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About Intuit - Quickbooks Reviews

Intuit Quickbooks is accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses and people who are self-employed. Quickbooks lets you connect your bank account to easily categorize transactions and sync with popular apps. The company’s financial tools also assist with invoicing, payment reminders and direct deposit.

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Intuit - Quickbooks Reviews

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Verified purchase
Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Sept. 27, 2023

13 days ago I got a payment thru echeck withheld. After calling over 10 times, they always say that it's approved and ready for release but it never is. When ask to talk to manager, they are always busy, and tell me they will call, but never do. The reason to speak to a manager is to try someone with more resources, as the operators normally can help me with their system. $56.169.19, gone with no response from Quickbooks.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Sept. 11, 2023

We have been attempting to add a new user for over two weeks now. Typically, the self-service system sends a verification link to the user when setting them up. The user clicks the link and is able to then create a password, etc. Since our first attempt, we've been on several support calls for hours with no resolution. We've had to call in because their help desk gives us this response: "I’m having some technical difficulties right now. But we probably have an article that can help you!"

We've walked through all of the usual basic steps: check our licensing, clearing browser cache & cookies, deleting then re-adding the user, using different browsers (even mobile) - to no avail. The link simply does not work. On the support call today, we were told there will be a resolution on September 22nd. That's four weeks without our user being able to perform their duties.

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    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Sept. 6, 2023

    A Loyal Customer's Plea: QuickBooks Online's Declining Support and Unannounced Changes. We've been steadfast customers of Intuit QuickBooks Online since 2012, and Advanced-level QBO users since 2016. Over the years, we've witnessed the platform's evolution, and while there have been many positive strides, our recent experiences have left us deeply disappointed.

    In July 2023, without any prior notice or explanation, QuickBooks Online disabled the Time and Expense Entry option for new employees/users. This abrupt change not only disrupted our operations but also left us scrambling for answers. Since then, we've reached out to their customer support over seven times, dedicating more than 2 hours on each call, hoping for a resolution. Each interaction has been a repetitive cycle of trying the same workarounds, being reassured with promises of fixes in the "next scheduled update", only to be met with continued inaction.

    The most disheartening part is the realization that we've invested tens of hours on support calls, only to be taken through the same ineffective steps, time and time again. It's as if there's a script that's being mindlessly followed, without any genuine intent to address the underlying issue. Paying over $2,600 annually, one would expect a certain level of professionalism and consideration. However, QuickBooks Online's approach of unilaterally removing or disabling crucial functionalities without informing its loyal customers is not just unprofessional but also deeply unethical. It's a stark contrast to the service standards we once admired. We pen this review with a heavy heart, hoping that potential users tread cautiously and that QuickBooks Online re-evaluates its approach to customer service. It's disheartening to see a platform we once championed become a source of endless frustration.

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    Reviewed Aug. 29, 2023

    I have three companies and have been using Quickbooks Desktop for over a decade. Until three weeks ago I was on Desktop Pro 2022 when multi company suddenly stopped working (August 16, 2023). I have been on chat with support over five sessions, each about three hours. Support upgraded me to Desktop Pro 2023. Same issue. They had me send files which they reviewed and found no discrepancies. They ran utilities, turned off my virus protection, et al. QuickBooks Support admitted that multiple customers have been experiencing this. I can access only one account of the three, which means I am locked out of invoicing, billing, and tax reporting, which is costing me thousands. The case has been open for three weeks. Support admits to having no solution yet. QB does not port to other solutions. I am collecting names for a class action lawsuit. QB already admitted the outage is affecting numerous customers.

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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 28, 2023

    I am so happy to find this website "ConsumerAffairs" because it feels like anything bad about a product is scrubbed from the internet. I am livid about the lack of support or transparency about technical issues with QB Desktop, and so I am overjoyed that I get to express my dissatisfaction with Intuit. I guess if a company chooses to end support for a product, that is their right. But to leave people like me spending endless hours trying fix problems is "heartless". Starting back in September 2022, Intuit and Chase bank had some kind of financial dust up, which ended up with Intuit changing the whole bank feed process. The new way of connecting the Desktop product resulted in me missing multiple transactions on every account (I was not getting transactions downloaded to my accounts). So the #1 reason I use financial software is to manage my bank balances. Isn't this the #1 issue for everyone?

    If the bank says I have $40k in an account, but QB says I have $10k, I am in big trouble. This makes QB practically worthless to me. So now I can't rely on the product to accurately tell me my bank balances. Unless you have lots of extra funds in your account to cover for the discrepancies, relying on QB will have you bouncing checks left and right. After so many many phone calls to technical support, I've just come to the conclusion that they don't want to support QB Desktop. But instead of announcing this, their plan is to just let people get fed up that they abandon Desktop. I really loved using QB Desktop. I think most of the support staff is in the dark about this as well. Because I have not been able to find a comparable product, I just gave up and migrated over to Online Essentials (Funny that Online Essentials doesn't see to have a problem with missing transactions from Chase bank!).

    So now I have accurate balances with the Online version. But there are so many things the Online version doesn't do! For example, I just spent 4 hours with tech support asking how can I import a list of 45 employees to my check register. Desktop allowed me to create an iif file and import it. The result is I have the date, check number, employee name and net paycheck amount in my register, which then matches up perfectly as a cleared check when I connect to Chase.

    After 4 hours with tech support, the tech people finally said, "the online version doesn't do this". This is really really sad for a couple of reasons: 1) tech support wasn't able to tell me this feature wasn't available. It took them 4 hours to figure this out??? and 2) It's not a big technical issue to import a file. QB allows you to import a bank statement, but not other files? QB management just doesn't care! It is so easy to provide this option. Bottom line I have concluded is "they just do not care". Not sure if we can shame them into responding, but management deserves a big fat ZERO rating. They have ruined all the goodwill from me. I hope somebody with an ethical backbone buys the company. But again, I'm somewhat happy to see that I'm not alone in my frustration! Keep posting everyone!!!!

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    Verified purchase
    Sales & MarketingPunctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Aug. 21, 2023

    To all small businesses do not hire Quickbooks live Bookkeeping. This is how they operate. They will ask you to pay $200 a month for Bookkeeping. They will delay your books by 2-3 months so you have to pay in advance 3 + months ahead of time. They will not provide you any financials for your books until 1 year later you will have to get a extention to file taxes. So the first month you sign up. They will delay it out 3 months then turn it into 20 months. Of paid $200 a month services. If you stop your subscription they will refuse to provide you any books for 20 months. This is what happens. I signed up in January 2022. I paid $200 every month the bookkeeper is always 3 months behind. So that's an extra $600 I paid. Now today is August 23rd 2023. They are still delaying my 2022 books and still never received my tax package for last year.

    I canceled my subscription Aug 2023 because they are not sending me any financials for 2022. And now they are stating since I canceled my subscription they cannot work on my books at all or provide me my LAST YEAR financials. I have videos confirming all bank statements were received by QuickBooks and they still refuse to send me my financials until I resubscribe to the service. Because I already paid for them. They never provided me any financials for 2022 and 8 months in 2023. Meanwhile the bookkeeper is in receipt of all my financials. They refuse to send me my books from 20 months ago. They want me to continue to pay $200 in advance to be 20 months behind.

    This is fraudulent. To intentionally delay the books by 20 months to keep collecting $200 for Bookkeeping service. This is a scam. To make small businesses pay $200 in advance $200 x 20= $4,000 I paid and now QuickBooks is saying because I won't continue to pay 20 months in advance they cannot provide any financials because I need to have a active current subscription in order to receive anything. This is a scam. Why would small business pay $4,000 receive no services then get demanded by quickbooks to continue to pay $200 just so they can delay it 3 more months to continue collecting money for services. They tell you it's $200 a month in Bookkeeping but small business beware.

    They tell you $200 but they delay your taxes by 1-2 years to keep collecting the $200. And if you cancel after paying in advance for 2 years they will refuse to send you any financials I got scammed. I have paid 20 months of books and quickbooks refuses to send me any documents because I do not have a active subscription. So they want me to pay $500 reactivation fee plus $200 more per month and now we are 2 years behind. Consumer affairs legal needs to be aware of what's happening. Quickbooks is defrauding small business.

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    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 2, 2023

    In August 2022 I paid Quickbooks $500.00 to set up my books. Wendy ask for payroll information, I and my assistant worked 3 days to give Wendy all our payroll numbers. I assumed she did her job but on January 2, 2023 I print my employees w2's and they were wrong. Quickbooks wanted me to redo all of the numbers on sheets they sent to me on 24 people and I said no! I already paid for Wendy to do this. I don't have the manpower, the time or the staff to do this. I paid my regular tax person $1500.00 to fix the w2s and I can't tell you how many people I have talked to at QB and get the same reply. "I'm sorry I do apologize but I can't issue a refund as I don't see where the payroll was put in at the beginning." I have asked to talk to someone above the person I am talking to and of course their response is, "I can't give you that information" or "There is no one that will take your call." PLEASE USE PATRIOT SOFTWARE.

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    Reviewed July 24, 2023

    I've been using QB's Enterprise Desktop Contractor for decades. Decided to give Online a shot, so I subscribed last week. I have not been able to access the online account and have been told an error has been made and I wasn't listed as the administrator for this company account. I'm the only member, the only administrator, I'm it. Not only did I speak with three different support staff, but two of them confirmed I "was" the administrator while one said I was not. I've been asked to "claim administrative role" with (my...) company by the company administrator...? What?

    I was told that is the only way I can access online, and that this has never happened to anyone before. So out of hundreds of thousands of users, I'm the only one who can't access an account I set up... What? I'm angry and disappointed with Intuit, period. The process to establish me as admin takes 5-10 days after I submit my articles of incorporation and driver's license, after a week I've already lost. So 3-weeks will pass before I can even hope to access my accounting. What? Unacceptable period.

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    Customer ServiceSales & MarketingPriceStaff

    Reviewed July 13, 2023

    I don't seem to recall having made any inquiry to you or Quickbooks as we have not used your services since January of 2023 due to the revelations that we were rather suddenly made aware of concerning your company's business practices in support of criminal activity. You see, at the beginning of the year we found ourselves in the middle of an ACH money laundering scam that cost our small business upwards of about thirty thousand dollars (about $15k directly from our QuickBooks account). There was absolutely NO attempt to contact your paying customer (ME) of the situation, other than an email that blended in with all other email notifications received from your product, which doesn't count as a reasonable attempt to notify.

    Before we (your paying customer) were given the opportunity to make our case in an attempt to stop payment back to the criminal who disputed the ACH after we had shipped his product and he took delivery, Intuit decided to join in on the criminal activity and refund the monies that were not owed to anyone but ourselves. After almost eight hours on the phone attempting to present the filed police reports and other evidence to Intuit and different representatives within, absolutely no assistance was rendered on behalf of your paying client. However every possible step was taken to render aid to the non-paying criminal dealing a virtually crushing blow to our company. A hindrance that we still try our very best to continue to recover from today with no thanks to your company.

    There's many more details I could share, but what's the point, right? Yet you still try to make contact to get more business from me. I think not. Your company only needed to prove to me once where the loyalties lie. With the criminal, not the customer. That said, I can be bribed to change my opinion on Intuit for the small refund of about $15,000. Since Intuit likes to engage in criminal activity such as the money laundering previously mentioned, they should be able to refund my money without any remorse for the actions they would need to take to do so. It's only logical afterall

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    Verified purchase
    PriceOnline & App

    Reviewed July 8, 2023

    After Quickbooks decided to no longer allow customers to use the desktop version of their software (that the customer had to pay for and owns), they forced everyone to either switch to the Enterprise version which is very expensive and complete overkill for small business or switch to the online version. We switched to the online version which is just as expensive if not more. The online version allows you to download an app to your computer. The app no longer works. Now we are forced to try and run payroll for 15 employees from a web browser. Well now the web browser version does not print our check correctly and there is no way to fix it. Intuit is completely disgusting. We will be switching to another company's accounting software immediately even though we have spent $1000s over the past few years with Quickbooks and will have to start new entering all of our company data into the new software.

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