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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2023

I applied and was approved for a card a couple months ago. Since my credit is what most consider very good I had no problem getting it. However, I went back and forth about getting another card, but I had a family vacation coming up which was a cruise to the Bahamas. After getting the card I waited to activate it until a couple days before we left. I got on the Discover App and set up an upcoming travel notification and everything I needed to do on my part. Once I got to the city I would be getting on the ship I had to pick up a prescription from a Big Box store pharmacy. When I tried paying the card was declined, mind you I had used it a few times the night before, so I assumed it was either their card reader or a technical issue. After getting onto the ship I initiated a chat just to double check and was asked to call an 800 number.

Once I called I was informed that the card had been flagged for possible fraud and I would need to do an ID verify. Not a problem, or so I thought. After providing every number that I had available to me at the time, I was told they were unable to verify me. Mind you I’m on a ship that is floating further away from land and this card is my only access to any type of funds. My service is fleeting the further away I get and the call keeps dropping. I’m so stressed and honestly terrified about what I will do. Each time I call I’m met with the same problem after explaining the situation each and every time beforehand. None of the representatives were helpful and a few were downright disrespectful and rude! One actually hung up on me after saying “Nope can’t verify you. The card will remain locked for 14 days. Is that it?”

The last gentleman I spoke with was very helpful and tried his best, but was unable to get me verified. He explained that I had to be verified by a phone number that I’ve previously been associated with. I’m 19 and have just recently had a couple bills transferred into my name, so I assume maybe I could verify with one of my parents' phone numbers. I’m still not sure because no one would steer me in the right direction. After that final call, I accepted that I was in a really bad situation. This company stranded me a 1,000 miles from home in another country with $61.00 to my name. They essentially ruined my vacation and put so much unnecessary stress on me. I understand the security is in place for a reason, but I feel like they could verify someone in more than one way especially since phone numbers are so commonly changed!

If I had not scheduled the travel, went through verification twice (once just days before) and was verified in a different both times, I would understand. I did everything I was told to do. I provided everything I was supposed to provide. This vacation was planned for over a year and less than 30 minutes it was completely destroyed and I was literally as the saying goes “Up the creek without a paddle!” Or a penny. I’ll end by saying when you have a customer who does everything you ask of them, has impeccable credit and payment history and there’s an issue, you should be able to resolve the issue in a few ways. I was desperate, I was scared, and defeated! I pleaded with them to please help me and was met with some of the most unprofessional help I’ve ever experienced. If you go with this company please just be careful and repeatedly clarify that everything is taken care of.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 28, 2023

I had my id stolen. Discover said that they would remove it off my credit if I paid a settlement. $600 later they never removed it and I never got anything in the mail. Just lied to me and stole my money.

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    Rated with 2 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 16, 2023

    I filed a dispute with Discover in January of 2023 because I had purchased a generator from Home Depot that was never delivered. Discover applied a temporary credit and was looking into it (after I had to do legwork with Home Depot and delivery company). After 2 months Discover reversed the credit (without telling me) because Home Depot showed my online order. I never disputed I ordered, but I never received item. I have provided copies of chats with the trucking company stating that the driver never delivered because he couldn't find my address. I submitted a copy of the police report I also filed.

    My dispute has been in a final review status now for over a month and no one at Discover can tell me when it will be finalized. They tell me to check back online to check status as it is with arbitrator. How long are they going to hold this over our heads when the trucking company has clearly stated it wasn't delivered? I am seriously considering closing my account once this is finalized. Sad because I have been with them for nearly 40 years now.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 26, 2023

    I had ordered a set of led lights (LEDPerf) overseas that never showed up. First mistake on my end was ordering something overseas. But, beside the fact, I opened a dispute as I never received the product and the merchant provided me little to no help in getting me a refund or even providing me shipping details. Month went by and the dispute was completed and Discover ended up siding with the merchant/scammer’s side. I’m not mad about being out the $33.56… I’m just furious that the scam artist WON and they fooled Discover. It is what it is now, but just wanted to provide my experience to whomever it may help.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 7, 2023

    This was the dumbest thing I've ever experienced from any company in my lifetime. Applied for card, got approved, said they'd withdraw sec dep from my bank acct, sent email saying it was successful and to expect my card in mail. Get card, try to activate it, doesn't work. Call them. Wasted 30 mins of my time being sent from dept to dept. Apparently my account was closed because the transaction from my bank didn't go through. Only solution is to apply for the card again. Except this time, I wasn't approved!! Brilliant stuff. Makes a lot of logical sense. Definitely will never be using them in the future. If the transaction failed, they should contact you and try to find out what went wrong, rather than sending a worthless card that does nothing. MAJOR FAIL.

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    Rated with 2 stars
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 9, 2023

    So I had a Discover card with a great credit limit and 0% interest, COVID causes me to be furloughed from my job so after having an impeccable payment history I was late on 3 payments and ultimately paid my balance in full and did not use my card. Well after months of unemployment I was forced to make budget cuts and eliminating some of my credit cards was part of that, Discover being one of them. Well a few years later, full-time government job, no debt, good credit score, I re-apply for a Discover card due to no interest and high credit limit and I was declined because of the 3 late payments years before. Now I'm sorry but yes the payments were late but the balance was paid and other than those 3 my payment history was perfect but still that does not matter. They only look at the bad, not the good and to me, this prompts me to write this review. So it's a great card and company but don't EVER miss a payment!!

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 3, 2023

    Oh, let me tell you about my wonderful experience with these parasites. My father died on 3 August, 2011. As executor, of course I had to look to settle his finances and estate. Discover Card and their merciless dogs began calling 24 hours after the man died. The calls came at a rate of about 8 per day. They always began with "Sorry for your Loss", and then "You are under no obligation to pay", which was always followed by "Is your checkbook handy?". Every. Single. Day. They would call me while I'm trying to calm down hysterical family. Call me while I'm talking to the estate lawyer. Call me when I'm trying to talk to the coroner. Every day, multiple times per day. All for a lousy 3,400 bucks, which they would have gotten once I'd had the man's finances in order.

    I NEVER forgot how they did this to me, and at a time when I should have been grieving, this parasitic company wouldn't even let me do that - they were too busy calling me on their speed dial with their minions. Even after I paid off his debt, and my own and cancelled my card - telling them exactly why I would never do business with them again - they had the audacity to provide me with false sympathy, then suggested I keep the card and put it in a shoebox 'for a rainy day'. I'll never use their card again, or any of their services, so the remainder of my time in this world.

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    Rated with 1 star
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 3, 2023

    The Discover Credit Card folks really need to be taught how to deal with people. Discover employees are rude, arrogant, superior. Unfortunately, people today are incomes are changing with every day. I notified Discover that I'd be late with my payment and some "**" calls me and commence to yell and demand for my payment on this very day. She didn't want to hear about my problem but just wanted the payment. Discover really needs to screen their employees on proper technique on speaking to customers/people in general. I will commence to inform anyone who carries a Discover Card to reconsider going elsewhere for service.

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    Rated with 2 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 26, 2023

    Mostly I've had good experiences with Discover Card, but like most people who come here, I didn't come here to give them kudos. My wife has always liked their customer service and normally I have not had any problems with them either. But one bad experience can really turn a person off and like in my case I just don't trust them anymore. Discover has a policy that says if you didn't receive any goods or services and you are disputing a charge then you are normally (something like that) entitled to a refund. It's important to me that I can trust their word on this. But unfortunately I was ripped off nearly $100 and received absolutely no goods and no services. Zero on either. Zip nada nothing. As a credit card holder one would think that a person in this position would have the option of not paying, stopping payment, getting a refund, whatever.

    It's supposed to be MY money. I'm paying the bills. It's NOT Discover and it's NOT the crooks who took my money. So why don't I have the choice not to pay crooks if I don't get anything, I repeat ANYTHING for my money? Without going into further details I would suggest to people that they do like I do and start using a different credit card other than Discover because if you think they have your back and you don't have to pay crooks who outright steal your money, you might be sadly mistaken. Unfortunately Discover card cannot be trusted.

    They don't have your back and it's not like using cash. It's not really your money. You might think it is but it's not. I think it might have something to do with the crook. For example if the crook is the government, oh well gee I guess that's different huh? If it's the government well I guess they are always right. It's like Lilly Tomlin and the phone company "We don't care, we're the phone company" (for those of you old enough to remember). Well buyer beware when say you are renting a cabin from a government owned park. They can rip you off whenever they feel like it. Discover card won't do anything about it. They don't care.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 24, 2023

    Discover is racist towards minorities, if you make a large payment on a card with them, from your bank that you have been using to make regular payments from. They will not show that you have paid down the card with the large payment, until up to 8 business days after they review that the payment is the legit. Meanwhile the funds are already out of your bank account. If you want the payment to show quicker and the funds be available on the credit card, you have to three way to your bank with Discover on the phone, so that they can verify the payment came from your account, which is very disrespectful, because they are treating you like a child at that point. They say that normally when you make a payment it takes two business days for funds to be available on the card, but yet if you try to pay off half or all your balance on the card, it takes up to 8 business days for funds to be available after they do research.

    This process can affect your credit, because when your statement closes that is the balance that is reported to the credit bureau, so let's say statement closing date is 09/02/2022, you made a payment to pay off the last statement balance that was $3,000 on 08/31/2022. That payment is not going to show you paid off the balance to the credit bureau until the next month, and you want to use less than 30% of your credit card. But the 0% promotions do not help your credit when making purchases, because your credit usage still needs to be less than 30%.

    If you had a large purchase using way more than 30% credit card utilization, your credit will take a hit for that one month, but by the way Discover takes care of large payments made to them, your credit can take a hit for two months. Also this has nothing to do with them being racist for this part, but they charge 3% of the balance to come up with their minimum payment, when other creditors only charge 1% of the balance, this pertains to 0% promo offers as well. Minimum payment with Discover is 3% of balance no matter what.

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    Discover Card author review by Danni White

    Discover is a leading direct bank and electronic payment services company. It’s one of the most trusted financial institutions in the country, and it has been operating since 1986, which is when it introduced the first cash rewards credit card. It provides international credit solutions and acquires 5,000 new customers every day.

    • Cash back: The Discover It Card offers great cash-back rewards, including 5 percent cash back in rotating categories and 1 percent cash back on everything else.

    • Financial Education Center: Excellent online resource for those who need to learn about money management and how to stay out of debt.

    • Account freeze: If a card is lost or stolen, it's easy to freeze it by using the online app or by using their mobile app.

    • Free FICO credit score: Discover provides a free online FICO credit score for consumers who have an account.

    • Reputation: Discover has a great reputation as one of the largest lending institutions in the country. The company also has a wonderful reputation for customer service.

    • Convenience: The website makes it easy to apply for an account and set up payments.

    by Danni White ConsumerAffairs Research Team

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