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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I used a Green Dot card years ago and approx 80 dollars was stolen off it and used for something called Habbo Hotel. I avoided them since then but my son picked up a Visa prepaid Green Dot card for me to pay a bill with. I paid the bill and intended to cancel the card and 12 days later what do you know. I just got an email from Habbo saying I requested to change my email to my current email. Green Dot is not a safe and secure way to handle your fund and should be avoided. I do not have a Habbo account and someone calling themselves spyyusef that is a Habbo member just gained access to a second Green Dot card I used.

Last week I put 60.00 on my card. I went to pay a bill and noticed almost $20.00 was gone off my card. I called customer service, and he told me I had a 2 month monthly fee, so I just let it go. Today I uploaded my card again (remind you this is within the same month). I went to activate my phone and Green Dot took $8.00 off my phone. I called customer service and the woman I spoke to got mad when I questioned her about this and hung up. I called back, got a man. He told me it was because of monthly fees. But you took almost $20.00 for monthly fees a week ago.

He continued to explain and I told him I was recording him because I may take legal action, he quickly hung up. Someone needs to look into this company ASAP. I asked to speak to a manager, I was told they didn't have one. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and that was denied. I truly believe someone inside the company is stealing money from innocent people. I pray someone does something about this because we work hard for our money and no one should take what doesn't belong to them.

Closing an account due Green Dot lies take my time, my money and frustrated. After initial call to close my account, they told me that check will be in 10 days. 3 weeks later I call to ask if something wrong and they ask me to wait 10 more days. Since then 3 months and no one penny, too many calls, too much frustration, and almost give-up. My recommendation: Fill a complaint at BBB, maybe they can help!

Green Dot is a piece of **. I bought one card yesterday and they took $7 out of my account and I only had it for one day. Waiting for customer service takes 4 hours and the service you get ** sucks in all this is the worst company ever. They take your money and they don't give it back.

Disabled veteran and for two years trusted this bank until last month when they charged my account twice for $1050.00. I called and chatted with them but no help at all. Its sad. I think they get people to trust them and them mess with their money. Please DO NOT GET GREENDOT Prepaid. It sucks and customer service sucks too. Remember one thing if opening an account is so easy be careful because then it's also so easy to mess with your funds. Very disappointed and thankful I no longer bank with them.

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We got a green dot gift card for our wedding as a gift. There was not a note saying how much it was so I called wanting to send out, "thank you." Turns out it has a negative balance of 19.67. How does a brand new gift card I unwrapped have a negative balance? Nice to know this but there is nowhere to get ahold of a green dot help person online and if you try calling you can never speak to a person for help. Glad I know this as I will never personally buy one of these cards for myself or anyone. Someone needs to be investigating this company for fraud.

I tried to withdraw my money from an ATM and it was declined. I had more than enough on the card. I called Green Dot and was told they cancelled my card due to suspicious activity and would send a new replacement card in 10 days. They refused to tell me just what this so called suspicious activity was. The agent said he didn't even know because they are not told themselves due to privacy issues and that there was no one that could tell me and that I the consumer would never know either due to privacy. I asked to have them lift the block on my card long enough to go to an ATM and withdraw the money and they said that is impossible.

I have read on this site that others have been allowed to go to the ATM and take out their money but I was told that was not possible. This is all the money I have and will suffer by waiting for a new card to be sent. I tried calling back to make sure the replacement card is not one of the temporary cards that do not allow withdrawals from ATMs and now the robot will not connect me to a live person by stating that I have already called today so I can not speak to a live person again. I am now in the process of reporting this company to attorneys as well as BBB and the Attorney Generals Office. How rotten.

I purchased a MoneyPak card, bearing the Green Dot logo, loaded with $240.00, thinking that I would use it to load cash onto my PayPal account. As it turns out, one is no longer able to load money onto PayPal using MoneyPak. MoneyPak refuses to refund money. This forced me to purchase a Green Dot pre-paid Visa. Purchasing a Green Dot pre-paid Visa forces one to necessarily load even more money onto what I consider to be an instrument of consummate evil, the Green Dot pre-paid Visa. I now have $260.00 tied up on a card that cannot be used. I went to the Green Dot site and registered the pre-paid Visa. All "seemingly" went well. I then proceeded to load the MoneyPak card onto the Green Dot Visa. It said that my information didn't match the information on file. All information was triple-checked by another set of eyes and found to be accurate.

When you call the 800 number at Green Dot, you speak to someone in the Philippines with a heavy accent and cultural issues regarding communication. This works out well for Green Dot, but not for the consumer. The Filipino rep advised me that my card was on the way. ON THE WAY? I have a card in my hand on which $20.00 is trapped. Furthermore, I have a piece of cardboard bearing the Green Dot logo, with $240.00 trapped on it. What's worse is, I have now input the number on the MoneyPak card into their system. This may indicate to MoneyPak that the funds have been used.

I have sent an email to MoneyPak, but they have two business days to respond. Two business days is an eternity in the cyberworld/internet. In the meantime, MoneyPak is making interest off the money they have stolen from me. I do consider separating you from your cash as stealing your money. The California Attorney General needs to do something about this. I am 85 years old and MoneyPak/Green Dot is a predator!!!

Upon receiving a email that my card was compromised they advised me to purchase another card and to go online and transfer the funds to new card (LIE #1). I called for 12 hours straight after being hung up multiple times by people who don't speak English correctly. Asked for supervisor multiple times and they said no one is available (LIE #2). The card they told me to buy was unable to receive funds due to the fact I needed the new replacement card to activate in order to transfer the funds which I was confused on to as why they told to buy in the first place and I will be able to transfer if they already knew that they would not allow me to transfer the fund there.

They are liars and full of **. They held my money. I have a 8 year old who needs to dropped off. Car is in shop. I work a hour away. No public transportation in my area, no food at home and my direct deposit is sitting there in the account and I have no way of getting any money for anything. They lied to me numerous times about transferring the money. Hung up on me multiple times. They aren't customer friendly at all and can't speak a lick of English whatsoever. I wish there was a way I can get a class action lawsuit against them. I would for the lies they tell about atm fees they claim are free that truly aren't free that they smack me with every day. There need to be some sort of action taken against these crooks.

I've had my Green Dot Prepaid Card for a long time now and I loved it, but they recently sent me a customized one with my name on it. I tried activating it through the computer and through phone and it kept saying my social security number was wrong! You can't even talk to a real person without giving them your social security number! They stole my money! That's not fair at all!

We had Social Security Benefits direct deposited to the Green Dot card for several years without a problem. Each time the card expired, a new one was issued until April 2016. This time when the card expired, they did not issue a new card and did not notify us that the account was being closed. We found out after calling when we did not get the new card. We also found out that some back pay from Social Security to the tune of close to $5k was deposited to that account and accepted well after the account had been closed. We have called and requested to get the money back and were told that the only way to get the money is for them to issue a refund check and send it via standard postal service, no tracking number and cannot be expedited. We were told to wait for two weeks and then call them back if we do not receive the refund check in the mail.

This has happened three times now, three refund checks have been requested and three checks never showed up. Each time, we are told that this is the ONLY solution they have. This is the money we live on and we are in dire need of getting access to it. Each time we call, they apologize for the inconvenience, verify that they have the correct address and request another refund check.

They refuse to reopen the account, issue a new card and transfer the funds or direct deposit the funds to our personal account. They offer no proof of the check being cut, no proof of it being mailed and cannot explain what has happened to any of the checks they "sent". They also cannot explain why they accepted two deposits on a closed account instead of refusing them. Customer service is absolutely useless and infuriating as all they can do is offer the same "resolution" that actually resolves absolutely nothing. We will never use Green Dot again and will be sure that everyone we know will never use them. BOYCOTT GREEN DOT, THEY ARE THIEVES!

We purchased a $35 gift card from Walgreens for a Mother's Day gift for my grandmother. She went to register the card, and they asked for her social! I told Grandma "maybe you're not dialing the right number?" It's just a gift card! Sure enough, it's now July and I have yet to be able to use this gift card myself after replacing the money for her to get her nails done! I'm furious! I don't care if it's $5 or $100 it's my money! And they have stolen it!

I purchased a Green Dot card for direct deposit. They have no idea where my entire paycheck is, they will not help me and now when I call I only get automated system. I have tried several times to call. Talked to employer who talked to his bank. My money was sent to Green Dot. I have reported them to NBC 10 Investigates and I am making a report with police because they stole my money and many other people's. The more people that report them the better chance we have to get our money back. Contact NBC 10 Investigates. The more people who do them the better.

My boyfriend and I purchased a Green Dot card at CVS and put $60.00 on it. The cashier failed to tell him there was a fee every time the card was reloaded, in this case I believe $4.00 was immediately taken out. Also there was a fee for buying the card itself, which was also not explained even though it is supposedly obvious. We got the card to purchase one item on the internet and by mistake got this card instead of an express card. We were in a rush but didn't think this card could be such a nightmare. Once we returned home, my boyfriend started registering the card online. It was a bit sketchy that he was required to put his social security number in but that's not the worst part. Once all of his info was entered, the website malfunctioned and sent him to a screen saying there was an internal error. He called once and they told him to wait one hour and talked him into having a personalized card sent to his house which is a load of bull...

He tried again the next day and it still did not work. He went online to buy the item for 50 dollars and was sent an email denying his purchase. He called up to check his balance and was told he only had 48 dollars in his account because of the fees. They suggested putting more money on the card. Our plan was to put a little bit more on the card and spend it all in one shot and then cancel it. Unfortunately when we reloaded it, another fee for $4.00 lowered our balance. We went home to try and buy it again and were sent another email denying the purchase. Apparently we only had TWELVE DOLLARS LEFT on the card. How?!? Out of frustration we called the horrible customer service number which is mainly a robot and a bunch of workers who are not understandable. They told us that our purchase did go through even though we got a purchase denied email, not a confirmation email.

She then proceeded to mumble about how there was 12 dollars left on the card and a bunch of incomprehensible words about fees. Out of frustration and exhaustion we hung up and decided to wait for another email from Amazon confirming the purchase. Moral of the story - this card is falsely advertised as an easy debit card but is actually a scam to get more money out of you than you can even spend. Fees for everything and they don't even try to help when the card (full of money) gets denied.

Speaking on the phone is the most aggravating experience because they don't listen and don't care. I wish we looked up reviews first because we got scammed out of 80 dollars. DO NOT DO THIS, GET AN EXPRESS GIFT CARD INSTEAD OR ANOTHER CARD. This is NOT worth the money or the issues that everyone seems to have. Also, we still can not log on to our account to cancel the card and they will not help us figure out the problem. Awful - should be shut down altogether.

It's time to boycott Green Dot because they are criminals. I've used Green Dot in the past and have been railroaded into services I didn't order but the customer service helped out. Now, Green Dot customer service has sunken to an all time low. After flat-out stealing money from me, Green Dot's outsourced customer service specialist tell me there is no possible way they can connect me to a United States customer service specialist (they all call themselves customer service account manager specialist and they are all the only supervisor available) and if you persist in asking to speak to their boss or an American service representative, they just send you back to the beginning of the automated service.

Green Dot has become one of the scum sucking vulture criminals of the business world and their third world sweatshop customer service is beyond useless as they cold heartedly laugh at you and flip you the bird. Let's turn it back on these crooks and send these heartless customer service reps packing by making Green Dot go out of business. Let's make America strong again and stop outsourcing our business to criminal sweatshops.

I was given a Green Dot card as a gift and as soon as I registered it I was told I would be charged the monthly fee the next day. This is fraud. People are purchasing these cards not knowing they charge fees and those receiving the cards are having their money taken. When I called the woman on the phone was rude and robotic.

My son got a $50.00 dollars gift card, and they keep blocking the card. At the end he lost the whole $50.00 and the phone # that they have there is only answer machine. You can never get a representative, son unos ladrones. Stop doing that.

My husband and I have been using Green Dot for the last year and half. We even get his paychecks automatically deposited. Today was payday so I checked my balance and I noticed a $39.00 charge that I did not make to my account. I call Green Dot and explained that I did not make that charge so they have to cancel card and mail a new one which takes two weeks. Ok I understand if someone used card fraudulently we need new card. My problem was I wanted to get my money out before they do cancel it since my whole paycheck gets deposited every week. First lady tells me it's too late. She already cancelled it. Well I pitched an absolute fit - asked for another supervisor. Was told someone would call in 24 hrs. Well that won't work so I begged the lady and told her crying, "Mind you that I have two kids and that's all the money I have. How am I supposed to feed them?"

I told her, "There's an atm across the street. Why wouldn't you let me take out the remaining funds then cancel the card?" She finally agreed to give me 10 mins while she sat on the phone to get what I could out of the atm. She very rudely told me I had 10 mins no less no more. This company is a joke. After all that I already done it there's nothing I can do. Obviously they could do something cuz she reactivated it and let me go to ATM. It seems like they could of nicely been like "I understand ma'am. Go get your money out this morning and then we will cancel." Not until 10 to 15 mins of me completely freaking out did she agree to do so.

So I cancelled my whole account and asked for the remaining money plus the 39 fraudulent charge be mailed to me. Just a little bit of courtesy and I wouldn't of had to cancel my whole account. All it would of took was "Ma'am go get your money out and then we can cancel your card and take care of this bad charge" but nope they treat you like it's a crime you might need your own money! Stay away from Green Dot!

I received a Green Dot prepaid card as a graduation gift and basically all I've got from it is stress, embarrassment from not been able to use it with any merchant.

They do send you alerts every week of your balance, and you get pissed off because every week is lower and lower and you just won't be able to use your gift card. Since May 11th this is the message I constantly receive even though I've contacted their Customer Service, text them back and reseted my password as they advise, the use of the card has been zero success.

Takes forever to get to a human thru all the automation. They sent me cards with wrong date, took 4 hrs and 5 calls to realize it, and in the end couldn't help me, could just send me new cards I'd have to wait 2 weeks more for. Customer service was rude and kept transferring me to automated system. I've had other cards (my vanilla) without near the problems (and way lower fees) than Green Dot. Wish they had a two cards one account option like Dot has. I closed my account and made them send a check. This company is B.S.

So I bought a Green Dot card for my daughter who is leaving for college this week. I purchased it Monday night and activated it for her Tuesday morning. The card was set to go, there was 200.00 on the card. So I used it the next day to see if it works - it's declined. I call customer service. They say, "Use it as a credit card and not a debit." I hang up. I do that. It's declined again. I call back. Another rep says something wasn't enter correctly. I should be ready to use the card. I try again. It declined. I call back. After a 10 minute hold she says my account I got the day before had been compromised (within 12 hours of purchase). They need 14 days to send out a card. They are so sorry. I'm pissed. It's getting closer to my daughter's drop off date. So on the third call Virah (Indian lady # **) tells me to buy another card and transfer the funds to that card. Every phone call has a different answer for the same question so now I'm asking questions.

Of course I ask "How can we transfer a blocked account to another card?" She assured me there was no problem. It was an easy fix. So off to give Green Dot another 8.95 (the card + activation fee) + 40.00. I get this card put in under my name. Activate it at my home on a desktop. I call the company back, the next representative tells me that the last representative gave me the wrong information. That I can't transfer funds from one card to another (This is Sam **) and that the new card is also blocked due to suspicious activity. The new card hasn't been used. I activated while on the phone waiting. How can it be flagged? How can both be flagged? And that I'd either have to wait 14 days for both cards or pay 15.00 each to have them expedited. Of course, I wanted to speak with a manager, "There is no manager," they claim. Someone has to call back within 24 hours. Don't get this card. FDIC here I come.

Basically.... they suck **. I bought a card... loaded with 500$... Purchased for a one time use... never registered the card. Tried to make a web purchase and the bastards stole the money. No support... no English speaking reps... Steer clear of this ripoff. Spread the word about Green Dot visa ripoff.

I lost my card and first of all my money is tied up and the automated system still will not take my birth date that I entered wrong. So now I cannot pay my bills or buy food. I am calling to cancel the card because they have poor customer service because I thought I could purchase another card and they can transfer balance like the Netspend company that I work with that gives you live customer service, not an automated system. I am sure someone has used my card because it has been lost for over three days now.

I can't believe I have to wait 2 business days get called, after responding to the email on their website. However, I got through to the corporate office and if you subscribe to Green Dot call this number for help. I did finally get the fraud department on the phone. Here is the number: 626-765-2000. It is corporate number and they can take care of certain issues. Good Luck... I will cancel my direct deposit as well. It was so agonizing not knowing when your whole pay check is at stake.

My son 13 years old bought a $100 at a Dollar store. I try to return it the store refused, so I tried to activate the card and try to use it, but the result error the pin is not right, tried many time. Called many times nobody on the other end. I sent message online, nothing. I lost $100.

Had this card for five years. Finally tired enough to deactivate. They would not deactivate the card or my account. Could not speak with supervisor. Finally had to withdraw funds although Thierry would not let me take all out then they stole my remaining balance. My girlfriend also got a card today, tried to activate. They said her info she gave them was incorrect like wtf she doesn't know her own ss number, date of birth or address. They revised to refund her money. They would not activate her card although she put her paycheck into that card. She was unable to use her own money. They are thieves. Do not aren't to get a Green Dot. Do not shop at Walmart. They don't care about the little people. They do not care you have bills or babies or whatever. Stay clear.

I purchased the Visa gift card as a gift for graduation for my son who is 11. I paid $1.95 for the activation fee as well as placed 40.00 on the card. Later that day I found out that they had taken an additional $7 and some change off the card for monthly maintenance. IT WAS REGISTERED UNDER A MINOR AS A DAMN GIFT CARD. They even said that due to my son being underage, he will not get a real card and money cannot be reloaded onto the card.

However, my son tried to make a purchase online in which it was not accepted by the merchant. After speaking to the merchant twice and Green Dot 3 times, Green Dot told me that the transaction is pending because an attempt to make a purchase was made, and I will receive the funds back onto the card on 7/19/16. THE ATTEMPT WAS DONE ON 6/16/16! And to make matters worse the second representative was so rude and would not put a supervisor on the phone upon request. When I called the third time the representative taken my information and told me that a supervisor would be calling me in 1 business day. Please stay away from this company.

I purchased this card in hopes that I could use it on an online ordering site and it didn't work. No big deal on that one. So I started using it other places and used it at a gas station. I went to go check the balance and it had taken $74 PLUS the amount I paid for gas out of the account. I was PISSED. I checked the balance every day even when I would get text message alerts telling me what my balance was. The two NEVER aligned. I finally cancelled the card and I only got $83 back even though I was still waiting on the $74. I would never recommend this card to anyone, just open up a new checking account if you have to.

I had one of their cards from Wal-Mart and lost my card. Cancelled it right away and it took them over a week to cancel it on their end. In the meantime, my paycheck was deposited on it and and somebody used it without a security code and spent my paycheck. No phone numbers would give me a live person and therefore I had to go to Wal-Mart and have them call so I could talk. Filled out transaction dispute form and never heard from them. Again I had to go to Wal-Mart and have them call. I was ruled against after talking to 4 different people. I asked for them to send me a copy of the transactions and still haven't received it. I want to know where my money was spent and by who and they don't cooperate. I hate this company and will never do business with them although they sent me another card for the remaining balance of $1.71. Big deal. In the meantime, somebody spent over $800 of mine and they don't give a damn.

After 8 years with the company I can't believe I got a hold on my card week after week this past month and then after speaking with someone finally the lady just plain and simple (no customer service at all) said to me "Well we'll just send you your account balance because you never order a new renewal card." I never needed to pay for another card cause previously, they would just send me a new one. She said if I pay for a new one they can open another account. WTF. Now I have my check from work on hold since payroll is closed and my account money won't arrive for awhile. Terrible how companies really don't care about customers.

I have over the years had many Green Dot/Walmart prepaid cards with very few issues, all of which were resolved for the most part if I did. I trusted this company, but this is no longer the case. They added bogus balance inquiry fees (yes, bogus as I never use the ATM to check my balance when I can send a text or check my balance online at home) taking them off only to put them back on later on. Maybe someone hacked their system, or are they the hackers? From this day forward I will NEVER again have another one of these cards. Once my good opinion about a business is lost, it is lost forever.

I read about a class action lawsuit that was filed against Green Dot for securities fraud back in 2012 (it seems they lied and ripped off their investors too). Thankfully, I got my money off all cards (I had two) and have closed both accounts with screen shots of everything after copying and pasting my ledgers to a Word document. Please hear me, get your money off these cards ASAP if you can (you can go to any Walmart CS counter and for $3 can unload all money from your card) because the Titanic here is going to sink and you will be lying at the bottom of the ocean broke!

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The company was founded in 2004 as Green Dot, with a history dating back to 1999 as I-GEN. This company has issued more than two million cards in a single year. The company offers prepaid Visas and MasterCards. The company’s products are sold online and at tens of thousands of major retail locations in the U.S. Green Dot also provides debit cards tied to bank accounts.

  • Types of Green Dot cards: The Green Dot cards include prepaid MasterCard, prepaid Visa, cash back Visa debit card and Green Dot cards received from a tax preparer.
  • Ways to add money: There are many ways to add money to the Green Dot card, including direct deposit, at a retail store, check loading at Walmart, fund transfer from a bank account and fund transfer between Green Dot cards.
  • Check writing privileges: Cardholders can write checks using the funds from their Green Dot cards.
  • Direct deposit options: Consumers may direct deposit paychecks, Social Security, Veterans Compensation and Pension, Supplemental Security Income and Federal Civil Service retirement annuity payments.
  • Fees and questions: All fees are explained on the Green Dot FAQ help page. Information about each type of card and fees are clearly explained.
  • Cash back card: The new Green dot cash back Visa debit card offers five percent cash back on all purchases up to $100 annually.
  • Wide retailer network: Consumers can reload the Green Dot prepaid card at any one of the thousands of retail locations, making it flexible and convenient.
  • Easy deposit: Consumers can deposit their checks with the photo app on their phone.
  • Best for Those who tend to overdraw their accounts and those looking for multiple prepaid card options.

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