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My tech level is not high, but it is obvious that Intuit QuickBooks offers upgrades with NO EXPLANATION of consequences that appear to reflect a completely new approach to me as a customer. Perhaps it wants to weed out smaller customers, but their actions appear misleading, deceptive and fraudulent. Seeking solutions, I was prompted to SUPPORT whereupon I was offered a fix for the 2016 clickbait upgrade for $1099, and then for $499 and then again for $399.

A second try at support offered a subscription for $299.95 per year including unlimited phone tech support. It's a shakedown by all appearances and I'm forced to abandon ALL accounting data for four insignificant sized entities. Who can possibly know the hundreds of hours invested in loading such data onto Quickbooks? I'm hoping someone with more tech-understanding can ID a class action claim that I'd entertain joining for enjoining the apparent unscrupulous activities of this operation.

I had a corrupt .QBW file and first I tried verify and rebuild data option but it didn't repair my file. I got very late response from the customer care service so I moved for a third-party tool. I have created the copy of my file and tried on that software and it repaired it.

I have been using Quickbooks accounting software since 2009. It's a great resource for billing and accounting. The payroll functions are super simple and the tax and filing reminders are great. The downside is that I have found no CRM to sync with Quickbooks that suits my business. The huge downside to Quickbooks is their merchant account that is built in to their platform. Their fees are near criminal. I switched to another vendor and I pay almost 40% less.

I have just spent 2 days setting up bills to print off 40 checks, why you might ask? Because Quickbooks does not work. Quickbooks refuses to fix its connectivity issues, consequently, no one has access to the program now. Daily, I must reboot 6 times and login 6 times before Quickbooks actually comes up and is somewhat functional. It's cheap but lousy! I truly do not have the time for this so I am looking at new, real accounting software. I would give QB a minus rating if that option was available to me.

Quickbooks is one of the most frustrating companies that I have ever worked with. They have my funds on hold because of a "high risk" transaction (I sent a customer more than one invoice on the same day because they were ordering several custom products, and they paid for those invoices separately. I had no idea that this was considered high-risk). Since that time, which was several weeks ago, I have been trying to submit the necessary documentation to have my funds taken off of hold. Every time I speak with customer service (which takes an average of an hour to get through to anyone) they tell me something different.

The first three times they said that they never received the documentation that I submitted, which I submitted directly through their website, by email, AND over the phone. They said "It will take two business days to review your information and then we will contact you if we need anything else." I have not once been contacted by them, yet every time I call to follow up on the status of my funds, they say, "oh actually can you submit this other document? And it will take an additional two business days for us to review those." They even went as far as contacting two of my customers and asking them if they received the merchandise from me that they paid for. When I asked them why they had done this, they said they did it "as a routine precaution". It is infuriating because it makes me look so unprofessional to my customers, when I have done nothing wrong.

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As a small business owner, I can control access to my books and computer. It is a distraction and extra time putting in these Intuit required passwords.

The passwords are a nightmare. Can no longer switch easily between companies. Takes 20 minutes or more to boot up. I hate it.

I use Quickbooks Pro 2016 for my small business. Not the online version, but one one that you buy to install on your computer. They did an update about 2 months ago and required that I set up a password for my account. I did that, but found it annoying and pointless, so today I called them to find out how to remove it. What I was told is that it is REQUIRED by them that I have a password on my own program, on my own computer. What a load of BS! It is time consuming, and too easy for them to somehow update me and lose my password - which just happened to me with Windows 10 causing me hours of heartburn.

Recently used Quickbooks. It has a pretty decent interface. But, you have to be careful not to enter too much data until you are 1000% sure that the account type you have is what you want. They will let you upgrade but not downgrade. Which I think it's a scam. The solution if you decide to downgrade is to export your data to a desktop version of Quickbooks, then close your account, import your data. Oh, best part is they do not offer any support for this. But, they do warn you that data may become corrupt or lost during this transfer. So much fun!!! I get the feeling it's all a sales thing. I would not recommend it as it makes you feel stuck. You pay a monthly fee plus a % for every transaction. At the end you end up paying a lot of money per month...and they don't let you downgrade lol. Moving on to a better service!

The desktop version of Quickbooks for Mac generates an invisible file that limits the number of uses by asking the user to re-register the software. Fortunately, there's a way to simply delete this file which I will explain in the next paragraph. But first, I called customer service as instructed. And after 2 hours it became clear that they never intended to re-register my software. Instead, I was given a carefully scripted set of reasons to pay for the latest program version - including that my files weren't secure and that the operating system is no longer compatible. And this happened with first the service rep, then the tech rep, then the management rep. So this is a case of institutionalized extortion, ill-will, and opportunism on the part of Intuit toward its loyal customers.

On the Mac operating system, the malevolent invisible file can be found this way: in "Finder," use the "Go" dialogue, and "Go to Folder". To see the invisible folder, type "~/Library/Preferences". The file is named "" (or the year may differ depending on your software version). Move this file to the trash and then restart Quickbooks.

I am very upset at Intuit. I just upgraded the software because they prompt me each time I log in to do so. After I updated the software it forced me to put in a password in order to use my own software that I purchased. It would not allow me to bypass this screen. I have 3 companies and I am frequently changing back and forth between them and spend too much time re-entering the passwords. I rarely write negative reviews but this is uncalled for. Is there a lawyer out there that can tell me if this is an infringement on user's personal rights to force this on us and have no way to bypass it? I spoke to technical support and they told me "'That's the way it is now!" Please advise me... can you say CLASS ACTION SUIT!!!

I have never written a review like this before, but I am absolutely disgusted by the customer service of this company. We were forced to upgrade, like many others, to the 2016 version. Threatened with not being able to run credit card transactions anymore on the earlier QB version. After installing the new version, we have been having problems emailing invoices (only half the page shows). Turns out that the 2016 version is not compatible with Office 365 products, which we use.

I called support, after running thru all the fixes I could find online (nothing worked). They could help me fix it, for an additional fee! They nickel and dime you to death! We've used the QB program for many years and it used to be a reputable company to work with, but based on my research that has changed. It may be time to change bookkeeping software. If I ran my business like this, I would be out of business. It's well known that the 2016 programs has problems. They need to stand behind their products and make the corrections.

I love the ability to generate invoices through QuickBooks, but if you ever bother with this, make sure you turn off the ability to take payments electronically. I left this enabled and a client used it to pay me. Intuit turned around and held the money until (so far, as nearly a week later I still don't have my funds) I sent them a bank statement showing them that I had received previous payments from this company. I sent them a copy of the invoice. I gave them the personal phone number of the client specifically named on the invoice (notice, NOT the AP department of the client, but the specific contact named on the invoice in the "Thank you" note). I'm not a fan of someone getting between myself and my money after they've already received the money...

I've been running Quickbooks since 2011 without a problem. Upgraded to pro 2015 & it was fine 'til 2 days ago when it upgraded. It asked me to change my password which I did, worked fine that day (running 2 companies). Next day when I tried to log back in, no luck with one of the companies. I tried changing the password myself by logging into their site with my license # & was told it was not valid. Took it right off the software box. Called tech support, after logging into my machine to the check on the status of the program, he said the files were corrupted in one of the companies & he could not change the password! Asked why one would open & the other could not - didn't have an answer, but he could fix it for $600.00. This company in my opinion is ripping people off.

I am trying to forewarn anyone thinking of getting a POS system to avoid Intuit at all costs -- every time your turn around you are forced to upgrade to latest software, buy new hardware, pay for everything!! Software upgrades usually mean less capability than before - hardware is often only good for a short time before needing to "upgrade" again - then you are locked into their merchant services to have integrated capabilities and you can bet you will pay more there as well. What part of any of this is in service to their customer base?? And now they have virtually stopped development of their desktop version and forcing everyone to the cloud and you will love it when you call in and they tell you they are aware of the problem logging on to your company file. That's a load of help for sure!! HATE INTUIT -- DO NOT put yourself through this agony!!!

I have used QuickBooks for over 18 years to date. I was having issues with QuickBooks Pro 2013 so I updated to QuickBooks Pro 2016. All I've had is problems with the program shutting down in the middle of entering of invoices. I have emailed Intuit several times--NO Response! I wouldn't recommend QuickBooks anymore.

Cannot upgrade because the new version has coding problems when loading into my computer. Call tech support and they said I had to pay another $349.00 to correct the problem. This is such a rip off. Stay away from this version.

They only have support available on weekdays during business hours for PST. There is NO SUPPORT on weekends or evenings when a busy business owner tries to get caught up on administration work. If I have to get help am always late to work because of having to get online not before 8:00 CST.

Quickbooks required the security update. One week ago I did this update and I was for 2 days on the phone with them to fix it. I could not sign in to my computer even though I entered a new password as required it was just revolving and going back to sign in screen. On the second day, we finally deleted QB and they reinstalled it on my computer without this update and it was working. Still pestering me, to update because someone has installed a newer version and so on. This week QB updated and I have the same problem again. Why does Intuit not take this update out of circulation if there is a problem with this?

I am on my day 2 waiting for them to work on my file because we cannot just delete and reinstall because it could corrupt the file. No mentioning of this last week. Is that why the program was running sluggish, or are they just telling me a story? I am unable to do any work and anybody trying to run a business knows how important it is to get to your financial reports, write checks and invoice. This is unacceptable who knows how long I will be waiting on QB and there is no one to assist you. I am fed up with Intuit and Quickbooks!

Transferring two of my QuickBooks Desktop company files to QuickBooks in the Cloud files. Quickbooks software controls the process. QuickBooks Cloud bills on a monthly basis for subscriptions and a on use of payroll a payroll fee. After two months I noticed my credit card bill was, I felt, unusually high. Contacted QuickBooks support. They reviewed the charges. Said I had 4 companies. Told them I only had 2. They deleted the 2 ghost companies. I asked if I was then going to receive a refund for the charges that related to these ghost companies on my credit card. They were adamant that the accounting department’s policy was that all charges after 60 days could not be refunded. I restated that these companies were created by them, not by me. They held firm that they could not refund the charges.

Quickbooks collects money from my clients and then holds the money a long time. Good luck trying to get help on the phone from them to retrieve your money from them. Hours and hours, days and days, on the phone and they still have my funds. But they did collect their fees for these payments right away. There is something wrong with them.

New update for QuickBooks 2016 causes lost connection error & file doctor doesn't fix it. July 5, 2016 everything was working fine until the QuickBooks Pro 2016 program badgered me for over a week to install a new version and now I can't get into my company and file doctor doesn't work. When trying to open the company file after I put in the REQUIRED ** password the program gives me the lost connection error and then shuts down. QuickBooks 2016 Pro - Updated the program file and now I'm locked out of my company! As usual QuickBooks doesn't know why I cannot get back into my company file.

After updating our Quickbooks file it is now requiring every user to change their password every 90 days. We have other programs that integrate with Quickbooks that will have to be updated every 90 days to match QB. This process adds hours every time I have to do it. I called customer support and they were not able to help at all. They had no good answers and their "technical support department" couldn't do anything either. I would not recommend Quickbooks to anyone currently.

I have been having a few simple problems with online Quickbooks so I reached out to online chat which then ended up in them calling me and asking to log on to my computer. I agreed, although somewhat hesitant. They said the issue I was having was a result of my computer and that they could fix it for $300 one time fix or $1099 for 1 year support.

I got a little frustrated because I felt like I was trying to be sold a service that I wasn't sure I even needed. I declined the $300 offer and they continued to say they can reduce price to $199, which made me more irritated because how do I know the problem is my computer and not just their software when the problem isn't my computer, but theirs. So after the technician disconnected from my computer I thought I would try by logging into another computer other than my own to see if there was still an issue and there was. Has anyone else had this happen? The problem I was having was simple. When invoicing client, under the item/product it clearly said, "Customer will not see this" under the markup column. However when I hit print/preview or send to client, it clearly shows the product with the markup % shown.

I called Intuit on 6/21/16 and applied for merchant processing via Intuit. I already have merchant processing for the business in questions via First Data but they charge too much. I have another 2 First Data accounts for my other 2 businesses. All accounts have been in existence for over 2 years are in good standing. Intuit informed me that they declined my request based on the information gathered. I asked them for the source of information and they declined to provide that information. They told me that they are proprietary company, therefore, no federal and state laws regulate them and that they Do Not need to provide this information. Intuit didn't even have courtesy to send me an email about their decision. I had to call them. I spoke to a Jermiah in their underwriting department on 6/27/16 around 4:30 PM PST.

Stay away from this product!!! This product in combination with Payroll is the most frustrating software. Today has topped all the complaints I've had since migrating from desktop version at end of February 2016. I was not able to add a new employee without completing one question where the answers were all inactive to select. Upon calling their support line, I was instructed to DELETE all payroll entries... since February... for them to RESET my payroll account to fix the problem!!!

This is the most ludicrous FIX I have ever heard of. This is according to the supervisor, was the only fix presently!!! I have had to call them on a regular basis, mostly regarding the Payroll Online product, and there are never any resolutions... besides, it's a LIMITATION of this product. Major programming flaws with Payroll online. Do not use Quickbooks Online... especially Payroll. Save yourself the headache and glitches to their programs that has no fixes.

Intuit makes it so easy to sign up for their services but fails to let small businesses know that if they have a large transaction, that Intuit will keep your funds and their excuses is that you have never had any transactions that large before. From the way it appears that they can hold your funds for up to 180 days! I had actually signed up for this service when we were just running part time. They sent emails stating something was wrong with my account with bank and about a week later send an email telling me my account was closed due to security risk. Well sure enough a few months later I decide to try and start this online payments going again. And of course, we get a large transaction and they decide to keep it!. As I'm trying to investigate this problem, I find out that they still had almost $200 of money customers had paid online that they haven't told me anything about, back from where they closed the online payments from before.

People... I'm telling you... Don't use anything to do with Quickbooks!!! Even their online invoices, or services like that, get screwed up after they do their so called "Updating"! My dates had been changed to something totally different than what I originally put there, so of course I couldn't tell when a customer's invoice was due or not! BEWARE FOLKS IF YOU ARE A SMALL BUSINESS!!!

I used Intuit QuickBooks SE/self employed service to do my taxes along with online TurboTax. Then sent an email request to stop service after the tax was done. In June I received another bill with a phone listed 1-800-4INTUIT (446-8848). I called & was told that they could not assist. That SE was a new company & could only be contacted via

So I sent an email thinking I would receive a response & be given a phone number or be able to get on a chat line. Received automated response that they would be in contact. I then called my Visa credit card company to ask how to get the charge removed & the Visa representative attempted to get on the line with someone & was advised to contact The Visa representative asked to speak with a person after an hour's 3-way conversation with someone & a manager at the phone number listed on the bill. We were again told there was no phone number & no chat line set up for the SE. About the time we closed without any resolution, then I received another email that advised me to go into my account & request cancellation. The Visa representative said she had never experienced anything like this before & said she would do a merchant credit to take care of me/the customer.

Purchased in 1999, worked great until recently. All of a sudden it wanted me to register again. I did then and it worked fine for a while. Then we moved. A few months ago it started telling me to register again. Said I only had 23 uses left. It kept recycling and letting me use it until I got tired and called Quickbooks to fix the problem. He said they did that so I would upgrade. Didn't want to upgrade, he went on my computer remotely to what I thought was fix the problem, instead he blocked me from using it completely AND said if I wanted it back it would be $499 to convert.

I asked to speak to someone in the USA, he said there wasn't anyone in the USA in their company. So now 17 years worth of bookkeeping is just gone. He said "Our company wouldn't let someone use our product for "free" forever after they purchased it," but I advised him that we didn't go back into homes and wanted to extort money so they could keep using their cabinets 15 years later. Can you imagine? Won't be going back to them!

I was forced to buy Quickbooks Mac 2016 to be able to get online payments. Well now I am told that Mac 2016 is not capable of getting Intuit payments - that I have to get the online Quickbooks. I am requesting a refund and they tell me to go where I purchased the software. Went and they said they can't refund it because it has been opened. Ahhh. Second time Quickbooks forces me to upgrade but this time they really did it. I also heard that online Quickbooks is no good and very slow... Can anyone recommend another accounting software because I want nothing to do with this company.