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Volkswagen Jetta

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Last updated: Nov. 4, 2017

425 Volkswagen Jetta Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2017

The low amount of the warranty is a sign of no belief in the product that you are selling. Any vehicle that is before the 2018 models only have a 3/36000 model warranty. The new 2018 models are offered at a 7 year or 60000 mile warranty. This is my first VW JETTA and probably my last. I don’t like a KIA but they offer a 10 year 100000 mile warranty. That tells me that they will stand behind a product that they are selling and believe it will last. Most of the vehicle manufacturers are going to a longer manufacture warranty because they believe they make a better product then the next one.

I guess Volkswagen doesn’t believe in the older models and know that they didn’t make a good quality vehicle. I am referring to a 2015 Jetta Se TSI that I own. It isn’t even a three year old car and I have nothing but things fallen apart or quit working all together. I have always believed that a German made vehicle is top quality and a long lasting one. I guess I am wrong and will go back to a American made vehicle manufacturers. I was going to pay this car off and give it to my daughter as her first car. I believed that I would be giving her a quality car that she could drive and last her thru college. I was wrong on the quality the VW puts out.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

I purchase a Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid used from VW in Orland Park Illinois and it was used. Been having nothing but trouble with it. Seems that the dealership does not inspect their vehicle when they come in. Already the tires were bad. Had trouble with transmission. The sunroof its need a tune up and the computer was upgraded and wiped out my digital speedometer and the manual shifter so I don't know what gear I am in when shifting, and the front end alignment need to be done, a lot of other things. I think you get the drift. Went and seen a Manager there and he gave me to a sale man just to get rid of me.

Thank God I have a extended warranty, the sale person told me my credit was too low to help so I am stuck with the car. I even had to pay for a rental that they set up for me. I am 68 years and had to start working again because my wife pass away and lost her income so I could not pay all my bills. I am a Disabled Veteran and wonder about all they could of done for me? But what they did is nothing, spending a lot of money to fix up this car. What can you do???

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

Within a week or so of owning my brand new 2017 Volkswagen Jetta I noticed the rear driver door popping. I took it to the dealer within days where I was told I was to blame. I knew I had done nothing to cause this issue. The damage further caused more damage to the front driver's door. I informed the dealer I would sue if not repaired.

The dealer Gene Messer Volkswagen point blank lied and said they would have Volkswagen look at it the next business day or I would have no legal recourse. I thought the person was from Volkswagen but it was just the service representative from Gene Messer who again said my fault. I decided to sue small claims court so they sicked their attorney on me who threatened me with legal fees if I pursued the matter.

Not only did Gene Messer forbid me back on their lot now I have no place for warranty work within 100 miles. I will be forced to pay towing for warranty repairs and Volkswagen said there is nothing they can do period! I paid top dollar for this car now I am stuck if it breaks down. I feel so helpless and the more I read about these cars this is the norm for this company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 3, 2017

I have a 2013 and am trying to take advantage of the buyback. This is proving to be an extremely difficult task. VW forces me to jump through an inordinate number of hoops. Their system of downloading documents is not compatible with Chromebook users... REALLY??? Give me a break. Just horrible. Never to purchase VW again... so angry I may never ever buy German ever...

Original review: July 5, 2017

I am the second owner of a 2014 Jetta 5-spd with only 18K miles. It’s been a great car, but driven very little. I purchased it from a trusted used car lot in town and when I brought it in for an oil change last week they informed me that there was a power steering leak and they would bring it to the local VW dealer to be repaired under warranty. This is the second 2014 Jetta they have seen in the last month with this problem. The last was covered under warranty, but the VW dealer informed them that mine was not. I called VW customer service, spent an hour on the phone, and finally was informed that my car is not covered as it was purchased in March 2014, so the 3 year/36K mile warranty had expired, by 3 months. At first the VW customer service rep tried to convince me that the warranty wasn't valid because I hadn't purchased the car at a dealer.

Then the rep tried to convince me that the warranty wasn't valid because I hadn't bought the extended coverage warranty. After being put on hold several times while he researched this more in response to my unwillingness to accept either excuse (the other 2014 Jetta was owned by an acquaintance of mine and was covered under the same circumstance) I asked if VW would cover any of the $1900 repair bill for what was obviously a mechanical failure as the car is very lightly used, 6K miles annually, and he flat refused on VW's behalf. I consider this to be very poor customer service and will simply not purchase another VW again, nor would I recommend one to any family/friends in the market for a new/used car. VW has lost a customer for good as a result of this poor handling of their warranty period in the face of a very well maintained car.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 21, 2017

Engine suddenly failed at 100k miles - no warning whatsoever. The company won't stand behind the vehicle, despite the fact that the car has been serviced on time and at dealership service centers. The experience with the dealership and corporate has been ridiculous. Will never buy another VW again. I'm not supporting a company that doesn't value its customer and who doesn't put safety/reliability first.

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Original review: April 28, 2017

I purchased my car back in May last year (2016). Sad because I was a huge fan of VW. Not anymore. The sticker price on my car was 19,000. I recently tried to find out how much the car was worth trade in value and I was shocked. The car is worth $8,000. I still owe $25,000 on the car because of $3200 negative equity I rolled over from my other car. I've paid on this car for just about a year now and I have absolutely no equity. This is terrifying. All because of the buyback of diesels? I feel horrible for all the customers who purchased one. They better reimburse me for my losses or I'll see them in court! This is the worst business relationship I have ever dealt with. Top it off, my driver's side seat is ripped. They call it wear and tear and I call it poor manufacturers! I'll never in my life buy from VW again!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 2, 2017

10/28/2016 dash light came on so I took it to VW for diagnosis and repair. The dealer stated it was a problem with the EGR valve and it needed replacing. Parts and labor cost: $1,560. 3/27/2017 dash light came on and took it to VW dealer/repair center for diagnosis. The dealer stated there is black soot build-up on the EGR Filter Pipe and need a new one along with a Diesel Particulate Filter. The dealer said the repairs would be $7,500! Obviously I declined the repairs this second time. I bought the diesel because the engines are supposed to last a long time and it is a "clean burning" diesel. Hah! I will NEVER buy another Volkswagen again!! What a scam! And yes, I have now decided to do the "buy-back" option. The engines may last a long time but everything else breaks down on it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 30, 2017

I always thought that a Volkswagen was a great vehicle to buy. The people I've known that had them ran for over 200k miles with no problem. I bought my 2009 Jetta Wolfsburg with 50k miles and thought it was great that was until at 58k miles. The rear main seal started leaking. I had it repaired just before my warranty ended thankfully. When it was in the shop for about a week I called the dealer to check in on it and they said it'd be done the next day. So the next day I waited for the call but there wasn't any. I waited two more days then gave them another call. When I gave my name they said "oh yes your vehicle has been done for three days." Great communication in that place.

Then at 80k miles the key started sticking a bit then one day when I went out to start it and the key wouldn't turn. I called the tow truck and had it towed to the same dealer. I'm sorry I did. The car was there on a Tuesday. I got the quote the same day. I didn't hear from the dealer until the next Wednesday. When I did I was told my parts arrived early morning and that my car would be done the next day. I waited until 2pm the next day then called the dealer and they now said my parts just arrived and my vehicle won't be done until the next day. Hopefully this time they are right. Needless to say I'm never buying another VW. Their dealerships have no communication between parts and service and the vehicles are nothing but problems.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2017

It seems the TDI models aren't the only ones taking a hit. Our 2016 Jetta has lost almost 50% of its value, customer service sucks. Don't buy a VW. The car has already had to have the rear view mirror reinstalled, door seals replaced, and has been in the shop for a intermittent transmission problem that according to VW is normal for that model, the microphone is placed on top of the driver side air vent so if the a/c is on while you make a call it sounds like your in a air tunnel (WV response was it's because it's the cheapest vehicle, so it's not their problem), if you roll a window down when you're listening to music it sounds like the speakers are blown. Don't buy a VW.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 18, 2017

I have been trying since November to get VW to take back my 2010 Jetta Diesel 2.0L TDI. On more than five occasions, I have submitted their required paperwork to the VWGoA Online Claims website. VW keeps inventing one excuse after another to find a problem with my documentation. They dispute that I have the authority to sell the car back to VW. I have also talked on the phone multiple times with their agents, and they are all profusely apologetic, but they nonetheless will not actually just say "yes, we agree to buy back the car." This is UNACCEPTABLE! VW is the one that cheated all of us, and now I am stuck with a car that VW will not take back and that I can't actually sell to another private party. If a lawyer is reading this and can help me, please contact me.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 18, 2017

2016 Jetta VW GLI. First week, blown fuse was unable to charge my phone. Check oil light came on the second month I got this problematic car. I purchased this car January 2016. After "pulling teeth" many many many oil consumption tests, they gave me a new engine in November 2016. Fast forward to January 2017, two months after the new engine was put in, the check oil light came on again! Checked the dipstick and oil very low. Went back to the dealership, they added 3/4 of oil to the engine. And told me it was "normal" to burn this much oil.

Then just recently, February 11th, 2017, as I was driving on interstate 95 south (busy Miami area), the EPC came on! Thank God my car did not stalled, loss power, loss acceleration, or stopped in the middle of the highway. It would have been a big accidents involving cars next to me, in front of me and behind me. Again, thank God no accident occurred. Before purchasing the GLI I honestly thought that I would not run into any issues with VW product like other consumers. I thought I would have better luck. I am extremely disappointed in their product. I have one question to VW, what happened to QUALITY CONTROL Department, did they all quit?

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 16, 2017

Our 2015 VW Jetta TDI w/ 15000 km def tank damage and wiring is destroyed also. Same Complaints as many other VW Jetta owners. This is where the conditions of the road come up and destroy the undercarriage that is right behind the right side of the rear tire, exposing wires, our quote was $1600.00 which wasn't covered under warranty. Finding that this is a common thing happening with the Jetta and VW Isn't going to Cover this under warranty. Maybe they should FIX THE PROBLEM!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 13, 2017

VW Jetta 2013 TDI - I completed all my paperwork for returning my TDI. I own my vehicle. The automated form stated I was ready to be considered for buyback. The paperwork according to the operator (I finally reached after waiting some 40 mins) was submitted to the auditors just before Thanksgiving! Here we are Mid January 2017 and not a peep from VW. They are supposed to respond in ten days then make an appointment in another 10 days. Nada. This is beyond anyone's patience and falls under the label "unprofessional". VW need to be forced by the legal entity in the US to follow the judgment rulings. What, if anything, can we do to put pressure on this company? Suggestions?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2017

I must say I was completely impressed with how VWGoA handled the TDI buyback. The process is tedious but if you pay close attention it goes very smooth. I really loved my 2011 Sportwagen and hated to see it go but the settlement in my case was awesome I believe. It had 165k miles and never gave me any problems. I did the oil changes myself but other than that never had anything go wrong. They gave me more than it was worth. I still have faith in German technology and style.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

After my car was a total loss in a collision, I shopped for a replacement. I was fortunate to find a 2008 Jetta SEL in excellent condition, one owner and carfax certified. The first things that impressed me were the fit and finish. Standard equipment was abundant and included things I would never expect, such as heated seats, multiple airbags, premium sound with in-dash 6-disc cd, and satellite. Moreover, the Jetta is a blast to drive. One can drive with confidence since it accelerates like a rocket -- no worries about performance lagging while passing other vehicles -- and the rock-solid handling is a plus. Overall, the Jetta is a very impressive unit that I am very proud to own!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 23, 2016

I am sitting here after spending over $10,000 on a VW Jetta TDI that I need to have repaired to sell back due to the emissions scandal. First, I experienced a bad fuel issue that guess what? Was not bad fuel according to my insurance company. Had to get a new fuel tank when I continually put top tier diesel in my car. However, it is interesting that these cars cannot drive on the diesel that the government seems to be pushing. Now the engine is dead with absolutely no warning. No lights or any indicators just a little over a month from having to pay for a new fuel tank. This company has no business operating and selling such lemons and lying to the public. Never again will I ever buy a VW. Ever! I think we need to sue for more restitution!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 22, 2016

There are no words to describe the anger and frustration that I feel dealing with endless problems this car has. I bought the car brand new. Never got the advertised mileage 42, but merely 28 mostly highway. Bluetooth never worked, no one could hear me. Electrical issues, windows would not open or close. Moon roof malfunctioned twice each time $1000 cost. Transmission leak another $1000 paid. Now turbo fan at the cost of $4400. I was hoping to drive this car at least 15 year. 6 year $29,000 price tag have to buy a car all over again. When I would call for MPG issues, I was told car is too new to perform to that level. And 6 years later is too old to perform to advertised MPG level. You cannot win.

I have filed a claim for buy back option in August. Today, end of December, I was told my paper work must be resubmitted, because they have discarded my paper work by mistake. Even though I have send all requested via email and uploaded on the website. I am dealing with bastards. I will never look at VW again. Only 6 years later from purchasing I have no car to drive. I have to buy a new car without waiting for the settlement offer. So I have waited 4 months to hear that they have discarded my paperwork. I am the original owner and should of rather easy case to determine the eligibility. BASTARDS AT VOLKSWAGEN. NEVER AGAIN. CON ARTISTS. I cannot imagine the frustration of the others who were fighting all along without the VW settlement. IT BRINGS LITTLE COMFORT.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 13, 2016

Called Volkswagen about my claim I filed on October 25th, 2016. My packet was complete, no one has any knowledge of what's going on. All they do is talk over you when you're trying to tell them how you feel and they just talk over you. I think VW is trying to pull the wool over the consumer. The longer they wait the more interest they make on us. If we don't watch out they're going to file bankruptcy and we're all screwed. BBA get on top of this. Consumer need your help with our complaints. It's been 45 days and still no packet. Shame on you VW. My family and I have always bought Volkswagens. Never again will I ever buy a car from you.

Original review: Nov. 29, 2016

I own a 2013 VW Jetta TDI that is subject to the recall approved by court settlement. I would like to echo other reviews that have described the process as convoluted and frustrating. Every piece of information received to date has been inaccurate and misleading. I tried calling the claims number and after being hung up on (I am always professional on calls to hopefully prevent this behavior), transferred then hung up on, calling back and hung up on, etc, etc., I realized the "Claim" telephone number is only provided to meet the legal settlement, NOT TO PROVIDE ANY information. I seriously considered buying another VW as I love my Jetta but after this experience, I will have to reconsider. Of course, then there is my family members and extended family and all of my friends. Needless to say, this bad will is like ripples in a pond.

Original review: Nov. 7, 2016

I have never posted reviews on the internet before. However, having just called VW TDI Team and VW customer "care", I feel compelled to add my story to this forum. I have a cheating 2011 Sportwagen Jetta which I purchased in San Jose with 280 miles on it; it now has a mere 48K on the odometer, most of it highway miles. I was happy with the car for about three years. Then the issues started to pile up. A few months ago it stopped recognizing the key. Changing the battery in the fob did not help so I took it to the dealership. They immediately changed the instrument cluster to the tune of 1300 dollars. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that did not solve the issue. So they put back the old cluster and changed the battery and discharged the capacitor for 600 bucks--a real "bargain", according to them. Needless to say, I was not happy with the bargain given that the car is under recall but I sucked it up.

Fast forward to last Friday. The immobilizer got activated for no reason whatsoever. Neither key works and it took me two hours to get it towed, using VW complimentary road assistance, to the same bargain-filled dealership. The dealership wants 160 dollars just to examine the issue and tell me what's going on. They already hinted that it probably needs a new computer or something, and it sure is going to be costly. Thinking myself very clever, I asked the dealership to wait until I call VW TDI settlement and sort it out with them. As you can imagine, that did not go too well. The TDI team refused to help me in any way arguing that there is a "process" and so on and so forth. They would not expedite the claim or ask the dealership to hold the car until the claim is resolved. Further, they insist that the car must be operable in order for them to buy it back.

The TDI settlement rep adamantly refused to put her superior on the phone. First she said there was no one around other than her. Yeah, right! Then she said someone can call me back within three days. In frustration, I called VW customer care only to hear the same rehearsed song. The supervisors are busy and the reps have no power to help given the warranty terms. Bottom line: I have to fix the damn immobilizer and then wait for VW to go through its process. In the end, they'll to pay me substantially less than I have spent on the car with all of the repairs.

And, speaking of repairs, I have found whole forums devoted to faulty VW immobilizers and other electrical... uhm, "anomalies." Granted my tale is not nearly as miserable as some, but it is a small consolation. In conclusion, I say: VW is a horrible company. They cheat consumers, ruin the environment, and care not at all about their brand and its impact on the world. I rue the day I bought VW and I will not make the same mistake ever again. Don't be fooled by their "We are trying to make things right" slogan. They are not.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2016

I have VW Jetta 2015. Got it brand new. After 1 year the backup camera stopped working correctly. I went to dealership 4 times!!! And now the brakes started to make an awful noise. Dealer told me that it is normal. But I am waking neighbors with this sound!!! I make videos all the time. I have a lot of them! I am about to go to court. I have everything to prove that my car is not working how it is supposed to!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2016

I own a 2012 Jetta and it has been the worst experience ever! For over a year now it has been stalling on me in traffic. Dealership can't fix the problem! There is obviously a defect in these cars and they will not admit it. I plan on filing a Lemon Law claim against VW and hope I qualify! There have been several attempts by VW to fix the problem and it still is stalling on me! This is ridiculous and I wish I would have read all these bad reviews prior to my purchase! There are only 30k miles on the car!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2016

I bought a 2010 VW Jetta in Fargo in May of 2012. The engine light came on almost immediately. The only authorized service provider was in Fargo, 270 miles from where I live, Valley Imports, Fargo. Over twelve months, I took the car to Fargo six times, wherein the sixth time, they had the car for six days. Soon thereafter, the warranty period had expired. Just as had been the case the previous five times, I got in the car, turned the key to find the engine light still on. I gave up and eventually the engine light went out. Until March of 2013 when I took kids to MT to ski when in Miles City, the car would not go above 40 MPH so I took it to Billings VW where I left it and got a loaner to continue the ski trip.

The next day I called VW Billings, they told me it would cost $3500 to fix. The second day I called, the price went up to $5500 to fix. I told them the car had been nothing but a tremendous expense and aggravation for me, so keep it. My husband had made a reasonable deal over the phone with a sales woman to trade in the VW horror car for a Subaru Outback. By the time I got to Billings VW, some little car dealer (who has since left VW and now I cannot find) had torn up the original contract that my husband had agreed to on the phone and proceeded to take me to the cleaners giving me $13,900 on a trade in for a Subaru, for the VW I still owed $15,975 on.

Granted, I have blamed myself for 3 years for being so stupid to fall victim to a car sales conman, but I had kids who needed to get back to school and had to drive 600 miles to get them there and 1 day left to do it in. I called within 3 days after I realized how badly I had been ripped off and how badly I did not like the Subaru. They told me there is no return policy and good luck. This whole deal ate at me like a cancer so in the spring of 2016, I called Billings VW and told a new salesman how badly I had been ripped off. He assured me he'd make it right by giving me a tremendous deal on another VW. I was highly suspect, but thought it would be the only way I could recover from this nightmare so I replaced the windshield, drove 800 miles round-trip, spent a night in a hotel, only to get to VW Billings to find an unkempt, unprofessional salesman who wanted me to test drive a car.

I figured he was lying throughout the numerous phone conversations, so I refused and went inside to find that he intended to make me such a deal that would've raised my car payment from $458 per month to over $750. It was all lies. NOW, as I'm sure you all know, VW has had to come clean because of a class action suit of known emission problems with those cars and illegal emission reports. They are now being forced to buy back this junk and as my luck would have it because I dumped the junk before the lawsuit, I have absolutely no recourse, not that VW would've made any concessions for such horrible products, sales and so-called service.

I have lost so much money from that car, I cannot afford to trade the Subaru so I get to pay for it, drive it and be buried in it because that's how badly I have been ripped off. The moral of the story is do not buy a car under pressure, do not buy anything from Valley Imports, Fargo or VW Billings and unless you have a bottomless bank account because that's exactly what you're going to need and most importantly, whatever you do, do not buy a VW. Ever.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2016

Lots of problems with my VW Jetta TDI Limp Mode. NHTSA doesn't have any other complaints on VW Limp Mode - that's odd given all the VW forum feedback. Share your VW diesel Limp Mode experience with these dedicated DOT employees: **.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2016

75 miles an hour, 99000 miles I heard a Big Bang. The car came to a bolt in the fast lane. Car was regular service at the dealer. Turbo blew an engine charged $6000 at Murrieta in California Volkswagen. They had car 2 weeks. 24 hours after I got it back car was dead. Apparently they then said meta was l in the engine!!! They should have seen that on initial inspection. They wanted thousands more to repair it for the second time. That was the end of that car. I'm still paying for that car even though I no longer have it!! Run from Volkswagen!!! I don't know if legal action can be taken against Volkswagen.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2016

Let me start by saying I have always been a VW fan. My first car was a 59 rag-top Beetle and I have owned several other air-cooled VW's over the years but never had the opportunity to get into a diesel, although I always wanted to. In 2010 I saw the new TDI's and now own a 2009 Jetta TDI that I bought in 2010 from Murrieta VW, in Southern California.

The car originally was an internal VW Executive's lease and never sold until I bought the car, with just over 6000 miles on the odometer. The car had been custom ordered by the exec with the TDI-Cup full body kit, custom VW 18" wheels, a GTI steering wheel, and other custom touches that make this car really stand out and almost one of a kind. I have maintained the car in excellent condition with low miles (approx. 7,200 mi/yr.) and until now have had no complaints with the vehicle. I've enjoyed the performance and fuel economy but within the last week the reality of the expense of owning this car hit home.

I live in Southern California in an area that does not have a VW dealer close by so I use Bob Baker VW in Carlsbad, as it is within 12 miles from my office and I can shuttle back and forth between work and the dealership. I registered my car a couple of months ago on the VW website and even though I selected the "sell back" option, I really considered keeping it and letting VW install the "fix" because I do like the car and was not happy with the $9,600.00 buy-back offer (plus the $5K for my troubles), especially since I paid $26K for the car when purchased (Note: I paid cash, at a time when our four daughters were in high school and bound for college. Do you know how long it took to save $26K with a mortgage in Southern California, four daughters, a wife, and two dogs to provide for? This purchase represented far more than a new car, it represented roughly 8 years of sacrifice for my family!).

The check engine light came on last Wednesday and I made arrangements with Bob Baker service department to have it checked out last Friday. The service writer called mid-day and informed me that at 65K miles, one of the O2 sensors had failed. Not a big deal. I have replaced several on other vehicles myself and I know what is involved. The initial shock came when I got to the dealership Friday evening, in the form of a $500.00 charge for replacing one O2 sensor. Since VW uses a proprietary CAN-Bus architecture, they are the only ones that can diagnose the fault and they are going make you pay for that privilege. OUCH!

Let's see, $124.00 to diagnose, one hour to install so that's another $124.00, with an O2 sensor cost of $248.00, leaving my wallet $509.36 lighter than when I arrived (Wow, dealership prices! No wonder people try to avoid dealership service if they can). Then on the way home Friday evening, the check engine light came back on. I took the car back to the dealership Monday morning and was informed mid-day that the diesel particulate filter had failed, causing the O2 sensor that was just replaced to fail again. I was told that the sensor would be replaced under warranty but the real problem is the DPF, which is going to cost almost $6000.00 to replace. YES, $6000.00!

How is it possible that VW designed a car that at roughly 65K miles, requires a $6000.00 piece of exhaust pipe to remain emissions compliant? I know, it's more than just a pipe but come on, how could they possibly design an exhaust system part that is more expensive to replace than an engine or transmission in most other cars? Obviously I balked at the price and told them there is no way I am going to spend that kind of money for one part that is two-thirds the value of the entire car, according to VW (refer to the above buy back offer).

After cooling down I called the service writer again and was informed that VW has extended the warranty on the DPF to 8 years or 80,000 miles and that VW would cover this under warranty. OK, that's more like it but that is not the end of the story. I just got off the phone with the service writer and while the DPF and O2 sensor have been replaced, my car is throwing a hard code for soot, which it should not do since the DPF and O2 sensor are new. They now need to keep my car until they can consult with a VW specialist tomorrow but at least I get a loaner for the day.

One more item of note; while waiting for the shuttle from the dealership this morning I happened to chat with a retired gentleman that brought his 2012 Golf TDI with 61K miles in for the exact same issue. His check engine light came on and they quoted him $5,800.00 to install the DPF and they really tried to make him pay for it. Only after his daughter, who is an attorney, made several calls did VW offer to cover it under warranty.

So there you have it. For all of those folks like me who are/were contemplating keeping your TDI after the fix, you need to know the true cost of future repairs you are going to encounter before you finalize your decision. Had this DPF failure not occurred when it did, I would have let them fix the car and then would have been stuck with the repair at a later date. And even though the part has been covered under an extended warranty this time, what will happen in another 65K miles when it fails again? Will this part be changed as part of the overall fix? Who knows?

Maybe if VW is forced to add urea injection to make the cars California emissions compliant, the DPF design will have to change to accommodate it and maybe it will last longer but at this point I am not willing to take that risk. One thing I know for sure, VW took a design that was legendary for engine longevity, overall economy and great fuel mileage, then installed emissions cheating software and turned it into a money pit while not informing the consumer of the true cost of keeping the car emissions compliant. I understand the diesel design had to change to meet stringent emissions requirements but who in their right mind would buy a car if they knew up front it would require replacement of a $6000.00 part every 65,000 miles? This was the clincher for me and it is now time to cut my losses, try to get all I can from VW for my car, and give my money to the competition.

To VWOA and its parent company VWAG, you have lost this customer for life. You've sold a sham to the public and turned many, many fans into disgruntled owners. Your shareholders despise you for what you have done to erase their value and it will be a long time before anyone believes in your brand again. As a corporation, you deserve what you get for the lie you have perpetrated on the very public that have supported you, your brand-loyal customers. Signed: Another disgruntled owner.

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Original review: Aug. 13, 2016

I purchased my Jetta, used certified. It performed well, mechanically. Until I recently got into a car accident and totalled the car. The accident impacted the front of the car. There was no front end left. Not one single air bag opened. This car had dual air bags. Not even a small burst. Thankfully my family was not in the car. Out of concern for other VW cars out there, I called Volkswagen to share this incident. Their response was that the type of accident I had, the air bags did not need to deploy. I find this concerning as my entire front end was gone and the car was a complete loss.

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Original review: Aug. 4, 2016

Don't buy or lease Volkswagen. Multiple, multiple issues with the EPC light coming in and the car stalling many times, sometimes sequentially, in dangerous places like the freeway. VW was very unhelpful, passing the ball from one department to another. This car has been terrible from the get go. Learn from my mistake. Stay away from VW. Will never use them again.

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Original review: July 14, 2016

I have only been a Volkswagen customer for four months, a decision I regret. I have had my radio go out after renewing my satellite radio. From research and after talking to a couple of Volkswagen reps, this is a known and documented problem on the 2010-2012 Jetta. It is almost $1K to get it replaced. It is out of factory warranty and although it is a known problem Jetta refuses to accept responsibility and fix the issue. I traded in my 10 year old Chevy and thought I was upgrading by buying my first Jetta. Lesson learned. As a business owner I understand that mistakes can happen and faulty products/supplies can happen. I want to support a company that stands by their products and they don't. Please do your research first.

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