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Someone gave me the card as a gift. I had no issues or problems with the card. I used it a few times and nobody ever gave me any problems. It was very easy. It was just like using a regular credit card. There was no special way it had to be used. You just swipe and sign just like any other card. The value was good because these days I don't like to carry cash. I feel safer not having cash on me. It is much easier to have a card to use.

User is charged a fee for more than one ATM withdrawal per month, for more than one call to inquire balance per month, for printed statements each month. Customer support professional and appropriate for services provided. Information provided to customer sufficient for correct use of prepaid debit card. I am more pleased with Direct Express than I ever was with a checking/savings account with a bank. When deposit is in card, you use the card for debit if you need change to use for purchase, or use the card for credit with no change needed. Card may be used to purchase money order with debit card. Card may be used to withdraw once a month. Very easy to use. The value the Direct Express prepaid debit/MasterCard has brought to my life far exceeds when I had checking/savings account with a local bank. Direct Express is much easier, I keep better track of my expenses. No comparison using Direct Express prepaid debit card.

The fees were a little higher than I would have preferred. They were probably 2-5% higher than other cards like it. I am not a fan of overly high fees on prepaid cards. I really did not have to use customer support. The process was easy enough to set up and didn't require any extra help. That was a true upside. The card was similar to others in its class as far as ease of use. Once registered it was simple to use as a form of payment at many establishments that take these kinds of cards. The value of the card is in its everyday use. It is great for those times when you don't want to use your usual credit or debit card. It just makes life easier.

I in a disabled vet and I have my disability check sent to Direct Express. I have been using Express for quite a few years. I even referred several people to them, never had a problem until just recently. On the 1st of September I tried to do a cash withdrawal through my bank to transfer funds. It was declined. I called Direct Express and was told it was the Navy Federal Credit Union problem not theirs and that I should go to another bank. On September 2nd I went to a different Navy Federal Credit Union bank and tried the same thing, and was denied once again. So I went to Chase Bank and I was declined once more. I pulled up the app to check my account, and it showed that a pending for $1,500 to the Navy Federal Credit Union. So I went back to Navy Federal Credit Union. They were told no it was declined and I was to call my bank. I called them and was told that it would be released within 48 hours.

It was not released I called again and was told that the Navy Federal Credit Union had to send a letter in stating they did not want the funds and that my funds were going to be held for 10 days just in case the Navy Federal Credit Union changed your mind. Then I was told that the Navy Federal Credit Union could fax a letter in and my funds would be released within 24 to 48 hours. The Navy Federal Credit Union faxed in three letters and according to US Direct Express they never received any fax. My funds were to be released today 10 days later so I called to find out what was going on and I was told no they may be released tomorrow and today is the 12th of September. Meanwhile my bills are back due and my cell phone's getting ready to be cut off. It's a shame that they are playing with the disability checks of Social Security and the veterans. I did contact an attorney. I am going to try and do a class action lawsuit against them.

Low fees which makes it easier to use than the other guys prepaid cards. You can use it any where you go and you will be at your best knowing this card is safe to use. This is one of the reasons I choose this card because of the customer service support you get. Either you can go online or use the phone number and the support is right there for you. I use my card at the grocery store and love how easy it is to use. Value is in the knowing that with this card you can re-load any so many different places and then use it again and again. Check this card out and you will see for yourself what a great value it is.

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On August 3rd, I attempted to use my disability card "direct express" at a Wells Fargo Bank in San Antonio,TX. My request was $500.00 from the $627.00 I get monthly. The ATM had a $3.00 service fee totaling $503.00. This was at 8:45am. The ATM said "Unable to process the transaction, please contact your financial institution." Shaking, I pulled over and called to see if I even got a deposit, I did. When I checked the transaction report, it showed a pending atm transaction for $503.00. I immediately called to report the problem with direct express. They gave me a tier 2 or level 2 customer service rep who got my complaint and said they were sending me forms to file.

Meanwhile, it was past 9am, and I spoke to Vanessa ** (CSR) and ultimately Javier **, a manager for that branch. They indicated it may take 4-5 business days for a self audit and it would return the money. So I left, broke and worried. I got the paperwork several days later and returned immediately the same day. It was just a handwritten form of what I explained over the phone to begin with. I got the $503.00 returned to my account about 4 days later and immediately withdrew. I assumed they found the error and it was corrected. I was wrong. I called on September 1st to see if I had any remaining balance on my card, and showed a $486.00 overdraft. Please help, I don't know what to do. My son has brain cancer! It's almost all we have. 9-03-2016, they took it back, $486.00 out of $627.00.

After learning about the $486.00 overdraft on September 1st, I went back to Wells Fargo and spoke again with Vanessa ** and she got Patsy, their branch service manager, involved. I gave her the date, time of incident and amount of $503.00, including my card number used at their ATM, and expressed to her to pull the video. As of September 6th, the date of this letter, I have had no response from her. I called Direct Express on 9-01-2016 and was told that the Merchant Wells Fargo provided documentation contract or etc, no error had occurred. My case was closed by Direct Express.

I am now out the original $503.00 as they took any remaining balance from my card that was remaining after 8-03-2016 deposit. After reviewing a Google search of problems with Direct Express, I saw that I am not alone. It's happening across the country to the ones that need it most. It has affected my health greatly to the point I have had to take medication to stop from shaking and almost ended up in the ER. I had to move my family at the time and do everything. My fiance is legally blind (born with congenital cataracts possibly from Agent Orange, her dad is a purple heart from Vietnam), my stepson has stage 4 terminal brain cancer, and I have many mental health issues. I am trying to get help, but can't afford the treatment. I need to just care for my family and I am trying to hold it together. Please help me! I don't know where else to turn.

There are no fees. It's always been free to use the card and to transfer money and whatnot etc. It's really easy to use. They explain absolutely everything about how to use it in their plentiful tutorials. Using it in the store is extremely easy and usually I use mine as a credit card. I find it very very valuable, but isn't that kind of relative to the user? Maybe to some people, it ISN'T valuable. To others, it could be the most valuable thing they have in their wallet. I am definitely part of the latter group.

The card has very reasonable fees and I would definitely recommend it. One of my favorites. This is an excellent card to use for everything. I rarely use customer support, but the few times that I did "just general questions I asked them", I received excellent customer support from them. It's super simple to use this card. All you have to do, after you activate is it just go to the store and shop. And then swipe!!! Very simple and easy to use. The value with this card is excellent. I'd always recommend this card and I always use it. I have no worries anymore when it comes to my safety and security.

Almost every month I cannot access my account at least once! Today was my deposit, I'm on a seriously limited income. The phone line for Direct Express has a busy signal when I call and/or states "We are having technical difficulties". I cannot ACCESS MY ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME THAT IS DEPOSITED ONLY ONCE A MONTH. This is ridiculous and happens way too often. Fix this please immediately.

My Direct Express card was used without my permission and the dispute department took their time sending the paperwork as well as not listening to my reasoning as to why the action was fraudulent. The company in question did not have the power to use my card as reoccurring. This same company did the same thing with another debit card. The merchandise was returned, and I had requested for this merchandise be picked up one month prior. Instead they went into my accounts and took money they were not entitled to collect. I am a 64 year old disabled person, living on a fixed income and the treatment their customer service personnel talked to me was insulting. The company does not try to help. They talk to you as if you committed a crime and your concerns do not matter. I am not going to use this company any more.

My acct was hacked Aug. 4. A dispute has been filed. Spoke to a CSR about the pending dispute. These people are some rude asses!!! They don't give a damn about your money or what you have to pay for. They make you file paperwork and still tell you that you have 45-90 days to get your OWN money that they know didn't authorized. Why? Simple because they are the ones who told you about the unauthorized transactions. I don't recommend NO ONE to use this card!!! Stay away.

I have been battle with this company since my mother's passing November 2013, trying to get her last social security check for my step-father. It took several months before I could even get someone to send me the appropriate documentation needed to complete so that her money could be released to him. It wasn't until late last year that I was able to get the documentation; however, we've had to submit it 3 times before they claimed they received it. After they received it, they claimed that it was the incorrect documentation and we could have to go down to the courthouse to obtain documents stating that my father has the rights to the money. After doing all of this a couple of months ago, we were then given fax numbers to send the paperwork over to them.

Unfortunately, all 3 different fax numbers they provided to us did not work, then they claimed they were having computer issues, then we were told that they do not accept the claims via fax, we would have to mail it. But then we had to submit a whole new claim, after getting that paperwork sent back to us and mailing it back. My step-father received a check today August 17, 2016 for $12.16; however, the balance in the account owed to him is $755.00! What the heck is going on with this bank, why won't they give him step-father what is legally owed to him? Direct Express Card is holding $755.00 which my mother never got a chance to touch because she was hospitalized and passed away on November 17, 2013.

According to the print out we received from Direct Express dated July 2, 2015 $755.00 is what is in the account, so why in the heck would they send him a freaking check for $12.16? Where is the money that is rightfully his and why in the heck are they holding it! He was forced to retire from his job of 23-years because the cerebral palsy he was born with is getting worse and now he's on disability, and he needs all of the financial help he can get. Especially, that of which is rightfully due to him! What can we do get them to release this money to him?

Last month I had my account compromised. They cleaned out the entire account. I called this company every day to see the status of my claim. They told me they never received the questionnaire back. I sent it to them the very next day!! I got the run around for an entire month. I called and asked for help from every agency I could think of. This company told me soo many lies, and nobody ever called me to tell me anything. I'm writing this review, because I got my $$$ back, due to hard work, and determination.

I accidentally left my card in an atm a few years ago. SSI had put the account in my son's name, not thinking anything of it. I called Direct Express and they informed me that because my son was a minor, they were putting a hold on my account. There is currently $500 sitting in that account, that I haven't been able to touch for 2 years. I called customer service numerous times and have gotten the runaround. I also contacted SSI, but that's another story. I was appalled at how rude their staff was and how every time I called, I got a different response from the last rep I had talked to. I don't know why they even bother offering customer service, when they don't help their customers at all.

Social Security sends me $733.00 every month... having switch from checks cashed by my local bank, they made me to receive my money through Direct Express. On August 1st.. my cash deposit was short $180.00, because of a mistake they made attempting to pay my pre-paid phone company 4 times... instead of quickly returning my money to me upon my request they refused. My cellphone company never received this money and does not make any attempts to receive it because I had paid the bill already at the store... upon several attempts to retrieve my money they (Direct Express) refuse to return it to me. First they lied said I would have it in 24 to 48 hours but that didn't happen, as 5 days go by I still don't have my money. They straight stole my money from me and I'm getting evicted because they took my rent money.

I have been with Direct Express debit card for a number of years now and for the most part it has been great. But now all of a sudden the website is ALWAYS inaccessible when I try to log in. For the past 3 or 4 months now the connection to the site has failed again and again and again. I am so sick of trying to call Direct Express and playing a game of catch me if you can or the good old phone tag. They have me press this button, press that button again and again. Their customer support is atrocious, their operators are ignorant of the English language and as rude as can be. I have tried all day today about 20 times to get into the website, same issue for the past 3 or 4 months. I am sick of it. I am so mad I could bite nails of steel.

Like I said, Direct Express used to be great, now I absolutely despise them and I would not recommend them to anyone. They are a horrible, selfish, hateful bank. I am fixing to dump them like a disease and go with another debit card. I am thinking about going with a Brink's prepaid debit card. I am told they are pretty easy to deal with.

I contacted Direct Express about fraudulent charges and was told that because I had shopped from the same merchant, they dropped my case and refused to help. BEWARE, this is their policy, so anyone can use your info and as long as you have shopped the place they do, you are out of luck because they will NOT give you your money back or even continue with your dispute. I asked over and over again for the lady to explain to me why this is, and she said that unless I dispute all of the charges made to that vendor, they wouldn't do anything. She reiterated over and over that fact. So, to explain, I have to dispute every transaction I have made with the vendor that the person that stole my info paid, or they will not help me. Since I can't lie and say that I didn't ever shop there, I am sunk and my money is gone.

IF YOU CAN HELP IT, DO NOT USE DIRECT EXPRESS!!! GET A BANK ACCOUNT AND HAVE YOUR DISABILITY DIRECT DEPOSITED THERE. I researched and found hundreds of cases just like mine, so if you think I am just one person that had this happen, I'd do some research. ABC has even done a special on this exact thing with Direct Express. AGAIN, protect yourself and get away from Direct Express if you can or you will lose all of your money and you won't get it back!

It all got resolved after many phone calls and postings.

Original Review

I have had a Direct Express debit card for the last 6 years. Here and there have had minor issues but nothing major. I get my social security disability income that goes on the card everything. I went to a restaurant during the day and called my card to make sure my payment went thru like I always do. Previously I had a balance of 590.00. All of a sudden the automated message said I had a balance of zero dollars. I was shocked and went online to look at my account and I called Direct Express. I could see online that there were two charges from a Walmart store #3197 from Tampa, Florida on my account. The two charges totaled 590.00. The charges were saying online that the transactions were still pending. I called Direct Express and asked them to force stop the transactions because they are not mine. I live in Illinois and have proof of being in Illinois by the charge at the Illinois restaurant I went to earlier in the day.

Direct Express service reps were extremely rude to me and kept telling me I have to wait 5 days to dispute the charges and they wouldn't be force stopping anything. I was shocked that this could have been all stopped but they would do nothing about my account being completely drained of my SSI income. I called and talked to supervisors who were even more rude than the workers. I talked to their dispute department who is very cold and abrupt. I then went to the police in my hometown and made a police report after midnight because I am not someone that puts anything off til the morning. I filed a police report and was told I have to wait 5 days to get a copy of it. Then I called the Walmart in Tampa, Florida that this happened at and talked to their loss prevention department the next day. The loss prevention person I spoke to tells me he looked up the camera footage but can't release any information to me.

I begged Walmart to force stop the pending charges after being told by Direct Express I could talk to Walmart about doing that and see if they would. Walmart refused to force stop the transactions telling me it was already in their system. I again asked and was turned down. I then called the Tampa, Florida police and they told me I have to just go through the bank that issued the card and they would contact the investigating agencies. I have been given nothing but the runaround by Direct Express which is owned and operated by Comerica Bank which a lot of people don't know. It is not the 5th of July and yesterday I finally got a hold of a person that is assisting me supposedly through Direct Express after several Facebook posts complaining about the treatment I have received by Direct Express. He emailed me the fraud forms and is escalating things for me.

I filled them out the fraud forms and faxed them back after having to pay to do this at my library by my house. I was told by him that I should have my money back on my debit card by the 19th of July at the latest. I am still upset I have to live with no money for two weeks waiting on Direct Express. I have been treated worse than the people that have robbed me. They cleaned out my monthly income and I now have no means to live. I called Social Security who told me to go into my local office and ask for a critical payment. I did and was treated like garbage by my local social security office. The worker abruptly told me they don't do that and then got an attitude. He told me to go have a seat and wait for the manager. The manager was downright evil. She accused me of doing this stuff before and claims she "knows me" and has dealt with me before. I was stunned. I asked if she is labeling me as trouble there.

I then asked if I could file a grievance against her and she told me to go get a survey and fill it out. Then she had the security guard walk up behind me and try to intimidate me. I told her karma will get her and what goes around comes around. I still can't believe the hell I have been through in trying to get help from Direct Express and social security. Now, I still don't have any money to live on and am suppose to just wait. Originally I was told I would have to wait 45 to 90 days which is what they normally tell people but this person that escalated my complaint for me told me I would have my money by the 19th of July. I will not be able to make it after that if they play games with me. I told the person at the Social Security Office, "Am I suppose to go kill myself now cuz I have no money to live on" and of course they didn't even respond because they could have cared less. It is unbelievable how I have been treated by Direct Express.

I encourage everyone to use social media when you are a victim to get these places to do the right thing and help victims. After so many postings on Facebook Comerica Bank responded and gave me a person that is possibly going to help me. I contacted my congressman's office but of course no reply from them. When you are poor on SSI it is extremely difficult to live with and then this happens which just destroys your very existence. My heart goes out to anyone that has been a victim of identity theft and has been thrown out because they can't pay their bills or rent.

Made a purchase online on 10/30/2015. The purchase came off the card but recipient never received funds. I called direct express the following day and was told it should automatically be issued to my card within 8 days. I had to go ahead and resubmit payment a few days later or I would have consequences to pay so I did that on 11/3/2015. I waited the time and no credit, so I called back and got the runaround. Told that I needed to fill out the paperwork and send it back which I did, the same day in which I got it.

On 11/30/2015 I got a letter stating that my case was denied because they don't see the error. I can see it on my statement online so I called back 11/30/2015 and was told that I need to send 2 months of statements showing where the error was and I have a low chance at them re-reviewing the case and to consider the money gone. Which wouldn't be bad if it was under $10, but it wasn't. It was over $100. This company is not recommended if you are on disability and have a limited income. They will steal from you and there is nothing you can do about it.

Updated on 02/13/2016: After months of trying to get my statements which I highlighted the error and sent back, they still can't see the error. I was told that I was going to be charged for these statements then purposely sent me the wrong ones. I told them to send me the paperwork on filing a grievance and voila I had the correct statements in the mail in a few days. How can't you not see the error - same charge same person same amount. I doubt they even looked at the paperwork that I had sent it. I am paying taxes on that money so it is not like it was free. I have gotten a bunch of lies and runaround. I will continue to fight this until the end.

I have been using Direct Express for several years now. This past month with them has been a nightmare. I received my SSI Payment on my card around 1 a.m. Eastern standard time, Sept. 1st. I Then called Direct Express automated system to confirm my deposit. I normally pay rent on the 5th as that is my due date for rent. I went to the atm on the 5th of September to withdraw my funds to pay my rent. At that point I realized that my card was missing. I then went back to my house and called Direct Express. At that point I realized after making my way through the automated system using my ssn, that my account had been drained. I live in Cincinnati. I have not left the state in over 6 months. My card was fraudulently used in Colorado Springs, CO Moments after my deposit hitting my account. I was told they would send me a fraud packet to fill out and send back in. Mind you this was on the 5th of September.

Today is 9/20 and I Still have not received a fraud packet. They told me I had to have the packet in within 10 business days or else I would not be eligible for a provisional credit. Packet didn't come by 9/15 so I was given a fax number to which I faxed in a written statement from me explaining the details and that I had not authorized any transactions in Colorado Springs, Co. I have contacted Direct Express Every single day only to be treated like garbage, cussed out, made look stupid, hung up on, and been told that maybe I should borrow money from someone to hold me over until the 45-90 business days is up so Direct Express can finish their investigation. I called on the 14th to let them Know I had received a 3 day eviction notice for non payment and I would be out on the streets by the 17th.

On the 17th I called to let them know I was being evicted and I had no money, nowhere to go, no nothing. They informed me my situation was very unfortunate but they can't do anything else. I would have to just wait the 45-90 days for the investigation to be finalized. $732.57 was taken off my card. I have gone without eating several days, as well I have been sleeping outside. I have been given nothing but the run around. Meanwhile my life has fallen apart due to Direct Express. I have asked to speak with managers, only to be told the managers are going to tell me the same thing. The money that was taken was all the money I have for the month to live off of.

Direct Express Debit Card is backed by the largest assets of any organization in the world - 2.7 TRILLION - yet the new young 'Instant Gratification' V.P. of AT&T claims Direct Express Debit Card is a 'Gift' card & prefers to no longer trust it as of 2015 as an e-payment. "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity and I'm not sure about the universe." Albert Einstein. They state that it is not backed by a bank. Someone needs to tell this overpaid retard that Comerica Bank backs the card. It seems impossible to correct this - 2 million SS recipients could use your assistance! Only company in world with no option on their phone tree to talk to a real person!!! Direct Express is ripping off the government by failing to provide adequate services. Social Security has ample funds & does not have to go with the lowest bidder.

My advice to anyone would be stay away from Direct Express issued by Comerica Bank as the Treasury Department's financial agent. Your information is not safe with this service. Recently, I received a fraud hold for 2 unauthorized charges to the same entity on my Direct Express debit card. After calling customer service to take care of the problem and get a new card issued, they, on the very same day after the fraud hold was in place and a new card issued to me, paid another 3 digit amount to the very same entity that brought the fraud hold on and after the card had been cancelled and a new one issued - a mistake clearly made on their part. But yet, they refused to take responsibility even after admitting it was a mistake made by them, and I'm still waiting and have not yet received a dime of the money they lost. Customer service was rude, unhelpful and generally amateurish. Stay away, far far away from Direct Express and Comerica Bank.