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I purchased a groupon on April 2016. At the end of July I had an issue with my car and took it to the mechanic. The motor was cracked and it was due to no oil in my car. My oil change percentage was still at 25% and it turns yellow when it gets to 15%. This is my first time taking it to Sears, I have always took my car to Honda and never had any issues. This is now costing me $1200, either someone forgot to put oil when I took it or they didn't put enough. There was no leaks in the car and this is really odd that the first time I take it to another place this happens. I have used Honda since I purchased my car from there for 5 years. I decided to go with Sears because of the reviews I saw on Groupon. I need someone to contact me back and see how they can help with the $1200 I have to pay. This was an error on Sears end. My car has never had these issues. I have very upset about this issue.

July 18, 2016 was the date of service, the car had to be towed, immediately in the way home from Geico our insurance who had to be called to get a tow truck service. They did not care, my husband went and immediately spoke to the manager who was leaving for the night. He was rude, unapologetic and didn't offer any help. We took it to Skid Marks tire for the repair, NOT back to Sears. So don't let them touch your car! I would give it negative stars if I could!!! I've got a dispute now with my credit card for the originally paid $275.00. They didn't do the work that the said they did, the items they checked off as inspected and said were ok. They were not. My daughter never should have been sent out to go home with the car.

I've literally had to have my daughters car towed 2 times now in a month since they worked on it. Literally the day they worked on it, she didn't even make it home and we live maybe 3 miles away from there. The car broke down and it was seemingly running fine before it went in. She took it for an oil change and a maintenance check up and they messed it up!!! They didn't even thread the oil plug back in properly, the oil all came out, and I'm seeing that from other reviews online that it certainly isn't the first time either.

All of the oil drained out. It's cost me money to fix the car, tow the car AND they haven't given a crap about it, us, or refunded a dime. Poor service and standards. My daughter who literally works at that mall WILL tell everyone too!!! She's got a big mouth and sees tons of ladies in cosmetics. It's busy. We have contacted them over and over, they even gave us a disconnected number for the district manager!!! I've started a dispute so have to see what happens but we should have already been refunded and now it's cost even more money. Shame on you SEARS. I'm posting this everywhere too. No wonder they are losing money at Sears. I filed my dispute today with my Capital One credit card for dispute.

My problem started with the Sears Auto and Tire center located in Charlottesville va. I called and talked to jay on Monday august 21 about holding a set of cooper discoverer at3 lt245 75r 16 tires. Would be there on Saturday august 27 to look at them and have them installed. On wed august 24 called and talked to earnest about a set of Michelin defender ltx lt 245 75r 16 to hold along with the cooper tires to compare which set I wanted to be installed on Saturday august 27 2016.

I arrived at sears on saturday august 27 at 11:30 am and decided on the Michelin. Did not get to see the tires that was in the warehouse but the ones on display in the store. Was told that my truck would be ready at 1:00pm. Walked backed to tire center about 10 minutes after 1:00 - truck was still on parking lot. Was told by earnest would be ready at 2:00 pm. At 1:45 pm received call from earnest that they did not have the Michelin tires on hand but did have the coopers in stock. Was told the cooper tires was quiet, smooth ride and no road noise. If I was not happy I could return them and would get a free front end alignment for my wait and trouble from the manager alec. So at 4:45 pm my vehicle was ready and done.

Drove home Saturday night. Went to look at my bill on sunday morning and was charged for the alignment. Called and talked to alec on Monday august 29 about being charged for alignment and was not happy with the cooper tires. Wanted my old tires back and return the cooper. On Wednesday august 31 was told that I could come back to the Charlottesville va sears tire center to switch out tire and they would take the cooper tires back. Arrived at store to be told they did not have my old tires. Miss out on 4 hrs of work that day for nothing. Would not recommend anyone to purchase tires or any kind of auto service work from this sears location or any other. Please do your homework. Read the reviews before making the same mistake. I myself did not read the reviews first. Save yourself a lot of and money.

I have been getting auto service at Sears for many years. Batteries, Wheel Alignments, and so on. Well just about 2 weeks ago I went for a wheel alignment. Manager Philip ** was so rude and so short with me. I am a customer and this how I get treated here. They have a new system. They were unable to pull up my 3-year wheel alignment agreement. Every time in the last 3-year span. I didn't need a copy of the agreement. I did not have it with and didn't know where it was. The manager in this matter was get real sharp with me. "If you don't have the copy, you're not getting a wheel alignment." The way he said it just sounded like a confrontation. Very non-professional.

I left and drove to the closest Sears that was in Schaumburg. Neil at this location was so informative. He explain about the new system. That was the reason Stratford location was unable to pull my info up. What a difference when a real manager that is a pro at what he does. Just by explaining the whole matter. Without giving me an ultimatum. I end up buying the lifetime wheel alignment that Sears offer. So they did the alignment in short waiting time and I was off. So Stratford location management in customer service, maybe this Philip ** needs some training with talking to customers.

Went to Sears in Henderson, NV for new tires. Very rude and not helpful at all. We have done a lot of business with this store, but wifi not deal with them now or in the future.

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I placed an order for this item on 4/28/16 and I never received the item and was never charged. I purchased a new car on 5/14/16 and since I hadn't received it nor had been charged. It wasn't an issue but I was reviewing my bank statement in June and they charged me for the item on June 20, 2016. I immediately put a dispute in with my bank but they told me that I would need to reach out to Sears. I've called Sears three separate times regarding this issue and I did receive and email from Dexter ** on July 20, 2016 that says it was delivered on 4/29/16 and that I should check with my family members or neighbors to see who has the item.

I called them back because I'm still confused if an item was delivered in April why wasn't I charged until June? I don't have their merchandise, neither does my family or my neighbors and I find it in poor taste to not issue me a refund for the purchase price. I've definitely spoken with family and neighbors and suggested that they not spend one cent at Sears.

On Sunday, 08/07/16, I called Sears Auto Center at 3000 Mall Road, Knoxville, Tennessee. My left rear wheel cylinder burst and I ask them if they could replace it that day because I had to have transportation that evening. The tech said they could so I explained that I would have to get it towed but would have my vehicle there within two hours and again asked if he was sure they could get it done that day. He assured me they could. I had it towed and rode with the tow truck driver to Sears.

Well, after sitting there for hours hearing customers complain about their service and repairs and watching cars come and go, at 5.00 p.m. (closing time) I go into the auto center to get my car. They hadn't even looked at it yet. I informed them that they assured me it would be done and that was why I had it towed to them. I was told they had so many other cars come in that they ran out of time. I asked if all the others had appointments and he said, "no, they were just emergency repairs." I informed him that I was there first and I was told the wheel cylinder would be replaced today. No joy! I finally found a ride home.

The next day at 9:30 the service manager calls me with the price to replace my rear brakes $504.98. All I needed was a wheel cylinder replaced and they are $12.99 at Auto Zone. I would have never had my car towed to Sears to have the wheel cylinder replaced but it was on a Sunday and they guaranteed they could do it that day and they were the only place open. I thought Sears would be a bit more expensive but my goodness!!! A $12.99 wheel cylinder cost me $504.98. I would not recommend that anyone go to Sears Auto Shop for repairs. Thanks to my church, I was able to pay the money so I could get my car back.

Purchased 4 tires and an alignment online at Order confirmed and delivery of tires would take about 2 weeks. Appointment was scheduled and confirmed for Aug. 7 at 11:00 a.m.. Received several notices by email confirming and reminding me of the appointment as well as arrival of the tires at the Sears location. Showed up a few minutes early when they opened at 11:00 a.m. and I was immediately bumped by a walk-in that did not have an appointment. No problem. I waited about 30 minutes in a room that had a TV set on a Hispanic station and only Spanish spoken. Of course the employees there were primarily Hispanic. I checked on my Jeep and it was still in the parking lot. After 45 minutes went to front desk and was told they cannot find my tires. Took my keys and told them to call me when they find them.

Called Sears Blue team support and was told this happens all the time because "customers" try to order online and make mistakes. WTF? Then the rep searched the order and found the tires arrived on Aug. 1. Where are they??? He stated he could help me by assisting with ordering them again!! Again, WTF? He made it sound like I messed up and basically could only define the problem and not find a solution. Again no problem because I had the solution. I packed up both of the 51" Tool Chests I had purchased in the last 12 days and took them back. The tire deal ain't gonna happen and of course they have not called me. The Blue Team support guy was incredibly full of it. That is the reason I am done with Sears for good. Everything else I could have dealt with but his reasoning and trying to make it my fault was the end.

I brought my truck in to get a tune-up and fuel system cleaning. I waited for an hour and a half and someone came out and said that the mechanic said my fuel filter was in the tank. I explained that it is an inline filter and mounted to the frame. After three hours, I was taken to the shop area and told that my catalytic converter was glowing red hot and the mechanic "working" on the truck didn't notice. I asked why and they said for $90 dollars they could tell me but they would be closing soon so they didn't have time. I said that I hope I don't die in a fiery truck and they agreed saying they hope so also.

I couldn't make it a mile away from the shop and had to be towed to another garage because of the glowing red exhaust and melting plastic smell. I had driven hundreds of miles that day before hand with no issues, no MILs (check engine lights), nothing. Now I am losing money all weekend because my company truck is out of commission. I found the staff to be overall rude and annoyed that they had to deal with me. My invoice even says the "truck runs like crap".

I have an appointment about three weeks ago, made it online for 6:00 pm. When I arrived to drop off my keys, the clerk at the desk informed me that my appointment was not promised and my Basic Oil Change could not be completed that day, that I would have to reschedule due to the amount of personnel working in the shop. I told him I couldn't do it the next day and that I would find someone to conduct my oil change when they say they can. After I left I complained to the corporate office about having the required personnel on the floor to handle the issues, for it shouldn't hinder the customer for getting what they asked for.

I still haven't heard anything from the corporate office about his incident. I have read the reviews on Sears Auto Centers across the country and you would think they would try to correct the issues they are having. I don't see such a change occurring. I would suggest for anyone planning on taking their vehicle to Sears Auto Center, to second guess your plan and seek other options. It will save you a big headache.

First off the customer service at Sears Auto Center is awful & rude. The sears I went to is 6537- Sears, Roebuck and Co. 3000 Mall RD. Knoxville, TN 37924. Now I went to get an alignment for my 97 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 & I am under a 1 year warranty for a full alignment service. The woman at the desk at the front harassed me about my truck saying that I have been doing repairs on my truck without Sears approval. She would not let it go. I was horribly offended because I did not do no work after my warranty. The work I did on my truck was months before the warranty.

She talked about wet paint & new parts. No new parts were installed!! I bought the warranty in May of 2016 & I went back today to get it check out because it was pulling to the right a little. The last work I did was November 2015, so how the hell could I have had wet paint & new parts?? After my warranty expires next year I will never step foot in another Sears Auto Center because I was just going in for a check up & a woman employee harassed me like crazy for no reason! The woman would not let it go, she would laugh & shake her saying "No you did work sir." She was trying to terminate my warranty! She has done this before to me & other people that has went out there before. She should be charged & fired for her harassment!

Today 7/11/2016, I made the mistake of visiting Sears Automotive Center, located at: 347 Westshore Plaza Mall Tampa, FL 33609. I bought all 4 of my tires at this location, and was told that I could get the pressure in my tires checked for free at any time. So, I attempted to do so because it was needed. Usually, I get decent service and this has never been a problem in the past. Today, for some strange reason, it was.

I simply walked in, asked to have my tire pressure checked, and one of the two Service Managers at the front desk asked me to pull up to one of the ports, and assured me that someone would assist. I pulled up, and saw the Service Manager seemingly asking one of the guys to help me. I ended up sitting in my Jeep, waiting for about 15-20 minutes, while he and their other so-called mechanics/technicians completely ignored me! The one who was supposed to help had the nerve to actually look at me, then began to throw his hands up in the air constantly, and mouth words. He was acting as if he was annoyed and almost seemed to be having a tantrum/fit! Pretty much behaving like a child and being very unprofessional.

I got out of my vehicle, walked back in, and made the Service Advisor aware of how long I had been waiting for assistance. Also, I let him know that I originally bought my tires there, and wondered what the problem was. From there, the Service Manager walked back outside and seemed to be reprimanding the idiot for refusing to do his job. Still, nothing was resolved, because he never attempted to help me. He just continued behaving like a 2-year old who was having a bad day!

Eventually, the Service Advisor had to find another mechanic to finally agree to check my tires. WOW! Although the Service Advisor seemed to try and rectify the situation, and the other mechanic had a better attitude, there was no apology issued from anyone afterwards!! Just a wave, letting me know my tires had been checked. Maybe my experience would've been better if I had been a young blonde or brunette, blue-eyed Caucasian female, instead of being a young, African American Lady. Sears only wants money! After that, you get extremely poor service!

Now, I understand why so many people have written negative reviews about Sears Automotive Center. The location I visited is one of the absolute worst and I will never return there again!!! For those of you who live in Tampa, FL or surrounding areas, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLE TO SEARS AUTOMOTIVE CENTER AT WESTSHORE PLAZA! Address: 347 Westshore Plaza Mall, Tampa, FL 33609. Phone # 813-288-6095. Store # 2765. Manager: **.

I order 4 tires online, they send me a text message and email to confirm that they were ready for me to pick them up. I had to drive 30 minutes to get to the store and when I get there the tires are not there. They ask me to come back the following day. When the loading tire truck arrived with the new tires, well guess what? Again I arrived and no tires, so I ask him "When are they going to be here?" He said "Call me and I will confirm if they're here already." Of course I call and he said "Yes come. They have arrived." Well I get there and they have the wrong order and again no tires, so my next step is to call customer service, to get an answer. Big mistake. They did help either.

The customer representative said we are not sure when are they going to be really or if we are going to have them, so they made me waste my time. Sears sucks 100%. My advice to anyone thinking about using Sears or buying tires from them don't waste your time. They are very unprofessional and they don't care about your time.

I had an oil change appointment with Sears Auto at 8:00 am but the lady who behind the counter giving me an ETA that I've to wait an hour and half or two. I asked her why taking so long for oil change. Her explanation was only one mechanic available and he got 4 customers in front of me. Really? Accepting appointment but one person working. Really wait two hours for oil change?

I dropped my car off to Sears for engine work because it was idling and running rough and hesitating. So they called me the next day saying they found the problem. I told them to fix it so they did. Supposedly when I went to start my car I had to turn the key 3 times before it started and it was still doing the same thing! I WON'T TAKE MY CAR TO THEM AGAIN.

Requested both flushes to be done. Was watching through observation window to the shop. My car got pulled in. Was not put in a bay. Pulled over to the side of shop. Waited in customer area, occasionally watching my car. Never moved from spot. After about 15 to 20 minutes, they say car is done. I went into the shop and questioned the mechanic why my car was not put in a bay or put on lift. He said it did not have to be. I have had this procedure done on two of my other vehicles here at Sears and both times , they were put on lifts, especially to do the brake flush. I asked the mechanic how he did my brake flush and he showed me a plastic jug??

The service manager came in and I questioned and argued that there is no way you can replace all the brake fluid without bleeding the old one out. I guess they just sucked up the brake fluid from the master cylinder and refilled. I could have done that with a turkey baster. You have to bleed the system of the old fluid and replace and refill. You have to put the car on a lift to get to the brake bleeders. The service manager said that that's the way they do it. What a bunch of crap, this is fraud. I have complained to and so far nobody has addressed my complaint. It has been 3 weeks.

We left car to fix brakes at 2:30 1st July. We waited for 6 hours. We did not get it back until middle of the day on next day. Very unprofessional.

I brought my car to Sears for a slow leak in the back tire to be fixed. I waited 4 hours and nobody was barely there. 4 hours later I was told I needed 1,250.00 in front end work. I never requested them to check out anything other than the back tire to be fixed. So why are they inspecting your whole car and giving you outrageous estimates on things you never requested? Nervy much? Horrible place to go unless you like being taken for everything.

I took my car to the Sears Auto location in Longview, TX and regret that decision every day since. I took it in for a variety of repairs and maintenance my car had been needing including a tune up and alignment. I had an appointment and they got my car in immediately. Manager and Assistant Manager were very friendly and I felt good about my car being there when I left. I had a friend pick me up and I hung out at my work, catching up on office work I needed to get done while I waited on them to contact me. Within the next hour the Manager called me and told me I needed my front struts and tie rod replaced. I had been hearing a thumping under my car and asked them to check it out and that's what they found, so I approved the work to be done and got a ride home while I waited.

Once I got the call that my car was ready I was planning on splitting my payment, $400 on my debit card and the remaining $937 on a new Sears Mastercard I decided to open. I swiped my card and entered my pin for the first portion of payment and the register the Assistant Manager was ringing me up on didn't have a scanner for him to scan the Barcode for the new card, so he "cancelled" the transaction and we moved to another register. My debit card would not go through because it was exceeding the $500 limit for the day so I decided to put the whole amount on the new Sears card, and he assured me the previous transaction was voided and the $400 would go back on my account.

I started to leave the parking lot and immediately when making a right turn I heard/felt a creaking in my steering wheel and almost feeling like it was getting stuck. I took my car immediately back to the garage, hadn't even left the parking lot, and informed the Assistant Manager of what was going on. The mechanic who had done the work on my car drove it around the parking lot and noticed it making the sound at random times and was baffled as to what was causing it and saying, "Well I didn't do anything with the steering wheel." We went back to the garage and the mechanic told the Assistant Manager about what it was doing and I was again told "we didn't do anything with the steering wheel." To which I replied, "Well it wasn't doing this before I came here. Obviously something has affected it." I was told to come back two days later when the Manager would be there.

So when telling my wife about what happened she calls the store and speaks to the Assistant Manager, who is very rude to her. Stating that "we drove it when he brought it back and found nothing wrong with it," and talking over her as she tries to speak. Obviously my wife didn't take kindly to this and let him know how she felt about his attitude about the situation.

I've had to work out of town most days lately so I was unable to come back earlier in the day but when I was able to come in I was told the Manager and Assistant were both not there and there was nothing she could do (lady behind the counter). Not only was I frustrated about the steering wheel (which wasn't centered with the alignment by the way), but the $400 that was to be voided and put back on my account hadn't come through yet either. And by this time, my car had also started running badly. Hiccuping and stuttering anytime I would be stopped at red lights and gradually getting more noticeable as I was driving as time went by. I understand with 3 step fuel system cleaning it can make little hiccups as the system is burning through the junk in there, but not for two days. Which is what I was told as "normal and should be fine."

So, I finally get a hold of the Manager on the phone to ask about the $400 issue and am told that they didn't get credit for it and it is "lost in e-land." It has been taken out of my account, on my statement and not yet put back. I tell him I will give it a couple more days and if it isn't back on my account I will bring the statement and we will resolve this. In the meantime I had taken my car to another mechanic about my steering wheel, which he says he cannot find what is causing it to creak but does not feel it is a major issue.

I basically had him go over everything Sears did, and let me know they had put the wrong brand spark plugs when they did the tune up. This was on Friday and on Saturday morning when I go to a gas station and get gas, my car dies on me in middle of the road. I get it cranked back up and get half a mile down the road and it dies on me again. Luckily it cranked back up again and I get it back home, which was only a half mile away.

Today, Monday, I get it towed to another mechanic and my wife and I go to the bank to get my statement to show the Manager and when we arrive he has a nonchalant attitude with me about the issue of the $400, and basically tells me there is nothing he can do about it and I should be getting it back "hopefully two weeks to a month," and that's my patience and frustration finally gets to me. I begin questioning why is it such an issue this reversal hasn't gone through yet and he can't give me an answer, nor can he give me an answer as to why they're not showing as gotten credit for it even though it has been taken out of my account. Tells me it's an issue with MY bank, and I tell him I just left my bank and it's not THEIR issue, they're telling me it's Sears system that is the problem.

After going back and forth over this I start getting angry and let him know about the problems with my car since it had been there, and that his mechanics put the wrong spark plugs in my car and I had to tow it and am now getting it fixed. Very long story short and a heated conversation I finally got reimbursed for my tow expense as well as the spark plugs and labor charges I paid for. As for the $400, it took my wife and I both loudly expressing how we feel about the way we are being treated and talked to, like we're idiots, for him to finally sit at his desk and start putting in support requests or whatever it was he needed to do to get information about when I'll be refunded the $400 I am owed.

This Manager would have saved us all a lot of time if he would have just helped me from the beginning. Instead he chose to be condescending, not take responsibility or ownership, blame everyone and everything else he possibly could and just flat out did not want to take care of this situation. I had to be extremely rude and loud with him to get him to finally understand that I was not going to just be shoo'ed away while they owe me such a large sum of money.

Please do not use Sears Auto Center. No matter how convenient it may be or how quickly they can get to you, don't do it. Their customer service is horrible, they do shoddy poor work and they could give a care less about you. There is a reason why Sears is going downhill and is on the verge of going out of business and it is this right here. Obviously a lot is left out of this review just because it's so much that's happened over the past week, but the bottom line is it is the worst experience with a store I've ever had and right now my car I've had for 9 years with little to no problems is sitting at a mechanic shop over night tonight due to poor workmanship.

I went to Sears to have my oil changed. The lady at the desk said they were too busy today and had too many appointments scheduled. I asked what time they opened up tomorrow and she said 10 a.m. I told her I would be back in the morning. When I got home I decided to schedule an appointment online. I made the appointment and I immediately received a call from the same lady I saw earlier in the day. She informed me that I could not come in tomorrow because they were overbooked with too many cars scheduled for the day again. My question is, if this happens a lot, why didn't she ask me if I wanted to schedule an appointment when I was there?

They performed a faulty oil change on my car and ruined my engine. They had the audacity to tell the mechanic's shop the car was towed to, to look for an engine in a junkyard to replace the one that they ruined (there was nothing wrong with mine before their tech ruined it by not tightening the oil plug enough, and the oil draining completely out and oil plug falling out 8 days later). Contact the attorney general in your state to file a complaint. Also find out if your state regulates mechanic's shops, mechanics. File a complaint with the department of insurance in your state as well. I am now suing them in court for consumer fraud, etc. Needless to say, I will never set foot in a Sears auto center again as long as I live for any type of product or service.

I purchased a Groupon and went online as it advised to schedule an appointment. Shortly after I received a call from an employee informing me that my scheduled time was already booked and I would have to schedule an appointment for an oil change almost a week later. I did so and took my vehicle in to be maintenanced and they were prompt. At that time they informed me that 4 of my tires were worn and needed to be replaced and gave me a quote.

Two weeks later I called to schedule another appointment to get the tires installed and they informed me that the employee that gave me the quote was no longer employed by their company and the quote that he had given me was inaccurate and they could not hold it up. I called the corporate office to make a complaint and was informed that if they didn't cooperate there was nothing they could do. I would not recommend getting any automobile service done with this company.

I had depended on Sears for my oil changes, tire alignments and most maintenance issues. I will not be going back to Sears for anything, except that I purchased lifetime alignment, which will be the only reason I will go there for service since I will not get charged for that. Basically I went in for my usual oil change and the mechanic who worked on my car didn't bother to put the cap back on. WTF?! I found this out because the next day on my way home from work I could smell a burning oil smell. I opened the hood and the cap was just sitting there and oil had spilled all over the engine. Are you kidding me?!

Right away I called Sears (about 5:30 pm) but there was no manager to speak to so the associate said to bring it in so they could check it out. Once I brought it back in the associate told me I could take my car to get the engine cleaned and they would reimburse me. Mind you, the associate didn't seem bothered, apologetic, or at all empathetic with the situation. Once I took the car to get the engine cleaned, the check engine light turned on. I took it back to Sears to get my refund for the cleaning and with the intention of speaking to a manager (it was 4:45 pm) and to have the car looked at due to the check engine light. There was no manager there so I asked for the assistant manager. I wasn't given a clear answer until I pushed the question again and finally the associate said that the assistant mgr was there but that she was dealing with something else. What the heck. So much for good customer service.

The assistant manager couldn't be bothered to come out and speak to me and still the same associate wasn't apologetic or empathetic at all. He did give me my refund for the cleaning and I asked to get a refund for the original oil change and he gave it to me. Still the assistant manager, who was on the premises, never came out. I was told that my car couldn't be looked at at that time because they were busy already but that I could bring it back in tomorrow morning. I don't have time to go back again tomorrow morning.

And even though so far I've gotten my money back, it doesn't make up for all the lost time I've spent driving back and forth to/from Sears and to/from the cleaning place. And still my check engine light is on so I need to figure out what to do and make time to again drive either to Sears and/or the cleaning place that cleaned the engine to get the engine checked out. I expect better from Sears, or any establishment that I take my vehicle to get worked on and it's a load of BS that a manager cannot be available for customers. I am beyond upset and there better not be anything wrong with my vehicle. I will demand and expect that Sears cover the charges.

This is a warning to anyone who depends on Sears Automotive. I purchased a set of 4 Goodyear tires with a warranty. I took my vehicle back faithfully every 5K miles to have them rotated and balanced. When I started having issues with the tires they just sold me another one at a cost. Recently I had yet another issue with tire number 3 and had someone else check the tire. I found out the tires were dry rotted and had been materially breaking down. I had no way of knowing this as the tire had to be taken off to see this on the backside.

I depended on Sears Technicians to inspect the tires as part of my road hazard warranty that I paid for and they let me down. THIS IS A SAFETY WARNING!!! DO NOT TRUST SEARS TECHNICIAN TO ALERT YOU OF AN ISSUE. THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT SAVING MONEY FOR THE MANUFACTURER OF THE TIRES NOT YOU THE CONSUMER'S SAFETY. I keep thinking about how close I came to having a blow out and possibly dying. I will never put my life in the hands of Sears again.

I went to the Sears Auto store in Cincinnati, OH (Tri County) and was amazed at their rude and incredibly slow customer service. I had called and set up an appointment for Saturday. When I came in at my assigned time, the customer advisor, Mike ** kept me waiting for 15 min while supposedly trying to open my account. I had a tire rotation, balancing and alignment scheduled. He rudely told me that this would take over 5 hours to do(!) When I had scheduled my appointment I was clearly told this would be done in under an hour. He then told me that he would not do the alignment that day, removed it from my order (without my permission) and further went to insult me racially for no reason.

I have never in my life seen such rude customer service in my life. Finally after almost 2 hours they completed a basic rotation and balancing and acted as they had done me a favor when the handed me back my keys. Mike ** should immediately be sacked from his job for his extremely unprofessional and rude customer service. I am never going back to Sears Auto again.

I ordered a set of tires over the phone instead of online since. They were only available through order over the phone. I tell them the specific item number for the tires I want, the billing information, my email and confirmed everything with them twice. I get a reservation confirmation from the store I am supposed to pick up the tires - but no item numbers on the tires and no order number. Fast forward a week, I pick up the tires and try to get them installed somewhere else. (Note: this is because my tires have fallen out of my car due to loose bolts before after a Sears mechanic installed them). My external mechanic tells me that the tires are too small for my car.

Turns out Sears gave me tires that were the same model and make but with the different rim size. I call into the online customer service number and they tell me they cannot view specifically what I ordered since I have already picked up my tires. They say I have to work it out with the Sears Auto store. I go back to the store, and they say that I will be charged $60 for a re-stocking fee to return the tires and that they cannot re-order the tires I placed. They direct me to Sears online. I know for sure I ordered the right tires because the Item No. I gave them was for a tire I found after putting in my car and model into the filters. But of course the only email I have does not have any item numbers to support me.

I ask the online customer service people point blank what is the item number that I ordered? They kept avoiding my question. Finally after 2 hours back and forth on the phone with the online and store people, they offer to send out the correct tires and exchange them with the wrong tires (as if they are doing me a favor instead of correcting their own mistake) - only thing is it will take 8 business days to get there because it will be shipped out from the opposite coast.

Thing is, the deadline to get my car expected is in 3 days so of course that doesn't work. Ended up having to exchange the tires for inferior tires sold in store that are at least $80 more expensive for four tires. Will never be shopping for tires here again. Go to Costco or any other cheap tire retailer. If there are any issues, these Sears online people will just say that they only place orders and everything that happens afterwards is out of their hands. The Sears store people will say that they only match up tires they receive to orders they receive; everything else is out of their hands.

If you're smart don't, and I repeat DON'T, bring your car to Sears. 8 months ago, 8/8/16 to be exact, I had over $16,000 worth of work done on my car. Had 4 new tires put on, new tire rods, alignment, and a bunch of other stuff on my 2007 Dodge Caliber. And I put a new engine in her (at a different auto center) about a year ago. They also passed my inspection and gave me a sticker even though my engine light was on, and they charged me for a part that was "supposed to make it go off" which clearly didn't work, and my horn not working.

8 months down the road I went in for an oil change and tires rotated and they say all my fluids are low and my two front tires are down to nothing. I tell them I haven't even had the tires for a year and I should be covered on a warranty. They told me it doesn't count because it's the "inside" of the tire and it's due to the alignment. They want to charge me $600 for new tires and even more for fluids. They ripped me off and destroyed my car. Worst service ever and I've never been more disappointment. I hope one day they screw up bad enough where someone has the balls to sue them.

This past December, I took my 2013 Ford F150 with 26k miles on it, into Sears service center at the Lakeline Mall in Austin, TX. I would never in a million years go back to that shop for anything. Not an oil change, not a tire rotation, NOTHING!! If you're smart and value your vehicle, you will do the same. Let me tell you my story.

This past December, Dec 23 to be exact, I took my vehicle in for an oil change while I did some Christmas shopping at the mall. I arrive first thing in the morning when they open so that I can hopefully be in & out quickly. They say it'll take about an hour. Ok fine no big deal, I can shop for an hour. Three hours later and they still haven't called, so I go by and they say it's almost done. This is how it always is there. The smallest things take forever and they are always way longer than they originally quote. Not to mention the staff doesn't seem like they really know what they're talking about. Ok so they delay everything... I wish that was all my complaint is about.

So they changed my oil on 12/23/2015 and I go about my day. Fast forward about 5 weeks and my truck's check engine light suddenly comes on and the engine starts making really odd noise and it feels like the engine is shaking... turned out to be engine knocking. As soon as the light came on, I drove the vehicle straight over to Ford dealership, only 5 mins away to have them have a look at what's going on.

Ford calls me the next day after thoroughly testing the truck and tells me the vehicle is extremely low on oil, and that whoever changed my oil last appears to have tightened the oil filter with a wrench that punctured a big hole in the filter, which has been causing a major oil leak. Driving the vehicle with low oil led to the engine knocking, causing metal shavings to be distributed all throughout the engine. Ford quotes me over $11,000 for a new engine to be installed. Eleven thousand dollars in damage after getting my oil changed at Sears. Obviously I'm upset and as Ford suggests, I take this up with Sears, since they are the ones I entrusted to change my oil just a few weeks ago.

So I go back in to the Sears auto center at Lakeline Mall where I had it done and try to speak with a manager in order to get their insurance info. The manager is not there they tell me, he's out for the rest of the day, but they take my phone # and promise to have him call me. I never hear back him. The next day I call again, and told this time the Manager is off for the next two days, but he'll call me back. Another few days go by, and still no callback. I keep calling and calling there until finally after 4 days I get lucky and the manager answers the phone. He tells me he got my message from his staff and was going to call me back. He says there is no way Sears can take responsibility for the damage that was done since it's been over a month ago that they changed my oil. No apology or anything, just straight up denying any responsibility and saying they can't help me. How professional right?

I explain to him that Ford has told me 100% it was from Sears changing my oil, and puncturing the oil filter, it's clear as day that they're to blame for the problem. The Sears manager finally concedes somewhat and tells me that he'll contact their insurance company and alert them to the claim and that they'll call me usually within 24-48 hours. Well 3 days go by, I haven't heard from anyone. Not Sears, not their insurance company, nobody. So I decide to take matters into my own hands. I take to the internet, call up Sears headquarters, talk to someone else about the situation, and they give me Sears' insurance info directly.

Their insurance processor is a company called Sedgwick. I call them, explain the situation, and they set me up a claim #. Now I'm starting to make progress! But it ticks me off that I had to be the one to do it. The Sears manager never called them. When I called Sedgwick, they had no record of me or anyone calling. So I set up my own claim through them, and then Sedgwick called Sears to verify all the info. Well lo and behold now the Sears manager finally calls me back about an hour after I called their insurance company. Now he's trying to pass it off like he actually did it all, saying he's trying to gather more info for their insurance blah, blah, blah. Dude I already set it all up and gave them all the info.

Ok so now I'm getting somewhere. I have a claim filed, they assign someone to work my claim. Just like Sears, their insurance is extremely slow and difficult to get in touch with. The guy assigned to my case says he will send an insurance inspector out to see my vehicle and verify the damages and see if Sears is in face to blame. He says it takes 1-2 days for that to happen. A week later and finally someone gets out there to look at it, and YES, he confirms the oil filter was incorrectly handled, and it's clear to see that it was damaged during installation. They verify that yes the engine is now ruined and will need to be replaced.

I'm happy because now I have Sears' insurance company admitting that it was Sears' fault for damaging the oil filter during installation, and they agree they will cover the cost of a new engine. This is great to hear because there was no way I was going to pay $11,000 for a new engine when Sears just ruined my relatively new truck.

It ended up taking 3 months to get my new engine installed and get me my truck back. The Sears insurance rep didn't like the quote that Ford gave, they felt that $11,000 was too high, so he decided to try to track down the same type of engine for a cheaper cost. Well he found one, but it turned out to be cracked and no good. So he wasted a month of my time trying to find a cheaper engine, only to find out it was a bad engine too. After another month he finds a remanufactured engine pulled from a truck with only 5k miles on it, and buys that one. It arrives at Ford, but it doesn't have the twin turbos attached and is missing a bunch of gaskets. So the insurance rep has to order all those pieces too, and I have to wait another few weeks for them to all arrive.

I got them to pay for a rental car for me for almost 2 months. After everything was said and done, this insurance company paid pretty much exactly what Ford originally quoted for the replacement engine, so he didn't save any money. He actually ended up spending even more money than the Ford quote because paying for a rental car for 2 months is another $1500 or so. Ford had a quote and could have had a new engine in the thing a week or two after I originally brought it to them. But thanks to Sears' insurance guy trying to find better deals and being tough to get in contact with (for both me and the Ford rep), the whole process took 3 months.

So to end this story, I'm very thankful to finally have my truck back after 3 months without it. This newer engine they put in does have a 3 year/36k miles warranty, so I'm told, so hopefully it will at least last that long. I got lucky Sears' insurance company did the right thing and fixed my truck. SEARS was not willing to help me, I had to take things into my own hands to get it fixed. They ruined my truck, and then just wanted to deny any responsibility. They lied to me about calling their insurance company and were essentially no help at all in resolving the matter. I had to do everything in order to reach a resolution.

This is actually the 2nd time I've had an issue with Sears. About 10 years ago I bought some new tires for an older car I was driving at the time. After I drove off and was down the highway, my front tire was shaking violently so I pulled over to discover the lug nuts were very loose and my tires was about to come off. So yeah, needless to say I won't be going back to Sears anytime in the foreseeable future. Not for car work, not for appliances, not for anything. At least I got my truck fixed, that's all I can really say. 3 months and a huge headache later and I actually got my truck fixed with a newish remanufactured engine. Heed my advice, do not go to Sears. Save yourself for the headaches I endured. Not even for something as simple as an oil change. It very well could ruin your vehicle just like they did mine.

Poor customer service and poor quality vehicle service. I stood in front of a rep for 20 minutes without even being acknowledged. I finally made aware that I was trying to leave my car for an oil change, only to be told they were booked and couldn't accept any more customers... I came back the next day and asked for oil change and 12 point inspection because I needed my coolant filled and had a headlight out... When my car was returned (4 hrs later), I noted that no one had marked the 12-point inspection sheet. He said it was done, but just not filled out. My car still has a light out and coolant is still low. I will not be returning.

BAIT AND SWITCH TACTIC - On Thurs 4/28/16 my wife went to Sears for a scheduled appointment at 1pm. She had a coupon for an oil change for $14.95. When she finally got in she was informed they could not do this regular oil change but are required to use the synthetic oil change for $60. This is ridiculous as I have had at least 4 oil changes at other businesses for regular (not synthetic) oil changes. They would not do the regular oil change even after going back and questioning them. They are obviously trying to take advantage of unsuspecting customers at increased Costs to them.

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