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I had an accident with my Tesla Model S about 2 months ago and to date still have no car. Tesla cannot get parts for it and no one from the corporate office can resolve. Personnel do not even call back and I am still paying a lot of money for a vehicle I cannot use. How would you feel?

The speed gas mileage is not as good as I thought it would be. Other than that I love it. Is good car and drive it everywhere. I would buy it again. Good car that last forever and family can all fit, and have room also. Good gas mileage is the most important. I love a good car that fits my needs to travel. Radio and comfy sitting in the car. WiFi is nice in a car for traveling. DVD player are awesome for the long car trip with a baby and the family. Me and my family travel everywhere all summer. We go to concerts and other long trips, and also always need to get around in the day to shop. Cars are important to the family and doctor's appointment... are important in life.

Absolutely reliable, saves so much money, requires so little upkeep, very quiet, has honestly long since paid for itself. My husband is hardly careful with it but nevertheless we haven't had any issues. Met and even exceeded all expectations. I was worried that it was too different from anything I'd had before and would carry its own set of problems, but other than the expected power trade offs, everything has been smooth sailing. Gorgeous, you feel like an astronaut in a spaceship. Sleek, stylish, unique, draws everyone's attention. You really feel like you're in a whole other world, in the future. As I said before, the money saved has already made the additional cost worth it. When you consider the massive decrease in small particulate matter it's even more worth it.

I had other cars but this one is top of the line. I'm talking omg good. It is quality and I'm talking great. You can tell it gonna last just by the look and feel. This car drives so well. I'm not a get in my car and go fast kinda guy but car makes me feel like I wanna be. I love how it pick up and it so smooth. The sleekness of this car is like future sleek. I'm talking I love how this car is designed in and out. I got it in the exact color I want and like I said inside and out. The price was great for the quality of car. This is you get a great deal and the options are great too. I know you think it like all companies but you really get looked out for here.

Very durable compared to others in its class. Can handle the workload of any job that is thrown at it. Very rarely breaks down. It can handle small jobs and large as easy as pie. Performs significantly better than the competition. No job is too large. Very rarely do you have any technical issues. The final product is of the highest quality for its class. Its appearance is exceptional. It fits in with any setting. Many times you don't even know it is there. Expertly made to blend in well in its surroundings. Excellent value compared to the competition. The price is right on point for what you get elsewhere, but this has more muscle and looks better than the competition.

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It was a very positive buying experience. Thus far, the car has held up quite well. Tesla makes a very fast and performance savvy car. It performs better than a BMW or Mercedes. Tesla is known for its quality and unique look. It is unlike any other. You cannot compare it to another brand. I would recommend Tesla, but it's not cheap by any means. Buying experience was good and positive, but this is not a car for the average man. Price tag isn't cheap.

This car was made to last and I haven't had any problems with it since I bought it last year. The car doesn't have engine problems and I feel that in the long run it will actually save me money even though it was an expensive purchase and investment. The car performs so well. I am very pleased with it and many people are jealous of the car and my experience with it. The engine is amazing and the interior of the car is beautiful. I am scared it will eventually get messed up due to wear and tear but I love it.

This car is so sleek looking and looks as expensive as it is. The leather is beautiful and the car smells amazing. It has smelled brand new for a long time. Everything looks high end and expensive in the car. I feel as though I am sitting in the lap of luxury. In the long run this car will be a good value. However it was a huge investment and I had to carefully think about if my decision was worth it. I just hope the car is dependable and lasts for a long time like it has up to this point.

The best brand for my car. Very efficient and top of the line. I couldn't see myself using anything else. Long lasting product and the durability is the best of its kind. The performance is excellent and I'm glad I chose this product. The best there is out there. It goes very well with what I was looking for and much more. The performance and appearance is very professional and is rich in quality. The product matches the brand and is worth every penny. I could not have asked for anything else. The value is way less than I thought I would have to pay for. It is very affordable and convenient for what I had been looking for all this time.

I own a body shop in Arvada, CO. A repeat customer brought in his 2013 Model S to repair a scrape on his front bumper. We repaired the damage, but when it came to ordering the 3 small parts we needed for the vehicle the service department would not return our calls. They seem to be telling their customers that only their service centers can repair their vehicles and are making it impossible for my business to buy their parts. I know that it is illegal for an insurance company to tell you where to have your car repaired, they call it "steering". Allowing only Tesla repair centers to repair their vehicles is a type of "steering" and is not a good thing for the consumer. It promotes price gouging and is unfair to other businesses.

I do not know what to do. We will charge our customer for the painting we did and give him his car back in pieces to take to a Tesla center. The one center located here in Colorado does not do auto body and paint. So I guess he will have to ship it out of state. That is not the customer service I want to provide to my customers. Tesla should be ashamed!! I can reach a live person if I want to buy a car, but not if I need to purchase parts. Tesla buyers beware!

I find the durability to be wonderful. It's very durable. I have hit it by a mistake and it didn't even scratch. What a wonderful today to have the innovation we have now. Works amazing. You should feel it. How amazing the ride is. Nice, peaceful, smooth. You truly couldn't ask for anything more. Anything!! What a beauty!! Definitely top notch in the looks department. Something that people will look at and be like... "Woah. I want one of those!!" I find the value to be outstanding. Obviously a little on the pricey side. But you pay for what you want!! This to me is absolutely worth it. It's worth your money.

The durability is amazing. It is the best car on the road. It has amazing speeds and very light. Tesla is the car to have. It's super fast and economic pinks and saves for driving. No need for gas because it's electric. Great car for price. The appearance is beautiful. I have a black one. Everyone loves it and it's a great wonderful car. We love the car. Please buy it. It has saved me tons of money by being electric. It's amazing and wonderful and great and wonderful. So very good.

I have had service issues from the day I put down my $2500 deposit. The Newport Beach sales team - 3 different associates at different times - told me one thing reinstalling the plug (any electrician) & corporate told me different (need city permits) & apologized. Then there was a discrepancy about the order & I got a nasty email from a delivery associate. I still bought the car. I went for service a week later because the seat belt cut into me & subsequently realized the radio didn't work. The service guy wouldn't check the antenna light - even though I had an appointment (which he said was scheduled for 4 hours) and said I had to come back. The car is great but there are NO grown ups servicing the company. DO NOT BUY this car in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa CA unless you have the patience of a saint. Their customer service consists of smiling & say no.

I reserved one of their roadsters in May '07 and paid a $50,000 deposit for the privilege. I received reservation number ** with an estimated delivery of June 2008. The base car cost $92,000 and had a 100,000-mile 5-year warranty including the battery. The total price with warranty, options and destination charge was $101,425.

On May 15, 2008, I received an email from Tesla stating that Tesla had established a comprehensive warranty of 3 years/36,000 miles, which covered all aspects of the car for defects in materials and workmanship. The battery pack was part of this comprehensive warranty. Also the email said, "Tesla will offer an extended warranty option at no cost to the 2008 Roadster Club members, extending the coverage to 4 years/50,000 miles (emphasis theirs).” The email also announced, "We recently announced pricing on the 2009 Tesla Roadster in the U.S. The base price is expected to be $109,000. With all factory options, the Roadster will cost about $120,200. This price increase does not affect any member who has already reserved a 2008 Roadster."

Per the original agreement, the deposit was refundable at any time until I "locked in" my options. Once I locked in the options in late November '08 with an estimated delivery in April 09, the deposit became non-refundable and I was obligated to accept delivery and pay the balance of the $101,425. The estimated delivery per Stephen ** was the end of April 2009. That sounded to me like we had a contract for a car with my selected options, warranty (including battery) and firm price.

In January '09, I received an email from Doreen ** that the price and available options for my vehicle had been changed. To make a long story short, if I wanted the same options and warranty the cost went up from $101,425 to over $130,000!

I have talked with Tesla and their attorney Craig **. My attorney has talked with Mr. **. Tesla and their attorney assert that they are free to change the price and options on the vehicle at any time while I am locked in to a non-refundable deposit, paying whatever they wish to charge and accepting whatever changes to the vehicle they wish to make. I believe (after having consulted with my attorney) that there was a firm contract put in place once I "locked in" my options. I am inclined to take them to court to force them to honor our contract. However, I am having second thoughts about owning a car manufactured by a company that is so quick to cheat its customers like it has. I can just imagine the way they would treat me after I took delivery of what is (based on their continued diminished warranty) likely to be a car that is troublesome and expensive to maintain.

Those who are thinking about ordering a roadster or their model S and sending them an interest free deposit ($5,000 for the model S and $9,900 for the roadster) should think twice.

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Tesla Motors was founded in 2003 with the purpose of producing electric vehicles that outperformed gas-powered vehicles. The company designed its first powertrain around the kind of AC induction engine first patented by Nikola Tesla in 1888. As of early 2016, more than 50,000 Tesla vehicles were on the roads. Tesla produces sedans and crossovers.

  • Environmentally friendly: Sustainability is one of Tesla’s core values. All of their vehicles are 100 percent electric and require no fossil fuels.
  • American manufacturing: Tesla’s first manufacturing facility is in Fremont, Calif. and can manufacture about 1,000 cars each week. The company plans to build additional manufacturing facilities with two more factories in the United States and one in Europe.
  • Autopilot: Tesla models feature autopilot technology that allows drivers to stay in a lane or change lanes with the push of a button. Autopilot can also control the brakes, helping to actively prevent collisions. The autopilot software is regularly updated, moving towards autonomous driving.
  • Supercharging: The company has more than 650 charging stations across the United States, so Tesla owners can charge vehicles when they’re away from home. The company already has plans to build more stations. Stations are equipped with superchargers, which can fully charge vehicles in a matter of minutes.
  • Home charging: Owners can purchase special home charging systems to make their vehicle even more energy efficient. The Tesla Home Battery can use solar power to charge the vehicle and/or be set to use electricity from the grid only during non-peak hours.
  • Best for Tesla caters to those interested in electric and/or autonomous vehicles.

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