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About Volkswagen

Volkswagen is a German car manufacturer of sedans, SUVs, wagons, convertibles and compact cars. Read reviews for their models:

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Volkswagen Reviews

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Nov. 21, 2023

I had issues with the light coming on my car saying low coolant for three months. I kept taking it into the shop for them to look at it. They kept putting coolant in it, saying it was fine. I kept telling them something was wrong. It’s a 2023 Taos. Well finally the check engine light came on and I could no longer drive. My car ended up having a blown head gasket due to the local issue which is a known issue apparently with that car. Parts are on back order for months. I called the executive service team to get some help because I have no car and no loaner car because they had so many cars in the shop and they wouldn’t do anything. They never even apologized or anything. Worst customer service. First Volkswagen I’ve ever owned and will be the last. Let’s not even talk about the car. It’s self losing power all the time because it needed a system. Update took them several months to get the update.

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Reviewed Oct. 26, 2023

My Tiguan was in collision..I have sent it to repair shop. They repaired the body damage in a week but they didn’t get the part which is ordered by Volkswagen which they ordered 5 months back … totally disappointed.. I have asked the dealership to provide the rental because The delay in getting my vehicle repair due to manufacturer not providing part and they denied saying that Volkswagen is not providing rental for repairs.

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    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2023

    I bought my 2015 Golf TDI in 2019. In February 2022 the Adblue warning light came on (500 km the car will not start). The dealer took the car in and gave me a loaner with no knowledge of when the part would come in. It is now October 2023 and the dealer says the part is at least another 6 months away… there is no evidence that the part is ever coming. VW customer support say they care about the customer and the costs involved but they are now $25k + in rental car cost, it will be $5k + to make my car road-worthy, with no end in sight. The car has been sat outside in all elements and is now rusting as the rust prohibitor is powered by the battery which is now dead. The dealer is trying to facilitate a trade assistance but VW Canada are not cooperating. The lack of true oversight and integrity is shameful!

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    Reviewed Oct. 2, 2023

    Ok Services’s not all is supposed to be feeling like I was robbed. They run checks they say and it not checking everything only certain things. Every time something different so it’s more and more money instead of fixing everything.

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    Customer ServiceCoveragePrice

    Reviewed Aug. 30, 2023

    Bought a 2021 Jetta for my daughter in April 2021 since I got a good deal. In Oct 2022, during an oil change the dealer told me the rear brakes are down to a 1!!! At less than 15000 miles which was ridiculous. They also told me the brakes are only covered for 1 yr so I am out of warranty. Well I got the brakes fixed from Midas and in December of 2022 I get a letter from VW indicating the brake warranty has been extended for upto 2 yrs because obviously they knew the 2021 cars had bad brakes. Well I submitted my claim for the repair cost like they told me to and then VW Customer service comes back telling me that they can't pay because Midas used aftermarket parts which is ironic since the original factory brakes were so bad to begin with.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 27, 2023

    I purchased a brand new 2022 Volkswagen on August 29th, 2022, the car had 11 miles on it. I had a trade is for $7000.00 and I put down $5500 a total of $12,500.00. I purchased a brand new car thinking I wouldn’t have any issues like a used car. On November 18, 2022 I brought the car in because I was hearing noises, when they serviced the car had serious problems. They had to change the transmission they kept my car for over 3 weeks. I requested a buy back because I was extremely upset that a brand new car would have such serious problem. I submitted all the necessary paperwork they request to tell me over a month later I don’t qualify because the car only had one issue.

    Fast forward to June 26, 2023 I took the car back to Volkswagen because I heard a metal rubbing noise that was loud while I was driving. They kept my car for 3 days because they said my EVAP was seized. And my rate housing was replaced. This car is completely bad and I tried to return It and it keeps having issues. I’ve had this car for 10 months with major issues, more issues I have ever had with a used car! This company is completely the worst and this has been the worst experience of my life. I have children I thought I bought a reliable car and I bought a lemon. I even spoke the salesman that I purchased the car with and told him my headaches and Me he told me, "That's why you have warranty," what do I want him to do. This has been a complete nightmare again. I requested another buyback and now I’m waiting for another response. I do not want this vehicle!

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    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Aug. 24, 2023

    As a 5-time VW owner in the past 10 years, I was an advocate for the brand. 2013 MK-6-R, 2014 30th Anniversary Jetta, 2016 Mk-7-R, 2018 Tiguan SEL, 2021 1st Edition Id4. My Id 4 has been a problem child, since October of last year (2022) recall notices were received for items, parts could not be allocated for to resolve, yet, among other issues resolved (headlight, etc.). Finally, on April 24th month (Lemon Law expiration) parts became available, dealer had rescheduled me 4 times in 30 days due to no parts arriving. I was asked to drop off my Id4 on May 30, where it spent right at 60+ days. towards the end I got for a week and had to take it back for Electrical System Failure and Brake System Failure needing Service, not comforting to see when you are at highway speeds. Reckless and unaccountable how VW has treated my circumstances having denied a buy back request.

    As mentioned, I only exceeded my Lemon law time frame due to them not having and not shipping parts timely. I forwarded all service details (local dealer did all they could with what they had. No direct contact, generic 800. I am floored as to how disgusting their treatment and response to me beyond reasonable circumstances have been. We will never own another VW in our household again and will for certain post on every media channel and discourage anyone from doing so. Seriously all I did wrong was buy a car. By the way they have low skillset and distinctively poor speech call center people who cannot speak properly. I'd rather work through a language barrier with someone enthusiastic and intelligent. A Colossal Cluster as the thanks for my loyalty from VW.

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    Customer Service

    Reviewed Aug. 7, 2023

    I am 2.5 years into a lease with an ID4. 3 recall I am on and on the last 1 the car has now been in the shop for over 1 month waiting for parts. I asked for lease buy back given that the product has not been accessible to me but NFW..., "They are really sorry how I feel about this, but there is not enough of a repair history to consider a buy-back"... Well... How much more do you need? So essentially you have a poor product with an overlay of poor customer service. Never, ever Volkswagen again...!

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    Customer ServiceContract & TermsStaff

    Reviewed June 7, 2023

    I am going through a divorce, which is difficult enough. Unfortunately, my vehicle has my husband's name listed first on the contract. My name IS on the contract, it is not ONLY in my husband's name, his is just listed first. I asked for my name to be added - not for his to be removed, just mine added - to the bill/invoice so that the post office will stop forwarding the bills to my husband at his new address, but apparently that's impossible for them to do. I do find it funny that they had ZERO issue taking MY money from MY account that doesn't have my husband listed, but they couldn't print my name on the bill simply because his name was listed first. The manager that I spoke to, Grant, even had to audacity to tell me before I hung up that I can call back any time and they be happy to take care of me - even though they did nothing to take care of my or my issue. I will never be doing business with this company again if that is how they treat their customers.

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    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed May 7, 2023

    This is going to be a long post so the TLDR version is I would HIGHLY recommend NOT buying a Volkswagen ID 4. The long version. Let me start by saying we’ve been VW fans most of our adult lives. My first car was a 91 VW Fox, we had an 06 Jetta, a 2019 Atlas SE R-Line and a 2021.5 Atlas SEL Premium. We recently, about three months ago, traded in our 2021.5 VW and leased a 2022 ID 4 Pro S. I’ve been very fascinated with them since they started talking about them a few years ago and we went to Heritage VW Parkville to try and get into a smaller vehicle since the Atlas felt like a bus living in the city. We test drove the Taos, the Tiguan, and the ID 4. I was thrilled with the way the ID 4 drove. It’s so much fun to drive and I truly love the car… around the city.

    The advertised range on a full charge is 250 miles. I completely understand that there are factors that will affect that such as outside temp, speed, terrain, and weather. We took our first road trip from Baltimore to Charlotte, NC towards the end of March 2023 and I was completely flabbergasted by how much extra time we had to spend charging the vehicle. It’s a 426 miles trip from our door to my sister in-law's house that should take roughly 6.5-7 hours to drive. I usually tack on an hour with extra stops since we have a 4 year old and two small dogs.

    I drove 5 miles over the posted speed limit the whole way and It took us 12 hours to get there with the four stops for charging at an almost an hour per stop to charge. I thought that because the temps were in the 40s and it was raining that maybe this greatly affected the range so I was anxious for the drive home since it the weather was much nicer, 60-70s and sunny. Nope…4 more times to stop and charge on the way home turning the 7ish hour trip into 12.

    The following week my wife contacted the dealership to express how disappointed we were with the performance of the car and explained that this would not work for our family since we make the 6-8 hour drive often to see our families. Mine live in Lake Placid, NY and hers in the Charlotte, NC area. The salesman that she spoke with attempted to get us to come in and see what we could do about the car. At this point I asked to be added to the email thread because I refused to go sit in the showroom for 6 hours while they ran numbers when we had just purchased the car from them two months prior and we knew that a Tiguan would be our best option.

    They agreed to run numbers for us via email so that we could see our options and when the first sheet came we almost lost it when they said we had to eat $15,000 to get out of this car… The car truly does not work for our family so we talked it over and decided that if that’s what we had to do to get out of it then so be it. They didn’t have a Tiguan in a trim level that was comparable to the Atlas we traded in so my wife was not happy but at this point we were willing to do whatever to get out of this car. We were literally in the room signing paperwork when VW Credit told the salesperson they would not roll that much negative equity into a Tiguan because it would not hold the value so we were back to square one after spending 6 hours in the dealership with our 4 year old, which was what I was trying to avoid.

    By the end of the back and forth they had figured out that if we went into an Atlas Cross Sport that it would work as far as the negative equity was concerned. But this was not going to work for us because it was almost $150 more a month for a lesser car than we had traded in originally and completely negated the whole reason we went into the dealership in the first place, to get a smaller vehicle for the city.

    We were both burnt out after all the back and forth and told the sales manager, Charles, that we needed the think about it because we felt like given the situation that Volkswagen should step up a bit on the trade in since we had gotten a car that did not work as advertised. Charles had told us before we left to contact VW Customer Care because sometimes in these situations they’ve been known to help by providing some sort of credit towards another car which he thought would at least get us back down to what we were currently paying and get us into a car that would work for us.

    The next day we contacted VW Customer Care and explained our situation and expressed what we were looking for to which the reply was “We don’t offer credits towards new cars.” We were a bit taken aback by this since Charles has shown us paperwork from VW giving another customer a credit to use towards another car (he was sure to hide and information that could have identified the customer who had received the credit.). The customer support rep continually told us that she could not give us a credit but continued to ask how she could help. It was very confusing, and as a Software Support Manager I knew she was trying to lead us in a different direction to ask a question in a manner to where she could help us.

    We finally got there after a very frustrating and confusing 30 minutes and she said she could open a case for us to begin the buyback process. The first thing she asked us was if we had taken the car in to be looked at. The answer was no and I was a little surprised that the dealership hadn’t suggested it when I started to think about it more (as was the VW Care Support Rep). She told us at that point she couldn’t do anything else for us until the car had been looked at.

    We called the dealership immediately and attempted to schedule a service appointment. They asked if I had planned to wait with the car while they ran diagnostics or if I planned to drop it off. I said I would wait because it’s our only vehicle and she transferred me over to the shop manager who then explained that I needed to leave the car with them because the diagnostics would take a while but they didn’t have a loaner to provide me.

    This doesn’t work as it’s our only means of transportation. I reached back out to the sales manager Charles to see if he could help and he said he would speak with the GM and Shop Manager to get something worked out. He has called two more times since then to tell me they don’t have a loaner and I’ve called the other VW dealerships in the area including Antwerpen Volkswagen and Heritage Volkswagen Catonsville. Antwerpen said they didn’t have the trained technicians to work on ID 4s and Catonsville never returned my phone calls.

    This past week we had to drive to Lake Placid to help my mother move and it’s been the same thing all over again. What should be a 7-8 hour trip, with stops, has been 11- 12 hours due to having to stop and charge. We left Malta, NY with a 100% charge and made it 124 miles before we had to stop again because we were at 3%. Again, only going 5 over the posted speed limit and in eco mode.

    When we return home I am taking the car to the dealership and dropping it off and getting a rental car out of pocket so they can do the damn diagnostic test and we can start the buyback process. I’ve been trying to work through the proper channels and follow the provided directions but this is absolute garbage and has ruined any remaining trust I have in VW as a company. I truly will do whatever it takes to get out of this lease and away from this brand and will tell everyone I know to stay away as well.

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