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To start off I wish you could get this review no stars because that's exactly what this place deserves. Gonna keep this short and sweet, but the customer service is very rude and does not care about you at all. They have even told me this. The data sucks, the service sucks, there is nothing good about this place besides being cheap but even that sucks because you might as well go pay another company 20 bucks more and have unlimited everything with better service and customer service. They shut your data down early and give you no refund for it. They shut your phone off whenever they feel like it. They also don't understand anything you say and don't know how to resolve any kind of problems at all whether you talked to them 50 times or not. This company does not give a crap about you! This company does not care what happens to your service. DO NOT EVER GO WITH THEM BECAUSE YOU THINK THEY'RE CHEAP. THEY SUCK.

When we got the family mobile plan, they were very proud that they're "powered" by T-Mobile, but they're certainly not the same as if we signed up through T-Mobile. But that was OK with us because it's kind of what we expected. They're cheap, after all. We thought that switching to regular T-Mobile would be easy. It wasn't. We had a million hoops to jump through, and trying to navigate their menu to talk to an actual representative was next to impossible. The plan is fine if you're not going to use your phones that much, or if you really don't need a lot of memory or speed. But if you think you might want to use your phone as your primary, go elsewhere.

My bill was paid, I had 2 weeks left on it but decided to cancel because of the terrible service. Never having WiFi when I left the house, I did cancel and now received a bill for 2 months. I called. The man was very rude! And said "the billing was always a month after you used your phone." I paid for the month before I even started? When I told him he said that's not how it worked. I told him if anything he owed me for 2 weeks because I canceled before it was up. He said now that I didn't pay. I was charged another month. Are you kidding me! I have had it. I told him I am not paying another dime and hung up!

You get what you pay for with this company for sure! I have to move around my house to get a small signal but most of the time I miss calls and have a ton of VM because my phone has no service. They have reset my phone too many times trying to get a better signal but to no avail. Customer Service is always a foreigner that doesn't know what they are talking about or what good customer service is! There is no one to complain to other than an email and they say they will investigate and never get back to you.

It is a shady company and when I called the main Walmart phone number they tell me they have nothing to do with the cellular service. Well why on earth is Walmart supporting and have their name on such a poor service if they can't help or have anything to do with it. This is a bad look for Walmart! Needless to say I am finally switching after 2 years of me putting cheap service over quality of service! I will pay more to be able to actually use the services I pay for.

I have had Family Mobile for a year now and I must say it is one of the worse carrier I have had. For instance I paid $69.00 the beginning of this month and the internet has been going slow and I haven't even went over my data limit. Honestly the internet has been slow after 1 month of me having the service. My phone always disconnects calls as well as stating NO SERVICE almost everywhere I go, not to mention when you call the representatives they seem like they don't know what to do to fix the situation. I am so glad that I will be changing my service tomorrow. I am officially fed up. Please don't waste your money as I have for a little over 1 year. God Bless.

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This company is a waste of time. I had the service for over a year hoping it would get better but it didn't. IF you're lucky enough to get someone on the phone don't expect them to know what they are talking about. When I first bought the phone and started the service it took them 2 days to get the phone working. When the one I bought wasn't working I took it back to Walmart with the box it came in and the receipt. The employees there helped me by calling family mobile and trying to figure out the issue. She spoke to THREE different people who tried to tell her that phone wasn't a family mobile phone and I couldn't have bought it there even though the Walmart employee was telling them she had the box with all its contents and the phone and the RECEIPT.

They then disputed the fact there was a sim card with the phone even with the employee telling the rep on the phone she was looking right at it. I spent hours in there with both myself and the employee on the phone with them trying to fix this problem. Once I finally got it to at least make a phone call I left the store. I then had to spend days trying to get them to fix it so I was able to get online. The service was absolutely HORRIBLE.

I finally decided enough is enough and switch service providers and cancelled my plan with them. A month later I got a bill for $107!! How does that happened?? My monthly payment was $53 and it's impossible to get 2 months behind because they shut your phone off if you do. Besides, I CANCELLED the service. I called the less than helpful customer service line in which I was told I DO owe the $107 yet he was unable to explain why or how. I was told if I "dispute" it then to write an email and it will be reviewed. Meanwhile, they are threatening to send it to collections. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS COMPANY!!

Well, no internet data service at all. Oh works if in free Wi-Fi area. Nothing from Family Mobile. To have 5GB data a month. Well doesn't work if Wi-Fi is off. Meaning at the end of the month I've used 250MB data??? Reason, only way I can get online is through free Wi-Fi. So why pay $45 for same, I could be $29 a month unlimited text/talk. Oh if in business or mobile can't make calls even??? AT&T definitely a better choice.

My husband's phone number was given to someone else in a different city and to nobody we knew!!! Family mobile customer service would not do anything except change the phone number and charge us $15 extra even though it was not our error this happened it was theirs! You don't give out an active phone number on an active account to someone else in a totally different city!!! My husband lost work and money because of their error!!! They need to waive this fee and reimburse us for our inconvenience and loss of income! The supervisor Angie at customer service was not a person. She was very cold and would not take a good look at our account! Why would we all of a sudden request a new phone number when we didn't have to??? Do not get this service!!!

I called customer service because I had a balance of $27 credit on my cell phone bill. They took my $27 and told me that I owed them $27. That my first bill was $27 with my first bill was $21. I paid $45 that left me a balance of $27. I just now paid $50. My bill is only $44 so that should have left me a credit of $32 and they keep saying no you the first bill was $27 and so we credit you $18 or something but they ripped me off for $10. So now I'm going back to Verizon because when you first purchased the phone that $25 is supposed to go to your first bill. Should not never be $27. It should be 21 no more than $22. They just rip you off. They take your money and then tell you owe them money when they owe you money. Poor service. Don't never get Walmart mobile service. It's the worst service ever.

Three months ago my husband bought a phone and called to activate it on our existing plan. Instead of doing that they started a whole new account so that left us paying on two accounts. When we received two bills I called about it and two hours later hopefully had it fixed with us paying for the service. We have three people on our account. I pay month to month without them having monthly access to my account. I paid my phone bill online for September and looked online at my banking and they had hit my account for two payments. I was furious. I called and they said it would take a week to two weeks to fix. Why!? I told them to keep it for next month. Now I have a credit balance... right!? Today I received a call from a collection agency stating that I had not paid a bill for $149.00. I have never ever paid them $149.00????

They said it was a monthly charge for my daughter's number but not a surcharge but a monthly rate. Well I was more than upset!!! I couldn't half understand the boy and he would not give me a supervisor and stated that I had to pay it because this was from the old account (?) and nothing could be done. He then hung up on me! I am not paying this... I have had it! These companies need to be America based so we can fix these things appropriately. Walmart needs to fix this. I am a shopper at Walmart but can do business elsewhere because I'm finished with it all!!! I will be the one to suffer because I know this credit company will turn it in and that's not fair. That's scandalous!!!

Yesterday I went to Downtown for a dental appointment with my brother, and at the top left it said "No Service". I assumed that it was because where I was at. I got home, and restarted my phone and nothing happened. I took out the SIM card, and tried everything they said to try on the internet. I guessed that it might've been because the antennae. It kept asking for my Apple ID, and when I would enter it it would say that the verification was denied. I finally changed my password, and got all the updates that were available to me. My phone restarted after the update, and currently it is still saying "Searching" which drains my battery and also will not let me make emergency calls/texting. I looked up if it had anything to do with my carrier being down. I ran into this, and if I had the choice to go back I would. This is a horrible carrier and I would never recommend using it.

My bill was due and I went online to make a payment which was normal. After I logged and clicked pay bill then went forward to my current balance when I clicked next it never went forward, the balls just kept spinning so I went back to try again and didn't get any further so I decided to wait but it took so long I fell asleep. In the AM the first thing I did was open my phone to pay my bill and I saw a confirmation for a payment from a card which I checked the 4 numbers, and when I look at texts I see another confirmation for another account. I never got to the point where I imputed my financial information for my account. I called and they said there was nothing they could do so I thought about it and paid the bill the next day because the funds weren't in the account they used and I had never intended to use that account.

The next week I started to get texts about a returned payment fee for which if I didn't pay they were going to shut off my phone. Then I am told that I have to go through customer relations with an email, no phone. After multiple back and forth emails with them telling me they won't adjust my bill and me saying you’re going to adjust my bill because I never completed the transaction and they owed me for not one but two NSF fees, the bill was paid before the second fee hit the account, they asked me to send an unaltered bank statement for the disputed charge and they said it had to have a running balance. I sent it and they said it was not sufficient evidence but what they really wanted was the bank statement from where I paid the bill and the amount was already there.

After a week they turned off my phone so I had to pay the next bill which was due in order to get my service back on but I would not pay the 25.00 fee which is the balance they say I owe. I sent the statement and they said today they would send me my bank fees back on a card in 7 to 10 days, they are saying I still owe 25.00. Customer relations never explained to me how the transaction proceeded without me and I asked several times. I did not store my information on their website, but it is there.

Now they say it is for Walmart family mobile service for that month. No, it is really for the NSF fee they've been trying to charge me for the last couple of weeks. I done with Walmart Family Mobile, I've been a customer since 2014 and I have always paid my bill. I am not going to let it go and I am going to port my number back to straight talk and buy my minutes every month, I won't have to worry about someone taking money from my account and if there is a charge on the account straight talk will take it off. Oh and during the process they verified everything from when I called the next day and they saw where I "tried" to make a payment. I told them but they still would not adjust my account.

I went to Walmart to get a prepaid phone for temp use for something. I didn't need a full access phone because I have a cell phone provided by the company I work for. If I would of known this wasn't prepaid I would have gotten Boost or even MetroPCS that doesn't appear on your credit but I trusted the Walmart employee. Many months later after the phone hadn't been used and was broken I get an email from a collection company saying I owe $79 for the bill. What bill!!??

Walmart Family Mobile won't help me because I don't know the phone number or account number because I barely used the phone and don't remember it. It was from long ago. So now I have to either leave it on my credit as unpaid or pay 79 for service I didn't use or agree to use. I find it funny that they can use my social security number to send it to collections but can't use it to look up my account to rectify this situation. Antonella with help on who to contact would be greatly appreciated. Very much unneeded stress and rude people. Such a scam operation.

This is my Facebook posts regarding what I've went through with Family Mobile. I've called them several times because they are charging us two final bills, and taking from a card they no longer have access to. August 28th: To anyone who has family mobile or is thinking about switching, this is what you get when you leave them: Josh never once had 4G/LTE service; We paid the last bill even though they told us not too (They automatically took mine from my card that I had just removed from my account); We don't have degrees in math but where did 81.80 come from?; At this point, this is theft.

Go figure. I talked to them and they said we would have to pay for an ENTIRE month that we never used. So even if that's true, we've already paid it, so where the ** is the 81.80 coming from. They're charging us 44.81 extra for what? I told them we were cancelling and they just told Josh that we didn't so we have to pay 44.81 extra simply because they "didn't know" that we were ** leaving. And apparently when you leave you get hit with a bill for a entire month you didn't use and extra charges for leaving. They have screwed from day one and even after we stop using their service.

September 5th: Another charge from family mobile. Now I'm 30 dollars under and it's on my card that they no longer have. ** thieves. Oh but now all the charges are valid. Fine that's ** fine. Even though my account is already closed, my card has not been on my account for two months (apparently I didn't click the right link or some bs answer she gave me), and now I have my account that's in the negative, and I'll get a overdraft fee most likely. ** thank you family mobile. Thank you for screwing us over from day one until weeks after our accounts were closed and the "final" bill was paid. ** you family mobile.

Walmart Family Mobile is by far the worst I have ever experienced. They really need to be shut down ASAP. I have never spoke with a company so rude and don't care. They are right all the time... The customers have no rights with them. They charged me $60 for 2 days of service... I thought it was a prepaid service. Then every month I had 2 lines it went up. Started at $45 then went up every month ending at $140. For 2 lines. I had enough. I can't express how bad this company is.

Something needs to be done to stop these ** from tell us how this service is done. We are the customers and paying. They don't need to treat us with no respect. The reason we wanted the service is cause it was supposed to be cheaper... Not to change whenever they want... They change as they go without letting us as the paying customer knowing. They are giving Walmart a bad name and really I'm about down with Walmart all the way. I really don't care to ever shop there again if they are letting these worthless people get away with treating their customers like they don't matter.

I will never use Walmart Family Mobile again! Changed my carrier but kept my phone number. But I did not contact them the day I switched my service and they continued to bill me, even though their website indicated my account was cancelled. How can you bill for active phone service on a cancelled account? I called customer service, where I was spoken to in a very condescending, disrespectful manner by a rude woman. Never, ever again. Horrible service, even worse customer service!

How bad can customer service get, you ask? Apparently really BAD: The call center support staff I spoke to today were very hard to understand. It was abundantly clear English was not their native language. It didn't help that the telephone connection was static. With that being said, here is what happened. Called support to make inquiries about adding me to his plan.

During the conversation with the representative I had to ask her to speak slower because I could not catch onto what she was saying. I finally asked her to spell the word that I could not understand. She told me I would have to call back and hung up on me. I called back, went through all the phone prompts and waiting (again), and asked to speak to the manager. Long/short of it: After a few minutes with the supervisor, I had to ask her if she could speak slower because I couldn't understand what she was saying -- she hung up on me. After this situation and reading reviews of others who have had the same experience, I know this is one business who will not receive any revenue from me.

I was talking to the Family Mobile people and they were being rude. They are a bad phone company. I'm planning on going with T-Mobile soon. They were cussing at me so I Butch them out.

Phone reception and service was ok, however... Caution: As soon as you switch carriers and change your number you will no longer have access to your online account. So verifying your payment history is near impossible over the phone. The problem is that they want to charge at the end of the billing cycle for the previous month even though you started paying at the beginning of the cycle when you first got the phone ("pay as you go"). Without the history I couldn't itemize or recreate my billing/payment history to fight them. BTW after your account is cancelled and you want to pay by phone they want to insult you by charging another $5 fee. I have read other reviews with the same issue. I will never use them again. Nor should you.

I will start by saying this is by far the worst service of any phone company. Beware. Poor service. Calls not coming through, calls drop, slow web services. They always your coverage area have good signal using the zip code for the phone. How if I'm calling you to complain you have no family mobile companies in Wisconsin. How would you know apps not working. I'm been dealing with them for the last 4 upsetting years. Switching numbers instead of dealing with other plans they offer. I'm at my point. This the last bill. I'm finally going to leave.

Walmart knows nothing about the company and offering their service lol. They put foreigners on the phone. You can barely make out what theyre saying. They getting mad everything is always it automatically do it or wait two hours or 2 weeks till the billing cycle. No one can never help. I even had my number stolen on their behalf. Couldn't get it back for a week cause they gave someone else my number and cut my line off. They forced me to get a new number. I couldn't wait a week for them to work out their mistake. In fact I paid my bill that day without this phone for 2 days and they didn't want to give no money or credit back but later gave a day credit, Really?? Web move too slow.

But what lead up to this final decision is I paid my bill on the 8th of August. It's now the 12th. As you can see I gave it a few days hoping it picks up so I called all the back and forward now the billing cycle start on the 20th!!! What my billing cycle should start on the day of payment!! If I hadn't not paid my phone would be off so I pay a full bill and still get wack service and can't get my phone operating correctly until bill cycle 2 weeks away. Web slow, calls not coming in. Come on this is one of the work phone for work.

What really ticks me off is you can't walk in a Family Mobile and tell them off or really find out who responsible for the company to put in the lawsuits of the company misusing the customers and theyre not going to refund your money so you in for a real experience with this company. Bad, bad, bad company. Do not bother with them. Cheap bills is not best in their case. Just go with a known company that you can really have a customer and company relationship with and takes credit for their mistakes. Walmart please discontinue them out your stores. The company going to bring walmart down!! Too many miss calls, bad data, poor customer services, company too slow. They unfair. Just be through with the company. I do not know how much I can stress that.

After more than a week of phone calls to this horrible service that should be renamed 'ROBBERY', I have come to the conclusion that these people have NO intention of EVER fixing the issue with my phone but rather waste my time and recommend. I send the same email with the same complaint daily to an address that seems to be obsolete since no one has responded or seems to have any intentions on doing so. I explained over and over again that my friends and family cannot get through when calling me but only other Wal-Mart Family Plan members are able to and that too is hit and miss.

After paying $89.00, I am unable to receive any calls and when I had enough of the runaround and asked for a credit for the week of phone loss they told me to ask a friend or family member for an extra SIM card they might have lying around because that was most likely my phone's malfunction. Are you kidding me??!! Who in their right mind suggests begging and panhandling to a customer to fix a problem that clearly they are incapable of doing themselves??!! It's honestly probably the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard from a customer service rep. I even asked for a supervisor and they were no better, in fact worse not to mention unbelievably condescending and extremely uneducated. I was placed on hold countless times with the same request which was "Yes I hear what you are saying, could you give me 2 minutes Ms..."

This went on for an hour then it was back to being told to send an email etc, etc etc. Needless to say, I am on my way to change my plan, change cell phone companies and hopefully try and forget about how rude and crooked these thieves are. If anyone working with these ladies in God knows what corner of the earth happens to skim by this you should know that it's BEYOND insulting when women reading from a BAD script can't even provide any information pertaining to the jobs they were hired on for and to top it off why the hell can't you people provide us Americans with a U.S. location with people who have an intellect above a 2 year old!!?? Get it together people!!! I'm done. Thanks for the crappy service, actually no service!

Phone reps can't do anything after speaking with tmobile. They said if in the first five solutions they say I'll send a signal refresh or to do a master reset. They are not doing their job or don't know what they are doing. They don't train them and after six calls the language barrier in what's supposed to be English they still don't know what you are saying. They lie at the store and say prepay but it's post paid. You sign a contract without a ink pen or e-verify. They can hit your credit with so if you find a wallet use their info instead of your own to protect your credit is what is recommend.

They lie out their asses. I had Google tmobile Samsung support on the phone with them and they watch what they say then and even do what they can to drop the call to hide when they don't listen to your problem. They drop the call when you get mad. Nowhere to walk in. Nowhere to complain. Bill is a lie 39.88 plus 88 cent fee to pay and if you are late they shut it off and charge to turn it back on and charge for the time it was off.

I tried to activate a used iPhone twice with a sim card purchased at Wal-Mart. Neither times were successful and I eventually gave up on the iPhone and service. Nevertheless, they charged for 2 monthly recurring accounts, sent me to collections and the phone support would never help. The Indian support person changed the story 4 times, but eventually said I had to email customer relations and check back in precisely 5 days. He would not handle or escalate anything.

I bought two phones. I kept getting calls for someone who owned the phone previously that owed money on that phone. They told me the only way to fix the problem was to change my phone number. I kept it for over a year, until finally got frustrated with the service all together, dropped calls, apps stopped working constantly going back and forth. I called to cancel. They told me that it would be shut off on July 6th, that that was the end of the billing cycle. So I paid my bill on the June 29th for $84.76 for the month. Paid in full and was told I had a zero balance. I have received a final bill for $91.71 for 5 days of service. Really. They refuse to talk to me about this. I have filed a complaint to the Attorney General's Office.

This is the worse company ever. I have asked for an extension for my payment in the past and now they say there's no record those extension. I'm asking for an extension but they need I make a payment, really? I'm asking for an extension because I can't pay right now and they treat like a liar because there's no record of those extension in that past. The service is awful I had to keep dialing '0' so I could talk with a representative it is exhausted!

I have been having problems with this service for 3 months now. Somehow reoccurring payment was set up on my account. It drew my account negative and so my bank declined it. This was done 2 days before my bill was even due. Family Mobile then charged me $35 for declined payment. I spoke to a rep and they gave me an email that I would need to contact and a number I would need to fax my bank statement to. No one contacted me back so my phone got shut off for non-payment for the $35 fee. I called to see why I never received a call or email and I was told Family Mobile did not approve my fax because it did not show them the balance of my bank account. I was so confused because I did not understand what they needed to see the money I had in my account for when it specifically was the money being shown taken out of my account early.

Long story short I just paid the $35 because I was tired of having to call back for something to not be right and them to tell me to contact the email. 3 months later I notice this $10 fee on my bill. I start to look at the month before's bill and notice each have this fee. I called and even the woman told me something was not right. To contact the email there was nothing they could do. Come to find out the reason I never received a reply was because the other 3 reps did not give me the right email. Once I finally did get through to someone the woman emailed me that the charges were valid due to my phone being turned off. Even though I stated in my message the reps told me not to pay until I received an email or call. I am so fed up with this service. I have been loyal to them for a year. But I will be switching once this billing cycle ends.

This has been the worst phone company in my 50 years of living! From the moment I bought my $185 Samsung phone (was told by the very uneducated Family Mobile employee that this phone works the best), this service has been the worst. There has been no data and I'm even unable to make calls at emergencies! I pay for unlimited call and texts and 1gb of data and always pay my bill in full AND on time so there is no need for any problems. I do not even use their data at all because I use wifi at my home. However, took a trip to visit my sister in Biloxi, and the phone would not work. I was left stranded at the airport for 4 hours because I could use my phone. Not to mention, I had no data, could not text, NOTHING!!!

I am so upset that Walmart and T-Mobile are ripping off poor people. You know the ones with money go with Verizon or AT&T because they don't want a company like Walmart of T-Mobile giving them the shaft! We use their service because we have no other choice, but I beg you not to. Go with Cricket, Boost or Virgin mobile or somebody else.

I called to cancel my service when I came back from my trip and the rep named Luigi #** refused to cancel my account. It was the second of the month and he told me that he could not cancel my service until the next billing cycle which was the 22nd of the month. In the meantime I would be charged for those weeks of service even though I didn't want the service, I would still have to pay for it. WTF!!! I don't want your stupid phone or your inefficient service! He had such a nasty attitude, I was surprised that he even worked in the customer service industry. OMG, I cannot even! He should be fired on the spot and he needs to go work in construction or a coal mine where he does not have to interact with customers. What an absolute loser!

I asked to speak to the supervisor who then informed me that my service would be cancelled the very same day. Imagine the people who don't make a fuss and end up paying for service they don't use or want. No wonder the CEO's of Walmart and T-Mobile are filthy rich! They steal and rob poor people blind. Not to mention not even paying for training for their employees. What a disgrace to the United States of America. Nasty scumbags!

I started this service in September 2015 and I should have known in the first month how terrible it was going to end up. My online statement said my bill was due the 17th but then I got a text saying it was due the 4th so I tried calling but couldn't get through to a live person so I figured I would try again another day. On the 6th, my service was disconnected. I finally got through to someone and he apologized and restored my service and told me that my bill would always be due on the 4th and he was not sure why my online statement reflected a different date. I didn't get it, but I moved on and dealt with it.

Since then we have had terrible service. We have 2 lines but we are not able to speak to each other without it dropping the call, most of the time before we can even say hello. It doesn't do that when we talk to other people. My husband rarely receives my messages or calls and when he does it's always hours later. I've called customer service but they seem to think it's his phone even though we can both send and receive calls and texts from other people without as much trouble. But I shouldn't be surprised, Wal-Mart only cares about making money and has no plans to make things right for the thousands of customers that are being screwed over. Not only am I switching service, I will no longer shop at Wal-Mart stores again. They've screwed me out of way too much money and I'm certainly not going to continue to contribute to their business any longer.

Have been having trouble with my phone service for some time now. Have been told it's my phone. I have been through 4 phones and still having problems. Was told today that I need to go buy another sim card. Walmart Family Mobile (T-Mobile) will not get another dollar out of my pocket. When my bill is due I will not be paying my bill. Will be going to someone else for phone service.

I just wanted to take a second and expand on my previous complaint. Family Mobile continues to remain a horrible service. Not only do they lack in quality phones and customer services along with fact that they disconnect your service after 2 days of non-payment... they continue to charge you for the service after they disconnect it! Now they are saying I owe double the amount, even though I can't use it! I wouldn't be surprised if you can't even make emergency phone calls from this service after disconnection. Stay away from Family Mobile!

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