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So, I have had Page Plus for a few years now, and overall was pretty satisfied with their low cost payment plans and pretty good service. I never really liked the customer service as they are not 24 hours and mainly just normal business hours. I have the automatic payment plan set up for awhile now, and they started giving you a discount if you have auto renew set up on your account. Example: $29.95 + tax is normal price but with auto refill you get it for $27.00 + tax.

So today for this month I noticed I had no service and my auto renew did not kick in. So I called Page Plus and asked why my auto renew did not activate. They said they were having system errors, so I could make the one time payment to get my service back. I said "Sure no problem", and "I am going to be charged at the discounted rate for auto renew correct?" They said "No, because that is a promo only for auto renew." So I replied, "but as the customer I did my part and have auto renew set up, how should I be penalized because your company is having system errors?" They said there is nothing they can do, and have to charge me the non-discounted price. (This was a supervisor by the way).

So, I object saying that is not fair, and seems unreasonable, to advertise a discounted price on plans for having auto renew set up, then telling customers "you can't receive that discount even though there's nothing you did wrong and we are having system errors". She just continues to repeat herself saying, "Do you want to add your plan to your account?" She becomes very rude when I say no, and eventually hangs up the phone on me. I never encountered any customer service ever hanging up the phone on me in my adult life of 22+ years. This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth of this company, and I will be looking for other company similar to Page Plus, like Cricket.

I went to use my phone today and found it wasn't working and said my bill wasn't paid. I had signed up for their auto refill. I called them up and after an hour I was told their auto pay system had failed. The only way to reactivate my phone was to pay the full price. Then they want to reenroll me in the auto refill plan but won't refund the difference in price. They made a mistake and charge me extra for them to fix it. When I asked to speak to a manager they said they would transfer me and hung up. Look elsewhere for phone service.

As with the other numerous identical complaints, Page Plus attempted to tell me my cc was declined (auto pay), but my bank stated the charge went through. Had to purchase a additional pin (used the same cc # they told me was being declined). Told them I am doing chargebacks on any unauthorized payments and my card started working again... Looks like they are doing this to everyone. They are a very stupid/arrogant/ignorant company.

Page Plus Cellular is to be avoided at ALL costs. They sent me a defective phone and refuse to do anything about it. Calling them only results in foreigners asking you the same questions over and over and then "transferring" you by way of hanging up the line. Their goal seems to be wasting so much of your time that you either hang up in disgust or do the hanging up for you. They refuse to refund the money for the defective phone AND require you the privilege of paying for the postage to return the defective phone that you got to pay for. Everytime they transfer you, you get to give the same information over and over. Keeping your money and giving you an ulcer in sheer, tear inducing anger is their goal. AVOID THESE THIEVES AT ALL COSTS.

I paid my friends cell phone bill with my credit card on a Saturday. Sunday his phone was shut off. I called customer service, and got several calls back from people who spoke terrible English. When I did talk to someone, they wanted the PIN for the account. I explained if my friends phone worked, I could get the PIN. I then further exclaimed "why do I need a PIN for you to take my money?"

I cancelled my payment with the C.C. company, and Monday my friend paid his bill in cash. On Wednesday they shut it off, they said because the bill was not paid. He called them, and they said yes, the bill was paid, but he could not use a C.C. to pay anymore. Page Plus does not have to worry about that anymore, my friend will switch to Boost or Metro when they shut it off. Bye Page Plus. I've had it with these companies that offshore their customer service, and I stop doing business with them when I get a foreign agent.

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My friend recommended them and also thought they were still with Verizon. First off, I had to buy their special phone, though I already had a CDMA phone, somehow it wasn't good enough. So, I tried to order one online, and the online ordering system doesn't work. So I called. The English of the operators is so hard to understand and they don't understand you either. And the problem was the same when using the chat help feature. The low priced phone they advertised was somehow not available and they didn't know if it would be available in the future. So I bought a higher priced phone than I wanted to. I got the pay as you go plan, pretty much for emergencies. Well guess what? As soon as you get the phone the data is already turned on and you get billed for it unless you read this first.

Then there were all these other charges. Phone calls, texts. I only sent one test text. But they billed me for other ones. Some were texts from them to activate my phone. Their policy seems to be that the customer is always wrong. Oh yes and there's a monthly access fee (hidden in deliberately deceptive language like, You think you're in the pay as you go plan but it's really the standard plan - deliberate double talk) in addition to your plan fee to surprise you even more. Every time I looked at my account the first two days (today is the 3rd day of having this phone), my account was being drained by these scam artists. FreedomPop was pretty bad but I have to say that Page Plus is actually worse. And TracFone is just as bad as when I knew I was dealing with TracFone.

And I haven't tried using the phone or text service everywhere but according to the other reviews it won't be reliable Verizon, which was the whole point of this phone in the first place. To have a reliable phone for emergencies. They definitely reek of being scam artists. It's pretty unlikely that I'll renew. And what a big waste of time and aggravation. Piece of **. Very angry. I would add a copy of my verified receipt but I don't know how to upload it. I'm reviewing this because it's my only recourse (I asked to a manager, and that was a joke) and I'm sure it will help others.

I've been with Page Plus for a very long time. I've stuck with them through their growing pains because they used Verizon towers and I had great coverage and quality. Not any more. I am regularly unable to make calls (I get the recording to redial the 10 digit number) or receive calls. Seriously?!? I was unable to call my husband during an emergency because of this new problem and had to resort to using Google Voice to reach him. I am looking to switch to a service where I can ALWAYS make and receive calls, not just whenever Page Plus allows me to.

Something changed with Page Plus Cellular. The autofill never kicked in and they stopped my phone service. I was on hold for 1 hr and could not get hold of anyone. Their customer service people are not friendly. Stay away from Page Plus.

I have been with Page Plus for over 5 years now. I am unable to send a text with one pictures. I called them two times. The first time they told me to take my phone downtown to have it checked out. As if there is a Page Plus dealer there? I called again tonight, they told me that I would have to turn my cellular data on to be able to send a picture with my text. I am unable to use my Wi-fi? She said "No you can't." Page Plus I found out change to TracFone which don't work in our area, so why would they do this to their good people. Shame on them. I am looking for someone else. I am so sad :-( that they did this to us, retired people. And in closing the people on the phone are not even from the USA and sometimes they don't even know what we are talking about when they ask us what is going on with the phone.

I paid to renew my $55.00 on 8/1/16 online after receiving several text messages and emails stating that I only had ONE SERVICE DAY left. Today is 8/4/16 and my plan has not renewed and my data IS STILL AT 2G TURTLE SPEED!! WHAT A JOKE! I called them yesterday and today and both times they said, "YOUR PLAN WILL RENEW AT MIDNIGHT TOMORROW!!!" The fact that you have to talk to a representative to renew your damn plan every month is absolutely RIDICULOUS!! Last month I was on hold for 35 minutes!! I'M DONE WITH THIS JOKE OF A COMPANY!!! Please take your money and run to another cell phone carrier!!!

Just about every month I have an issue with renewing my minutes even though I have auto refill. Every month I usually end up having to chat message to get it corrected. Once again yesterday I had issued. I chatted, I was told due to glitch in THEIR system, auto renews did not go thru. I would have to add the 12.00 plan to my cart, get the pin, and he would activate it. So be it. Today I get charged again as the system automatically renewed it. Chatted with customer service to get this done. I was told that it is not possible that they had a glitch, that my renewal is not till today. I copied all the info for her and she told me, "Oh let me check."

Again said they did NOT charge me twice, I then sent a copy of the two payment from my checking acct. she told me, "Oh you have to CALL customer service and they will refund you." I call customer service, ask to talk to a supervisor (I am positive she was not one) as all her answers were pat answers read from a script. Again I was called a liar that I canceled my renewal and that is why is auto renewed today. So twice I was called a liar by this customer service people and I proved that they were the ones making the mistakes and still they called me a liar.

Page Plus service coverage or service prioritization has changed. I've had service with Page Plus for about 3 years. Prior to the buyout by America Movil (the parent company of TracFone), my phone always had 3 bars of signal inside my home. Coverage at your home is critically important. After the buyout by the TracFone parent company, my service coverage died. No bars and NO SERVICE. If I drove up the road about 2.5 miles, I could get a signal and make calls. After talking with tech support, I drove up the road to get a signal, then dialed *22890 (or *228 then listen and pick option 1) to reprogram the phone over the air. After listening to some bad wait music, I got a message that my phone had successfully been reprogrammed. The phone showed a good signal, with 5 bars.

I drove home, just 2.5 miles, and the signal dropped to 1 bar. Then after about 3 minutes, the phone dropped signal and displayed NO SERVICE. I couldn't get the phone to recover any signal even by walking around outside my home. Again, all this change in service coverage is new since American Movil (which owns TracFone) bought out Page Plus.

HERE'S MY OPINION: The TracFone people bought out Page Plus to shut it down, and their evil plan is to screw things up intentionally and provide crappy service until every customer tells Page Plus to go screw itself. Then Movil will offer them TracFone service, which costs about 3 times more per month compared with the Page Plus "pay as you go" $10 for 120 days deal. At least that's my impression. And no, Movil doesn't give a ** what anybody thinks.

Four years ago I bought a cell phone for my elderly mom, and set her up with the Page Plus $12/month plan. Every new year since, I would buy 12 one-month cards and load her account with these for the coming year. It was a hassle to activate these cards, since their telephone activation line doesn't work, and neither does their online activation system (yes, seriously). Every time I had to call a customer service rep and read off each of the 12 activation codes one by one! But this was OK since the price was good, the cell service was fine, and I only had to do this once per year.

However things changed this year. I bought 12 cards as usual in January, then a few days ago (in June) mom's phone service just stopped. I called Page Plus to sort this out, and found myself talking to someone who was almost unintelligible. In the past I could at least understand the English spoken by their reps, but not now. After a lengthy, muddled discussion, I finally understood that they had completely shut off her service because she had used up all 12 months worth of service in less than 6 months. Each month, so he claimed, she went over her limit, and so they automatically activated next month's card. But oddly enough, the rep couldn't tell me if she had gone over on voice, text, or data. They simply erased her account.

Here's the reality of the situation. My mom has this phone for one reason - texting. She cannot hear well enough to use voice, and doesn't use data since she's never been online in her life. So, if the Page Plus rep's claim is accurate, she must have used more than her allotted 250 texts per month, and done this 6 straight months in a row. Interesting! She hasn't "gone over" the limit once in the last 4 years, and now she did it 6 months in a row? This is not a credible claim. I even looked at her phone and guess what, her average this year is ~2 texts per day (60 per month).

The bottom line here is that Page Plus cellular stole from me. I know I'm only out about $75, and mom is without service just for a week or so, but this is not the point. The point is that they stole from me. I have no illusions of getting this money back, and any attempt would definitely take vastly more than $75 worth of time. And I suspect Page Plus knows this. So I created an account on for one reason, to add my story to the amazingly long list of negative reviews of this company. If my review keeps even one person from becoming a new Page Plus customer, then it will be worth it. If you still want to take the plunge with them, here's your "I told you so" right now.

My first payment was declined, so I borrowed my friend's debit card to pay. Turned out to be the payment was not declined, so basically, I was charged 2 times.

I have been a long time customer of Page Plus Cellular...Probably at least three years, now. I had almost always used the website to pay my monthly bill and with no issues (except once when I used a copy cat site of a third party, but that was not their fault). When I needed customer service, I could reach America speaking personnel, so there were no language barriers for me, being American. It was great and I would have reviewed them with five stars if not for the recent changes. The past two months I have had trouble using their website. My payments would go through, but the pin would fail to activate and I would have to call. When the same thing happened this month the site made it appear that my payment was being rejected, so I used another card.

Then the pin I had just paid for was rejected! Then the payment was taken off of both cards while only reflecting a single payment! When I called customer service it turned out they are now based in the Philippines. Yep. Page Plus has been bought out by TracFone. The "customer service" would talk in pretty clear English, but only at first. When I explained my problem, and that I had been double billed yet received confirmation for only one payment, all of a sudden they couldn't speak clear English any more. How convenient for them! They are now staffed with thieves in the Philippines. Beware!

This is certainly the most worst wireless phone service company, ever. Rejections and poor customer service. I am very disappointed in this company and this is quite an embarrassment. You treat your customers with such poor work and services. The many other reviews can tell you about this company. To anybody reading this and having thoughts and joining this company, I recommend DO NOT JOIN THIS POOR TERRIBLE COMPANY. You're better off with Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, etc. Stick to the name brands and not some knock off brand and obviously cannot show support and anything for that matter.

I am a customer of Page Plus for over a year and a half. I had decent service and everything worked out well. I was at a business convention in a different state, and suddenly from one minute to the next I could not make any calls. When anyone called my number a guy answered the phone. He claimed to have had the number for a while. It seems that a vendor made a mistake and gave away my number to someone else. This started a tug of war, with the company giving me back the number and the guy taking it back. I spent literally HOURS on the phone.

The customer service rep, then had the audacity to tell me that she will give me the vendors number and I should convince him to stop taking the number back. They could not solve this issue in a timely manner. They caused me lots of aggravation. I had to leave the convention early since my children and family could not contact me which I felt was not safe for my children in case of emergency. I just got my number back again... I hope this time it will last!

I have been a Page Plus customer for 10 years! For 9 and a half of those years I had no problems with my service at all! During the first 9 and a half years I did experience extremely poor customer service with Page Plus, but due to the wonderful service itself I stayed with the company and also referred MANY family members and friends and they did switch to Page Plus as well. Well, unfortunately Page Plus decided to switch their plans and service with the PROMISE to us customers of even better service...and that was a huge lie!!! My service has been terrible to say the least! I have had nothing but problems!!! Their data plans are a sick joke!!!

Prior to this big change that they made I didn't have a problem because it was 4G network and IF you used all of your 4G then it only dropped down to 3 (which I never ran out or went over my data EVER), but now that they switched to these horrible changes you go from 4G network down to 2G network and you literally can't do much of anything! And as I said, prior to these changes I NEVER ran out, but now they proclaim that I run out of high speed Internet within 2 weeks, so for the following 2 weeks before I pay for my next month then I'm running on 2G (which is basically nothing), and 5 top it off I have actually been using my Internet much less than I did 6+ months ago! I also have been connecting to WiFi so that I'm not using my data, but yet I still get a notification stating that I used up all of my high speed Internet!

Again, as a customer of over 10 years it's a sad shame but I will be switching my service provider as soon as this billing cycle is up! My mom, my daughter, my fiance, my cousins, and multiple different friends have been having the same issues and will all be switching cell phone carriers as well! I am HIGHLY disappointed in their TERRIBLE customer service and HIGHLY disgusted in their terrible service!!! SHAME ON YOU PAGE PLUS!!! YOU JUST LOST MANY VERY LOYAL CUSTOMERS!!! I will never refer anybody to Page Plus again and I'm so ashamed that I had already referred so many and now they have to go through the hassle of switching providers!!! I am ashamed and embarrassed to even say that I use you as my cell phone provider/carrier service!!!

I purchased a phone and plan from Page Plus. When I received my phone it was already activated with several messages stating my balance was zero. This was after simply charging the phone. I was able to get minutes and text messaging returned but Page Plus refused to renew my data. They stated that my data had been used up. Since Page Plus sent me a pre-activated phone with the data turned on - all of the data was used up before I even turned the phone on. I have confirmation of that because once the battery was charged - the phone had a text message telling me my balance was zero. In addition, as I told Page Plus, when I went to "activate" the phone I received a message stating the phone had already been activated.

On Dec 23 I attempted to pay my bill through the automated service. My card was declined. I paid it no attention and tried it 3 more times, not realizing that each of my declined payments would be held off my card. My Christmas SUCKED. Thanks to Page Plus. I had to wait until the following Tuesday before my money was deposited back into my account. This same thing happened a month later. Now it has happened again. So this time I put the rude rep on a three way call with my bank. Page Plus always blames the bank for holding the money. Well, today I proved Page Plus to be complete LIARS. My bank rep explains to the Page Plus rep that the money was taking from the ACCOUNT. Page Plus company is a complete rip off. As soon as my plan is near the due date I will be switching services. PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THIS PHONE CARRIER. THEY ARE FULL OF BOLOGNA.

Today is 4/23/2016 and I called to ask my due date on my account. The page plus representative asked for my security PIN. I had to change it because it was the last four of my number. I changed it and had the rep. repeat it and when I called back in and gave them my new security code - the new rep. said, "That isn't correct..." Poor customer service - the WORST!!!

Page Plus is fine if you don't have a problem with your account. When you do, you want to off yourself trying to get resolution. Have called 3 times now because keep getting error messages when re-enrolling in auto pay. Even waiting days in between calls and being told I needed to use a different method of payment to enroll, even the latest representative said that the auto pay system was still down. When I pointed out that it had been down for DAYS, she could only apologize. Of course she did not know when it would be working again. This company sucks and I only use it because I want to keep my phone and be on the Verizon network without paying Verizon's ridiculous charges.

Have had Page Plus for approx 7 yrs. Have not had many complaints since they made it a little easier and time consuming to put money into your account over the phone, however, today was trying to activate my smart phone from a old phone and do not know what went wrong but while I am writing this review I have NO phone, neither the new one or the old one lets me make or receive calls. Each time I try to call them or anyone a message answers "welcome to Verizon." It is a Verizon phone but I have NEVER had a Verizon account.

I personally feel they have deactivated my old trying to activate the new phone, and neither one is activated. What a mess. You would think that would be the first thing they checked, but who knows. The most annoying part of this hold thing is you CANNOT SPEAK TO ANYONE!!! They want you to go through the chat line, which I hate. I need to explain exactly what happened when trying to activate. If it is not repaired by tomorrow I am going to have to find a new carrier. I have to have a phone.

Page Plus is the worst company with the worst customer service I have ever received! Each month my service gets interrupted even after the bill is paid! Each month they draft my account multiple times! The customer service is the ultimate worst! I called today because my phone will not dial out and I am not able to receive calls. I was transferred to 6 different people. They were extremely rude and no knowledge of the product. I was hung up on several times and they refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor. I was on the phone a total of 2 hours and did not get anything accomplished! Page Plus is literally the WORST company I have ever encountered. I wouldn't keep their service even if it was free!!! The only reason they 1 star is because at least 1 is required!

I purchased a sim card and plan because this is the only Verizon MVNO available in my area. My T-Mobile reception is bad where I live so I decided to switch. I tried to activate my service online and it gave me an error. Told me to contact support which I did on chat, and they told me they are not able to do this for me. 30 minutes wasted. Called their phone number - on HOLD for 30 minutes to talk to anyone. Finally I got someone online and she tells me there's a number assigned to this sim card and it's my fault. I ask for a supervisor, which probably was just another rep. She says as a "courtesy" she'll fix this. Flabbergasted. I have to wait 24 hours for the number to be "unassigned" and I have to call back to get my number ported. Whole phone support literally takes TWO hours. I am not kidding one bit. Still here without service.

I'm writing this review as I am waiting on hold again. It's been another 30 minutes and counting. If they treat new customers like this and are this incompetent, I'm sure it won't be long before I look at another service, if I BEGIN THIS SERVICE AT ALL! Their chat support is in Philippines who barely speak English or understand your problems. Call center is in Florida (also barely speaks English or understand your problems). Neither of them are capable of providing tech support nor do they have supervisors to help you, or even second level support.

Their corporate in Ohio seems ignorant of their horrible customer service and just have a dozen or so people to follow script and man the lines. Their long hold time is made worse by the fact that when you DO get someone online, they're completely incompetent. I'm sure that the long wait time IS because people talk to them for hours to get anything done. AT LEAST work on your website so people can activate and manage their service without having to interact with these people. I DON'T RECOMMEND PAGE PLUS AND I'M NOT YET A CUSTOMER!!! TERRIBLE!!!

I made a payment on the Page Plus website on 3/31/16 for the $55 at 4:17 PT but got an error while it was processing. It was taking out of my account but the minutes are not there and they claim the payment didn't process. I spoke with my bank and they stated that due to the error on their page it was like the system attempted to take it out but it got stuck. I have talked to 6 Page Plus agents who did not help and refuse to help and will not do as my bank requested in order for the funds to be put back in my account. I will never use this company again and I do not recommend the service to anyone and still have no service or my money. They need to be investigated asap.

When you buy the $56 plan you have unlimited data until you hit 6 gb and then it drops to nothing. More or less there is nothing you can do. It is so slow you can't even pull up a pic without having to wait for a hour. The service sucks. The phone service goes from 3G to 1g and you can't make a call and if you change services you can't take your number from this company.

I tried purchasing a new plan on Page Plus's website and they said that my credit card was declined. So I tried another card and it was declined. these cards are different banks with no link to the other. One card is paid off monthly and one was a debit card directly connected to my bank account. So I called my bank and they said my card was just fine. So I called back to Page Plus and they still said my card was declined. Don't use this service because if you run out of minutes because of this, you will lose your phone number!!

After ordering my minutes online 3 different times, they claim my payment is rejected! But the funds have been held from my account!

Page Plus has the worst customer service. They never help. They really have no knowledge of their own service. They are so rude and hang up on you. You are on your own when you have a problem. The worst part is that there is nowhere to complain.

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