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I'm writing this letter in disappointment and disbelief as to how my issues were not resolved as of being on the phone for exactly an hour forty two mins and thirty five seconds trying to get this matter addressed. The issue began 8-19-2016 when there was an outage in my area causing both of my boxes to go out in my home. I contacted an agent and the boxes were not able to be restored so I was instructed to go into the store to have them replaced on Saturday morning. Fine, I did just that. Saturday, I came home and connected the boxes and they were working fine until all of a sudden the main box begin to reboot on its own and it continued this through out the night, but I decided to wait and see if it stop and it didn't.

Therefore, Sunday morning 8-21-16 I contacted Comcast and spoke with Daniel around 10:00 am to troubleshoot and it still did not fix the problem. Next, I called again and spoke with Raphael then he transferred me to Fabion who then transferred me to Amber who did the same thing and we thought it was fixed and then I asked to be transferred to billing to see if there would be any compensation for the frustration and inconvenience that has been cause within the last three days. To no avail the problem has still not been resolved.

At this time, I was connected with Eve in the billing department who, was taking her time at first, but for some strange reason continued to put me on hold and when I requested a Supervisor she stated no one was available. By this time, I'm furious and I need you all to feel my frustration. I had been on call for my job (8-20-21) from 5 pm-8 am and having to come home to my daughter upset because the television continue to go in and out by rebooting is just ridiculous. I have lost total trust and patience in this company as a whole. I am not looking for a discount even though when I asked for an adjustment in my billing Eva stated she could only do $8.04. At this time my problem had not been resolved and she continued to giggle as if something was funny.

Now, since the billing request was not respected I asked to be transferred back to someone who could help see why the box is continuously rebooting and I was connected with Marisa who was patient and saw how rude Eva was because she did not transfer the call correctly by even telling her my name. (Please review all recordings). Needless to say, the problem has yet to be resolved. The box is still rebooting and no one seems to care. Signed a very frustrated customer.

I am in my third year of dealing with Comcast's deceit and barely legal business practices. In 2014 I wanted to leave Comcast for its poor performance both technically and customer support. I called them and asked if there would be any contract charges to cancel my account at which time they answered no. I asked them to confirm their answer and once again was told there would be no contract charges to cancel my account. I asked for the customer service rep's name and was told Kit and only Kit although I asked for further identification.

When I actually cancelled my account they informed me that there was a $90 contract charge to cancel and thus began the three year headache. I attempted to resolve this via email with no response. I attempted to resolve this via customer service only to be told my option was to resume as a Comcast customer. I asked to speak to a supervisor only to be dumped into a voice mailbox with no return call. I asked for assistance by a Comcast salesperson with the company I work for with no follow thru.

I paid all charges but the $90 and let that go to collections. I wrote letters to the collection company disputing the charge only to have it keep turning up like a bad penny. I finally settled today for less than the full $90 but have little hope that they will not turn up again seeking to collect the remainder. I was informed by this collection agency that Comcast is attempting to refresh its customer service image due to all the negative press. Personally I think they have failed miserably as a company with abysmal customer service. I would go completely off grid if my only choice for service was Comcast. If you have an option choose anything other than Comcast. They are crooks, then and now.

I cannot wait until my contract is over. I will not go back to this company again. Very rude customer service, the charge outrageous, and they would not help me or explain why my bill is so high. I am so disgusted with this company.

I have only been with Comcast for 17 months. I started with a promotional rate and then all at once my rate doubled and my service dropped. Today I had the rep count all the times in my account that I have had to call in to troubleshoot issues and/or have service techs come out and in the last year I have had 7 (and that does not include the 2 times I drove out to the service center to exchange equipment). In 17 months I have had 3 modem/router boxes and now I am told that I will need a new converter box. Some reps have been good and helpful. Other reps...not so much! The service itself and the equipment have been terrible! I have had more issues in one year with Comcast than I have had with every other company I have ever done business with added together!

And the worst part is that a few different reps have told me that I need to pay more to get my equipment to work or to have techs come out. WHAT?!? So, let me get this straight... I pay for a service and I pay extra for equipment, but that service and equipment breaks so I have to pay even more to get it fixed!!! I already paid for it and it didn't work, so why the hell would you think I will want to pay even more to get it to work. I am a loyal person and I do not like changing companies or doing paperwork, but the next issue I have with Comcast I am leaving. I do not care if I have to pay a little more for service with another company as long as I know that what I am paying for will actually work when I want it to.

My advice to you is find another company... unless you have time to sit around on the phone with customer service and wait for service techs to come, and if you don't mind missing the big game or Olympic gold medal events or whatever else you are hoping to watch. P.S. The only reason I gave this a one star review was because it wouldn't let me give it a zero.

I have had Comcast for years and paid them for internet, phone, and premium, cable for 5 rooms. Therefore, I have been paying thousands a year. They always had poor service. But I think the last straw was when I had an internet problem involving security. They allowed a bug through that crashed my computer and tried to charge me close to 200 dollars a year for a contract for 3 years. I hung up, reloaded Windows 10 and then worked for several hours to get all my non-Windows programs up and running. In the past when such an event happened, Norton worked with you to fix it free of charge.

They are now using some foreign subcontractor to handle security issues and they logged me into a logmein package that killed my PC {what was left of it} and I could not do anything. Then they tried to sell me their package and I did not find out my PC was completely out until I pulled the rip cord and exited their security. Now I am rethinking how bad I need cable and their phone service as well as internet. I am checking out the cost of my different options and will be making a definite choice this week. I just remembered after the hurricane hit seven years ago, the last thing I got back was cable and phone and internet. Another good reason to quit.

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Comcast is a SELLOUT! Half the time you're speaking with some hee-bob across the seas. After being a customer for over 3 years, I had some things go not my way and had to cancel. They REFUSED to work with me on my final balance, charged me $20/month for 12 months & $30+ in taxes from who knows what that all added to over $280. I agreed to the balance & I asked if I could break the payment up into 2 payments because I did not have all the funds. They responded with, "You have 20 days to pay the balance or we automatically charge you". I then asked to speak with a supervisor that told me, since I was cancelling their service, they could not help me. They advised me to pay for a $19.99/month plan + $12 for receiver rental to avoid paying the 275$ lol. What the **? I cancelled my card solely for the point of the matter. They won't get a dime.

These people are piss poor in customer service & could care less about anything you have to say unless you have $$ for them. There is NO way to get in contact to someone in the upper echelon, there are no places to submit a complaint of that sort, except on a couple online reviews, nobody directly with Comcast. Only kept referring me to the ''legal department'', such **. When you tell a customer who has paid you EVERY month for 3 years that nobody can help you, this is the final judgement, who the hell are you? What happened to America? What happened to customer service? Where have people moral compass gone? So farewell and ** you to Comcast, every single person I run into with Comcast I will convince them to switch & go somewhere else, nobody wants to be a part of your middle east shenanigans anyways. Their slogan should be BAIT & SWITCH. Can't keep ** people over, eventually it'll be the wrong person & it will be YOUR bad.

I tried to sign up for Comcast service when I moved into my new apartment. Really, I tried three times. I signed up online for a package and was told that the equipment would be shipped to me. It never arrived, so I called a week later to be told that it had now been shipped and would arrive in days. I called again a week later to be told that NOW it would be shipped. I finally called a fourth time, still after receiving no equipment but after receiving a bill for $72, and was told it had never shipped. I asked them to cancel my account.

I then received a bill for over $312 and numerous phone calls demanding I return the equipment, which of course I did not have. I finally wrote an email to the collection agency (yes, they turned in over in less than 30 days) demanding that they cease and desist--I never heard from them again. I also notified Comcast by phone and was assured once again that the bill was zeroed and that I would be receiving a zero bill soon. In the meantime, my husband went on the Comcast forum and discussed the situation with a rep there, who also assured us that he had personally seen to it that the bill was zeroed.

This morning, I went to the local Comcast office because I have not received a zero bill in the mail so I have nothing in writing. I was told that the person or people who handle billing were not available today. I asked for a balance on my bill and was told it was $41. I then tried to call the 800 number for a record-breaking 7th time. I received a young woman who barely spoke English. I asked to be transferred to the United States. She transferred me to the Philippines. I asked again to be transferred to the United States and was told no. I asked if she was refusing to transfer me to the US and she said, "Yes." I terminated the call. At this point, I am not sure what to do. The only reason I am giving a one-star review is because you cannot give no-star reviews.

First, a door to door representative from their company told me he could get me a lower rate without a contract, last summer. The next time I viewed my bill it was more expensive than my current plan and I was now locked into a two year contract. I was never able to get the low rate I had back. Then, they just upped my bill without notice by over $60 and are saying my promotion ended. I'm not sure how that is possible because the door to door guy was at my house less than a year ago and my costs went up then. I would not even rate them 1 star.

Yet again I've experienced horrible Comcast customer service. (again and again and again) I was online with a very helpful tech for 2 hours trying to resolve an issue (got bounced to several people and finally ended up with the helpful tech) and the chat got disconnected. I told him/her that my computer gave me a signal that the chat would disconnect if I did what they wanted me to do. They said no they would not be disconnected, but yes they were.

They were given a phone number when the chat started but no call and I have no way to contact the tech which means I have to start the discussion all over with a new person. You would think given the fact that I said i think I might lose you they would have called me on the number they were given. I'm trying to connect online to watch the Olympics. Guess that's not going to happen. Because I don't have 2 hours to start over. I was trying to watch people I actually know compete. As usual you can't count on Comcast. I have no choice but to use them in DC, so they don't have to provide any service.

Has anyone else had this experience? I took off work early to wait for Comcast after three days with no Internet or Cable. Two of us were in the house with phones all around. Comcast was supposed to arrive between 5 and 7. I called Mom on home phone at 4:57 to say I was three minutes away. The phone worked fine. The Comcast repairman did not arrive at all. When we called, they claimed the dispatch center called at 5:20 p.m. There is no record of that call on our phone but very oddly, when we checked, we found that the phone line that worked fine at 4:57 was down. We called AT&T and they reset it.

Is it possible the repair man deactivated the phone line (which is easily accessible) to avoid making a service call? We have a hard time grasping the coincidence that the line was temporarily off at the very time he was scheduled to arrive and very easily was reactivated after he left. Not accusing. Just asking if anyone else had this experience.

Where do I start. Well I recently canceled my service about a month ago and was told I owed a bill of 515 so I made a payment of 250 brought my bill down to 265 so then I canceled so I told the rep being that I canceled am I getting my credit for the month in advance that I pay. He said yes. Well to my disbelief I received a new bill for 367. Even after I canceled. Ladies and gentlemen be aware comcast are rip off artist. If you cancel they will charge you for canceling. Get another provider if you can. It took me about 3 years of service before I realized how much rip offs they were. CANCEL YOUR SERVICE BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE...

Have an issue with Comcast / Xfinity? They have failed me several times. Ripped me off by sending me a Cable box that was used and smelled like a cat had pissed in it. Enough is enough. This might help. So called EXECUTIVE Support could not even help me. Call them at: David, Comcast Executive Support 1-888-736-6711 Ext **.

I had originally contacted Comcast to downgrade my internet because it shot up from $50 a month to $93! I had just lost my job and was explaining how I either need to downgrade or get a better deal or just find another provider that offered a better deal. Which is when the agent offered me a great deal for $114 a month plus taxes and fees, which he assured me numerous times would be less than 125 a month, plus several other extras included in the deal. Because of this I had paid the $250 cancelation fee to DirecTV to move my cable services over. When I received my cable boxes, unbeknownst to me, a tech should have come out to switch the outside cables to Comcast, however, even after asking if that is what needed to happen I was assured it would not! So after setting up my cable boxes they obviously didn't work.

After calling customer service, the incompetent rep decided to just send me two new boxes, instead of running trouble shooting on mine, and also told me nothing needed to be done even though I just disconnected DirecTV. These other two boxes arrived, although I told her I was only having issues with the one because I couldn't set up the other box until the first was set up. Of course all of these boxes still did not work. So I decided to go online and chat with a rep, where I discovered my $114 bill I had agreed upon was now $279!! This woman charged me for $50 shipment fee and added these other boxes onto my account as if I had ordered more boxes when she told me she was sending one replacement box free of charge!

So within a matter of less than a week I had spent over 20 hours on the phone and on chat with Comcast to get this billing issue resolved! Instead, I was passed around from one department to the next, all of whom "didn't have the authority to honor my contract I have in writing" which mind you is a legally binding contract, and on top of that received nothing but disrespect telling me I was wrong and I had signed up for this huge bill and fees and was responsible for paying it! And when I argued and asked them to look up the chat when I had signed up and my agreement should be honored, again I was either sent to another department or flat-out hung up on! So I decided to do a chat again because I can save these chats and have the information in writing should a dispute come up again. I had asked if I could email my chat with the offer I had signed up for and they told me no!

Again, I was disrespected and sent to several different departments, who again told me they do not have the authority to honor the contract I signed up for. Mind you, I am single mother, which had let them know, I have just lost my job, do not have (as I'm sure NO ONE does) 4 plus hours a day to clean up these messes and issues and wrongful billing issues that Comcast employees have created!!! I have been up nearly every night till over 2 am trying to get this figured out... and that not including the calls I have made during business hours. To make matters worse, I had to go through the same song and dance and bs same script they all gave me from every single department where no one apparently has any type of authority to do anything! Total bs! When I requested to cancel because it is still within my 30 day right of rescission... My internet was conveniently disconnected... Coincidental... Definitely NOT!

Especially since it happened every single time they didn't want to discuss cancellation or let me speak to someone in charge! Such a complete waste of time that I don't even have, that I need to be looking for a job to support my child, to even pay for this damn service that they keep screwing up and not "authorized" to fix. I feel like they are trained to just pass you around until your 30 days to cancel is up... Seems pretty illegal to me, and changing someone's contract and adding extra costs to it... Pretty sure is also illegal! The fact that I have spent hours upon hours trying to just have my contract honored, or even speak to someone that can cancel this plan for me just to be disrespected, hung up on, passed around and then to disconnect my internet because you don't want to deal with me? Sounds pretty shady and again seems like it's more than likely to offer a cancellation period and prevent a customer from canceling!

Pretty sure I am just one of thousands Comcast has done this to and if there is a lawyer out there looking to start a class action suit and other victims of Comcast's shady business practices then I say we fight back for our rights and our money they are basically stealing from our pockets! I would also like a real internet expert to come check the speed of my "Blast" package I pay extra for because I'm pretty sure the Comcast speed test is just some sort of scam, there is no way when I run their test and it says I have 250 Mbps that a browser would take as long as dial up to load! And in fact I only got Comcast because you needed faster speeds to make DirecTV OnDemand work since it is streamed through the internet and yet my 250 Mbps that would run on the Comcast speed test worked just as horribly, if not worse than the 25 Mbps I had with AT&T!!!

Someone other than a Comcast employee needs to check the real speeds offered! All of this seems like one huge scam! And if this going to be disputed I have records, which clearly Comcast does not keep these records of calls or chats as I was told I had only one chat on record, yet somehow I have several I have saved! Extremely shady and I wouldn't be surprised if someone were to dig further there would be more illegal practices found! I will be making this complaint with the BBB as well! And I suggest others do too!

I have been a Comcast customer since 1975 (formerly Highland Video before acquisition). My monthly pricing seemed to steadily increase until I finally called to ask for an explanation. After getting nowhere with their customer service, and continually trying to stop them from trying to upgrade me, I finally told them to simply give me the same basic deal that they advertise on TV. Basic cable, internet and phone (Triple Play). The "Basic package”. I was told that my internet would slow down, I could no longer make long distance phone calls and I would receive a lot less channels for which I replied "FINE".

I was then told that I would have to turn in my HD equipment, then the representative hesitated and said "oh never mind, you don't have HD equipment". It didn't register at the time, until I printed out all of my past statements and noticed an alarming trend. Somewhere along the line, someone from Comcast entered data that placed me into the HD category. I do not own HD TV's. I started looking at my bills and noticed that for years I was bring charged $170.49 per month for HD Preferred Service.

Once I called to seek an explanation for the constant increases, I was placed in the "basic" package for $92.95 per month for which I have been paying since. The overcharges were in my mind intentional. Being a Senior Citizen, I am very angry and wonder just how many other people are overcharged for services not rendered. I feel that several thousand dollars in “overcharges” have been sent to Comcast in a timely fashion, never late, always on time. For being a loyal customer, I get the short end of the stick. I am contacting the BBB and also the FCC.

On 6/3/16 I spoke to Rosemarie. She gave me a promotional rate of $29.99 that would be good until 3/2017. My June bill reflected that price. My July bill was $41.28. I called to check the bill and spoke to a very nice rep. Havran but he was unable to correct the bill. He got his manager Frank extremely rude and told me the reason the bill was higher was because I needed to have Eco billing which is paperless and auto pay. I told him I was never told this by Rosemarie and my neighbor has the same plan and he doesn't have direct auto pay. He said he would give me $10.00 toward my TV account and I said I don't want anything towards that as I get free cable from my maintenance payments through my condo.

Is it standard procedure that you must have direct payments in order to get a promo? Then if so why didn't my two last bills say "you are being charged $10.00 more because you don't have direct payments." When I asked Frank this question he said that they don't have to give a reason. He gave me 30 days to decide whether I want them to automatically charge my account each month. I told him I am okay with not getting paper bills but not with allowing them to automatically charge me as their bills are always unclear. I would appreciate your input. I noticed many complaints about Comcast billing and I am concerned that they are getting away with it. Thank You.

Do not sign up for Comcast. Piece of ** with morons and money hungry people who don't know their left and right. Either they are just flat stupid, lazy, or just retarded. If you cannot seem to know when payments are made and sit on the phone to talk nonsense, then your brain is not functioning... word to the wise is enough.

I have had service with Comcast and Xfinity for just over a month now, and I am honestly shocked at how disorganized and poorly managed this company is. I had to make yet another call today because they screwed up the bill. This is the 11th call I've had to make because of problems with billing, equipment, service etc. and I waited on hold for a supervisor today for 1 1/2 hours. Typical, and aggravating. I calculate I've spent over 14 hours on the phone with them in 30 days.

Between the 7 HOUR INSTALL (not exaggerating!) because the tech was incompetent, to the promised call backs I never got, to the cable not being buried for 3 weeks (c'mon it's mowing season!), then the company no-showed, to the numerous phone reps (including managers) who promised credits and to clean up the billing issue but never did, and a special thanks to the rep who doubled charged my bill instead of crediting it. I am looking for another alternative. This company should not even be allowed to be in business.

This has been the worst experience of any cable company I've ever had... The representatives are horrible. Service is a nightmare. This company is criminal to the highest power! It takes months to correct any error! In the meantime they charge outrageous prices while never correcting their own mistakes. Internet speeds are never what they say it is. Customer Service is a nightmare and never if ever address the issues.

Worst customer service I've ever come across. I see why you're recruiting people out of customer service jobs for your company. A few months back, I called to see what it would cost to add STARS onto my account. The representative on the phone told me that it would only increase my TOTAL bill another $3 a month. I thought this was a great deal, and asked SEVERAL times, "How much my total cost would be?" Each time I was told it would only increase my total bill $3. When I finally look at the bill two months later, it's gone up over $25. So I called customer service and spent an hour on the phone. After getting nowhere, except a non-working phone number to a supervisor, I called back for a 4th time. This time I spoke with the first level customer service agent, who told me she could adjust my bill to the amount I was quoted.

Now when I am getting ready to go to bed, I go upstairs and my cable box says "not authorized for use" so I had to call again and spend more time on the phone. I was given a reference number in case I had any problems. I have them the reference number and they told me that they had taken the $9.95 charge for the extra box off my account. And I had to pay for it to be turned back in. Another 20 minutes on the phone I spoke with someone whom I gave the reference number to and they kept telling be about my plan. Nothing about the price adjustment I was promised and supposed to clear up with my reference number. So they turned my box back on and gave me a credit of $10 for 12 months.

Now, if I have the service longer than 12 months, I'm screwed. And as I type this, my box isn't even working. This is the worst service I've experienced. Ever. As soon as I can I will be trying to look for another option. All I've been given is lies and the runaround. Your company told me one thing, and did another, THREE TIMES. How can you stay in business when your employees are committing fraud by putting me into packages that I never agreed to, then telling me my bill would only go up $3 when it was close to ten times that amount?

My reference number is **. Spent over two hours on the phone to get what I was quoted by your company, and even after they tried to fix it, they still screwed me. And I had to spend more time to fix your problems. I was recruited by a headhunter to work for your company because I specialize in customer service. In many industries. And I can tell you that if you were a retail store, and people had the choice to drive further to reach another store, you would be out of business. But since your the only option for some people, you seem to think that treating them fair and honest doesn't matter.

If I was managing a small part of your customer service, I could turn it around in a week. Easy, be honest. Don't argue with customers who have a legitimate complaint and tell them about the plan they have. Listen to them, and fix their problems. Now, I'm guessing I'll be forced to call every month to get my bill fixed because no one there seems to know how to do anything or explain what they did. I was told that $20 was taken off my bill, but they didn't tell me that they took off the charge for my extra box and that it wouldn't be working. Or that if need to spend a half hour to get less than what they told me just so my box could be turned on. I will be posting this on every website I can to warn potential customers about how your company works and treats its customers. Something needs to be fixed. Fast.

I called Comcast to set up a payment to be withdrawn out of my account on 8/5/2016 and they did not take the money out my payment was for 462. On 08/11/2016 my service was cut off. I then called to speak to a manager. They told me they would have to call me back with it. Have yet to get a callback. It is now 6pm. I did call Comcast back at 4pm and ask them why the money was not take out that I had set up for 3 weeks. The guy proceeds to tell me due to the fact that it was NSF which that was incorrect because I have the money sitting in my account from the 25th waiting on them to take it out and like I informed him this is happened on three different occasions and it makes no sense that I have to keep going through this so I need to know how to return the equipment.

And he said to me "I don't understand why you want to return the equipment. Is there something that we can do? And I said "No this has happened to many times." And he said "Well I don't know what happened." Like I explained to him "Hey" I told him "There was probably a glitch in your system cause I know it's not a problem on my end. The money is there. I'm looking at it and you'll have a very poor customer service. I've still been waiting on a manager to call me back and they have failed to do so." So with that being said I have cancel their service and I am moving to another service provider because I can no longer deal with Comcast. Every time I turn around they are overcharging for different things and I think they do it on purpose just so they can get that reconnection fee.

This company is appalling. The representatives lie to customers everyday about billing and services they will receive then charge them something completely different on their next billing cycle (evidence below). If that isn't bad enough, they go a step further and berate their OWN customers. My experience: my fiance and myself sign up for double play, two-year contract, and terminate early. We were moving out of our apartment and in with my family, who already has Xfinity, in order to prepare for some future purchases.

Upon talking to a representative I am quoted $84.19 for terminating. No problem, except my bill comes in shortly after at 129.01. We call the billing department to see what the issue is and we are met with hostility and resistance. We are then put on hold and shortly later another rep from billing answers and I have to explain what is going on again with the bill. They are generally rude and when I ask for their name, they REFUSE to give it to me. The conversation ends with her saying quote, "the bill is the bill and [she] was tired of people trying to to cancel service and not pay their bills." I was HUNG UP ON.

I can state right now, I have paid and would be happy to post every paid statement for their lackluster trash called "service". This is how Xfinity handles themselves and it pains me to think I went with them just because most of my family and fiance's family has them. After this experience I will never have anything positive to say and will encourage both families to switch to another service, along with anyone that will listen. I can tolerate the lies, and the shoddy equipment, but I will not be disrespected for asking a question. Do yourself a favor and go with any other service or beat your head with a brick when you get bored. Both are better options than Xfinity.

After living in Western North Carolina for 3 years having moved from Stuart, FL I bought a condo in Jensen Beach and was forced into Comcast due to the association's contract with them. NIGHTMARE! The worst customer service and product imaginable. They lost my account somehow, billed me twice for the same time frame, billed me when I was on vacation hold, made harassing phone calls to me for payment. All this in spite of me taking 2 hours 20 minutes in line with documents proving my case they Comcast still sent my account to collection.

Thankfully I sent the collection agency my documentation and they dropped it. Case over? Not with frigging Comcast. They sent it to a second collection agency with the same results in my favor. Could I or can I file a suit against them? And their services SUCK. Their DVR has enough recording space for maybe 10 hours. If I recall with DISH I have hundreds of hours. Stay away from Comcast if at all possible. I sold the condo just so I wouldn't to deal with them any longer.

Comcast has the worst customer service that I have ever had to deal with. Four years ago I had Comcast installed at my home, I immediately started having issues. After calling service and having several different technicians attempt to repair the problems I finally had it disconnected. I thought that after they installed new cable in my neighborhood that I would try Xfinity again and set up an installation appointment. To my surprise (sarcasm) nobody showed up or called. I called to be told that I still had a balance from the last time, but nobody ever notified me of this. I will never give Comcast the opportunity to be my provider again.

I've just moved here from NYC where for 18 years I had the distinct pleasure of having Verizon provide me with internet service. I would say that in those 18 years I might have been down maybe 24 hours in total. With good old Comcast, I have had outages lasting up to 6 hours and there have been at least 3 of them. At other times, service has dropped out for anywhere between a minute and 2 hours. In other words, Comcast has beat Verizon - in the space of 35 days no less - in unreliable internet connectivity. I hope that they get a big old plaque or something for this. Because I really know where I'd like it to be 'hung' as it were. Oh, and just one final cherry on this crappy little Sunday. Whenever I call to complain, the agents always manage to make it my fault somehow.

I close my services - no good. Ask for my balance. Wait 2 or 3 weeks for my balance. I make the payment. Check my credit report and they have me in collection for not making my payment. Balance unpaid. So who get my money. They make you feel bad on your credit report. I will report this.

I have had Comcast Triple Play for many years and have enjoyed it tremendously. I love the cable package I have and my Internet speed is very good. I recommended Comcast to friends and family over the years. Until now. On Friday my phone went dead and my modem lights continuously flashed. Cable and Internet were fine. But no dial tone. I called Comcast and spoke to India. The agent recognized that my modem was broken and put in a request to have a new modem sent to me. He said the phone showed "active" on his end so he deduced it was a modem issue. He did not say anything about dispatching a tech. He restarted my old modem 3 times in an effort to give me dial tone, but to no avail.

I called the next day to request a tech be dispatched with a new modem. I was speaking to India again. This agent restarted my modem at least 4 times (I think they must get a bonus for every time they do a restart!!). He had the ticket in front of him and I stress that while the phone looked "active" to him, it was not. There was no dial tone. However, you could leave voicemails since that system resided elsewhere. He would not dispatch a tech. On Sunday I called the "repair team" whose number had been provided by the Saturday agent. They (in India or Philippines) read the ticket and insisted on restarting my modem. This time 3 times. They said the new modem was arriving on Monday and asked me to call them when it arrived.

Sunday evening I received a voicemail from the repair team. My phone service was fixed! Of course, it was not. On Monday I set up a chat to say the modem had not arrived and I needed a tech. I was told a tech could be scheduled 1.5 weeks away. The "chat" tech said my ticket had been closed because the phone was fixed. And there was no record of a modem being mailed. I was almost to the point of tears. EVERY number I called led to an overseas call center who was TONE DEAF.

On Tuesday I planned on going to my local Xfinity store and raising hell... when a new modem arrived. I called the repair team and got the Philippines. I could barely understand her. The accent was very thick. She insisted on restarting my modem before she scheduled a tech. And, of course, to no avail. But she opened a NEW ticket for me. Then fortunately we got cut off. I called back and made an error in my selection and miraculously got a US call center. This agent, Keisha, was fabulous and took action immediately and escalated the dispatching of a tech. I'm now waiting for dispatch to call me with the schedule.

However... about 2 hours after setting things up with Keisha, I received a voicemail from the repair team that my phone was fixed. Of course it was not. I called and touch-toned the same way as before and got a US call center again! And the agent flagged the ticket "DO NOT CLOSE THIS TICKET." for fear the repair team would, again, close my ticket. What can I say. USA, USA, USA!! I am a former call center manager and director and I'm appalled at the total lack of training and lack of authority given to these outsourced agents. They are nothing short of robots. Comcast does not deserve to expand. It was right they were denied Time Warner.

I would only recommend Xfinity to my worst enemy. My bill started at about $100.00 a month, jumped to $120.00 and is now $150.00 after being a customer for two years. They add things on and change things ALL THE TIME without notification. So, I am paying $150.00 a month for BASIC channels, Wi-Fi and a home phone line that I do not use.

One time, I had scheduled an automatic payment and totally forgot about it (my mistake). I called that day to make the payment. No one bothered to make sure I wanted to make a double payment because I had already had one pending. I requested one of the payments be refunded because only one was due. I was told three times that I would be seeing it 5-7 business days. (After being hung up on twice while requesting a supervisor) I finally called and reached a supervisor by the time my next bill was already due and she had advised me that it can not be refunded and she has no idea why I was told it could be. Not to mention no one ever knows what they are talking about when it comes to inquiries on my account! Worst company to go through.

My horrific experience started this past January, when I signed up for Comcast. I scheduled an installment, but when the gentleman arrived, He said that he would have to have a line dropped to the house in order to give me the whole package that I was paying for. He did set me up for basic cable, but I was paying for On Demand, and all of the movie channels, the internet and a phone, all of which were not working. He said that they would have to have a surveyor come out and mark, and then someone would have to drop the wire, and THEN, I would have to call them to set up ANOTHER appointment for them to come out and finish the install. It sounded like a lot of inconvenience on my part and taking off another half vacation day at work, but I really didn't see a choice.

Three weeks later nothing had been done!! In the meantime, I had to have Verizon come and install temporary internet. They also had to drop a wire, which was completed that day! After more calls than I can count with people who didn't have any correct information, and 5 weeks total, I finally got them to finish the job. In the meantime I had already received two bills for the full contract. I tried to explain to the billing department, but the whole thing was either too complicated for them, or they simply didn't care.

About a month later, my cable went out, for no reason. I spent over an hour on the phone with some tech guy, who couldn't accomplish anything, and had to make an appointment for someone to come out. They couldn't accommodate my work schedule, so I had to make arrangements to take another half day off. When the guy showed up, he told me that the equipment that had been installed was old equipment, and could not accommodate the up-to-date system. HUH??? A vacation day wasted, two months, and I actually had what I had ordered. That was April.

In July, I returned home from a trip to find the cable, internet, and phone all out. I called customer service, and was on for another hour while he tried to send signals. He finally said that they would have to come out. I explained that I didn't have any more time off of work and I would need an evening appointment. He told me that they don't provide that. Three days later, I finally, got a friend to wait for them. When they showed up, they determined the problem was in a box underground, and that they would have to send a field tech. Surprisingly, they were able to solve the issue and found that a connector had blown in the underground box. Great!

Two days later everything went out again. I called, yet again, and spent half an hour trying to explain to the tech guy, that there wasn't a problem in the box. He also said that he couldn't get me an evening appointment, but did tell me that they do provide evening appointments. I scheduled an appointment a week out, in order to get an evening appointment. Yesterday was that appointment. I got a call from the tech asking me if he could show up at 2:30 instead because I was his last call. I explained that I was at work.

When he did show up at 5pm, I was unfortunately caught in traffic and arrived at 5:04 for a 5-7 appointment. Triwire Engineering Solutions truck was parked on the street in front of my house. The first thing I saw when I walked around the back of my house looking for the tech, was one of them urinating on my tree! The appointment went down from there. They didn't know what they were doing, and after restarting my box, and nothing happening, they told me that they really couldn't help me, and that I should call Comcast! What??? I told them that was who I called, and they said that they were just contractors. I told them that they could not leave until they had, at least set up a plan to get me back up and running.

During the next two and a half hours, the lead guy told me that I was the problem, and the trainee with him told me that Comcast has the worst customer service, and that the plan being put in place by their supervisor was "ridiculous and stupid." When I went inside the house for a second, they jumped in their truck, and took off. I had to call Comcast again, and set up an appointment for a field tech, one more time. This time I, apparently, don't have to be home, and he is supposedly there right now fixing the problem.

Where are the people running this company? Are they too busy to provide a product and service that they are charging ridiculous prices for? How do they stay in business? As soon as I can, I will be switching companies, but I need more vacation time first, and enough time to talk to their billing department about the contract they hooked me into!

I had an appointment for 8/6/2017. On the night of 8/4/2016 I was online making sure my bill was auto paid and noticed that the web site said that I did not have any appointments. I called customer service and was told that I would need to wait until Wednesday 8/10/2016 for the soonest appointment. I made it pretty clear that I really needed the internet service turned on since it is my job to make sure that and several other high voulume retail sites stay on line and that it is imperative that I have the ability to VPN into our offices. I also made it clear that I would rather not take time off from work since I had just done so to complete my move.

After a couple more calls I finally was moved to an appointment between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm on Tuesday 8/9/2016 which is a 12 hour window that would cause me to be out of work for an entire day not to mention that the communities office is closed until 9:00 am making it impossible for a technician to turn on the cable since they would have no access to the communications room if they arrive at 8:00 am.

I finally got an escalation ticket and was contacted by a gentleman who told me that he would have someone here on Saturday or today yet nobody ever called or showed up after that. I was also told that I could perform a self move and that the equipment would work which was an outright lie. Additionally the first rep I spoke to said that they would touch base with me on Saturday to make sure the equipment move went well and that too was a lie.

On top of it all a couple representatives on the facebook page were just short of rude and basically just kept repeating my appointment date to me instead of trying to solve the problem. The sad part is that a technician merely needed to plug in one single coaxial cable in the communications room to activate my cable, I know this because I watched the technician perform this task already for unit 224 in the same building where I was living last week until an unfortunate set of circumstances forced us to move to another unit. I have been a Comcast customer on and off based on location for about 25 years but at this point I am completely overwhelmed by the lack of courtesy and honesty that the service team has provided.

I called again on 8/8/2016 and asked that my services be disconnected on 8/18/2016 and was told that I would need to have the service installed in order to do that. I can't get the service installed that's why I am calling to cancel. I was also contacted by an executive team member who pretty much blew me off after asking for my account information. I will avoid Comcast at all costs, AT&T u-verse is less expensive, no fees for 2 HD DVR(s), No Fees for modem, comes with premium channels where a comparable package Comcast package does not, and they seem to have great customer service so far.

Internet and phone service has been sketchy forever. Called Comcast, went to Comcast's stores to get self install equipment and guess what, you need Comcast's help. Phones have not rang in my house for three weeks and Comcast wants me to pay $50.00 to fix what they ** up even though I have the service plan. Run from this company!

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