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Received a credit report turning me down for an Amazon Chase Visa Card that I absolutely never applied for. Looks like a phishing scam to me.

I get an e-mail from Chase Amazon for 30$ off 150$ spent on Amazon. No specific details are noted. It is -noted to be for Primeday -7-12-16. I try to use it repeatedly. I talk with Amazon people who put me to Chase people. It starts out saying invalid coupon code early in the day (6 AM). I am told by Chase and Amazon people to only buy prime items, not using my points etc. I try this repeatedly. I keep talking to reps from both camps. Finally around 2 pm I am told to try again later. I did and got "promotion over." What? I call Chase again, demand names. They refuse to give names and be held responsible but say the offer expired at 12 Noon. I was on the phone prior to 12 Noon and around 2 PM, no one said anything about a time limit.

Finally I get a supervisor who is flippant and happy to cancel my card. His name was Tony ** from the San Antonio, Texas location of Chase. He was proud to give me his name and taunt me further. He was rude and flippant after all the frustration his reps and Amazon put me through for the stupid coupon. I called Amazon to complain about him and the whole process. They gave me a courtesy credit due to the run around Tony and his staff put me through.

When you have a promotion... Spell out the terms clearly. Note the time the promotion ends. Nowhere on the coupon did it say it would end at 12 noon and was only good for amazon goods bought directly from Amazon only (provided and delivered by Amazon... Their own stock). I was told repeatedly it was for prime items. Prime items can be from many companies. This campaign was deceptive and in my opinion intentionally so. Reps like Tony have no business in customer service. That goes for Marie **. from the San Antonio location too.

If there was a place for half a star or even a no star rating I would put it there. We had a Chase Card which we paid off on June 30th. Today in the mail we get a bill for $119.55 for a charge on the card. The charge was for interest by what they say prior to pay off. We tried to no avail to dispute this charge. They wouldn't even do a courtesy thing. We have another bank's card and got an interest charge on it after paying it off. They did a courtesy thing and removed the charge. I wouldn't recommend this card to anyone. They are the worst place to do business with. Now they lost another customer and I really hope they lose more. We have our home loan through them as well. We are planning on changing that, too.

I have been with this company since 2004 and I upgraded to a Chase united plus card because they were offering 50,000 miles on United. I am not a rich woman and I have 2 children. My husband is a lifeguard for the city and county of Hawaii. We do not make a lot of money so I thought that we could use these points to travel which would otherwise be impossible.

So it is our 15 year anniversary and we wanna go to New york for just a week. I called to check my points. Chase says that from 2014 - Feb of 2016 I did not use my card (mostly because their company is a pain in the ass to deal with) so ALL my points we deleted!!!:( I asked to speak to a "supervisor" who rudely tells me there is nothing she can do.

I have been loyal to you and have paid all my bills with you for 12 years and you can do NOTHING for me!!! I am HEARTBROKEN. The "supervisor" on top of it all was SO rude. No compassion, No kindness. I asked her name and she says it's "samantha" so out of the millions of Chase card employees I am sure they will know this one " samantha". She says she couldn't give me a employee ID number or anything. Great! I am so saddened by the lack of customer service and all around lack of humanity that they showed me. I am looking for another credit card service and praying that the next one won't be as bad. It is so frustrating knowing that there is nothing I can do against a Giant filthy rich company.

7-7-2016 I signed in to see my credit card account balance but the screen said doesn't recognize me or something so I had to check a box to have a security number sent to my cell phone. I received it and entered it into box and still could not get in - I have been getting in before without any trouble. I called a Chase rep and told him what happened and he went through questions etc to identify me and unlocked the account - so I signed out and back in to test it and all was well. He showed a phone number on the screen for me which wasn't my number and I told him to remove it and told him my number and he said "Yes that's what we have."

7-8-2016 I went to sign in and same thing happened - I called and got the security number to enter in box so I could get access to my credit card acct. It worked this time - question is will I have this same problem every day that I try to sign in? They don't know what is wrong. He said maybe the cookies are erased. I checked and there was about 5 items with Chase name with cookies appearing for each one - so why am I being ask by computer to receive on my cell phone another number so I can type it in to get access to my account? This is crazy. They have all my info correct so what is going on with Chase?

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First of all, Chase incites you with 5% cash back. You really never get it though. It is 5% on very specific things at very specific times. Most of the time you will get 1% cash back, which most cards offer. Secondly, they incite you with $150 cash back after spending $250, and $25 for adding an authorized user. You will get it, but you will have to jump through hoops to get it applied to your bill; they will try to get you an Applebee's gift card! Third, extremely low limits! I got $2,000 with a 730 credit score & no open credit cards! Get an American Express!! You'll get 6% back on groceries everyday, plus the promotional 6% on other things, & get your bonuses without struggle.

On 2015 April 2 we notified Chase Visa of attempts by a fraudulent vendor (Coach Royal LLC) to charge our Chase Visa card for about $7,500. These charges were never authorized or approved by us. A few days later Chase Visa nevertheless accepted the charges despite our repeated warnings and notifications that the charges were not legitimate. Countless phone calls and correspondences over the past 14 months have failed to resolve the issue. Chase continues to insist that we pay for their mistake. In good faith we have made minimum payments to keep the account in good standing as we attempted to work with Chase to resolve this error.

As a result, the potential cost has now grown to about $9000. Incredibly, various "supervisors" and "managers" at Chase have told us it is not Chase's responsibility to monitor the business practices of the various vendors who attempt to charge our card. Apparently, anything goes, and anyone can place any charge, legitimate or otherwise, on a Chase Visa, and Chase will compel the cardholder to pay up. In other words, Chase subjects its cardholders to unknown and unknowable risks, despite any and all reasonable steps the cardholder may take to protect Chase from fraudulent or otherwise illegitimate charges.

Chase allows a fraudulent or closed account to be put in as a (pay from) account. They know this is used by scammers. The online account will show the payment being made from a fraudulent account and the customer will rely on that information to make another purchase. A bank requires an unknown check to clear before those funds are available to the customer but Chase credit card shows the funds available in the credit card account so the customer thinks the funds are available. They call this their honor system and even allow it on a brand new account entered. They knowingly let this fraud happen and then hold the customer accountable. American Express has much better fraud protection. I know people that will never use Chase again.

Just hung up with Chase Credit Card. I have a Chase Amazon and Chase Slate. I noticed I have been charged $49.14 interest on $2,012.34 balance (29.99 interest rate) and $35.02 Interest on $1864.95 balance (19.49 Interest rate). I called Chase, the girl couldn't do anything about it. I asked what determined this rate. She said credit and management. I asked to speak with a supervisor. I explaining in a calm voice the problem. He said a review was coming up in August. He couldn't do anything about it. I asked if Chase was willing to lose a customer with excellent credit instead of lowering the rate to one more appropriate for a customer with such credit. No, there is nothing he can do.

I intend to pay both cards off and never use any of Chase services again. I had a problem back in 2003 with a mortgage while going through divorce. There were payments not paid when I took over the bills and I tried to work something out with Chase. I remember a young man telling me to either bring account up to date or they will foreclose. Not willing to work with me to catch up. He told me to have a yard sale! There is no reason to insult when trying fix a problem. He obviously did nothing to help. Guess it is my fault for trying Chase again.

If you have ever received an award (airline miles, or points) thru Chase but you pay monthly, no late fee or exorbitant interest rate, they will cancel your credit card arbitrarily. No warning, just "bank policy". This is disgusting as thousands of consumers sign up for rewards.

Don't use this card. Chase are only interested in taking care of merchants, not customers. I charge 1/2 of a large transaction to my Amazon/Chase credit card and 1/2 to my USAA credit card. After the merchant didn't deliver on the services I asked for, I disputed the charges with both credit card companies. Chase/Amazon didn't refund my money, even after 3-4 attempts to provide them with my point of view and documents that proved the merchant was in the wrong. USAA refunded my money, no questions asked. Conclusion... don't use Chase credit cards or banking. USAA is the best bank, credit card and insurance company I have ever worked with. Needless to say I cancelled my Amazon/Chase credit card after they refused to refund my money on a fraudulent charge.

I am sitting across from a Chase employee now. This has been going on for TOO LONG. She has called card services, we have logged on to my account. I have simply asked for my credit card payment history. They keep offering me transaction history, but have yet to produce my PAYMENT history. I want it, as I believe I am being overcharged, but each time they agree to show me my payment history, I am given a transaction history. I could go on but let's just say, it's starting to smell rotten @ Chase.

In January 2016 I applied for a Chase Freedom credit card. The promotion that was going on included unlimited 1% cash back on purchases, bonus cash back in specific categories when I activate it and $150 cash back for spending $500 within the first 90 days of opening the account. My first transactions included 2 balance transfers, which I clearly understood was not going towards the $500 in purchases that I needed to get the $150 in cash back. The following transactions that were made were all eligible purchases and equaled beyond the $500 needed. Chase policy stated it takes about 8 weeks for the credit to be applied to my account. I waited and then I realized I never received my credit for the $150.

I called customer service and explained about the promotions that were available to me when I opened the account and he proceed to tell me there wasn't any promotions on my account. The $150 cash back was the reason for me wanting to open this credit card in particular and not go with other offers from other banks. I asked to speak to his manager and was told that they would escalate the claim and a manager will get in touch with me.

Several days later a representative contacted me and said they would not honoring my claim and that I would not receive the $150 cash back. I ask him to explain to me how can a promotion that has been going since before I applied for my credit card and is still presently available today, skip my account completely and not be honored. His only response was "I'm not sure." I had a customer service representative from the executive office contact me till once again told me that I will not be receiving my credit of $150. I have never dealt with someone so rude and disrespectful in my life. She would not let me get any word out about the situation.

My husband and I were so excited to get credit cards. We had left them alone for over a decade but we were offered a Chase Freedom Card with a nice credit limit and decided to take advantage. My husband doesn't shop at all so I paid a couple of bills and did modest spending in which I was planning to pay the majority off on the due date. I even planned a weekend trip with my girlfriend and was excited to have the card to rent a car. Well the night before I was to leave my trip I made a payment through Western Union and noticed my account declined. It could not be. I had more than enough on my balance to use the card. After several attempts using the card I called Chase in which they informed me my card was suspended. I asked, "Why?" They said, "We need to speak to the primary user." So I had my husband call and he answered a number of questions, not thinking of it again.

On my way home from my trip, I called to check the balance on my card and they have closed the whole account. I have a car rental pending on this very card. In sheer panic, I call Chase and they tell me it is with their fraud department and they can't give me any more information. I immediately fax them my license other information in hopes of moving the process faster to no avail. As I write this, I am sitting in an airport with no credit card to pay this car. I am devastated. They have no safeguards for their customers and they were very rude.

Hands down over and over. I have never had an issue with Chase helping me out from fraud charges to disputing charges. They always fix the problem.

I have had my Chase credit card since 2012. Has zero balance, haven't used in 2 years since I didn't remember that I even had that card since we upgraded to Chase Sapphire and that's what we use. I get a letter stating my account is being closed, no prior notification was given to me. I don't want it to be closed, it's going to affect my credit line and score. When I called all I get from Chase is "Sorry we can't do anything for you." When requested to speak to supervisor he suggested to call lending department who can help.

When I called the lending department I was told they don't take phone calls anymore. This is bull, so disappointed that there is no customer service with a major credit card company like Chase, and of course they don't care for our business; and their customer service people don't know what their jobs are. I am going to cancel my Chase Sapphire card too since it is not worth it and give my business to American Express.

I have been a Visa card holder for almost 15 years. Never been late with a payment and always paid more than minimum due. In mid April I paid the card off. Over $8,500. The account has been 0 since. Yesterday, they charged me what they call residual interest of $37. When I called to ask them to waive it, I spoke to two different reps who were both very unprofessional and told me they would not do it. When I then said to cancel the card, they just said "ok". I paid off three other credit cards and they all waived any fees that were charged after I paid them off. I tried to cancel 1 other card with Amex and they practically begged me not cancel the card. Chase does absolutely NOTHING for their customers.

I am truly disappointed in Chase Visa, customer service, client service and their entire card service dispute department. I spent endless hours dealing with their team and was truly amazed by their lack of follow-up, customer protection and communication. I disputed a charge in December - returned the item and was then charged by Visa again, because they refunded the person their money in error. Without contacting me first. After leaving 3 calls for Mrs. **, I was told by someone else that they can no longer get in touch with the company and they cannot help me get the refund. I have to contact Hoverboard on my own.

Why would I want to partner with such incompetence. I closed my card immediately. I would choose a bank that would support their customers. This was the only dispute I have ever made. My husband and I have multiple account with Chase and we have discussed closing them all! This was such a surprise to me, but certainly an eye opener. I now have to chase Hoverboard 360 (which is an entirely different issue and a company never to work with).

I have never had such a miserable experience with a credit card. I had set up an auto payment through Chase drawn on my Huntington Account. Recently I lost my Huntington debit card. Unbeknownst to me, reporting it lost put a stop payment on all autopayments such as these. I received a notice from Chase that payment had been refused on the 11th. I called them within 24 hours, explained the situation and asked to make the payment and reestablish the auto payment. I was informed that I already had incurred a late payment! Since I had already had one reprieve for an equally honest mistake over a year ago, I was told they could not give me another.

I try to pay my cards off as fast as possible and NEVER accrue interest. My FICO is in the 780s and my net worth is over 6 figures. Dealing with these greedy SOBs has not been worth the 0% they gave me on a measly 5K credit line (after indicating they would give me a 15K line - which messed up my financial planning to begin with). They will wait until the last millisecond of each payment due date before they get my money.

I was approved for Chase Freedom credit card. Because of an address error the card was sent back to Chase. When I contacted the Customer Service was told that Chase has rejected my application and I no longer qualify for their card. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard a company doing after the card was in the mail. How can this happen after Chase ran a credit inquiry and now I will be ding for inquiry. The most ridiculous thing is I do all my banking at Chase and have for years. So disappointed but I'm sure they couldn't care about my disappointment.

I have an Amazon account and I have issues EVERY month getting logged into my account and when I call customer service they aren't helpful and I get different answers from each person I talk to. I have had 2 late fees added to my account because I was having issues getting logged into the website to make my payment and their stupid Automated system takes forever!!! Anyway, I asked them to waive my fees and they refused... $17.00 in late fees...seriously?!?! Chase is hurting so bad for money that they won't waive even one of those! It's so frustrating because none of the reps are understanding or honestly care that their customers are frustrated and just treat you like you're an idiot and basically tell you "too bad, deal with it". I don't even use my card any more because of this crap and I am going to tell everyone I know to never get a card through them!

I have been a long time Chase credit card customer - small business and personal credit card. Spending a great deal of money and always paying on time via auto payments thru my bank to avoid late charges. In the past year, I have had to dispute charges for 3 online (scam) purchases. 1. Mariachis for party - PayPal payment (made) then no one answers Mariachi's phone when calling to confirm reservation. Yikes! Immediately put in dispute, took months to resolve.

2. Orbitz - booked a room, show up at hotel with copy of reservation in hand. They have no record of my reservation, this hotel fully booked (sorry). Had to find alternative sleeping arrangements. Took months to get my money back from Orbitz thru Chase dispute dept. 3. Hotwire, most recent issue - purchased online (auction) hotel where you are given star rating, location and nightly price. Don't know the name of the hotel till you receive email confirmation. I pushed the agree button (as I have done numerous times in the past with Hotwire), read confirmation email, shocked to read "mandatory check out fees of $125-$175.00 plus 4.6% excise fees will be added." This is for a two night stay. Room rate $176/night. With taxes included Hotwire has me at $435.00 with the anticipated extra "looming" fees of $200.00 to be paid at check out. What a bait and switch scam! This adds an extra $100.00/night. Quite a shock here.

I am a bargain hunter, as most are who shop these third-party travel sites. Buyer beware! Immediately tried working it out with Hotwire, hotel, and Chase credit card. Hotel empathetic but would only cancel reservation if notified by Hotwire. Hotwire (agents in the Philippines) absolutely unwilling to reconcile or cancel this reservation and help find an alternative hotel. But my biggest gripe of all was that for over three months of going back and forth with Chase via filling out forms and faxing to them thru Chase bank branch to be sure they received them and too many phone calls to mention... I was feeling confident this would soon be resolved and moved on.

Then I received a package from Chase requesting more information be filled out and forwarded to them with a deadline - the following day! I spent a good hour compiling my files, wrote a chronological breakdown of case with dates, contacts, etc. then had Chase bank branch fax to dispute dept. for me (again). At this point I called and requested to speak to a supervisor in the dispute dept. A guy named Nick reviews my case, and says to me this should have never gone to dispute as the notations on transaction state all sales final. "You pushed the button." I pushed the accept button in early January 2016. The reservation was for April 2016. Dispute case was opened the minute I received the Hotwire confirmation in January 2016.

I was under the false impression, based on my frequent calls and written correspondence with the Chase dispute dept. (in the Philippines) from Jan. thru the end of April that Chase would protect their customer and this was a valid dispute with a credit placed on my account. I recently learned after the hotel reservation date (Note: we did not stay at this hotel for the two nights) believing this was resolved with chase. We booked an alternative hotel for the same two nights elsewhere as I truly believed this was resolved. Wrong! Had I known this, we would have stayed at this hotel, paid the excessive extra "hidden Hotwire fees" and not lose the $435.00 plus the cost to stay at an alternative hotel.

Well, this has been lengthy but I hope that it may help others experience the same fate. What I have learned, never use a third-party booking site for travel, unless it is through Costco which continues to have good customer care service. And most importantly, Chase credit card company will mislead their customers to believe they are "protected from fraud and abuse". Their priority is to protect the merchant with disputed items. They outsource their dispute dept. to the Philippines (nice place to travel, but not where you want your banking handled or share your social security number with).

Frightening what is going on in the cyber-shopping world. It's like leading pigs to slaughter, and I feel slaughtered or swindled out of my $435.00 in this case.

I am now shopping for a credit card company that holds all of your financial information in the USA whom you can call and speak to someone who you can understand, can empathize with your disputes and ultimately protect their customers from fraud and abuse. Chase can not offer this. I will be moving on.

I have 3 credit cards with Chase and have been a customer since 2011. I have never had a late payment and have never had a single credit limit increase in 5 years!!! I have well over a 700 credit score and thought it was more than reasonable to ask for a credit limit increase (CLI). So, I emailed customer service since there is not a automated online system to request a CLI and my Amazon credit card was increased within a few days. The other two credit cards were denied weeks later. Their explanation was I had 'too many credit inquiries and newly opened accounts within the last 2 years'. At this point I'm shocked... I have credit cards with almost every other credit company (Capital One, Citi, Discover, Barclays, TD Bank, Bank of America, and Amex), and not one of them denied me for that reason if they denied me at all.

So, I think there must be a mistake. See, in addition to their not being an automated CLI system, each request is a HARD HIT on your credit report. So, not only did they deny me a CLI on a 5-year-old account with no balance but they also added three new inquiries which negatively affects my credit score for 6 months and remains on my report for 2 years. I was surprised, insulted, and dumbfounded. So, I emailed them back and nicely explained that this was very unfair. To not only add hard hits to my credit report but then reject me, for a harmless CLI. They then said they would review everything again and I was hopeful. Well lo and behold, I get a email and letter stating they refuse to give me a CLI on either card... Even after I asked for a second time.

First off I have never taken the time to write a review but this was worthy of my time! I have been with them since 2004. Decided to use my card again a few months ago to help my credit. Worst mistake of my life!! I would notice I never got any bills. Called and had them change to paper statements. Never got one in the mail. Then get an email saying there was a change on my report. Guess who it was from. It sucks because I have never been late, ever with any sort of payments of any kind!! I paid the little over 100 dollar balance to pay it off and talked with the manager who was nice but didn't care and said he couldn't remove the negative impact on my report. Absolute bull. I will never use this card ever again! Shame on you Chase. There should penalties for companies. End of story.

I had 80000 Reward point which is equal to 800$. Closed Chase sapphire card and forgot to transfer 80000 reward point thinking I will have year to do so. When I called it was 40 days to close the account. They are not even ready to listen anything and not re-opening account. I am ready to pay annual fee also. They are not reinstating any reward point. Very bad customer service. Very rude staff. Yelled when I asked if anything can be done. Need help.

I have documented that Chase delays posting payments so that they can charge a late fee and interest. They have done this to me twice, I proved that the payment was in their possession and they still nicked me. They will drop the interest but not the late fee. They ignore my evidence and say tough. It is not worth the reward points to deal with a dishonest bank. I pay my balance every month. Stay away from Chase. This problem just started six months ago. Been with Chase for years.

I made an automated payment by phone at 8:48 pm on my due date not realizing that their cut off date is 8:00 pm for an automated payment. So then they charged me a $15 late payment fee and they did not take it off after I called them about it. They said they can only take fees off once in a 6 month period and that I already used that up and that late fee was because they quit sending me a bill by mail without my consent - I was supposed to go online to pay it. I hadn't even known I had a bill to pay until I called them after the due date to see if I didn't have a bill to pay.

Other credit card companies don't do this and I know for a fact because I have 3 others that I use. I have credit cards that you can pay up till midnight on your due date. The time isn't an issue if I know it but if they put a due date down they should respect that because if you talk to a representative before midnight you are OK but not if you use the automated system. I will not use their card much after this. I have three others that are easier to work with.

Have had the Amazon Chase card for years. Never ever late. Always paid on time and more than requested. The original limit was 500.00. Simply ask for a increase of a few 100.00. You think I wanted to buy a 747. Was in this loop as we listing between Amazon and Chase. Loyalty and performance means nothing to them. Got the nice reply today with the we listing crap in snail mail. No increase. Not even 100 Target card after starting at 500. Funny now at 2200.00 Chase not fair with offering credit when it's earned.

Chase are the worst no doubt. One day I found my debit/credit card closed. I called and they told me it was because I had a new card with a chip. I said I did not. "But one was sent to you 3 months ago" But if I hadn't activated it or bought something with it then surely they would know that I had not received it? They simply closed my card I was using at the time. I asked them, "how could I get access to my money?" "Check," they said. I said, "I haven't used a check in some 8-10 yrs." Think about how wrong their logic is. This company does not care about retail/general public customers. Change. I'm going to an internet bank if I can find one with all the same minimum services. This bank needs to broken up.

This credit card company is terrible! If you have a problem or a dispute you might as well kiss your money goodbye. They will NOT help you at all! They will always be in favor of the merchant no matter how many times you prove the merchant was wrong or charge was invalid!!! I have even had the merchant themselves call and they still won't credit my account! I have been fighting with them now for over 5 months for a dispute. They have made my life HELL. I am going to contact an attorney and see if I can actually sue them!! I am so angry at what they have put me through.

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Chase is the U.S. consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of  J.P. Morgan, which is a leading global financial services firm with assets worth $2.6 trillion. Chase has more than 5,300 branches and 15,500 ATMs. Cardholders can also bank online via mobile phones. The Chase brand is used for credit cards.

  • No-transfer-fee balance transfer card: The Chase Slate card is one of the few cards on the market that waives this fee. But the fee is only waived for consumers who transfer their balances within the first 60 days of opening an account. After 60 days has passed, the fee is 3 percent. There’s also no annual fee on this card.
  • Sign-up bonuses: Chase credit cards often have generous sign-up bonuses, but there’s usually a spending requirement to meet within a certain amount of time, which is usually around three months.
  • Rewards: Chase offers a variety of rewards on many cards, including cash-back cards on everyday expenses, such as groceries and gas, travel rewards points, airline miles and more. Some cards offer extra points or cash back in specific categories. Each card has its own rules for rewards (for example, spending caps on bonus categories) so be sure you read the credit card agreement and the rewards program details very carefully. Also look at the redemption options to determine if the card is a good fit.
  • Ink-brand business credit cards: Chase’s Ink-brand business cards are popular and offer a variety of rewards for small business owners.
  • Excellent benefits and cost-saving features: A few Chase cards waive foreign transaction fees and some baggage fees. On some cards, you’ll find anniversary bonuses, airport lounge passes or memberships, 24/7 concierge services, 1:1 point transfer to popular frequent travel programs and more. Keep in mind that great perks usually come with annual fees. Chase also offers customers the opportunity to view their FICO scores online.
  • Reputation: Chase is the number one credit card issuer in the United States based on loans outstanding. Also, Chase is number two in mortgages. For three years in a row, Chase has been the number one Small Business Association lender to women-and-minority-owned small businesses.
  • Best for Small business owners and those who have good-to-excellent credit. Those who have credit card debt, but still have good credit, could be helped by the Chase Slate balance transfer card.

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