacted FedEx regarding this issue and they stated the driver would have to re-track his steps to find my package and get it to me. I contacted them again the following week and no information was available, and they don't know where my package is.

As I was going to class I noticed my neighbor had a package on his porch and I was very sure it was mine. Contacted FedEx to make them aware of this so they could have a driver come back out and verify this, and deliver the package to me. They kept telling me the driver was coming and he never did. I was so stressed by this. My final call ended with their representative contacting the merchant to ask him to refund my money and start his process of being refunded by FedEx because they never delivered my package to me.

I am not sure why companies continue to use FedEx when they are not responsible nor do they have reliable drivers who care about the customers. This company has terrible reviews from every spectrum of its existence and services. Merchants please do not use this company and use a more reliable and professional delivery service.

I moved to an apartment from a house. Lo and behold FedEx won't deliver to your door. Their response, "We are too busy to deliver to each apartment. We leave them at the leasing office for them to deliver." What? Leasing office doesn't deliver. I pay 2,000/month for rent and I'm now treated as a low life and have to pick up my packages. UPS has an opt out and they deliver to the door. I can't understand, the carrier goes to my door and leaves a note. Why in the hell can't he deliver the package as he is at the door. This is discrimination. I have notified all my vendors of Fedex's position and am posting on every site I can think of. I have advised the leasing office to refuse every shipment addressed to me from FedEx. This is poor service. But there are other choices. Shame on you FedEx.

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The FedEx driver didn't want to deliver my package because it weighed 50 pounds. I live on the third floor of an apartment building. The first "delivery attempt", he buzzed my apartment, then went straight back to the truck before I could answer. He left the package on the truck and said I wasn't home. After a bunch of phone calls, I finally reached someone who spoke English. He said my package would be delivered to my apartment door on the third floor the next day. I waited by the window, watching for him the next day so I could buzz him in immediately. I buzzed him in and he left the package right inside the main door and left.

After a bunch more phone calls, I was told he didn't want to bring it up the stairs and he "didn't have to". How do you expect a disabled woman to drag a 50 pound box up to the third floor? He had a dolly. He could have done it easily. So, after a bunch more phone calls I was able to reach someone I could halfway understand. He told me the driver would be back to bring the box up the stairs. He never came back. So my package is STILL sitting right inside the door at the bottom of the stairs.

If FedEx driver are supposed to be ninja, they are on a league of their own; but for delivery driver, they are the worst. Every single time I am home expecting a heavy package (a package worth my time waiting on) FedEx drivers would either ninja to my side door and leave a blank note saying nobody was home or just take it to the next level and leave the door tag in my mailbox. So either FedEx drivers think they have ESP-like power and determine if anyone was on from their truck or they are just too lazy to actually make the delivery.

I've been waiting in the living room (where the front door is) since 8 in the morning. I see that people here are also frustrated at FedEx. I suspect the problem lies on the fact that we are not FedEx's direct customers, FedEx's customer are the ones paying for their services, the online merchants. We the consumers just have to pressure the merchants to stop using FedEx (ask them to use other mean of shipping, or choose vendors offering options beside FedEx). Businesses typically don't response unless it affect their revenue.

No wonder UPS is highly regarded. They will attempt three times to get you your package before they send it back. Federal Express just trying once and my package was sent back. Shame on you Federal Express and LG. Take my advice never use Federal Express. They're the WORST.

Received a door tag stating what day my package would be delivered so I took the day and worked in my driveway until dark waiting for FedEx. Very important package so I asked two neighbors to text me if they see a FedEx truck so I could meet the driver at the driveway. No FedEx truck ever came through my neighborhood yet the driver listed me as attempt to deliver. With no new door tag it is pretty obvious that no attempt was made however the London hub does not require a door tag with each attempt so how do you hold your drivers accountable? FedEx is only as good as their drivers and not holding them accountable encourages them to lie. In London Ky FedEx drivers can sit alongside the road and sleep and then list customers as attempt to deliver and management will say nothing. From this point I will not deal with any business that uses FedEx to deliver. Management needs to be more involved with customer service.

Used FedEx to send a letter to Thailand and required to get this sent back. No Value in the letter but they told me what to use as I needed it signed the other side and returned. All went fine and then I got the Bill - £170 for the whole process - Royal Mail would have done it for about £25. After complaining to them I was told that I put down 1KG and selected Priority Service. This means nothing to me and I feel like I've been truly ripped off. Not at any stage did they provide a quote or tell me how much this would be and then they just expect you to pay the bill afterwards. Customer Service is so poor - They told me I have to pay and I've told them they can go jump. Rude and only after your money!

The type of customer support I have received from FedEx in Houston, TX have ranged from very pleasant all the way to unbelievably unsatisfactory. To start with the positives: the 5 packages I have sent this past year have all made it to the recipients. Glad to be able to say that, but really, that's about all the positives there are. Oh, and there's that one time the person at the counter was actually smiling and very courteous, which was quite pleasant and a nice surprise. Continuing with the cons: I had issues with 3 of these 5 packages in some step of the shipment process. Let me elaborate...

At the beginning of this year, I tried to use a coupon I found off the FedEx website, a clearly advertised coupon right on the FedEx front page. It has the checkout code and everything right on the coupon, begging to be used by everyone. No problems to expect there right? Well, when I showed the coupon to the person checking me out, I was told that I needed a paper copy of it. Alright, never heard of that before, but I'll work with it. They can't just enter the code? (No). Okay, can they just print out a copy of the coupon from their own website then? (No.) Okay, they wanted me to screenshot a copy of the coupon on my phone and then email that screenshot image to them. Then they proceeded to print out that copy from their email and enter the checkout code. A what would have been 5 minutes of service ended up being 20 minutes. Okay, whatever...

Next mishap I encountered: I sent a package to a friend who lives in a clearly marked house on a street in a neighborhood. The shipment tracking information showed that the driver "could not locate the address" the first two or three times he "attempted delivery." A couple days later, I receive a call from FedEx asking for my friend's phone number. Eventually, the package got delivered. I'll just give them the driver the benefit of the doubt and say it's an honest try. But seriously! The address was easily locatable on google maps. If it was that difficult to deliver to such an easy destination, I wonder how FedEx ever gets their packages delivered! I better stop using FedEx while I still haven't lost any packages with them.

This last encounter is the needle that broke the camel's back: I sent a package to a friend in mid-June, and it is now October. I paid close to $30 at the counter for the shipping. A couple days ago (3+ months after the shipment), I received a bill from FedEx with a sheet of paper insert stating that they were "unable to bill the account for the party indicated, therefore we are invoicing you for the charges associated with this shipment." Yes, THREE months after the shipment, I received an invoice for a package I already paid for on the spot, with the "payment" due in 1.5 weeks.

I called the number for "Revenue Services" and went through layers and layers of options before I finally got an operator. Luckily, this operator was quite helpful in somehow realizing that I had already paid for this shipment and removed the charge. (I'll find out how true this is in a couple days). Well, it would be good for me to know what caused this error to occur, so I don't have to deal with this again. So, I proceed to ask, "Could you tell me why this happened?" Immediately after I finish asking this question, the person helping me just hangs up! He asked me for my question, and then just hung up on me after I asked it! I was in total disbelief that customer service could be so rude.

FedEx just lost another customer and whoever else I talk to about my encounters. There is no way I would recommend their services to anyone. My experiences with UPS and even USPS have been better than this! FedEx is far too expensive to have services worse than the more affordable mail carriers. To be honest, I'm not sure how FedEx is even in operation if customers cannot even trust them with the simplest of tasks.

FedEx need to just go out of business. I paid for a next day shipment and the guy said he delivered the package but never came to the house so I'ma say he stole it. Just because he scan it delivered don't mean he did and the FedEx reps nor managers have no type of customer service experience. Please for your own good please don't use FedEx. They will steal your stuff and the managers don't have no care whatsoever. Your best choice would be UPS. They will never just leave your package.

Absolutely disgusted with FedEx services. Family sent me a gift and I was not home to sign for it. I work and am not home until after 4 PM. I have called and spoken to numerous FedEx customer representatives that assured me that they could deliver from 4 PM on as they deliver up to 8 PM. Today 10/1 after 7 phone calls I'm informed that no they can't deliver after 4 PM. There is no one that can sign for this package. My neighbors are all at work as well. So much for them arranging service at my convenience.

My package has been held up since the 24th of September and I'm not in a position to travel to Harrisburg or Lancaster, PA to pick up this shipment. The last customer service rep was rude after I explained to him I've been told by 6 other reps that this package could be delivered after 4 PM. I have canceled a doctor appointment waiting for this package after being misinformed the first time that it would be delivered on a Monday, which they do not deliver on a Monday. I have rearranged my schedule 3 times and still don't have my package!

Fedex is probably one of the worst courier out there. Everything they blame on weather even on sunny days outside. Everyone I know had issues with FedEx. Their customer service agent are rude and unprofessional. My clients pays more not to have FedEx as their courier for their goods to be transported. I've read some reviews and I have to say I relate 100% to all of them. Service in third world country are far better what FedEx is provided. My client paid for overnight delivery to Quebec from Ontario. It was supposed to be next day. It wasn't delivered. Then FedEx said they had issues at the terminal.

One agent said it was foggy. One agent said truck couldn't make due to traffic. Then FedEx decided to do their own thing, let us deliver even when the business are not open yet after I instructed for the package to be returned. Fedex they are never on time and never accept responsibility. They had even lost my client package before and didn't want to pay. Fedex is horrible horrible horrible. They should be fine for using "always on time". My advice: use anything other than FedEx.

I have just received the first notification of a FedEx Bill (marked PAST DUE) from FedEx who took care of the shipment into France of a faulty piece of electrical equipment originally purchased from France, for which I am being charged over $1,000 in TVA because they did not get the paperwork right. They have been completely unhelpful and now told me that the only way to avoid the collection agency is to transfer the TVA to the recipient. So this now appears as a whole lot of logistics work for me when a return/repair item, originally manufactured in France should not be charged TVA duties at all as it is sent back for repair. It would be nice if someone from FedEx actually gave some assistance rather than threatening with the Debt Collection Agency as the first step.

I have sent a document from Kuwait via FedEx. I was tracking the details from the 21st of September and enable the Request notification. Unfortunately I have received the notification one time only. Next is the biggest joke. The shipment has arrived the destination and I am following with the family about it and still saying they are not received. I have provided the contact number. If you can't find an address they can call a concern person to come and collect the package.

Finally, I have arranged to find an address of FedEx (what they have provided on their Web site as well as Google Maps are totally wrong). After searching for 2 hours finally found the location of the office. My Dad has collected the package and strictly informed me not to send any package via FedEx because it sucks in service. What a joke is, my dad has collected the package. If you see the tracking status "On FedEx vehicle for delivery" after 1 hour of collection and after 3 hrs the status changed to Delivered. Luckily the package was safe, but their service is very bad.

I live in an average suburban neighborhood. FedEx has mishandled the last three deliveries to my house. One they left with my neighbor, but marked it delivered on the tracking site. Fortunately, my neighbor brought it over to me the next day. Seems the deliver person was afraid of my 10 year old Aussie. Today, I expected two deliveries according to their tracking site. The driver arrived a little after 3 pm, then pulled away. Never came to the door. They marked my package as undeliverable customer not home. The second package was supposed to be here before 7 pm. When I called about it they informed me that their tracking site was incorrect. So basically I rearranged my day for nothing and I'll have to do it all again when they decide it's a good time to deliver my packages.

Many experiences of their refusing to honor in insurance claims for things they broke or lost. I sued them no less than four times to collect what was due me. Worst of all, an item was lost which the driver falsely claimed was delivered, which was one of the ones whose claim was denied.

My husband and I have spoken with eight FedEx employees in the last several days and not one could or would help get our package delivered. I ordered a birthday present for my son 10 days ago and it was shipped FedEx 3 day shipping. FedEx absolutely refused to deliver to our house at a time when we would be home, after 3:30 pm so we could sign for the package. Even though I signed up with delivery manager and wrote notes to the driver on the three door tags, every employee we spoke to said they would absolutely not redeliver within any time frame. Every item of FedEx advertising that I have tells the customer to sign up for your delivery when and where you like. All lies. They refused to deliver the package to our house and said we had to drive to the FedEx station an hour away. Absolutely absurd! Never, ever use FedEx. Terrible company bloated with tons of customer NO SERVICE. Lots of overpaid management and no workers.

Reason for review: failure to deliver in a timely fashion despite being paid for a service. I ordered 4 packages which were to be delivered via FedEx overnight. I paid over $200 for shipping for a total of ~$5,000 in merchandise. The following day, 3 out of 4 packages arrived. No phone call/e-mail (which I requested) once the merchandise arrived. I asked that it be delivered to the management office of my complex with a required signature... nope! They drop it off at my front door when I'm not home, no signature. $4,500 of supplies, left on my doorstep. Luckily, my management office was amazing enough to go get it and bring it to the office until I got home. That was fail #1.

As for the missing package (fail #2) - I follow up the evening of anticipated delivery and FedEx tells me it will still be there by 8pm as they are "delayed". Long story short, it never made it. At that point, they promise next day delivery (Saturday) because it had arrived at Massachusetts and they'd be driving it to Rhode Island tomorrow morning. They said they'd call me when the truck was en route. Never called. I follow up with them by 10am the next day- they said the truck left 8:28 am and they'd call me as soon as it arrives at the shipment building. I call at noon, then again at 2pm - no one knows where the truck went. It's then 4pm and no follow up (the FedEx in RI closes at 5pm). I call back, and I find out the truck never left Mass. They are going to deliver it Monday now.

No apology, no excuse as to why they can't communicate properly, no follow up throughout this entire process until I initiate the phone calls. This company needs to be seriously revamped because it has no accountability for its actions. They know they can always say "contact your shipper" if something goes wrong. In my profession if you don't do your job efficiently, people die. In the FedEx world, they can completely fail at life and still keep their jobs with no reprimand. The irony truly makes me shake my head in disgust.

First, I used a pseudo address to complete this survey as I shouldn't have to sacrifice my privacy to share my experience. Waited 5 days for shipment from Fedex, checked the front door repeatedly on the day delivery was expected (from tracking details/updates). Suddenly, I refresh the tracking and it says package delivered, but there was no package delivered to my home. Fedex has 3 different people call me to verify my address - it was correct from beginning - and ask for physical description of my home. It's house. They all look similar. The street number is clearly printed on uniform black iron mailbox. There's no way to miss my home/address. MAJOR FAIL. Never have issues like this with UPS! Thankfully, most businesses use UPS over FedEx, so it'll be a year or more before it happens again!

With reference to Tracking **, the product was dispatched from Pune on September 19, 2016 and delivered in the Parel, Mumbai office in India on September 20, 2016. After several follow ups, I didn't get any response and on September 23, 2016 afternoon I decided to go personally to collect the courier. I was shocked by the rude behaviour of Mr. ** and Gabrie on stating that we are not responsible on updating the status as well as delivery due to internal problems. This was an classic example of irresponsible behaviour and pathetic service by FEDEX organization because of internal issues. Highly recommend not to use FedEx courier service.

I ordered my new phone and FedEx tried to deliver the package to me while I was at work. When I got home I got the door tag that said they could not deliver it. I tried to reroute online, but the system would not allow me to do so. So I called FedEx. They told me the package was scheduled to be delivered the next day at 11 AM. I told them that I would not be there because I worked during the day and that they should not come at that time. The customer service representative called the station and got back to me to say that the package would be delivered the next day at 5 pm. I received a call later that day and FedEx left a voice message that there were no drivers left to redeliver, which was not what the note was supposed to be. So the next day, despite their assurances during my call that the package would be delivered after 5 PM, the tried to deliver the package again at 11 AM, for which I was not there because I was at work, just as I said I was.

So I called FedEx back and explained the situation that the package was supposed to be delivered after 5 PM. Once again they called the station, and got back to me saying that the station understood the situation and would in fact deliver the package after 5 PM. After I left work early and made it home by 4 PM and waited for 2.5 hours for FedEx, I checked the tracking to discover that they tried to redeliver at 1:33 PM, which again is not after 5 PM. Once again I called customer service and they informed me that they could not help me and that all they could do was deliver on Monday at 11 AM while I was at work. I ask to speak to a Manager and they passed me off to a customer advocate who told me that FedEx could not deliver after 5 PM and that I was "misinformed".

Despite my repeated recounts of the events to the FedEx customer advocate she refused to provide any service. Her only statement was FedEx does not have drivers this late and that they could not do anything for me but deliver at 11 AM on Monday, when I was at work, or put it on hold at a facility that was an hour drive from me and I am sick and told them so. They would prefer customers who are sick drive a hour to pick up a package and expose their personnel than to attempt any type of satisfactory resolution. FedEx completely failed to adhere to their commitments to me on the phone, failed to attempt any resolution for me as a customer and was dismissive and unhelpful. My company spends a huge amount of money with FedEx every year and I am exceedingly disappointed in FedEx's integrity in such that they lack integrity.

The vendor I purchased from shipped via FedEx Smartpost on September 14th. FedEx has now informed me it will arrive September 26th. FedEx advertises Smartpost as taking 2-7 days. Simple arithmetic tells me that this shipment will take 12 days after the date of shipment. This is hardly 2-7 days. It took 6 days to get from origin at New Hampshire to my nearest hub in Sacramento. It sat at FedEx for 2 days until they turned it over to USPS. Now it will take USPS 4 more days to get it the final 32 miles to my house. I thought 7 days was bad but it was all my vendor offered. 7 became 12 and I am without a critical resource even longer. Smart?

I was expecting a mattress to arrive sometime the next day so I called to see if I could get some kind of time general time frame. Agent arranged it so that they would call me before delivery. No phone call. Missed the delivery while I was at work. Second call, Agent arranges that I get it shipped via evening delivery the next night. No call. No delivery.

Now it's 6:45 so I call and check. Agent tells me that they scanned the wrong address and so the delivery went to the wrong address!!! No call or email to tell me this. Agent then tells me that I can pick it up at one of their locations!! I don't own a car and am by myself! Agent doesn't offer me a third attempt at delivery!! I had to remind him that I have another attempt as by FedEx's policy!! No manager to help resolve this!! Same talk-off and not a single care about the merchandise that they are responsible for!! No accountability. No resolution!! Nothing.

They misinformed, and mishandled merchandise. And they lied about having the wrong address since they already made a first delivery attempt. I am currently waiting for a 24 hour request hold before they can tell me when I need to pick my mattress up!!! Isn't misinformation a legal gray area? How can we hold a business accountable? False advertising to boot? No offer of a 3rd delivery attempt until I mentioned it?? No one wanted to help me.

I have received two packages from Both of them were damaged and there was a tear in one of the boxes. Also there is creases in the posters. It even says "fragile" on the box. Something really needs to be done about the incompetence of the people that puts the packages in the truck.

On 09/20/2016 I waited all day for a package to be delivered. Around 5:15 pm I noticed a FedEx truck fly by my residence, so I figured he would come back with my package which was said to be on the truck, out for delivery. The truck never came back. I checked the tracking again and it was indicated the package had been delivered at 2:00 PM. Left at front door. There was no package left at my residence, the truck did not stop. I made a call to FedEx to make a complaint and to see if they could contact the driver and have him backtrack. They stated that the driver then said that he slid the package under my front door. Which is impossible to do.

I subscribed to the Blue Apron box meal service. They ship via FedEx ONLY and Friday is my delivery day. I live at the end of the FedEx route. This has been a problem since boxes containing perishable food rides around on a truck from before daybreak until as late as 7:45. And this is in the Alabama heat. I am easy to find since I live on a numbered street that is well marked. And I am the only house in my 9-digit zip code and the only house on my street. The problems come in when the drivers near the end of the day and it is raining, or cold, or hot, or whatever and they will just skip me and deliver on the next business day. The drivers openly tell me that they do this --- because FedEx keeps adding more deliveries without more time.

On Friday, 1/16/16 I was due a package. I was careful to be available so I would get it refrigerated quickly. By 8 PM, the box had not arrived. So I pulled up FedEx tracking and it had a delivery record showing it was delivered at 7:45 PM. I called FedEx and was told that it had been delivered, but as we were talking an additional entry was made saying that delivery was pending. The FedEx guy said that "no problem" that they would deliver it on Monday. I questioned why it was marked "delivered" when it obviously was not. The FedEx employee became belligerent and even more so when I questioned why there were two different entries for the package, one that had appeared during my call. I was called a liar and told that I was trying to pull a scam. He kept referring to people "like me" as nothing but trouble (I live in a mixed upper middle class neighborhood) and said he could cause me no end of trouble.

The next morning a FedEx driver showed up with the package which was wet, dripping and partially collapsed. Needless to say I refused the package --- this is the third time. And I cancelled my Blue Apron account. Not only did FedEx tracking show the package delivered the previous day, apparently this was told to Blue Apron who sent me an email saying that FedEx would keep the box frozen until it was delivered. The driver said this was untrue that it was just sitting behind her van in the warehouse.

But my cell phone had died last Thursday and I needed to buy a new one. I live in Tuscaloosa. FedEx tracking showed that the package reached Birmingham, about 40 miles away, on Sunday afternoon. I tried to retrieve the package from the local FedEx shipping point and was told that even though it was there and accessible and technically my property, someone had added instructions not to deliver it until Friday, 9/23. It appears that someone is making good on the threat to cause me problems. When I returned home from the FedEx office, my mail box had been knocked down. A neighbor said that it was a FedEx truck which seemed to be having trouble making a turn and backed into it in the process. FedEx denies that this happened.

An email was sent to their customer fraud site. FedEx cooked up a story that they had delivered it to the wrong house and had to pick it up. They now contend that they stored it in a non-existent freezer overnight. And that they had every right to hold any package coming to this address until the last possible contractual second --- 7:59 on the 5th business day. I do not have problems with either UPS or the USPS and my house is very visible, and the shipping address is correct. Throughout FedEx employees have refused to give their names or an identifier such as employee number.

I would like to express my disappointment with the FedEx service. I sent my Kid's passport to CKGS APPLICATION CENTER NEW YORK for Indian Visa stamping on 29th Aug 2016 through FedEx. It was overnight delivery, well here is what happened. FedEx shipped my package to Wisconsin because of their system issue and I tracked package for a week but they were not able to answer. I filed a claim on Sep 08, 2016 and they took another week to trace package and were unable to retrieve it. I had Return flights booked for India on Oct 15th, 2016 which I will not be able to take as passport is lost and I cannot get new passport and visa stamped in this time. Total loss because of this delay cost me. Indian Visa stamping fees $156. Cancellation of Return Flights for 3 people : $950+$1200. Expedite passport fees $186.

I have been in contact with FedEx back and forth for the past 3 weeks. I talked to FedEx representatives number of times in last 3 weeks, to track my package and to get status of the claims but it was pretty much same all time that we are trying to trace it. FedEx last sent a check of $100 and said this is as per policy for the loss of package.

FedEx has ruined vacations of my family, that aside they are not even covering the costs of the passport fees. Needless to say, I was quite frustrated. I think you will understand, why I am upset at the manner in which this was handled. I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. As a customer, one only expects a world-class global company that offers services like FedEx to be more professional and do better in servicing its clients. I will be informing my friends and family about this experience.

My last 4 orders have been damaged, delayed, or the box was destroyed when delivered. Customer service doesn't care and doesn't want to be bothered! The last shipment I paid for overnight it was shipped and they went to tell me that it was Amazon's fault although Amazon have me their tracking everything to have here within two days and FedEx said well it won't be here today even though it showed it was out for delivery. Waited all day and called back for them to tell me I would not have that Saturday by 8 but should expect it by Wednesday by 8. WHAT? I paid for express 2 day and get 7 days later. NO way! Had it stops, refused, and sent back. Drove over 100 miles and bought one at Best Buy! Was very upset and FedEx could have cared less!

Amazon gave me credit refunded before returned and apologized and told me they would look into other shipment companies for my things. The two before that had something broken in it and again could care less. One order was so damaged the company said FedEx sent back to them and I had to have the whole order resent to me. My order today stamped fragile all over and box all beat up again. They just don't care!!!

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Since it’s official opening in 1973, FedEx has been focused on delivering products for consumers and businesses efficiently and quickly, utilizing air transport for express shipping. It has evolved since then to include international shipping, ground shipping, FedEx Freight and FedEx Office, which is a physical location where consumers and businesses can pack, ship, print, copy and perform other important tasks.

  • Fast shipping: The whole point of FedEx is to get packages to their destination fast. Choose between ground or air shipping, depending on where your package needs to go and when it needs to get there.
  • FedEx Freight: FedEx Freight is for businesses that need to ship heavier and larger cargo and freight. Generate your bill of lading and set up your shipping preferences online for maximum convenience.
  • Air/ocean freight forwarding: Businesses who need to ship freight overseas can easily utilize FedEx’s Air/ocean freight forwarding service. Download all the forms you need, including customs forms, from the website, then pass them on to your carrier.
  • Temperature control: Businesses that are shipping freight with temperature sensitivities can utilize FedEx’s temperature control options. Temp-assure ground and air keep  your cargo cool by placing it in a temperature controlled container.
  • FedEx Delivery Manager: Take control of when your shipments arrive by signing up for FedEx Delivery Manager. This free service allows residents to customize their delivery time, choose to have their package left at a FedEx delivery location instead of at their home, receive delivery notification or request a vacation hold.
  • Best for FedEx is best for individuals and businesses that need to ship items fast.

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