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1st issue: My wife called CenturyLink for a quote on internet service in our area. She made it very clear that it was for a quote only. She wanted to discuss the pricing with me before signing up. She discussed the pricing with me and we agreed to sign up for the $34.95 a month price which requires a 2 year contract. I called back the next day and set up internet service. While on the phone the CenturyLink rep told me that she notices that yesterday, phone service was already set up and offered to bundle. I explained to her that my wife called for an internet quote ONLY. The rep must have set up the account without her permission. The rep apologized for it and canceled the phone service. At this point we should only have internet in my name.

I have had to deal with CenturyLink in the past so I did not believe they actually canceled the phone service in my wife’s name, the service we never wanted and which was set up without our okay. Well I was right. They never canceled the service. I went through the same process again, explaining to the rep that it was never supposed to be set up, etc, etc. So they then cancel the service. Or so they say. Today we get a bill in the mail for phone service in my wife’s name. Once again we are trying to get the phone service we never signed up for and never wanted to be canceled.

Because we are unable to get this resolved through CenturyLink, we will be filing a police report for identity theft. A CenturyLink rep used our personal information to sign us up for services we explicitly said we do not want. Their unauthorized use of our personal information is now resulting in us receiving bills. Since we have exhausted our options to have the service canceled we will file a police report and do all future correspondences through email so there is a paper trail. When they disconnect our “service” and send us to collections for non-payment, we will dispute the bill with the collections agency, as I believe a collections agency may be more helpful in resolving billing issues than CenturyLink is. I will be using the police report, paper trail, and lack of a signed service agreement to dispute the bill when it goes to collections.

2nd issue: As I have said, I signed up for internet at a rate of $34.95. Despite calling multiple times to get it corrected, I am getting billed for an incorrect amount. The rates vary wildly. $76.94, $67.34, $147.00, nothing is ever consistent. Every month I have to spend 2 hours on the phone to get it corrected before I make a payment. I would choose another service, however they are the only ones that provide service in my area.

I am hoping by writing this review consumers will stay away from this company! Just today I called to speak to someone about my bill and was tossed around in their system. The billing customer service rep told me she was looking at my account and transferred me to another dept. without telling me. The guy that answered the phone was rude to me when I explained that I must have been transferred there by mistake. He did not help me at all and put me back in line in the queue with a super long wait. This company is TERRIBLE with customer service, HUGE wait times and the billing is inconsistent. STAY away from using this company to avoid headache, poor customer service, inconsistent billing with frivolous charges and long wait times. I am on hold right now and have been for 20:57 seconds. UGH...

CenturyLink continues to send me a bill for services after I have cancelled. I have had to call on three different occasions and the call last two hours each time because their customer service reps don't know how to deal with the problem and I get bounced from department to department.

I received a bill saying I needed to pay my bill or it was going to get disconnected. Well it was Friday the 19th, and I said "well I can pay the bill on the 24th, that is when my husband gets paid," and she said "no problem, if we set up for it to come out automatically." I said "ok, as long as it doesn't come out before the 24th!" Well, Monday the 22nd, out came the 495.94, causing my account to be 673.00 overdrawn. I had other checks coming in, but those would have been covered. But because the 495.94 came in, it caused all of them to be overdrawn, and therefore, I got 4---- 36.00 charges. Then on Tuesday, the 23rd, they credited my account the 495.94 by returning the check, which cost me another 36.00.

So after hours on the phone, getting disconnected, and told to calm down several times, and saying there is nothing they can do, I got a supervisor named Kyle. I recorded this conversation, and he promised me he would take care of the problem, and asked how much my account was overdrawn, and I told him, because of the charges, it was 673.00 overdrawn. He said he understood it was their problem, and he would credit my account the 673.00. Well, called and called, and they kept saying excuses like it takes 72 hours, etc...

So on Friday the 26th, I called and talked to a Mike, who totally argued with me, and said that Kyle would not do that because I never paid the bill. I said "the bank returned it because it overdrew my acct because you took it out early," and he just argued with me. I said "get me a supervisor. I want to speak to Kyle." Well, no one could get me Kyle because they didn't know who he was, even though I had a confirmation number of our conversation, that he gave me. So, I talked to a Becky number **. She lied and said it shows it came out on the 24th, like there was no problem. I said "no... It came out on the 22nd," and I was very upset she was lying to me, so I hung up and got another supervisor named Julie, who said that they would not cover anymore, and I said "so they all lie... will see you in court."

So sick of it. I have a confirmation number from Kyle, yet they can't let me talk to him... and what he said is wrong, and I don't get the rest of the credit. How can that be ok, that they can cost me 150.00 in overdraft charges, and the overdraft on my record, and they are not liable??? I have the recording of Kyle too, saying they would give me the credit. Sooooo mad, going to drop them, and not pay the bill!!!

I am constantly having issues with CenturyLink. Not only is our 60mbps showing a download speed of only 20mbps but I am having to contact them all the time in regards to my bill. I recently had my contract expire and without any notification my bill raised. I called CenturyLink and the man (cannot remember his name) told me if I signed another 2 year I would be given a higher speed and a promotion of only 29.99 a month. The next billing cycle did not have the promotion as Centurylink told me it would take two. Two billing cycles later and my bill is 176.50!!!

I try and call and at about 5:40 as they close at 6, and I get an automated message that they are closed. I get someone on chat and he tells me I ordered the 60mbps but I didn't get a promotion and he has no record of it. I would have never ordered a new modem for a higher amount. This makes no sense. The man gave me a number to call in the morning which I have not done yet, but this is a headache. I asked the man through chat if their phone calls were recorded so I would have reference and he writes back "this is a chat. We don't record these." Obviously I was talking about when I called in for the promotion. I am going to call them in the morning, but I am beyond frustrated with this company. I would not and will not recommend them to anyone.

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Everyone knows all the internet providers have bad customer service so I assume anyone reading these reviews is trying to pick which one stinks the least. Here are my thoughts: I used to have Comcast and when we moved to a new location we had the choice of Century Link and Cable One. So far Century Link is much worse than our experiences with Comcast. We started using them a year ago and it took them 3 months to get our "promotions" right and I had to call every month and sit on hold. Each time I was assured by the representative the discount would go through. They didn't. I work from home and needed internet service right away. Century Link didn't show up during their scheduled times twice. I tried to be patient, but with issues like these it makes it really hard to simply "get through it". Once we had service it was fine. Just the issues of getting it set up correctly and the billing. Expect to pay $20 or more a month than what you are quoted.

There are lots of fees such as surcharges and rental fees. Oh, and good luck if you never need to contact their customer service department. The latest person sounded wasted, kept yawning, and told me he was the manager. I asked if there were any new promotion and he said "Yes, I can give you $42/month for a year or $49.99/month for two years." I will let you decide if that makes sense. I would recommend going with their competitor if you're reading this review. The frustrations of dealing with them aren't worth it. Our next door neighbor has Cable One and also works from home. He said he hasn't had the kinds of issues we have and the service seems comparable.

I have CenturyLink for over 3 years now. Called in July 2016, was told that I needed to call back the next week to get my discounts so I called back the next week. Told me I was getting all my internet discounts...plus ask me to join Verizon...so I did all of that...then asked them to connect me with DirecTV since everything is billed through CenturyLink because I had gotten a letter stating that I was going to get the Sunday NFL package. So they connected me with DirecTV. Told them I didn't want the Sunday NFL package. So they said they cancelled it. Get my bill this month, no discounts and the Sunday NFL package was on it. Called DirecTV so many times it's not funny!

Told me it would be taken off within 72 hours. What a joke! CenturyLink is telling me it will take 2 billing cycles before it is taken off. Then because I have complained so much DirecTV is disconnecting my service! So next asking for a supervisor for CenturyLink is like trying to chase a rabbit that you can't catch! Get everything in writing! Next is Verizon. Verizon doesn't have a signal out here so they encouraged us to go with another company which is good of them but still fighting with CenturyLink on my bill! CenturyLink & DirecTV are the worst to deal with and I have filed with the FCC about all of this!

CenturyLink don't even worth to earn even "1 Star". THE COMPANY IS THE BIGGEST SCAM I EVER SEE IN AMERICA. People! Please do not fall into their $29.99/m on internet. It's A BIG SCAM and lie with their customer services. After many phone calls and long waiting on the first couple bills to make the adjustments, then the bill go back to high price and wouldn't do anything anymore. When I try to cancel, they charge a big fee for termination. Billing problem every month. Do not wait your time to fall into their trap. Stay away from them.

I just received a letter from collections for a debt from Centurylink. Called CL about it. Spent 1 hour on the phone being sent from rep to rep as they couldn't find what was wrong to finally get a supervisor to tell me that it was from a modem not returned after we closed our account. When we canceled the rep said they might or might not send a return form. We never received the return form. We left the country 2 months later after closing our account. Our mail was forwarded to family. We never received the return form or even a letter asking for the modem or telling us we owed them money. 10 months later we get the letter from collections!! I know I will not use their services ever again especially after being loyal to them for 6 years. This shouldn't be legal at all! And then the manager has the audacity to tell me "it's not really worth $100 to go to court anyways. There's nothing I can do. It's in collections. Just pay it." Centurylink are thieves!!!

Tons of promises but more headaches than you will ever anticipate. When I first went with CenturyLink business I was promised that all my phones would be transferred over but after several months of trying to get the numbers and the setup cost of over $800.00 and the final bills of now over $3000.00 just in a short period of 4 months. And being sent to collections when I was told my account was closed. The amazing thing is with a business account you are never assigned to anyone so every time you pick up a phone you get a different person and good luck if you have a simple problem. The worst decision that I have ever made in my 17 years of owning my own business was going with CenturyLink business. If you are a business and are looking for a company that will represent you and your company CenturyLink is not the company to go with.

I am paying CenturyLink for their 40 Mbps internet speed. I RARELY get anywhere near that level of service. Today, the speed at best has been 5.83 Mbps on download and 4.25 on upload. They are NOT fulfilling their stated service level... NOT EVEN CLOSE. As soon as my contract with them is over, I will be switching to Comcast.

I signed up with CenturyLink because Time Warner was getting too pricey. They quoted me 60.00 a month for internet and land line. Also, a 5 year price lock with no contract. My first bill came for 214.00. I spoke to someone with online chat since it was after hours and she broke my bill down and said it would be 79 + a month. I told her I was terminating service. And that I was NOT paying 214.00. Hell will freeze over before they get a dime out of me. I did a self install and provided my own router. Avoid this company. They lie through their teeth!

DO NOT bundle with CenturyLink and DirecTV as CenturyLink will charge more than DirecTV and if you try to unbundle - you might as well screw yourself because it is easier. Been trying to get them separated for 8 months. Now with a bill I cannot pay - they are so sorry for the inconvenience.

I have been a customer of DSL for 5+ years, and Prism TV since 2014... no contract, but I had a 1 year price guarantee. After my 1 year, the CR told me to contact CL and they would keep my rate the same, to keep me as a customer... of course they did not keep my rate the same, but raised it $20, which was acceptable to me. In June, year 2, all of a sudden, the bill went up $30.00. I contacted CL and CR. With mgt approval, CL lowered my bill to the previous amount. 30 days later I received a letter informing me of an error and my bill would be $10 more than quoted over the phone. I contacted CL by phone. The CR was rude, condescending, and constantly interrupted my responses. The conclusion is I would pay the new amount... and take it or leave it. I am leaving.

I called to disconnect service, and was told to wait as CR computer was "slow". The she had to "reboot"... waited for 15 minutes (I'm sure they were hoping I would hang up). Finally, she completed the disconnect order, told me I was under contract and would owe cancellation fees of $400.00 for the TV and $400 for the internet. I told them to bill me and provide evidence I agreed to any contract or I would not pay their "fee". I was informed by getting a discount, my contract was renewed for 1 year. But I never had a contract in the first place! CenturyLink is a scam. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY... FOR ANY SERVICE.

CenturyLink has been my internet provider for about 2 years and their service is horrible. I have spent at least 3 months a years without internet! I'm not sure how many customers they have but two service technicians in whole metro area is showing how much they care! If I were you go anywhere else! Some service is better than no service with CenturyLink!

I would like better explanations of my bill charges. I have charges for broadband, voice, recovery fees and CenturyLink @ ease which none of these charges are explained. All these charges add up to $52.23 which I would like to know what they are for.

For the amount of money paid for this wifi service you'd think it wouldn't just stop working throughout the day for no reason. Every time I turn around it's not letting me connect to anything. The router is all green lights but the wifi isn't connecting? I think it's time to switch services.

Just before Father's day of this year another CenturyLink salesperson arrived at my door. He offered a solid deal which I was assured would mean very specific out of pocket costs for me. We were most interested in the faster internet speeds and hubby could have good reception without climbing on the roof to adjust the antennas. We added a 11.99 up-charge for HD during installation day, as the non-hd service was ridiculous. Our expected charges were reconfirmed during this addition. Our out of pocket bill was supposed to be $102.00 per month. July's bill arrives. $133. Called customer support. They gave me a credit on this bill (which didn't yet include Prism). So far okay. A pain in the backside to have to call in right? Then August's bill arrives. Then another bill arrives because, "sorry we forgot to bill you" for Prism. Another phone call to CenturyLink.

This time I get no satisfaction, the customer service rep asks if I would like to talk to "escalation". Okay, I'm feeling like escalating, now that you mention it. I explain the same problem to "escalation" who then transfers me to "retention". During this 1 hour 5 minute call (yes I am now keeping track of the time it takes) someone apologizes to me for seeming like a flaky company, but the package that was sold to me, at my door no less, was "not available in my area." Funny they didn't tell me that at any time during the frequent contacts with CenturyLink during the last two months. Then, after over one hour on the phone I am asked to hold again, then ten minutes later I was disconnected...from the phone company. So I wait five minutes, because they knew who I was, they knew the number I phoned from and I've never hidden my location from them at any time. No call, so I call them back.

I'm told they are not going to correct the bill and the best price is $120 per month. So, I have $225 in overcharges in the current billing cycle. I was told that no corrections will be made for the billings in question. And I see from other complaints above that I am not alone and should expect to be continuously overcharged until I end this relationship. On Friday at 1:37 I left an "unresolved issue" complaint through their website. They claim that complaints will be attended to within one business day.

It is now Monday 1:40 pm one business day later. No one has contacted me to correct this problem. Twenty years with the same phone number. CenturyLink should not have assumed that means that I will continue to be a customer. I do believe this is what you call fraud, that the problem is at least national and that some fine attorney will become a bigger pain to CenturyLink than the thousands of callers daily that their business practices ensure.

On August 12th a CenturyLink sales rep canvassing my area called at my address. CenturyLink had been offering a new promo which was discussed. She made a point of telling me she could offer additional perks on top of the promo to sweeten the deal. There were no install fee, waiving the modem lease fee for 24 months and no cancellation fee. The install was scheduled for this week and I called CenturyLink to confirm and found out all the additional perks the sales rep said she could offer were all not true. I cancelled the install.

My internet quit working so I called CenturyLink Technical Support. I reached Howard who was so unprofessional. His answer to my incoming call was, "What do you need?" No name, coughed, hemmed and hawed. Finally determined I had an outdated modem after him putting me on hold 3 times. This took approx 30 minutes. Then told me, there would be a charge to replace it. It would take 3 business days to get it or I could go to Best Buy. I chose to go to Best Buy. I am retired from CenturyLink (formerly Qwest). I was appalled by the unprofessionalism and disregard by this individual.

I did purchase a modem from Best Buy but a former co-worker told me CenturyLink replaced his for free because of the benefit we have of concession. I dreaded calling back because of the time it takes and what information I would be given. I reached Jason this morning at technical support. It was a 10-minute call. He said my modem is outdated so will replace it free of charge with their latest model. He was very professional and courteous. He is the reason I'm giving a 3-star rating. He gave me a little hope for this company I was so proud to work for.

My wife always pay the bill on time. They lost a payment. It went from 40 bucks hundred bucks a month and after giving them the money order number they still won't fix this for us and we have to have them. It's part of our new apts in Norwalk ia.

As everyone else described, they do NOT honor the rate they offer you. I got a high speed internet service for $35 (or $34.95 as they advertise) and offered a 30-day satisfaction period and no installation fee. The first bill was issued during the 30-day period and for $174.35!!! I called them and they deducted the $90 installation fees. I paid $84.35 since they said it was the first bill and the next bill would be $34.95 + tax.

At the end of the satisfaction period, I chatted with the customer service and requested to cancel the service since I could get a higher speed from COX for a lower price ($19.99). During the chat, they offered me a great price of $14.95 for the next 12 months. I agreed. After like 3 months, I received a bill for $250. I have also been charged for late fees although I have set up the auto pay from my bank account.

I called them and on that time, I realized I should not have got the service from them. They charge me $70/m and they tell me they cannot offer me an internet service for $15. I keep telling them, "You have already offered me that price when I wanted to cancel my service." Eventually I talked with a manager, who found every single chats I had except the one showing the offered price!!! I told him to provide me an email address so I could email it to him. He said, he did not have any email address. I said, "Ok, I could fax it to your department", he said, they did not have any fax! And after a few minutes, he hung up on me. Glad I have the chat session emailed to me directly from CenturyLink as a proof. I guess the only way to resolve this is to file to FCC.

I signed up for internet service the cheapest one every month. They double this bill by adding in a second line called "other services"? WHAT OTHER SERVICES? I signed up for the basic simple internet service for 59 bucks. With no tv or no phone just internet. If you don't overpay your bill you get double billed the next month. THE WORST INTERNET SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD IN THE PAST 10 Years... I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN...

We have had Centurylink for 3 years now only because it is the only game in town. The list of problems with this company is staggering. Suffice to say if you have other options do it. We have had billing issues, connection issues and service issues. When we 1st got service everything was working fine, then the modem went out, a month after that the rains came and service was bad, you couldn't even connect to the net and if we was able to the speed was the same as dial up. I called and was told my phone line in the house was bad. I told them it was a brand new line.

Then was told that the outside box was bad and that it would have to be replaced and the soonest it could be replaced was 3 weeks out. I told them it was a brand new box off of their truck. They said they would put a monitor on the line and see what was going on. A week later I called them and they said nothing was wrong. I then said fine and filed a complaint with the FCC. A month later line crews was out replacing the over street lines and amplifiers on our street. When I asked what was going on a lineman told me what they was doing and that the reason was because squirrels had chewed on the covers and wires now water was getting in and causing problems with the system. Now every time it rains we still have connection issues.

A year ago I called to cancel service and when asked why I told them it is because of all the connection issues that we are having. I was told, "We can keep you at the same speeds for less money". I said, "How much lower?" I was told $10.00. I did the math and thought that would be ok. So I said ok but I only want internet we have no need for any other service. She said, "I understand that". I received my confirmation number and the deal was done. A month later I noticed the bill was $30.00 dollars more. I called them and was told it was because of a package deal that I requested, internet and home phone service. I explained that I explicitly said I do not want home phone service that we don't need it because we have cell phones. Please return us to the old service we had. She said, "I can't do that because the plan you had before doesn't exist anymore but I can get you this plan for $20.00 dollars less than what you are paying now".

I did the math and thought that is $10.00 more for the same service we had to start. The ole bait and switch had just occurred. But since they are the only company in the area we had to stay. Over the summer some company started laying new lines, not sure if it is fiber or not but hopefully it is a new company and if so Centurylink's days around here are numbered. If it is the only place for you to get phone or internet just be careful. Keep records of everything and if you have trouble file a complaint with the FCC you will get better results.

As most do CenturyLink jacks up one's rate after a year or 2. A reward for customer loyalty I guess. So I went online, compared prices and opened a new account. This saved us $75 a month over what my gf was paying. Same service I was assured. This for DirecTV, local phone and internet at 7 Mbps. During the phone conversation (which took an hour) the agent never mentioned phone numbers and unfortunately it didn't occur to me. We are over 60 and this landline phone is known to all the doctors, hospitals, etc. Most important is my gf's pacemaker reporting device. Later that evening we discovered the error. The following day we spent 2 hours with customer "service" trying to correct this. Ending when during a transfer we were cut off. It being after business hours calling back was fruitless. So we started earlier in the day following.

We spent 5 hours doing battle with customer "service"! Just trying to get the phone number changed! And this also ended when we were being transferred and were cut off. End of the business day you see. During this time the techs showed up (yes 2 of them - one for DirecTV and the other for CL and the phone/internet). I spoke to them but they merely said I must speak to customer service about this. So the following day I again took up the battle. In only an hour I finally got a definitive answer: since I am a present ongoing customer (the service had been activated the previous day) I can't get the number changed. This is only available to new customers! And while I was on the phone I was also checking my bank account. The official info given by CenturyLink upon making the agreement showed $199.99 deposit plus $19.99 deposit for each TV receiver (2). But my bank account showed a payment of $329.08!

I've been lied to. I've been jerked around. And I've been ripped off. I will never again have anything to do with this company! I am seriously considering paying the $200 penalty to drop them right now! Knowing full well it will be inflated to a much higher amount! Buyer beware!!! Oh - the "same service"? There are 5 TV channels no longer available. The same package - yeah right.

I moved to my new home in April 2016. I had CenturyLink service transferred. The service was horrible. They set me up on a new plan with lower fees for one year and told me I had 30 days to cancel. I couldn't get Hulu to work, and barely could get Netflix to work, nor the internet service. So when I called to cancel they told me I could not. They said I had an existing contract that would end in September or October. So I recently called this month. Now they are telling me my contract doesn't end until February 2017. And told me that I could cancel, but that I would have to pay the penalty fee of over $200. Unbelievable! I reported them to the Attorney General recently. I don't know if they can help, but they did help me before when T-Mobile was cheating me.

AVOID this company like the plague!!! This company fails to clearly communicate changes with their employees. Internet ceased working last night and we were told it would be working this morning and was off due to system maintenance. Morning came. No internet. Called and was told there was NO system maintenance being conducted in the area. LIES! Customer service representatives were RUDE. If they did not want to work, they should have stayed home or found a new job. I have had SEVERAL issues with this company. I'll be seeking another internet provider. I highly recommend that you do the same.

They just won't provide clear and accurate pricing without trying to deceive the customer. One annoying example is an undisclosed 3.50 a month to pay your bill online or over the phone, which amount to millions for the company when you multiply it by how many customers they have. So the only free way is snail mail, what a lame way to nickel and dime the customer. Why can't we have more choices in providers and why can't we regulate their outrageous prices. The sales people tell you one thing, you agree to that verbal contract and after it's all done and one is deceived they tell you "tough luck. You signed a contract." I don't see how the contract can be valid if it's acquire by devious and misleading info that changes later when you get your bill or notice. We can land on the moon and beat many cancers but we can't force the communications world to use fair practices and break up the neighborhood choke hold on the people.

I signed up for a promotional packaged bundled prism tv/internet offer, it was $84 a month for a year. My first bill was $144. I talked to billing, got a runaround about it be a prism tv issue etc... they sent me back to billing, etc (you get the drill). This month my bill is $254, same crappy runaround, it's a scam and very dishonest. I cannot be the only one they are doing this to.

There are so many things wrong with this company. To start, we have been having issues with our internet not turning itself off and causes for us to have a daily occurrence where we have to actually unplug the modem to get the internet back. Second, when we called them today to find out why they told us that we have an old modem that isn't supported by them. This is a major problem because they mailed the modem to us 1 month ago. So if this claim is true, they mailed us an old modem. Third, to fix the second problem we have to pay for a brand new modem and drive an hour and a half to get the new modem or else pay the shipping and handling fee.

Fourth, there have been multiple times when I have tried to get onto my account with Centurylink and am unable to log in and when I contact someone about it they are always conveniently unable to help me even if I have all of the information that they need. There are many other issues. These are just the major ones. Centurylink is basically making you pay for their mistakes and expecting you to be okay with it. I will never again use Centurylink and I will never recommend it to anybody.