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I had Dish for about 4 years. $19.99 they said. No, we paid $65. They always charge more for "this fee" or "this fee". You can call them EVERY single month and end up paying what you should. But who has time for this? You shouldn't have to anyway. I placed mine on pause for about 18 months. They always tried to overcharge $2-150. I would call and end up paying my $5.27 anyway. Then they'd turn it on without warning and send you a bill for it.

Again, called and end up keeping on pause and not paying the fee. I went to cancel. Said I owed $80 then $140 then $175 all in the same sentence. I spoke with a manager. He let me cancel for $17.50/month I had left on my contract (as promised). I get a bill for $65 in the mail. I call and spoke with a rep, "Sorry ma'am, this is your bill for this fee and this fee etc." I explained my story and yet he could only take off $10. I asked for him or manager to listen to my recording when I paid my bill and if I were in the wrong I would be more than happy to pay the $55. "Sorry ma'am we cannot do that." So his word against mine. I ended up speaking to someone in the president's office, she waived the fees. I told her I would be turning them into the BBB (in which I did). 50 minutes later, I don't have to pay the extra as promised. Absolutely unethical and not a way to run a business. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND DISH FOR ANY REASON!!!

I have been waiting since morning for tech. Was told, "Technician will arrive at your place approximate at 12-2:00pm", then got called 2-3:30 and then got called 4-5:30! Seriously my entire Sunday is gone. Beside long wait whenever I call for the customer service, it's some man from overseas with a strong accent answers my phone call, on which I always end up hanging up... It seem like, it's time to say bye bye to Dish!!!

I have been a Dish Customer for 15 years. Recently I placed my TV and Account on VACATION. I took a vacation for a month and a half. When I came back from vacation I restored normal service. Unfortunately I was told since I placed my account on Vacation I had lost all my discounts. I appealed to Customer Retention and explained my dilemma. I twice talked to CR and they twice told me that I should have been aware of their policy. If I would have known their policy I would never have put my account on VACATION. I told them to cancel my account and was told since I was not half way through my contract I would owe them over $300.

Because of the penalty I decided not to cancel. My next bill without original discounts doubled to $98 a month. Although I paid them, I feel that Dish has bullied me with threats of suit if I did not pay. I decided to pay them rather than get involved in COLLECTIONS. I was very reluctant to do this but rather have Collections breathing down my back I decided to pay the them on a monthly basis.

Dish says they didn't receive one of my return boxes and charged me two hundred and one dollars. Who would like to take them to court and get everyone's money back plus all the other fees they lied about... Ripoff is all I can say. I know they got both and looks like a lot of people got ripped off too... so that would be a lot of money. Let's shut liars down and the people that work there are lying for them. Do not go to Dish. They just take your money...

Had Dish installed a while back mainly for internet. Wound up with the whole package. One thing we were adamant about was data limits on the internet. We were specifically told there were no limits on data usage. Pure baloney. Not only are there data limits, they give you hardly anything. One update for Windows Ten took all our monthly data allowance. HD TV is not that HD. Overall, we were lied to. Shabby customer service too. Stay away from Dish.

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Before I signed on with DISH Network they promised to buy me out of my contract with DirecTV and promised I could record up to 16 programs at once... that was a lie... I can only record 3. I sent their office my DirecTV bill by fax as instructed. They told me it could take up to 3 weeks to receive a check from them. Being week number 4 I called to check on the status of my check which was for 175.00 dollars. They now tell me I'm not illegible for the buyout program and refuse to pay me what they owe.

Ok I had Dish Network and I did like the service and sling box feature but I realized I can get TV for free through my antenna and the other channels through the MXQ box off of eBay. I fired Dish Network. Why pay 90 dollars a month for something you can get for free. I called to terminate service and they said they would send a box to pack the equipment in to send it back. Everything went smoothly, or so I thought.

Six months goes by and I start getting letters from a collection agency for the equipment costs to the tune of hundreds of dollars. Dish never sent me an invoice for the costs they claimed I owe in the first place. Their policy is to just send you to collections. I call the collection agency and after a lengthy phone call, they insisted I pay them and I said no. Fortunately, I saved the return label receipt to prove I sent the equipment back. I fax the label receipt and everything is good right? Nope. Still getting threatening letters.

I call Dish and straighten the mess out. They actually had receipt of the return but still sent my account to collections likely due to incompetent staff. Ok so everything is good, or so I thought. Approximately 8 months later another letter for a bill for 50 dollars because they wanted the LNB on my roof as they don't come out to remove the dish from the roof upon cancellation of services. So I called them again and told them I don't have any legs so I wont be able to climb a ladder to get the equipment. They said don't worry about it, they will waive the charge. Ok great.

Now my account is 0 again. So no joke now this is almost 18 months later. Another letter, from a collection agency stating I owe them 10 dollars. I called the agency 3x and could not get through. I literally cleaned my whole house, made iced tea, washed the cars, cooked dinner, walked the dogs, took a shower, clipped my toenails, filed my taxes, got a haircut, wrote a novel, and put an addition on my house and still no one picked up. The single employee there must have died when I called I guess. I will pray for their family. This is where I decided that collection agencies are just basically a type of terrorist organization and I don't negotiate with terrorists."

In any event I called Dish directly and they stated yet again for yet another bogus charge. They insisted I owe them for boxes they sent me to ship the equipment back almost 2 years ago. Wow! Dish must be doing pretty badly with shady attempts to embezzle money from unsuspecting people. I called their bluff and asked for a copy of my original contract so I can see where it says I will be charged 10 dollars for cardboard boxes. Well they were not able to provide that information so I told them my legless body would not be able to produce 10 dollars. After another half hour of my life down in the drain they agreed to "credit my account" 10 dollars to bring my account back to zero. So for those of you who read this whole thing, Stay away from Dish Network.

I had Dish installed, noticed TV had been damaged. When I contacted company and filed a complaint I was notified they weren't going to take care my TV. They're off it. Then talked to someone else that said servicemen never TV. HUMMMM... How do you hook everything up without touching the TV. Then upon talking to someone yet again told it that Dish uses contractors to install, so I would have to talk to them. Oh but wouldn't you know it they don't work for them anymore. So I cancelled service within a month... Now I owe them over $435 and I had to pay for a new TV. Grrrr.

I've been reading these bad reviews of dish network. I want you all to know. That you should file a complaint with the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION. Sooner or later they are going to get a class action lawsuit against them for their broken promises and their shoddy service. When a law firm realizes there is money to be made and a just case by filing for wronged consumers, it will happen.

THINK ABOUT THE RECENT TURN OF EVENTS WITH WELLS FARGO? Nobody's too big to be immune from legal action, especially if they are wrong. You folks have to get on the stick and start calling your representatives and your attorney generals and file a consumer complaint with the federal trade commission, the better business bureau, and the department of consumer affairs. Enough complaints sooner or later people will have to take notice. DO THIS. TAKE ACTION. Don't go away from this feeling powerless. THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS. CALL your representatives, that's what they're there for... YOU! And yes I was a Dishnet customer as of 9-9-2016. I AM NOT. I am not going to pay 503.99 in early termination fees. I wrote the ceo and explained my position and why I cancelled. His email is **.

I am DISH customer for past 8 months. I subscribed because I had received good reviews about their service from a friend. Well, you only find out how good a company is when you run into a "real" problem. Unfortunately that experience has left me frustrated, almost in disbelief. The problem has been plaguing us for last few months. We have been consistently getting pay-per-view movies and other shows being charged to our bill every month. When I had called few months earlier to report this, they insisted someone has got to be ordering these at our home, since it can only be done via a remote control.

Now I know that did not happen (based on who lives here), but I I acknowledged their concern and followed their direction to secure (with password and filters) all the receivers to prevent any accidental ordering. However, even after that, we continue to get these charges every month. No one other than me has access to this password, and we would never order the kind of movies and sports being purchased. We don't order, period. I called DISH again, hoping to find a solution, talked to multiple representatives, all the way to someone (Mellisa, GVI) at the President's office. Their response was unbelievable like it was rehearsed, like they are hiding something about a known issue. They all insisted that it had to be someone at our home ordering it, and "THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT".

I told them that was impossible. No one at our home has access to order this. All the receivers are secured, but they refused to acknowledge that. They continued to insist that the system cannot be hacked (but then, curiously, asked me to disconnect the internet!). I know for a fact that it has been compromised or hacked, or mistaken billing, but I don't know how to prove that. And round and round we went, I got nothing. Would I be ordering $64 boxing matches 5 in morning? I don't even like boxing!!

So I am left with this frustrating situation, where I don't have answer to what is going on. They can't completely disable the damn ppv feature. I end up paying for movies and sports that someone out there is enjoying! And worse I am stuck in a contract with them. This is how you treat your loyal customers, DISH? I even had one of the phone reps tell me that customers need to be educated, thanks! This is the state of customer service these days. Is there any honest company left?

Have Dish internet-approximately 2.5 years. Have 5 gigabyte plan-for approximately 18 months everything was satisfactory. I was aware that I would not be able to stream music, movies, etc. Internet was used for e-mail and facebook mainly. I began to run out of 5 gigabyte plan in a couple of weeks, then next month 1 week. Doing nothing different e-mail and facebook. I work evenings so do not get to computer till 11:00 PM. The entire 5 gigabytes had been used in 4 hours. Called Dish after 5 button selects was attached to what they call a tech-she looked up usage and said I had been on internet watching youtube. Explained I was not home- this did not seem to matter. She just kept referring to original statement.

Finally apparently to get me off the line advised she would give me back a gig and turn report into office. This went on for 3 nights with no different response. It has been 3 months now and I am giving up calling-same every month. I am at work not even home and my time is used up within 3-7 hours. When I arrive home there is multiple messages from Dish advising I have used this much and the final message advising you have used your allotment up for the month and to call this number to purchase more-additionally your computer will be slowed way down. That part is an understatement. They stop allowing any video on Facebook to play and many entries are just blank screens. I have given up and attempting to find someone else for internet but difficult without another 2 year contract that puts me in the position again of enduring whatever they wish to do to me. BEWARE OF DISH INTERNET!!!

Dish man upgraded my receiver today to HD one. We watched a movie, tried to go back to TV. Said hard drive failure. So new box lasted 3 hrs. and fails. Dish has send another refurbished box. The remotes are crap average one a month. I think it's go back to cable time.

I'm stunned by the dishonest practices of Dish Network. I sold my home in Michigan and transferred my account to my new buyer. Both the buyer and I were on the phone together with the Dish representative for an hour to go through the transfer steps. I was told I was completely off the account. The buyer was set up with her own PIN to access the account and provided her information.

Two months later, I receive a text message saying my bill was overdue. I called Dish immediately and was told it was not my account and they just didn't take my phone number off the text messaging system. I called the buyer and asked her to call to find out about the balance on the account, because she said she had paid the balance. She called and was told it was my account that was overdue, and SHE didn't have to worry about it - even though it was in her name and being mailed to her address. They had set up a new account for her and I was still responsible for the old account.

After two hours and escalating my issue up three levels, I was told the original representative (the one with the three of us on the phone) could not have transferred the account, because that wasn't allowed. I now owe $412 for an account that was transferred out of my name months ago - and Dish has been happily sending out two bills for the address and services. When asked to correct their error, they refused at all levels. When asked to honor the representations made to me, they again refused at all levels. Whether it is poor training of their representatives or pure deception Dish is not to be trusted. Unbelievable.

Had a bundled service with my internet provider for 6 years, provider no longer bundles with Dish Network anymore and the cost was getting outrageous. Last year I added another receiver to my account, which added another two years to my contract. Today I called to cancel service, talked to a service representative and then asked to speak to someone higher up. After waiting more than twenty minutes, I did get a rep who said she was from the Office of the President's dept. She informed me I would be charged $70.00 for a early termination on my contract and a additional 10.00 a box to return my 3 receivers. I will gladly pay the $100.00 penalty, but not without a fight. I will tweet publically and use every social media I can to get this out.

How can they charge me that when I was just adding another receiver which I was paying for? Contracts are contracts I was told. Look at all the cellphone providers that have done away with contracts. A company this big can't give a loyal, always pays on time customer a break? This is sickening. Please be advised to carefully read all the fine print and ask questions when it comes to this company. They cannot be trusted.

The things Dish Network gets away with makes me sick. I don't have enough time in the day to sit down and type everything I should so I'll keep it short and simple. If you sign a contract with this company they can legally raise your price (steal from you) without notifying you about the change. The termination fee is so high they force you to pay for service that you're not getting after cancellation. Please for your sake take this review into consideration and pass up on this scam. One star is too high of a rating for Dish and they deserve to be shut down.

Worst company ever. Long story short, I have been with Dish for 5 years, made every payment on time. (Where I live, only satellite tv was available.) Never once complained about the poor service, reception etc. Called in cancel because broadband just became available. They said no problem, that they would send me a prepaid return box. Sent it in, 5 months later... I get a collection bill for $120. I call in and they ask me for a tracking number that they paid for... 20 mins later, the rep told me to wait another week that maybe then they can find it...

45 mins later, now on the phone with a manager. They find the tracking number that they paid for... And acknowledge that the box has been received but is missing equipment. **. I told the supervisor I would pay the bill to make them happy, but their processes are terrible and would never ever come back to do business with them. It was a matter of principle. For a company of this size, they could pretty much do this to every customer and if we don't say or do anything... Well, they would profit. Stay away...

I was willing to try Dish Network once again, was I wrong. My mother had the service and they kept dropping channels changing the price equipment problems. I could go on and on but won't. When I helped her send the equipment back I said "Never again." I need my brain checked! I signed up 4 years later and right when they were setting up the Joey they had problems with it. I fought the equipment for the next three months. You know the routine unplug wait unplug wait again... on and on.

I talked to a functionally illiterate person online for the biggest part of 30 minutes with no help at all, called them and got a girl that agreed to send out a repair person and they came and said it was overheating and I had to turn off the equipment every night. He was there less than five minutes. Called them again. They sent new equipment that helped the problem but still has disconnection problems with the Joeys. I have other problems also. As soon as my contract is up... never, never, never again!!! I will go with the “Fat Bill” on the other system!!

Worst company ever. It took them a year to install the dish correctly and now they want me to pay to have it removed after they told me they would remove it. Total headache to deal with.

Paid over $85 dollars a month as a loyal customer and just cancelled ALL services. DISH has tried to collect on equipment that was in a house I rented and then sold in 2011. Renter called and took over the account with my permission, but DISH didn't remove me and add the renter as being in charge of the equipment. So the renter buys the house, keeps the equipment for years and then sells and moves. He had paid for the services in full. So years later they come after me for $375.00 for equipment I haven't seen or been in possession of for over 5 years.

Now I get a letter from a collection agency, offer to settle if I pay $300. After numerous attempts and talking to outsourced, foreign operators for hours (poor grasp of English) nothing was resolved. Was told I owe the money for the equipment, again. I told them to cancel my current account. So in their brilliance, they aren't going to lose $90 bucks a month to collect on equipment that is long gone. They are absolutely ridiculous.

For starters, let me explain I do live in the country and internet options are severely limited; however I did not expect the kind of horrible service I have received from Dish Network. From the start: Misspelled my name on the contract, the service technician took nearly eight hours to install my satellite dish with an internet connection. Continuing: Nearly monthly I have had issues with Dish.

The most recent being: I run out of internet regularly because I only have a set GB, not enough to stream anything barely enough for school work. I was offered to increase my GB of the internet for no extra charge, who wouldn't agree? Last month's bill was super cheap, so I thought hey maybe they are finally giving some customer appreciation, nope! That was so that overcharging occurred this month. Nearly $100 ($96.08 to be exact) for internet that is spotty at best and for approximately one week this last month I was not able to use. I called in a complaint about said internet outage and they are going to provide me a credit for the one day I called and said it was out versus the time it was out. As if they do not have a way to calculate the internet that was out, I called them, and they were the ones to inform me that it was the internet that was out!

So then I was given an ultimatum: Pay $200 for an early termination of my contract or they would give me credit to my account. I like most people have a set amount of money a month so being at the financial mercy of a disability check I choose the latter option. I am a disabled veteran, living in the country to avoid dealing with more stress than I have to, I did not know that by living out here for therapeutic reasons I would have to deal with so much garbage for something that is not even food or water. Do not use Dish Network; their business design is not customer friendly. It is useful only to them and no one else.

Worst company I have ever done business with. Customer service is the worst. Promise me a two-year contract at a set price, after one year the price changed. Customer service representative said "that's not the package you signed for." I have the exact flyer with the 2-year price guarantee - never signed a contract. Signed the installer's phone. They told me it was only good for one year - the package that I decided on. I told them why would I have a flyer that said 2 years guaranteed and I would only signed a 1 year guarantee and then after that the second year they could change the price while I was still locked into a 2 year contract? This is the biggest bait-and-switch company I have ever dealt with. Stay away from them. Run away from them. These people must have ties with the same people that used to run Las Vegas.

In July of 2015 my primary receiver broke after being a customer for more than 8 years. I moved and was thrilled my new address offered multiple providers. I paid my final bill and then received a bill for early termination. Turned out Dish Network considered my equipment replacement as an upgrade and instigated a 2-year term contract. After 6 weeks and 5 phone calls Dish Network did not ever deliver the signed contract yet I keep getting billed. I am at the point where my credit score may be hurt from non-payment yet Dish Network won't be logical and absolve the situation. Helpless in Colorado.

Whoever uses Dish check your bill regularly! They have been charging fees for things they shouldn't. I made some changes last month and the rep verified I would not be seeing any fees for the changes. So when I get my bill I see a ton of fees! I called to have them removed and they would only remove one. When I got upset they agreed to remove all of them. $45 total this month. One for $30 was a protection plan change which I didn't even discuss when I made my services changes. This is not the first time I have had this problem.

For those looking into Dish, don't! I told them that I want to cancel my service and they said they wouldn't do payments for the $280 cancellation fee and I said OK. So then she says they are taking back on the $45! Even though they admitted the fees were not supposed to be there in the first place! So I agreed to stay with them and now I'm just going to wait a couple weeks and call back to cancel. I am hearing many complaints about the poor service of Dish and I have learned my lesson!

If I could give Dish 0 stars I would. Besides the terrible customer service I've received I've experienced cable loss every other day. And additional fees added on to my account even though I was locked in to a set price for 2 years my bill somehow keeps increasing. My fiancee and I have finally had enough of their service and decided to cancel which is where the fun really begins. Calling in to cancel which you get to speak to an automated voice to is 20 min and if you request to have them call you it's another 20 min wait So overall today I've waited over 2 hours to cancel my service but what's really interesting is my fiancee called in on his number saying he wanted new service and we talked to a representative right away. Needless to say it wasn't a pretty conversation. I'm absolutely appalled by this company and the way they treat their customers. Please do not give them your money. They should be in jail.

I have been a good customer for over 10 years. When my equipment was installed, I was told the equipment was mine, because I bought the equipment. When I moved to a different state, I should bring the equipment with me, and my service would be put on pause. I cancelled my service in February, and was told the equipment was mine, and I did not have to send anything back. I received an email stating I had a $35 credit.

Today I was told I would not receive the full amount of my credit, since I was canceling. I received an email today stating my service had been restored. How can my service be restored, when I no longer have the service? I was told I needed to return the boxes. I explained my equipment was lost in the move. I explained Legion Express, from Chicago moved me, and I have never recovered my lost property. I also was not compensated for my loss. I also explained that I was told twice that the equipment was mine, and it did not have to be returned. Is this how you treat loyal customers. I was never late on any payment, and I am a senior citizen. They are keeping partial payment of my money, but are telling me I could owe as much as $350. This is UNJUST!!!

I have been a Dish customer for well over 10 years. My bill started off at $29.99 for the first year for just basic service. Now my bill for just basic service is $81.00 a month. I called, one time, in all these years and asked for an extension on my bill due date. I was told it would cost $9 for the extension. Wow so they charge for everything. I asked that they waive the fee and the customer service rep told me that they always charge a fee and would not waive it. And then she told me they had already provided me service 2 weeks past my due date. WOW after over 10 years of being a customer this is how they treat you!

IF you are going to go with this company don't have an unexpected emergency that will cause you to ask for an extension on your due date for a bill that has tripled over the years or they want more money. Worse customer service ever!!!! And don't be fooled by their rates; they advertise to be better than other companies but my rate has tripled over the years.

We moved in December. We had been with Dish for a few years and weren't under contract any more. I wanted to upgrade to the hopper and they said I would have to agree to a 2 year contract. They quoted a very reasonable monthly charge so I decided to take the offer. I should have known better after I dealt with 3 installers and a month of waiting for someone who knew what they were doing to even get it set up. I should have told them to forget about it. After a couple of months the bill more than doubled what they said it would be. 5 months later I lost my job. I got behind on my bill and called to ask if I could lower it by switching to a smaller package. They did that and my bill was lowered to $38.

The next month it was almost $300! I could not pay that and called several times asking for their help and no one would do anything. They disconnected my service and billed me for a month after it was disconnected! I tried to get them to work with me but they refused to. We live in Louisiana and our house flooded. I spoke to someone with Dish this week and told him that and it didn't make one bit of difference. I asked him to give me a couple of weeks and he said he would. This morning I had $320 taken out of my account. I called and they said it was an early termination fee that I knew about from when it was installed. No one ever told me that. They refused to refund the money even though it was for my electric bill. They want me to send the boxes back and pay for shipping. They have absolutely no consideration for anything except how much money they can squeeze out of you.

I called and want to terminate the services and they say I have to pay $400 fee. I know all the other companies such as Verizon, Time Warner, AT&T have cancellation fees but it is only a couple of hundred dollars. Please don't get Dish Network. The prices seem low but their policies will get you.

On Sept 2, 2016. A Dish technician named Will came to my home to install my dish services. I thought everything was fine until I got up to leave the house and noticed my car that was parked in front of my house had a dent in it. William who attempted to back into my driveway, backed into my car first. He didn't say a thing to me about hitting my car the whole 4 hours he was at my house. Thank God my neighbor witnessed it.

Anyway, I contacted Dish directly after I called the police for a police report to file a claim. It's almost a week later and I have not heard back from them as promised. I called them today and the 2 claim reps Jessica ** and Melissa were rude and not empathetic to my situation. No one would escalate my call beyond them. I'm being advised I should hear something within a week. Meanwhile, I cannot get in or out of my car because the door won't open from the impact of the hit.

I asked to cancel my service altogether and just handle the claim since it's less than a week since installation and was advised I need to pay $480.00. Don't use Dish network!! The guy hit my car and wasn't forthcoming, you will wait on hold forever for support, they will drag their feet on results, the representatives are rude, and they expect a fee for "nonservice" Lesson learned!

I called Dish and told them I could not find batteries for my remote. They told I asked for the cheap plan. This should not had any effect on what type of remote and recevier I had. I have not heard anything from them.

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Founded in 1980, DISH Network now provides paid TV to almost 14 million subscribers. The company, headquartered in Meridian, Colorado, is the second-largest satellite TV provider in the United States.

  • Flexible payment: DISH network accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for those who prefer the cyber currency.
  • Fantasy and reality: Subscribers can watch a game and look at their fantasy football stats to chart their team's progress, using DISH Network Hopper.
  • Watch from anywhere: DISH Network allows access to recorded shows from anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection.
  • No up-charge on HD: DISH Network offers free HD channels, and it does not charge extra for the high-quality imaging.
  • Promotional offers available: DISH Network sign-up promotions allow customers to get extra channels with a 24-month contract commitment.
  • Best for Television fans who watch a range of programs and households on a budget.

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