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I met an Australian man named Ayapi. He seemed nice at first. He is 50, has a daughter, and suppose to have a business. He started asking for sex very fast. I dealt with it. I was going to fly to NSW, Australia to meet him. I changed my mind because he would call me the B word. Ayapi had a temper. Aka, Costa. He soon would tell me that he lost his job, he had to move with his mum. He would dry bag, but didn't ask me for money. I really liked him, we had things in common. I soon found out he has genital herpes, he is promiscuous, and he's a liar. He wanted just to meet women for his sexual gratification. He would make up excuses not to video chat face to face. All his pictures looked different. He has been on OkCupid for years, and his pictures are very old.

I started to think he is a romance scammer. This is why he looks for women across different countries and states. The man is a con man who has lured different women for years in his web of lies and deceit. OkCupid has losers, rapist, and scammers on their sites because it is free. Women and some men are not safe. There was also a man who went to prison for stealing money from women on there. I went out with him, but found out later.

I've had many of the experiences others report in the long list of reviews. I dropped Okc for good when I saw an *Okc news* video in an online search of two dogs copulating. Really? How upright of you, Okc. Is it a good thing for the rest of us when you further contribute to the decline of society? Secondly, did you know that online okc profile info has been *scraped* more than once by outside bodies who call themselves "researchers"? Why do they do it? My guess is that they analyze it for use it against you later on. Why did/does Okc choose to NOT protect its subscribers? Oh wait... Okc doesn't protect its participants against scammers, either.

This is really just another *one-way* business where the originators get a lot from you without giving you much, or anything, in return. Typical HBS model.

I recently bumped into two guys up here that asks for money. They will be friends with you for two wks and then using different reasons to ask you for money. And with one I did gave him the money, but then he continue to ask for more with larger sum, and then when you told him you have no more to give, he turns around and start criticizing about you and how bad of a person you are. But when asked "when will you return the money", he then blocked you on WhatsApp. This guy is using this ID call: **, with a telephone number of: **. And another guy name under ** also used excuses to ask you for money, and when you neglect him, he keeps on calling you via WhatsApp, his number is: **. But what is the most annoying is that when I report to OKC about the fraud and scam, using this title "[Complaint] Why are there so many scams and fraud up here on okc?" this was their reply:

"Hi, Thanks for your message. It looks like you're writing to us about password or login issues. Let's get you logged into OkCupid! First, go here: http://okcupid.com/lostpassword and enter in your username or email address. This will send an email to you with a link to log into OkCupid. You'll want to be sure you're entering the email address associated with your OkCupid account. If you don't see the email from us, check your spam folder and look for an email from "bounces@mail1.oknotify2.com", which is our automated email address.

If you've already tried this and it's not working, or if you don't have access to your account's email address any more, reply to this email with your username and the email address linked to your account, and we'll manually reset your password for you. Thanks, OkCupid Support." Apparently this is an auto generated email, and as soon as I received this I replied, but up until now, it has been more than 3 days, and no response from OKC at all!!!

This website should have a screening process. I was on for 2 months and just decided it wasn't worth the trouble. I complained to OkCupid but I have no idea what they do with the info sent to them. I have a folder filled with evidence that men on OkCupid steal photos to use on their profiles. It's crazy! I even contacted a businessman in Colorado to warn him that someone's using his photo. There were a few photos of Russian actors, a real estate person. How about the same exact profile with various people's photos? These people have no idea men are using their photos. This has got to be illegal. Someone needs to investigate.

There is a user named ** & ** named Hector that meets woman online, convinces them they are in an exclusive relationship, hiding or deleting his account until he can convince the woman to delete theirs. Once they do, he gets back online looking for more women. He will start asking to borrow money. He will not pay it back. When he gets caught, he gets verbally abusive and being that he is a police officer, he will threaten to have you arrested for harassment if you keep asking for it. I actually contacted his Chief and was assured that the money would be paid and it still has not. Do not fall for what this guy tells you. He is a scam artist who uses women for sex and money. I reported his profile to POF and it was no longer there after a few minutes. I have also reported it to OkCupid and is still a user after numerous complaints. I am wanting to make women aware of what this guy is doing.

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I have been on this site since May of 2015. I Google search every photo and I copy and paste all suspicious text. 99% of the users are stolen photos and copied and pasted profiles from scamming sites. I report all of these fake users and I am still flooded with them. OkCupid does absolutely nothing to verify their users. They should offer the same Driver's License or Passport verification that International Cupid offers. Although my daughter and my friend both found nice people, both attest to the fact that they had to go through 100's and 100's of fake profiles because OkCupid does not screen anyone.

Yes, I could leave voluntarily. However, if a company advertises a certain product, one expects a certain level of integrity behind the product and the services. Seriously, I stated in my profile exactly what I would not tolerate, but OkCupid doesn't even care. Don't waste your time on OkCupid. Obviously a free service is useful only to scammers and con-artists. It is worth the money to pay to weed out these bottom pond feeders.

I met a jacoby in ya dating site. He started begging me for money. I said I didn't have any to spare. He started cussing me out, calling me a ** and all. I don't need that from ya site. Here's his name **. Please block him. TY.

This site drove me absolutely CRAZY INSANE!!! I deleted my account after 6 hours due to a flood of messages from guys checking out my profile. After 6 hours I had about 35 messages in my inbox that kept coming. What is wrong with the guys on this site!! They act they have not seen or spoke to a woman in DECADES and come across as severely desperate men who have better to do with their time than type message every second of the day 24/7 like they are immobilized in a wheelchair or something.

One asked me how long I had been on the site and what I did for a living. He stated on his profile he was from Oregon and none of his person info filled out but then stated after that he was a sniper in Afghanistan in the Army if you believe that line. Then wanted my phone number to text me. Very pushy creeped me out. Of course I refused! The men are very pushy and want to move fast which is an obvious red flag. I bet if these weirdos saw me in person they would not have guts to even speak to me but they push their way behind a keyboard and screen.

I realize that there are a lot of people who have many unpleasant experiences to report and I am no exception. I spent about a year on the site and had to go through a few tossers before I finally met (and married) the right guy. We are friends with two other married couples who also met on OkCupid. But at first I had to deal with the usual assortment of married men, swingers, pervs, the typical NYC "You Must Meet Every Criteria on My Checklist" guy, ghosters, etc. I went out on dates with six guys before meeting my lucky number seven. I've never been happier. His profile was honest, funny, and intelligent and his messages were respectful and genuine. Sure you have to sift through some BS but I had good results and so have others.

Most messages are scams. Keep your messages. They are the same! Word for word... This site has an unusual percentage of scammers. I agree it is run by them.

I was really starting to make some good connections. I even found a few friends from college that I had lost contact with, and then out of the blue... I can't access the account. I bombarded the site with e-mails asking why I couldn't reset my password or access my account. I FINALLY got a response today: "Hi there, Thanks for your message, and our apologies for the inconvenience! It looks like your account was temporarily suspended while being reviewed by our moderators. This can happen for a number of reasons, including your account being flagged by another user, or certain types of activity that trigger our automatic filters. No worries, though -- everything's been sorted out now, and you should be all set going forward. Thanks for bearing with us on this, and please let me know if you have any questions or run into any other issues!"

That was VERBATIM what I had received. I go in to login to my account, and guess what? I STILL CANNOT LOGIN TO IT LIKE THEY PROMISED! I have sent them one final email begging them to set things right because I don't want to lose contact with those people. (I work long hours, and I wasn't able to get my info to them right away.) I am pretty much done with their website. I am still hurt, still upset, and still hoping to find someone that will enjoy my company starting as friends and moving to something more. If that is inappropriate, then they can keep their site.

2 parts. Many men from other country emailing you telling you they love me. They never meet me. Nuts. Then they asked for money to come see me. They say they working on a job on a rig in the middle of the ocean, they send you pictures to prove it but they're not in picture and they will retire soon and they need money to come home. Their money on shore in the states and they will give it back in return and they have a child, dead wife. Living with grandma. Same sorry story after the other.

Second, same ** with the military. I called 2 guys bluffs, my brother overseas and I said you're allowed phone calls Skype though base and money allowed there for fun and to travel when off duty, also the army pays for your safe return off. You can also tell them you spoke to the military CID unit which is their FBI there and they run so fast. Also guys say they want to get married but just want fast hookups. Not for me. I rather go to a club and meet a real live guy the old way. I got off site.

I had been on this site for a while since I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Anyway I asked a woman a question about her religious views and I was polite and nice about it. I didn't do it in an abusive or mean or rude manner or anything. Since the person had very close views as me and we both liked doing a lot of the same things, next thing I know I receiving swearing and cussing and the person calling me stupid and dumb and all kind of abusive and mean and harassing messages that I did not want to deal with so I blocked them. A few hours later my account was deleted and I was told I violated TOS which I did not. The other person did. While on the site I also had picture that was in other folders deleted and threatened to be banned for saying "it's better to find someone to wake up to than sleep with.” As in all this site isn't worth using since most of the matches did not in fact match and it’s just a waste of time.

So, I had been using OkCupid for quite a while. I would say a year or two on and off. I had answered hundreds and hundreds of questions that the site has you do "for the best possible match". The majority of those answers were in great depth and were very well thought out. I believed that answering such questions in great detail would allow people to understand me better.

Well, in my main profile I had put in there that I do not like 3rd Wave Feminists. I also explained that I am an egalitarian and believe in equal rights for all, so it was not sexist at all. I just do not like the Feminazis who are trying to take away rights and push a fascist agenda. I thought that was reasonable. It is something that I just do not like. I even stated that if the woman was one of the good Feminists (one of the feminists who truly believes in equality), we would probably get along just fine. I was by no means making any hate speech towards women. I love women. They are my equal.

So, to my shock after not speaking to anyone on the site for a quite a while my account was banned. Mind you, I had been signing in, so my account was not inactive. At first I thought it was a technical glitch. Then I did some searching and realized the site had banned me. So I contacted them. They told me that I violated the TOS and was harassing people. I had only spoken to a few people, only had one debate (a debate is not harassment or hate speech) with a Feminist, and it had been months since I said anything to anyone. How could I have harassed anyone?

Back to my first point. Even my actions on the site do not reflect someone who was "trolling" or "harassing" others. No one would have invested the hours that I did giving thoughtful and expansive answers to hundreds of questions if they were there just to "troll" or "harass" others. It would be a giant waste of time. It makes no sense.

I noticed to where before I only got profile views sporadically, after I put my position on Feminists on my main profile page on OkCupid, more women were now coming and viewing it. Next thing I know I am banned. Logic tells me is that they did a false flag campaign against me because they did not like my position. They try to silence and harass anyone who does not agree with them. This is a known tactic by them. So, in the end. I am the one that was harassed!

I have tried multiple times to resolve this situation and OkCupid will not even look into it. I know for a fact that I did not harass anyone or break the TOS, so why am I being treated this way? OkCupid says that giving honest answers will better your chances of finding a match. In reality is if you have an answer that they do not like or their members do not like, you will be removed. So, my recommendation is do not use this site, or if you do, leave your answers as superficial as possible. They do not care and they will not resolve your situation if you are the one that has been wronged.

I posted in my profile about helping the "Catskill Mountain Railroad" Not getting torn up for a Bike trail, and they Blocked me. Wasn't asking for money or anything, just want to help the railroad! Yet I'd see women on the advertising for their home businesses, all the time, and some could be considered scams and nothing is ever done to them! I was an A plus account and they did refund my money, but that is not the point! I did nothing wrong!

I send out decent, innocent invitations to chat/correspond. I paid for "special package" which includes ability to see that my messages are being read in real time. 9 out of 10 "ladies" never bother to acknowledge my presence/attempts at communicating. They lie saying they "missed" me when I see them go to my profile after reading my introduction/repeated attempt to see if there is any interest.

I realize many have been "harassed" but they must know not everyone is a scammer, cheat, etc. Inconsiderate "ladies" if they are actual profiles. I suspect it's mostly 'impostors' who are there to lend some sort of legitimacy to the site. I think the site is a scam! If you mention scam on the site itself then they find some profile to find a petty, almost imagined, offense to cancel what you paid for. How this can go on without the authorities doing something to rectify this is beyond me.

This site is one of the absolute worse. They are infamous for canceling accounts yet let you continue to see those that you have blocked. Anyone can have your pictures removed yet males can have their ** showing or no pictures at all due to them literally stating they're just trying to screw. It's utterly RIDICULOUS! Not to mention the filters are a complete JOKE!!!

They deleted my account after I reported a guy who was asking me for money so that he could get out of the military! No, really, I mean how stupid did I look (pretty stupid), I guess. Anyway, if you are an attractive lady who is educated, intelligent, gainfully employed, and not looking for one night stands or to sponsor foreign drug cartels, then RUN! If your life is good, and you'd like to keep it that way, then this site is NOT for you. If you're feeling adventurous, try Craigslist.

OkCupid's moderators banned my roommate from their website for expressing her opinion, but I was using her computer for my account on there too, so they assumed that my account was my roommate's duplicate account cause we used the same computer. They sent her an email saying we deleted your other account too... LOL!!! What a bunch of imbeciles! How are you supposed to find the right match for you if you can't even express your opinion and have a normal conversation without OkCupid Nazi police breathing down your neck and shutting you down if you say something that they don't agree with?

I received insulting messages from random guys on OKC. At one point it really got to me and I insulted one back, so they banned me from the website (blocked my computer and phone) and the guy who insulted me is still using their system! Unbelievable!

OkCupid is notorious for randomly shutting down user accounts without providing an explanation why. This is bad business practice on their part, users can be reported by another user for no legitimate reason or moderators can take issue with e-mail correspondences you've had with other users and then you find your account blocked or deleted and you're left without any recourse. Honestly people stay away and don't use the online services of OkCupid. Go out and meet people the old fashion way... IN PERSON. I've sent a few e-mails to OkCupid and nobody from the organization has bothered to acknowledge or respond. Lesson learned.

Unlike many other reviewers, I have not encountered Nigerian or other overseas scammers. There was one who used a picture of a London based wealthy business owner, married with kids, and there were some with no pics at all. In addition, there were so many local arrogant middle eastern men who do not take no for an answer. And there were plenty of other local weirdos. These dating sites make you believe that there are no normal middle aged men out there. I am an educated, attractive woman who was interested in meeting a normal middle aged educated and interesting man. I guess, there is no such thing, lol.

I hate talking bad about other people, but after using this site, I think that most middle aged men are either struggling with some sort of addictions or they are looking for a one night stand. And there are so many young men who have too much free time on their hands, which is fine, I just ignore them. I have met about 7 men from this site, including a cardiologist, custom jewelry designer, engineer, business owner, etc, and every single one turned out to be a weirdo. Women beware of those who sound too good to be true, lol, especially the ones who want to spoil you. Thanks goodness, I have connected brain cells and see two steps ahead of them. Good luck to those who met someone special, but all the rest just need to be careful. :)

This site is 100% run by scammers. The proof is that the site offers up an assistant in the beginning to welcome people to the site. They also have a email address for notifying them about scams and site abuses. I reached out to both about scammers asking for cash. The "greeter" never answered back and the email address did not exist. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE ACTUALLY RUN BY THE SCAMMERS.

Match.com was revoked by the BBB. They charge your card even after you delete and tell them that you are done forever. There have been several class action lawsuits against these scumbags. Fake profiles and also don't believe the so called Match success stories. They are fake stories that the site posts themselves.

I decided 2016 I was I needed a change in life. I have recently turned 50 and had heard good things about OK Cupid. I signed up on Jan 1st and was immediately contacted by a guy whose profile said he lived in bell Gardens, CA. We started IMing and seemed to be on the same page. About 30 mins into it he tells me he's in Afghanistan in the Army but will be retiring after 20 yrs in March. I think this is nice, we have 3 months to get to know each other and not jump into anything. He had no access to Skype, a cell phone nor any recent photos.

He told me he loved me after 8 days, asked me to send him a cell phone, and every sentence ended in "my love". I suspected he was a catfish right off the bat. He asked me to delete my profile because we were done searching. Jump ahead to 4 weeks. I tell him it's time to basically put up or shut up. I was a actions speak louder than words kinda girl. Now keep I mind we had chatted in yahoo IM for at least 2 hours a day every day for a month. So the not knowing was making me crazy. So I had a friend on the sheriffs dept run his info, he had no info the database for the US. What a surprise.

That was 5 days ago, never heard back since I backed him into a corner. In the 2 weeks I've been back on the site, I've been stood up because I wouldn't send naked pics ahead of time. Chatted with 2 guys who have LA as their home and when asked where in LA they are they replied California. And 2 more have LA area as hometown and turn to be in Africa in the military. That's 5 catfishes. I got an email saying I have a high viewing history, congrats!!! I don't know how, I have not found a real guy on this site yet. I'm getting hit up by women, couples and 20-30 something's, mostly out of state or country. All I can say women is don't waste your time or money on this site.

A friend told me about the site, new to Match, so thought I'd check out Cupid. From the get-go men were coming on unreasonably strong; calling me delicious, gorgeous, wanting to go "where this is going". Very young and didn't care that I was 62. Red flags immediately, very unsophisticated, unprofessional and lewd. Immediately wanting my phone, email, etc. Mostly out-of-state, in armed services.

The final straw was from someone who went by username **. Opening line to me "50 shades of grey has nothing on me". I responded that that was not appealing to me and that his username was meant to attract one kind of woman, which wasn't me. His response was, "Sorry, didn't mean to offend. I'm a nice guy. I'll change my username..." Wanted to meet for coffee, wanted to know where I was, etc. Next morning I opened email and got one from him... "Good morning my love"! That sent red flags all over the place and I deleted my profile immediately. A very scary place and thank God my intuition told me that pretty quickly. I was on there a little over 24 hrs. Dating sites are not for me, joined Match for 3 mo. and after two weeks, never had a conversation. I'm done. The $48 was worth the valuable lesson I learned. Fate and chance is the best. A person's eyes are worth a million words for me. I would never recommend internet dating to anyone!

I am writing this review in hopes that I will help other women to avoid this dating website. I had 5 guys in 3 weeks get extremely cruel via text and over the phone because I did not want to go on a date. The whole purpose of online dating is to find the right fit. These guys were plain crazy! I am appalled at how rude these guys were and they never met me. Some never even talked. Just text. There is a reason that men in their 40's and 50's have never been married. OkCupid should really do some background checks or at the very least offer it up for a price. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE.

I am a mom of a college student that met a man online using this dating site. They do not do background checks. I am writing this to warn everyone. DO NOT USE THIS SITE. Things could have ended very differently for my daughter. She dated him for 5 weeks. Luckily, he came to our home over winter break to visit her. There was something not right about him. He left at 5 pm on new year's eve stating there was a family emergency but he would be back tomorrow. That emergency was he is a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER FOR LIFE. He is on parole and left his home for over 3 days and had to check in with his parole officer.

He left on January 3 and he and my daughter had been in a fight. He threatened her and shoved her. Finally, Monday, my daughter broke up with him. That is when I googled his name and it came up REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER STATE of Illinois. I have contacted OKCUPID. I am well aware of their disclaimer that they are not responsible because they do not do background checks. That is why I am writing this. DO NOT USE THIS SITE. Please protect yourself. I feel my daughter is in danger right now or I would post his registration with the sex offender database in IL.

This used to be a good site. I am a professional and (so I've been told) attractive woman who is intelligent, classy, sophisticated and articulate. The primary issue I have with OKC is there is no feasible method of blocking men from specific age demographics. As a 44 year old sane professional I am honestly disgruntled and disheartened by the number of 20-something "men" who contact me. I am confident in stating that at least 95% of the emails I've received via this site during the times my account is actually active are from men under the age of 24. Maybe this is something that some women out there enjoy - the possibility of a hook-up with some young creep. Not me. OKC used to come highly recommended and I, too, would recommend it to friends due to the fact there are some very poignant questions that, if answered, can help you find a better match.

This is a fact: today I finally reactivated my account and - no joke - less than 60 seconds had passed before I received a message from a 23 year old (who clearly didn't take the time to read my profile) telling me he wanted to "get to know" me. Right. I immediately deactivated. It's disgusting... hearing from "kids" who are young enough to be my son. WHY can't there be a filter such as that of POF in which we can block out specific ages from contacting us? One more thing: blocking someone from POF and/or reporting that person doesn't seem to do anything. I've received some pretty nasty messages and yet nothing has been done to remove such profiles. I kept holding out hope that OKC would get a clue and provide some level of class but clearly they do not care about the members who truly want to meet someone of quality.

I've been on the site for about 4 months. In the last 2 weeks I have had 2 scammers that I was able to verify. One wrote that he was an art dealer from Sweden and had lived in the states for 6 months. He had very nice pictures. I put his picture on Google Image Search. Surprisingly, the picture was of a judge in Texas married for 29 years with 3 children. The impostor said he lived outside of Philadelphia. The other one said he lived in Trenton, NJ. His picture came up as an actor in London. I advise anyone on these sites to use image search before you get too involved. I contacted OKCupid, but they are still on the site.

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Harvard Business School graduate, Mark Brooks, has been an expert in the Internet dating business since 1998. He is currently the CEO of Courtland Brooks, a consultancy agency for the Internet dating industry, and runs OnlinePersonalsWatch.com. He prides himself on being a New Media Futurist and can be reached at LinkedIn.    More about Mark→

OKCupid.com is a free site that offers members the ability to upgrade their experience by subscribing to a premium membership. Created in 2004, the site serves millions of members through a unique profile format and optional question and answer section.

  • Unique profile format: Many dating sites only ask members to tell a little bit about themselves and who they are looking for. OKCupid makes it easier to learn more about prospective dates through open ended profile questions including six things you can't live without, what you are good at, what you are doing with your life, what you like to do on a friday night and more.
  • Thousands of optional questions: OKCupid has a unique feature that allows you to answer as many or as few multiple questions on topics ranging from values and relationship goals to personal hygiene and basic math skills. You can then compare your answers to those of people whose profiles you are viewing.
  • Advanced search algorithm: Users can choose both physical and value-based attributes to search for, improving the quality of the matches they find. Some criteria are only available via upgraded membership.
  • Anonymous email network: Users can email potential matches through OKCupid.com's own messaging service, allowing them to keep their identities and contact info private until they are ready to share it.
  • Profiles are screened before being posted: OKCupid.com staff screens profiles and photos before posting to ensure only appropriate information makes it onto the site.
  • Best for People looking for long-term relationships, people looking for short-term relationships, and people looking for a large dating pool.

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