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Last updated: July 22, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 22, 2017

My husband did file Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Aspire disregards this fact, disregards our Lawyer's letters, keeps sending us statements with late fees. I assume if this ends to the court one day I will bring my bankruptcy file and my Lawyer will support the fact that the card was listed under the bankruptcy file and every attempt to collect a debt will consider as a way to violate any provision of the United States Bankruptcy Code. I see Aspire could go up to 10 years after people who did file a bankrupt. I am curious if there is any legal way to stop this before we actually go to the court where Aspire should pay a fine for disregarding the facts.

Original review: Feb. 16, 2017

Got a notice for collection also for an Aspire Visa today for 2005. Called the collection company who said it was continuous which is absolute garbage. I may have had this card years prior that was under bankruptcy over at least 10 years ago. He did say it went to collection 2005, 2008 and 2009, he was speed talking also as if he didn't want me to hear what the actual spiel was. I'm guessing whoever collected my bankruptcy info disregarded it and passed it along to the next company to waste some time, because this is no longer or has never been a debt I carried. It's also quite possible theft, but as it hasn't been on my credit report for the last at least 10 years, it is in fact invalid.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2016

I received in the mail on October 7, 2016 a Debt Collection from NCB Management Services Inc about an Aspire Visa Credit Card account in default of payment for $1891.03! To my surprise and bewilderment I NEVER applied for an Aspire Credit card and I never received a Visa Card from Aspire! I immediately contacted TransUnion and placed a Fraud Alert for my credit bureaus. Today, I filed an official Police Report for Identity Theft and will find out why I have this card in my name and possibly who has done this criminal act. I am trying to contact this company but it looks EXTREMELY "strange" and shady. In fact, I did NOT see any actual Customer Service Number to phone them only an Atlanta, Georgia P.O. Box address. This is purely unacceptable!

Original review: May 20, 2016

This company was horrifying to deal with and ever so often they creep up like a weed. They only partially applied the SCRA, and this was maybe 16 years ago, but if they had fully applied it, they likely would have owed me money. They then sold the 'debt' and I've been harassed repeatedly through the years. I unfortunately don't have all the documents anymore. Through our military moves, we have had many things lost, but this was one of the most horrible companies I have ever had to deal with. I'm sure when I least expect it another company will buy the debt and I'll have to explain the entire thing again, but they tell me there is nothing I can do since Aspire sold the debt before resolving it. Way to show appreciation to Servicemembers and their families.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2016

I received a called from ASPIRE VISA today 2/19/16 that they are taking me to collection for a card I supposedly had on 2005! I never had a credit card with them! They said I need to pay $1200 immediately to avoid collection. I read many people having the same fraud situation with this company! What should I do? Need help.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 8, 2015

I had a card with Aspire Visa in which I had a $4,000 credit limit. I didn't use it for several months, and then when I need a new computer I used the card to purchase it. Shortly after I lost my job, and tried to contact the company, but for some reason neither my PIN nor the last 4 of my social would work (which you had to enter in order to speak to a customer service rep). I wrote them a letter on the invoice and mailed it back to them. A few weeks later I have a detective at my door ready to arrest me for identity theft!

Somehow, even though they record you for quality control purposes, they got my info mixed up with someone they were trying to snag as a customer and told her to press charges! I spent 3 hours in jail and humiliated. It was a nightmare that lasted a little over a month. It all ended when I asked for their recording of our phone conversation. Suddenly they dropped the charges. These people don't care about their customer. They just want your money!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: March 28, 2015

I had an aspire visa card 8+ years ago. Not sure what happened to my account actually because it was so long ago. I'm sure my balance was no more than $500 if that. They waited 8 years to contact me. Over those 8 years my balance is now $3,128 which what they sued me for and now wanna garnish 10% of my gross wages. Never got a chance to fight it in court. I need help fast in what I should do next since they’re gonna start garnishing my wages soon. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!

Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 26, 2015

I received a letter in the mail from PLAINTIFF: MIDLAND FUNDING LLC ASSIGNEE OF ASPIRE VISA ACCOUNT, claiming I owe a debt of $5765.00. A "Writ of Garnishment" threatens to collect my wages. Need help fast. I have no credit cards, how is this happening? I went through this years ago with Aspire. I never signed anything in agreement with this, nor have they provided anything other than a debt for a credit I never had. I received this notice Jan 7, 2015, stating I have 30 days until garnishments begin.

I was recently just financed for a new car, late Oct 2014 and had no problem because I am a home owner. Paid off two other vehicles etc., and provided proof with Wells Fargo accepting me. My "credit score" wasn't an issue, even though I have no credit cards. Something needs to be done to stop this financial war going on behind the working man's back and ruining lives. I'm going to the Circuit Clerk's office, in hopes for assistance but will surely need lawyer(s) action. This entire situation is beyond me and many other victims also, something needs to be done quick and fast. Please help by replying to my email address.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 3, 2014

I had an aspire card around 15 years ago, it had a 500.00 credit limit. They started to charge me insane fees, so I cancelled the card. I paid off the balance and never heard anything until early last year when a law office started harassing me. Apparently aspire never registered me paying off the card, turned to account over to midland funding (whom I never heard from) and they turned over to a law office. The amount they say I owe is a bit over 2 grand, and they want that money, so out of fear of them garnishing my wages I started paying them a little bit every month. All they tell me is its aspire visa and they got the account from midland funding. They will not stop harassing me, they even started calling my work. The only way they will stop harassing me is either: I pay off the balance in full or I get proof from aspire that I paid this off. I cannot get ahold of anybody. I have no idea what I can do, and I barely scrape by and can't afford to keep paying this law office. Avoid aspire at all costs.

Original review: Oct. 9, 2013

I have read so many stories regarding the Aspire Credit Card and its Bad Reputation. I am with You All ~ I opened a Card with only a $300.00 Limit in 2006...Paid in Full. Now I am getting phone calls from Portfolio Credit demanding $3,840.00!! What!? I'm in Shock! It is on my Credit Report but showing Under Columbus Bank and Trust Co. Which I have Never Heard of...And No Idea why. Can anyone tell me if Aspire Credit Card is any way Associated with Columbus Bank and Trust? I have worked so hard over the years to get my credit rebuilt and am shamed to see what these companies can get away with!

I have NO Credit Cards! If I Did... I know I wouldn't have gotten a credit card with That High Of a Limit due to Sudden Bankruptcy I filed after my Young Husband was killed in an explosion. I am getting Nowhere with the Portfolio Recovery Services. I have reported this for Dispute on my Credit Report. No follow up yet. Does Anyone know if Columbus Bank And Trust is Affiliated with Aspire Visa?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2013

I received a packet from Portfolio Recovery about 8 weeks ago. It said I owed $1,297.00 on an Aspire Visa I got in 2004-2005. The problem is I never had an Aspire Visa. I wrote on the letter that it was a fraudulent account. I had moved to another state a year prior to the opening of the account. Although Portfolio acknowledges my dispute, now they want me to fill out an identity theft affidavit and have it notarized and sent back to them along with all my personal information and copies of my driver’s license, social security card, copy of police report, copies of other letters I received regarding the debt, and proof of where I lived during the time of the fraud.

First of all, I am not giving them my info or any other items they want. For one thing, the account was opened and closed 8 years ago (!), not to mention the first I've heard about it was when they sent me the letter saying I owed them. They also want me to assist in prosecution of the individual(s) responsible. How in the hell am I supposed to know who the culprit was if I didn't even know about the account until 8 weeks ago! I've moved to 2 different states since 2004 and don't have proof of where I lived back then. I clean out my paperwork every year and dispose of the items that are 7 years old. Those utility bills and rent receipts have been shredded a long time ago.

My identity was stolen and my credit destroyed in 1999 when I fell prey to an online scam. I have had nothing but problems since then. I reported it at the time; however, the town where I lived did not have a computer crimes division until 2006, by which time I was already elsewhere.

Isn't this illegal? I have no verification of the account other than Portfolio's letter, which was sent back to them when I complained about the fraud. They claim they purchased the account from Midland Credit Management in 2007. If that is the case, why did I only hear about it this year? I am so tired of all the BS. This is not the only account Portfolio is trying to make me pay. 5 months ago, I was notified I was in default on a student loan in Georgia. I have never even been to Georgia, much less gone to school there!

I wish the government would put the screws to them and make them send verification of it being my account when they ask for payment. I am only now starting to rebuild my credit. I became disabled in 2003, which necessitated my move to another area. Needless to say, they will not receive a single penny from me! Just try and put me in jail.

One of the credit cards I did have at the time of the fraud was a Capital One card. I found out about the fraud when I received my bill from them and a $1,500 limit was over $3,000 in one month. I reported it to Capital one and cut up and returned my card to them requesting an itemized list of all charges, of which I would gladly pay what was actually mine. This was never done. Capital One gave me a credit card this year, and lo and behold, here comes Portfolio trying to make me pay the bill from 1999! Capital One should have completed my request then. I refuse to pay charges that are not mine, especially when I became aware of them I reported the theft. And most of all, I refuse to pay a debt that is 13 years old!

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Original review: Jan. 19, 2013

After paying off Aspire years ago, I received a letter from a collection agency stating I owe them $1,183. I am tired of this company getting away with their illegal practices of trying to collect money from consumers who paid their bills. Why doesn't the FTC put a stop to this? There have been enough complaints against them. If anyone wants a class action suit against them, I'm in.

Original review: Jan. 6, 2013

After years of being with them, I was dropped like a hot potato without any explanation. All they said to me was, "I am so sorry." This is a 10-year relationship. Now I am unemployed, I paid my full balance. First I sent in $40 by the due date, and then sent the remaining $735.54 by the following week. I got a bill, but the person I spoke to didn't care about my situation and said I still had to pay the interest charge. "I am unemployed," I said. I paid. Well, I truly do not recommend anyone to even think about taking a credit card with Aspire. They are unfair to their customers. You can hardly get a hold of anyone to talk to. Please do not trust Aspire!

Original review: Aug. 10, 2012

Aspire closed and dropped off the face of the earth. My account closed overnight. I never even received a letter or anything. I didn't know where to send payments. No customer service number, nothing. Now Midland is on my credit report as well. Aspire, I believe went bankrupt. Anyhow, I’m now fighting with the 3 credit bureaus on this. What I just learned is that, if the collection agency is not able to fully validate the debt with original contract, complete list of payments made, full explanation of interest, etc. (why balance is what it is), that legally they cannot report to the credit bureaus.

I sent a validation letter to them and never heard back. They can be fined for this. I sent a letter to all 3 credit bureaus explaining that this collection was never validated with myself when requested, that this is illegal and not liable for them to report per the FCRA or FDCPA. I have a thing for junk debt buyers. All they do is harass and try to make a buck. Most of them are overseas. In my letter, I asked for full validation and to cease and desist until that full validation is met. That is why I never heard back. So now, I’m fighting with the credit bureaus to make them understand this law.

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Original review: May 16, 2012

Credit report info sent by this company - I told this company this card was stolen years ago. I never used the card. I never made purchases with this card. My wallet got stolen and it was never recovered.

Original review: April 13, 2012

My account was paid in full several years ago through a buyout. I have proven it to the collection agency at least 7 times. They called again today and wanted me to pay again! I refuse to send paperwork again, proving I have paid. It hasn't made any difference in the past. Look through your records carefully, I have paid this! You should have to prove I owe it. I should not have to prove myself again!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2012

I had an Aspire credit card for I think about 2 years. It was a $500.00 credit limit, so I never got to carry a huge balance. I used it for emergencies usually as I have 2 other credit cards with much higher credit limits and I never had a problem with those cards. I charged some smaller items, always paid my bill on time or maybe one day late. They would soak me for 40-50 dollars if they got the payment a day late or even just said that the payment was late! It was a constant headache. They would call me before a payment was even due, tack on all kinds of crazy fees and the crazy fees just kept adding on. The last few months, they actually started charging me a $7 payment fee, meaning I had to pay them $7 to give them my money! That was on top of a processing fee, a cardholder fee and an interest rate that climbed every month.

On March 3, 2008, I got a tax return and wanted to pay the account in full and cancel the card because I was just done with them. I made a payment of $435.80 on 3/3/08 over the phone, directly from my checking account. I must have told the woman 5 or 6 times that I am paying this in full and I want it cancelled today. Yes, you are paid in full and your account has been cancelled. About a month later, a man (Indian) called my house saying he was from Aspire and that I owed a $7 monthly maintenance fee. I told him there was no way I owed them a dime, the account was paid off and no longer existed. I asked when this charge happened and he said it was put on my card, about a month after I cancelled it! How can you put a charge on a credit card that has been closed?

In no way is this legal. I have gotten two letters in the past 4 years saying now there was interest building and I owed them $196.00 as of the last letter, sometime early last year. I just got a call from a collection agency, saying they were collecting a debt for Aspire. I told him the whole story and didn't seem too concerned. I want this off my credit score! I don't owe them anything! They robbed me blind when I had the card and they are still trying to do that. We need a class action and I am more than willing to provide any information I can give in this matter. We need to sue, even for only our credit being restored! The activity in which Aspire conducted was criminal and this needs to be stopped. My heart goes out to all the other people that went through this horror story of a fraud-filled credit company. Thank you for your time.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 8, 2012

I had an Aspire Visa Card approx. 10 years ago and paid them off. I am checking my credit report and come across a creditor by the name of Jefferson Capital System. When I called, I learned the account was Aspire Visa and I owed $2252.65. I was appalled because this account was paid in full. Now, I am being pushed around and cannot get an answer from Aspire Visa, Jefferson Capital or ALLW Sourcing.

Original review: March 1, 2012

A couple of months ago, I set up a 3-month automated payment plan with Aspire, but they did not process my payments. When I called, I discovered that the bank account number they were using was off by one digit. When I checked my online record, the number was correct. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was told that no one was available and that I need to call back the next day during EST business hours. Because of my work schedule and current lack of a cell phone, making a call during those hours are difficult. I said I would try, and the customer service rep wouldn't accept my answer. They never offered to call me back or made any effort to put me on hold to wait for the manager.

I then went online and attempted to pay off the full balance, but the payment seems to be in limbo. Apparently, they attempted to process my original payment after we spoke by phone, even though I did not give them permission to do so. They called again today to say that my payment was late, and when I told them that I had paid off the account online, which is how I usually pay, they checked and saw that I had indeed done this But they still seemed confused. Apparently, they have been processing and cancelling payments at their leisure.

My payment still has not gone through, and I was told over the phone that they would wait a week to see if my bank would allow the transaction. I've never had to wait a week for a payment to be processed in the past, and I am very suspicious of this company. Neither of the customer service people seemed to know what was going on or how to respond, but the second person seemed a little more informed.

I am extremely sorry that I ever agreed to do business with them. It's been a hassle, and their representatives seem clueless and ill-trained. Considering that the company shut off all the credit cards without warning, I wonder who am I attempting to pay and if the fees I am being charged are legal. This company and their practices need to be investigated.

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Original review: Feb. 22, 2012

I received something in the mail today, stating that my state taxes were garnished, due to a debt that I supposedly owe to Aspire Visa. They collected $460.00 from my state taxes. The problem is that they have received their pay off money in 2005, and I sent it to them with no response regarding my payment. Now, 7 years later, they are taking my state taxes, and saying that I owe them $2,313.34 dollars. This all for a card that started with a $500 limit. So all together, for this, they have already collected over $1,000.00, and still want another $2,313.34. When you call the company that advocates for them, they are rude. They say they don't know what to tell me, and then say were going to continue to collect a debt. This is not a debt that I owe!

Original review: Dec. 28, 2011

I had a card with Aspire. I paid the entire balance with money from a tax return in April 2007. I cut up the card and didn’t think anything else about it. In September 2009 I got a letter from a collection agency saying I owed money, but they wouldn’t even tell me to whom. I eventually found out it was Aspire. I have told them several times the account was paid off and closed. I even sent copies of the check I sent to aspire. The last I spoke with anyone about this was October 2010. They stopped sending me letters but somehow this ** is on my credit report that was pulled up today when I tried getting a loan. It shows that I had correspondence with them 4 months ago! Yeah, I was in Iraq 4 months ago and surely didn’t talk to anyone from Aspire or Midland Credit. How in the heck can I even contact them when it shows their phone number as (111)111-1111?

Original review: Nov. 14, 2011

I am very disappointed in Aspire and the Visa Card I had with them. I was in good standing and they closed my account a several years ago. I had a pretty large balance, so I have been paying off my balance every month. I have not been late. I usually pay online, but today, I tried to pay them and the website will not work. I cannot find a phone number. I signed up for paperless billing so I don't have a paper bill to get a number from.

Original review: Oct. 25, 2011

Well, I got the protection on my account so that if I couldn't pay or lost my job they would pay the account. It never happened. I also want to know if they can be taken off your credit report if they are bankrupt and do I still have to pay them?

Original review: Sept. 15, 2011

After this scam credit card offered by Aspire Visa, I had a $75 starting limit after charges. So I spent $75 and out of the blue, they closed my account. Then for 15 months, they charged me fees totaling over $900. So $75 in actual use and now, I have over $1290 in collections. I am reporting them to every agency that will listen because this has happened to thousands of people and I don't see how they can continue to prey on people. I thought loan sharks were illegal. They did commit over 8 illegal acts while I had an account, according to credit card laws.

Original review: Aug. 19, 2011

I am trying to deal with this situation as soon as I can before I actually get served with the papers I am being sued. So far, it is a threatening phone call by a "law firm" who they say "bought out" some overdue accounts from Aspire Visa. They claim that I borrowed money (wouldn't say how much) back in 2006. I honestly don't remember getting this card or not. However, a man claiming to be from the firm says I am going to be sued for over $2,400. He was very rude and seemed not to care about anything but getting the money. He asked me for some kind of number or case number of which I don't have. He seemed to be surprised that I didn't have this information. I haven't even gotten any statement at all, ever, and I understand Aspire Visa went bankrupt back in 2008.

I don't understand how these people can let some account go for years and all of a sudden drop a bomb like this on someone. I really need help as I can't afford any lawyer to keep this from happening even being in the dark, if I did in fact use this Aspire card. I know, even back then, that my credit rating was bad and for anyone to try something like this is baffling! I know for a fact that I have tried to obtain some kind of a "credit card" but have always been turned down. For ten years or so, I have tried with no avail, so where did this come from? I need help now before the thing hits the fan and I am strapped with no defense other than "I can't remember." They contacted me on 8/11/11 and today is 8/18/11, with no activity yet.

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Original review: July 23, 2011

After having this card for a few years (a company that is apparently owned by the same company), salute; they contacted me to open an account with them. After both companies increased my credit line a number of times, they closed both accounts saying they were no longer in the credit card business. I am still paying on both accounts, and neither will discuss lowering the interest rate they charge.

Original review: July 13, 2011

I opened my first credit card account with this company in 2007 and was notified that they were closing all accounts due to bankruptcy in 2008. At that time I had a balance of approx. $1700. Since that time, 3 years ago, I have been paying the balance off. I was new to the entire credit card game, therefore I was only paying the minimum amount due and then eventually started paying late. Although I have no account to use, I have been paying and paying and my balance has only recently gotten below $1000.

In the past 6 months, I've paid $1050 and I still have a balance of $900. When I started paying 6 months ago, my balance was $1600. Is it just me or does this sound crazy!!! I can't afford to give this company all of my money! I have tried to negotiate a flat payment AND requested that they reduce teh APR, but everytime I ask for any type of assistance, they simply answer, this company doesn't do those types of negotiations.

I would love any guidance or help anyone can offer. I can't believe a practice like this credit card has in place can be legal. I've seen so many people with complaints against them, it seems like we should be able to pull together and sue them!!!

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Original review: June 24, 2011

Aspire closed everyone's account and still charging me 29.99% interest rate and their payment website lists this: Payments are posted to your account upon receipt. We reserve the right not to increase your available credit until your payment has been processed and verified, which may take up to 5 business days.

We reserve the right not to increase your available credit? What the ** are they talking about?

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Original review: June 13, 2011

My mother opened an account with Aspire and registered me as an authorized user. The card went bankrupt and the account was closed. Now there is a 29% APR and I am trying to settle the balance, but there isn't any phone number to contact them. I have sent e-mails, but have gotten no response. At this APR, I will never be able to pay this down. I need some assistance on how to move forward settling this issue as it stands it appears on my credit report and I am in the process of cleaning that up. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Original review: June 6, 2011

They have sold my account to Midland Collection agency, located in San Diego, CA. And it showed $1040.00 to pay off with the courts. They are trying to garnish me and this was in my bankruptcy.

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