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Thanks to the fabulous engineering at Volkswagen USA, my 2001 VW Jetta 1.8 Turbo has been in and out of VW dealerships like salmon up the stream during mating season. As an honest man or woman you are lost to these salesmen and corporate (types) at VW. I have seen a water pump recently kill the timing belt and the cylinder head, some 15,000 miles before the water pump should ever have to be replaced. I've seen the all-too-often problems of the repeated check engine light, windows, and anything but expected performance out of my VW Jetta.

If not for one great dealership (Hyannis Volkswagen), my experience with VW service would be horrendous to say the least. First of all, VW service is $65+ an hour for labor, but who is really getting paid this money? Twenty bucks an hour to the techs, 15 of those dollars to healthcare and all the goodies, 10 more for overhead, while leaving 20 dollars plus to the pockets of the greediest and could-care-less-about-their-customer "businessmen" in the world.

I used to say I love my VW, now all I can say is I hate it and I hate the company. Advice: never, ever, buy a VW. Why pay $20,000 to drive one off the lot plus another $10,000 grand to "service" it before it reaches 50,000 miles? To all those folks out there in my predicament, and I know there are thousands of you, my heart goes out to each and every one of you.

So after dealing with the Strong's VW dealership, they are refusing to do a service that says right in the manual they are required to do. Now they are making excuses like their machine was down for a month and now their worker is gone for a month... I am now trying to call VW of America to report this and can't get a hold of anyone. It has been 2 hours... sitting on the phone and it says they are open. This is ridiculous. If this is how they treat customers over a simple issue like a radio code, I can only imagine if I encounter a bigger issue.

The windshield on my Beetle with 4700 miles spontaneously cracked overnight, with no previous stone chips, car crashes or pothole collisions. The break is an obvious stress fracture, coming from the side of the glass and extending into the windshield. Customer Care first said that all defects, including glass are covered. The dealership where I brought the car (who was not really interested in the problem and assumed it was a stone chip before I even brought the car in) sent in some cell phone pictures, and some local supervisor later denied the claim. VW Customer Care refused to tell me who he is or how he made the determination. They told me to go to my insurance company and that they couldn't do anything for me. This was my first VW and it will certainly be my last!

I have a 2012 Jetta TDI and was never contacted by VW about the diesel scandal. I typed my VIN into their website back in November and December and it said there were no recalls on it. It did not say anything about the diesel scandal or the Goodwill package. I recently found out that my car is affected by the scandal and had a similar experience with VW customer service. They have a separate website for news about the diesel scandal and the customer service representative I spoke with told me she didn't know how I would have known about it.

If they truly meant Goodwill toward their customers they would have found everyone who owns an affected TDI by VIN and sent them the Goodwill package. I believe it was solely for publicity and to divert everyone's attention from how badly and irresponsibly they behaved. In a way I'm glad I didn't get the Goodwill package so that I can clearly see what they did and not be swayed to stick with the company for $1,000. I was on the fence about what to do with my car, but after this experience I will sell them back the car and never shop with them again. I am truly disgusted by what they did and what these cars are doing to the environment.

Really not happy! I have received a notification from the DMV that I will not be able to register my 2012 Golf unless I provide a certificate with proof of airbag correction. It states that I should contact my local dealer for a free repair and gives a phone number to call if problems occur 1-800-242-4450. Well the dealer acts as if it's not their problem and the operator on the 1-800 "help" line says he has never heard of this!!! I was instructed to ask the DMV what I should do!!! Really!?! I paid $30,000 for a 2012 Diesel Golf that now has an airbag that can kill me and a total fraud in the emissions category!! I have no faith that VW will make good. So very disappointed. I will never buy a VW again.

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I spoke with someone at VW customer service on the phone July 1st, 2016 who assured me that I could make a payment through the automated system via telephone on July 4th at 8:00am. I was hung up on all day yesterday and now it is July 5th 10:20 EST and I cannot make a payment via online or through the automated system. The customer service rep told me my credit will not be affected. This is UNACCEPTABLE. Now going on 1 full hour on hold with customer service 800 number. Still have not spoke with a live person while I am calling the automated number as well.

Normally, my car payment is due on the 4th of each month so I tried to make my payment through the automated system on July 1st. They have been performing "system maintenance" for 5 days now. I am giving 1 star but if I could give 0 I would. Never buying a VW again and it's a shame I've had 3 and like the cars but this is not worth the stress and horrendous customer service or lack thereof.

2013 Volkswagen Passat TDI - Had this car for one and a half years. The check engine light recently popped up, and it hurts to say that I had to pay $1,300 to fix the issue that I had. It seems like a lot of people had the same problem, which is kind of BS for this to be happening so soon. I wish they would recall this AdBlue heater problem since VW has recalled about everything else!

I purchased my brand new VW TDI in May of 2015. The TDI scandal was announced only a few months after my purchase. The following Nov I received a letter about the Goodwill package Volkswagen was offering as long as you register your vehicle... Information they clearly had!!! I immediately went to the site to register my VIN. Their site continued to freeze after the input of the VIN #. I continued to try several times a month with no luck. In Jan 2016 I emailed VW with my concerns AND my vehicle information. It took over a month for them to get back to me and inform me that there was a high volume on their site and to keep trying or try another browser. REALLY? I kept trying every month several times different computers, iPads and phones... no luck.

I finally got through on June 30, 2016. The response I got was "Congratulations! Your vehicle qualifies for the Goodwill Package. Unfortunately, this registration is closed". I called VW customer care, and after being on hold for over 30 minutes, the agent informed me that there was nothing he or VW could do because I had "ample time" to register my vehicle. I was told I should have called their customer care department at an earlier date (they are only open from 9am to 5pm Monday-Friday) and they could have "walked me through" registering my vehicle. I work during those hours and don't have time to sit on hold for 30 minutes!! I know how to use a computer!! They are still offering the package, just not on MY vehicle!!!

I was not allowed to speak to a supervisor and was told that VW was "very firm on not extending the program past the cut-off date". I want to know how many others had this problem? Was this just a ploy to lure us into not bad mouthing a company who purposely defrauded their customers? Are they still pulling scams on us? Should I file a suit for this $1000 package?

Spent a lot of money at the Parkville VW Dealer on a AC Compressor, timing belt case, and new serpentine belt. Labor rates went up because it was considered a "large job," which I find ridiculous. After putting everything back together, they went for a test drive. Found the AC was still not working. Called me and stated both refrigerant lines had a leak on them and they would have to be replaced. Wanted an additional $1,500 for the labor and parts. Fortunately, I said no and denied it. Had them put the car back together and I would drive without A/C. Took the car to a mechanic with 20 yrs. After some research, he found that there were no leaks in either of the refrigerant lines. But, what he did find was that the VW Qualified Tech (@$145/hr labor rate) overcharged the A/C system by almost 250 grams. I went from almost paying $1,500 to paying $80. Drastic difference. Absolutely ridiculous. More like unqualified tech.

Not only was I upset about them overcharging the system, but when I called VW and told them what they did, I asked to speak with a manager. Service guy told me he was not available and that he would return my call. Still to this day after numerous calls, I have not heard from him. I lodged a complaint directly with VW America via their website. Still have not heard from them either. Not hearing back from anyone and taking ownership on their poor service is actually make me more upset than anything out of this whole experience. This will be my last VW I will ever own because of this horrible experience with this car and lack of taking responsibility by VW. Buyer beware. Do not buy VW. Tons of other better, great vehicles to buy out there.

I bought my Volkswagen eight years ago and have put about 100k miles on it. I admit that I love driving the car, but I am very dissatisfied with Volkswagen's customer service. I recently brought my VW in to my local dealer for routine service and maintenance. I understand that VWs are expensive to service and fix, and I understand that my car is getting old. However, the dealer I brought my VW to ended up breaking a bolt while changing my brakes, thus requiring a bunch of parts to be replaced, and they want ME to pay $1200 to fix it!

I've been arguing with the dealer for days to no avail. I got in touch with Volkswagen customer care in hopes that they would help me. They do call themselves "Advocates," but they are no help at all! The case manager, Jennifer, I spoke with basically said that Corporate VW can't do a thing to help me because each dealer is independently owned and operated. What they should have done is agree to reimburse me these costs if they couldn't get the dealer to fix my car for nothing, as they should! What good are these people if they can't do anything to help?? This whole situation has been ridiculous. I am never buying a VW again and dealing with this nonsense.

I purchased a 2014 VW Jetta last year from the dealer. My first time in for service was recently. I was not impressed. I had some minor complaints about parts not working up to standard. Without getting long winded, the gist of the story is, everything seemed to be an issue and not under warranty for whatever reason, blah blah blah. I had owned a Mazda for years prior, and never had ANY issues with warranty work being done. Even the smallest complaint and they fixed it right up, no questions asked. I don't care how good they think their vehicles are. This resistance at the service counter will not deter me from a future purchase of a Volkswagen product.

I own two VW vehicles, one is a VW Eurovan that recently have to replace 4 tires because they were splitting. According to my local VW dealer Dick ** they don't deal with tires. After I complain, they agree to check with their tire supplier and agree that the tires have some splitting due to some defects. Two weeks later I still waiting for the service manager to give me a resolution to this problem. After I contact him by email he respond, "That is very typical waiting process." They forgot that when I purchase the tires at the dealer I paid in FULL. So far my tires went to the supplier on May 20th 2016, no answer yet.

My next one is about my VW Jetta Wolfsburg Radio. Yesterday my radio stop working, no sound or power. I went online to check if there is a solution to this problem like a bad fuse and to my surprise I found out that this problem with the radio is very normal. Today I call VW of America and they say that unfortunately my car warranty expired and I have to fix this radio out of pocket. I exposing that to a VW customer that is been buying cars for more than 14 years is a shame to hear such a poor customer services. I was just thinking about buying a new VW Touareg. After this experience with VW of America and my local VW dealer I will change car brand after all competition is there to pick a better experience and representation.

I have had the worst customer service experience with VW. I bought a brand new 2013 Passat in March 2013. Since the first day I have had an issue with my car pulling heavily to the right. My car has been in for service 10 times over the last 3 years to try and resolve the issue. VW has done sub-frame shifts, replaced the control arm and tried numerous things but cannot fix it. They are refusing to help me resolve this issue. They do not truly stand for a "Great Driving Experience" - they really have zero interest in helping.

We returned our leased Volkswagen early as encouraged by their website saying you could "return up to 90 days early on lease". The car had no damage except a missing key which we paid the dealer for. The mileage was half of that required by the lease term. A detail which we had not thought about as we had never leased a car before.

We also paid a "drop off charge" as we were told would be required by 2 dealers we brought the car to--DEEL motors in Miami and Esserman Volkswagen in Doral. It was a substantial amount which we paid Esserman but thought that charge should have been revealed as part of the agreement when we leased the car. Now the charge collected by the dealer appears as unpaid on our credit report. We called Volkswagen who is telling us that they did not receive this money from the dealer and a year later WE need to go to the dealer and tell them they need to pay Volkswagen credit. The reason Volkswagen tells us is that the dealer is independent so THEY can't require the dealer to pay. When Esserman pays Volkswagen the charge will be removed from our credit report. We feel that we already paid the fee and since Volkswagen requires it, it is up to them to collect it.

My vehicle broke down in Florida on a vacation there. I was given roadside assistance as part of their goodwill to the owners that were lied to about the diesel vehicles. The actual dealership that caused the problem covered the cost of the repair but I was told I would be able to go thru roadside assistance trip interruption to get back cost of hotel, gas, food etc. that was incurred because of this. Now after submitting all my receipts that I was told to do I am now denied that because its not a repair that is covered under the new vehicle warranty - that it was the fault of a dealership so they are saying I'm out of luck. I've owned 2 Volkswagens and if they don't make good on this, this one will be my last. None of this was my fault - its the fault of Volkswagen. I did the right thing. I got a tune up and got screwed once again by Volkswagen.

I purchased a 2013 Volkswagen Passat in February 2013 which just turned three years old. I have had several recalls and none have become available. The warranty on this vehicle has just run out and I am having some of the same problems with the brakes while the car was under warranty. I am also having issues with the door locks. Whenever I stop at a traffic light or stop sign, the doors lock each time. I can hear the clicking. I took the vehicle into Napleton's which is located in Champaign, and I was told that it would cost me $457.00. Of course I was upset. I then asked for the contact information for Volkswagen's Customer Care and I ended up getting a number online.

I began this call 1 hours 12 minutes and 30 seconds ago. No one has picked up the call yet. I am not sure why I am having these issues after the warranty ended. I plan on writing a letter. Let's see how that turns out. I would say to you, if you choose to purchase one of these vehicles to ensure that everything is covered by having the service department at your dealership check it and document it. I have no intentions of paying Napleton's $457 to repair a problem that they should fix for free. If I have to pay, I will take it to another dealership to get it repaired. I will definitely think again before I purchase another VW.

My engine died on my car with only 73000 miles on it. I was told the balance shaft seized up with no reason why while I was driving it. Luckily I was not in an accident as my car just died in the middle of the intersection. When I called the VW headquarters, they said since it was out of warranty they would not financially assist in any way, despite the low miles and regular maintenance. The 2009 VW Tiguan has multiple issues and would not encourage anyone to ever buy this car, and at this point I am not sure I will ever buy another VW ever. It's unfortunate that they don't stand by their known vehicles that have obvious issues.

If I sold you something and you spend 30k financing it I would be happy businessman and you a happy customer because you got what you wanted. However if you came back to me because the 30k product was not as advertised, not functioning as it should, I would offer you a refund and my apologies because that's how you operate a company. The customer is always right because without them you're not in business. However if I took the VW approach, I'd be asking you the customer to keep calm and explain to the customer that 30k is really an irrelevant amount of money. I'd tell you "Oh we will fix it for you" and "We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Volkswagen. Have a nice day." I'd be rubbing my hands and snickering as you walked out the door trusting me due to the long history and reputation of my company (VW).

Yet days pass into weeks and you keep coming back week after week asking me if I fixed this 30k item and I do not offer anything except the same old "We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Volkswagen." The next month you come back and I say, "We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Volkswagen."

Maybe somewhere in three month after this, I sense you are getting angrier every time you come back cause I do nothing to fix it for you but just tell you again "We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Volkswagen." Yet now I understand I must mellow the mood so one your twentieth trip back to my store, I offer you 1000 dollars on a visa card and 1000 dollars to spend on my full array of cheap Chinese made VW garbage accessories that the dollar store would sell and tell you "We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Volkswagen." Snickering and rubbing my hands as I just gave you back a little of the interest you paid me in form of a gift and you were dumb enough to take it. Now I conned you twice and bought some time.

6, 7, 8 month go by and you've had it. You just spend hours on the phone calling VW being put on hold, holding and waiting until you can get some answers but all you get is idiots that don't listen to any word you have said but rather wait for pauses in your rant to say 5 words. Oh, well we do apologize other than that it's the same mundane old "We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Volkswagen." They say nothing else, nor stray away from a a few lines of text that they have been assigned and deemed intelligent enough to handle. "We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Volkswagen."

Meanwhile, I've collected another bonus check as CEO and have no intentions of dealing with you again and for me business is great and you - well you are just another customer. The end! My name is Robert **. I have bought two Volkswagens for my family, both affected by the recall, and trusted the company as I am from Germany and grew up with these cars. I've owned many VW over the years. At the end of the day it's not about the emissions or the problems that happened with the cars. Things happen I can understand! It's the the way you VOLKSWAGEN have handles your customers and treated us like worthless, irrelevant **. I hope you know that I will never buy one of your cars again due to your lack of respect. To think that today May 25th 2016, I just paid another 1000 bucks for my two financed. This really ticks me off. I'm just doing it to protect my credit score so I guess you got me by the balls!

The intake manifold has failed on my boyfriend's 2010 CC sport. This part has an extended 10 year/120,000 mi warranty on it. His vehicle is just outside of that warranty in mileage (121,500) and they won't do anything to ease the cost of replacing part. The whole reason they extended the warranty was because they expected the part to fail within 10 years, and it's definitely less than 10 years old. Because other car manufacturers would take this into consideration and do some type of prorate of split the difference in parts & labor or something of the like, we called and asked them to do this.

And they just don't care. No reason to build brand loyalty, I guess. Every time we've had to deal with them, it has been a head ache - the Takata airbag recall for instance. My mom has a Honda. Honda gave her a rental until they could fix the problem because it is unsafe to drive at the risk of having a collision and being pumped full of shrapnel from your airbags. She got her car back, fixed, 2 weeks ago, though she was in a rental for about a month. When we called VW about it then best response that we could get was why it's safe to continue driving it around. Or how the NHTSA doesn't find it unsafe.

The funny thing is, I research EVERYTHING. And according to everything I found, the NHTSA is who demanded the recall. VW responded with a letter as to why they should be exempt from it. The recall was issued in 2014, and VW just started recalling in February 2016. Shame on this company for caring so little about its drivers & for being so reckless with consumers' lives in general. VERY disappointing. If you want reliability, you may want to go with a less expensive vehicle as they seem to have a better attitude and overall view of customer service.

I bought brand new Volkswagen 2010 from dealership in Kansas City. It was serviced regularly by the VW dealers. One evening, I came back from the work, parked the car in my driveway and next morning, the car would not start. I towed the car to the service center at the dealership and they say it needs a new motor. A 74K mile Volkswagen needs a new motor. I asked the reason and the service manager says oil level was low in the car and the car if out of the warranty now. This car was service by VW dealer in Lees Summit before 3 months of the breakdown, its Check Engine indicator never got turned on, the car does not consume oil and all of a sudden the engine failed. The service center says they serviced the car properly, dealership says it's out of manufacturer's warranty and I am stuck with this expense of $11000. The car does not have a single dent on its body, its trim, interior is all like a new car but the engine is bad.

After spending enormous time talking to the dealership, service center, VW area manager, district manager and all, we concluded that this is the last Volkswagen in my life. And me and my entire family has become a great anti-Volkswagen advocate. Absolutely shameless managers, irresponsible service center and liar manufacturer. We advise all the readers to avoid buying any product of Volkswagen. Buy it if you want to throw away your hard earned money in drain.

2013 GTI Wolfsburg Edition - I leased this car brand new in July 2013. It has been nothing but a nightmare. Two water pumps replaced, radiator leak, two coil packs replaced, it's throwing four codes and will not pass inspection. Now, it's being towed home again because it will not start. I've called VW Customer Care and they are absolutely no help. This car is nothing but a money out and I can't trade it because it has so many problems and I owe 20k on it. Thanks, VW!

I purchased a 2012 VW cc from Michaels in Fresno, CA. Some companies were wanting to pack your furniture or your belongings and then store it overnight and then deliver it the next day. Almost immediately the car started breaking down. We have almost completely rebuilt the car by replacing the battery several times, the computer system, fuel injection system, transmission and now tire sensors. The car was not only prone to breaking down but was extremely dangerous as it would turn off or stall on the freeway at high speeds. Despite numerous attempts to get assistance from both the dealer and corporate I was turned away. I will never buy another VW product again or purchase from Michaels. They make and sell a product that they know is highly defective and subpar. I'm going back to Honda.

Our 2014 leased Volkswagen Jetta broke down in NH in March 2016. We live in Rhode Island. The car was suddenly billowing black smoke and all dash lights were on. We pulled off to the side of the highway, pulled out the auto roadside brochure and called the number on the cover. Their customer service rep took all our information. He took our phone # and said he would make the arrangements for the car to be towed and find a rental car agency that was open as it was Sat night and approaching 9 pm. I received a TEXT from him with the name of the tow company that would pick the car up and that had called the only car rental agency open in the area (Manchester Airport 91.7 miles from our home). He told them we would be there shortly as they were about to close. He provided us with a discount call that they honored. Our car was towed to the nearest Volkswagen dealership Autofair Manchester NH 87.8 miles from our home.

The car was repaired the following Monday afternoon. We picked it up early Tues morning and returned the rental to the Manchester Airport. Per the instructions in brochure we submitted the charges for the tow 79.00 and 221.00 for the rental. We then received 2 denials of reimbursement. The tow was denied because they said we used a tow service that was not authorized. WE did not choose the tow service, the rep at the Volkswagen Roadside Service did. The text he sent me clearly stated that. They denied the rental car charge saying their parameters are 100 miles. We appealed the denials with Customer Service and they too denied both claims. Needless to say it never crossed our minds to ask the rep of Volkswagen Road Service to use an authorized Volkswagen tow service. We asked how they calculated the distance to our home from NH, they didn't know.

We are both in our 70s and had a lease to ensure that we had dependable car backed by reliable customer service in the event of auto malfunction. Obviously this was an assumption on our part. The last agent we spoke with (Martin) at Volkswagen said he was sorry but that's the way it is. The experience of sitting along a busy highway for 2 hours was not pleasant one, but nothing compared to the deceitful business method of Volkswagen. Though we are well aware that Volkswagen could not care, but we will no longer give them our business nor will recommend them to anyone we come in contact with.

Volkswagen has extended the warranty 120,000 miles for some vehicles with a 2.0T TSI Intake Manifold. Not all. I have a 2013 Tiguan S with this manifold. The check engine light came on a few days ago. I am told that MY bad manifold is not covered with their OTHER bad manifolds. That will be $2,500, thank you.

Lost my only remote and key for my Volkswagen 2010 Golf. Recently purchase this car and the Remote/key worked perfect. I lost the remote and Remote/key a couple of days ago. Went to the Bozzani Volkswagen in Covina California, and order a new Remote/key for $300 plus. The key was ready in 2 business days and my car was towed to the dealer so Remote/key can be programmed. The Remote/key was program by the dealer. The remote didn't worked, but the key was able to start the car. The dealer told me that most likely was a wiring problem and they need to run a diagnostics on the car. How can that be? If the original Remote/key worked just fine.

I'm getting ready to contact the dealer again and tell them that I can't pay for the diagnostics since seems that the problem is the way the programmed the key. They really need to take care of this issue. They are responsible since they programmed the Remote/key. I will update this review once I contact the dealer again and see what they are planning to do about this issue. If they take care of the issue I definitely will give them a good review.

I've leased Volkswagens for 20 years. I currently have three leases, two Jettas and a new Passat Limited. Since leasing the Passat, I have had nothing but problems. Two weeks after leasing it, the gas floater stopped working and the whole system had to be replaced. I got it back a week later and the car smelled so badly of gas and this odor lingered for over a month. They couldn't do anything about it either.

Next, we were driving and the tire pressure light came on so we went to have it checked at the dealership and they said everything was fine. A few hours later we got a flat and had to pay for it out of pocket. I've only had the car for a few months and it's just issue after issue. I trusted the dealership. They know I have a family and their comfort is important. I didn't realize 'til recently that there are no air vents in the back seat! I'm pay $285+ a month for a lease (plus $1500 down) and there are no air vents in the backseat. It's just appalling. After 20 years with VW, this will be my last. I put in a complaint to the dealership and VW corporate and just received a call that they will not help with a trade in. ABSURD! Their customer service has gone downhill for sure. I hate this car and cannot wait for the three years to be up.

I am extremely disappointed in my recent experience with Volkswagon Roadside Assistance. On Friday, April 15, 2016 we accidentally put 1.5 gallons of gas in our nearly empty 2012 Jetta TDI. I called Roadside Assistance for support and they advised me to have the car delivered to the dealership. A master mechanic suggested that we could fill the tank the rest of the way with diesel and have no problem. Trying to make a decision, I asked the Roadside representative what they would do at the dealership. He explained that they would lift it up, drain the tank and flush out the fuel lines, and said that Roadside would pay for the service. I said "Roadside will cover it?" and he confirmed. Based on the fact that Roadside said they would cover the cost of the service, I chose to go ahead with the tow rather than dealing with the situation on my own.

On Saturday, April 16 I called Harmony Motors, our local dealership in Asheville, NC to check the status of my car. I was directed to the voicemail of someone who would be out of town for a week. His message warned that no voicemails would be received until his return. I called Harmony Motors again on Monday, April 18. They were surprised to hear from me and said they had no record of my car being there and could not recall seeing it come in. The mechanic said he would search the lot and get back to me.

After two hours of panicking that my car was stolen and several calls to the dealership, Roadside and tow service, I finally heard back that they had found my car. Roadside Assistance gave the dealership NO information about my vehicle. The tow service they hired left my keys in the car without notifying anyone in the service department. My car sat in the lot for three nights and two whole days before anyone knew it was there.

Now it's Tuesday, April 19. The mechanic finally called me back to tell me what service needs to be done, and that it will cost over $500. I told him Roadside said they would pay for it. He followed up with Roadside, then called me back to inform me that Roadside is not going to pay. So, obviously I followed up with Roadside. I explained the situation to the representative and she said the manager would listen to the recording of the call and get back to me. I was hopeful because the representative was very clear.

The manager was Felicia ** from the St. Petersburg, FL office. She said she listened to the call and that Roadside Assistance does not cover repairs and that I misunderstood the representative. I urged her to have someone listen to the conversation for another opinion. I explained that I am confident it was not a misunderstanding, and that perhaps the representative was misinformed about the company's policy. Even so, they should adhere to any promises made by their company reps. She said that it states clearly in the manual that Roadside does not cover the cost of repairs and that this written policy overrides anything that is said in person. She would not let me speak to her supervisor and would not give me her full name (I retrieved that later from VW Customer Care). She was rude, impolite, insensitive, and crass.

I then followed up with VW Customer Care. I waited on the line for 40 minutes before my call was answered. I filed a complaint about my experience and the representative I spoke with here was very nice and understanding. I received a follow-up phone call from the VW Roadside Customer Care manager who further confirmed that Roadside will not pay for the service even if the representative claimed that they would. The written policy overrides anything else. I explained that this is an unethical way to operate a business and it's not how I operate my own. If a representative makes a claim to a customer, the company should honor that promise and then take it up with the representative.

I have gone four days without my car, hours of stress and time away from work, and am now facing a $500 bill that I could have avoided if I had the correct information from VW. It is clear that this company is well rooted in dishonesty, misinformation, extremely poor customer relations and no understanding of ethics. I hope this story shares more on the truth of how VW operates and that their words cannot be trusted. So what have we learned from this? If you want an accurate representation of Volkswagen's services, I guess you need to consult written documents. Unless you happen to be inquiring about clean diesel. Then, unfortunately, you're ** out of luck.

Got an invoice for my car. When I went back to get the job carried out they were charging me more. Member of staff Porcha was being really rude. She needs to learn to smile. Moody cow.

Brake control on the passenger side of my new VW Golf (2016) - Travelling along the M6 just overtaking when wheels locked up - managed to gain control and continue also causing myself to be slightly injured to the hand. Reason passenger pressed a lever/switch on the passenger's side thinking it would open a lid. It was the parking brake which locked the wheels and nearly caused a serious accident as the controls are on the passenger side. This could happen again easily and our biggest problem: we have four children so one often sits in the front seat. This has made the wife dreading taking the car out, maybe would, could blank it off with tape or a cover while the problem is rectified?

Strange that VW spend so much on research and make a fundamental design problem. It could be that a wrong console has been fitted and one from a left hand drive installed. This could be checked out by looking at a left hand drive car? Check out the showroom that all Golf's have the controls on the passenger side, I have now found out that the design fault is only on right hand cars. I think it was a money saving idea not to fit the switches on the driver's side which I pointed out to the VW person contacting me which he was not aware of. He also informed me if I do anything to try to make it safer it would void the guarantee of the car. Said there was no plans for this to be correct in the future and no more correspondence would be entered into.

The incident has made my wife paranoid about having a child on the front passenger seat. I could tape up the switches or try to build a box around them but it really is a dangerous design fault. We tell passengers not to touch them when they get into the passenger seat. The incident happened on a motorway at about 70 miles per hour just as I was about to overtake. Fortunately, as I was doing an overtaking maneuver, there was no one behind me.

I injured my hand on the steering wheel and twisted my neck - the pain which only lasted the rest of the day. I did contact the dealer in January who sold me the new car and reported the fault - they have contacted me and it seems that they only offer me understanding of what I experienced but said I saw what I buying in the showroom and all the VW Golf's are build like this. I did point out that was not correct and it is just the Right Hand drive models that have this arrangement. Would like to know if I am the only person that has complained or experience about this fault?

I am writing this initial email today as a very frustrated, angered and distressed customer. I purchased my Pre owned certified VW Jetta 2 years ago this month at the Tysons Stohlman VW, and Yaw ** is who initiated the sale. I have been taking my car to the Stohlman Service shop for my oil changes since I purchased my car. This past week, I brought my car in for an oil change, a bulb replacement and to replace a hubcap that had fallen off of my right front passenger side door.

After leaving my vehicle, and going to work, I received a phone call from the manager of the service shop. He let me know that I had more issues than just replacing the hubcap. He stated that my left front tire was so worn I would not make it home and needed to purchase a tire immediately. He then said, he refused to sell me the hubcap until I left my car at the shop to replace the wheel, get a tire/wheel alignment and possibly have the bar replaced underneath the vehicle.

I left work – went to the service center immediately and let him know there was nothing wrong with the wheel. All I wanted to do was purchase the hubcap and pay for the oil change and the bulb replacement. The manager let me know that all of the above service needed to be done that day – the latest the following day and again discouraged me from just purchasing the hubcap. Literally he was letting me know that my car was unsafe to operate. I let him know I would purchase a tire if I must (as he let me know it may bust leaving the dealership) but not at VW. That night, I did purchase a tire. However, with the advice of my fiancé, I took my vehicle to get a second opinion and estimate for the service your manager assured me I needed. Which by the way - when totaled was over $300 worth of extra repair on top of the $133 I paid for an oil change and a bulb replacement.

I am writing this to let you know the following. I took my car the next day to get a second opinion and the details I found is enough to make me report this service center. The certified repair shop that I went to not only did a full inspection of my entire vehicle and parts – but let me know I did NOT need a new wheel, I did not need an alignment and that VW purposefully was trying to take advantage of me – a young woman, working professional, who does not know much about cars or service in order to make a profit or increase their sales for service that day at my expense.

Let me explain something. I worked too hard, as a 24 year old, now 26, black female to have purchased this vehicle, pay $350 a month and attempt to keep up with the maintenance – just for your service center manager and employees to have their priority be to get over on customers like me, and who are too busy lying to even realize they replaced the WRONG bulb on my vehicle. Needless to say, I am disgusted with this service. Feel completely taken advantage of. Had I not gone for a second opinion and inspection, I would have potentially paid hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs. This is unacceptable and disgusting behavior for a company that I thought had its customers’ best interest from day one.

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The Volkswagen Auto Group was founded in 1937 in Germany, where its international headquarters remain. The Volkswagen Group of America was established in 1955 and is headquartered in Virginia. The VW brand is now available worldwide, and the company is the world’s second largest auto manufacturer.

  • Car-Net®: Volkwagon’s Car-Net® Safety and Security program is accessed through the Car-Net® mobile app, available for iPhone and Android. It alerts owners to required maintenance, helps them find their car in a parking lot and can even unlock the doors. Car-Net® is complimentary for six months with all new-vehicle purchases and for three months with used and certified pre-owned purchases.
  • Find a match: Volkswagen’s website has several online shopping tools including a build your own widget that lets interested consumers customize each model. They can also use the Find a Match tool, which lets them enter the features they prioritize and then matches them with the best model.
  • Certified pre-owned: Customers who would like to save some money can purchase one of VW’s certified pre-owned automobiles, which all come with a free bumper-to-bumper limited warranty valid for two years or 24,000 miles. Owners who select a Certified pre-owned vehicle also receive two years of 24-hour roadside assistance.
  • Driver assistance: VW works to make driving safer by offering several types of driver assistance features as add-ons to select models. Features include a blind spot monitor and back up alert system as well as a front sensor that can automatically break if a front collision is imminent. These features are not available on all models and are not included in standard packages.
  • 360 degree views: Online shoppers can view multiple photos of each model on VW’s website and can even see each car from 360 degree. They can also see what models look like in different colors and with different interior trims.
  • Best for Volkswagen models will appeal to anyone looking for a European brand in the mid-market price range.

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