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They shouldn't be allowed to sell this stuff!!! I started using Crest Pro-Health toothpaste about 2.5 weeks ago, and have noticed severe mouth and gum irritation. My gums, roof of my mouth, under my tongue as well as my lips have been SO sensitive and I have this constant burning sensation, and have noticed little sores as well. Someone really needs to look into doing some real studies on this stuff. IT'S HORRIBLE!!! I thought I was gonna have to go to the dentist until I started reading all the other people's reviews as well, glad I am not the only one who has experienced this. I am IMMEDIATELY going to stop using this product. This stuff should be removed from all store shelves immediately!!!

I have used Crest HD. I looked up Crest HD and it contains sodium hydroxide. Sensodyne with whitening properties also contains sodium hydroxide. I just looked sodium hydroxide up at The ATSDR: "Inhalation of sodium hydroxide dust, mist, or aerosol may cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose, throat, and respiratory tract. Sodium hydroxide is odorless; thus, odor provides no warning of hazardous concentrations. Mucous membrane irritation occurs at the OSHA PEL (2 mg/m3) and is generally an adequate warning property for acute exposure to sodium hydroxide. However, workers exposed to prolonged or recurrent mists or aerosols of sodium hydroxide can become somewhat tolerant of the irritant effects. Sodium hydroxide of sufficient strength can hydrolyze proteins in tissues and can kill cells in tissues." Crest should warn people about their product.

My daughter began using Crest Pro-Health with healthy gums and mouth. The night she first started using this product she noticed a burning of her gums. The next morning she complained that she felt her throat, tongue and lips were swollen which added to her burning gums. By the end of the day her lips were peeling along with all the other mentioned symptoms on top of it. We narrowed down that Crest was the only different thing she had done. She stopped immediately but that did not relieve her symptoms. It has been 5 days of not being able to eat or drink without being in intense pain. She has taken to sucking on ice cubes to try and give her some relief. This has been extremely stressful on her trying to deal with the pain and agony. Something it's obviously in this toothpaste that she is not the only one that this has happened to. I would like to know what is being done to investigate this product!!! This needs to be addressed!

I recently decided to try the whitening kit by Crest. My teeth are slightly yellow and I didn't want to pay tons of money to get them done at the dentist. 2 days after using this product and my mouth burns. My lips are so dry, red and itchy. My gums and teeth are so sensitive. I've stopped using the product in hopes everything will return to normal. Never again wasting my money on Crest products.

I am so happy and relieved to find this site. I thought I was going to lose my mind with my mouth issues. Let me say that I have used Crest Whitening Toothpaste for over 3 years so when I started having problems, I never thought it was the toothpaste. Last year I went to my dentist to find out why my tongue burnt so bad. I could not eat spicy foods at all, hardly drink and yes I am a smoker. Smoking was awful. The dentist found nothing, very disappointing. I battled it off and on and went to my ENT. They thought it might be thrush. Took something for that and still did not help. Totally feels like I have chewed 50 packs of big red gum.

I have no idea if this has anything to do with it but I ended up having teeth issues that could not be figured out as to why. My pulp was extremely inflamed but yet my teeth was so hard - I had no visible signs of a cavity. I ended up with three root canals that could not be avoided or explained. The whole time I am still using Crest because I still have no idea that it is causing my mouth issue. Over the weekend my mouth burnt and hurt so bad and my throat swelled. I was out of town and used a different toothpaste and it is a little better but still burns very bad. I will stop all Crest products and hopefully this burning and hurting will go away.

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If I weren't a dental hygienist, I would think I had some terrible disease! My gum tissue and lips are bright red, and they burn and feel swollen. I started using Crest 3D White about a month ago. (I have always been a Colgate girl, but this was something that Crest sent to me, so I thought I would give it a try.) Maybe two weeks later I felt little bumps inside my lips and my throat felt swollen when I swallowed. I could not think what might be the cause. Then I remembered years ago trying Crest for Sensitive Teeth, and the inside of my mouth started sloughing off. I quit using that one and it cleared up after a few days. I am hoping I get relief soon! I am no longer using it, and sadly for Crest, I will not recommend Crest to my patients, family or friends. I am back to being a Colgate girl.

How about 8 months ago I started using Pro Crest Health and never would imagine that this was the reason for the past 8 months that I've been so miserable that I haven't left the house or talk to anybody because I am so embarrassed of the condition that this toothpaste has left me in. Never in my life have I been so miserable. My mouth is so dry and for the past 5 months I've been so scared because I thought I have had cancer all because of using Pro Crest Health toothpaste. It has ripped my life apart and my gums are destroyed. I've actually thought about taking myself out because I've been so depressed about the situation that I thought there's no point in going on living and no this isn't an exaggeration. Having constant dry mouth and burning mouth and gums and your throat swollen to where you can't swallow is very miserable conditions to live in.

I really can't believe that they sell a product like this and nobody has been able to Sue this company. Things that I've felt since using the toothpaste - numb mouth, burning tongue and gums, mouth is so dry that produces no saliva at all, depression has set in over the past eight months to where I wanted to die. I've been to the hospital 6X and no doctor can give me a diagnosis from having the severe dry mouth over the past eight months. My mouth has developed a kind of trush that seems to never go away. My mouth taste like metallic. All the doctor's appointments and dentist appointments that I've been to and been able to find no answer.

This has cost me tens of thousands of dollars and I've been so depressed I haven't been able to do anything besides go to work and that has been pain and agony because I've been so embarrassed of this condition but I've developed from this toothpaste that I haven't done nothing with my life. I can go on and on and on and on. If anybody is having the same similar things happening in their life please contact me. I'm really going to try and sue this company.

Crest Pro health - Worst toothpaste ever! I bought it for the first time and immediately mouth was burning, sores developed, sensitivity to salty and acidic food and very dry mouth. I could not figure it out until I realized the toothpaste was causing it. Should be taken off the market immediately!

After having my teeth cleaned on Monday, August 1, 2016, I used the Crest Pro Health Toothpaste that was given to me in a packet by my dental hygienist. I also purchased Crest Pro Health Clinical Mouthwash to use with the toothpaste. I started using the toothpaste that afternoon. Tuesday I used the toothpaste and mouthwash twice and began noticing tenderness on my gums. Wednesday I had sores on the inside of my mouth and a white stringy substance coming off of my gums.

Thursday morning I called the dentist and had her look at my mouth to see what she thought it was. When she looked she was shocked at what she saw and had no idea what it was. She wanted me to see a Periodontist immediately. I declined and she offered to take photos of my mouth which she did. She said I could see a Dermatologist if I would rather. She ask what medications I was taking, if I had changed my diet, etc. Nothing had changed! The dentist gave me a prescription for Magic Mouthwash, which would not heal anything, it would only deaden the pain I was suffering.

I left the office and on the way home I remembered I had used the Crest Toothpaste and Mouthwash. When I got home I googled Crest Pro Health Toothpaste and found hundreds of complaints and all of them matched my symptoms. I was able to see my Dermatologist Friday morning and he took several cultures to examine. I did not have thrush, I did not have a yeast infection, I did not have a bacterial infection. I told him that I was going to use Arm & Hammer Toothpaste and Biotene Mouthwash, which I started that Friday. Friday I started brushing my teeth twice a day with the Arm & Hammer Toothpaste and using the Biotene Mouthwash 5 times a day.

Today is Monday, August 8, 2016 and it has been three days since I stopped using all of the Crest products. My mouth is almost completely healed, there is a spot or two that I can still feel and see, but all of the other problems are gone. The pain associated with the sores in your mouth is extremely bad, not to mention you can barely eat. It hurts so much. You can't brush your teeth because anything even close to your gums makes them bleed where the slimy white stuff is and where you have sores in your mouth.

Procter & Gamble had recalled Crest Pro Health Toothpaste back around 2014 for some tiny blue plastic beads that were causing problems. As of March 2015 all of those beads were to have been removed from all Crest products. The problems people are experiencing has to be due to something else that is in the Crest Products. People have mentioned a class action lawsuit. The problem we all have is that we used a product that was either given to us by our dentist or hygienist, trusting a product that has been on the market for decades, having these mouth issues within 24 hours of using the product and then having to spend all sorts of money to try to get rid of the problems caused by these Crest products.

This is money out of our pockets and for some of us who have no dental insurance this can be quite expensive. Procter & Gamble should be contacting every person who has had a problem to get to the bottom of it. When you call Procter & Gamble's Customer Service number you cannot get through. The message is that the phones are not working and you should call back. How many times? 100? I have called and called and cannot get through. I sent them an email and have heard nothing back! Shame on Procter & Gamble for not telling dental offices that there have been problems so that these offices can give other products to their patients.

I go back to my dentist and to my Dermatologist on Thursday for a recheck. I plan to show my dentist the products they gave me, the complaints on this website, will tell them that the tests performed by my Dermatologist are all negative and that he feels that it is extremely suspicious that within 12-24 hours after seeing my hygienist and starting to use the Crest products that my mouth has all of these sores and problems. I couldn't agree more!!!

I've tried 3 toothpaste plus I may have allergies. Maybe it's sulfur in toothpaste. Right now my young is raw, my gums are bright red, the edges of my lips itch so bad. My tongue is on fire!!! I googled allergic reactions to Crest and a lot of the pics mimic my situation but I've had this with other toothpaste product but with Crest it's been the worst. I think it's sulfur period. I brushed this morning with Crest. I'm now gargling with warm salt water because it hurts so bad. I can't eat spicy food or anything. Crest by far is my worst reaction. Tongue is raw and sore and lips are swollen.

Do Not Use! This toothpaste caused severe burning and mouth pain. Could not eat, drink, or speak after using only days. It was like an acid burn. Peeling, sores, excessive dry mouth and lips. Causing severe weight loss. This product should be investigated by FDA and removed from shelves immediately.

Do NOT use this toothpaste!!! Harmful to your health. Caused allergic reaction, lips swelled, gum aches and sensitivity, sores in mouth and on corners of lips, also peeling skin. No way is this safe! The FDA should never have approved this and an investigation is needed! Product should be removed from the shelves!

After using Crest pro health toothpaste for about 3 nights, I noticed the inside of my mouth peeling off, my mouth burning inside and my teeth are very sensitive. I will discontinue using it immediately. Tonight is the 3rd night of using this product. Never again!

I have used Crest products my whole life and have had my family use it as well. Over the past year, I started using Crest Total Care mouthwash and toothpaste. My teeth turned from very white to looking like I was a pack a day cigarette smoker and 10 cup/day coffee drinker. The more my teeth were staining, the more mouthwash and toothpaste I used, not knowing the product actually turning my teeth brown. I purchased boxes of Crest White Strips to get the stains off and had a mouth full of tooth sensitivity and it still did not remove the staining. Only when I went for my yearly dental cleaning and checkup, did my hygienist look at my teeth and immediately ask me if I was using Crest Total Care and then told me not to use it anymore as it was the cause of my teeth being discolored and stained.

The cleaning took an hour and a half with special equipment to remove the ugly brown stains and cost $177.00 AND there are still brown areas in between my teeth that they couldn't get out! There is a small, and I mean "get your magnifying glass out" small disclaimer at the end of the mouthwash bottle that states that it may cause discoloration in some people which is unharmful and can be removed at your next dental visit. Seriously, who reads this stuff? I can tell you this experience has been pretty harmful to me.

My husband and bought this product to improve our gum health before a dental check up. He used it once and stopped and I used 3 days twice a day as directions say to. The first day in the morning was fine and then my gums got tender. Day 2 in the morning my gums started to bleed, which never happens to me, after I did the rinse my mouth was burning and I noticed a white sore in my mouth. By night my tongue was sore and my teeth were very sensitive it hurt to brush my teeth. On the 3rd day I wasn't sure I should use the mouthwash because I was in so much pain.

It's difficult to eat, talk, and to tell the difference between hot and cold because I like my tongue is burned. I have white bumps on my tongue, two white sores on the bottom of my mouth and one on the top left. Also something white and slimy comes off my gums. DISGUSTING!!! I used the mouthwash day 3 yesterday because I just didn't know if it was part of the healing process or what. This ** is nasty. I will never purchase a Crest product again. Get it off the shelves before it keeps hurting people!!!

I don't know what "engineer" designed the flip up toothpaste cap on Crest Toothpaste. It constantly gets gummed up and then has to be fussed with to get it to close. NOT an improvement on the old screw on caps.

Crest 3D Whitening Toothpaste and strips - My upper inside gums are not the same after using both the toothpaste and strips. I noticed right away after using the products that my gums were sensitive and somewhat in pain and still are. I am pretty upset about it!

Crest Pro Health Toothpaste - Using this toothpaste caused the inside of my mouth to be so raw. The inside of my lips were on fire and it felt like the skin was burning off. It caused skin to peel off the inside of my cheeks and lips. It's almost healed and I cannot believe the FDA allows this to be sold to consumers. Horrific experience.

I decided to switch up my toothpaste to Crest Pro-Health Intense Peppermint. I noticed that my mouth literally felt like it was on fire. My top lip started to swell. My tongue felt numb and swollen. I started to experience extreme dry mouth. My lips felt like cardboard and were peeling. My tongue was sensitive and was coated white. I was like, "What is really going on?" I began to realize that it was the toothpaste. And after reading all the reviews on this page, I was experiencing the same symptoms as the majority. They really need to get rid of this product ASAP!!!

After using Crest 3d white the roof of my mouth started to burn. The end of my tongue was burning so badly it felt like I had scalded my mouth on burning hot coffee. So uncomfortable I could not bear to eat or drink. I feel the need to sue this company for pain and suffering. Anyone else feel this way? I have been to doctors, dentist, oral surgeons. This is horrible and I'm sure crest knows about this and is doing nothing about it.

I have for months had severe dry mouth and a white peeling skin in my mouth that my physician was treating me as thrush with a prescription **. During the day I suffered from cotton mouth. I finally figured out it all along was the 3D white toothpaste. I had changed to Rembrandt toothpaste because it was on sale and after a few days I had none of the symptoms I have been dealing with. They need to remove this product from the shelves.

After using this toothpaste for 3 days my mouth started to feel like I ate a bag of salt and vinegar chips. That feeling of swelling, puffing, and tenderness. I noticed 2 days later red blister sores on my upper palate and back of mouth. Ulcers and redness on gums, swelling of gums. Continued to brush, seeked medical treatment. Was informed either a viral infection or allergy. The next day again, the roughness of sandpaper tiny bumps still on side of lips, dry cracking lips, sore mouth and throat. No other symptoms or fever or rash anywhere else on my person.

After searching info on the web found this as well as many sites indicating similar cases. I am immediately stopping and using my old arm and hammer plain white toothpaste and some biotene mouth rinse to promote healing. As of today, I have used the Crest pro health product for 1.5 weeks and my mouth is a mess with red blotchy mucous membranes, red swollen gums, ulcers like canker sores on gums and lips, puffy swollen lips and tender red tip of tongue like a burn. Class action lawsuit needs to be done right away.

Purchased Crest 3D Whitener 2 part toothpaste/gel the day I had two teeth removed. The next day, I used the product, but my tongue and gums burned and tingled for a long time. The following morning, I awoke to horribly swollen lips - sore, burning, bumpy. The dentist said, "There might be some swelling on the 2nd day" (but I thought I would look like a chipmunk since the back teeth were removed). I called the dentist - they were surprised it was my lips but said if it wasn't better in a few days to come see them (then, there was the weekend). Applied lots of ice in a washcloth, and it finally did go down. I had not been using the toothpaste after that first time. Was using my regular paste. I also noticed that food tasted bad.

Then, 10 days later, I was going to the wedding of a couple of my dearest friends. I pulled out the 3D toothpaste... so I would look good for the wedding with WHITE teeth. I awoke to my lips swollen out about 1 1/2 inches... and SORE, and gums red. I tried ice, honey, baking soda... and eventually decided I could not go out in public (plus it hurt so bad), and sadly, decided I would not attend the wedding. I Sat in my house. ;o( I have called people to postpone meetings tomorrow (this is Sunday). It looks horrible, and still hurts so much.

I switched to Crest with scope about 3 or so months ago. I can't find my usual Aquafresh anymore. When spring started I noticed my mouth became very dry... almost like I had a paste on it. I attributed it to allergies as the cottonwoods were flying. Any amount of water I drank would not relieve it! I noticed my tongue, the roof of my mouth, and the corners of my lips had a burning sensation that would not go away! I also had the white stringy gook in my mouth that felt like hairs in my mouth! I've been miserable for months! I googled white stringy mouth substance, and found this site!!! I know now that it is the stupid toothpaste!!! I was really getting worried I had something horrible! I'm hoping after I stop using it my mouth will feel NORMAL again! So glad I stumbled on this site! Wouldn't have thought it was the toothpaste! Crest, you're garbage bound!

I started using Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste Cinnamon in December and in January the inside of my mouth started sloughing off about 10 to 15 minutes after brushing. But after a couple of months my lips started to crack and peel and it seemed no matter what I did they wouldn't heal. But eventually they started getting real red and after and then my mouth started burning more and more. My Dr. thought it was thrush but after using the rinse I was prescribed for a month it still wasn't getting better so I went to my Dentist and she said in no uncertain terms to not use any kind of Crest. So I went to Colgate anti-cavity and after about 2 weeks my mouth was back to normal. But it was a few months of heck that I went through and I also say shame on Crest company. I saw a review here somewhere that said they should be sued if not for money at least so they can be better aware of the products they put out they go into people's mouth.

I've used Crest toothpaste all my life and with this tube I've experienced chemical burns on my upper lip. A few years ago Scope was added to the mix and I enjoyed that type very much. It was a blue and white box with green scope off to the right side. So I didn't think it was the toothpaste when I started experiencing the chemical burn on my lip about a month ago. I had recently started eating a grapefruit at night and using a different brand of face wash. My burn got worse as weeks went by as I tried to rule out what was causing the issue. My lips became quite bad.

I tried using different combinations of the grapefruit and wash trying to find the secret, but, the burn continued. It dawned on me it may be the toothpaste. Odd. The scope toothpaste now said "Complete" on it. I don't know when this changed, but it hasn't always been there. To confirm this was the issue, I purchased a tube of the old fashion, red labeled, cavity protection and within 2 days I have seen great improvement and that is with eating a grapefruit and using the new products. The packaging is deceiving because the Complete looks the same as the one without. Shame on Procter and Gamble! I bet it's the same chemical as what is in Pro Health that made my lips swell.

I began using Crest HD whitening about 2 months ago. I usually only use it at night before bed. The next morning I wake up the biggest headache ever and the nastiest taste in my mouth. I was unsure if it was the toothpaste causing this so I decided to do a little experiment. On days I used regular toothpaste I would wake up just fine. It became clear it is some of the chemicals found in the toothpaste that were causing the headaches. I have stopped the use of this toothpaste for that reason.

What is this? Acid or toothpaste? Crest pro health is like fire. When I tried it my mouth was fine but then later my bottom lip was literally peeling off. My mom thought it was just dry and she tried it. She had the same symptoms. DO NOT TRY THIS TOOTHPASTE!!!

I've been using Crest Pro Health toothpaste for a number of months because it's been on sale. But although it has helped my wallet, it hasn't been of any benefit to me physically. In fact, it's been problematic since Day 1. I didn't even realize that it was the culprit until a few days ago. Like many have documented, I, too, have experienced the stringy white buildup that I've literally scraped out of & spit from my mouth, off of my lips. I've had the bumps forming around my mouth & lips, seemingly never going away until I purchased a topical ointment & Vaseline to heal them. I say "heal", but they've never gone away.

At times I've had a mouthful of sores that I attributed to the acidity in my orange juice & other fruits. Not knowing what was causing those symptoms was scary, & the pain was real - VERY REAL. Mental & physical anguish & pain. I'm glad I found this site. It's nice to know I'm not going through it alone. I have a feeling that Crest knew all about it when they created this mess... but they didn't & don't care, as is evidenced by the pushing of sales in stores (Walmart, Target, etc.).

I do love food. Food makes me happy. However, there are some things that hinder people from indulging themselves in certain kinds of foods. One of them is "Dentine Hypersensitivity," which could be a very painful thing to deal with. My dentist recommended products for hypersensitivity including Crest. I tried Crest and I think it is really good for my hypersensitivity. I like how it tastes in my mouth, and I also like that my mouth feels so clean after brushing.

I'm not 100% sure, but I guess Crest is not so popular in my area. I'm only familiar with this brand because of my family abroad sending Crest products to us when I was little. Still, Crest is sold in the Philippine market, and there are different Crest products we can choose from depending on our needs. Some are meant for teeth whitening, sensitivity cure, plaque & tartar removal, healthy gums & stronger teeth, and simply wanting to have fresh breath. The only thing is, this product is somehow expensive, so I only include it on my grocery list every now and then. If you can afford it, go for it.