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Last updated: Nov. 16, 2017

615 NET10 Wireless Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

I started off with a NET10 phone... It was pretty awful. So then I did a network unlock for an iPhone 6s, bought the BYOP (bring your own phone) activation kit (which includes a SIM card). Was a bit of a hassle getting it to work... but it did eventually and it worked well for about 6 months. About 10 days ago (11/7/17) I logged into my NET10 account because it had been a while, it seemed, since I was notified to renew my data plan. It said I hadn’t been active since September. Strange considering I was still able to make calls, text, and use data. Then when I logged back into the account it said I had service until 11/27/17. But suddenly my phone said “no service.” Couldn’t make calls, texts, data - nothing. Chatted online with NET10 representatives for over 2 hours. I was told that the phone connected with the IMEI number I gave them does not take a SIM card and the phone number I gave them was not active. Not true!

I explained to them that it absolutely does (take a SIM card) because I ordered the SIM card and bring your own phone activation kit from them months ago and it had been working just fine (with the phone number I provided) up until then. After arguing about this for quite some time and them not understanding me, someone finally told me that the Sim card I had bought had expired. I asked them how that could’ve possibly happened. They replied, “by not using it for quite some time.” Then as my head was about to explode, I explained to them that yes I have been using the same Sim card in the same phone with the same phone number for the past six months. They told me they could send me a replacement Sim card but it would take 5 to 7 days. I told them that I could not be without my phone for that long as I have young children and I use my phone for work. They told me they could absolutely not overnight it, they were not able to do that.

At this point I was very frustrated and told them that if they could not overnight it I was going to go with a different carrier. Their response? “We respect your decision. Do you have anymore questions?” I was flabbergasted and asked to speak to a supervisor. I got disconnected. Eventually I was able to connect to another chat representative and after going over the same thing for an hour was informed if I just bought a new SIM card (instead of being issued a replacement) it could be overnighted. Ok, great! I told them “geez we could have saved a lot of time.” It didn’t come overnight. When I actually called a representative and asked why I hadn’t received it, they told me that Sim cards don’t qualify for overnight shipping, only if you’re ordering a new phone. Well that was a lie considering I had proof and a billing statement that said otherwise. “SIM card -.99 (FedEx overnight).”

It came a couple days later however I was not home, and the way they ship it, you have to be present to sign for it (it’s a $.99 SIM card!). I work during the day so it’s kind of impossible for me to take several days off sitting around waiting for FedEx to show up at my door. So he came twice more and I was not home. Undeliverable at that point so it was being shipped back to the company. At this point I couldn’t wait anymore so I ordered another one and had it shipped to my place of employment. Once I got the Sim card and tried to activate it with my iPhone, I found out that my original NET10 crappy phone was the phone that the number was associated with which makes no sense since I hadn’t used that phone in six months and had been using the iPhone the entire time. Eventually I got it all fixed (after another hour on the phone) but please save yourself the time, energy, and headache.

I still have no clue how that phone number and all that crap was connected to a phone that has been inactive for over six months. I would guess that I spent at least six hours trying to figure this stuff out. Not only did I not have a phone for a week and a half I had to deal with very rude and uninformed staff. Sure when you have service it’s decent. But if you have any problems at all, which most likely will be due to errors on their part, you’re going to be screwed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2017

I have been dealing with Net10 Prepaid monthly Wireless Phone Service now for approximately 1.5 years after dumping Verizon back then for reneging on their Unlimited Talk-Text-Data $50 a month prepaid plan, and force dumping me into a $35 a month prepaid Limited 500mb Data (Internet) loser plan that was–in their mindset–supposedly saving me money! SURE! All it did was wipe out my Unlimited (Internet) Data part that I had prior. There's that Money Pit word DATA again. Btw–the same day I switched over to Net10–Verizon sends me a text MSG offering me yet another one of their supposed money saving plans with even LESS Data. Sound familiar? It should - as today you only get what you PSY for, and it ain't much at all. lol.

At the same time they (Verizon) also started EOL'ing all my standard Yahoo email, etc. (email site links) - news sites & sports related site links making my old flip-cellphone all but dead other than to just make calls and send a text MSG at best. Prior to the Verizon flip-cell I just had a basic $10 Trac El-cheap cellphone while I moved cross-country, and then dumped Trac as their stupid 10 cents, or even 5 cents a min (double mins) $20/40 refill cards were a joke! So were their CS idiots in India no less, as Trac was based out of Boston some 7+ yrs ago, and outsourced to India no less.

When I got connected there one time to remedy some wrongfully mischarged mins on my cell the rude (supposedly a Mgr) guy on the other end answered the call-forward yawning as though he just woke up from a nap on his porch no less. Poor English - couldn't even understand him, and then he placed me on hold for something like 20-25 minutes having to talk to a supervisor no less. Mgr? What Mgr? What a joke! Sound familiar?

So fast forward to the present day Net10 nightmare - lol. In that now present day 1.5 yrs of using NET10 airtime I have found it way past very frustrating trying to deal with the illiterate poorly English speaking nitwit Net10 Independent Contractor type people over there in the Philippines being paid $1 a call that just keep reading off of a stupid "cheat-sheet" via a cellphone & cheap laptop to connect themselves to wherever it is that their MAIN Net 10 Corp Office actually is located & outsourced call ctr wise to. AND forget the facts of all the corruption that the Philippines are having present day, and WHERE all your private personal info is being stored server wise? Kinda scary huh? You bet!

I once was even dumped into Columbia somewhere by a Walmart Corp CS agent named Steven telling me I was on a 3-way call into Net10 Corp Office in Miami. Boy - talk about rotted fish stinking! This goes beyond a rotting corpse of any kind. Stinks to the High Heaven, and then some! Forget the constant being placed on hold annoyances for up to 30 mins sometimes–if you are even stupid enough to fall for that STALL, as those are just STALLS while they supposedly talk to a Higher Up person who is even dumber than they are. Supervisors? What supervisors? Tech support? What tech support? They don't even know what a server is! Whatta joke.

When all else fails and you demand to speak with CORP CS guess where you get dumped next? Wanna take a guess? Why they keep saying Miami, FL is anyone's guess. Sounds good on paper anyway - lmao here - whatta joke! All their 800 #'s are dumped there into the Philippines including that 2368 # as well. Doral, FL is where they ship their (your) broken phones to/from & ship you your supposedly factory refurb replacement, but my guess is that that too is just a POB address and nothing more. Like someone in a BBB or CPSC or FTC or FCC complaint site forum stated - Net10 (and all the other Trac cellphone wireless providers under its roof) just sells factory blems & refurbs at best. Walmart is one of their biggest Dumping sites to date! There are now 6 or 7 I believe it is Trac branded sister companies under Trac, and even the Walmart Family brand is now said to be under Trac's roof as well. Mmmm?

That Walmart Family part is now very disturbing, as that is where all my Net10 problems started. Walmart that is, and I caught them red-handed with their pants down! That was right after dumping Verizon and then buying that 2G LG306G cellphone from Walmart that they were helping to dump–unbeknown to me at that time. I found out within less than 2 mths that that LG306G had the worst signal reception once 2 feet inside most bldg's, and when I contacted LG CORP TECH SUPPORT directly they told me that that model was EOL and NON-supported for over a year and a half, and yet Walmart was still dumping it on consumers to rid their warehouse stock. Talk about scams! Forget those supposedly brand new boxed Walmart Net10 cells that they are helping Net10 to dump on the USA marketplace for fact.

When I filed a direct complaint at Walmart Corp - guess what? ** hit the fan and they had to replace & upgrade my defunct 306G with a brand new LG Rebel at NO CHARGE. Overnight all those LG306G cells disappeared - wow. I guess that says it all right there huh? There's more... that supposed brand new LG Rebel's speaker crapped out in less than 2 mths leaving me with a useless cellphone yet again. Back to Walmart and yet another free Rebel replacement. What a hassle & PITA!

SO - in going through Net10 warranty replacement on that bad speaker Rebel cell replacement - that took 3 tries & rejects lasting over 3 mths because they tried dumping factory blems on me with major factory defects like a.5mm misaligned face glass matrix for one. Then 2 more damaged shipment boxes that I rejected until I got the 4th box and Rebel in satisfactory condition. What a dragged out fiasco that was! To make matters worse that factory refurb replacement Rebel that was wording so well just had the touch display digitizer chip part freeze up me 3 weeks ago. Bummer!

Now it has to be replaced still under their warranty thank God, but having to reset up all my settings, contacts, and lost internet Favs is another PITA. No thanks to the Net10 dummies that kept getting my unlimited airtime set up on this factory refurb replacement Rebel wrong. Now they are cheating me out of my 2G speed on this 4G Rebel just because I can use a $35 card instead of a $40 card. What next? I am so done with these CLOWNS at Net10, and will be looking into T-mobile. Oh, and btw - Walmart now will not help you anymore transfer your old cell to new cellphone that they will sell you. You buy it and you are on your own doing the transfer and # port part. Good luck on that - esp with the dummies at Trac and Net10 being all - ONE IN THE SAME NITWITS THERE IN THE PHILIPPINES. Walmart won't even let you use their 800 store line anymore! What does that tell you?

These supposed Net10 people that are all located in the Philippines that keep calling themselves Tech Support and Corporate Office customer service - well they all are a joke and nothing more than 1 call forwarded center that just auto-dials these Independent Contractor nitwits at their houses there that sign up to work from their home with no security clearances at all is my firm belief. Neither of these exist with Net10 today! Anybody from Net10 tells you this they are complete liars.

I will be filing a major complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the CPSC, the FCC, and the FTC, and I would recommend that you do the same as for anyone having any kind of problems with no resolution from Net10. We as a country here in the USA need to put Net10 & TracFone, and any other under the roof subsidiaries of TracFone out of business permanently as they are nothing but fraud, scams, and rip-offs. I even had one of their people over in the Philippines try to tell me that I have to buy more Data 5 days before my Unlimited Talk - Text, and Data 30-day plan expired. If that's not fraud and a scam then I don't know what is. Good luck to all out there using Net10 - you will need it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

I have used NET10 for almost ten years. I have saved over all of the other companies. I spend 50$ a month and get 8gigs of high speed perfect for me. I can spend all the time I want playing games.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2017

I got a 1000 min card then found out they don't work with a smart phone which it does not say on back. They told me I'd have to buy at least a 35.00 card and suck up the 25 nonrefundable. Plus the heavy accent barely understood her. I'm not using them ever again. There are better plans from better companies.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

I had them port from a VOIP type line (Republic Wireless), so it took longer than normal to get my phone working, and I also gave them the wrong PIN for the transfer, adding to the delay. Customer service was responsive, they took me through my problem step by step and escalated me once. They even gave me a number and extension to call back if I had any more problems.

One issue I had was setting up MMS. Don't use Net10's texted recommendations, just search your carrier (e.g. AT&T) and MMS APN settings and you should find some help on the internet. A lot of these negative reviews seem to be focused on the phones provided on their site - I can't speak to this as I "BYOD'd" with a Moto phone. I've always used these phones and love 'em, and you can buy them directly from Motorola. I chose Net10 because they were running a double data special, offering a really good deal on 4GB/mo, especially with their autopay discounts. I like figuring out tech stuff, so the MMS stuff didn't bother me. I'd recommend them if you aren't scared to dig into Android's settings and consult Google if confused.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

So I went as usual (*4year customer) to the local Family Dollar to get a phone card for my daughter, the $35 cards were not available, but they had other cards for Net10 Wireless. Looked the same. I was excited to find out I can choose $10, $20 or $30! Sign me up! :) But my excitement would be a lessons learned, $20 bucks donated to Net 10!!! (I grab what's called a "Hot Spot" card and Not a monthly plan card! Had no idea. Looked exactly the same.) Came home to add it to her service to only find out. (*hotspot, allows you to share internet with others! Say what! Never ever heard of it... Dogs have hotspots.). I have been with Net10 Wireless for well over 4 years now.

I was on phone for over hour. They would not transfer/credit the $20 that I paid and allow me to (*for a card that I cannot use or need! Their company policy-) pay the difference. Net10 blamed The Family Dollar. "They know what it covers etc." --When @Family Dollar, I noted to cashier there's no $35 cards but this is good says Net10 same thing. And Wow, I can do $20 bucks instead of $35. Let's do it... And figured they'd changed the cards again, No big deal, So I thought! (Side note... Once you purchase a phone card from FAMILY DOLLAR they also will Not give you a refund!). NET10 says, AIRTIME CARDS ARE NONREFUNDABLE!!! This is company policy and could only charge me the original $35, then add the $20 to be use for hot spots but can't credit my account and allow me to add $15 so my daughter could use her phone...

I explained what I needed, I talk to 6 different people, one was a total jerk to me. His name was Max **... He Questioned me!!! "Did I ask us... about this card". Sure I called you!!! SERIOUSLY! WOW! Why do they sell them at stores if we need to call? HE couldn't crediting anything and questioned whom told me this, I said the second person I've spoken to! You're number 3... And said "No one can help you here!... Goodbye!" This is disturbing and Pathetic customer service and Companies policy. Regarding someone's honest mistake. They have $20 and refuse to help make this right and keep my business...

To any and all future customers, please learn from my mistake. I recommend just calling them directly to add AIRTIME. Otherwise you'll be like me, Donating to Net10!!! Going forward, I feel that Net10 no longer wishes to provide me outstanding service. They're choosing to Treat me unfair in this situation, the lack of care and respect shown! Yes, I made a donation today, don't be like me. This is a bad way to do business and Net10 has made its choice with its policies. To not try to fix this is unreasonable.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

The type of re-sellers of cell air and data that NET10 operates has been a decent option - much less than the branded companies and their big monthly bills. Not anymore - NET10 has shifted gears to a bait and switch business model - promise "this or that" like DOUBLE DATA and then... Greed lies and customer service reps with ENGLISH as a seventh language!!! Go with T-Mobile or other REAL company - they have dropped their plan rates by half. NET10 - soon to join ENRON, and the dodo bird...

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

Net 10 is a horrible cell phone company. They took away my minutes. Took 3 weeks to get my simple card. Now I need a extension for 2 days. I'm in a wheelchair. My mom has a heart condition and I am on disability. I would not recommend Net 10 to my worst enemy.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

So my phone I bought three months ago stopped working. The screen turned completely White so I called the company and I bought a new phone. The new phone had nothing wrong with it other than when they activated it and put minutes on it which was $40 worth of minutes which should have been unlimited. It told me that I could not make a call because there was no network available. I've called the company multiple different times about the issue. I reset my phone multiple different times for the issue. I call the company again. They said that they were going to send me a box. I waited 3 weeks for them to send me a box then I called the company back. “No box came,” I said. They said there was never a box that I didn't qualify for a new phone.

After putting so much money into their company you would think they make the company make it right. They do not make it right. They just told me that I didn't qualify for a new phone. No one from the company. Hey so I turned around and found my old phone that I had from last year which is a flip phone. They couldn't put that. They told me they couldn't put the minutes a $40 onto the phone for unlimited talk text and web or 4G gigabytes and I said, “Would put whatever you could on it.” They put 5000 minutes on it and then they turned around and only gave me 4 days to use 50000 minutes.

I've called the company multiple times today. Today's date is Wednesday October 18th 2017. They told me that there was nothing they could do and that I talked to I tried to talk to corporate. I called corporate. I have to wait on the phone for over 30 minutes. Can anybody possibly tell me how you get 5000 minutes and use them in four days? I've talked to everybody that possibly could and now I'm still waiting for corporate to call me back. I find this a bunch of **. I wouldn't recommend. If you had to go go with Net10 and you should just go with Q Link Wireless. At least you have a free minute and then on top of that it's only $15 to make it unlimited phone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

Phone service itself is not terrible but there is NO CUSTOMER service, representatives do not speak English, any question gets transferred at least 4 times. The small print is a BIG PROBLEM and you can easily waste an entire day trying to solve a minor problem!!! This company shows NO thanks to a longtime customer with an excellent payment record... I HATE HATE HATE THIS COMPANY!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2017

I've had NET10 for years and I am happy with my service. I tried different prepaid services before and had no luck till I tried NET10. So If you're thinking about getting a track phone, please do your research about what company works best in your area. You can ask around or do it the hard way like I did by trying different companies.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 20, 2017

I have never had such an awful time with phone service in my life!!! Five replacement phones and none of them work. This one won't even charge!!! It took two weeks to even get the replacement and they won't replace the mobile data that I paid for. If you pay for the service you should at least be able to use the damn phone. I got a bogus tracking number and the ** even hung up on the post office guy when he called to get the real tracking number. I haven't been able to use the service since the sixth and I just got the replacement on the eighteenth. No service days replaced so I'm just out fourth bucks. ** NET10 I'm switching.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

Net10 fraudulent plans are all bogus plans. The roll-over minutes are never rolled over but gets lost and their customer service employees hardly speaks English where you can hear their family members in the background. We have had no lucks with Net10 and I am certain they will go out of business very soon, most probably before the end of 2019. I wonder how they managed to stay in business and not get hit with a major lawsuit for fraudulent business practices. Net10, if any of you clowns "managers" are reading this, get an education and learn how not to steal from the consumers. I will be filing a formal complaint with the FBI as this is a serious business crime racketeering thousands of dollars from the bogus plans that do not work.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2017

I don't even know where to begin with this company... I've never had such horrible customer service in my life! I bought an iPhone through their website, took it over a week to arrive, it arrives, I do what it says and it won't work, so I call Net10, I purchase $50 airtime card, and the guy tells me my service is fixed and should be good to go... GREAT... This was Friday night, So Saturday my phone starts saying "Could not activate cellular data network" so I call Net10 again, the lady didn't know what in the world she was talking about, acted like she connected me to someone else and the call was ended. Into Sunday... I talked to THREE different people and one of them acted like I was stupid and hung up the call!

I know how to work a phone and I'm pretty smart with electronics, after getting the run around with these fools, I'm FINALLY told some BS that my phone is from a third party, and that it won't work with Net10. This made no sense to me whatsoever, I am able to make and receive phone calls and texts but not use apps or internet. I purchased my phone through the Net10 website, the paperwork that I have even says Net10 on it, so I am stuck with sending this phone back with no refund for the airtime card or the 100+ that I already paid for this phone. HORRIBLE experience. Will not ever do business with these guys again and would never recommend them to anyone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 18, 2017

Was treated like a no good person. They would not help my son who goes to college and called in several times they did not note the account, They cursed at my wife and used foul language on my son! They hung up on several occasions and did ZERO to help our son. The reason for my call is he was issued a credit of free service by Julian ** for all his bad service with Net10. Dropped calls, no internet at day after day. And was not receiving calls at all. Please buyers beware when an issue arises this company will not help you but hang up on you! I will be contacting the consumer fraud bureau or the attorney general about this scam company.

The nerve to not fix what was promised. And they say, "Oh no call history." Forget about it, I will tell every body about these crooks. Beware dont use net 10. The worst customer service and they have no management. They are all managers. But not allowed to talk to one because they don't want to transfer you and hang up. Worst cell company I ever had period. If you want customer service avoid this company for sure. They dont help you out but waste your time. When you're right they call you a liar!!! Dont buy from Net 10 period.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2017

I purchased a prepaid airtime card to add to my reserve. My phone still had an entire month of minutes. But I figured at $25 when I had it and by the next due date make sure $25 more is added to reserve. Upon trying to add the $25 it kept declining. I contacted the company via chat after the phone conversation with net10's rep was fruitless. Take back to store I was told to do and get a refund. I did at the Net10's rep's request, but store declined.

So the chat with Net10's rep was just as fruitless. I was informed that they "don't have a payment installment plan." But isn't reserve account just that if you think about it? And nowhere on the $25 prepaid card is there a disclaimer that it is, or isn't for a specific phone. But Net10's rep advised me there is. I have yet to find it on the $25 card. BUT why can't one add it to a reserve? Net10's rep then stated they did not have installment plans as I explained earlier. Condescending remark, you decide. But again there is no disclaimer on $25 prepaid card that one cannot add it to a reserve, then add enough prior to next due date to cover a $50/60payment on a droid.

With all that said, I feel their little scam is just that a scam which is most likely going to pay the high $ salaries to the CEOs. But that aside just because something is in a contract does not mean a court will not find it unethical and corrupt. Lastly after I explained some of this to a rep, she then wanted my phone # "to escalate" my complaint. One I was using Net10's. She should had my #, condescending, you decide. In conclusion I informed her after thanking her for her time that I would "escalate" my complaint with the BBB and then continue on the WWW until a class action is commenced.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 22, 2017

Phone upgrade - So where to begin. I've been a customer of NET10 for around 4 years. Tired of ridiculous bills I decided to try prepaid service. After going through a few I settled with NET10. Can't complain about the price of service or cell coverage, I'm very pleased with both. The only bad part about them, in my opinion, is customer service. I don't have words to express the level of patheticness, if that's a word, that the so called customer service dept reaches. Who knows what country these people are actually in, Pakistan or India most likely, but no one is fooled by someone calling themselves Tim that only knows 3 words of the English language.

Depending on the day you call you'll most likely be transferred at least a dozen times after sitting on hold for 30 minutes between each one while they try to explain to one another how to tie their shoes. You can't get the same answer twice no matter how many different people you talk to. I've never until recently used a phone from them, always bought my own online. Let's just say it was and still is an ongoing catastrophe. 4 days so far spending countless hours on the phone with dozens of very untrained customer service reps and supervisors and still no closer to a favorable ending. I'm keeping their service but once this is over I'll never have an issue bad enough to call the customer service number again. If you're thinking about using them, by all means do, just never call customer service. Maybe if you could speak to someone who knows English as a first language it wouldn't be so bad but I doubt that'll happen.

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Original review: May 26, 2017

I bought a Net10 Hotspot to connect to the internet. It worked okay a little at first. The first two weeks, it doesn't work anymore. The device I use works somewhat but it will not connect to the internet. Don't waste your money on Net10's mobile hotspots. I have been constantly calling net10's tech support in India with no luck, they won't fix the problem or give me my money back. I bought 2 weeks of service and I have not been able to connect to the internet, not even once. All I can do is think to myself is, "What a piece of junk and what crappy service they provide."

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 12, 2017

NET10 is a crack of **. Their cellphones are piece of crap. It's like when I've tried to make calls people that I am trying to talk to can't understand me very well and when I've tried to send text messages I can't send them because it says that it's an error of some sort. The internet does not work right. It is very slow. I've tried to calling customer service to get them to send me a new cellphone free of charge. They say that they can't, it's their policy and I'm disabled to the point I can't work and I've been a loyal customer since I was in high school. They just take avenge of people to make a profit off people and it is not right. People like them should be shutdown completely and not be able to open another business at all. And the Google play store on their phones doesn't work that very well either. I won't recommend no one to them because of how they treat their customers.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 3, 2017

Bought a replacement phone and activated online. I had to purchase a new plan for the new phone, and I selected the option to keep current phone number, but was assigned a new number. When I called the next day, I was expected to pay for yet another plan to keep my current number. I would avoid dealing with Net10, this, and all my dealings with them in the past have been frustrating and difficult.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 15, 2017

Prior to purchasing my Net 10 phone I asked many questions of the rep. I purchased a "buy one" get one free bundle package. When phone arrived there was only one. Called and spoke with rep who told me I didn't buy the bundle package. After one and one half hours with him on the phone I asked him "are you going to give me my free phone or not". He replied "no". They use fraudulent practices to suck you in and then don't live up to their promises. Also talked to three reps regarding transferring old number to new phone. Various answers there also. Reps don't have a clue how to do anything with the phones they sell. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 7, 2017

I have had Net10 for many years due to financial hardship & I love them. I have never had a problem & if I needed help they were very understanding & kind on the phone. I recommend Net10 to anyone who needs a pay per minute plan.

profile pic of the author
Original review: April 7, 2017

I bought a Net10 phone and a pre-paid phone card. Got home, tried to activate my phone and the card was not compatible with the phone. I called Net10 customer service and was told there was nothing they could do and to take it back to the store where it was purchased (an authorized dealer). The store does not take back prepaid phone cards. So, I purchased a different Net10 prepaid phone card. Took it home, tried to activate it again, and the card was not compatible. So, this time I was on the phone for 57 minutes only to be told that there was nothing they could do and that the phone I purchased was only to be used with "unlimited" phone plans, but one would think they would have mentioned that the first time I spoke with them!

Nowhere on the phone packaging does it say that the phone is only compatible with "unlimited" plans and the cards are also misleading in that they DO NOT say anything about NOT being compatible with phones that are "unlimited" phone plan only!! What a crock of **! They are exploiting low income people for capital gain!! I hope Net10 goes down!! The kicker is the customer support guy didn't even have the balls to finish the conversation and put me on hold until I finally hung up!

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profile pic of the author
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Original review: April 3, 2017

Great wireless service but horrific customer service. Bought - through the Net10 website - a 75, 2-line Family Plan card and transferred two lines over. I had an issue with the second line, so I called. Great customer service. They said, "No problem," and fixed me right up. Wireless service (based on my phones) is Verizon, so the service itself was great. After the first month I wanted to set-up an auto renewal account. Problem is I only saw single line options. Hmm, call in. Great customer service, They said, "No problem," and fixed me right up... or so I thought. I wanted the 2-line family plan for 72 (auto renew price), which offers 3GB data per line.

When I saw my bill it was for two 500MB lines at 35. each. I called and: 1st - put on hold for 40 minutes and then the call dropped. 2nd - was told no such plan existed and I'd have to have two separate bills. 3rd - called back to at least try to have plan corrected (this is the same day the charge was made and I was willing to pay more) to the 3GB single plans. Put on hold - disconnected. Last - Told no changes till next month and that it would cost about $90 for two single lines at 3GB each. Explaining that that doesn't match the website just brought so much attitude that I had to hang up. So I'm stuck for the month. From now on, I'll just buy the 2-line cards. Having to deal with Net10 customer service (what an awful joke) isn't worth the three dollar a month savings.

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Original review: March 17, 2017

I bought a 30.00 prepaid card to refill the minutes on my husband's cell phone. The packaging on the card doesn't say anything about it being for a specific phone. They won't accept the pin to refill his phone, and won't give me any credit or refund, and customer service tells me there's "nothing they can do." That's ridiculous. They have my money and I have nothing. I'm reporting them to the BBB and the Attorney General's office.

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Original review: March 16, 2017

This review is the 1st time in 53 years that I've taken the time to complain about service. I currently pay $50 monthly for talk, text & 5gb data. The payment is automatically taken off my credit card on the due date. Typically my plan would be $55, however by opting in to the auto payment program I receive a $5 discount. This month I used all of my data 10 days prior to the bill being due, so I wanted to purchase additional data, however I was told that they don't have that option available and that I would need to buy my plan 10 days early ($50). That sucked, but what do you do, so I decided to better my plan to 7gb instead of the 5gb for $65 per month. Now here is where customer service took away my sanity and turned me into a very angry, crazy person.

While speaking with the lady who gave me my options I was told that my actual bill would be $60 because I'm in the auto pay program reducing the bill to $60. Makes sense, RIGHT? But then she disconnected me, which made me pretty bummed out because I had to wait 35 minutes on hold for the privilege to speak to her. Again, things happen. I get it, sometimes life throws you a speed bump. I called back and 48 minutes later I spoke to a different lady who I assumed worked for NET10 because she answered the phone, but after explaining my situation, it was time, take my credit card info, charge it $60... and have a nice day, but no... this lady told me that my bill was now $ $65.97.

I said, "No that isn't correct, remember how I told you that I'm in the auto pay deal NET10 offers reducing my cost to $60?" She remembered, but told me that the auto pay deal isn't available for the $60 (7gb) plan, but was only available for every other freaking plan they have, but nope not the one I selected. Apparently the previous c/s lady was not privy to that pricing information either. I'll bet she wouldn't mind knowing it though. Now I'm getting angry, and please understand that my anger is not about the additional $6. It's about the huge amount of time spent on hold (more hold time coming up), and about inconsistent information, but most of all it made no ** sense at all, and the c/s lady seemed perplexed and confused as well because she disconnected me also... she probably needed time to think about this pricing structure and try to make sense of it all.

I had to call once again, and the hold for 40 minutes & the hold music was not good by the way; before I just hung up, called and set an appointment with a therapist and choosing a different phone provider. I could list the names of each the hold music if that would help convince anyone reading this to run like hell if you are considering using NET10. I'm telling you, use a string and 2 soup cans for phone service before even giving the slightest thought to using NET10.

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Original review: March 12, 2017

I've had Net10 about 8 years ago and didn't have any problems with their service. Internet was a little slow and customer service was pretty good from what I remember but overall I was very satisfied. Currently I have Verizon and I'm sick or paying over $100 for the same service I can get for half the price. Anyway, today I ported my number I've to Net10, not an easy process being that it's hard to understand the customer service reps because... they're not in the States!! They kind of have a "holier than thou" type of attitude! I'm talking to "Gina" and she asks me to hold on the line while she helps me with the porting, I say "ok", her response was in a pretty stuck-up, "I'm better than you" tone "I asked you to remain silent while I help you with this problem"... Whoa!! Get the stick out of your butt lady.

Anyway, they are my only complaint, service is great, plan prices are great, coverage is great, phones, I really don't know because I had my own, customer service on the other hand really needs a complete overhaul!! This is going to be my 1st time doing the auto full or whatever they call it so I hope there's no glitches with it. The last time I had them, they didn't have any unlimited plans, it was strictly prepaid 30 day cards. They'd get a full 5 stars if it weren't for the horrible customer service, but that's not enough to deter me!

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Original review: March 8, 2017

Purchased 65$ 7g high speed plan. 8 days into plan received notice that my 7G high speed allotment was used up. When I talked to the representative he said that there was a mistake and that it would be corrected. After being transferred to a different department the second rep told me that she had double checked and that I had used my 7Gs. She stated that the other representative wasn't correct showing that I only used 4.5 Gs. Mind you I had called two days earlier and the representative told me not to worry I only used 867Mb. So when I asked the representative to show me my usage of the 7Gs she stated that the tool used for that was down and they had a new tool that only told you when your data was gone. So with that being said, Net10 AT&T is fraudulent, ripoff, data thieves stealing from their loyal customers, that they really don't value at all.

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Original review: March 7, 2017

I paid my daughter phone bill on Feb 25. On March 6 she gets a message saying her phone has been deactivated! I called the company. The man was rude, couldn't speak English so I had him to keep repeating his self. End of story they deactivated her phone for making a conference call 3 way calling telling me it's violated the rights. I told him that was the most stupidest ** I have ever heard in my life. Talking about a conference call interferes with other people. I am 41 yrs old and 3 way calling has been around since I was 12. Then he told me I had to go buy a new sims card and a new airtime card. No buddy. I think not. I wish I could give them a negative star!!

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Original review: March 5, 2017

I am at a loss to describe how bad their customer service is. 3 months later - still waiting for my refund for a phone I bought and returned because it didn't work. 6 or 7 case numbers and twice as many reasons and several hours on the phone... Every time, they ask for a case number, then every time, they ask for everything that should be on the case. After a minimum of 1/2 hour going through standard tech services, eventually they forward you to the refund department and THREE TIMES their refund department confirmed that they have the phone (after you give them the tracking number they should have and the serial number for the returned phone, which they also should have... Shouldn't it be in the damn case by now?. Three times, they give me a different reason why the refund didn't process. First was time, next was wrong warehouse, next was I used the wrong air bill (they sent me the air bill to use!!!).

I have heard cases of pathetic customer service, and I thought I had been part of a couple before, but nothing I've seen or heard would have readied me for this.

And on their website... "If you aren't satisfied with your phone and/or accessory purchase, simply return it to us within 30 days and we will replace it or give you your money back. It's that simple." Nothing simple about it. Except that it is simply false.

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NET10 Wireless is a provider for TracFone, a subsidiary of América Móvil. NET10 offers nationwide cell phone service through pay-as-you-go and unlimited prepaid plans.

  • Plan options: NET10 offers several types of plans so consumers can choose one that fits their needs. Plan options include pay-as-you-go, monthly service, international calling plans, family plans and mobile hotspot plans. They also offer an upgrade plan in which consumers pay a higher fee for monthly service and earn upgrades on phones.

  • Autopay discount: Customers who sign up for NET10’s Auto-Refill can save 10 percent off their monthly service fees. There is no penalty or fee for canceling Auto-Refill.

  • Features: NET10 plans come with voicemail, caller ID and call waiting. Customers can also purchase additional protection for their device.

  • Buy Now Airtime: Customers with pay-as-you-go plans can easily add minutes to their phone with the Buy Now Airtime feature. Minutes are added directly from their phone; they simply have to set up a payment method in advance.

  • Carryover Benefits: Some NET10 plans have the Carryover Benefit feature. When customers add days or minutes to these plans, those minutes are added to their existing minutes instead of replacing them.

  • Best for: NET10 is best for budget-conscious consumers, non-cell phone users and temporary users.

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