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We recently moved to TN and found that the only cable company that offered cable tv in our area to be Comcast. From the start it has been a bad experience. After installation we found cables running over my flowers... the door to the crawl space left off thus allowing animals to enter under our house... basic shoddy, unprofessional work. I called them and they came and resolved the shoddy workmanship. A few days later I went out my front door and took a step onto the stairs to catch my heel in another cable running across my stairs!!! I was fortunate that I caught myself before I fell. I called and the fella said he would have someone out the next day. No one showed up so I called again and another appt was set up for 2 days later between 8 am and 5 pm!!! I was told I did not have to be there and I left for approx 30 minutes to return home and no one showed up so I called again and was told that they had been there and had fixed the problem...

Well they sure had not!!! They said they would call me with another appt. Later that day a lady called me asking for very specific details about the issue!!! So for the 3rd or is 4th time I explained the problem. She said I needed to work with "them" and someone would call me within the next 7 days to schedule an appt. Here I am a week later and still no one has called or shown up to fix the problem. I was told by the last caller that I already had free HBO for 3 mo and $20 off my bill when in actuality all I asked for was for someone to fix a dangerous problem!!! I must also add that my cable "powers up" at least 5 times a day!!! I will be in the middle of a show and all the sudden the screen says it is powering up and may take awhile!!! I wish so bad that I had another option for cable tv... I strongly urge anybody reading this if you have a choice NOT to choose Comcast... NO professionalism in this company.

We are seasonal subscribers - we have the Triple play with HD. We called to activate our service two days prior to our arrival. Spent 2 hours on a call with call center in Philippines - no internet, no TV. No success. Next day, had 3 separate sessions - first of 1 hour - they got the basic TV service going but not the HD or internet. Next two sessions of 1.5 hours each, ended in "You're not subscribed to HD" - a ridiculous statement. First two days of our vacation, I've spent listening to their distorted on hold music with them getting back every 20 mins to assure me they're working on the account.

I cannot describe how frustrating it has been to simply activate an account that is on their system, that we pay for monthly. I've answered their account validation questions with each call, recited Serial numbers so many times until I eventually copied them down. I intend to send a letter to the ownership and see what other options are available... I HAVE NEVER HAD SERVICE LIKE THIS - TWO DAYS AND FIVE CALL TOTALING AT LEAST 6 HOURS ON THE PHONE - Still no success. I'm done with this company.

Just off the phone with Comcast. I was transferred 4x and each time the person I was transferred to did not know why I was on the phone. Then, to top it off, I tried to pay my account in full, for the entire term of the contract, and they couldn't figure out how to take my payment. This is not the first time this has happened. It is unbelievable to me that a company in today's competitive landscape can continue to operate with this type of customer experience in play. So broken...

I have been with Comcast for two years. I was looking to add home security so I called to upgrade to Quad Play. There are very limited times when I can be available for installs. The rep told me there were just Saturdays available so I told her I would have to wait on the upgrade. All the sudden there was a Saturday appointment two weeks away. All set for the day I needed, so I thought! On the 14th I RECEIVED a confirmation call that someone would be out in the morn of the 15th. I called back and told them my appointment was for the 24th not the 15th. They said the day I needed was full and there was nothing they could do. Was told to call in the morning when the office was open. THEY DID NOT CANCEL MY APPOINTMENT. The next morning I received a call asking if anyone was home because they were at my house. No, no one is home and it was supposed to be canceled.

Finally they put me back on for the 24th. All good, right! The 23rd came and I received several confirmation calls saying they would be out from 8-12 in the morning. GREAT! I WAS UP EARLY THAT MORNING. Waited patiently until 12pm. They have a guarantee and tons of commercials saying how they work around our schedule. LOL. When I called the CSR SAID she would create a ticket and send it to dispatch. I will receive a call within 30 min. Again hour later (1pm) I called again. This CSR told me to just wait longer that I will get a call soon. ONE HOUR LATER (2pm) I called again. This CSR told me she is sending and alert and I will receive a call in 10 minutes. LOL. YOU GUESSED IT!!! One hour later! (3pm) I called again!!!!

This lady I talked to was very nice (MOLLY). She sounded southern. She said she had been with Comcast for 12 years and this is the worst she has seen. Knowing their history, I highly doubt that but she apologized several times and did get me an answer. SHE CONTACTED DISPATCH AND WAS TOLD THAT I WAS NOT SCHEDULED FOR THAT DAY! Let's not forget that I RECEIVED several confirmation calls the night before. After 30 min on the phone I asked to speak with a supervisor. She had to send a message to a super and get permission to transfer me over. After another half hour on the phone I got a Supervisor named SANDY. She told me after all this that it was not scheduled and we need to get it rescheduled. LOL. All she can do for me is give me the $20 missed appointment fee and that's it.

I have very little time off and had to take this day off especially for this install. Taking the day off cost me approx $400. This is not even the part that upset me. I HAVE SO LITTLE TIME AND THEY WASTED MY ENTIRE DAY. If they could have told me the first time I called (12pm) after they already missed their appointment window, I would not have been as upset. I would have at least had half the day to catch up on other things. I spent my entire day waiting for them and about 2 hours on the phone to find out they were not coming and all my entire wasted day is worth a credit of $20. Nothing else they could do. Not to mention she was not empathetic and rude.

When I look back I bet the original CSR did not want to let the sale go just because there were no dates that I could be available so she just threw it anywhere so she gets the commission. They may be told to do this because most people will just reschedule or make themselves available. In my case I can not just be there. They run all these commercials and spend millions saying how they work around our time. THAT'S A LAUGH. FROM WHAT I HAVE READ IT WOULDN'T SUPRISE ME IF THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING JUST TO GET THE SALE. I was on the phone with her for 30 min just to find the first appointment. Nothing available until I said I would have to hold off. So now after WASTING my entire day Sandy told me I would have to reschedule and the next appointment is a Thursday two weeks away.

I HAVE ALREADY TOLD THESE PEOPLE I CAN NOT DO IT DURING THE WEEK. I HAVE ALREADY WAITED OVER TWO WEEKS. I am already being charged for the Quad Play and have not even had the equipment installed. Now I am stuck. There are no other cable companies in the area. All there is is AT&T U-verse/Dish network. I have had it in the past and was not happy with it. Comcast has a nice service with the X1 remote. Their customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with.

It all started the very first install two years ago. I was not home when the tech arrived. He was here a total of 10 minutes. He ran in, installed an OLD box that had no HDMI ports and was full of Dust and dirt. Handed my fiancé the remote and said "You are all set." No explanation, no literature etc. He did not even connect the Internet or phone. I looked at my bill and I was charged for the installation and set up of all of these. After an hour on the phone they took the install price off but since they have gotten it back. I have been double billed twice. For some reason the bill was double. Over $300. Also bounced check fees were added. I have not written a check in years and my account has never been without funds. I pay over the phone every month and have never missed a payment.

I was able to get one bounced check fee taken off but they could not tell me why I was double billed. Was told they switched system so I guess the new system didn't get my payment info from the old but yet still no credit. I am so disgusted with this situation. I am ready to dump Comcast and go to Dish. I am trying to give them $200 a month but I guess that is nothing to the Multi Billion dollar monster of a company. Us peasants have to work around their schedule. Sandy also told me they do not have enough technicians that are skilled enough to install home security. This should not be my problem but I guess it is. I am a service tech for a large HVAC company and missed appointments do happen. In the rare case it does we do whatever we can to make it up to the customer. NO SERVICE CHARGE/DISCOUNTED PRICING/SOMETIMES EVEN NO CHARGE REPAIRS.

I guess the difference is there are many other heating companies out there but only one cable company. We are at the mercy of this multi billion dollar monster. I don't even know what to do or where to go from here. I will be looking for someone that is above Sandra, the supervisor but it seems they are not easy to get in touch with. It's sad that they just don't care and since we are just peasants our entire day is only worth $20. At this time I have no appointment and am considering canceling cable. I have filled out the Comcast review survey they send out. I have not heard from anyone. I really believe they do not care! No empathy! ALL THE SUPERVISOR WAS TRYING TO DO IS MAKE SURE I RESCHEDULED THE INSTALLATION.

Comcast is a monopoly!!! I in error paid my bill twice. In total I paid a little over $600. My first bill was a little over $300 and second bill was a little over $200. But was told I could only get a refund of $90 because my second bill already generated. My second bill isn't due for another week and a half. The agent and a supervisor advised that's how Comcast works. I don't get why I am forced to pay for a bill that isn't due. Don't make any sense at all!!!

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When I got internet connection, they said I can get 100 mbps with $59.99 instead of 25mbps with same rate w/o any extra charges. After 2 days in my online account it showed $100. I called customer care service twice and visited station 3 times from where I bought and talked about this issue. When I spoke to person at station, they misbehaved with me and said it's technical issue and will be solved in 24 hrs. It's already been 1 month and still it's showing due balance even after paying actual bill. They're blaming technical issue then I would say company need to solve this issue and replace those employees who misbehaves with customer. Billing information detail is not clear. I'm going with AT&T very soon if I doesn't get the solution and satisfaction very soon. I recommend people to switch to another company. I DON'T EVEN WANT TO GIVE AT LEAST HALF STAR FOR RATING. TOTALLY RIDICULOUS SERVICE ASSISTANCE.

I moved in July and moved my service to my new apartment. I had an internet only package and Comcast switched me to a plan with crappy cable for 10 more dollars a month. I contacted them to switch back to previous plan and asked questions about how my bill seemed to double. Two days later my internet is barely able to load my internet client and when I called to find out what was going on, they had no explanation and needed to send out a technician. THEN, the rep tried to upsell me to the same plan that they had automatically upgraded us to when we moved.

This company is one of the worst companies I have ever come into contact with. They have no understanding of the meaning of the words "customer service." The actual service of the product is beyond piss poor with slow internet, constant problems with the land line (which basically is not functional with all the back ground noise that is present), etc. Despite multiple home visits they have never been able to fix the problems we have had, and if anything our service ended up worse and we were presented with an up-charged bill. Then when promised credit for services not received (which was often), the "customer service" representatives constantly lied to us about granting this. I had to call over 7 times and each time there was a bigger liar present and in the end we never got what we were promised (which is a refund for services we didn't have and shouldn't have paid for).

None more so than the supervisor, Enrique. When a guy of this caliber is the boss then it is obvious you end up with ** employees. Enrique should be fired. Comcast will hopefully go bankrupt as it only seems to steal money out of its customer's pockets. I will gladly re-post this complaint to every review website out there about Comcast. Although quite frankly, it probably won't do much harm since they are only rated as a 1 star company anyways. This is such a fraud of a company. Even if you paid me $5,000 to use Comcast again I would never consider it. I can only hope that members of this corporation are ashamed of themselves and are treated the way they treat their own customers, because they deserve nothing more, and actually much less.

Comcast is by the far the worst company that I have ever dealt with, period! I have been receiving phone calls, emails and collection notices for months with absolutely no resolution. Please see my dispute of the charges below... Please keep in mind that I NEVER opened the box from Comcast and it was returned when they requested. I have spent hours and hours on the phone with this company and continue to be lied to and disrespected by their employees. Last note, I have no issue paying my debts if they are legitimate and around $80 is not a big deal but it's just principal.

I phoned Comcast to setup service because I was closing on my new home. I agreed for the service to start in the beginning of July and they were going to send the equipment to my new home a few days after closing. My closing was delayed so I phoned Comcast and advised them not to send the equipment because I would not be living there at the time. They had advised me there was no way for them to stop the equipment from being sent out (nearly a week before it was supposed to be received) and that I would have to find a way to retrieve it. Once it was delivered I retrieved the equipment from the door step of the residence, in which I did not own. During the same call in which I attempted to stop the shipment, I was advised by the woman on the phone (Comcast representative) that I would not be billed until the equipment was installed and to call back once I found out my new closing date.

My close date ended up being 6 weeks later. In the meantime I received a bill from Comcast stating that I owed a monthly payment. I phoned Comcast to inquire as to what the bill was for. I was told that it was for our service. After explaining to them that I do not have service with them she said ok, “I see that there has been no usage and I will update your bill.” At that time I suspended my coverage (which I was told there was no cost for) and went on with trying to close on my house. The next month I received another bill stating that I owed twice as much as I did last month. I called and was told the woman that told me that previously was wrong and that I had to pay even if it wasn't hooked up. After hours on the phone, she stated that it was ok and that she notated the account due to my situation and the billing would be adjusted back to zero.

The following month I received another bill stating that I owed more than three times more than the first bill. Frustrated, I called again and spoke with someone who said they fixed it (after hours on the phone). We asked for her associate number and for them to email a confirmation. No email was received so I called back the following day. The rep I spoke with said there was no notes on the account about anything being fixed and the associate number we were given doesn't exist after more hours on the phone and multiple calls they said they could lower our bill to $80 something. I thought 80 dollars for what??? Spending 10-12 hours on the phone arguing with these people? At this point I was so frustrated. I just gave up and cancelled everything and returned the equipment. Since then they have been sending me bills and emails for this payment which is not justified whatsoever. This is why I am disputing this!

We switched from DirecTV to Xfinity/Comcast for our TV and internet at our previous address and we couldn't have been more pleased with the decision... until we moved. We were assured that moving was a simple process and that it would be seamless. That couldn't have been further from the truth. We moved from a develop neighborhood into another developed neighborhood (we discovered that many of our neighbors in the new home had Comcast service for many years) but they couldn't "find our house". They had to send a guy out to make sure that the house was really there and then determine if it was "capable" of Comcast service.

This took many days because they never dispatched the technician to go to the neighborhood. Once the house was "found" it had to be entered into the system, which again took many days because someone dropped the ball and didn't follow through. All of these items took multiple phone calls, waiting on hold for hours, with customer service reps that were less than helpful. Once we moved in we were without service for 6 days. That's not very seamless.

We just recently received our first bill. However, it was inaccurate, so to clarify all of the charges we were forced to call the less than helpful customer service reps who place you on hold, this time over an hour, because they cannot answer your simple billing questions. The moral of this story is Comcast/Xfinity customer service is abysmal. If it wasn't for DirecTV's horrible product, we would switch back in a heartbeat because their customer service above reproach. The only reason I gave a 2 star rating is because the products are wonderful. I'm just not sure if they're wonderful enough to have to deal with their people occasionally.

I recently subscribed to Comcast TV and internet service. I am on the HD Premier Double play. I get all channels included on starter, preferred, and premium channels. This plan starts at $119.99 per month for 1 year. I added 2 Additional HD Set top boxes and 1 HD DVR. I also added 2 digital adapters. Cost of the boxes is $32, DVR service adds an additional $10. I also have a promotion for 1 year for the sports entertainment package. That adds $3.50 per month. I also have the Blast 150Mbps upgrade which adds an additional $13 per month. I own my modem. For as much as my 3 roommates and I watch tv, and the fact that we split the bill, this is a very good deal for us. It's about $50 each per month. Total after taxes varies, but is usually around $200. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service. But come on, $200 per month is excessive for cable when online services are $12 or so per month.

My bundle package has been going in and out within a 3 week span. The first time I called, it was a power outage from 8am to 5:20 pm. The next week bundle out again. I called on a Friday. Comcast rep stated the next available appointment will be Wednesday. Within 3 days the bundle is out again. I called Comcast they gave appointment for technician to come out was Saturday 12-2pm. Which tech did come out and repair. I called to see if credit was given, and the rep states "yes, $55.00." The rep states the computer compare total charges and give a formula of credit. If my total bill is $215.00 why the computer give total charge of $124.00?

Comcast states they do not add the (4) dvrs and the taxes that I actually pay a month. Well to me that's a rip off. The computer should include the total charge, because that's what I actually pay a month. At least include the (4) dvrs if not the taxes. I was transferred 3 times and all departments have different computers, so every time I spoke with a different representative I had to keep explaining myself.

Comcast is cheating customers and charging extra for reconnect fees. I have been trying to get a hold of a supervisor since last Sept 2, 2016. My husband called in to dispute our bill. The lady was very rude speaking over him, and then he asked to be transferred to a supervisor and was told a supervisor is busy and not available but one would call him back, within the hour. Saturday morning 9/3/16. I called to get a supervisor since nobody had given him a call back. I sat on hold for 1 hr and 42 mins before someone picked up. When I asked for a supervisor the representative refused and stated something else. When I told her I could not understand her (she had an Indian nationality accent) she became upset and sent me back through the automated system, which then hung up on me.

I called back a second time and sat on hold for 1 hr and 45 min this time and then I got a representative who stated he could not listen to my complaints because the call was going to be cut off, and so he had to do his part quickly and we needed to stick to only my billing issue, not the complaint I wanted to file against the previous representative. The representative stated he had taken care of everything and that we should not have an issue. Well Tuesday 9/5/16 Comcast disconnects our cable stating we owe 15.42. My husband kept asking where this balance on the bill is because we had been through this before with them stating we own money but nobody could point out where the money was owed on our account. He asked for a supervisor again and again was told one would call him back.

Sat 9/3/16 we had just paid 242.50. He asked why did the representative not include this 15.42 and he was told we do not know, because he should have seen it. He proceeded to ask for the supervisor a second time and at that time, he was told one is not available but we will send over the message to have them give you a call. He informed the representative he had been waiting since last Friday for one to call and they had not. At that time the representative assure him she was sending over the message and someone would be calling. Thursday 9/15/16. I call into Comcast because our cable is off. I was told by a representative that the person I had spoken with on the 3rd did not put in correct notes. I asked why a supervisor had not called back we had been waiting, I was informed that she was not sure but if I wanted one to call me back she would send over the message.

I stated this is ridiculous and after waiting over a week I expected a call back that day. The representative stated she was sending the message over urgent and someone would call me back. Mind you she did not even ask me for a phone number. She states she had corrected the mess up for the representative on the 3rd and that everything should be fine. I asked her about the 15.42 mystery balance she states "I do not see this. I do not see you all owed 15.42." I explained our services had been stopped 3 times during this week and I was not paying a reconnect fee for a surprise 15.42. I was informed that the fees would be waived and that our services were good until 9/16/16 which we could just pay on or after 9/16/16 which is the bill due date. I stated I still want a call back from a supervisor because this is ridiculous.

Well Sat morning 9/17/16 the service is off stating again we owe the balance that nobody could find. I called twice after I went ahead and paid the current balance of our bill to dispute these issues that have now been going on for 2 weeks. I was on hold the first time for 33 min and 42 sec. I then got a voicemail that stated someone would call me back. I had left a voicemail at 0830 Sat morning. I left a voicemail by 3 pm. I called again because the dept I was needing to speak with according to the automated machine was only open Sat 8-5 central time. I called at 2 pm I was on hold for 34 min and 0 seconds. Again this voicemail picks up, states I need to leave a message and someone would call me back. I never received a call back on Sat.

Monday 9/19/16 I call and I finally get someone named Johnthan on the phone and I informed him I was very upset and I wanted a supervisor. He then states he is transferring me to a supervisor. Another representative picks up the phone. I ask are they a supervisor. He states no. I informed him I wanted a supervisor, he informed me he can handle my issue. I stated to him no I wanted a supervisor. My issue had been going on long enough. He states I need to let him look into my issue. I stated to the representative no I wanted a supervisor. He states to me I need to let verify my account. I informed him I had already done this with the previous representative and I wanted a supervisor. He then sends me to a man named Josh, who states he is a supervisor. I informed him I was not paying all these reconnect fees for them not doing what they are supposed to do when the customer calls in, and expects Comcast to be competent.

He states he will waive 1 $36 dollar reconnect fee. I informed Josh I was not happy and I would be going to consumer affairs. Josh stated ok and we ended the call. I feel Comcast did this on purpose as a way to make our bill higher. I also have a problem when you are waiting on a supervisor to call you back for 2 weeks and they do not, and then you have to leave a voicemail at a company this big and you still never receive a call back. Comcast is purposely ripping off consumers.

Comcast had a promotion that called out ecobilling, reps said ecobilling, everything said ecobilling. A month after signing up with their service, with ecobilling, they decided they also required autopay, and removed the discount for people without autopay, and then retroactively charge them for the change without notification. Discovered when using their online bill view and noticing multiple incongruous charges and had to get an analyst to even figure out what was going on, because the information was both opaque and not communicated.

They charged me for 2 months service past my disconnect date. I have had to call 4 times in attempt to correct this charge. They finally opened a review of my situation, stating they would contact me with the results of the review. They did not contact me, they sent my bill to collections. Everyone I speak to can see where my disconnect date and my billing date are two months apart, but no one seems to be qualified to fix it. HOURS on the phone wasting with this pitiful customer service before finally getting the bill removed.

8 service reps in two months. Lied to, still terrible reception, phone drops calls. This has been going on for 7 months. Problems for years!!! I am going to small claims court. Paying for this is ridiculous. Suing Comcast! President Neil Smit at his office in Pennsylvania. This is just terrible service. They just don't care!

Cable went out yesterday and spent about 2 hours troubleshooting issue only to be told that they have to send a technician out. Okay so when will tech be here? The only available day is Monday the 19th and yesterday was the 14th. So it takes 5 days to get a tech out to fix an issue. Internet is working but cable is not. I told rep that "Xfinity has to enter my backyard for my neighbors connection and you mean to tell me that I don't get priority" and they couldn't answer that. So I told them that for now on if I have to wait 5 days my neighbors will have to wait also. I knew it was a reason Ieft them for another TV service but I went back because Dish kept raising fees. I'm really pissed because Dish sucks in my area, always having freeze up and DirecTV is terrible. It's football season, no TV and these ** are telling me 5 days before a tech gets out here.

I signed up for a 24 month contract, was verbally told that the early termination fee would be cancelled if I moved to an area that wasn't serviced by Comcast. In addition, the service contract is vaguely worded and does not address this issue specifically. I am now moving with 6 months left on my contract to an area without Comcast service, and was told the fee would apply when I cancel. It is unclear how such deceptive business practices can continue. What company still charges for services when services cannot even be provided? It's absurd.

I've been with Comcast since 1992 - obviously, I'm a stellar, loyal customer. Always pay the bill on time and have never had my service disconnected. In spite of these facts, I'd say for the past three years at least, practically every month, I've had to call and argue with them about overcharges on the monthly bills (I've not been under contract for many years). After extensive phone conversations with Cust. Serv. reps, and long hold times, the monthly phone calls about the incorrect bills inevitably end up with their Customer Resolutions Dept. - the big dead end, last stop specialists for those of us who are so frustrated and disgusted that we're threatening to disconnect.

At that point, totally depending on who you get on the phone (nice versus rude and arrogant), you can possibly be granted a promised deal for the next 12 months - which, for the umpteenth time, is what happened to me on 8/4/16. I was told all incorrect past due amounts were removed from my account, I owed them zero; I was told to pay $169 that day, and the bill will be $169 per month for the next 12 months - got her name and ID # (forget calling back and asking for the rep. you spoke to last time - you're never allowed to talk to them again). By the way, same story over the years - month after month of fraudulently hiked up bills, phone calls, promises, then promises broken, followed by more hiked up incorrect bills. So I paid as requested for August and Sept., $169 for each month. Lo and behold, my most recent bill which arrived a few days ago showed a balance of $465.

I called and went through the same old phone routine and got a really nasty rep. in Cust. Solutions who wouldn't budge, insisting I owe them $269. Furious and livid, I told him he's a stupid and arrogant SOB to take a chance on losing a great customer who's paid religiously since 1992. He hung up on me for cursing at him. I vowed that's the last time I call Comcast. I'm 67 years old and if I'm lucky I might have another 20 years. I want to stay in good health and that means reducing aggravation factors in my life, including one named COMCAST.

So as of this coming Monday, I'm with Verizon Fios - I'll go out and celebrate after I drop off Comcast's crappy equipment boxes, etc., which I'm obligated to physically return prior to termination of service - for which I've obscenely had to pay them rent for on top of their greedy, disgusting overcharges for horrible services rendered, and the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE on the planet Earth. One last thing - about a month ago, they drilled into the masonry of my house without permission, causing cracks in the stone. The pimply 20-something kid outside said he works for Comcast and I shouldn't worry - they're installing new boxes on all the houses in my block. When I informed he he didn't have my permission to drill into my property, he said "we knocked but you didn't answer".

I'm now considering a Small Claims Court case for damages - will ask the masonry guy for an estimate. Goodbye and good riddance Comcast! I HOPE YOU GO BANKRUPT THEN ROT IN HELL! ROBBERS AND UNSCRUPULOUS THIEVES -- I HATE YOU -- CORPORATE PIGS!!

This is the worst company I been dealing with. A lot of false advertisement.

When signing up for Comcast XFINITY at my new apartment in NY the Comcast sales rep promised me a stellar deal since I was switching from another provider. The deal seemed too good to be true, but I was being told the price by an official Comcast rep so I completely believed it. I should have known better, since, when I got my first bill, it was much, much higher than I had been told it would be. It turns out that this is a common practice. I did some research and it is called the bait-and-switch. During my googling, though, I found a company that helped me get a complete refund from Comcast for this horrible treatment.

So these hateful people shipped me products I didn't ask for then sent me a 2nd round of stuff I didn't ask for... When I called I was told just send it back with the prepaid labels. UPS will come to you free of charge. Well... No. No, they will not. It's $15 per package to come to me... Then Comcast has the nerve to charge me $20 a month for the items I didn't request because they are in my possession more than 2 weeks... And I'm told I need to make time to get to UPS or continue with the $20 fee for items I didn't want and couldn't refuse as they were left at my door... What a racket.

UPS can get $30 from me for Xfinity/Comcast sending me items I didn't request or Xfinity/Comcast can get $20 a month for me having items I didn't request or want. I called told them I work for a living, can't get to UPS, and explained all the costs and the fact that I didn't agree to have the items or accept the items. You left the items. Should I have left them in the rain to be stolen? The response was, "Make time to go to UPS or pay the $20 or we'll cancel your service and send it to collection with the $20 being added monthly to your debt."

When I began using Comcast, I signed a two-year contract. Been a year now, I get a letter saying: "We made a mistake. We haven't been charging you for your HD program, which is 9.95 per mo plus fees". Lying, thieving etc. I don't watch TV but my 86 year old mom does. I'm about to tell them where they can stuff the oops. Each month is another bit of frustration dealing with this sham of a business and each month the bill goes up. I'm about up the here with it and considering unplugging completely. I'm on a fixed income and may just send them the bill in shreds and totally disconnect. Let them try to sue me. I have a friend that only does class action suits. I will contact him and direct him to all these comments. Really don't think they can squeeze blood out of a turnip! I'm getting a digital TV box and putting an antenna with amp in the attic. I will do my best to hit them in the wallet. Stay tuned.

After settling into our new home, my fiance and I, after 3 years, decided to finally get cable (we both work all day, so cable did not seem like a necessity). Because of our location, only 2 cable providers were available, Comcast and Dish Network. We called Comcast first to hear of any deals, and the sales rep told us of an 89.99 deal they were running. Only wanting a few channels, the sales rep asked us to name channels that we want so he could match a package to us. We named HGTV, Travel Channel, Food Network, as well as a few children's channels. He named a $54.99 package with 75 mbps internet and all of the channels we named included in the package. This sounded like the perfect deal!

Before getting off the phone my fiance asked for the full price (including taxes) and the sales rep said it would be $54.99 plus an extra $10/month for the router and modem. We decided to just buy the router and modem to avoid the $10/month, knowing that, he gave us a price of roughly around $61/month. Perfect! Today they came to install everything, and excited to come home and settle in after work, I flipped through the channels to find the channels that were promised not available.

We immediately called Comcast customer service and they stated that the 'economy plan' that we were apart of did not include the channels we named. We were also informed that we would be paying an extra $10/month for HD, and we DID NOT agree to this! The original sales rep just 'yessed and okayed' everything we asked for and completely misinterpreted the deal to us to get up to buy his product. This is NOT fair. This is NOT ok. Had we known the channels we wanted were not included, we would have never gotten cable. It is not a necessity for us, it is a luxury. The sales rep falsely advertised what he was selling to us. The customer service rep had nothing to say other than she will waive the installation fees. I have read MANY complaints online of people who have gone through the same thing as we have. Comcast sales reps need to be honest and upfront to their consumers!

On several occasions I have had to call Comcast to rectify billing errors. I have been hit by overdraft fees on my bank account because Comcast takes out the payment 24 hours before the due date that is agreed upon. Yesterday I called my bank to state it was vendor error. Since this isn't the 1st time I have had to go to my bank for reversal, I was told that I only get 2 reversals a year and Comcast has done this 5 times. Which cost me $108.00 in overdraft fees. When I call Comcast, after being bounced to 5 customer service reps that have no idea what they are talking about, I get a "Supervisor" that is worse than the reps.

When asked to speak to superior I am told no one is available. I asked for credit to my bank account and was told we have no way of crediting my bank account with refund. I asked "why not if you can take it out, you can put it back". I was offered 2 premium channels and a refund of $15.00 but in 30 days I would have to pay for the premium channels... wtf? I was told that was impossible. I hate that this company is my only choice. I believe that they take advantage of the situation, because there no other options for several people. My townhome association does not allow "dishes" so I am stuck. I believe there needs to be a class action suit.

Our cable went out on Thursday, we were left a note from cable (Comcast) on Fri 5:30 PM to call for appt. Appt. was given for following day with Customer #, no one showed for appt. Called up, spoke to another CSM and he assured us they would come Sunday 9:30 AM. NO SHOW. Called us to say they showed up and we were home, no calls to even warn us. We are still on the phone and it's now 5:30 Sunday PM. The worst horrible experience. All we need is a person to fix the box and they know there is a problem and yet they keep rescheduling to no avail. LIVID!!! UNPROFESSIONAL!!! AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE! POOR TV!

I have been a Comcast customer for nearly 25 years without too many problems, however that is not true now in 2016. Now it seems they are on a mission to overcharge and deceive at all cost. I recently moved and ordered internet only. I was offered the same 39.99 per month I previously had locked in for one year. My first three bills for May, June and July were correct. In August they hiked me up $20. I complained and a CS rep said they removed the charges and it was back to 39.99 so I paid the bill. Now in Sept I get a bill with no charges removed and a late fee of $9.50 on top of that.

When I called the CS dept, all I get is you have to pay the overdue amount before you are allowed to contact billing. I believe this is extortion going on. Why would I pay what is not owed, just so I can speak to them? The second call I was given the number 1-800-934-6484 by them as the billing dept. However upon calling this number, it is a number out of my calling area on the message so it goes nowhere. How can an 800 number in the USA be out of the calling area in the USA??? Really Comcast? I would love for an attorney to email me. The phone sales people lie and apparently this is now the norm for Comcast. CHEAT THE CUSTOMER EVERY WAY YOU CAN and then make yourself unavailable to answer to them.

I was also told by CS that they cannot adjust billing. Is that not what Customer Service is for? People call because they need answers to their billing and if you are going to hold them hostage in order to get to billing, SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG WITH COMCAST. There are nearly 5,000 complaints on this site. Why is nothing being done? Why is Comcast still allowed to rip off the public with bogus charges? What good is this site if there are no results? It appears it is just set up to rant and has zero teeth in it to actually punish the offender. I am asked for my order number and I don't know that number so how is it that Consumer Affairs can locate my account with that, when even Comcast cannot seem to find it without numerous repeats of the same questions over and over again SS# etc? I really wish an attorney would get on Comcast for the benefit of all the numerous people complaining here so we could get some results once and for all.

Poor service, overcharged billing and unconcerned customer service. Lip service w/ inaction or follow through.

I was on hold for so long that I was able to sign up for Verizon. Better price and better package. I would have loved to have kept Comcast but their customer service has been TERRIBLE lately. Switching my grandmother over to Verizon tomorrow as well. I can't do it anymore.

Comcast has locked out other competitors in my locality and are total monopoly. They hike prices, send incomprehensible bills and sneak in hazy charges. Internet and TV reception has been progressively getting very bad, lots of freezing, hang ups, it has become unreliable. Their customer service, horrible - half of the reps don't have any idea what they are talking about. I detest the fact that I have no choice and am stuck in a cast literally with - that's right, Comcast! Triple Play with a bill now over $200 per month cause hear this: I can't choose what I want, it has to be "Bundles". This is totally unjust. Something should be done to have more competitors come in. I would switch to another in a flash, if it was not an ugly dish!

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