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Reviewed Sept. 23, 2023

“Seems Recent chemical formula changed, there must have been a change with the hair color chemical formula, I’ve been using it for over 8 years with no problems and in the past couple of weeks whenever I use it, there is a burning and itching. I’m going to switch to something less harsh,”

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Reviewed May 2, 2023

I have been using this product for the last 22 years. The quality of the Product very good but the cap for colour tubes breaks at tip. Once it tube tip breaks the tube is useless. This is not first time happening to me. This is fourth or fifth time happening to me. Regarding Price I used to buy this same product for $5.99. Now the price is $12.99 and I always buy from CVS. If price goes up I understand but the quality should be good, but very sorry to say the quality of packing. If this continues it's bad news for the company.

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    Reviewed Feb. 19, 2023

    This is third incident of Color base tube cracking at threaded opening on M-30- Light-Medium Brown. Company recommends you firmly tighten fitting; but opening needs to be reinforced. (Will crack after a few uses.) Have had good results with product, except for some minor itching at Application point. Wanted consumers to be aware of this problem. Have asked for compensation of product at Men's only Company in form of coupon to replace lost product.

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    Reviewed Feb. 5, 2023

    Initially, I indented to write this with the belief that JFM Beard color must have changed formulas fairly recently or least tweaked it? But now seeing other reviews, issues, complaints, lawsuits etc going back quite a way...It appears for whatever reason was not aware of this many very serious either "Chemical burn" or Allergic Reaction happening or had happened.

    At the same time I'm not willing to throw out my original thought of a recent change. Moreover I have to consider the possibility if a tweaking did happen is could be contributing to this already dangerous issue. I will get that in a min, first I want to make it clear, as I was not meaning to infer that I had "No Idea" that that this could even happen of course there is always a "chance" as the company makes it very clear about the 48" hour test. (More on the 48 test coming) So, here's why I think my first thought is still in play.... Simply I have been using JFM Beard and sometimes hair for "Many" years, and never had an issue, or this type of issue (I have had times it just didn't color as well normal). Now? I have a BIG issue!

    The last 2 boxes, one M-55 as M-50 my usual, recently it has become impossible to find at least in my local Big W stores...So it was the M- 55 not the first time I've had to go to the 55, but it was the first time I had any type of "reaction" (late Dec 2022). At the time I didn't think of it as "reaction" of any kind... I thought it to be an irritation maybe caused by old, or improper product storage or just a bad mix of formula which at "that" moment, I was willing to accept, I wouldn't have even given a negative review considering my history of satisfactory results using JFM. Not sure the exact # of beard and (occasional hair) dye kits I purchased as I used to get them for Dad as well, But personal use conservative guess... 130 X's in last... 9 -10 years? So, I had no reason to distrust their products, If I only knew what was to come...Since still unable to find M-50 locally not 1 box and moreover no spot for the 50 on the shelves anymore?

    I was getting it just few months ago? Anyway I attempted online, found a few but price was higher than normal, no deal on (single box), I found "M-46" never noticed that color or the mention of Biotin aloe & coconut oil either thought that was something new? So Give it a shot right?... Now let me be clear!! I am guilty most times not doing the "48" in all honesty very rare when I did and I couldn't tell you (Prior to *) last time I did? Now I know I'm not alone I mean 10+ years of no Issues? I was a JFM supporter!! Ok so the *(means this time). Yup and I CAN TELL the very last 48 was the M-46 and I only did it because of the irritation with the 55 and 3 hours last no reason for concern test came back negative! SO this 46 "chemical reaction" was much and I mean much more severe, as a matter of fact. I don't even think last time with M-55 was even the same thing at all. There was zero itch, just a slight burn feeling.

    This was so violent like bee stings. After a while such a terrible irritation, burning, and ITCHING. the itching never so bad, my eyes were tearing up. Lol. It was relentless! And I wanted to scratch so bad but I restrained myself, This started maybe 15-20 mins. After I finished the coloring, washing and cleaning up I was losing it. I wanted to take a sanding wheel to my face! Honestly not exaggerating, It was as if I had rubbed my face with fiber-glass insulation for a few hours.

    Next was redness and bumps everywhere in and around beard within 2 hours at most?... The cheeks being the worst, by next day some of these bumps became small "Sores" (not from scratching either). When I did touch my face was with open hand the sores started oozing some kind of fluid that had a... I guess blood and clear liquid look? Like infection puss really? Severe irritation, burning, and itchiness lasted that day.

    On day 3 finally subsided only itched on and off.. In the pictures most areas are less red roughly 3 1/2 days later. But the lumps were getting harder, why I didn't take more pics right away (I took one but came out poor). Not only am I upset that my face is all messed up, but I lost the only beard and Mustache dye I ever used!... Hope I find a new one. That's if the big wound ever heals. I'm on day 8 post incident and it looks nasty, maybe even worse! Obviously "JFM" was removed from "MY" shelf for life! See pics below.

    DAY 5, 6 & 7 pics As I have saved both products including what remained it tubes I realized the First reaction. Not only am I upset that my face is all messed up, but I lost the only beard and Mustache dye I ever used!... Hope I find a new one. That's if the big wound ever heals. I'm on day 8 post incident and it looks nasty, maybe even worse! Obviously "JFM" was removed from "My" shelf for life! See pics below. (well I was going to attach a few unflattering pictures of my scared face) But no upload on this sit

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    Reviewed Feb. 2, 2023

    I've used Just For Men products for over 10 years with perfect results; however, something strange happen today. After one use, my Just For Men Touch of Gray (JFM) turned into a clear liquid substance. Yes, the entire tube turned into a clear liquid substance after one use. I bought JFM one week ago from my local drugstore; no problem, thick dark jelly-like which is standard use for JFM. However, today, after one week of sitting in the cabinet, the contents of the entire tube turned into a clear liquid substance. Crazy, I actually poured the entire contents of the tube into my tray; just like water. Very strange!

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    Reviewed Jan. 14, 2023

    Like so many others. I used this product for years but something changed during the pandemic with the formula. It’s itchy, breaks me out and BURNS my skin. I’ve tried several times to start it using again after discontinued use but each time it’s the same result and it basically destroys my skin! I refuse to put myself through that torture again.

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    Reviewed Dec. 9, 2022

    I use the "Sandy Blonde", and on occasion, the "Darkest Blonde/Lightest Brown" colors. The hair color does not last 8 weeks, as stated by the company. For me, at best, the color lasts 4 weeks. I also notice that the color doesn't "stick" to some of the grey hair, such as the hair on my temple. The company also states that the color will not wash out, but that is not an accurate statement either. Over the weeks, my white towel gets brown from drying my hair with it. The price has increased over the years, but the product hasn't gotten better. If the price was 40% lower, I would consider it a good value, but being that I have to use it twice as often (every 4 weeks instead of every 8 weeks), it's just "OK".

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    Reviewed Nov. 30, 2022

    I have been buying Mustache & Beard for years and it worked very well. Since about a year ago this product is junk!!! That figures, along with many other products & services performed, people just do not care about quality work. So the good thing is I don't have to buy it!!!

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    Reviewed July 28, 2022

    I’ve used this product for years with really good results. Something though has changed in the formula about 6 months ago. Instead of dying my hair a very credible brown which subtly mixed with my own natural grey it’s sent it a sort of horrible pinky orange colour, the only good thing about which is that it fades quite fast. And it gives me a horribly itchy reaction on my chest. What on earth have you done? How could you be so careless with a great product? All my friends are laughing at me and call me Mr. Hairdye. I’ll never forgive you Control GX!

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    Reviewed June 9, 2022

    Only took 4 months to figure out that I was allergic to ** also known as ** which is in the Just For Men ingredients. What a freaking nightmare. I haven't been allergic to anything my whole life and out of nowhere my body was breaking out, itching, and burning. I'll take some responsibility for not doing a great job with the patch testing in advance and waiting long enough. If you are not allergic to **, I thought the product worked fine but I wouldn't wish my allergic reaction on anyone nor the bills and time it took to figure it out. Please check out Simpler Hair Color vs Just for Men They use ** not **.

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