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Verified purchase
Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed July 26, 2023

Xcover6 pro would not connect to wifi after 3 months of use. Samsung told me to take it to an authorized repair facility, after their diagnostic check said it was a software issue. Sent phone to Samsung. They said it was a bad motherboard and the warranty was void because of internal damage. It's a rugged phone. Ip68 rating with an otterbox case. In the end it cost me an extra $351 to have it repaired. Not too rugged of a phone! And it took them 3 weeks to repair it! No more samsung for me.

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Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

Reviewed June 13, 2023

On 5/31/2023, I visited the T-Mobile store #7805, located on Rosecrans and Ocean in the city of Hawthorne, Ca 90250. My GalaxyZ Flip4 phone was malfunctioning. The screen had started to blacken out, the phone was unusable. I spoke with a representative and explained the situation. He (Chris), conferred with his proctor who stated that the phone was under warranty, and would be replaced. I was told the phone would be back in a few days, I was told to hold on the malfunctioning phone until the new one comes in. T-Mobile contacted us on 5/7/2023 to say the new phone had arrived.

Upon arrival to the store (7805), I was greeted by rep Arturo, who preceded to deliver the new ph to me and retrieve the old one. He said his supervisor would need to re-examine old phone before giving me the new phone. At that time Supervisors Memo/Henry, stated that it appeared that physical damage was done to the phone because the screen protector was starting lift, and therefore said they would not give me the new phone. There was no physical damage done to the phone. The phone was progressively getting worse with a blackened screen, flashes of light, heating up, as well as unusable while waiting for the new phone to come in. I explained that the cover screen had lifted over the past 7 days as a result of the phone heating up on two occasions while still in my possession, and I was unable to turn it off.

I was referred to Best Buy by Samsung, to have a Samsung expert look at it, he agreed that the phone did not show any signs of physical damage and stated, “they should have given you your new ph”. He said he had seen the same problem before stating, this is a defect in the z4 flip phone ”. The T-Mobile supv. Memo, still refused to release the new phone. I feel this was unjustified and a breach of agreement. I decided to research the issue with mobile and store #7805, and sure enough another customer went through the same horrible experience 1 month ago and 7months ago. T-Mobile corporate stated dissatisfaction with rep's behavior, at that time, but here it is happening again with my situation.

Please help if you can. I was disrespected, disappointed, put at risk for injury (with phone heating up), and have now been w/o a phone for almost 2weeks. I am also unable to check my messages in my computer, can neither make or receive phone calls, I am a senior, live alone, and a first responder. This is how a customer of over 20+yrs gets treated by T-Mobile. This needs to stop immediately. Thanks.

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    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed April 21, 2023

    This place is the worst!! I purchased a phone for $2000 that they were supposed to take care of adding insurance coverage on for me on and they failed to do it. I didn't have the ability to do it myself cause there was coverage in someone else's name. They were fast to sell the phone but failed to get my coverage going and now they say there's nothing I can do about it. I've called multiple times and only reached someone 5 times. When I call they always say the manager is dealing with an emergency. It's the same excuse every single time. They failed to cover a $2000 phone and they will not take responsibility on the matter. These people don't deserve any type of good reviews because the company and customer service is poor!!

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed April 8, 2023

    I ordered the S23 Plus purple on March 5th and had a delivery date for the 10th. Well here it is April 8th and I think my 5th newest delivery date is for the 11th. Yeah sure. If you didn't have the damn phone you shouldn't be offering it or at least be honest enough to say, "Hey it's gonna be a month or 2 or 3," but I'm thinking never at this point. I've chatted, texted and phoned customer service and got the same runaround about being at the top of the list or some bull. If they would of said, "Hey it'll be 3 months till it's in stock." I would of waited. I wouldn't of minded but I hate liars. I tried cancelling and they won't let me. I tried to change the color and it didn't make a difference. I'm stuck because I'm doing a payment plan so I guess they get to screw you because of it. So warning don't try and finance with them.

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    Reviewed April 2, 2023

    In Nov 22, my wife & I got new Galaxy A53 5G phones when we switched carriers. In Mar 23, 5 months after getting the new phones, the speaker went out on both my & my wife's phone at the same time. Please note, there is/was NO physical nor water damage on either of our phones. We contacted Samsung support & they directed us to an authorized Tech Repair shop. The tech repair shop confirmed neither phone showed any physical or water damage. After they ran a diagnostic, they determined there were 3 speaker-related issues, one of which is on the motherboard & beyond repair. NOW, after going through Samsung's authorized shop, Samsung is now telling us we have to give up our cells for 2 weeks, mail our phones into them, so they can look at phones.

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    Reviewed March 12, 2023

    My old S8 was starting to give me trouble and I was afraid it would die on me so I decided it was time to replace it. One thing about phones....I always have an issue with carrying them around. Either they are too big for my pocket or too big to fit easily in my purse so I decided that I wanted the Filp. It's a really nice little phone. I love the folding option...Whenever I go out, it slips easily anywhere. And since I have the Galaxy watch, it works with that seamlessly, even better than my S8. The battery life is a lot better than my S8, too. I like the little screen on the front where I can check the weather, calendar, my steps, and play music.

    The sound is such an improvement over my S8. And I got it half-price through my provider. I will likely have the Flip for as long as I had the S8....almost 6 years. There are some who have a problem with the fold showing on the screen. I have no problem with it... It's not pronounced nor does it interfere with viewing. I have had Samsung phones and televisions for years and have always been pleased with them.

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    Reviewed Feb. 12, 2023

    The Critics get commission to say nonsense about a product. The screen light is not consistent. It goes dark and comes back by itself. It doesn't have right to left texting like Persian, Arabic or Hebrew. Downloading don't work like when you use the phone original alphabet. Battery depletes in 8 hours. I bought my phone in duty free for 245CD but my phone got water damage just by splash of my cold tea on kitchen counter. Samsung asked for 375CD+tax to fix it. Walmart selling it for 260CD+25 shipping+ tax but the charger is not compatible with Canadian electric outlet and if you enter any Google or App in it. is not returnable. They count the days from when you placed the order not from when you received it.

    They tell you, "We have to check for water damage and you have to send it by post." You can't bring it to the counter for verification so you can as well lose the phone and the money you paid. Typing is a hassle with this phone. Don't even bother to read critics' bias opinion. They are there to make commission selling garbage of these companies.

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    Reviewed Jan. 16, 2023

    Buyer beware prior to purchasing a Samsung cellular phone! Most often, their product has a good reputation, but if you do encounter problem, then Pandora's Box will open...and you will be in for a rude awakening! I encountered several problems with my S21 phone, five months after purchase. Samsung provided me with a local (authorized) repair centre where a diagnostic test revealed that the motherboard required replacement. The task was completed. Unfortunately, the problem persisted and I was told (by the repair depot) that the additional parts were on back order but 1.5 months???

    Samsung then advised that they would assist by sending me a loaner phone, via mail, where I would send my problem phone to Samsung for further troubleshooting. I did receive the loaner (a week later) and was shocked when the sent 'used' phone appeared as though it was taken from a crime scene! Rust, dirt and a smeared screen! Hello...but we are in a COVID situation here!!!

    In short, I spoke with Samsung (senior management) and it is apparent that Samsung would rather give the customer the runaround, and lose a customer/reputation, than simply provide the customer with a replacement. There are so many companies that have the best tv and online commercials. Everyone is so happy and satisfied. Unfortunately, Samsung doesn't advertise the unhappy and dissatisfied customers like me. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

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    Reviewed Jan. 13, 2023

    Got a Samsung phone. I was one from last data breach and had phone number stole and had a 1500 phone bill who they were calling to Europe and no help from cell phone company or Samsung company. Got way more money than me. I'm not going to put hold on my account or change anything. These big companies make so much off of us consumers and still cost us when they screw us. With me no more. I suggest to them. Hope I don't lose my information or have it stolen cause it will cost them Samsung.

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    Reviewed Jan. 8, 2023

    I have been a die hard Android fan since the beginning, however there are 2 things Android is lacking that is making me think the iPhone is now a better choice: FaceID and a super responsive camera. The fingerprint sensor in any form is a horrible experience compared to the iPhone's FaceID, and this is a feature that has been on iPhones for 5 years now. The second is the iPhone's camera, which is super "responsive", meaning, when taking pictures, it snaps it almost instantaneously, whereas on Samsung it sits there thinking for 1-3 seconds before taking the photo, which is agonizing. Samsung, forget the folding screen and the stylus, focus on a FaceID equivalent and a super responsive, killer camera.

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