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Hagerstown, MD

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18 Merchant Service Group Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 6, 2018 is the worst company I have dealt with in the 21 years I’ve been in business. They allow third party companies to charge you for services you never asked for. My processing rate went from 1.37% to over 6 %. PCI scans every 3 months is a joke. Something always go wrong so they can charge you a late fee. Plus it’s a real hassle. Plus the PCI annual fees. Not to mention all the monthly fees. Now I’m in the process of canceling. They have to email you a form to fill out and then ask you to fill it out. Of course after I filled it out two days later I still haven’t heard anything. I called and was told they didn’t receive it. After I got upset he found it after a 5 minute hold. He said, “Sorry it will take a little bit longer.” I said, “More than 2 days to cancel an account?” He said yes. I should have left a long time ago the first time I saw $30 extra dollars being taken out of my account.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 16, 2018

FEB 1st 2018 now it's May 16 they are still charging my bank account. The guy I spoke with told me I needed to return and cancel form. I never got such a form. He then told by phone my email was not working. My reply to him was my email is working. They never sent me a letter to let me know of email. They never sent me a form by mail or called me. He then told me he will keep charging my bank account. I looked them up for complaints. Wow there is so many people just like me. Can someone help me and others like me. HELP HELP HELP.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2018

The company kept charging my account for more than 6 months after closing the account. They are not returning my calls and still taking money from my account. Kathy ** is very unprofessional and rude to talk to. I would warn anyone to do due diligence before doing business. I am now planning to contact my bank to see what I need to do. Poor service and bad customer service.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2016

I ran an auto shop and used Elavon to process credit cards. A customer paid with Discover, signed the receipt, drove his car away, then told Discover he didn't recognize the charge. I sent them a copy of the signed receipt & heard nothing else from them. Next thing I know is there was a chargeback of over $1900 and it was removed from my bank account. When I call Elavon Dispute Resolution, they tell me they have contacted Discover & are waiting for a response. I call every week or so but get nowhere with them. This company will not represent its merchants in a dispute. My next move is to contact my state Attorney General.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2015

Don't ever work with Mel ** from Merchant Service Group. He works good until you give a check and after that he will never give you any updates on anything. He applies liquor license and credit card payment system. If you ever buy anything from him you are doing a biggest mistake in your life. I would rather spend that money in a casino and blow it away. He is a biggest ** and the entire company is a fraud company. His wife also helps set up licenses so be careful. Never use their services. He and the merchant group is biggest fraud ever happened to me in my life. Stop now and find another org.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2015

Salesmen told me I wasn't buying lease and sure and behold I bought a lease and they harassed me till I paid them off to not go to court. Never again. I'm with Elavon now through Costco. The best service I've ever received. I went back to Wells Fargo after MBF Leasing but their fees are too high.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 9, 2015

I received a credit card from a customer ran the charge of $89. The customer later challenged the charge. Merchant Service sent me an Information Request dated 3/7/2015 that I received on 3/17/2015 with a required respond by 3/17/2015. I was out of the office for two days and responded on 20 March 2015. I received a letter from Merchant Services dated 4/1/15 and received on 4/7/15 stating that I did not receive and the charge back to my account. I called Merchant Services at 800-430-7161 and talked to ** who told me she was a manager. She stated she did not receive my response in time, American Express could not reverse the charges and there was nothing I could do. I cannot recommend doing business with Merchant Services. I discovered there were 10 complaints on the internet related to the service Merchant Services has not provided.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2013

This was an unsolicited phone call from a guy named Josh ** who called me with an offer to make fantastic money from home. My guard was up immediately as there is no such thing. However I listened to his spiel, including the voice recording of how this system works. When I told him of my skepticism, he told me to browse to various websites to try and prove their validity. I was still not convinced as I know how easy it is to slap up some phony website by just changing one single letter in the domain name. He continued to push me into committing to buying this rubbish for $495.

When I told him that I would not make any such commitment after an unsolicited phone call, he then pushed me to tell him when I would commit. When I told him that I would call him when I was good and ready, he started going on about how he needed to find an agent in my area. I then told him that we should just drop it - he got all belligerent saying that I was wasting his time. Stupid, stupid sales person. As someone who has been in business for many years, I know that anyone running an above board operation would never react that way. BEWARE, this is a huge SCAM. After some internet research, I found a PDF court document confirming that this consumer fraud and racketeering. Report them as I have done.

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Original review: May 15, 2012

I have been in touch with Merchant Services for over two weeks in regards to a deposit that should have shown up in my account, from a customer sale. I have gotten nothing short of a runaround - call this one, call that one. No one returns my calls, no letter and no explanation. They did this to me just over two months ago, when I finally got a hold of someone, they said I had owed fees from 2010 so they took the $500 and applied it to the fees. Really, 2010, I have yet to receive anything stating what the fees where for. And here we go again.

No explanation, just holding another $500 deposit. I do not know how this can be legal and am at a loss as to who to contact. I had been nice in the beginning, but am now leaving voice mails to tell them that I expect an explanation or will be turning them in to the proper authorities. Still no reply. If you have this company, find another, something not right is going on. If you are thinking about using them, take your money and run as fast as you can!

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Original review: May 4, 2012

I had a dispute with a customer at our mechanic shop. Customer needed a new distributor, so it was changed. Then she went to double check our work at another shop. They said the distributor is fine after we had changed it. Then they assumed that she probably didn't need it at all somehow. She disputed the charge, and after showing the diagnostic sheets and all information, and then pointing out that she went to another shop after we had fixed it, we somehow still lost. Upon calling Merchant Services, I was told that they are just our processing company and do not help with anything after the fact. Basically, I was told I'm out of luck, and they have other customers. So even when I said I would change from them, they didn't mind.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 6, 2012

As of 6/1/11, I cancelled my account with Merchant Services and they continued to charge my account for 6 months. After 16 phone calls and emails, the Bank Card company (BankCardUSA) finally facilitated an email and call to, who originally would not help as my account was closed, however, after another seven calls and emails, and multiple calls to both and BankCardUSA, my account has still not been refunded. I finally received a call on 2/3/12, wasting hours of my own time, stating that BankCard USA was informed that I will only receive a 3 month refund, not a 6 month refund. What kind of company is allowed to operate like this in the United States?

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Original review: Jan. 11, 2012

The sales reps didn't explain the fees involved with third party vendors. They made the offer sound unbelievably good. In Feb., I will have been able to offer CC services to my customers for only 1 yr. I moved in October because the building was being sold and I was renting. I called in Nov. to report my mailing address would not change but my bank account info needed to be updated. All the info was verified. In Dec., I received my bank statement only to discover no CC deposits had been processed. Today is Jan. 11, 2012 and I have been on 9 phone calls and have received no deposits since Nov. 1st, 2011. This has put me in a financial bind. My bank account is being service charged because balances have dropped below minimum. I can't pay the bills that my business has incurred.

I've been told bank my account info was incorrect and this caused a flag to be placed. This is impossible. I have verified this info so much with various people that even I know it by heart now. I have 26 years of banking behind me and I know about ACH deposits. They say ACH is the problem or flags on the account which prevents the monies from being released. I've asked why this issue isn't a priority with their company. Why would you email a department assuming they will make the correction? Should this not be handled immediately by a supervisor? One of the excuses was their paperwork was behind. If this was their money and had not been paid, they would have been knocking at my door and ringing the phones non-stop! I hope you will be able to help me because they haven't.

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Original review: May 17, 2011

On 18 Dec 10, customer Lorrie ** came into our MetroPCS cellular phone store and purchased two android smartphones including new activations for both, a total of $584.18. Ms. ** made a stop payment on her credit card, and Merchant Services proceeded to return the money to the customer without notice and without us being in agreement. Metro PCS's return policy states that a phone can be returned if returned in new condition, within seven business days and with under 60 minutes of talk time. Ms. ** did not return the phones. Yet Merchant Services deducted the $584.18 from our account. I have pressed charges against Lorrie **, who has stolen those two phones from my store and, in fact, has resold them. I am filing this claim with Consumer Affairs to have the $584.18 returned to me for the products and services provided to Lorrie ** on 18 Dec 10.

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Original review: Jan. 8, 2010

On about 3/21/07, I contracted with Merchant Service Group to process credit card sales transaction for sales. I only used them one time to charge and then one time to reverse that charge. I have paid them about $30 per month. I decided to stop offering credit card as a payment method and therefore called them and was advised to fax a signed request to cancel. I did. The problem is that the original contract was for 3 years and that there was an early cancellation fee of $250 that I did not know about or forgot about. If they had been a solid, honest business, they would have told me to cancel on the anniversary of 3/21/10 and I would have owed 3 more months at $30 or $90. But they failed to refresh my memory of the early cancellation and charged me the $250 early cancellation fee instead. I am hopeful that you might be able to help me recover the $160 difference.

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Original review: Jan. 8, 2010

We are a very small floor covering company just barely hanging on. We were looking for any way to reduce costs. This is a credit card processing company who promised they could lower my monthly fees after assessing my previous 2 months charges. What I ended up with is more fees than they said there would be and an unbreakable 4 year credit card terminal lease through another company.

The sales person, Nancy, knew I had a working machine that was already paid for. So Merchant Services and their shady friend, MBF Leasing (of Ohio & New York) end up with my bank account information. After a couple of months, I realized the charges were outrageous and began making calls. After speaking with Nancy and her supervisor Brian **, I was told their team analyzed the paperwork and the sales person did nothing wrong. With credit card processing, you pay a discount percentage on the amount charged. Merchant Services discount amount looked great at 2.2%, but what they don't tell you is about non-qualified surcharges, PCI Compliance fee, batch header/closer fee, mid qualified surcharge and network transaction fees for different types of cards. The total for Sept. 09 we paid was $361.18, which equals closer to 5.7%.

When I realized what was going on, I changed the credit card machine back, as our old company was still billing us as well. Apparently, the letter Merchant Services sent to Bank of America that we were discontinuing their credit card processing was never received or acknowledged (much to my benefit). Now, I was aware of being cheated, so started an internet search for MBF Leasing. Lo and behold, this is a scam being run in many states. New York State Attorney General's office has a suit against them now, I believe. I tried to call different numbers to reach MBF - in Ohio and New York, but I wasn't willing to go through the customer service route where those answering phones have no authority to help. On October 26, 2009, I sent letters to Nancy the salesperson, her supervisor, Brian and to MBF Leasing. In the letter to Merchant Services, I used their statements and made a list comparing their "rate comparison sheet, dated 7/5/09" with those statements.

As of Dec 2, 2009, I ended the relationship with Merchant Services with headquarters in Irvine, California with a final payment and a letter. That was the easy part. Then I had to find a way to stop MBF Leasing from accessing my account. The only way to do that was to close the account. With a business account, that caused multiple hours of work and headaches. Mid-December, I began getting invoices and automated phone calls from MBF Leasing here at the office and at our home number. I wish I knew how to stop this craziness before getting our credit damaged.

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9 people found this review helpful
Original review: March 17, 2009 We were told by there rep. we would receive better rates than we were currently getting.He had us sign papers what were not completely filled out.He said he would fax over the paper work when he got back to the office,when and didn't. We didn't receive papers after repeated calls.When we did it was completely higher than we were told.Also we tried to cancel and were told we signed a non cancelation form. we are stuck and in this economy we have no choice??There actual being robbed every month..There office manager Denise was completely rude and well practiced at handling disgruntal customers.I am a small business owner can not beleave the way this company services its customer.I asked to speak with the CEO and was told he doesn't talk to merchants?? A CEO who doesn't care about his customers?? After repeated attempts to contact rep. for what we will be charged every month.We still haven't received numbers.I have filed this formal complaint to warn small business of this company and its terrible service.
6 people found this review helpful
Original review: March 3, 2009 When agreeing to sign up with Merchant Services as the credit card processing provider for my business in November of 2006. I then later sold the business in June of 2007 and they did not stop charging me the leasing fee of the terminal . THey charged me $495.00 for the terminal and then continued to charge 58.81 a month. I call numerous times and agents told me they would take care of it and then they get fired and nothing is resolved. They finally told me that I had to take it up with the leasing company, MBF Leasing Equipment. Charges incurred and when I try to cancel/ buyout the contract they told me I had to pay it in full. I try calling a second time and was waiting for an agent for merely 30 minutes.
4 people found this review helpful
Original review: July 4, 2008

I recently switched credit card services from Bank of America to Evo Merchant Services represented by Merchant Cooperative. This is possibly the worse business decision I have made in the 18 months I have been in business. They are the most difficult people to get on the phone. They sent me a machine not set up for American express service which they promised. They did not check to see if my existing machine would work with the new check processing machine and debit pin pad processor prior to installation. Which it did not. This resulted in the loss of 2000 dollars in retail, emabarassment, customer inconvenience, and agrivation on my part.

In addition, I have logged over 3 hours of customer support call which is valuable time I could of spent with clients, as well as the cost of the cell phone minutes to me. I can go on and on about how bad this service is but I will stop here other than to say this all transpired in the first 24 hours of service 7/3/08 9am EST to 7/4/08 9am EST. This service needs to be noted and the small business community at large should be warned not to do business with them.

Loss of $2000 in Retail. Personal time loss of 3 hrs est. Cell phone minute loss of 3hrs est. Frustration, embarassment and the overall poor representation of my business in the eyes of my customers. Loss of possible revenue due to the fact that I was on the phone and technically off line instead of dealing with my clients, scheduling deliveries ect for the 3 hours I was dealing with EVO and Merchant Cooperative. Lastly mental pain and suffering due to the horrendous ineptitude on the behalf of EVO / Merchant Cooperative resulting in loss of business.

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